It looks expensive


We talk thousands here


It’s from a very wealthy customers house so it’s more then likely to be original, but can never be sure.


What do you work as


I work as a warehouse worker for a freight forwarder so we take everyone’s stuff and send it where they want it. Apparently with extra damages…


So shipping. How has your boss not been fired. You guys must have gotten a bunch of complaints.


Somehow she is the most loved person from the company…




A good advice I got from my work mentor is, act like a snake and note down every bad she does with dates and examples, basically be the snitch in that kids show recess. But don’t bring it up until she makes a crucial mistake and then just lay down all the ammo you’ve been storing up to have a legitimate base to fire her. I never got it to work but my Mentor is the grim reaper. You fuck up around him it’ll be noted 😭


Randall! 'Ms. Finster! Ms. Finster!'




Corporate America is fucking poison for your soul.


Lol you and your mentor are psychopaths


You sound very toxic. It's one thing to have a case if someone is causing harm to someone else or acting in negligence but that's not what you are promoting. Test case; Nothing you promoted allows anyone to learn from their mistakes. You are intentionally withholding the feedback they need to improve and only disclosing it under a context of malice. Your, "mentor," was a failure, not a teacher. Edit: spelling


So… you were aware of these issues for x months / years and never spoke up? I see two people having a talk with hr.


This seems like a terrible way to live, focused on bringing down someone else. Just stay focused on yourself and let them make mistakes. Only document things if you’re directly affected.


That depends on in which state/country OP lives. It may be illegal to do so.


As far as the US, you're good more often than not. The majority of states only require one party to be aware they're being recorded, regardless of circumstances. California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Washington, and New Hampshire are the only states that require consent from all involved, so if you're in one of them, don't do it. The penalties can be pretty extreme sometimes. E:+NH


Depends on the state and their consent to record laws


"record" doesn't necessarily mean audio recordings. Keeping detailed notes of times and dates of specific things that were said and who was there, printing out key emails and texts, photos of issues like this, etc


Funny how that works. At my old job my boss that has never worked in Data entry a day in her life or even ran a department was in charge of ours. We did data entry for a MRO company that did repair and maintenance for South west airline's passenger jets. She started off in Bank roll and worked there for like 20 years, then moved around the company from HR and then landed a head spot in our department. Over all she had been there since she was like 19, and she was almost 50 now. She had no idea what was going on, she came in and tried to change everything we did. It caused so much chaos it wasn't even funny. Cards came up missing, work orders were lost, mechanics were inside of the data entry cabinets and messing everything up because they couldn't just come down and get the cards from us anymore. It caused so many problems there was a mass quit-off in her department and they still refused to move or get rid of her. She is still in charge to this day according to some of my old co-workers and it's still just as bad as when I was there. Someone else is being treated like shit by her. I finally quit when she decided that I would be the one to be the butt of all her issues and she blamed me for everything. Sorry that I know my job and you don't, bitch. God I hate her.


People like that kill companies.


Sounds like she had some dirt on the people in charge, possibly harassment threats or worse.


If the company knew she was putting an Eames Office chair in the side like that she wouldn’t have time to clean out her office. Stuff like that makes me Furious


so how is she getting away with all this money lost? start recording shit in case the bosses are blaming it on random workers which could make yalls lives harder.


Federal law limits the liability of interstate movers to $0.60 per pound unless additional insurance is purchased. So basically, that 10 pound chair may cost $2,000, but the movers are only liable for $6.


That sounds like a limit that was set when $100 would get you a Thompson machine gun.




I worked at a moving company so I might have insight, usually customers sign a contract that says the company is only liable for paying 60 cent per pound of the damaged item (or not liable at all). The customer typically doesn’t read the fine print, their stuff gets broken, then they get a few dollars (for example a 150 pound couch broken gets $90) (1 pound one of a kind painting gets $0.60). Customer can complain or write reviews, but companies can very easily buy legitimate looking fake reviews and the cycle continues.


Omg I would be livid if I saw my Eames chair like that WTF


It's not a real one. The hex bolts are a dead giveaway. Original Herman Miller Eames Lounges use round headed Allen bolts.


