Non refillable salt / pepper grinders need to be banned and scrubbed from history. It's sneaky & wasteful.

Non refillable salt / pepper grinders need to be banned and scrubbed from history. It's sneaky & wasteful.


So buy a good grinder. Also, don’t grind Cornish salt, it’s too wet for a salt grinder - it’ll just clog . It’s a finishing salt and should be used as such.


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🎼I don’t see nothing wrong, with a little salt and grind


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Can you recommend a grinder that doesn't leak any below so that you can have it standing somewhere without making everything dirty? I have both a Peugeot and a le Creuset and they both leak


That’s going to be a tricky one - you’ll always get some retention in the burrs which will make its way out when put down. Your best bet is getting on with the burrs on the top, so you kind of use it upside down (I don’t know of any good ones) or getting a stand (I think Peugeot sell official ones) so at least it’s contained. A twist with the burrs unloaded and then a shake over a bin might help this too, but obviously a bit of a PITA.


Thanks for the advice, doctor! I'll think about getting a stand for them.


Nice. Bet you're a wizzard in the kitchen.


[This](https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01N33U6Y5?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share) doesn’t leak. We bought it some time ago. Should be available in US store.


I have the le creuset grinder, and I’ve avoided the “leak” by giving it a good whack against the side of my palm when I’m done grinding to kind of clear out the grinder. Then I set it on a glass coaster that I found at goodwill that happens to be the exact right diameter for the grinder to rest in. It catches the fallout and I wash it off when I refill the grinder!


That's great advice thanks


[this](https://www.target.com/p/cole-38-mason-sunderland-inverta-pepper-mill/-/A-79652826#lnk=sametab) is the peppermill I use, from Target. You store it with the grinder part facing up with a little lid on it, so it never makes a pepper powder mess.


Mhh targay, we don't have such fancy merchants in my lands


Yup, you can get this same general style off Amazon or at restaurant supply stores. Just make sure the internals are metal and storage vessel is glass. Personally, I only have a pepper grinder and don't bother with grinding salt as it does little more than make a mess.


the finnish brand "heirol" makes a really nice upside-down mill that looks good and won't leak.


Nice that's smart and i love finland so i might look for it


Finland has great PR. Everyone seems to love that place.


I’ve never found any that don’t leak so I just bought a fancy little dish for them to live in


Same! I love the chance to use a tray for some reason lol


I've got a Joseph Joseph set of grinders. They stand upside down so the grinder is at the top and therefore nothing spills in the cupboard.




This one is great. IKEA has a great upright ceramc pepper grinder, £5 when i bought mine a couple of years ago. What makes it even better is that they also sell a 4 pack of matching interchangeable jars for it, for £4.50, so you can easily switch between different spices etc. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/ikea-365-ihaerdig-spice-mill-black-10152875/


My salt (and pepper) grinders have a lid that goes on the bottom, never had any issues with leakage sipping through.


The grinder by Oxo is set down with the grindy bit up top, so that eliminates that issue. Works well too. Ikea same thing.


My unicorn pepper mill came with a little tray to put it on. Beware that it doesn't like the fine grind, though.


You just need to get a top grind rather than bottom. All good makers will have versions like that.


Just get a grinder that sits with the opening upwards. I have an oxo good grips one for pepper.


I just put mine on a tray. When I’m cooking,I’ll use the salt that has fallen onto the tray


The older I get the more I’m willing to spend considerably more money for products that are quality and will last forever. I ordered handmade salt and pepper grinders from a woodworker in Australia and not only did I get to pick the wood they are made out of, meaning they’re gorgeous, but they are the best working salt and pepper grinders I have ever used. And since they’re hand made if the grinding mechanism ever starts to fail it’s easily replaceable. So yeah I might have spent $200 on salt and pepper grinders but the will still be working great when I’m dead and to me that’s worth it.


Totally agree, I too as I’ve got older (albeit with a slightly healthier bank account), do the same with most things I buy. Buy right, buy once. As a bonus, good shit is such a joy to use - it makes a lot of stress away when things work very well, reliably.


Didn't know that about Cornish salt tbh, although I haven't used it in a grinder. I was intending too though. I am on the look out for a good grinder but I'm quite picky so I keep buying these stupid grinders when I'm out of salt for a quick fix.


