woah. Robert De Niro looks 65 in that movie. Shocked that he was only 56.


I'm also kind of shocked that Ben Stiller is 56.


Only four years older than Paul Rudd...


Paul Rudd is about the same age as Wolford Brimley was when Cocoon was made, where he was a geriatric living in a home for old people. I’m sure the diabeeeetus didn’t help.


This is the sort of fact where you go "what utter bollocks", and then look it up. What the actual fuck. Brimley was 54 when he did Cocoon. Paul Rudd is currently 52 Edit - my math above was off. They're the same age. And furthermore, I've discovered that the Wilford Brimley Line is a thing.


That doesn't make sense. Paul Rudd is like, 27.


He doesn’t believe in age or numbers




When life gives you lemons, just say fuck the lemons and bail.




You're thinking of Terrence Howard


I'm convinced Paul Rudd has the original Mac and Me clip stored in his attic where the kid in the wheelchair looks 100 years old so that Paul doesn't age at all.


Oh shit you’ve cracked it. He must have used some old celtic magic to do this; that would explain why torturing Conan is such a big part of it. He *has* to show the clip to a member of Clan O’Brien once a year, or the spell is broken and he’ll age dramatically in real time right before our eyes.


A year younger than Keanu Reeves. I typed "keanu reeves age" into a search engine and the top result was "no he doesn't".


I'm still shocked that DeNiro is as old as he is. In 2019, he made the irishman and played a 20 year old!


That film did such a good job of making 76-year-old men look like uncanny valley 72-year-old men.


It reminded me of the always sunny episode where Danny devito plays himself at 19


Sheeit. You don’t look a day over twelve.


Shady Nasty?


Sha-Dynasty’s asshole




joe pesci walking over to a clearly geriatric de niro fixing his truck: "what's the problem, kid?"


Be kind. In some of those scenes De Niro didn't look a day over 65


His gait. That old people sort of straight leg swing with the whole hip. I honestly felt a bit bad about it, Scorsese made a bad call there I feel.


I've only seen good reviews raving about this movie, so I was thinking it was just me who felt the same way about the old man movements.


I think a ton of people who saw this film had no idea they were trying to make these guys 30.


I thought he was a convincing rosy-cheeked 45 year old with a back problem and some funky contact lenses.


The contact lenses were really jarring and a mistake, I feel. They were doing too much at once. Instead of trying to make him look like a young Frank Sheeran, they should have focused on making looking like a convincing young Robert DeNiro.


Check this out. Dude did a much better job https://youtu.be/dHSTWepkp_M


If only they had some footage of him when he was younger they could have used to make a younger version of him. Ah well, I guess we'll never know!


I think it's while the CGI did a decent job of making them look younger, they still moved like men in their 70's.


When he beat up that guy on the sidewalk and was supposed to be a young man while doing it… cringe. It was clearly a poorly CGI wrinkles smoothed out elderly person trying to fight. So so so bad.


And like...why? In any other movie they would use a double. In any other modern movie, they would use a double and CGI the face. Why did they hold fast to using an old man when the shots were wide, uncut, clear shots of a old man pretending to be 30-40? Such a bad call.


I have no idea, it is really amazing they not only chose to do that in the first place but decided to keep it in after reviewing the footage.


To differing success


Never has a 20 year old moved with such grace and ease.


Tbh I've thought of him as "about 40" for maybe 2 decades, so 56 kind of makes sense


Idk how I thought he, Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, Will Smith, Adam Sandler and other late 90s-mid 00s A-list stars were going to be the same age and with the same stardom all of my life.


Tropic Thunder wasn't really 14 years ago, was it? Oh god it was...


Impossible. That came out in 2008 and everyone knows the 90's were 10 years ago.


In my mind he’s still a young go-getter teaching fat kids at summer camp.


I've noticed this with a lot of other celebrities, or even pictures of my parents from when I was younger. Everyone looks so much older than I am now even though they were half my age. Like Kurt Cobain died when he was 27, he certainly did not look 27. My dad and mom look about their mid thirties in a photo when I was a baby, but they were only 20 and 23. I don't know if this is a phenomenon or if it's just in my head, but just something I've noticed over the years.


The Beatles were barely age 20-23 when they first arrived in the USA on their first major tour playing poppy love songs that drove the teenage girls crazy. They were age 27-29 when they broke up after creating tons of genre-creating psychedelic and experimental music. They released over 20 studio albums. Crazy.


