I would try establish some ground rules for yourself. Ones that you can set, and your family can’t challenge. This way you can avoid conflict at the table. (I’m thinking as the mum of my family, primarily responsible for meal planning and preparation. When my children reject my food, I feel like they are rejecting me). 1. Don’t allow yourself second helpings under any circumstances 2. Sit away from the chips, peanuts type bowls. 3. Watch your alcohol consumption. The more you drink, the harder it will be to hold your resolve. 4. Over-fill your plate with salads or available healthy foods. This when serving the main dish, your plate still looks full. My thinking is that you don’t want the family to overtly notice you are reducing. So you need stealth!


I’ve seen this as common advice online: do the “one plate” rule. On the day of the holiday, you get ONE plate of dinner and ONE (smaller) plate of dessert. You can put whatever you want on that one plate, but you can’t go back for seconds. I did this when I was losing and I found it worked well. Also, keep in mind now that your hunger/fullness cues are going to be much different than they were before. I found I couldn’t even finish my dessert plate—and I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth so that surprised even me.


Big congrats on your 130 lb loss! You have the right idea by carrying a lot of water. I would try putting less food on your plate at dinner, and make a hard rule no seconds. Whatever you get the first time is it, no matter how good it is. When there’s sweets, limit yourself to an appropriate amount. For me, it’s one or two bites. Good luck!


The thing that works for me is to focus on socializing and to not stand around the food table. I survived a company party earlier this week doing that. There was a karaoke machine so a bunch of us let loose on that and forgot about the food. If it helps, look up all the favorite family recipes and focus on what ingredients go into the dishes and focus on the amounts of fat needed to make it yummy. When I know what went in, it's easier to eat in moderation.


Eat what you love and don’t stress! Ignore the things that you are lukewarm about. Bring a good vegetable if there won’t be one otherwise (like Brussels sprouts). Maybe do a good walk or run in the morning. Stop eating when you’re full.


Can you take some "less bad" treats with you to curb the craving? Also don't beat yourself up for eating whatever for a day or two. I know it sucks, but you can get back to it!


About every week or two I take a meal and eat like a total asshole. I'm in this for the long haul and this seems to help. I eat keto and often OMAD or at least a fairly tight window. ​ Anyhow leading up to a delicious fuck you meal I refrain from food. If I was doing this tomorrow for dinner I would eat little to nothing leading up to it, pig out, and move on. people mentioning one plate...yeah thats a good idea. Eat your plate of food, enjoy it and move on. The idea of a cheat day is infinitely harder for me than a cheat meal the next day. ​ There's only a few holidays throughout the year so enjoying good food on those days but not dragging out will be very minor setbacks over the long run. If you don't have the discipline to keep it under control then by know means do you need to apologize to anyone for not indulging


One thing that really helps me is making sure I eat a solid snack of high protein, low cal food slightly before showing up at the event. Have something like chicken, a big bowl of Greek yogurt or a few hardboiled eggs will make sure you end up at the party already physically sated and with stable blood sugar. Much, much easier to resist temptation than showing up hungry! Just like I make better choices if I don't grocery shop while hungry.


Ill tell you this. It's not like you're going to celebrate christmas for a full 2 years. At most we're talking possibly 4-5 great dinner if we're including new year eve. You say you have great self control now, then just eat what you'd normally eat as far as portion and enjoy yourself. This time comes once in the year and it's not like 4-5 days of eating a bit more will undo ALL your progress. There are times like that which I think we need to enjoy a minimum.


Do the one plate rule. This is from a fitness coach that works with me, .. you can have whatever you want but it has to fit on one plate and you must include 1 protein & 2 veggies with it.