Trillion dollar company

Trillion dollar company




The top left is a picture of the new iPhone 13 Pro on the MagSafe Duo Charger that came out less than a year ago. The iPhone doesn’t fit on the charger, therefore the charger is already obsolete.


isn't that by design?


Knowing Apple, probably


hence, trillion dollar company edit... also who cares about a million+ lithium cells with nowhere to go 🌍


It still charges on that charger, no? Just looks dumb.


Bottom left is a wireless mouse, the charging port is on the bottom so you can’t use it while charging. Bottom right is an apple pen, which similarly is irritating and inconvenient in how you have to charge it.


My Grandmother Pamela Smith is an apple person.


Please take my award!! :-D


Her favorite color is also green I would assume.


A fast-charging rechargeable mouse ~~that’s been designed not to stay plugged in so the battery doesn’t get damaged~~. **edit: okay so this isn’t completely accurate I realized. It was designed for replaceable batteries so there’s nowhere for a plug. But it’s still fast charging so it’s a complete non-issue. If you ignore all the low battery notifications it still only takes a few minutes to get a solid amount of charge.** An old model Apple Pencil that charges by plugging into the bottom of the iPad. Current models magnet to the side. Bending it when plugged in doesn’t damage either device. The old iPhone battery case that I had and is completely fine and better than a device that’s full thickness the whole way up. Yes it looks ridiculous but it’s functional.


You'd not need a fast charging mouse if you could charge it while using it. Also you can easily design the circuit to switch to slow charging when it's plugged in, or you know, just turn it off so it doesn't look goofy when it's charging. If the power delivery circuit itself can't handle any more power than what's needed for operation then that's just bad design that can't be excused with some bs fast-charging limitation. The new magsafe battery looks exactly like it and honestly that old case is probably far more sturdy anyway. And the pencil being old doesn't excuse fact that someone thought a premium product charged by another premium product could look like that. I honestly like the new design, not that I'd ever buy it anyway.


They also still sell the old pencil as they just re released the same designed ipad that's been around for 5 years or more that can only use the old pencil




You don't need fast charging mice period. The marked it flooded with very power efficient radio wireless mice. Put batteries in once and it never needs replacement.


Get a Samsung tablet, and your pen will be included.


2 minutes of charge = 9 hours of use on magic mouse


15 minutes for 6 months.


You do know you don’t need to plug it in like that to charge it right? It comes with an adapter for regular lightning


You do know that needing an adapter because of shitty design isn't a good solution


“It comes with an adapter” is literally one of the reasons newer Apple products are ass


yay more dongles


No point having a wireless mouse if you spend sommuch time plugged in. I get about 20 hours out of my Logitech mouse before I have to plug it in for about 10 to charge it again.


Only 20 hours? My wireless mouse lasts around half a year on two AA batteries with constant daily use.


Yeah what the fuck kind of power hungry sewer-rats are these people using for mice?


Yeah but his probably has 16k dpi, higher polling rate, programmable buttons and most importantly rgb


My 6 year old Logitech MX Master lasts over a week between charges, I never turn it off. Also when the battery dies I can just plug it in and I don't have to stop working, unlike the Apple mouse


I have a Logitech g502 and I plug it in over night once every 3 weeks. If I forget it just becomes a wired mouse for a few hours.


"A fast-charging rechargeable mouse that’s been designed not to stay plugged in so the battery doesn’t get damaged." uh, what? even modern cheap ass wireless mouse doesn't get "damaged" when being plugged in and used at the same time


Yes I was wrong I updated the comment


Overcharging a battery is a real thing and does damage it. Even if it has a properly designed trickle charge circuit it will still be unnecessarily charging the device when it doesn't need it.


Also, the old pencil comes with an adapter to charge it via a normal cord. You get that adapter free in the box.


Yep. Everyone who makes fun of the old pencil conveniently forgets this. (Or they never owned the device and saw one photo of it charging in an iPad and thought, “To the ForumMobile!)


Thank you for this comment. A lot of people tend to look at only part of the truth when it comes to flaws in Apple products.


Mouse part is about enforcing wireless usage, not battery health. As far as I know, battery circuits get disconnected(electronically) when battery is full. People are bitching about this needlessly. You charge it about 2-3 times a year.


At that point, why bother with a wireless mouse, if you’re going to charge it while you use it anyways? Isn’t a lack of wires the point of a wireless mouse?


