Coworker announced that she and her SO are finally pregnant after years of trying, I got her a box of pastries to celebrate and when I the party was about to start I open the fridge at work and see this...

Coworker announced that she and her SO are finally pregnant after years of trying, I got her a box of pastries to celebrate and when I the party was about to start I open the fridge at work and see this...


Looks like the white one was so good they went back for a second spoonful..


[it even had a cherry on top... ](https://order.labaguette.com.kw/product/mini-desserts/white-forest/)


What the fuck is wrong with this monster?!?


Did.. did they think that it would be okay and that OP would still eat it after taking a bite? Why not just eat it all ffs.


Someone hates OP or the birth mother, one bite is the perfect spite. Shows someone didn't casually steal it for hunger but made both inedible as an fu.


Probably the actual father


Which is actually the OP!


Is this M. Knight Shyamalan?


Looks like this was done with a spoon, but guaranteed they didn't clean the spoon before diving back in.


They definitely double dipped




Nah, I didn't do it. I don't even work there.


Sounds like something a guy who steals cake would say.


It's like you're reading my diary.


Get out of my head.


Right? Like how socially unaware can you be?


What is the yellow one though ? The pistachios and saffron make me think its persian or indian.


It's a caramel mixed with saffron and pistachios.


Did you end up telling your co-worker what happened?


I found their update: https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/psxf74/coworker_announced_that_she_and_her_so_are/hdtaoj0?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3


Bruh that shit is fucking unhinged. I understand "I'm a greedy and selfish prick" as a reason for a lot of things but that's actually scary.


lol this is so much more amusing than I imagined


I posted an update and I think it got lost in the comments.


Thank you


Oh thank god, it was a spoon! I thought someone had taken an almost impossible bite out of both. 😆


Every time I see something like this posted I get so angry even though it’s never happened to me. It just blows me away that someone could think stealing food from coworkers is ok.


I thought the exact same thing. I wish this person could be embarrassed at work for this.


I'd print copies of this picture and tape it up around the office to shame them.


y’all are too passive. I’d grab their lunch bag, walk into their office and go in to detail how good all their snacks are while I eat them. then I’d quit daydreaming and finish taking my shit on the clock.


Ahhhh, daydreaming revenge, my favorite pastime


I think it's because we do what we consider 'good' in our lives, not just because being good, feels, well, good, but because it's part of a social contract we all agree on. I'm not an asshole to you, you're not an asshole to me, we both benefit, society prospers. But then a chucklefuck like this comes along, eats others' food out of the work fridge (or worse like this, a pastry clearly meant for some special occasion) does that, and gets away with it. Now, am I angry because I want to also break the rules? No. I don't, I like doing 'good' things. I'm angry because someone's taking the social contract, not obeying it, but still reaping whatever the benefits are. Society functions as it does because we've agreed to not be assholes, but they're assholes but still taking part in society, and we feel cheated that people like this leach off of the rest of us working together. Even for something as little as eating cake from the fridge.


Yes, and that social contract is such a fundamental thing to every social animal that it’s implemented in the wild as well. I’ll never forget learning about bats in my college philosophy class. Bats have “friends”: other bats they share food with. That way, they get to eat even if they’re unlucky in their hunt one night. But the basis of this little community is “you share with me, I share with you”. Obviously the most “profitable” thing to do is to take from others without giving back. And once in a while, there is a “parasite” like that. But not for long. The other bats notice, and the parasite is excluded from the community. So, you could say that wanting to exclude parasites that leech off others such as fridge thieves is part of a basic animal instinct deeply engrained in us. Feeling really upset about parasitic behaviour, even when it may seem objectively minor, is completely natural. TL;DR: “fridge thieves can fuck off” is basically written in our genes


This blows my Mind. Who the hell does this. I hear about and I am shocked that it actually happens in real life. Wtf is wrong with people.


I've worked in two different offices over the last 12 years and have never had to deal with fridge thieves. Sure, folks would borrow condiments, but actual meals were never pilfered. My mom, who worked in a few elementary school offices for 20 years, told me that nothing was safe in the break room fridges. She couldn't even bring a frozen dinner to leave in the freezer, as it was guaranteed to be snatched.


Someone stole my actual fridge bag and the tupperware after i was done with my food and put it next to my desk so nothing surprises me. People are insane and petty as fuck


That's when you bring in the ghost pepper meals.


Brownies flavored with ghost pepper extract and ex-lax. You suffer now, and you suffer later too.


I work with a lady who regularly takes her smoke breaks directly beside a locked cage with propane cannisters inside. There are 3 different DANGER signs on the cage that say "No Smoking Within 25 Feet."


I was pumping gas the other day and a guy lit a cigarette I asked what’s the matter with him doing that here. They stared at me and kept smoking. What do you do with that? I went to the next station to finish filling up.


