Found my old cell phone with optional clip on chatboard for ‘easy’ texting

Found my old cell phone with optional clip on chatboard for ‘easy’ texting


My first cell phone plan in late 90's/early 00's allowed for 30 minutes talk and 100 texts a month. Talk about stress.


Free nights and weekends!


That shit caused insomnia.


I remember waiting until 7pm when "nights" started and immediately calling friends


It’s been almost 20 years and my first reaction to this is still envy that your nights started at 7 pm and not 9 pm


My carrier in early '00s was 9pm, but 7pm was an option billed as early nights & weekends.


but 3 way calling was an additional million dollars.. good ole days


oh man lmao. my friend and I made up this thing called "ghost calling". we would both click over, dial *67, our area code, then a random 7 digit number. we'd both click back over, mute ourselves, and wait for hilarity. one time 2 old ladies picked up on each end and it was like "hello?" "yes, hello?" "hi" "hi, how can I help you?" "what do you mean, my phone just rang" "no MY phone just rang". and they continued to talk for about 5m about random shit. probably recipes or something. man the things we did for fun before the internet.




My grandmother told me about the days when they had the first telephone line put in the neighborhood. It was a shared line, so she would pick up to dial in and a couple a people would be talking away. Most people kept their conversations short, but there were some old ladies that would sometimes talk for hours. People would ask them to stop so they can make a call. Well, at least one of the ladies would pick back up into their call to hear what's going on so she could have something to talk about. My grandma and her friends (probably everyone, really) would listen in and hear all the neighborhood gossip from those two.


This is fascinating. I had no idea about shared lines in the beginning of telephones. Totally makes sense though.


They were called party lines


55 years ago (plus or minus) we would call into the local rock-n-roll radio station and it was ALWAYS busy. But that was the whole idea - we would talk to OTHER people calling into the station in-between the busy signal beeps: "Hi-BEEP-where-BEEP-are-BEEP-you-BEEP-calling-BEEP-from-BEEP-Okay-BEEP-let's-BEEP-meet-BEEP-at-BEEP-Route-BEEP-450-BEEP-Burger Chef-BEEP"


Your friend putting themselves on mute and having you calling someone else to hear them talk shit about the other


Exactly this and it was worth the $3 I think it was


I remember picking the same carrier as my best friends when they started the AT&T to AT&T or Verizon to Verizon free. My BFF and I both had sprint so we could talk all day every day and it wouldn’t could towards our minutes. And if we started talking to a meeting guy and he had a different carrier it was a big strike against him.


"Plus she has sprint, so she probably won't call before 7pm, which is nice"


Nobody wanted to be friends with cingular wireless guy


First it was AT&T. Then it became Cingular. Then a few years later, Cingular became the first corporation I told to go fuck themselves.


Guess who bought cingular and rebranded it to At&t mobility? That's right! ATT, our lovable oligarchs.


7pm was nice. Mine was 9.


When my buddy would accidentally call me at 6:50, I’d yell “da faq is wrong with you” and hang up.


>Free nights and weekends! I was talking about how hard it was to keep in contact with people back in the early 2000s because of this [just last week.](https://np.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/na89gs/_/gxtvxeb/?context=7) --- When I graduated high school, most of my friends had cell phones, some had unlimited minutes, few of us had cheap texting, and no one had any kind of mobile device with internet/data packages. So planning our nights would turn into a literal game of telephone with conversations like: "Okay, so Eric's away message said he and Ashley are meeting James at the Denny's on Main at 7, but Kasey just texted other Casey that everyone else is going to Keith's at the same time. Cindy's on her way to pick me up, and we're gonna head out that way. But my free minutes don't kick in until 9, so I can't call to tell you where we'll be for sure until then. But if we're not at Denny's or Keith's place by then, we'll definitely be at Jon's apartment around 10." I only had a cell phone at 18 because my job issued it, but I wasn't supposed to use it for personal calls, and the plan didn't include texting at all. So I was carrying around a handwritten list of my friends' numbers and a pocketful of quarters so I could hit a pay phone if I didn't want to drive home to check AIM.


It blows my mind that I was ever able to get anywhere before GPS.