Yeah, I’m pretty fussy with grinders too. I’ve never found a salt grinder I’m happy with either, I use Peugeot for pepper mills (which I’m not 100% sold on, I’ll probably get a unicorn next) but they’ve got carbon steel burrs, so not ideal for salt. I’ve never found a decent grinder with ceramic burrs for salt.


I've looked at Peugeot mills but honestly the price of them (despite lifetime warranties, I think) puts me off hugely. Definitely not in a position to spend that much. Never heard of a unicorn but I'll look into it. I do want a predominantly wood based grinder. I tend to try and avoid plastic where possible.


I had absolutely no idea grinders had so much to them! This is quite interesting!


>Tend to avoid plastic >I keep buying these stupid grinders Buying 1 refillable plastic grinder uses less plastic than multiple non refillable ones. I get it though, I have a glass one just to see the salt (I use pink salt for grinding)


Oh I know, the hypocrisy is not lost on me!


Something like these are fine. https://www.amazon.com/Premium-Stainless-Salt-Pepper-Grinder/dp/B01N1PSWSB/ref=pd_sbs_1/133-3711840-2502609?pd_rd_w=97ERz&pf_rd_p=0a3ad226-8a77-4898-9a99-63ffeb1aef90&pf_rd_r=T74WHS9SHK53X7ZVP30V&pd_rd_r=e3337c0c-c017-4e16-b14c-981a042236ec&pd_rd_wg=iZ85s&pd_rd_i=B01N1PSWSB&psc=1 I also have an Italian herb grinder and a couple of other grinder herb mixes.


WMF has some awesome mill sets including one for salt and one for pepper. (Not sure how popular wmf is in the US)


My wife found a set of Peugeot grinders on sale for like $25 a few years ago. Maybe at target or something. They’re only 4” and don’t hold lots but they work perfectly and are easy to refill.


I would just get a box of Diamond Kosher Salt and put it in a ramekin or small bowl and use it as a pinch pot. No real need to grind salt that is going to be dissolved and cooked with. For finishing I have a box of Maldon flakey salt that loves on the counter. Pinch pot for salt Grinder for pepper


Peugeot makes their salt grinders with different materials specifically for that reason.


I use that salt and it doesn't need a grinder just take a pinch and sprinkle.


This all day^


How picky are you that you can't buy a $40 grinder so you don't keep buying $8 disposables??




Soak top in v hot water, pull off cap, let it cool, push back on. You're welcome !


Salt grinders in general are a pretty worthless concept. If you’re cooking with salt why would you need to grind it? Most cooking salt is already fine enough that grinding is pointless, and if you’re adding seasoning to already cooked food you would want to use finishing salt as you mentioned. The one exception to this is perhaps breaking down very coarse Himalayan sea salt, but even that is questionable. Pepper grinders make sense because preground peppercorn loses a lot of its freshness, but that really isn’t the case with salt.


Agreed, I pretty much wrote the same below. Haha


Fine grains of salt combine more efficiently into the food


Right. And so standard table/iodized salt does the job, with no grinding required.


What is a good grinder? Sick of the shit falling out of the base of mine.


Peugeot, Unicorn, Iron Mills, and some of the high-end Cole and Mason stuff for pepper. For salt, don’t bother. Buy a good table salt for water/sauces, a coarse salt for meats and general salting and a good finishing salt for… finishing. There is no *real* need to ever grind salt.


How do you feel about maldon, guy?


The best finishing salt money can buy - I’m glad I’m from England so I don’t have to pay much of a premium for it.


Right? Don't like it, don't buy it.


Get some good mineral salt like rose salt. You'll know it's good to grind when it comes as small rocks, like gravel.


this. i have this salt and it does NOT work in most grinders😑


Guy who salts, what's finishing salt?


Seems this adventure would have lead to a post either way.


It's because a cheap plastic grinder eventually starts breaking and leaving bits of plastic in your food


That’s true but it’s not because of that, it’s business.


Yeah but we should thank them this time, plastic is no joke. Get a refillable glass one. Maybe even with a light, mine has the light, it's cool.


In what situation would you need to light up salt?


The light is for the food you're salting. So you can extra see how much salt you're putting and get good coverage.