>What do you do with that? I've seen a video on Reddit of a guy grabbing a fire extinguisher from beside the pumps and discharging it all over a guy who was smoking at the next pump over. I'm not necessarily advocating for that approach. But, it IS an option.


i imagine this doesn’t work on people bigger and stronger than me


Have you seen Malcolm in the middle? Strength and size count for shit when you can't see.


It will work on people slower than you so the trick is to just do a lot of sprint work.


Rule number 1: Cardio.


Oh it does, you basically just blinded and choked someone, think of it like a more illegal pepper spray. BUT afaik there is actually a case of someone being able to prove justification because of a threat to their life because of the cigarette so fuck it, go all in and fuck em up


Yeah I was at a rave once where someone thought it would be quirky and fun to spray a fire extinguisher into the crowd. Bunch of ambulances had to come :(


Oh i hope you got checked out, those things can cause serious damage. People really need to be educated on how dangerous those things can be because I know a dude that is half blind because he shot himself in the face with one.


Luckily I was in the edge of the area that got hit, some poor souls looked like they had it in their eyes and lungs tho, definitely a strange experience while rolling


My partner was giving someone a lift for cash and they needed to get money out. 2 of their friends stayed in the back seat while we were parked at the gas station and he ran inside quickly. One of the people in the back starts trying to light a smoke and I tell him off for it, then as we start to leave he lights it. His defence was "oh were leaving anyway and won't get caught" It wasn't about being caught at all mate, it's about not being a fucking idiot.


Lighting up in someone else's car without asking first, if that were my car he would've walked home.


In a similar vein, one time they made us wait for the plane to be ready near it, and a dude near me started to light a cigarette. Now i may have been completely wrong about my fears, but it still freaked me out a little and asked him very gently if he could avoid that. He asked me with the biggest grin "what, are you scared of death?" WHAT KINDA QUESTION IS THAT


I worked somewhere that provided literally everyone 2 free hot meals a day and a whole micro kitchen of free food, snacks, and drinks and people would *STILL* steal food. Usually the food specifically set aside, sealed, and marked as "3rd shift lunches DO NOT OPEN". Literally stealing the same food they got for free the same day from people who worked nights. I genuinely don't understand how shitty you have to be as a person to be surrounded by free food and still choose to deliberately take something from someone else's lunch. Weirdly too it was almost always the Security guards.


My friend got me a job at a clothing store in college. One day my coworker is bitching about someone eating her lunches, they had a meeting where they reminded everyone to not take people's shit blah blah. Well this lady starts interrogating me, popping in the break room unexpectedly during my lunches, just being fucking annoying. At first I thought she specifically suspected me but she was probably just doing it to everyone. Finally they caught the person, it was my friend. She was like eating people's half-eaten takeout and shit. She lived with her parents and the pantry was always stocked, so it's not like she was desperate. People are so fucking weird.


Used to work at a grocery store, left a half drank mountain dew in the fridge. Come back and someone drank it down to a quarter. No other mountain dews in there so I know it wasn't mistaken. People are insane.


I've come to the conclusion that somewhere between 20% and 40% of people don't actually have any morality, they've just learned to behave while others are watching.


Fun fact I was once in a coma and near dead in a surgical ICU ward (not that long ago, 2018) and someone stole and drank almost all of my individually-labeled bottled drinks (the *only* thing I was allowed to ingest when I was eventually awake, and it was less than a shot glass amount per day) in the communal patient fridge that had my name, bed number, everything on them. Who steals from an ICU patient?!


Fridge thieves deserve to be fired on the spot with no chance to collect unemployment.


It sounds like a joke, but I worked at the same place for ten years and in that time three people were fired for taking peoples food from the fridge and freezer!


If anybody needs to light a fire under HR's ass about this sort of thing, just bring up how unsafe the workplace feels now that you know that your coworkers are tampering with your food. "Tampering with food" is just buzzwordy enough to make them panic.


> "Tampering with food" is just buzzwordy enough to make them panic That's a great way to put perspective upon it; saying someone is stealing your food makes it your issue but saying someone is tampering with food makes it everyone's problem.




That’s horrifying.


Everyone knows that you have to poison yourself, too, to rule yourself out as a suspect.


Two people in comas? Yeah this place needed to be investigated a while ago to find this guy


It was over the span of 21 years though, and the deaths were usually of things like cancer and heart attacks. Depending on the size of the company, those rates might not seem all that remarkable


What the fuck? I think I'm gonna look for a lunchbox with a padlock real quick


As they should, stealing is stealing. I used to have thieving slobs paw through my lunch bag but because it was vegetarian and healthy, they wouldn't take anything, lol. It is weird how seemingly normal people have this acceptable level of theft from their coworkers/work place...like food from the communal fridge or when you have nice pens.