Matter of fact I got lost A LOT despite the paper map always in the car :-)


I remember printing directions off map quest


This 😂. Hold on we’ll leave in a minute let me just get this printed out (having trouble communicating with printer) sigh.


Mapquest printouts. Even with Google Maps on my phone I still printed out a hard copy of the driving directions when I moved across the country, because I didn't really want to lose signal up in the Appalachians, or stop every six hours to fully charge my phone.


i didn't have a smartphone until 2015. before 2010 everyone gave directions instead of just an address. i'd print out mapquest directions for everything to be safe. but there were a lot of rough years for me between 2010 and 2015 where i'd show up late and stressed out to everything because everyone else had gps on their phones and printed directions just kinda sucked without a person telling you what to look for before your turns (and not having any way of knowing that Route 432 was labeled as Thompson Street on the signs)


Bring MapQuest and type in the address too and from. Print it out. Always wrong.


This is the most late 90s/early 2000s post ever written. Next you’re going to tell me you Soaped on over to KMart to grab an Orbitz, a Fruitopia, some Tech Decks, and a Rumble Pak.


I love this reply so much, but I think you’re describing one very specific time period instead of a range of years. Soaps, Kmart, Tech Deck fingerboards, and N64 Rumble Paks is so 1999 that I’m surprised you didn’t mention The Phantom Menace and The Spy Who Shagged Me. I was talking about a time just a few years later.




Free nights and weekends that changed depending on the carrier


My nephews don't believe me when I told them they used to give you the phone for free.


Crap totally forgot about that!


And the best part about the 100 texts per month was it took one to send AND receive!


I always thought it was bullshit that you could get charged for someone else’s actions. Then there was the transition period between something like 10 cents a text to unlimited where people would text you assuming you had unlimited like them.


My friend spam texted me a bunch of times one day just cause he knew I didn’t have unlimited and wanted to screw with me haha


You should sign his number up for cat facts as revenge. Or do what my buddies did in high school years and years ago. Make a dirty m4m post on Craigslist with his phone number as the contact. You have waited years for this sweet sweet revenge.


My dad just did not understand this. I begged him to let me pay the $20 to add unlimited to my line, but he refused. I told him I can't stop people from texting me. His answer? "Just tell them not to text you." Brilliant. Why didn't I think of that. It isn't like my number was listed in the student directory and anyone could just look it up and text me. After getting a $200 bill (which I paid him back for in full) he ended up getting the phone company to put a block on my number so it couldn't receive texts. The best part was they failed silently so people would think I was just ignoring them. After that I ended up getting my own prepaid phone. As my petty revenge I set his ringtone to silent so whenever he called it would ring and go to voicemail. If he wanted to get ahold of me he had to text me. He finally ended up getting that unlimited plan. Anyways thanks for coming to my ted talk.


which is 1000% bullshit because the reason texts had a 140 character limit was because they were sent during the signals that cell phones ALREADY used to communicate with cell towers every second. the phone was constantly pinging off cell towers regardless, and the messages just traveled along that "signal". it was completely free and didn't affect the carriers ONE bit. and they still charged for it. for something it already did, free, as part of just simply having a cell phone. ridiculous, greedy bastards. I hope their 90y on earth was worth the greed, because all those bastards are absolutely going to hell.


See, I would not have paid that $200 bill and would just say "You should have accepted my $20 to add unlimited". Yea, it would probably end up with a fight but I always argued when someone's logic made no sense.


Had to once awkwardly explain to someone from school around 2010 or so that I did not have unlimited texting. I think she would generally use IM after that.


The really *really* fucked up thing about 10 cent texts was that it was *always* a complete scam. The reason texts were limited to 140 characters is because that's how much empty space was available in the packets that your cell phone was sending to nearby towers to establish connection quality *anyway*. It cost the phone company *literally nothing* to send that text, and they charged you for it!!


I always thought it was bullshit for charging text messages for what is effectively a hack on the “d-channel” version of cellular technology when it takes 7 messages to set up a normal voice call, and sending/receiving a text message charges 3¢ each…


Back in the day I had a buddy that signed up for a cheap cell phone plan and he didn't understand using AOL instant messenger on his phone was via text and his bill was like $335.


