Official posters for Steven Spielberg's 'West Side Story'

Official posters for Steven Spielberg's 'West Side Story'


Needs a trigger warning for those of us who were in the pit orchestra for this in high school


I played guitar for it. It was, uh, a little more challenging than the Who covers I had been playing.


The first poster is from my favorite moment in the musical, and probably my favorite music cue in musicals. It's the first time Tony and Maria meet in the middle of the gym dance off. Looks like they'll be using the original iconic choreography which is amazing in that scene. [Scene from original film.](https://youtu.be/EfG3QokHk8A)


Isn’t ansel elgort a horrible person ?


he likes being out-acted by his costars and dating 17 year olds




Oh fuck off, when he was 20 and just entering Hollywood a girl that was 17 messaged him and they allegedly had sex in a NY hotel, where the age of consent is 17. So she pursued him, he committed no crimes and hooked up with a whopping 3 year age gap. Lighten up.


You left out the part where she said it was her first time and she was crying in pain asking to stop but he didn’t. That’s what he’s accused of, not just because he was older.


“But they were close in age and he’s a good actor!” /s


The complete disregard of the actual accusation from the other guy is hilarious.


The accusation made years later, with no evidence, that has never been taken to any authorities, just posted on Twitter. You’re right, let’s all take it at face value and witch hunt the man.


You kinda skipped over the part where it was rape


extremely “knows the age of consent in every state” voice: actually, she was above the age of consent, so it’s fine


Or I saw this happened in NY and did a 5 second google search


Any source in this?


Sources are everywhere about his misconduct. Do one search. As far as a source on getting out acted, just watch one of his shitty movies.


He was pretty good in Baby Driver


One search just reveals a random Twitter account that accused him that is now deleted. Methinks I smell a fraud.


Suppose that's all it takes nowadays.


I mean, clearly it isn’t since he’s starting in a tent pole movie.


He'll be going on all the mainstream talk shows next talking about how hes cancelled


Why does every conversation about Cancel Culture seem like it's talking about a parallel universe? His career isn't ruined but he also isn't gonna get a boost from it. Regardless of what you personally think of the allegations, they'll almost certainly never come up again.


He was caught texting minors I believe




That is not what she alleged. Two days before her 17th birthday, she DM’d him. They exchanged contact. They met days later. They had sex. She did not describe feeling pressured by him to have sex. She said she was in visible pain in the middle of it. According to her, he didn’t respond by stopping and asking if she was okay. He said that she needed to be “broken in.” Elgort was 20 at the time while she was 17. There are a lot of Romeo and Juliet laws on the books. A sexual relationship like this can be in bad taste, but it is an exaggeration to say it is inherently predatory. If Elgort responded the way she said he did, then he was a callous dick, but it’s not clear that’s what happened. The accuser quickly deleted her account after posting it. Elgort said that he handled the break-up “badly.” I personally don’t care either way. I’m not bothered by actors being cruel and terrible in real life. If they did something criminal, they should go to jail. That’s where justice is best meted out. It is interesting to see people get the details of the allegation wrong. I thought they cared a lot about it?


Oh ok. I apologize for not verifying before posting. Thanks for the correction.


People are full of shit and trying to find ways to cancel people because of their own misery. It's just funny to me that a year will suddenly make a relationship normal.


It’s really very dumb. We’re not talking about a 17-year-old and 30-year-old. These two are three years apart 🙄🙄🙄


Yep, I'm assuming context matters because even a relationship between two middle-schoolers with a 2 or 3-year gap will eventually be "problematic," I guess. These people only see in extremes though. So, conversations with them are rarely anything but dull.


I mean Ansel made the girl feel uncomfortable and that's what's taken a toll on his reputation. It's not the worst thing in the world and he should have an opportunity to potentially rehabilitate his image, but it is a case of being held accountable for one's own alleged actions.


Thanks for clarifying things. I don't think this one case warrants calling him a predator, or saying that he preys on underage girls. It's funny to see how quick people are to cast moral judgement with such little evidence. Our hate comments could very easily drive someone to depression, drug addiction or suicide. If we're sending out negative energy on the internet, we should make sure it's justified, to preserve our own character and not bring undue harm to others.