This guy Herman millers.


This guy sits


Was looking for a comment that sits right with me


https://i.imgur.com/XxJoDQJ.jpg That’s what the real base looks like - completely different finish and foot design. But I guess OP’s boss still shouldn’t have treated it like garbage… every time I’ve moved mine I call DWR and get a new box from them. Seems like my efforts are justified.


Replicas can still be fairly expensive themselves on top of your point that she shouldnt treat other people's stuff that badly


Even the replica Eames chairs are usually very expensive.


To be fair, I have a fake and it looks pretty much identical to yours. https://imgur.com/a/Gsrv4Dl


My heart bleeds, my grandmother had this chair in the original and someone threw it out when she became too ill to care for herself. Regardless of it being original or not, you should always take care of the customers stuff.


Doesn't look original to me. Looks more like s replica i got from myself.


There are soooo many fakes. But since it belongs to a customer you should treat it like an original. Is the ottoman around?


Not an original but still very expensive.


When it’s on sale for scratched and dented let me know


A scratched dented knock of was going for 475 in a local thrift store...


If I was going to an actual office I’d probably buy that but since Covid the only other person that would see it in my home office would be my dog


My fiancee has been lusting after eames chairs forever, and even this was was more than he'd willingly spend. He can afford it he's just hates spending large amounts on furniture.


Can’t say I blame him there


If it’s an original Eames chair, it’s many many thousands in what looks like a very condition (well until the leather on that armrest gets a permanent crease and scuff from being laid on its side like that) There is one of these chairs on display at the Museum of Modern Art in NY. It’s an iconic piece.


> eames chairs https://www.chairish.com/collection/seating/eames Holy crap. I've seen a couple of these at thrift stores and estate sales and had no idea what I was passing on. I'll just tell myself they were all replicas.


Realistically they probably were. There are way more fakes than real ones


I found a burnt orange og one but it’s missing some buttons, I squeezed that shit into my car so fucking fast


Yeah most likely reproductions but still worth picking up for cheap if you find another.


The chair and stool combo which she equally disregarded is worth around £8,000


What’s her major malfunction


Her major malfunction? probably lack of empathy.


Her husband must be a saint




Poor kid




So this is probably how she sets up the high chair for the baby at dinner, too.


I like the dig but for her daughters sake being 17 I hope no more highchair.


That's fucking horrible. Makes me so thankful I have great parents.


Shocker …


No it isn't. It's not a real one.


[https://www.hermanmiller.hk/eames-lounge-chair-and-ottoman](https://www.hermanmiller.hk/eames-lounge-chair-and-ottoman) It is the eames lounge chair. One of the most iconic chair in history. Link for your information\~


But it's a fake. https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/pt82tg/my_boss_has_no_regard_for_a_customers_expensive/hdv5z43?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3


Likely correct. If it's a legit (post-1990s) Eames, then yes, this thing is upwards of US$5k. If it's fake, then a few hundred bucks.


A good replica is still [$1400+ new](https://eternitymodern.ca/products/em-lounge-chair-ottoman).


Yup the good fakes are still pretty expensive. I saw a really good quality fake for around 2k too.


Most of the $1400 ones are rebranded $400 ones tbh there are only a couple factories in China making the vast majority of them. They come over in containers for super cheap and selling price basically depends on how fancy your website is.


There are certainly several grades of replicas/knock-offs, but I don't doubt that some companies basically do what you describe.


For most replica furniture the same couple factories typically make 3 or 4 different 'grades'. Eames lounges are pretty memey so there's more volume there than a lot of pieces but not enough to keep more than a couple competing factories alive. If you're spending $2k on a replica chair.. $1400 of that was a finders fee 9/10 times.


A few hundred bucks new.


Someone from r/FuckYourEamesLounge for sure


I honestly couldn't tell if that sub was satire or not. Like are they intentionally posting garbage and pretending that they like it, or are they actually convinced that it's more comfortable and chic to sleep in a dumpster?