Bcuz Apple bad!


One bad move and the 100$ pen and 600$(?) ipad are gone


I’ve had the original iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for nearly 6 years and always charge the pencil with the iPad. Never broken either of them and I would often throw the pencil in to charge while riding the train. The pencil is charged within a few minutes. It’s way more convenient than not being able to charge it at all when I’m not near a wall outlet. It also comes with an adapter to charge it off a regular lighting cable iirc, which I never used once…. Not saying it’s the most elegant solution but it was not nearly as awful as everyone made it seem.


It *is* an elegant solution though. The pencil is meant to be used with the iPad only, so they’ll always be together. This way you don’t need an extra adapter or another cable or anything.


I meant that only in the context of the new charging solution, which is much more elegant 😁


Well, I did have one of these. The end of the pencil is not rigid. You can bend the pencil and nothing happens to either device. But like, that’s why it isn’t the current design.


Yeah as someone that used to be over the phone tech support for Apple you have no idea how often that happened. Usually the pencil snaps leaving the end plugged in the ipad and then the ipad is unable to be charged and both have to be sent in. Its ridiculous


My wife had this case too. Her batteries die around 18 months on iPhones (it’s a “her” issue as mine make it 2-3 years). I purchased 4-5 cases and this was the one she chose. The integrated battery life meter for the case and the phone was a nice feature vs the 4 little dots some battery cases have.


A 2 minute charge is good for 9 hours of use, its such a none issue... Plug it in, go take a leak and when your back you'll be fine


Found the Apple fanboy


Or just someone providing reasonable answers for the design choices.


To be fair, it is an awkward place to put a charging port, but with their insane battery life, it really doesn't matter. I get an estimated 5-7 weeks charge in my magic mouse and wireless keyboard, and they recharge very fast. I'll do them overnight when required, but I think they're probably full in a few hours.


Yeah I've been using the mouse for around 3 years at work. Is it stupid that I have to stop using it to charge? Yes. Is it a significant annoyance in my life? No, the battery lasts for weeks and with a USB c to lightning I can charge it on my lunch break or overnight and not have to worry about it


The mouse one was never reasonable. Operating a device on the idea that the battery will never go bad or stop holding a charge- or even worse, designing a device so that the whole device becomes unusable if the battery goes bad because it doesn't allow operation while plugged in- is pretty shitty. If laptops were designed like that, half the laptops I've owned on the past 20 years would have been bricked partway into their life cycle as the battery packs wore out long before any of the other hardware. Stop making excuses for bad design that hinge around the device never being kept for long enough to wear out, that's the kind of systemic bullshit that has led to the massive, massive amount of e-waste that continues to accumulate at alarming speeds. Planned obsolecence is not something you should be fucking praising.


>designing a device so that the whole device becomes unusable if the battery goes bad because it doesn't allow operation while plugged in- is pretty shitty I guess but that's every designer and not Apple specific, which most people don't seem to know. There isn't a single wireless touchmouse that exists that can be used when plugged in.


Where am I wrong?


in shifting it to a favorable perspective


You aren’t, he is just an ass.


Bending the pencil while its plugged in doesn't damage either device you say? When did apple invent flexible ports?


When they made this pencil https://i.imgur.com/dJT6NYy.jpg See the dark shadow around the base of the plug? That’s open space and the plug bends. I’ve tried it, it doesn’t damage the device. Sure, you can still snap it if you were to apply a larger amount of force, but it bends a fair amount before you start exceeding the tolerances.


"Complete non issue" how much can you possibly suck apples dick??? You literally said you can't use it for a few minutes while it charges, that's an issue. I've never owned a mouse that ahead the fucking charging port on the bottom, let alone one that used a proprietary connection. Jesus christ you're literally going out of your way to defend a shitty company? I own an iPad pro and a MacBook pro, bc they charge with USB-C. Apple makes good products, they just cannot, for the fucking life of them, figure out how to charge them.


I still don’t get why they don’t have a wireless charging mousepad for that thing


I think it's because that since you can't use the mouse while it's charging, you might as well buy a second mouse to use while the other is charging.


I’ve mentioned this in a few threads. But I use my computer for work daily and I have to charge my mouse like... 6 times a year +/- Just throw it on for an hour or two when you’re not using it and you’re good for months..