YES, them and Led Zeppelin. I forgot to mention those two. Like goddamn they look so much older than I do even now. They were doing all this shit while I was going through college in my equivalent years. I don't think it's just me, either. My friends look significantly younger than their parents did at half their age. I had a woman card me the other day for alcohol, and she said "Wow, I didn't peg you for a day over 21" - I don't look THAT fucking young, but still... perspective?


> Like Kurt Cobain died when he was 27, he certainly did not look 27. Heroin addiction takes its toll, even on a pretty face


I knew a heroin addict that actually looked way younger than his age. He looked 32ish when he was actually 47. I asked him about that and he said, "heroin, it preserves you bro" maybe he just had good genes.


> heroin, it preserves you bro brb, going to start shooting heroin


I know you're joking but this reminded me of that post about a redditor who posted how he wanted to try and then he battled addiction for years.


Everyone was telling him he was a dumbass and it would ruin his life. Such a shame.


IIRC He was 4 years sobers the last time I checked! And spreading around the message "don't be dumb like me"


Cool. Do a big shot, you'll be high for the rest of your life.


Embalm yourself with heroin. That way not only will you be high for the rest of your life, but you'll be preserved too.


I think he was only on it for a few years, as compared to Layne Staley who was on it for well over a decade. He definitely looked pretty brutal towards the end. Kurt never really looked drugged out, at least compared to what you normally see with addicts. Even when smells like teen Spirit came out I mean that video he easily passed for 30. I don't think they were popular enough at the time of that filming for him to afford a major drug habit. It was only 2.5 years between nevermind and in utero when he died. I think the same thing with Nikki sixx, he was on heroin and Coke for many years, he's sober now but he looks pretty damn good for his age. Maybe it's just genetics


1. Kurt looked hella young in person. 2. He was a world-class heavyweight heroin user.


I remember this insane anecdote about his heroin use from his biography, Heavier Than Heaven. One night he was desperate to score so he hopped in his truck and drove out to some bad neighborhood where he knew he could find a junky den (or whatever they're called). He was already a world famous rock star at this point so imagine the shock on the faces of all these junkies as they see this guy walk in and join them in cooking heroin. Their jaws dropped even further when they saw how much heroin he was stuffing in the syringe. Most junkies, from what I've heard, know the risks of overdosing and are careful to avoid it. Kurt obviously didn't give a fuck and was trying to cram as much in as he possibly could. He injects and, to the horror of everyone, starts OD'ing on the spot. Everyone starts to freak out that a huge rockstar is about to die in their place. They panic and decide to drag him out to his truck where they throw him in the back. Someone suggested getting him to a hospital but Kurt, who was somehow still conscious enough to hear and understand this, began shouting "No, no hospital." So they just left him there as he was. Next morning he woke up, a little worse for wear but very much alive. He got in the driver's seat and drove home like nothing had happened.


Wait, heroin addiction is for the rich?


Buddy you just haven't seen the right stuff from cobain. There a more recent documentary where he's clearly strung out. He looks like a fucking auschwitz victim and he's doing the heroin nod. He wore like 3 layers of clothes regularly because he was gross skinny from all the heroin.


Maybe you're right. I'm not familiar with how fast a body can whither when on heroin. Layne was on heroin constantly. For at least a decade. Missed many shows, disappeared for years. Nikki Sixx did his throughout the 80's and 90's. Still functional, doesn't remember half his time in Motley Crue, OD'd twice? I don't think Kurt was that bad within 2 years enough to age him. But again, I don't know. I'm sure it's possible, but his looks during Nevermind and even prior made him seem to appear much older. For comparison, look up "Wild Side" video by Motley Crue. Nikki said he had no recollection of ever filming that video, that he was strung out the whole time. He didn't even look THAT old.


Hair, clothes, even film grain make a huge difference.


I'm wondering that too. I have a picture of my dad that I took with him when he was 32 through 35 somewhere around there and he had a beard. I'm in my 40s with the same exact beard and my face still looks significantly younger than his. I had an uncle who died at 39, about 20 years ago. He was in great shape, and his pictures still look older than mine. I don't know it's just really weird and something I noticed


I also think it's just about impossible for you to take away the fact that he's your dad and is older than you. It'd be interesting if you could use a similar film grain and clothes and what other people would say in a test.