I used to always go over my limit and each extra one was 5 cents. Every text i self justified "its just 5 cents" until the bill came and at&t owned me


I still recall reading somewhere that texts are basically free as far as upkeep goes because texts just ride the same pings that the cellphone uses to contact the cell tower. It's just that telecoms monetized it after teens used the "emergency messaging" found on early cellphones as texts.


I had the original sidekick and the storage size was so tiny that it could only hold about 100 texts total (which included both sent and received) so I’d have to delete my texts like every night.


Back when messages and contacts were still stored on the SIM card.


I still save my contacts to my Sim card.


It’s been like a decade since people were charged for texts and companies are still warning that charges for text messaging may apply. You know what—I’m balling so go ahead and sign me up for alerts when my package is delivered.


There are still plenty of plans without free texting, or that include very limited allowances, so they have to say it. They're usually peddled off on seniors who don't know any better.




I remember my aunt complaining about my cousins texting habits. My parents never complained about mine :) Cuz i never had a phone or friends....


I heard a rumor about something like the phone company could send an inventory of txts sent and received, any truth to this? Sexting sure would look bad if the parents could see what you did.


Bro, nudes were so hard to get when I was young. You had to get someone to break out the digital camera, take the picture, upload it to computer, attach it to an email, and send it to you. Just to see a nipple.


My HS girlfriend's father had a blackroom in the basement. She took analog pics on film, secretly developed them and gave me a roll of naughty pics(relatively tame by today's standards). Honestly the effort and skill required to produce nudes back then was staggering. Looking back, the fact she was able to produce them is almost hotter than the pics. You had a 50/50 chance the photo store would refuse to develop them so "sexting" was basically impossible. For the record, I tore them up and tossed them after we broke up but it was quite a formative event in my life(damn I miss that girl).


Ah. My family only had one computer. The first time a girl sent me pics I was like 14 and didn't hide it very well. My dad found them, punched me in the face, bought a new family computer and that one became mine. I considered it a win.


I don't see the downside. I'd have taken a punch at that age for a nude and a computer. I'd probably still take that deal provided my wife supplied the pic.


You put him at risk for child porn charges that’s why. That’s why he gave you your own computer too so if cops did ever come knocking, “It’s all on the boy’s computers, who’s also a minor. Boys will be boys”. A punch is a little much, a sit down would have sufficed, but still. Haha.


This belongs in a museum


Okey dokey dr Jones, hold on to your potatoes


Short Round :)


Imagine my surprise when I realized I accidently quoted Indiana Jones.


So do you


Working on it haha


Throw him over the side!


[John Williams intensifies]


Not that Jones, the other Jones


I shuddenly remembered my Charlemagne!


We've got our top men on it.


Does it come with a knee-stand for long convos?


I had this phone (or something very similar). It came with its own leather pouch you'd clip on with a carabiner to your belt. I wore it in high school. 100% on dork score.


Got to respect a keyboard that has "no" as a hotkey for firing off those quick rejections.


That explains my online dating history.




That would cut more on Bumble






We're all 18/F/CA on this day!


That “No” didn’t type anything. It was to help you navigate the menu because there was no touch screen. The entire interface only accepted the commands of “yes” “no” or up and down


That’s why Blackberry was the shit and honestly I miss they keyboard and two day battery life


I was never a Blackberry fan, but holy shit did I love my Sidekick.


I was always insanely jealous of my older cousin who had a sidekick


I had a Prē 1, 2 and 3 and hated having to eventually switch to an on-screen keyboard


*weeps in WebOS*


I just saw a TV with webOS and it made me sad.


LG TVs use them. It’s fine, but I’m not sure there’s any actual benefit or DNA left of the old Palm software.


Love to the palm pre gang. Objectively better than android or iOS at the time. Just... Palm, as it turned out, didn't have the money to compete with google & apple. Was nice to get card view back years later lol. Sad lol


I loved my Palm Pre....palmpreforum was the only board I was ever a moderator for and it was great.


