Apartments for rent in Lynchburg.

Apartments for rent in Lynchburg.


>Mostly furnished Uhhh yeaaahh that’s gonna cut the options quite a bit


Yeah I kinda expected that, I know they’re hard to come by. Figured I should ask though


Furnished apartments will come for a premium... It might be cheaper over the long run to get an unfurnished apartment and furnish it with cheap furniture


I would also recommend this. Leaving college, furniture is something that you’ll add and get rid of from apartment-to-apartment/house-to-house your whole life, start early Oh, and start with the habitat for humanity restore. Cheap secondhand furniture that gets the job done


Let me know if you need a bed to rent for cheap, if you can’t find furnished. I have an extra.


Maybe look for a what is called a corporate or maybe an executive rental. those cost more, but they generally come furnished and I believe offer short term rentals. You also need to make sure LU will let you move off campus; especially if you were not a local before you started taking classes there.


Yes, I’ve been approved to move off. Thank you for the suggestion. I may look into it


I liked the Vue (college square) a lot. I paid like $550 a monthish and only paid electric on top. Comes with tv, internet, water included. Came with a desk, bed, couch, tv, table/chairs, all that jazz. Best part is that if you room with others, you only pay for YOUR rent, even if they bail. Granted, the vue will find new roommates for you, but it works out for most people.


Be very glad you aren't living at Oasis... They have mostly deleted their bad reviews in an attempt at damage control over the past 3 or 4 years of terrible service.


What’s your price range?


Anything Less than what I currently pay to live on campus. My total expenses between food and room/board adds up to about 5500 a semester.


That comes out to like $458 a month. You are basically not going to find anything with two bedrooms and furnished, for that low.


Oh no, it’s 5500 for every 4 months. Not annually