I have a picture of my father, aged 24, playing with newborn me, that I recently recreated with my own infant son. I’m 40 years old and a bit heavier than my dad was when he was 24- and I STILL feel like I look younger in my photo than he does in his. Perspective is weird.


I think we commonly underestimate how old we look. I'm 30 now and while I know I'm not what I used to be, I still don't feel like I look as old as I am. I used to hang around at this bar a lot in my mid-to-late 20s where I would do work on my laptop. I was such a regular there that a few people (who had only been there a few times) mistook me for the owner. First few times it happened I thought they were joking "What, me, the owner? I'm too young for that man." But I guess I did actually look the part more than I realized.


Could be. I've had a lot of people assume I'm in my early 30s when I'm in my 40s. My friend, she is the same way. I bought this up to her one day, and said "you look younger than your mom at 40 than she did at 20". So we put it to this test, like "who looks older, left or right?" Maybe the color quality was better or something, but she still gets carded and people she dates are surprised when she said how old she is. My grandma has this picture of my mom growing up. She was 17 in that picture, and she looked 28. I'm tellin you, it's fucking weird.


Yeah check out some of the footage from the new Beatles thing Peter Jackson made to get a good example of how removing film grain influences the way you think of people. The Beatles looked like babies in that footage and they weren’t even that young, I’m just used to them being either actual old men or shown on old film. Edit: Figured I’d link some footage since I brought it up. The documentary is called [Get Back](https://youtu.be/Auta2lagtw4) although I’m sure many would have figured that out.


Nah, not in your head. Declines in smoking and excessive drinking, and the popularisation of sunscreen have changed the game.


Entirely this. Sun and smoking. Smoking ages you in almost every way. Stained teeth/skin, greying/yellowing of hair/skin, wrinkles, and sagging.


Diet plays a factor as well.


Less air pollution, growth hormone in our meats, lower rate of alcohol abuse and smokers/second hand smoke. Less sun exposure from indoor work and better protection from the sun from sunblocks to clothing to UV blocking car glass. More things of that nature. More urbanized environment, better technology.


It's very interesting how simply something like a haircut can alter a person's appearance. Recently when watching both of them, my dad was legit shocked to learn that The Score (2001) was made after Meet The Parents (2000) because Robert looks younger in the latter movie, despite it being released after the former.


Same as Ewan Mcgregor as Obi-wan. EP1 and EP2 were filmed a mere 3 years apart but he looks so fresh faced in the first movie and then a grizzled older man in the 2nd. Amazing work by the hair/make-up team!


Honestly I get confused when I see him looking so young. He looked 45 in that one role and that just kind of stuck as my mental age of him


Time never stops passing, unfortunately.


Nah. The trick is to go really, really fast.


Slow down, Barry.


[Press F to outrun the monster.](https://xkcd.com/667/)


I never knew… Dear god… I never knew…


Have you seen Ewan? Time fucking lost.


That might’ve been a super subtle thing in Weird Al’s parody. He looks younger than he did in the 80s.


On the same note, Marlon Brando is only in his late 40s in The Godfather.


Ian McDiarmid was less than 40 years old when filming Return of the Jedi, and him being able to reprise his role as his *younger* self decades later is still mind-blowing to me.


He did have the benefit of being made up to look old and creepy in ROTJ so it was quite lucky in a way they decided to do that as it worked out beautifully for the prequels.


Sam Jackson was 45 in Pulp Fiction


Sam Jackson has always been and will always be 45.


Take a seat.


I don’t remember asking you a GODdamn thing!


*Say bitch be cool!*




The only movie he's ever looked old in was Django. Marvel made a brilliant play picking Sam Jackson to be the backbone of their early movies, since he never ages and can show up in anything. Always smart to cast a real life comic book character in your comic book movies.


He looks about 40 or 45 in that movie to me. Do people think he looks older? Or younger?


I think the general idea is he looks young. But I agree, he looks about his age in Pulp Fiction.


Yeah but isn't he styled to look older? Hair, make-up, cotton in the mouth for the jowels... I just mean that a hair cut can change the way people see you but they went the distance to age him


But that was a lot of makeup with Brando


Yeah the comparison doesn’t really hold up when the goal was to make the actor look really old.