They also sure love throwing out the accusation and when it’s questioned they just disappear. Edit: just saw the original accusers response. My apologies as well, didn’t scroll far enough to see they apologized.


sheesh, that is awful and predatory


Yes it's very unfortunate. I hope he can find a way to make amends and change for the better.


I’m fine with him not being in any more movies


Personally I think most anyone ought to have the right to redeem/reform themselves. Doesn't mean he has to be forgiven, just that he should have the right to make amends.


What type of jobs should he be allowed to have?


“Corporate accounts payable, Ansel speaking. *Just* a moment. Corporate accounts payable, Ansel speaking. *Just* a moment. Corporate accounts payable, Ansel speaking. *Just* a moment.”


Hello Peter, whaaaats happening


Hey Peter-man, check out channel 9! It’s the breast exam, **WHOOO!**


Soooooo... Ansel. If you could just come in tomorrow morning, thatdddddd be great.


"I'm a driver. They call. I go."


[Ansel Elgort Accused of Sexual Misconduct with an Underage Female](https://movieweb.com/ansel-elgort-sexual-misconduct-underage-girl/) [Ansel Elgort Denies Accusation of Sexually Assaulting a Teenage Girl](https://variety.com/2020/film/news/ansel-elgort-denies-sexual-assault-teenage-girl-1234642752/)


Can’t stand his face, he’s the reason why I did not get to enjoy Baby Driver. He looked like an actor trying to be a cool character and it pissed me off.


I was pissed - not one goddamn baby drove a car.


That movie also features Kevin Spacey


To be fair, Baby Driver came out prior to the Spacey scandals.


Scandal aside, Spacey was not the problem in this movie, although now I wouldn’t watch it again knowing two assholes are in it.


I also couldn't get into that movie because of him, he acted like a brooding caricature of Ryan Gosling in Drive. Plus, I was never much of a fan of the "criminal with a heart of gold falls in love with a small town waitress" cliche. Baby was the least interesting character in the movie but Elgort played him like he was made out of cardboard


100% wow you nailed it in the head, he was trying his best to be like Ryan Gosling in Drive! Now I hate his character even more!


Drive had the benefit of the creators knowing it's tone. Drive was a Noir styled film, just a classic story in a more modern setting Baby Driver was grindhouse and they made the feel of the film obnoxious. At least to me.


They should have just put money behind Driven, which is the sequel to Drive.




Alden Ehrenreich is the better “handsome but bland young actor with a weird name.” Francis Ford Coppolla’s Tetro is a little too long for it’s own good but it’s fantastic and so is he, and he really steals the show in Hail Caesar!


I automatically take a dislike to actors that come from wealth and privilege and you can tell they’re only where they are because of it. Ansel Elgort, his father is a famous photographer for Vogue magazine and his mother is a famous stage producer. He clearly has minimal talent but I have no doubts he immediately walked into top management and was given auditions he would never have booked if not for his connections and that just rubs me the wrong way. It’s the same with the other one, Alden Ehrenreich. Minimal talent actor from a from a super connected family. He’s named after the director of Field of Dreams, a family friend. His wiki reads like he was randomly discovered by Steven Spielberg at a Bat Mitzvah but his Dad is actually Steven Spielberg’s accountant. He wouldn’t have seen the door to an audition for a Coen Brothers movie and Star Wars had he not come from where he came from. Rubs me the wrong way.


While I understand where you're coming from you're also describing the majority of celebrities, it must be tough to find movies you like lol


Exactly, like every single one? I don’t see why their privilege overshadows their performance if they are good (Alden was the best part of Hail Ceaser to me, he out acted the more well known stars in my opinion)


I personally enjoyed Alden’s work a lot more than Ansel’s


You’d have a harder time finding someone who didn’t get their first big break through nepotism then ones who did. Welcome to the entertainment industry. Is it fair? No but it’s always going to be that way.


Going on more about Hollywood, Bob Iger the CEO of Disney was discovered by Frank Sinatra early in his life and was given advice. Yet for some reason he oddly looks like Frank Sinatra and has his exact voice. It might just be a rumor but I really feel like Bob Iger is Frank Sinatra’s son.