I'm retired now, but at my last job I was known for eating "weird" food, and nobody ever touched my lunch.


At my last job I brought a bottle of hot sauce and deployed so much on my microwave burrito that it practically gassed the break room. Our most talkative manager was down the hall and could smell it from there. This wasn't intentional, I just love hot sauce. Anyway we had a good little laugh about it, and he proceeded to tell an even more exaggerated story about that to the whole team. I was now Irontongue. And nobody wants to eat Irontongue's fucking burrito, but Irontongue. Never had a problem after that.


Classic Irontongue


i just don't understand the mentality at all, it's like kleptomania levels someone at my last workplace was stealing the cutlery from the kitchen. like it's worth all of a couple of dollars. you're in a professional workplace, with colleagues that are pissed off and putting up signs. what the fuck. stealing home prepared food is also super weird, like you're going to eat a random lunch someone else made?


Hate thieves. At my work (huge place) I've gone to get my box of paracetamol, found people have taken pills from it. Worst is someone gave me a Christmas card, I left it in an open locker. I hadn't opened it. Sure enough I finished my shift, went to pick the card up... someone had fucking opened it. Who the fuck does that?!


The division President and I share the same first name. So I just write my first name on the box and it goes untouched.


Mr Manager


Wow! I’m a mr manager.


We just say manager.


Our HR department implemented a one strike food theft policy after one of our welders had a sugar crash because his snacks went missing from the cabinet in the break room. Two people were fired pretty soon after and in 2 years there's been no food theft. It's pretty great.


Good for the welder speaking up and HR taking action. I hope the sugar crash wasn't too too serious


He went into catatonic shock but lived, that's about all I know. He left when the shop shut down for lockdown last year.


I still can't believe food thieves justify that by saying the person could go buy more snacks. Imagine if someone stole money out of your wallet and told you you could just go grab more from the bank. They're basically doing the same by stealing your food so that you have to buy more. I know people with so many food allergies where they can't buy premade meals or fast food. What are they supposed to do? Go home?


At my very first professional job as a new graduate, our boss was the one who frequently stole other people's food from the fridge. We quickly learned not to use the fridge at work.


I had a coworker steal my tamales, a burrito, and another coworkers cheese. I put up a sign that said “please ask before taking any food that isn’t yours” and the owner took the sign down. I guess it was him 🤷🏼‍♀️


Sounds like karma to me


No, it smells like justice.


For sure. Last office job I had was horrible because of it. It was a high stress job and sometimes a great lunch was what was getting you through the morning. Our worst offender was a thief who traded up. There was a sandwich shop nearby that sold prepacked sandwiches that ranged from £1-£4. This thief always bought one of the cheapest or reduced sandwich then steal someone's expensive one. I guess they thought if they ever get caught they could play it off because its from the same place as theirs.


Damn that's a smart thief, plausible deniability is bitch. Still a dickhead move though


Taking something from the fridge that's not yours is on the books as an immediately fire-able offence at my work. You actually have to very clearly mark anything you want to give away (leftovers from meals ordered for meetings and whatnot) otherwise it just sits in the fridge taking up space.


As it should be. It reveals that one doesn't have personal morals and can't be trusted.


My work did that. Guy was a contractor making 6-figures and lost his job because he kept stealing other people’s salads out of the fridge.


Thieves are literal pieces of shit. They come in all flavors and income brackets. Some of the biggest thieves get paid serious money stealing from everyone, and it’s legal.


Should be burned at the stake.


I worked for a large sportswear company, that was more checks over stripes if you catch my drift… I worked for the part of the brand that sold specialty basketball shoes from the 70’s. I was managing the third largest location in the company when something we called “the sausage McMuffin incident” occurred. We had an associate that we had suspected was stealing food, but never had any confirmation since the fridge was tucked in the back of the stock room, out of the line of sight of the cameras and my store was larger so we always had a team of people staffed. So anywho, we had a team lead who was struggling financially due to helping his parents stay afloat, he had gotten the 2 for 2$ deal on the McMuffins and left one on the break room table for his lunch later in the day. What the associates didn’t know, was the table for the break room was in the sight line of the camera (even though legally the break room was not, since it’s a protected space that you can’t film since you punch out for lunch and eat there). So my team lead comes back to eat his lunch and the McMuffin is gone… he’s super upset because it’s all he had to eat for the day. So, he comes to me and asks me what happened to it?! I genuinely have no idea, so I start poking around the break area looking for the sandwich. I found the wrapper in the trash and I went to the team lead and told him the wrapper was in the trash and asked where he left his sandwich. As soon as he told me it was on the table, I started a full investigation into who had taken the food. Everyone denied it, so I looked on camera and saw who took it. I had to write a loss prevention summary and a request for termination due to theft. I then had to sit and explain to HR that had this been in someone’s bag, we would’ve termed immediately due to the nature of going through bags, and stealing things from others belongings. I was so pissed at how casually the associate took the food, unwrapped it, stood right there and ate the whole thing that I requested the termination. I have never felt so much joy sitting an entitled little brat associate down and explaining that eating other peoples food was equal to going into someone’s bag and taking their lunch money. Even through the process of firing the guy, he still could not fathom how what he did was wrong. He kept saying “but I didn’t steal, I never would steal!” It was like he could not wrap his head around how it was wrong to just walk back and eat peoples food they brought for themselves for lunch. It’s still one of those moments I look back at and think “people are weird man”.