Heat was only released 5 years before Meet the Parents. If Hollywood wants to make you look young, they'll make you look young. If they want you to look old, you'll look old. It's not till they try really drastic 80 down to 30 type stuff like they attempted in the Irishman where the movie magic is insufficient to keep up the illusion.


Former is the first. Do you have this backwards?


You got latter and former mixed up there bud. Latter means the second one. Former is the first one


Another fun fact posted in the past couple of months, aragorn is now the same age gandalf was when filming. We are old as shit :/ (lord of the rings fyi, sorry I sometimes forget not everyone has seen every movie lol)


What do you mean? Lotr only came out like four years ago.




Another show I loved. I know people didn't like the ending or the Starbuck stuff but that show blew my damn mind when I watched it. I avoided it for years cuz of Dwight schrute. The office made it seem like that show was a joke but it's one of my favorites now


Holy shit, it's been 23980 years already?!


Paul atreides, is that you? 😊 / Leto 2 for you book readers 😅


Viggo looked younger than his age when he did LOTR.


Well yeah he was in his 80s in the trilogy but looked like a man in his 30s or early 40s


He really did. My perspective of age has changed so much growing up. Now that I am almost 40 and realizing most of these guys were doing movies when they were 20 really wakes me up haha


Excuse me no


Dyslexia is a bitch.


Sounds like the plot to Why Him? Which was written by the same guy who wrote all the Meet the Parents films. Maybe that should have been in the Fockerverse.


Reminds me a bit of that Will Ferrell movie about dads/stepdads. “He is literally superior to you in every way.” 😂


That movie is so awful but damnit I loved every second


Hey, is someone messing with the thermostat?


That was Daddy's Home 2, which is significantly better than the first movie, IMO. John Lithgow probably has something to do with that.


I thought that’s what he was talking about. I don’t think I’ve seen the first one, then


I thought both movies were just okay but that thermostat scene had me dying. Its so funny how on the same page they all are about this one thing


Yeah to be fair that and the skateboarding scene are all i remember


The sequel was actually a lot funnier than I thought it would be


Or even the show 'Cuckoo'


Viggo Mortensen is 2 years older than Ian McKellen was when they filmed Lord of the Rings. I know your point is about making a movie, but mine is just to people uncomfortable.


He is one of the dunedain, a descendant of numenor blessed with long life


Because Samwise out of mercy chose not to take the longshanks down a peg


And also consider this: I am 20 years older than I was in 2001


Mind blown.


Thanks to everlasting 2020, I am somehow 35 years older than I was in 2001. Or I feel it, at least.


The roaring 20s have already been the longest decade of our life.


No joke, 2021 is almost over and in my head it's still 2020.


Glad it's you and not me, buddy. Stay strong.


Liv Tyler really lucked out


Ian’s one of that generation that aged super quick.


Born just in time to survive WWII, go to grade school while the entirety of Europe had to be rebuilt, come of age when the Cold War is getting rolling good, and lived a large portion of their lives in a world saturated in leaded paint and gasoline while smoking a pack a day because it's fashionable. I think he looks fantastic, all things considered.


Imagine also the stress Ian McKellen had being a gay man at the time. He would have been discovering his sexuality in the 1950s-1960s which was probably not super easy. Then when he was comfortably middle aged, the AIDS epidemic hit and probably took a lot people he knew.




I like this comment


Okay how do I delete someone else’s comment? I hate this.


This genuinely made me say “ohh...” out loud.


I would call it 'Old Fockers' and include a theme about how the new boyfriend makes Ben Stiller's character go through an 'old life' crisis. Edit - Poster done https://ibb.co/s9SpVtC


Grumpy old Fockers


‘What the Focker’




What if the boyfriend teams up with De Niros character to make fun of focker again.


That would work, because that’s what made the original funny. Focker being driven crazy while no one around him could see what was happening. Focker has a “this is going to be good” vibe and then Jack and boyfriend hit it off and become bff’s and drive Focker crazy yet again. It drives Focker crazy because the boyfriend is like the sound engineer for a local cover band and Jack is enthralled and asking a million questions about his job; compared to Jack shitting on his respected Nursing career. I think it writes itself.


Shit this actually rules


I could also see Focker trying to get Jack to give him advice on looking masculine and like a patriarch to this new guy, but Jack just fucks with him giving him advice that makes him look like a jackass.