It’s reasons like this that I don’t trust or use movers anymore, I’ve had damage to my belongings as well as damage to my new home. No one cares, or they don’t make enough money to care or the few employees that do care don’t have the time to do things correctly because of poor mgmt


Amen to this, everyone in my company has sat in the seat to see what it feels like and i’m just watching them thinking what is wrong with all of them. No care for anything.


it’s all damaging the chair to some degree either small scratchings, smudges, blemishes, and wear marks. Honestly, she’s very trusting, I probably would of shrink wrapped it based on my exp. 😂




That’s awesome, I’m just a drunk from Wisconsin, forgive me lord 😂


No. You will be smited in good time.


So sayeth the Megabyte Messiah.


good bot


The callous tossing it around I can't excuse... but I can't say it would be easy to not give in to the intense curiosity I'd have about what an $8000 chair feels like to sit in.


Your caring does not go unnoticed, it also builds pride and integrity along the way, which also does not go unnoticed. Take some silver




How did you not get anything from the company? Sounds like straight up negligence on their part. If we’re talking $10k plus in damages I would’ve taken their ass to court


Def take them to small claims if it's under your states limit or near it and call it the limit. Don't even need an attorney to dig into what you get back.


The amount of bullshit people put up with on this site makes me sad. If I ever had movers that bad I would be taking them to court for damages


Pictures of everything before and after a move. Always.


[Need to fly those Japanese movers over to make sure you get the good stuff.](https://youtu.be/2SK2kFoeNn0)


Holy shit... is anything remotely like this available in America?


If you think movers are bad, you should see how Amazon employees treat products. I worked there for a few months and seen expensive gaming laptops, brand new I pads, TVs etc thrown around like they’re worthless.


>If you think movers are bad, you should see how Amazon employees treat products. If you think that's bad, you should see how Amazon treats its employees.


That's what happens when you're not paid enough to care.


It’s in their handbook to ship stuff even if it’s broken. They want to customer to deal with the hassle of getting a refund. If they don’t they got away with selling a defective product


No way in hell I would move without assistance from a moving company. Just pack everything yourself and let them handle the rest, yes shit's going to get scuffed but I don't have the physical ability to lift a home's worth of shit for hours a day. Just be sure to shop around and get opinions on your local movers.


This is why I like PODS and others like them. They drop off a crate. You load it up for a week. Pack everything how you want. Then lock it. Then they ship it wherever you go. Everything is on you


Cheap movers are bad. I wouldn’t care either making minimum wage to bust my ass. Good movers are pretty expensive and spend most of their time doing corporate relocations for large companies where a poor reputation or damaged items can cost the company an account.


Are the things not insured?


I do, but I filed a claim against the moving company for heavy damage to furniture and the staircase leading upstairs has 3 windows running along side, perfect windows and windows casings were scratched and dented to heck.


My friends and I did some moving work for this property management company during college and we moved some seriously priceless furniture for these wealthy clients. One piece was a beautiful mahogany dining table that included 3 leaves to expand it. The guy running the project threw 2 of the 3 away under the justification that the original owner was dead and nobody would notice. I shutter to think the value that was lost in that... Tom was an incompetent fucking douche.


I wanna smack Tom and I ain’t the fighting kind. Trashing antique lumber makes me kinda sad tbh


Because he saved a ton of effort by getting rid of 2 expansion leaves. Douchebag.




Ah fuck, it's private. I was so ready....


That usually means it doesn't exist.


No, that’ll say Page Not Found: /r/madeyouclicknothinghere


I hate to be that guy but it's "shudder to think" not shutter.


I love being that guy and you stole my thudder!


It's "thunter," you ittiot.


I would press charges against Tom. Bring his ass to court drag out the trails make him spend all these money on a lawyer etc etc. I was wealthy enough and this fucker ruined my table I would make it hell for him. What's 50k in lawyer fees to a crazy wealthy person who just had his 10-40k table ruined by some asshole. That asshole will buy me a new table. Idc how much I spend on lawyers.