While I get your feeling, there are lots of amazing actors who come from celebrity. Jamie Lee Curtis is a prime example in my book. Granted, she wanted to cut her chops on her own when she landed Halloween.


Julia Louis Dreyfus is an exception for me. Born a billionaire, but she’s so fun in any role.


She wasn’t fun at all in Captain America The Winter Soldier and Falcon


I actually thought that dude was good in Hail Caesar and Solo…






When he was 20 he sexted and allegedly hooked up with one of his fans who was 17 at the time. He's been known to hook up with a lot of fans which isn't recommended for reasons like this. She privately messaged a lot of writer friends who ran negative articles on him. He's not really a victim, his behaviour is coming back to bite him. They'll have to answer for this but I don't think the success of the film will be impacted.


A 20 year old having sex with a 17 year old is not illegal and generally not even considered unethical. Also, he claims it was a relationship, not a hookup. There’s a lot of people in this thread throwing around accusations that have been shown to have zero evidence, and it’s pretty disturbing.




Uh what? A position of power? Ok so was he not allowed to date a 17 year old at all? I don’t understand your logic. He claims they dated. Specifically what did he do wrong? There is no evidence of sexual assault.


Supposedly. He and a former GF (she was 17 but he was like, 20, so not really a huge age difference) say very different things happened at the end of their relationship. She claims sexual assault, while he claims he got nervous and ghosted her. Thanks to the failure of the US justice system to investigate or prosecute sexual assault, we of course just have a "s/he said" argument without any investigation, evidence, or trial either way. This means of course loud mouths on the internet get assume whichever view they prefer is automatically correct, or more likely whichever view they think will get them more internet points is correct, and anyone that disagrees with them is a horrible person and how could they???


I couldn’t care less over “internet points” what he done is fucked up ,taking advantage of a minor who was a fan of yours


Don't know why a movie that won ten Academy awards needs to be remade.


It's not a remake though, it's a new adaptation of the same stage musical. No one calls every adaptation of Romeo and Juliet a remake of the previous one. It's supposed to be closer to the source material, too


Baz Luhrmann did a damn good job though


I don’t know how much closer it could be to the source material than the previous movie, really


There were tons of differences between the stage musical and the film, even just looking at how the songs were arranged is one major change.


Yeah “Cool” and “Gee, Officer Krupke” switched places in the movie, and I’d bet this movie keeps that change because tonally, the numbers work so much better the way the movie did it. All the other differences are pretty minor really. “Tons of differences” is a pretty big exaggeration.


When Steven Spielberg says he's got a passion project you fund it. Without question.


Also they’re pulling a major rewrite on this one. You don’t hire Tony Kushner to do the same thing as before. Kushner even said they shouldn’t make a new version until he heard Speilberg’s pitch at which point he was completely onboard.


> Also they’re pulling a major rewrite on this one. You don’t hire Tony Kushner to do the same thing as before. The last time Kushner and Spielberg teamed up, we got *Lincoln* out of it, so I'm definitely interested.


I...wanted to like that movie so much but it just didn't come together. Day-Lewis and Sally Field were wonderful but everything else apart from costume/set design just fell perfectly flat for me. Big disappointment. Hopefully this team made something better this time.


That might have been the case 15 years ago, but I just don’t get excited for Spielberg films anymore because this is the kind of stuff he makes now. I’ll watch it one day, for free, when I feel like I need to see it, but he hasn’t made a ‘must see’ film since maybe Tintin.


I can agree to that but if you wanna get that film that's gonna wow ya (I'd say Munich was his last great movie, and you've gotta trust he has one left in him at least), you can't burn that bridge by not making it. He's not George Lucas or some shit, he's still got the goods.


Tintin was not must see, but your point stands.


except for the time he had to scrounge for Lincoln. Hollywood doesn't know what's good for it.


What do you mean, you didn't like the new *Ben-Hur*?!!


They made a new Ben-Hur?


It's been FIFTY years... Maybe a new generation will appreciate it. It's not like it's a reboot of a Marvel comic book claptrap 5 years after it came out.


The original is still incredible


I dont doubt that, but maybe a new generation needs to see it. And Natalie Wood and Rita Moreno are not going to make today's kids interested. Great as they were.