I didn't want to switch from my Motorola Droid 4 because of the amazing keyboard it had. I still miss it and I'd happily pay a premium for a slide out keyboard on my note 20 ultra, regardless of how much thicker it made the phone.




I personally remember trying to justify the cost of a "Helios' flip phone. I think they were $200. Dirt cheap by today's standards but it was a different market back then and the norm was that the device was free/subsidized by the plan. Also a lot of people on Reddit now were children back then.


Man alot of people on reddit now weren't even born back then


You take that back I'm not old you're old.


I had a Helio Ocean - it came about the same time as the original iphone. No touchscreen, but a double slider. Slide it vertically for a numeric keypad, and horizontally for a full QWERTY. GPS and mapping even. Great phone.


My cousin worked for Helio and I was obsessed with their phones


There we go! Everyone loved the sidekick.


I loved my sidekick back in the day but nothing comes close to my HTC DREAM aka T-Mobile G1


Before the iPhone it seemed like blackberry was the future. Before Apple unveiled the iPhone, Android was basically going to be a blackberry clone. Keyboards could still have been a thing today if trends and expectations went a bit differently.


Well most of it was touch screens were those awful resistive touchscreens back then so no one thought they could ever replace a keyboard and swore they would never give it up and go full touchscreen. Then iPhones with capacitive touchscreens changed everything, a keyboard was still better but a touchscreen was now competitive vs being completely frustrating.


I still remember the Apple capacitive touch and multi-touch demo video. Seemed like black magic fuckery at the time, and it really wasn’t even *that* long ago!


I used to have a Treo with a keyboard. It wasn't bad (better than grafitti) but I think the Sidekick is the one where I just learned to fly.


Handspring Visor ftw! Need a keyboard? Just attach it! Need an MP3 player? Just attach it! Need a camera? Just attach it! And that was 15+ years ago


I remember when the first touchscreen Blackberry came out, the Blackberry Storm. I wanted one really bad, went to a Verizon store to upgrade to it & the sales guy talked me out of it claiming the touchscreen was very faulty. Ended up with an LG Flip & from there an Iphone. Never did get a blackberry.


The Storm was an absolute tirefire, especially the touch screen, I think the whole thing moved when you "clicked"


Yeah when you typed on it, it felt like you were were pushing down a button.


Blackberry touchscreens were awful. As soon as they tried to be iPhone they were done. Maybe they were screwed anyway but a corporate secure minimalist phone with sweet keyboard still has a place. They went all in on shitty touchscreens and a pathetic app store.


I had the Storm 2,first touchscreen phone I ever had and it was fucking incredible. It had 3g and wifi!


Worked at AT&T from 2008-2014 as a retail rep, so basically when smartphones really became popular. 95% of people who came in looking for any other phone besides the iPhone ended up leaving with an iPhone. The only other phones that sold at all really were Samsung’s flagship devices which was still a small percentage of devices sold. All other models and manufacturers just collected dust in the inventory rooms.


Honestly I'm still hoping someone makes a "duplicate" of the Nokia N97 with an android OS... I hate typing on screens


Still love the design of sidekicks. I know it wouldn’t be popular, but I would love an iPhone with a full swivel keyboard.


That satisfying *clack*


I would use the shit out of that. The sidekick keyboard is unrivaled. It was so nice being able to type without even looking!


I have the Sidekick 3 open/close sound as my text alert on my Note 9. That was my favorite phone I've owned too. The Slide wasn't as impressive. There's something about a keyboard with physical buttons that just doesn't compare. I don't know what it's called, but it aids the speed of typing without looking down at the keyboard.


Haptic feedback. That's why phones now have a vibrate on touch function, but I do agree nothing compares to a physical keyboard.


physical keyboard is definitely better for typing, but it's better for internationalization / multiple languages to use a touch screen


Agreed. Man my old middle school phone was such a dumb phone but I loved that it had a slide out full keyboard.