Some perspective, the same family had a crushed velvet and mahogany couch tht had been appraised early at a ballpark of $300k at auction. So 10-40k for the table in question was probably well below the actual value. Really fuckin mad right??


Someone replied saying their dad makes custom furniture and he said add a 0 to the 10-40k and it's more correct.... crazy


My dad used to build furniture for wealthy people. Add another 0 to your estimate there and you’re closer to the correct number.


I work for a moving company and we would have this padded up to the max. My boss would flip shit if he saw this.


You don’t wanna see how they treat some of the other stuff.


Let’s say I do, pics please!


Hell, I can send you pics from my last moving experience! Over half my things were damaged and the company basically just said "lol best we can do is $500"


My dad owned a moving company (I worked summers for him when I was a teenager) and he would have flipped, too. Of course back then interstate moving rates were set by tarrif and he could pay a living wage to his drivers and helpers. Most of his staff worked there for 20+ years. Now just about anyone with a truck can call themselves a mover. The scammers hire day laborers who don't give two shits.


JFC, is that an Eames chair? Your boss should reported for crimes against design history. What a bastard.


yea it is unfortunately.


Christ on a bike, this is making me want to puke


That’s how I felt when i found out what it was.


Why wasn't something like this wrapped or boxed up appropriately?


It's a fake. I'm not kidding! There are more fakes than originals nowadays. The easiest identifier is usually that there isn't a plate on the bottom with the registration + date + eames logo. This one has no such plate. Another one is the buttons on the cushions are usually misplaced (the buttons on the head cushion on this one are a lil close). There are some great replicas out there. But none match a true Eames. Sitting in a real one, then sitting in a fake, it's a clear difference. The cushioning, the quality of the leather, the depth of the grain of the walnut veneer, the robustness and fit of the fastenings... The Eames chair is work of design masterpiece. True mid-century lux. Source: did a summer internship at Vitra years ago!


Thanks guy fieri


This comment doesn't have enough upvotes


Send the picture to the owners


this is the best answer. gave boss a chance to do it right, so now drop the bomb.


No it isn't. It's a replica, worth maybe 500-800 bucks.




I can tell from the pixels and seeing quite a few replicas in my time. Jokes aside, because I've seen the real thing in the local furniture store and I own a replica. It's pretty obvious if you compare this photo to a photo of a real one. There real thing: [https://www.hermanmiller.com/products/seating/lounge-seating/eames-lounge-chair-and-ottoman/](https://www.hermanmiller.com/products/seating/lounge-seating/eames-lounge-chair-and-ottoman/)


Thanks for the link! I also found https://www.thespruce.com/how-to-identify-a-genuine-eames-lounge-chair-4142630 in my own research... the easiest giveaway in my opinion is originals used 5 layers of plywood while most modern replicas (including this one) use 7. Still, I wouldn't want a mover treating an $800 chair like that and I bet /u/Churdlezz doesn't either.


That page indicates that modern production of genuine Herman Miller use 7 layer plywood, not just replicas. Incidentally, the one in the photo has 8 layers.


Hell, replica or not, i’d still beat whoever fucked around with my $800 chair >;(


I have a real one, and on the bottom there are some plaques that are missing from this one. Even so, real or not, you shouldn't treat people's things this way, especially if it's ostensibly your job.


Somebody please tell me why this thing costs $6500. Is it handmade?




I would lose my shit.


Don’t think that’s an original (from DWR in the states). “Knock-offs” are plentiful because of how old of a design it is (~60 years) and really abundant. I have a few because my family member use to fabricate hardware for them, so I’ve learned more than I’d like to know about them. IIIRC it’s only Philip head button screws not a hex bolt holding the base to the wood. Also the base looks super unfinished and like it just came out of a mill with 0 polish. Also DWR has always delivered stuff SUPER professionally, I can’t imagine their delivery chain would be like this. Fun fact: the originals have a terrible design flaw holding the back wood panels together. No fasteners, just glue and rubber which wears out. One of mine failed after 15 years and there’s tons of reports on the internet. Can’t be repaired cheaply/easily


I have a badly made fake, and it's comfortable as shit.