> I would never steal! Aka “I would totally steal if nobody could tell it was me”


"It's not theft, I didn't know whose it was!" Sure but you knew it wasn't yours.


Imagine losing your dream job at Check for a dollar McMuffin.


Its quite common from my understanding. Some people get away with it for years until they're caught.


If they have no respect for co-worker's food, I guarantee they are people with low integrity who probably steal from the workplace too.


I can never understand how people with so little impulse control can go around and have jobs and contribute to society


I mean, yeah, they have jobs. Not sure about the "contribute to society" part, though.


I can never understand how anyone could just eat someone else's food not knowing whos it is or what's in it. The thought of just stealing some mystery persons mystery food terrifies me.


You've got me thinking now. If you worked with someone who did this semi regularly, and no one knew who it was. Id be leaving foods in the fridge on purpose, tasty looking, horribly falvoured. Like a dog food cup cake or similar


We implemented a "no name fair game" policy at one of my old jobs to cut down old food sitting in the communal fridge and people would STILL steal the food with names on it!


That's not lack of impulse control. I have impulse control issues and all I see here is malicious behaviour. Whoever did this Id say knew who it was for and out of spite for whatever reason, whether it be jealousy or not liking the person/people, took a bite out of each cake, just enough to make it inedible. If they wanted to try it, they would've done it subtly. If they wanted to eat it, they would've eaten it. One single bite mark in each? Looks personal to me.


OP replied an hour ago and the person who did it was in love with the preggo. Well done detective u/i-quiver-with-fear this is the start of a beautiful career ahead of you


So that person tampered with a coworker's food as revenge for being rejected romantically. Surely putting it like this would set off several alarms in the HR department.


Yus! My true crime obsession has paid off!


Where I work, they have an integrity rule as part of the employment agreement. If it's not yours, don't take/eat/use/drink it. That's theft and a lack of integrity that is a firing offense. Other workplaces need to be more like this.


Yep, my workplace is extremely lax on most fronts, but this sort of thing will get your ass fired ASAP. It shows a complete lack of respect and common decency. It's not a "mistake", it's a clear lack of morals, and it can't be fixed quickly. Best to just send them on their way.


Most workplaces are like that. But you see the thing is, people actually break the rules in some workplaces.


The only real fix I've ever found for this was a friend who just straight up bought a minifridge. He brought it to work, slapped a combo lock on it, and only let me, him, and a couple other friends use it. Never got our food stolen after that.


This is number 1 reason I never want to go back to the office. Coworkers are barely human, the things they do and how they leave things when they are done. The office microwave is a shit show, the fridge is a shit show, the coffee machine is a shit sjow


Ah yes the early days of my career. Someone once ate one of my pizza pockets. Pack comes with 2, so someone opened the pack and just ate 1. Most common was people eating just the sliced meats from your sandwiches. One time a coworker’s leftover Chinese food was even stolen. People have no shame. Edit: so all of this was about 15 years ago. Got me thinking, a lot of people always suspected the big (fat) guy in the office was stealing food. I know, not fair. Anyway, a department decides to plan a pot luck. In the kitchen, someone had their crock pot plugged in for meatballs. Doesn’t said big/fat guy get busted eating all of the meatballs. Yes, he ate (and admitted) to eating an entire crockpot full of meat balls. His excuse was that he thought the food in the kitchen was for everyone. He ate every fucking meatballs. Anyone that has ever been to a potluck, it’s just not the same without meatballs.


Can't stop laughing at the image of eating JUST the sliced meats. What the fuck?


I mean, they probably think you won't notice a few slices gone from a sandwich.


This is a special kind of deviant. I would be ok with cameras on the fridge


#minifridges at desks I don't work at an office, but I don't see why any office let's this happen.


I used to bring my lunch in an insulated bag with a couple of ice bricks. It saved me so much nonsense


I just have a crazy spice tolerance. When you cover everything you eat with Scotch Bonnet because it barely registers anymore people tend to not eat your food... It's a handy side effect.