As one of today’s kids, personally I love the film, but then again I grew up with it.


Maybe because of the blackface/brown face in it that makes the original a cringe fest.


Because the original still exists and you can watch it whenever you want, plenty of revivals of WSS exist so no issue with another movie


I like that Spielberg went old school with the credits - “and introducing Rachel Ziegler”. You don’t see that form anymore.


Looks great.


If only this didn’t have Ansel Elgort I’d be so excited


Just think of it as the character and try not to let it distract you.


Elgort isn't a strong enough actor for that trick to work. Also, he's going to make Tony dying feel triumphant. That's going to be distracting.


This is gonna be a hard watch for me. I cannot separate the art from the artist when it comes to actors. If I know someone is slime it is impossible for me to forget that when I see them onscreen.


TIL a 20 year old and a 17 year old dating makes the 20 year old “slime”.




Provide one piece of actual evidence that that occurred other than the supposed victim’s Twitter posts. The allegations never had any evidence and never went to a trial. The man is guilty of nothing and the fact that there are hundreds of people in this thread calling him a rapist is despicable.




Believing a victim is good. There is no evidence that she is a victim. I think ruining someone’s life without any evidence is bad. Why don’t you?




You’re insane. You want to label someone a rapist with absolutely no evidence. Fuck you.


Neither can I. It sucks.


Because he was 20 and hooked up with a legal 17 year old?


Bland. Looks like some kind of indie sepia war movie.


Its Spielberg, what do you expect?


Why is Ansel’s receding hairline so prominent in this poster?


Yeah, pretty wild to choose that angle for a poster.


I’m so confused by this decision.


Kind of a weird project from Spielberg. Why is this being remade.. whatever.


It’s something he’s wanted to do for a long time.


This looks dopey. Why would you want to watch this remake when we can watch the far superior, original version?


This looks turrible


It be a solid movie with great tunes and dance moves and the master is the director the greatest movie maker ever


I’m not sure how I’d do it, but if I was the screenwriter I’d somehow make the line of dialogue: “Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” work.


These posters seem pretty similar to [the poster for *American Sniper*](https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/[email protected]_V1_.jpg), right down to the flag and the desaturation.


Didn’t spielberg almost make that one?


Lots of focus on Ansel Elgort being a predatory ass-hat in these comments, and rightly so. Personally I'm trying to remember that he's one person amongst a large cast and crew, and the movie was filmed before the accusations against him came out. I'm looking forward to watching it and supporting the amazing artists whose work built this film.


I think it’s depressing that all of these people are trashing him as a “rapist” or “predator” when there is absolutely zero actual evidence that either of those things are true. One person claimed something happened years later with zero evidence, and people just pile on and believe them. It’s ridiculous.


Exactly. The top comment is ‘isn’t Ansel Elgort a horrible person?’


Yeah I’m not strictly against “Believe Victims” or whatever the hashtag is these days but I am for reserving judgment until there is evidence (otherwise the person you’re believing might not be a victim at all). Once there’s enough evidence that someone was a victim, then I’ll believe them, otherwise you get an Amber Heard situation. Until then, I choose to believe neither of them but instead just “keep it in mind” that we don’t know the facts.


In this case it goes beyoned believing or not believing, it's that even taking the accusations at face value the situation is not what people are making it out to be.


Yep, that too. I see a *ton* of comments in this thread claiming things happened that are verifiably false.


Been waiting for this movie for years now. Please don’t destroy it.


Did they really need to remake this?


>Did they really need to remake this? Because the original had brownface.


I'm sorry, but Ansel Elgort has a fairly punchable face. He was fine in Baby Driver, but overall, not a fan. I know it's a shallow view.


I really don't care about this remake as I see the original as a Classic and untouchable. That said, I'm sorry for everyone involved that Ansel Elgort's purported sleazebag rep is going to stain the release of this to a certain degree.


Boring. Let’s use one of the greatest directors of our time to tell a story that’s been told a zillion times zzz


Ansel Elgort just isn’t good looking enough to convince me that he’s Tony


I could not care any less about this movie than I do right now.


Please. Not. Ariana grande.