Same here, I get it’s bad design but it has never bothered me. The only part of it that does bother me is that you can’t left and right click at the same time


Logitech does it, they have the Powerplay thing. Wireless charging and it's 100% usable. Edit: I'm an idiot, I get your point!


It's so good honestly


Europe is trying to force them to adopt USB-c. I hope they will succeed.


EU: We forced all phone manufacturers to use USB-C \*2 months later\* Apple: Introducing the first iPhone with zero ports.....


This is exactly what they're going to do. They're going to make it charge wirelessly only, and make everyone buy a more-expensive proprietary wireless charger.


apple is the peak of capitalism, they make problems and then sell the solution to you for extreme prices. No headphone jack? buy our bluetooth headphones! need a monitor stand for your monitor you bought from us? 500$ dollars. can't use your wired earbuds anymore? well looky here we've got just the product, a charger to headphone jack converter! can't charge and listen anymore? well look over here....etc you get my point.


>need a monitor stand for your monitor you bought from us? 500$ dollars That monitor stand isn't actually hard to defend. Especially since that super fancy monitor was never meant for the average consumer. I'm no apple fanboy. Most of their stuff is indefensible but the monitor stand is the one rare exception.


Eh, I can see how it's not meant for average customers, and the monitor stand is actually pretty cool, but what pisses me off is that the monitor only has a weird proprietary mount and they're selling a vesa adapter for 200 bucks.


no, it's a monitor, it should come with a monitor stand. I shouldn't have to pay an extra 10% for the luxury of putting my monitor on a fucking desk. it being high quality doesn't excuse it, imagine going to a rolls royce dealership to buy a car and then you get to the end and they say "oh yeah it'll be another 6 thousand if you want your car to have wheels"


its like buying a brand new rolls royce for 60K and then being told its an additional 6K for wheels and tires. sure its fucking expensive for just wheels but considering what youre getting from the monitor itself its a necessary evil, at least this way you have the option for 3rd party stands that might be cheaper


I was able to charge my 12 mini on a Samsung charger, so proprietary is not needed


"$500 wireless charger that will only work on this model of this phone sold separately"


\*5 years later\* "Introducing our wireless, wireless charging pad"


In order to charge this one, you've gotta get another wireless charging pad


But that one has USB-C


but the cable is not included


Good way to halt new ways to create better technology


Remember when Apple was innovative?


One of the iMacs (the white plastic one idk it's g4 or something) was advertised bc of the ease of disassembly and the first iphone popularized touchscreens. other than that they're responsible for the removal of headphone jacks, popularization of non-removable batteries and locking down different parts of the phones example touch id was their thing too and other companies keep mimicking it. They do have that clean look going for them and they're good phones until you get to know what features they're missing. Oh and if anyone needs to see why android's better (in most, not all cases) then look up Louis Rossmann's YouTube channel or just Google repairs on any of the iphones past the 4s. Locked touch id, from the x and up if you replace the screen it will say it's not genuine and same to the battery and from the 11 i think they made the camera do this bullshit too.


They fixed music pirating as well. Now, they're more of a trend follower than a trend setter. Any trends they do set are shitty like removing headphone jacks.


What does fixed music pirating mean? As in put a stop to it?


Relatively. After iTunes came out, the amount of people pirating music went on a sharp decline.


That makes sense although I'd say personally Spotify is what got me to stop pirating music to be honest


Yeah. Spotify stopped me too. Now I only focus on movies, series, games and progrsms to pirate. Netflix nesrly put a stop to my movie piracy too. But as it stands now. I think I'll continue.


Fixing pirating music is kinda crap if you're the consumer, this is a matter of perspective tho. You gain nothing by either paying or not paying for music


I cannot find some of my favorite musics on either itunes or spotify, or any music related app for that matter, because they are either parodies or haven't been uploaded to these apps due to circumstances. One example is Break The Rules by Simon Viklund, I find it an absolute banger, but it doesn't appear anywhere beyond youtube videos or the game it is from.




I wish I could bring myself to like Android again, but the fact of the matter is that every Android I’ve ever owned has had a complete failure in the hardware. It started with my Galaxy S4, which had an issue where the SIM card would not read and so I rarely had cell service. The next galaxy I had stopped turning on after 1 year, once my warranty expired. Never dropped it, always took extremely good care of it (like I do with all my phones), and it was a month past the warranty so my phone provider and Samsung wouldn’t do anything about it. I live in a small town and there were no mobile repair shops here, I’d have to travel 2 hours each way to get to one. My last Android was the S9, and while the camera and actual use of the phone was amazing, it ended up not taking a charge and stopped turning on after a while. In between those phones and since the S9 I’ve exclusively used Apple, and while I do love Android as an OS more, I don’t think I could switch back. I’ve never had any issues with my iPhones, not even so much as a cracked screen protector.