It's like when a predator eats only the rich, fatty organs and tender face meat of its prey, and leaves the rest of the carcass to the scavengers.


Atkins asshole.


Yep. I had a box of 8 pizza pops in my work freezer. I would always eat only 2 at a time. Somehow there was 3 left. What do they think? That no one would miss only 1?


What’s a pizza pop?


Huh. I didn't realize they were only in Canada. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizza_Pops


**[Pizza Pops](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizza_Pops)** >Pizza Pops are a Canadian calzone-type snack produced by Pillsbury brand of General Mills. Pizza Pops are sold pre-cooked and frozen. Typically, they are reheated in a microwave oven. However, they may also be cooked in a conventional oven. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


I used to work at a store and I had left my bottled water at my table in the break room while I went to pee. I came back and one of the truck unloaders was drinking it... Water! There was a sink like 3 ft away or 2 coffee makers and some styrofoam cups if he was that thirsty


I honestly don't understand what drives people to do this. No conscience, I suppose. I was gifted a box of 9 mini gourmet cupcakes by my boss for my birthday a couple years back. I do intermittent fasting, so I wasn't able to eat them until later that night, so I popped them back into the fridge. Upon taking them out at the end of the day (I'd leave 30 mins after everyone) I discovered that 2 of them were missing. They were individually flavored, as well. Nobody asked, nobody mentioned it, nobody even said thank you... didn't even slice them in half or anything. Just took like it was their right to do so. It made me infuriated, simply because of how downright rude that is. There's special places in Hell reserved for people that do this shit.


Honestly, I wonder if some of these people just grew up in or live in an environment where they routinely eat other people's food all the time. I live with one other person and if there's one of something left, we always ask if the other is saving it for some reason or it's okay to eat. But we're staying with a family member right now and everything in the kitchen disappears unless you put a note on it. I wonder if they treat the office fridge like their mom's fridge?


There's no fucking way. I've heard more than enough employees go absolutely ballistic after the nth time their food got stolen, only for the fridge thief to keep swiping food. There's just some tiny agent of chaos in their brain that says "you're hungry. Martha usually has good lunches, let's see what she has."


If I was an employer and this happened regularly to my employees I'd 100% be installing a camera right on the fridge just out of pure spite.


Lunchroom fridges should have built-in dashcams. (I suppose it'd be fridgecam though.) I've never been very comfortable with video surveillance at work, but if my boss would be willing to train a camera on the fridge, I'd be all for it.


at that point just take the whole damn thing… it’s a different personal insult altogether since they deliberately left it


I was thinking the same thing. It's so wasteful, and insulting. I'd rather someone finished it off knowing it was enjoyed. This --- is just infuriating.


Ugh.. I hope you opened the box and announced that you had gotten them some pastries but it seems like some one opened the box and took a bite out of each one... Honestly, how rude. I don't see why it's so hard for people not to eat something thats not theirs.


Update : ok so this didn't ruin the party or anything, there were still plenty of pastries inside the box. I basically lost my shit and became Dwight Shrute where I gathered everyone around including my manager and general manager and told them "I hope the disgusting person who did this choked on it". My GM and hr admin were also pissed and were able to find the person who did it through the cctv cameras outside the kitchen and after confronting them.. their reason for doing that? They have a huge crush on the coworker who got pregnant who btw is and has always been happily married. They thought that things wouldn't workout between them and eventually would swoop in when they finally break up. they Said it was a moment of anger and they were sorry. They're currently in my gm's office with the hr admin there with them and it's been almost an hour. I think they might get fired or at least transferred outta here. Thank you all for the comments about how delicious they look, they tasted even better. A special thank you for those who gave me.. Ideas? On how to deal with those kinda people but I assure its not necessary. We've never had this problem before and everyone's food is labeled anyway to avoid these kinda incidents. Finally, thank you for the wholesome comments about my coworker. she and her husband were really going through a tough time especially when everyone in their lives were having baby showers and gender reveal parties so you could imagine how huge this is for them :) Update 2 : when I told my coworker about the person who did it, her response was "oh no, not him" I asked why? She said they went out on a single date when she first started here and he talked alot about how "she looks like his mom and kept pushing her to meet her to the point where he took a picture and compared the resemblance" all during single date. Normally I stay out of office gossip and avoid it like the plague but I'm getting real fomo vibes right now. Final Update : after more than an hour of screaming in the gm's office.. He's been put on notice, not fired or transferred but a warning! He's been asked to go to therapy which i highly doubt he'll do and also his office is gonna be moved to the back of the building away from my co-worker's corner so that's good I suppose. I'm not sure but I'm hearing that he pulled the whole "I'll kill myself if you.." card which is even more infuriating. Clarification : my coworker was single when she first started working here and she got married a year maybe two later so no she didn't cheat by going on a date with the psycho. For the people who are mad I used" they're pregnant " it's what my coworker used when she made the announcement. Believe I understand the whole" you ain't gonna be pushing that baby out so we aren't pregnant, it's only me!!!!! " [For Those Asking About The White Cake ](https://order.labaguette.com.kw/product/mini-desserts/white-forest) Final update as in what the actual f*ck : during the process of moving his stuff to relocate his office, the people helping him found an old hair tie , and a bunch of pens, pins and office supplies that said "procurement dept" on them. The stuff have been brought to my gm's office and currently trying to make sure that those stuff belonged to her. ~~If he's not fired after this I'm going over my gm's head!~~ **He's been let go and currently being escorted out the building by security.** **To the people saying I've made this whole thing up.. I would literally quit my 9-5 job on the spot and start writing fiction if that were true. Also, I miss 2020 where I was working from home and didn't have to deal with humans** **End of the day update : after creepo got escorted outta the building, I called my co-worker's husband and told him about the whole thing and told him it would be a good idea to come pick her up early while I have someone drive her car back to their home. Also urged him to take legal action, restraining order ect..** **For those who are saying its been a roller-coaster, trust me you have no idea what it was like after what happened.. The office basically turned into that scene in HP 4 where Harry's name was placed in the goblet and it spit it out.. (I'm a HP fan don't judge).** **Not looking forward for tomorrow because I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be questioned to death.** **I'm both happy and sad about the outcome.. Happy because I got to protect my coworkers from a potential psycho/stalker/serial killer/nightcrawler nut job. Sad because I was officially appointed as a safety officer after what I did.. Don't get me wrong I'm glad I was approached but I'm sad because my literal job at the company is HSE&Security so I'm assuming they forget about my position and gave it to me again? *sad noises*** **Im gonna go cry myself to sleep now so ladies, gents and NBs I'd like to thank you for your support and wholesome comments and I hope everyone has a good and safe day/night**


