Missouri Department of Conservation Finds Group Overhunting Of Squirrels

Missouri Department of Conservation Finds Group Overhunting Of Squirrels


Wtf? As a fan of the MDC, this pisses me off and I am glad they were caught. As a fan of r/ squirrels, why the hell do people need to kill so many squirrels?


If me and my brothers didn't shoot some squirrels growing up, we wouldn't have ate sometimes!! I don't eat my fellow mammals anymore and squirrels make cool pets! That situation is either some super board rednecks on a killing spree, or some hungry poor people trying to stock their freezers🤴🏼


Did they burn the hair off?


I've only made squirrel once. When I prepped it, I sure wouldn't of wanted the hide still on it while cooking and eating. They might now something more though.


It would be like eating shoe leather. The could have taken it to a food pantry.


I don't understand these people. What in the world would you do with that many squirrels? Is there some black market for squirrel that I'm unaware of? To the degree eating them is your goal, the easiest way to preserve a squirrel for your later use is to let it go about its business and then shoot it (perhaps out of season) when you want to eat it. I suspect that these bozos just like shooting critters and don't care about the natural ecosystem or other hunters. I'm glad they got caught.


I'm amazed the limit is as high as it is; Out of their 471 squirrels(!) only 151 were over-limit and confiscated. Nearly 500 squirrels. That's something like 400-700 lbs of squirrels.


400 lbs of squirrel is too much squirrel. My dad grew up hunting squirrels because that was the easiest protein to kill, and aside from the occasional hog butchering and holiday splurge the only way his family got meat was to shoot it. After years of eating it as a boy, Dad has a deep and abiding loathing for squirrel meat even 50+ years later. Despite being an avowed carnivore, I'm pretty sure that he'd choose a garden salad over a squirrel stew. I'm going to have to share this story with him as a (joking) inspiration of what I plan to do for Thanksgiving.


More out of state assholes coming here to destroy our natural resources. Should be harsher penalties.


They were just killing not hunting. They didn't gut or skin for food just asshholes. Probably some stupid bet


I hope they confiscate all their hunting gear and vehicles. Let the idiots take a bus sans guns etc... back to where they came from.


They're kind of hunted a lot. Like ducks, turkey, deer, a lot of people eat game a majority of the year.


"Dang Granny? Squirrel Stew again?" --Jed Clampett.