They told me to HODL...

They told me to HODL...


I bought several at their peak, but then it was down at £20 GBP per LTC in 2018 and bought a load then, so well in the green. I was never ever going to sell at a loss, you shouldn't either dude!


Haha, i remember paying less then that for bitcoin! Shoulda hodled it like you!


Damn, that sucks. But I made up my mind that I wasn't going to sell these at a loss. It finally paid off... I guess.


Best advice would be to check your finances at home you got money for food rent etc if that’s all good bro then get yourself on a ✈️ and fork to somewhere nice for 4 small coins for a few weeks get rid of the stress or maybe go somewhere where a government doesn’t take you for your $$$ if you’re going to sell. Find a private pension that you could gain a bit from


So I HODL'ed for nearly 3 and a half years just to get back to even. I believed all the hype back then - LTC is going to the moon, blah, blah, blah, only to fall victim to the pump and dump, and to watch my investment sink to over a 90% loss at a few points. Sure, I should have averaged down, but I became unable to buy more due to money issues and just being poor for a while. To be honest, I'll probably offload these soon because I stressed over these for 3+ years, and I just want out haha. I do think that in the long run, these will be worth more, but given that both BTC and Ethereum both surpassed their peaks back in 2017, and LTC still has not, I don't know that LTC will ever be as big as either of them.


I too was in the same boat... lost 90 percent of my investment but I never sold ! Idk what it is but I believe in Charlie .... I’m not selling until 500-1k min


Well I mean he sold all of his shares of LTC at the peak and made millions while people like you and me suffered. But yeah, maybe he'll turn this around 3+ years later.


He sold because he didn't want to appear like he was profiting off the project. he even said he wouldn't be surprised if crypto was about to crash and ltc would be 20$ again... then it did... He sold because now he can't be accused of market manipulation, and he was totally transparent about it...


Crypto crashed as a whole ... I’m 100 percent sure his position didn’t crash the market


I don't think that him selling all of his shares crashed the market, but I guarantee you that when people saw that the own creator got rid of his shares, so did a lot of other people.


Yes because they are idiots. He sold his shares, at several different price points (not all at ATH), so he could act and make decisions on his coin without people saying he was doing things to pump his own prices. It’s ridiculous this is still a thing.


I hold ltc but there is no getting around that he sold a shit ton of coin at ath. Look man get your paper but also expect repercussions. Still hodling


It is very public and he has shared multiple times the three different price points he sold his positions. He did so to not have a conflict of interest by working on a project he directly owns.


They were mad at him for holding. Then they were mad he sold. I’m just glad the dude gave us LTC.


I feel ya I mean I think it was bad timing and people interpreted it poorly but his whole reason behind selling was to remove conflict of interest. He holds no majors holdings of Litecoin so the fact that he is still deeply involved in developer and hyping it up can be trusted more than people just assuming he is hyping it up to make money. I personally respect that.


wish I dumped mine


How about now


If you are stressed about $3000 you shouldn't be investing. Just sell and get out man. I've been in crypto for 10+ years and there's been much worse bear cycles. I can only withstand them because I am only investing money I absolutely can forget about and not worry. You have potentially risked your wellbeing and health over money. I have dealt with alt coins that did not perform for 5+ years and I got tired of managing them all so I now just steadily invest what I can in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Some of those alts have rebounded and I would have made money but I don't look back or care at all because the stress from managing too many assets just wasn't worth it. Litecoin could go to $1 or $10000 but in my opinion you shouldn't care either way and just get out. Your mental and financially wellbeing is not worth this.


I was in the very same boat you were in. Perhaps a bit worse. I bought LTC at $43 at it's very peak, December of 2013. Then it crashed. I had no one to blame. Over the next few YEARS, the price went as low as $2.75. I had spent nearly $5000, and watched my investment drop by 94%. I stressed for the first few months, then I just chalked it up as a loss. It wasn't even worth cashing out, so I just left it. Four years go by, and I miss the big 2017 spike. Now it's 8 years later, and my horrible entry point is a distant memory. I have an investment, as of today, has an average annual rate of return of 26%, but if we hit $1000 in 2021, that jumps to 48%. Things look good now. Took time, but I doubt I could have averaged over 40% rate of return in the stock market... EDIT: When I say "rate of return" and include a percentage, that's PER YEAR!


I feel you. The best to do is just forget about it unless you really need the money. Happened to me with Ada, bought at 84 cents and it went to almost a cent. I just forgot about that money and look at it today. Patience is the key in crypto. Ltc will definitely go over the the ath and much more but you need to hodl


Just hold it. I wouldn't be stressed about $1,300 when litecoin will be well over 5k at some point in the next few years


It was almost $3400 in total, not $1300, that was just 1 transaction. The first 10 I bought were all in December of 2017, the other 2 were in June of 2018, so I've held nearly all of them since December 2017 at a loss. And besides, LTC was going to hit $1000 back in 2017 and look how that panned out.