Of all the possible plot twists to stem from a story about a coworker eating another's food I think this is one of the wildest


Right? Somebody ate my lunch once and I was angry because I had planned to eat quickly and then do some things I needed to do during my lunch. Later I heard a specific coworker was suspected of having done this to multiple people. I realize now that my incident wasn’t so bad.


This is why having a tolerance to insanely hot hot sauces is great. You learn if someone unsuspecting stole your lunch in a hurry




Wasn’t there a legal advice where someone who ate extremely hot (I think it was) curry that didn’t belong to them went to HR and said the LAOP poisoned them? [Hot Sauce](https://www.reddit.com/r/legaladvice/comments/5j0lhw/can_i_face_legal_repercussions_for_a_coworker/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) [“Poisoned” Brownie](https://www.reddit.com/r/bestoflegaladvice/comments/asoyci/i_poisoned_a_lunch_thief_at_work_and_they_had_to/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) [It wasn’t on LA, it was one Ask A Manager](https://www.askamanager.org/2016/07/a-coworker-stole-my-spicy-food-got-sick-and-is-blaming-me.html) [Ask A Manager Update](https://www.askamanager.org/2016/10/update-a-coworker-stole-my-spicy-food-got-sick-and-is-blaming-me.html)


This is so totally disrespectful. I don't think I could work with someone who doesn't find anything wrong with stealing someone's lunch.


I used to work at a warehouse that had cameras watching the break rooms refrigerators. Even knowing they were under surveillance, people would steal lunches and then get fired and prosecuted. Like, hope the misdemeanor was worth it.


We used to have a coworker (she's retired now) who was so weird about eating people's stuff. Everyone labels stuff at our office, but even if they don't, no reasonable person would assume leftovers in Tupperware or a single-serving salad from the store is fair game, right? Not this lady. She was the sole reason we all used to write our initials on all sides of our food. I once watched my coworker take out some sushi from the fridge, open the container, set the wasabi and teriyaki packets out, then turn around to put the sushi on a plate. Fucking IMMEDIATELY the greedy coworker tries to nab the wasabi and teriyaki packets and when I said, hey those are "Lily's", don't take them, she just laughed and said she assumed they were up for grabs. She wasn't even eating anything that could possibly go with wasabi/teriyaki...IIRC she was eating an apple or banana lol. She'd also make comments about being healthy, e.g., "That sure looks yummy but not very healthy, hm?" and it would drive me crazy. I almost snapped one day after hearing about my "unhealthy" lunches several times and said you don't have to obsess over everything you eat if you don't eat everything in the kitchen at once. I'm glad she's gone, this post got me heated again lol.


I had a coworker give my frozen dinner to my boss. I found the boss eating it and teased him a little and he revealed the coworker “gave” it to him. I confronted her and she appeared to die of embarrassment before my eyes. Oh well.