Maybe I need to see it but it sounds like a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist unless you’re cooking with the kitchen lights off.


hey, sneaky midnight snacks need to be well seasoned too. the grinder should also be heavily sound insulated cuz popping and cracking up tons of beads at once is super loud even when done suuuuuuper slowly and with your entire hands cupping the whole device. loud enough that it can wake up your step mom's dog who's room is right next to the kitchen and for some reason insists on having their little yappy dog sleep in the room with them which wakes up and starts barking from too much noise and wakes up the step mom too which is highly fucking annoying and makes me wanna kill the fucking dog, because that dog is really pissing me off because they bark throughout the day too whenever some kind of noise happens outside or happens in a part of the house they haven't seen one of us be active in for a while, and their barking is so fucking loud that i can hear them through my door, through my headphones on max volume, with a garage fan running next to me. AAAAAAAAAAAA


Honestly, I've bought glass ones with non removable lids.


What's the grinding mechanism made of though? That's That's bit that breaks down over time and even if you don't care about plastic in your food eventually they get so dull that they don't grind anymore


I'm not sure why everyone is recommending glass. There's nice wooden ones with ceramic burrs that will last a lifetime, won't put plastic in your food, and look wonderful.


That part is plastic, but my glass refillable one has plastic grinding bits, and I also have one that's full plastic.


Yeah thats what I'm saying. The fact that the bottle is glass or plastic makes no difference if the bit that's actively doing the grinding is still plastic. That's the bit that breaks down and get in your food


You want these things to vanish? STOP BUYING THEM!


I believe the point being made by OP is that it isn't clear that they are 1-use at the time of purchase. But perhaps he literally means that the shakers tiptoe around his house throwing things in the trash instead of recycling when he isn't looking. Hard to tell...


I haven't yet found one that isn't clear. You buy these in the salt section of the grocery store filled. If you wanted a multi-use grinder you would buy that in the grinder section.


To be fair, I have definitely bought ones in the salt section that had screw lids, so you could refill them. Like OP I was also dismayed the first time I bought one from a new store that looked like it had a screw lid but was actually designed not to be refilled. I have since bought a proper refillable one, but I got burned first!


I was so pissed when I bought one thinking it could be saved


I think it’s a fairly safe assumption that any grinder you buy that comes prefilled is single use. If you want a refillable one, buy a quality grinder. I guarantee you they won’t come with contents in them.


I agree However some ppl don't have the upfront money to waste on a good grinder. And oddly enough sometimes finding pepper not on such containers like the picture can be hard. I don't remember the last time I saw such thing in the supermarket


A mediocre refillable grinder full of peppercorns is between $7 and $10 at any big box store such as target, Walmart, big lots etc 6oz of black peppercorns is $5 at any of those places and most grocery stores. A NONrefillable grinder costs more money for less pepper and you’ll be eating plastic along with your pepper. It’s fine. Do what you want. Don’t make excuses.


This! I got a nice wooden refillable pepper grinder with metal parts (not plastic anything) for $6 at Marshall’s and the thing has lasted me over 9 years now with many refills from a giant Costco size bottle of peppercorns I got for $7


If you're living in a situation that you can't afford a grinder, even by saving up for it, I don't think you should be grinding your salt. Grinders are not exactly expensive. And as they say, the poor can't afford to buy cheap.


You might want to grind your pepper. Also because you are poor doesn't mean you mustn't enjoy any comforts.


What I'm saying, is that life is full of choices. And buying a poor grinder now which you will have to repurchase everytime, is not a great choice. Instead it would be smarter (in the long run; poor buying cheap) to save enough for the good grinder by not purchasing the next 4 grinders; purchasing a bag of ionised salt instead (which is also needed for its health benefits). Same applies to pepper and any other more expensive purchase. If you need it now, but can't afford it, buy cheap and start saving for the good one.


There is ready ground pepper, you know?


Sometimes you have no choice as some "specialty" salts are more often than not only sold on a grinder, probably to justify a higher price tag as a "premium" item.


I quit eating at McDonald's years ago and it still very much exists.


You can’t be part of the solution without trying.


Buy big boxes of kosher salt, keep some in a cool little bowl, call it a salt keeper. Boom, sustainable (the box is completely recyclable), and now you feel fancy.


I second this! I recently got an adorable ceramic salt keeper and it makes me feel incredibly fancy.


It's only non-refillable if you don't find a way to refill it.