It seems like the common denominator is Samsung, not Android.


I had iphones for years and switched to a pixel 5 about a year ago. The hardware is great but I am pretty damn underwhelmed by android. I'll preface this by saying I am not a fan of iOS and that was the main reason I switched but holy hell the simple things like autocorrect in text messages on iOS blow Android completely out of the water.


This is literally the biggest thing for me too. I love iOS but I cannot stand Android OS at all. Even if their phones are better quality overall for the most part with cheaper options then iPhones I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tolerate the OS


I'm the other way around. I can't stand iOS because it feels like I'm in a rented property where I'm not allowed to change the furniture or wall colors. With Android I have much more freedom, with all the mess and noise that admittedly entails.


Jailbreaking removes a lot of those barriers but still, it shouldn’t need to be a step that you take.


A jailbroken iPhone is about equivalent to a stock Android device. Which can be rooted for additional modifications. If you like tinkering with your device, then Android will allow you to do so much easier. No need to wait around for a jailbreak when you can update to the latest version by simply flashing a ROM file.


I had the same thought and then I realized after hailbreaking my iPhone that I just didn’t give a shit about how it looked. Yeah I can change the icons and the layout and the fonts and colors but I just don’t really care that much.


Yeah, I used to be into doing all sorts of stuff on my phone, rooting, all kinds of ROMs, alternate app stores, but these days I don't even change the background. The most I do is move some apps around. I barely even care about updating to the latest Android (except for security updates...), all of my apps still work the same and I don't even read the patch notes.


Yea I can understand that. At least for me everything is cleaner and easy to navigate compared to the degree of chaos Android brings in my eyes


You can customize your home screen to be bare bones simple if you want. You can also do more customization in the messages app with background pictures and color customizations.


Everyone always points to this as a plus. Bottom line, I don’t really care about any of that. It’s just not worth the effort to change it to me so it’s a feature I wouldn’t even use if I had it.


I see my friends’ phones like that and I can never understand how someone can use a phone that looks like that.


I also switched to an android for a couple phones and while I loved the openness, there were a lot of rough edges in the software that iOS doesn’t really have. Like I remember just hating the keyboard compared to iOS, it would constant crash on me and random small things like that. I switched back to iPhone in 2019 and if I ever get an android phone again, it will be as a backup phone and not my main phone.


Have you ever used SwiftKey for autocorrect? I can't use anything else now, ios included.


> SwiftKey I can't remember a time when I didn't use it. One of those apps that actually works well without a ton of tweaking.


You know you're hot shit when Microsoft buys you out too


Yea, I was mildly surprised to see the MS addition in the name, but it still seems to be the same app without any weirdness you can expect with a buyout.


Which is wild to think of, I've been on Samsung devices since the S7 Edge and have had nothing but a great experience even if I can't really unlock it and load custom ROMs etc.


If you still have the S9, try cleaning out the charging port. it has a tendency of getting dirty. For the other 2 that's absolutely reasonable, i used to have cheaper androids, and only 2 died on me. A Navon phones screens glue let go, screen literally came off. The second one was an Alcatel which got broken by my friend. I had a fair amount of iphones too and while they didn't break, the software did feel limiting. Apple's build quality would be godly if it would be just as serviceable as an Android for example


Have you tried other manufacturers than Samsung for Android phones? I hear Nokia started making phones again.


Also tried LG, and HTC. The HTC started running extremely slow. The LG worked for what it was, but as a phone I didn’t much care for it at the time.


Take a look at one + and thank me later Although their new models have went down hill imo


Xiaomi's Poco lineup is now what OnePlus swore they'd be. Check it out!


check out the Google pixel! I'm still using my pixel 4 now, three years later and going strong. I've had pixel phones since about five years ago, from a Mac user.


Had my Pixel 4a for two years, with heavy use constantly, and honestly it pretty much runs as well as the first day. I've never had a phone last this long and this well, it's really impressed me.