How much is it? I’m interested.


I think I paid about $400 (Australian) for it a few years ago. The Soviet carcinogenic imitation pleather covering is peeling off all over the place, and the hydraulic lifty jack thing has always leaked (I even replaced it) but it is super duper comfy. I'm actually seriously considering finding a leatherworker to see if I can get it reupholstered with real leather.


Yeah, the base should be black. This is prob a rep. That being said, the reps can go for $600-800 and are still damn good chairs.


I’ve sat in some reproductions and they were comfy, the base/metal hardware was always cheap looking and sometimes squeeked. The leather was also eh but I’m a leather snob because I do leather working and I doubt most people would notice. The foam and wood tho was bang-on and honestly that + the design contributes to 95% of the comfort. I’d totally buy a reproduction, I just got lucky because of a discount


I had movers fuck up my shit once. I had everything packed. All they had to do was wrap my nice furniture. Halfway through wrapping, the movers got cranky and said it was a waste of time. They said they were so good at their job that they could move them without scratches. I finally relented. It was just me against two big movers, at least one an ex-con. I didn’t feel comfortable fighting with them. They sure as hell scratched every unwrapped piece. I called the boss and got them fired. But boss was a dick so I left a horrible Yelp review until he gave me some sort of reimbursement. He finally relented. Worst moving experience ever. Don’t fuck with people’s shit just because you are having a rotten day. Sorry for the rant. Seeing that chair dumped like that totally triggered me.


I say I'll leave a horrible review unless I'm reimbursed and then leave the horrible review anyways, noting that I had to threaten them to get my money back.


Was driving to work one day and was nearly side swiped by an empty moving truck. Driver was cutting people off and being erratic. Called up the company to complain, giving the license plate and truck ID numbers. Said if I were moving I would avoid using their service due to this incident as it shows the drivers have little concern for road safety or the belongings of customers. Coworker disagreed with my actions until I reminded him he complained of damage to his belongings caused by a move.


These movers are seriously sketchy. You have to be on top of them to make sure they do their job. They also lost all my pots and pans and owner didn’t want to take responsibility. Total fucking dickheads.




Your boss is gonna freak when he’s back charged $6k for a chair


When I hired professional movers, they only paid something like $0.60 per pound for whatever they damaged. Movers suck.


Any true professional mover will give you the option of paying for better insurance. Paying about $100 for a zero deductible insurance up to a stated amount is 1000% worth it. And if they don’t offer this, don’t do business with them.


I just looked up some old moving quotes and it was more than $500 extra for the "extra care" coverage. And then, there's an additional sheet where you must detail every single item that is worth more than $100 per pound, and acknowledge that if it's not listed then their liability on a single item is max $100/lb, and total liability $50k. And that might only count if you pay them to pack everything. Otherwise it's "customer packed" and you're back to liability by weight.


That's when you take them to small claims. I'm sure once they receive the summons you will get a better offer. You are entitled to the cost of repairs or replacement if it is fucked


Just make sure you don't sign a form saying they're providing recompense for damages, or deposit the check if they write it.


Not true. Luggage, freight, movers etc all have limits.of liability. When you pay by the kg, truckload or other unit not tied to the value of your goods they haven't priced in the increased risk of your expensive stuff, which is why you should consider paying for insurance. The moving company charges the same to move a $60 chair as a $6,000 chair, unless you pay them for insurance. It wouldn't make financial sense to hold them liable for the full value of a super expensive item unless they price that risk into their rates.


It shouldn't even matter if the chair is worthless; that is someone else's property and they've entrusted it to the care of your company, so it should be treated with respect. Your boss is in the wrong line of work. Perhaps they could retrain as a lawyer/paparazzi/debt collector? ​ Edit-word


As someone with a vintage 1960’s Eames 670 - if I saw it treated like this, I would burn the place to the ground. Anyone paying for a moving service shouldn’t have their stuff treated so terribly - come on - all the foot adjustments are falling off!