Bruh. LTC started 2017 around $4. If you believed a coin was gonna 250x in one bullrun, that's not really anyone's fault but yours. I'm sure you know at this point not to fall victim to memes and hype. If we break 1k you're going to see highly upvoted comments talking about 10k. That's just the way it is. You have ltc this time around, and some experience in the market to boot, so maybe try your hand at selling the top instead of buying. 1k is the conservative estimate for this run and if you look at past charts our btc ratio is about to fly like it did in '13 and '17.


This bull run is way more mainstream. I don't think we'll see a 90% crash again. It will take a dump by maybe 40-50%. I don't think it'll hit 5k this round but within 4 year it probably will. You've survived 3 years with out the money so you have nothing to loss by holding


That's true I guess, it is more mainstream this time around. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet, but I'll probably watch the price closely as see what happens.


You have incredible strength my friend! LMAO this post is golden! WHY GIVE UP NOW???? You mine as well HOLD on to that ticket there boyo. Don't give it up for a few pennies.


We should all start a donation if we can get him to hodl it hahah. Like a pledge lol


If he is stressed over being down 3k in 5 years, he should not HODL any second longer but withdraw his investment and spend the money on his private economy.


Relax everything right now is going up before the new crash comes in. And it is close but most likely will be extended for a year or 2 max. And I feel you my man for the losses you had. Never put too much if you can’t afford to pay back the losses. Anyways good luck and I wish you to... be happy :)


It's creeping up


I'm still watching it haha. I'm sure there will be a correction soon though.


No one can blame you....litecoin has been shit as fuck so far....


As soon as you sell, the price will go up. The market has a funny way of rewarding the patient and wrecking chaos on the impatient.


Don't invest $3000 that you cannot afford to loose... Spending three years stressing over a measly 3000.. You would have been better off if you actually just used those money on destressing vacations, you would probably live longer too... ​ Whenever someone tells you to "HODL", you tell them that you are not going to be left with the bag, and you DONT invest... If social media shill fests tells you HODL, its already over for you.


If you stress for three years over 3k then maybe you shouldn’t be investing.


I think LTC won't hit it's ATH again...It's rising so slow compared to btc or other crypto. Imho there isn't much time left for bubble to pop again. Look at doge it's going to suprass LTC. What else do I need to say? We are in extreme bubble again and LTC is far behind.


Wat? No.




The FUD is strong with this one


Lol I'm in since LTC was 40USD so I'm more than safe. Just saying my opinion :)


*In the previous bull cycle, LTC didn’t break its previous ATH until June. We’re currently on track to break it by May. Then, it took until September just to do another 2x, and then it corrected and had low and slow gains until its moonshot in December. If you’ve got $$$ in this, you gotta do more research and learn the market cycle my friend. And trust the reasons that got you into LTC in the first place. We’re not even halfway through the cycle, lots more to come. Let the other projects have their day. This whole market is speculation. When those other projects reach their early-in-the-cycle peaks, people sell and look for other, more established coins to put their earnings into. And LTC will be there waiting for them.* ^^^ I posted this elsewhere, but it fits. I can feel the FUD in your original post. If you’re in at $40, then you’ve made some huge gains. So the tension is building where you feel like you have a lot on the line and could lose a lot if the crash happens tomorrow (it won’t). If you’re feeling this tension I described, do more research and find some support for why we’re nowhere near the peak. It’s out there. 4 year cycle theory, stock to flow theory, 2 market cycles behind BTC theory... to name a few. STUDY the past price action. We may be close to a correction, but we’re not close to the end of the bull run. After doing your research, set a realistic price target to exit the market. One that you’ll be happy with. That helps steady your hand through the ups and downs or when you see projects that are getting sued by the SEC pumping. Alternatively, play it safe and take some profit. Like a small 10-25% portion of your bag. Just take some of the tension off. You’ll make bad decisions under tension. In the months to come, there WILL be other coins that outperform LTC and there WILL be huge market corrections that spook all of us. But after you’ve done your research, you’ll be able to weather that shit like it’s nothing.




Wondering if you still think this. It made sense a couple of days ago, but a lot has changed since then.


Yes :)


I’m holding Litecoin too, but I was disappointed by how PayPal is handling cryptocurrency and that was my main reason for holding. Why else should I hold onto my Litecoin? What makes Litecoin a strong coin? What does it bring to the table that others don’t?


Nothing, sell it


Chill paper hands. Just hodl


Bro, I bought the same amount at the same price three years ago. I’m glad I didn’t touch any of that


Yep but dude you where holding the wrong coin... very likely that those even came from Charlie he pushed down your throat.


Exactly. LTC is shit and I should have sold last week when it was above $300 and made out with a little bit of profit. Now it's back down again and struggling to get anywhere.