Only problem is that at the end of Meet the Fockers Jack has begun to seriously warm up to the Focker family style. Hugging, kissing, praising, etc. So all these years down the line, do you undo that character development for laughs (which makes the film seem cheaper)? Not sure. I still think Greg needs to be the one to be driven crazy, but I'm just not sure how Jack should fit into it.


Hollywood, this one right here.


Or if the son and the daughter bring each other home. Call it Meet the [Folgers](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhfcWTZeP1k).


Or what about his daughter bringing home a boyfriend who really *is* trash. Like, it starts out with him making the same mistakes and gaffes that Greg did, but eventually it just becomes apparent that he's also definitely a tool. But Greg is so determined to not be like Jack that he completely overlooks everything wrong with Boyfriend and makes endless excuses on his behalf. Meanwhile Pam sees through Boyfriend's act and is trying to convince Greg that he can be a good protective dad without turning into Jack. And maybe Greg's son brings over his best friend and Greg thinks that Son is gay and is trying to reassure him that it's fine, but it turns out that Son also thinks that Boyfriend is a tool and wants Best Friend and Daughter to get together. It's not the creepy thing where the best friend is lusting after the daughter the whole time, Best Friend doesn't really realize his feelings either until they're all together. Pam and Son both see the chemistry and are trying to get them together but Greg is Team Boyfriend and Best Friend doesn't want to overstep the relationship boundaries with Daughter and Boyfriend. It ends with Boyfriend realizing that he needs to work on himself to live up to the kind of man Greg thinks he can be, breaks up with Daughter amicably, and Daughter and Best Friend end up together. I'm not sure how Jack's character would fit into this. Maybe he's there and like Pam he sees through Boyfriend, and Greg can accuse him of trying to turn Pam against him yet again and always having to have it out for someone. Or maybe Jack and Best Friend bond and Jack is happy that his grandson clearly has such a nice boyfriend.


Whilst yes I think the trope is played out... I do enjoy the fresh angle of enlisting his father in law to help. So it's not just father vs boyfriend.... It's grandfather, and father vs boyfriend. That could be fun.


Or kinda keep the theme and go grandfather and boyfriend vs father


If you want to bake your noodle, just realize that Tom Cruise is now the same age Robert Duvall was when they made Days of Thunder.


I feel like men in general age better than previous generations did… could be put down to better knowledge of health?


They were talking about this on The Dan Patrick Show a week or two ago I think due to Paul Rudd being names sexiest man alive at 52 and the diabetus spokesman that died years ago was that age and looked 70 when he made some movie. Basically same discussion as here. Their conclusion was the same as yours, guys back then weren't doing "yoga" in the morning, "pilates" in the afternoon and drinking a 5 nutrient breakfast shake as a meal for breakfast and lunch... Or whatever, you get the point. Also, Botox has gotten better (as per the show 😅).


I think a big part of it is that people don't smoke anymore.


That and people tend to protect themselves a little better from the sun as well. My mother-in-law used to rub coconut oil on her skin when she went to the beach.


I still have strong memories of the grown ups all smelling of Banana Boat come summer time as a kid. I will never for get that smell. It's chiseled in my brain.


Somebody should write a song about wearing sunscreen


Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of '97...


This is why the once-ageless Leo now looks 100% of his age. Dude smokes like a chimney.


Funny enough, as the guy who’s the poster child for not ageing, Keanu Reeves *does* smoke


Weird thing is, Keanu Reeves DEFINITELY aged. Paul Rudd looks basically the same now as he did in Clueless, but Keanu Reeves looks incredibly different than Bill & Ted. Keanu Reeves should instead be the poster child for aging well. He just gets hotter with age.


Pretty certain that Paul Rudd never quit smoking. Same with Keanu Reeves.


Also, plastic surgery.


We started watching all the James Bonds from the beginning and it was crazy how young Sean Connery was in them despite how he looked. He was in his early 30s at the start yet he looked 40+. People definitely look younger these days maybe it’s because people live longer or have kids later or diet I don’t know but it’s definitely a thing and not just with rich actors either.


Everyone smoked back then too,which ages you horribly.


Wilford Brimley died last August at 85. This kind of throws a person very renowned for playing an old person against one known for aging very well. Brimley wasn't hired for Cocoon because he looked 49. He was hired because his skin was cooked enough he could pass for 70. He was the diabetes spokesman for years after getting diagnosed in '79, and I'm betting he did take good care of himself as he still managed to reach decently old age.