When it fell off in front of her and i pointed out that she’d just broke it she laughed and said oh well they won’t mind…


Ahhhh!!!! I collect and resell all sorts of vintage pieces, and while this one looks like new production, it is so frustrating to have missing pieces like this! It fucks up the whole way it balances. I want to strangle this person. So much care and time went into designing this chair. What a monster.


If you know your stuff about these is there any obvious signs to look out for to see whether it’s an original or a newer reproduction? just to hopefully settle some people’s stomachs after seeing it.


First thing to look for would be the Herman Miller tag under the base of the seat. Everything looks too poofy and new to be vintage. I would need better images of the base and any markings. *Actually the base looks way off, it’s probably a reproduction.


When i have 5 minutes I will have a look and take a few more pics.


I’m going to say reproduction looking closer at the base.


well if that’s the case thank fuck but still the negligence is what really annoyed me. it shouldn’t matter the price of someone else thing to take care of it.


Reproductions can still cost quite a bit though, not that it’s ok since it’s not original. It’s still sucks to have your things screwed up. I rented a really nice vintage sofa to go out for a photo shoot that was returned with two of its metal legs completely bent in at 45 degree angles by the movers - it was crazy. I was livid.


wow that is upsetting, i feel for ya, grateful i haven’t had to experience something like that to my own stuff before though.


Can you tell the owner?


NOOOOO omg!! I'd kill for this chair and if someone broke it, I might have to kill again.


Serious question - it’s just laying in its side? What’s the big deal here?


And when did all of Reddit suddenly become experts on $10,000 chairs?


It's more like reddit is an expert on this chair specifically, as if you look through r/malelivingspace it's a popular chair that you would see semi often.


I don’t know if it being on its side is harmful but it should be wrapped in something. I just moved last month with the help of movers and they wrapped my dining chairs and recliner, even though they are crappy. They wrapped nearly everything that wasn’t in a box.


Not an original Eames. The proportions are off, the finish is off, and the legs aren't the same as the originals. Most were black, but the polished legs like this were a lot simpler in design with fewer ridges etc, and I believe still had a black piece on the base of the chair. The black legs had exposed metal on the top of the legs. Super iconic and rarely copied even in the best fakes. "rich" people love fake shit.




The biggest clue is the mount at the bottom of the chair. They are just bolted on to the underside. True eames chairs use a rubber gasket in between the mount and chair as a buffer and the bolt is concealed. This is a reproduction. Probably still somewhat expensive but not the 5k of a real one.


Rich people aren't rich because they spend lots of money. They are rich because they have lots of money


If it breaks he will sue the company


If you look carefully you might be able to see the broken feet….


Looks like boss didn't realised that poor hesitate to sue but rich sue like water flowing


Tell the owner, get a promotion, lose a shitty boss


What a dream that would be.


Can it not sit on its side like this?


I'd also like to just throw it out there that this doesn't look like a furniture moving company. This looks like an actual company sells furniture with a warehouse for storage (like Costco). I'm just not sure why they would have so many original boxes and pallets up in the steel with back stock of things like dog beds and shelving units.


Yeah I’m a little confused. Like obviously I understand it’s not how a chair is supposed to be sitting, but is this legit going to break it? If so, is it really worth the $5-$15k people are quoting in here? I mean, some commenters are legitimately upset about a chair laying on its arm.


And they say it's the delivery person's fault...


He’s probably a mod at r/fuckyoureameslounge


A real Eames chair is around $5-6k. I would assume it would be better wrapped and protected when moving or storing.


Looks like it's securely resting on a cushioned non-abrasive surface... What is the issue?


I was w a mover that was given this by a rich dude. I should have kept it in the break up. It's probably in some crack den now


Maybe I'm missing something. It looks like the chair is still being assembled since the casters aren't on yet. Putting it on a cardboard box at a comfortable height, doesn't seem like a big problem. It looks like they are trying to finish it and not put it on the floor.


It looks like a sturdy enough chair. Especially if it’s so expensive. What’s the big deal if a chair is on its side temporarily?


Typical movers


It's lost 2 leg pads already, one is on the box underneath it...


The shelving looks like a hybrid between Home Depot and Lowe's.