I too have 4a, by far the best phone I owned and pictures are 10/10. Recently it fell down and broke the screen, but it's not worth repairing because the new 5a is so cheap. 200EU for screen replacement or 450EU for new phone


That’s one I meant to check out, specially since good cameras are a huge selling point for me on phones, but by the time could have got one my faith had already shaken, but I’d be willing to try it.


I'm still rocking my Galaxy S7. Only problem is my headphone jack is starting to fail.


Just use Oneplus phones its your own fault for using samsung bro wtf


my one plus is absolute balls.


Pretty much all important inside parts are locked down. You are paying $700+ for a device you don't actually own. That being said, I've noticed that all devices are going to shit since the last two years. * Samsung also serializes & locks down parts. They also disable the camera if you unlock the bootloader * LG is gone from the business, HTC is nearly gone too. * Nokias are lagging their competitors by years. * Sony isn't focusing outside the Japanese market - and their phones are mostly hi end. * Xiaomi phones have code that censors words like "free tibet". (it's not activated outside mainland china, but the company can do that remotely with the flip of a switch) (I suppose the other chinese brands will implement this shit soon?) * Asus SEEMS to be a reasonable alternative - but I don't know a single Asus smartphone user. Maybe a lack of marketing? Either way no one in my country is going for Asus phones, though their laptops are popular. * Google Pixels are a genuinely good alternative. I wish they were more popular. So I can't blame anyone who buys an Apple device - because all the other brands don't seem so attractive these days (other than the Pixel)


Yeah, I really like Google phones but they aren’t available in my country :/


Google is an arse You get Pixels here, but it's not a "focus market" so quite often they're out of stock. And if you have one it can be difficult to service.


Yep exactly! Was really considering a pixel 5 due to its size and camera but couldn’t find one anywhere. Got an iPhone 12 mini instead.


Very nearly bought the 12 mini a few months ago - ditched last minute because it didn't do well on battery life tests But it sure as hell seems like a great phone


Yeah I’m enjoying it a lot Battery is good enough for me, was slightly worried about it before buying it but so far it’s been holding on well.


> One of the iMacs (the white plastic one idk it's g4 or something) was advertised bc of the ease of disassembly Are you sure? I disassembled a couple of iMacs around that time, replacing hard-drives I'd guess, and they were horrible jobs. Apple had already started down the path they're on now, where it was more important to make the devices slim than repairable. I worked on [this model of iMac](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMac_G5) and [this model](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMac_G4) and they were both harder and more stressful to work on than the average PC laptop of the time. I'm pretty sure I worked on an original [candy iMac](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMac_G3) too, and that was overly complex, too. It has always been the PowerMacs and MacPros that have been advertised as being easily upgradable. You can pop the side off like a regular PC to upgrade RAM, hard-drive or graphics card.


All of the Androids I owned slowed to a crawl (long load times for apps, crashing etc.) 2 years after I bought them. I have never experienced such a thing with Apple.


Literally just released M1 macs with pretty innovative architecture…


Shhh that doesn’t count! It only counts when apple isn’t competitive or innovative, or something


Do you remember when they had a 3.5mm jack? Or the ability to use a usb-C connector? Sometimes innovation just doesn’t make sense.


Their "innovation" is the timeless designs from before \~2010. You could still get a g5 and it looks like it was made today. Their mac machines were easily upgradeable and accessible. Just look old "pc" vs "mac" ads. Their selling point is how easily things can be done with their OS or how cool their designs look. Also, PDAs were the thing before smartphones, apple just merged it with a cellphone. And it wasnt even the first real smartphone to be made. It just got popular because of the simplicity of it. No matter how old your machine is, if it has apple logo on it, people will stare. If apple returned to those years,no capitalist shit, itd be so much better. Not putting enough port and not being able to repair/upgrade your device is just plain stupid. Hell I think Ive heard they paid 100k for an icon?? Dont remember the details... If only they put that money in actually improving the functionallity of their products.. Then id gladly pay extras just for the design. I like the new macs though, even if you can get a much better machine for that price.


the M1 chip is super innovative. finally a mobile chip that can crush real work. I use a macbook air to edit 4k video on the road, do you know how wild that is?


They are definitely innovative, they've installed some kind of microscopic legs or hairs on their devices that work together to move it toward the edge of any surface. No matter how flat, your phone will tumble


pepperidge farm remembers


No, to be honest, I absolutely do not remember them innovating anything


TBF it has been almost 40 years since the original Apple Macintosh


The first major home/hobby computer was the altair. All the Macintosh did was simplify the OS so office workers could use it.