BlackBerry had the best keyboard ever. Removable batteries so you could keep a charged spare so no need for cables. It also had the charging dock so you could use/charge it on your desk without having to plug/unplug it. The Bold 9700 was my favorite and the pad on the back made it so it didn't slip around. I had a bunch of models and they were so easy to work on as long as you had a T6 screwdriver. The trackball was super easy to fix. I would customize mine by painting an old custom case after tearing it down and then put the Frankenphone back together. I am not a phone tech but they were so easy to take apart and put back together


> It also had the charging dock so you could use/charge it on your desk without having to plug/unplug it. At least now we have fast charging and wireless pads. Universal charging standards (except for apple) is a god send as well. Modern phones do a lot more than old ones, but sometimes that specialization was awesome.


I cant type for shit on a touch screens... I desperately miss physical keyboards. Went from a blackberry pearl to a g1 to a Samsung epic. All of those phones were iconic (to me). If someone came out with a slider with flagship specs, I'd ditch my S20 in a second.


They still make blackberries! Typing to you on one now!


I know they do. There's a handful of sliders out there but they always cut corners and target midrange specs. I've become used to the sort of features that come with flagships: high refresh screens, wireless charging, water resistance, etc. When someone puts a physical keyboard on a top tier device, I'll have it at literally any cost.


How long did this message take you to type? You did pretty well in my opinion :) no mistakes


Lg wing has two screens. I no thats irrelevant here.


Waaaay better than pushing the number buttons endlessly.


I vividly recall pre-T9 on my first phone that would be 4 666 (pause) 666 3 for "good". I've seen so many articles incorrectly call this T9. T9 was where you typed 4663 and then it gave you options of the words it matched. (good, home, gone, good).


My friend and I would send 555666555 in an effort to be ironic and edgy.




Lol, kok


I think most people have forgotten that T9 wasn’t the “pre-T9” you described. T9 wasn’t something that was easy to do blindly like the other one was.


I had phones with both methods over time and you could absolutely use both blindly. T9 you just had to remember how many options down you had to go. You also didn't have to pause on the method where you repeated, as the other poster suggested, you could just hit an arrow key (depending on phone) and it would work.


My phone used 0 as the space key. It was very easy to rip texts out without any trouble. Texting with T9 is faster than texting now.


Idk dude. I kinda miss the T9 days. I could text and drive without even taking my eyes off the road.


Staring at the teacher dead in the eyes while typing full text underneath the desk with zero errors were the days. Now touchscreens combined with man thumbs hitting the wrong key there's hardly a day that goes by where I am saved by autocorrect from sending a slur instead of the word like


I d9nt kn9w 2hat you ar3.talkinb.abou5




5ever. Now go run into traffic.


Turning off auto-correct was the best thing I've ever done to my phone. My grammar has vastly improved and I don't have to worry about sending tons of ducks.


You can program your phone to replace common errors with the word you actually intend. For some reason when I got a new phone, I was constantly typing snd instead of and, and the phone wasn't correcting it. So, if I'm constantly sending the same mistake I usually end up programming the word into autocorrect.


This is also a good prank to play on unsuspecting friends if you can gain access to their phone for a few minutes.




I was thinking of this: https://i.redd.it/vqtnkog12mf01.png


This made me smile, thanks.


Belold, the field in which I grown my ducks. Lay thine eyes upon it and see that it is Darren.


Dude. ..this exactly why T9 will always be superior to me. One handed typing could pretty much be done in your pocket


I miss that shit. You could text paragraphs in your pocket


Sidekick/flip keyboards were my jam. You could go faster than T9 and it still looked like a normal candy bar phone. Quick post to MySpace? Hell yeah. Was harder to do sight-free but it could be done. Even my first Droid had one.


I used to have an HTC Mogul with a slide out qwerty, I'd have probably learned t9 if not for that wonderful keyboard. I've never been able to text so well since, the keys were rubbery and raised so you got really good tactile feedback, zero typos ever. Miss that goofy little half assed smart phone before smartphones existed. Lol


That tiny bump on button five has subconsciously trained countless people on the art of multitasking.


I could use t9 way faster that I can use a touchscreen keyboard.


Me too. On one of my first smart phones I installed a keyboard app with T9. When I upgraded later it was no longer available. Now I just get frustrated using swipe.


Yeah but were you typing “home” or “good”?


That's a home point.