There used to be a member in my faculty who would routinely partially eat other people's food and then put the sad remains back in the fridge for the owners to find. We got back at her by making a dummy apple pie with about a pound of salt in it and potatoes in the place of the apples. AFAIK, the raids ceased after that.


If I had a thousand guesses I would never have come up with that shit lol


Dude could have just said something like “it looked so delicious and I lost control, I’m so sorry” Something, anything but that cluster fuck of a reason


"I think this is one of the wildest" I full-heartedly expected you to say, "this one takes the cake." The fact that you didn't leaves me in a state of limbo on how I feel about that...


>They have a huge crush on the coworker who got pregnant who btw is and has always been happily married. They thought that things wouldn't workout between them and eventually would swoop in when they finally break up. they Said it was a moment of anger and they were sorry Lmao of course this is the kind of person that would do this. Dude dug himself into a deeper hole by saying any of this, should have just said it was a moronic impulse.


spiking low blood sugar🩸almost passed out😵saved my life. so sorry


I'm honestly surprised the guy confessed all of that. What a loon. Really should be fired.


I'm not surprised. People like this generally think that other people will understand why they feel the way they do and that they will blame the person they are obsessed with for "leading them on" or whatever their brain has justified this as just like they do.


Boggles the mind that this was supposed to be a defense. Like what, the HR team stands up and says “you go after that woman” and claps? What is the best case scenario here?




I am beyond happy that they got caught. It’s almost like their excuse just made it… worse? There isn’t any good excuse for this and then they used the one that they thought might get them pity… idk. I have a hard time with people who use the “I got emotional, “sorry”” excuse when they do something shitty. And at least; IF you decide to steal, ffs use a knife, not a spoon and go in double so you contaminate the whole cake with your thief-DNA


It definitely made it worse. "I got hungry... sorry." "I have an unhealthy obsession with a coworker and can't help but root against their happiness, and if they're going to be happy, I will do what little I can to ruin it... sorry." One of those is worthy of reprimand and one is worthy of termination.


Not just termination, I'd think a restraining order might be a good idea. Keeping (stealing) mementos of the married coworker you've been crushing on for years can be extremely frightening. Especially if they're going to act like this guy did, wanting to ruin the joy of said coworker.


Right? It’s seriously some serial killer origin story-sounding shit. What the fuck


Like regardless of the firing I'm still worried for this woman


No kidding. This has all he makings of this guy becoming an office shooter. I imagine after being fired he's no long allowed near the building but that hasn't stopped people before.


Ikr? What a creepy excuse. Like "the cake looked delicious and I couldn't control myself" would be a much better excuse.


yep claim binge eating disorder


I am a real sufferer of binge eating, and I have never done anything like this. I can blindly jam food in my face for weeks without really realizing it, but I still understand what belongs to me and what doesnt.


I mean... I get extreme emotional reactions to things. Often times at work I'll get absolutely infuriated over minor things. Usually, I'll just take a few deep breaths and try and focus on something else (Not easy when you're constantly reminded about what enraged you.) However, I have never and would never eat someone else's food or invade their personal space.


And that is fair. I’m not saying you’re not allowed to have emotions! I could have been more clear, I just meant that emotions typically isn’t a good excuse for shitty behavior like “I was sad/mad so I stole the cake.” Or “I didn’t actually mean the very shitty thing I told you I was just mad and wanted to bring you down.” I can forgive and accept usually if you own up to it and say “I’m sorry, that was a shitty thing do to and I take full responsibility” but when people start to use the “but” it’s usually because they (in my experience) try to kind of get away with it.


That is some absolutely top shelf office drama, thank you




100% this. I'm so glad someone actually explosive how wrong and creepy this whole situation is. The fact that he kept his job after that is impressive, and not at all a good sign about management understanding the threat that he is. Please OP and her coworker be safe! Ensure proper authorities know he has basically already threatened to hurt someone (specifically himself).


The updates at least day things escalated to the point he was fired. Could still turn into a stalker outside of work, but sounds like management changed their minds.


Absolutely. I really hope OP reads your comment and does go over everyone’s head. This is obsessive, dangerous behavior. Red flags everywhere. As is his threatening to kill himself. And the company’s response is to suggest he goes to therapy (which, in the unlikely event he actually did, that therapist would 100% hear s highly skewed, twisted narrative of the situation) and move his office further away from coworker?! Outrageous. This company’s HR department is out of their depth here.


This. He's already asserted that he has no qualms 'contaminating' food meant for her. Who's to say he won't poison her food next? He needs to be fired and in the mean time your pregnant coworker should be on guard. He already has shown he feels entitled to her despite her MARRIAGE. I feel so awful for her.


Seriously, I can’t believe they were going to give him a chance after he gave them that excuse for eating the cake. Dude is obviously unwell. And all the edits go to show. Her coworker needs to take a day off and possibly even get a fucking restraining order. What a nut..