> altair And the desktop os was copied from xerox. And Linux was a clone of unix and owes a lot of it's success to GNU. Also: Xerox had no idea what to do with their UI. Without MS, it would have never gained any traction. Without Linux, NT could be the dominant server OS right now and it's extremely unlikely GNU would have went anywhere on their own. Their own HURD OS is basically an academic project. Everyone stands on the shoulders of giants. Apple pioneered the concept of computing devices as appliances. This is true for every point and counterpoint listed in this thread. This approach leads to a streamlined, locked down system. It also ensures even the most computer illiterate person can use it. This has always been the case. Even in the Altair example you gave, what Apple brought to the table was the idea that you could produce a computer as a consumer product and sell it that way. Prior to Apple, computers were seen as something solely for banks, defense departments, universities and smelly nerds.


You are demonstrating the obscene amount of abstraction that exists in modern computing, something as simple as typing into a txt file is built off of thousands of people's work and millions of hours. Some concepts were stolen, some were shared, some were bought, and some were made concurrently, but overall everyone working on electronics and computers is doing something on top of another layer that someone else did the hard work for (for the most part) .


Yep. Even the development of the lone transistor wasn't some seminal moment. We had known about semiconductors for years prior. Sinclair just happened to figure out how build one first.


Come on. You could get an iMac in like 6 different colors in the 90s. Nobody had ever done that before.


Oh get a grip lmao


OG Macs, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV (iirc), the new M1, ease of use with AirPods (afaik no one had integrated a product like it yet in the mainstream). Just off of the top of my head. Not saying as of recent they have done as good as the earlier days, but you have to give them credit where it is due.


Not defending apple and their practices of capitalism for profit, but you can’t be serious mate. They literally just released the M1 processor less than a year ago. You go design your own in house SOC that’s comparable to Intel and AMD and then tell me you haven’t been innovative. Get a reality check on your “Apple bad”


M1 chip is pretty fucking game changing.


every time I read about a new Apple feature, it's something andoid has had as a bog-standard feature on even the cheapest phones for like half a decade.


The entire innovation circle-J is flawed. All the major companies have at one point been first to market with new tech and also lagged behind. None are actually more innovative.


"Innovative" doesn't mean "copying 1/5 of the features from everybody else and claiming the lack of the other 4/5 is a feature."


The inconvenient charging port on the mouse is there so people wouldn't use the mouse with a wire.


Realistically probably there so the mouse would look more sleek and high end than all their competitors while not actually being much of an issue, and if anyone brings it up they can claim it prevents misuse.


This is the real reason. If this was some sort of dark pattern to discourage cord use, then their keyboards and trackpads would also do this. They don’t. You can keep them totally wired if you wish. Apple is trying to make the mouse slim, yet contoured to the hand. There isn’t room for a port at the front of the mouse unless they add some height to the mouse. Microsoft has a similar problem with their Arc mouse, and they have opted for removable batteries to solve the lack of space for a port on a low profile mouse. Same problem, differently bad solution. That said, given Apple has some of the best industrial designers in the world, I feel like this is a solvable problem.


This is the problem with everything apple does. They make their product worse because they think you're too big an idiot to use it. It's all Fisher Price bullshit.


And to be honest it's still the best work mouse I have ever used. I've never had apple stuff before so I can't compare to any of their older stuff. The charging thing seems like it would be a headache, but really if it dies 2 or 3 minute charge gets you through the day, then end of day just plug it in for a couple hours and you are good for weeks.


Those wondering the top left image is iPhone 13 Pro sitting on the latest magsafe duo wireless charger. It doesn't fit on it properly.






What is it then? I’m pretty sure that’s the duo charger just folded closed.


That is a duo charger. It’s just folded.


The mouse charges in a few minutes and lasts weeks lol. That’s hardly the worst thing about this.


The actual weird thing is the flatter ergonomics and while I don’t mind it, I don’t like it either. Magic Trackpad is way better.


Why did you comment basically the same thing twice?


It's a leather case, not the new iPhone




This is like the 12th time this month this has been posted. If you plug it in while you go take a shit, you'll have charge for the rest of the day. They put it there so you wouldn't use it like a wired mouse by keeping it plugged in all the time ^(which could potentially harm the battery). That happened with their keyboard, people didn't know you could use it wirelessly.