> Brimley wasn't hired for Cocoon because he looked 49. Brimley was also artificially aged up by makeup for that movie. If I remember correctly, they bleached his hair (including his facial hair) and added liver spots to his skin.


Wilford Brimley and I bet it was the movie Cocoon which was released when Brimley was 51. Or hell Wilford Brimley in The Thing when he was 48 still looks rough.


Cocoon's plot was about old people unlocking the secret to staging young, so I'm guessing Cocoon is the movie they're talking about.


Wilford Brimley died last year actually! And yeah he looked to be in his 70s as far back as The Thing where he was only 48.


Steve Martin has looked the same age for 40 years


>diabetus spokesman that died years ago was that age and looked 70 Yeah, he was only 48 here: https://www.syfy.com/sites/syfy/files/2020/08/wilfred-brimley-the-thing.jpg


He looks so different without the mustache.


>I feel like men in general age better than previous generations did I think part of it is just that they *have to*. Until somewhat recently, famous men didn't have any obligation to look flawless. They could go bald and still be leading men. They could be hairy or paunchy or gaunt and still be sex symbols. For every Robert Redford there was a Robert DeNiro. Men like Humphrey Bogart, Jack Nicholson, Elliot Gould, Bruce Willis... if they were coming up today, they'd have to have hair implants, they'd have to get body waxing and get undereye fillers and eyelid lifts and chemical peels and botox and all of those other minor procedures that Paul Rudd and company get. And if the male Avengers actors had come up in the 60s, 70s or 80s... well, they'd be a hell of a lot balder and saggier in their 40s and 50s than they are today. The short ones wouldn't wear lifts everywhere they go. And they'd still be sex symbols. That's why men in particular seem to age better now, moreso than women. Women, especially famous women, have always been expected to try to look as young as possible for as long as possible. But men didn't have that problem until recently. **In conclusion:** If you're a man and you feel like you're aging faster than your rich & famous counterparts... [Matthew McCounaghey](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f3/df/c9/f3dfc97e8aa419449891df5c0463cf8d.jpg) and [Elon Musk](https://techiegamers.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/elon-musk-hair-before-and-after-733x366.jpg) and [Jamie Foxx](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/29/3a/46/293a468c5e7fff408cd132b25d3a995f.jpg) didn't grow lower hairlines because they "stay hydrated".


Better health, better diet, more sunscreen, less smoking, less drinking (in some cases), and big advances in plastic surgery/botox.


Well for starters we're not all smoking 2 packs of unfiltered cigarettes a day


In two weeks, Brad Pitt (born in '63) will be the same age (58 years old) as Morgan Freeman (born in '37) was when they shot Se7en (1995).


Holy fuck Morgan Freeman is older than Keith Richards. By six years. I'm finding this difficult to process.


Morgan Freeman has done way fewer drugs and as a result still looks like a living human, unlike Keith Richards.


To be fair, Morgan has looked “old” for 20 years now.


Brad Pitt is almost 60. This pains me.


They can make a sequel called Se7en Ele7en about Brad Pitt’s character trying to retire from the force!


I don’t think he’s still on the force…


Found Pete Davidson’s Reddit account.


Yeah, DeNiro is not making enough stinkers these days, let's pitch another one to him. Stella McCartney needs his money.


What's the connection between DeNiro and Stella McCartney?


Ya wtf lol


Stop giving Hollywood shitty ideas. But also yeah I'd definitely watch that.


My god, this post makes me feel so old. Fun af fact though.


Call it 'Fock Me'


Sorry but why James Mangold lol? Not exactly who I think of when I think "wacky hi-jinks."


Could the boyfriend just be Davidson's character from SNL, Chad??








Fuck it just make this a whole SNL skit


Ben's late father Jerry Stiller was born 65 years old.


This is a brilliant idea. The future daughter-in-law (better than a son-in-law) should be a 2022 version of Jack: A lethal private military contractor and extreme athlete who works for a mysterious company in war zones around the world. It’s very believable Ben Stiller is 56. It’s been 32 years since he played a young mafia prince in 1989’s [Next of Kin](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Next_of_Kin_(1989_film)) alongside young Patrick Swayze, Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Adam Baldwin and Liam Neeson.


And little fockers sets this up with the whole double dose of focker joke. The daughter is 100% more like Jack than Greg.