What a freak. Holy moly.


Holy crap that's way more intense than just a "inconsiderate" co-worker. This, hopefully-ex, coworker of yours has some serious incel energy going on. He needs therapy


Am I the only one who noticed that the man basically want to sleep with a woman who looks like his mother???


Mother fucker…


No I totally picked up on that creepy detail as well


When I think of an office food thief I don't immediately think of incels, they manage to find new ways to be awful people every day huh


Man there is a lot of nutters in this world.


An unhinged "ex" that's obviously not over her and is threatening suicide... Jesus I definitely heard this on some true crime podcast before. I hope your coworker will stay safe and very, very far from him.


Please keep a close eye on your pregnant coworker. The dude has been brought to light, and that may be what sets him over the edge. Make sure she gets to her car safe, her desk, etc. The dude sounds absolutely mental


I already called her husband and told him about what happened and that he should come pick her up and someone will drive her car back to their home. Advised him to file a restraining order against him and asked him to seriously consider convincing her about taking an extra long maternity leave which I don't think she'll have a problem getting that approved from hr especially after the shit show that happened today.


These have been the juiciest updates I've seen in a while. Guess he finally got his just des(s)erts


I would keep your head on a swivel. This is the kind of life-altering event that can push sociopaths over the edge. They attempted to secretly slight their ~~obsession~~“crush” and got caught and scolded in front of their whole workplace. This kind of thing makes people go postal. Be careful.


Yea. I had a job where this exact thing didn’t happen but a very unstable person got caught doing things he shouldn’t have. Management didn’t fire him at first, gave him a chance, told him to ge therapy like OP’s story. It was very public, so to speak, so the whole office kinda knew what happened. Well he laid low for a few weeks and then went all out. Same behavior, threats on people, himself, etc. The cops had to come and literally force him out of the building kicking and screaming. I heard they brought him to a psych hospital. Anyway, it was kinda scary, including days after because no one knew if he might come back for revenge. I’m being intentionally vague because I know coworkers use Reddit. I haven’t seen anyone say this but even if he does get fired, that could be more dangerous for your coworker. He obviously knows where she works and a little info about her. If he gets fired, he might “have nothing to lose” at that point.


Yea, this is the kind of shit that terrifies me about people like this. Are they just normal weird and gunna let it go? Or was this one of those fucked up guys whose going to come back here to shoot up the place. He already has incredibly unhealthy obsessive behaviors over pregnant coworker and now the whole office was turned against him. AND now he's fired. Who know what this guy had going for him and what he would decide to do next.


I love how sweet you are that you think labels are what is stopping lunch thieves. May you always have such wonderful coworkers. Well, except for the fucking psycho who was so obsessed with that poor woman he tried to ruin her happiness. He can get fucked with a pineapple.


>he pulled the whole "I'll kill myself if you.." call 911 immediately. always. Maybe it's an emotional game. But maybe not. Even if you're a trained \_whatever\_. Get someone on duty to help. It's an overwhelming situation to be in. Maybe it's a cry for help, here's help. maybe it's serious, here's help. Never, ever, try to handle this alone.


I remember a field exercise where one of our guys pulled this (as a joke) to get out of duty. He should have realized that we take that shit seriously. He was put on watch 24/7 for 2 weeks. He complained the whole time about needing to be escorted to meals, the latrine, bed etc. I finally went off on him about how I was losing sleep and had to watch the man shit. I 100% agree that he should have had cops called and put on some kind of suicide watch. It'd at least teach him to not cry wolf, or actually stop him from harming himself etc.




If he pulled the "I'll kill myself..." card someone needs to start a paper trail. That's a serial killer in training right there. Obviously has no care for others feelings so he uses the shock and awe affect to make sure they are afraid to remove him from her presence entirely. Back of the office is still close enough to stalk her.


If he pulled the "I'll kill myself..." card, they should have said be about it then


> He's been put on notice, not fired or transferred but a warning! So they're going to make your co-worker go through the hassle of getting a restraining order while pregnant? WTF excuse for management is this? The creep should be gone with prejudice.


I thought this type of shit only happens in movies.


This doesn’t fit the sub because it’s severely infuriating


I'd come out like "Who the fuck did this?"


Fuck whoever did that, but congrats to your coworker!


I would leave my meals out so they could thaw about an hour before i went to warm them up and this coworker i hated would put them back in the freezer then had the nerve to tell me the reason she did it was bc of "salmonella" ​ I started writing on my food "If i put my food out, LEAVE IT ALONE" She never touched my food again.


I'm sorry but wtf were they doing with that yellow cake? Did someone just take a spoon to it. It's like whoever found these is like, "well time for a buffet."