I have the apple pencil in the photo and it’s the same situation, I’ll plug it in for five minutes and have like 24hrs of charge. Not too bad


Exactly, the battery charges super fast and lasts forever, it’s designed that way on purpose. In Manufacturing this is referred to as Mistake-Proof Product Design.


I'm currently designing some machines for our manufacturing floor, and I'm quickly learning no matter how "idiot proof" you make something, there will always be a very determined idiot.


Haha that is true, but at least one can try!


If they want a mouse that can be used while it’s plugged in so bad they should just buy a wired mouse lol.


the battery case looks nice in my opinion. Camera bumps are everywhere nowadays it’s less of a Apple problem and more of a industry problem the mice and Apple Pencil gen 1 can go


Somebody pointed out that the issue in the top left isn't the camera bump. The iPhone 13 doesn't fit the MagSafe Duo charger that came out last year. So that charger is now obsolete.


Get a grip folks.


It’s new iPhone release day you expect angsty nerds who haven’t outgrown their phone superiority complex to pass up opportunities to circle jerk their way to the easiest karma of their lives?


“No! Apple bad!!”


This shit is posted all the time off karma-whores like OP. Legit it takes 2-3 minutes and it’s charged for 10+ hours. If you go to sleep and plug it in it’s charged for an entire months worth of use. Stop posting this thing. Most wireless mouses use batteries that only last a few months before you gotta go drop $8 for new ones


Two of these things don’t exist anymore lol


The mouse is very intentional so people won’t keep it wired. It can last for hours on a five minute charge.


time to ditch the magic mouse for mx master 3


Certainly not the most wholesome and customer focused company anymore but I still don’t care what anyone says. I still like my iPhone XS Max, my Apple Watch, and my AirPods. However, I will always be building my own PCs.


The M1 macbooks are absolute beasts of technical marvels. My late 2013 macbook pro still looks better than most PC laptops and I could still get hundreds of dollars for it. That said, I have a custom built PC for my daily workstation.


We get it, Reddit hates Apple.


It honestly seems like vein popping hatred, I unsubbed from my tech subs when it became clear from the Epic lawsuit that they had no idea what they were talking about. I still check up on them from time to time but it feels like all the commenters are kids who hate what their parents didn’t buy for them


Bruh the cámara bump on android is so much bigger, and the apple pensil now charges when put on the side


right? the S20 (the copper looking ones idk the name) has HUGE camera bumps


I have an s21 plus and the wireless charging pad even doesn't reach the bump so it's a non issue. My case also levels it out so it sits flat on a table. Only sociopaths use phones without cases.


this^ no Ceramic Shield or Gorilla Glass will convince me to go caseless


you expect the average, “apple bad, *introverted*, men are abused by the legal system” redditor to be reasonable?


Well at least they fixed the pen


Don't forget all the dongles. The computer dongle, just to have an usb port or connect more than one thing to your computer while charging. The dongle to use anny other style of port than the usb c. The dongle to use wired headphones.


I sell phones and let me tell you. I had to google the differences between the 12 and 13 series because theres so few. Absolutely embarrassing to try and explain to customers why their phone is expensive, how come theres no block in the box. The reason is because its fucking apple, stop expecting me to justify something a corporation does when i make minimum wage.


the reason of the "bottom charging port" on the mouse is pretty simple: in this way, while you're charging it, you can try out a decent mouse and throw away that torture device


The bottom two are really non-issues. Apple battery life is very solid on their wireless products. The mouse lasts 3+ months on a charge and charges in under half an hour. The pencil charges wirelessly now but even when I had the kind in the picture it topped off crazy fast. I’m talking three minutes for a whole day plus.




maybe stop buying their overpriced shit? I mean unless someone is holding a gun to your head forcing you to buy Apple products, I don't see a rational reason to buy anything from Apple.


Here's a quick reminder that USB-C has been used for 5+ years *And apple is still using the lighting cable*


On the iPhone. Everywhere else is usb c.


"removing a charger in a new package is great for the environment" which means you buy a separate charger, which will add up waste. speaking of waste, bringing your broken apple product to the apple store to fix it is a waste of time, effort, money, and more money.


No dirt and lint getting into charging ports, maybe a good thing


Ya no innovation, poor design. - Sent from iPhone


I still get confused why people buy this shit lol