I myself am refillable.


Submissive and refillable


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




But it's frowned upon in most societies


With blood ofc


Carefully with a sharp knife. Make 3 slits so you can fold out a tab. Piece of tape holds it back in place. But the grinders are low quality and dont exactly last more than a refill or two.


It is non-refillable because you shouldn't be reusing cheap plastic grinders. Overuse results in microplastics falling off the grinder.


Normally I can force it by bending the plastic but this one is so brittle that it snaps under any strain. I'll just have to finally get a proper grinder.




They will anyways, may as well add some more with salt.


Exactly. The McCormick ones are easily refillable. Just pull hard on the top and it pops right off. Refill. Replace top.


I had the same problem with a very similar package, I made a hole on the side, put the salt with a funnel and closed it with tape


I get pepper grinders bc you get that extra fresh, but what is the point of a salt grinder aside from vanity?


Sometimes you don't want big chunks of salt, sometimes you do I suppose.


Flavor-wise, nothing. It simply looks fancy. Salts come in different shapes and sizes and serve different purposes. The only appeal of a salt grinder is being able to vary the grind size but that is similarly not necessary if you have the right variety.


Idk about you but here a disposable pepper grinder easily lasts a year, and that's despite my best efforts to finish it. I really like pepper lol. Is that really the biggest source of waste in your life?


Just get a grinder and cheaper and varried pepper


Ya plus eating to much salt isn’t good, op needs help with his salt addiction!


Fun fact: more people suffer from health problems originating from not eating enough salt, than vice versa


In what country do these more people live lol


Anywhere where they put "salt is bad" in your face and the school meals have to have little salt in them. People will believe it, and eat closely 0. It's unhealthy


I could actually see this being the case for kids that have "health-conscious" parents, but I feel like most kids I see sure eat a lot of potato chips and Takis to be short on salt, never mind fast food.


Not me


That's weird, I think I have the exact same bottle with grinder in the cap for my black pepper, it just twists off. Been using and filling it for years!


This is from Lidl (UK). I did have an Aldi one that looked similar but I'm not really sure why I don't have that anymore as I know it was refillable!


Drill a hole in the bottom, fill with new peppercorns or salt, plug hole with a snap-in plug... about $0.20 at the hardware store... or hot glue.... or tape...


Just get a grinder and cheaper and varried pepper


Those things have cheap internals made of plastic that will eventually break down and add plastic to your food as well. For the cost of three or four of these you could get a high-quality, refillable, grinder made of metal and glass.


Mine has a plastic body (technically acrylic l, but it wasn't cheap. It retails for about $50. But it's badass. Works amazingly with a good range of settings. I expect to have it for a couple decades.


If you ever buy things in small glass pots you can make your own shakers. Just clean the pot well and poke holes in the lids, and add a fey grains of rice to keep your salt and pepper fresh. The only issue is you can't make grinders this way. But if you have a mortar and pestle you can do it before putting it in your shaker.


Those grinder dont have a decent mill(?) anyway. Get a real one with a ceramic mill and it will last you for ages. Got an WMF one and no issues with it for over a decade (Well i put it in the oven once and it melted a bit but now its just a unique design)


>but now its just a unique design LMAO


I use a tiny mortar and pestle, just a different way to grind salt, and it never clogs!


I have a sturdy granite mortar & pestle and I no longer buy fine salt. I grind coarse salt into medium ^((stored in a glass jar)) and fine ^((stored in a resealable plastic bag because I need to get my fingers in there)) grains, as well as flour salt ^((applied directly from the mortar)). Lets me control the grain size far better than a mill would. Milling salt on the fly is a recipe for disaster anyway, because you lose control of the amounts with a mill; fingers are your best friend when it comes to salting. A pinch here, a pinch there, yada yada. Same with pepper, or rather anything grindable. Speaking of which, I dried some red chillies and it's about time I start turning them into chilli paste... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Edit: I really need to build a salt box for easier medium- and fine-grain salt access.


even if you do, it's still useless


Especially when they are made of glass. Glass can and should be reused as often as possible. With something like that I would break the plastic part off and figure out how to attach a lid with holes in it and just make it a normal salt shaker rather than a grinder. You can always grind chunks of salt with other things like an actual refillable grinder or a mortar and pestle.