Please God no!


*insert Steve Carell gif*


Why remake this?


Another adaptation and a remake are two different things


Oh hey look… another remake.




No thanks.


Do people write new scripts anymore.


All the time. You just gotta look closer


Why, Steven, *why?*


Because it was his favorite musical as a child and he’s always dreamed about adapting it.




Tin Tin was pretty lively. This one looks lively if you ask me.




Eh. I would say it's debatable. Minority Report, Munich, and Lincoln are all pretty good in my opinion. Ready Player One is fun. I think West Side Story looks good.




How do you think Munich missed the focus of the event surrounding it? Despite the title, it’s not a movie about the Munich Olympic massacre, it’s a movie about Operation Wrath of God, based on a non-fiction book with the real life assassins as sources. The movie is a condemnation of these political assassins (among other things). Definitely a lot deeper than an action film.


I liked Warhorse and Ready Player One.


Why? Just why?


Whats the over under this will flop




You mean like the movie adaptation that won the most oscars by a musical ever?


There's hype in the Oscar discussions, both because the original and Spielberg. I think it's going to ramp up in the next month but with In the Heights flopping it might just be a bad time for musicals.


Tough call. Remake of a classic/masterpiece? There's a strike. Spielberg? Probably a plus. Ansel Elgort? Big oof of a strike there. Still low theatrical attendance? Big strike. Going to bet it does medicore business before quietly heading to streaming. There's no call for this movie at all.


Don’t care. At all. Love OG.


Serious question. When was the last time anyone was excited about a Spielberg movie? For me it was Munich and he’s one of my favorite directors.


The Post is basically old people Avengers so I was pretty excited just to see that whole cast


Sorry but these posters suck.


Elgort looks totally evil in this poster. Fitting.


Lmao I bet you lap up Hallmark movies in the daytime.


this will flop like Cats


The music is a lot better than cats though


He looks like Christopher Walken. He’s too old and kinda ugly IMO, should’ve cast someone different.


I dig Spielberg but his last decent movie was Lincoln and he hasn't made a true masterpiece in over two decades. West Side Story is a legendary musical that already has an equally legendary definitive adaptation. It stars Ansel Elgort who I never liked even before hearing about his misconduct allegations. I'm sure Rachel Zegler is talented and she'll probably play AOC in her eventual biopic but no one knows who she is yet. No one asked for this movie and it'll probably just be okay at best.


The film looks fantastic, but also, Ansel Elgort is a rapist.


So we just take Twitter posts as fact without any sort of trial these days, huh?


The crowd that uses "literally" in every sentence. Might want to be careful before throwing extreme shit like that out there. Luckily, you're a nobody and probably won't get the attention for a defamation case.


Caroline Flack banged 17-year-old Harry Styles when she was in her early 30s. No one batted an eyelid. Ansel Elgort is labeled the spawn of Satan for fooling around with a 17-year-old fan when he was (gasps) 20.


While what Caroline Flak did was predatory as well, the key difference here is that in Ansel's case, the girl alleges that she *specifically asked Ansel to stop and he didn't and forcefully went on.* The situations are not the same.


I really feel for Rachel Zegler on this one. She seems super talented and adorable and nice, but this is not the start to her career she deserves. It’s a remake, which already has negative connotations. It’s got a very controversial lead. It’s coming out during a time where theaters still aren’t fully open. On the bright side, her career can only go up right?


Was Zac Efron unavailable?


I can't wait to not see it...


Are there no Puerto Rican actresses that could have played Maria? I get she is part Colombian so better than nothing…


Then why a remake at all? I thought the whole point of the remike was to be politically correct.




There's been remakes for decades. This is also an adaptation of the original msicial. A passion project Spielberg has had for decades. Quit complning, good lord.


Quit apologizing for unimaginative, money grabbing remakes, this is a damnable shame.


It's Romeo and Juliet with music. Why is the flag a third of the poster? This isn't Saving Private Ryan.


Anyone else completely forget this movie was happening?


Nice but all the recent violence in NYC do we really need another gang war movie?


Barf at the needless American flag in there.


Are you familiar with West Side Story? America is a pretty integral part of the show. The flag seems fitting.