I dont know my drug dealer use to be able to send messages in his pocket 9 keys to remember numbers is easier then 26


Bro, I wore out the number 4 on my Samsung fake razor. That means I couldn’t text the letters GHI... I had to get creative to send texts, also, had a lot of explaining to do in person. Only if I mashed the shit out of it would it work so I reserved that for calling numbers


T9 was peak texting


As a teen I could rapid fire perfectly accurate t9 fucking NOVELS while driving and not ever taking my eyes off the road. Shit was bomb


That thing no way, the t9 was amazing I can still text on one without looking.


I can text using swipe without looking. A lot of people don't use swipe. I think it's weird. Swipe is the best.


Yeah! Swipe is awesome. Apart from when it chooses other words that happen to be in the same path, or when it forgets a certain word exists, and you make the gesture repeatedly many times and end up typing it out of frustration


Sale is unreliable, it's very ready it it to misunderstand you and write something completely different to what you were trying to say. Especially if you have multi-language at. ... as I was saying: Swype is unreliable, it's very easy for it to misunderstand you and write something completely different to what you were trying to say. Especially if you have multi-language activated. I do use it, but more often than not I'll check what I just wrote for any misspellings, send it, and then notice them in the weirdest places.


I swear my swipe accuracy tanked like a year and half ago. I used to love it but I feel like it has been worse lately


I love swipe. It's like cursive for phones.


Swipe is undeniably the best way to type on a phone.


Oh I never thought about it like that but yes you're right


Makes me think of the pager I had that had a keyboard... you could text other people who had it... which, at the time only included my mom and my sister lol


i also texted both your mom and sister


Yes, oh my, I had that one. I could text zero people in my social circle.


Hey, but we had the technology!!!!


Did that phone run on diesel or unleaded?




Whale oil


ofc it's an Ericsson they always had such gimmicky phones


Gimmicky? If anything they were serious business phones. Sometimes they tried to spice it up, especially later. But in those 688 days they were almost all dry business phones.


I always found Nokias the more gimmicky of the two. Outside the main product lines, they had extremely weird shapes, button layouts, colors and what have you. Special shout out to the shark fin antenna Ericsson though: Ericsson R310.


Manufacturers did a lot more experimentation before. Today, there's a well-established standard and products that push the boundaries are rare.


As someone that owned a [Nokia 6820](https://i.imgur.com/ux3sHl2) I feel attacked.


I had the A1228d *with this keyboard* and the T610. Iconic phones.


They were all built like tanks! Loved the old Ericsson phones.


It got worse when they became Sony Ericsson.


Walkman phones were the tits though


I switched to Samsung flip phones by that time but I sold the Walkman phones while I worked at Radio Shack. I did think they were really cool.


This whole comment is a flashback for me


Sony Ericsson walkman slider phone. Still my favorite phone like 18 years later. The only phone that I dropped at least 5 times onto my concrete driveway from 12 feet from the balcony. Loved that thing.


When T9 was introduced I was a total master of using T9 to text. I could communicate faster with a T9 phone than a blackberry keyboard at my best. Shout out to whoever programmed T9


Invented by the same guy who came out with the original "swype" touchscreen keyboard. Nothing compares to t9 even now, which is kind of crazy. I honestly feel like touchscreen keyboards seem to have only gotten worse over the years.


Oooooh, faaaaancy!


Can it play snake tho?




I'd use that phone today for calls only if I could. It's so badass looking. I actually miss the older larger phones. I understand the utility of a smartphone.... but I never did like talking into mini tablet.


You have to nonchalantly bust this out at a party and just start texting


Its so good its giving me an ericsson


Take your orange arrow and get the fuck out


My Dad had the exact same one! I used to just sit in the car and mash the keys pretending I was a busy salesman.


Hi tech!


I went through my contacts on an old cell phone not long ago and it was shocking how many of them were dead now. I was a drug addict at the time. There were only a handful of people on there that I keep in contact with today.


I miss the days when the next model phone was a leap ahead each time. Apple have a reputation of being the innovators, but iPhones stopped phone innovation in its tracks in a lot of ways, when you compare their 1st & last models to each other and then you look at nokia’s 1st and last...