Put it in hot water for a minute or two, top down, so the screw part is completely submerged. Then remove it, smoothly (the plastic with dilate and become more flexible, so it will be easily removable) Once out, check the screw in the lid, there should be some plastic tips at the end of the screw, to block it on removing. Clip/cut them out and you are good to go as long as you want!


I have this exact grinder, it is refillable


Just because they don’t make the cap screw off doesn’t mean you can’t cut off the other end and make your own refill option. It’s not like this container is going to self-destruct. Not every “reuse” has to be hand-held. Sometimes it’s up to you to figure out how to reduce waste, too.


I was thinking this the other day


It’s because we are NPCs in a simulation. No thought is original. Ever notice how your first thoughts about a thread are already in the comments somewhere?


First rule of the matrix is we don't talk about the matrix.


Yup, creepy. Nothing new under the sun


Drill the back and get some cork


I had a similar product. Try this: if you heat up the plastic part, it should expand a bit, might be enough to remove the cap ;)


mostly you can just twist the top off and refill them. I've been using the same one use pepper grinder for about 3 years.


This one (and many others) are built so that the top simply will not come off. Designed to be single use whether you want it or not


Some do. This one, the plastic is so brittle that any attempt I'm made to pry it off results in snapping!


yeah I can see in the above pic you've tried now I look again. Like i say i bought one being using it for years guess i was just lucky ha.


Bloody lidl salt mills


Never again!


So true, and they put plastic wrap tightly around the top so you don't find out until you get home!


Yes, they are wasteful. No, they do not need to be banned.


To be fair... the whole point is you having to buy a new one when its empty... Ya know... so the company makes money...


Oh I understand why they do it. I just do not agree with it in any way!


You agreed with it enough to give them money.


I've been refilling mine for a couple of years. You have to hold a hair dryer to the cap for a couple of minutes and it will loosen up.


I actually have the exact same one, I refill it, secret is to use a knife and pull it up, idk it worked for me but I feel you


You can refill these. Leave the black plastic end in a bowl of boiling water for a couple of minutes and it'll slide off. Leave it to dry refill with peppercorns and pop it back on


You can refill them you just need a box cutter.


Have you tried buying one off [grindr.com?](https://youtu.be/cvh0nX08nRw)


Very retro lol




I have a couple like this. I tried to simply pull it apart with force, it worked like a charm. Some small plastic bit broke, but the whole thing works fine after refilling it and forcing it back to together.


Next time try heat, either a hairdryer or quick dips in boiling water to soften the plastic around the lip.




One trick I’ve used is to soak the lid in hot water so it expands and can be pulled off. Then refill and pop the lid back on.


I actually opened one of these by accident, but don't know exactly how i did it, and it never happened again. But it didn't break or anything the time i opened it, it just kinda popped off, and after i kinda screwed it on (it was weird, but idk how to say it better) it just got stuck back there.


Yup. At least the glass can be recycled.


or just salt your food with your hands?


Uh, then don't buy them.


I see what you're getting at, but there's definitely bigger fish to fry lol


Dude, you can get a nice set of grinders for like $30. I don't understand what the problem is here.


I sense a DIY video coming up!


If you're not above the look of good ole duct tape, a nice redneck life hack for this is to cut the bottom off about an inch from the bottom of the clear container... Leave about the width of a pencil uncut to act as a hinge and the salt shaker can now be refilled. Store it grinder end facing down and wrap the cut portion with a single pass of tape to seal it. Duct it or fuck it my friend.


And remember if the women don’t find you handsome they should at least find you handy. -Red Green




Just buy coarse sea salt and sprinkle with your hand.


Just don’t use salt or pepper. I haven’t owned a salt or pepper shaker/grinder my whole life. 🤷‍♀️


They are (technically) refillable, but you have to struggle to open them.


Sometimes you can put it in the oven at like 150 or 200 for a little while until the plastic softens a little, then pull it right off.


We cannot scrub them from history. We must never forget.


It's up there with Bottled Water like "how am I supposed to taste the difference between Fiji water and Alpine glacier water?"


r/assholedesign too


heat up the lid with a hair dryer!


Did you know that lightbulbs are also fabricated to break after a certain lifespan. Lightbulbs could last 200years and maybe more if build normally.


I'd recommend the Cole and Mason Salt and Pepper Mill set. High quality and easy to full.