Day 1 for me. Will be cutting from 190 to 165 in the next 6 months.


Today is day 1, and I have a concrete weight loss goal: to be happy and comfortable in my body by the time I get married! I just got engaged over the weekend and my wedding will likely be in April of '23. I'd like to be 150lb by that time, putting me at a healthy 1lb/week loss goal. I'm trying very hard not to put too much pressure on myself to reach that number by the wedding, as I know weightloss can be unpredictable. I am trying to focus on becoming more comfortable in my body instead of a number. I just want to feel good on my wedding as I dance the night away!!


Congrats on your engagement!!


So this isn’t my “day 1” … more like month 5… I was googling plateaus and this thread came up in google which lead me here. I’m officially down 55 pounds since I began my journey in June of this year. I think I’ve hit a plateau as I haven’t lost any weight this month and I’ve been just as diligent (or so I thought) until reading thru the comments. So, maybe I haven’t plateaued .. and maybe I just need to go back to basics! I’m past my initial goal and so I set another goal to loose another 20 pounds so that’s where I’m at now!


Yep, Day 1 here at loseit. Former sparkpeople member; have unused account at mfp. 2021 goal for last 45 days: down at least 10, but hoping to be able to work down 20 pounds Will track on paper first (easiest to capture everything) then log a few days into mfp a few times a week.


I lost forty pounds before I slowly fell back into old habits in May this year. I only had ten pounds to go before hitting my goal weight. I weighed myself this morning and I'd put around thirty pounds of that forty back on in only six months. So, I'm here at day one again. Best of luck everyone.


Day 1 lets go! 50 lbs is the goal if anyone wants to join me and check up on each other pm me it helps more than you think


Feels like my hundredth "Day 1" but here we are. Between binge stress eating and not moving because of sciatica pain, I'm almost back up to my highest weight. I lost nearly 40 pounds after my last pregnancy and have gained every single pound back. It's a new day and we're starting it off with meal planning and prepping for the week.


A friend and I decided today is the day! Let's go!


Hello I am here. I want to lose the 10kg I gained in the last year and a half. Today I will start with no processed sugar, count calories, and 10k steps.


This isn't my first "Day 1" but it's the most motivated I've felt in a while, for a large reason due to this sub. Looking forward to progress. Let's do this 💪


Right Here! I lost 25lbs earlier this year when I was on this loseit thread, but with some new stressors along the year I gained back 15lbs. I was literally only 8 more lbs away from my goal of weighing 145lbs! Now i'm back to 168lbs. But it's never to late to start again I guess, before I end up gaining more weight. I'm looking forward to making progress and changes in my life again. If anyone wants a buddy with this journey, feel free to message me. Weight loss buddies have motivated me in the past. I hope to do the same to someone else. Good luck everyone! To a healthier way of living! Can't wait to check back in with actual progress!