What's with the sudden influx of Lilo & Stitch posts and articles??


20th anniversary of the film was yesterday or a few days ago Edit: I only found out because I follow the Lilo & Stitch Creator on insta and he made a fun little announcement video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CfFG7-jDWMa/


Okay, now THAT makes me feel old.


'*Waves with walking stick*' Those were the days.


I'm in my thirties and that comment made me straighten my back fearing for my own old age.


I’m in my 40s and you better keep working out that back and core muscles like your abs or you’re gonna wish you could straighten it out.


Also be nice to your knees!!


As someone who injured their knees in their 20s, can confirm it sucks. Also toes, ankles, and hips. You need those to walk, as it turns out.


Feet too as I've found out.


Do squats and deadlifts. Build those muscles to support those knees in the long run.


I'm thirty 32 I came to realization that in 18 years I'll be fifty....... FUCK!


It’s actually illegal to mention things like that when other people in their 30s are present


Same here. Just too young to remember 9/11 but just old enough to remember Lilo and Stitch on VHS


Still have my LILO and Stitch on VHS. Still have a VHS player. It may be old, but it still works whenever I put it in after all those years!


“Never forget” “But also delete all references to the towers in all movies around this point in time” Respek


It had literally just happened, and understandably directors didn't want to leave this giant reminder of 2000+ people dying a few weeks ago in their films. People aren't gonna forget 9/11 happened because "Spiderman" pulled it off their poster.




It was also its 20 year anniversary yesterday if I’m not mistaken


The live action film that's being developed


Shit, they gonna ruin another wonderful movie


But they’re still going to make hundreds of millions from it so they’ll keep making them.


We’ll stop beating this dead horse when it stops spitting out money!


But until then, we’ll repeat stuff






And once they’ve made live action versions of their beloved animated movies they’ll go back and make animated versions of all these mediocre live action movies and the cycle will continue.


And they’ll be bizarrely low-quality CG too


Yeah. The animation style of this movie is so unique, soft and beautiful. It doesn't need to be live action


Soft and beautiful is what you get when you use watercolor.


Ah okay, I don't think I'd heard about that but makes sense


The answer to ‘what’s up with’ will always be some sort of ad campaign.


Yup used to be confused when I suddenly seemed to see the same actor everywhere in the news for a day or so, now I know it either means they died or theres a new project they are releasing.


Or they are on trial for defamation.


Funny thing is, I wanted to watch it yesterday and it was pushed on the front page of my Disney+ too. Never watched it on the platform before.


It also highlights kinship care and the struggles that kinship families face. Often they are forgotten by social work but the kids are very much in care as someone in foster care. In the case of Lilo and Stitch, we see the parents both suddenly die in a road accident and Nani assumes the role of kinship carer. Social work have involvement due to the clear neglect that goes on in this case - look at the garden and kitchen for examples, also the drawing of Lilo alone on the fridge. We can assume this neglect has come from the sudden responsibily thrust upon Nani but also the fact that she is also a young person who is grieving the loss of her two parents. Instead of providing Nani with support, the social work department looks immediately to take Lilo away from her sister and split the family up. They tell her that she is on her final warning etc but we never see any support bases implemented, no assistance for her to find a job, no parenting classes. Nothing at all. The teachers and other adults around Lilo feel sorry for her because of her situation, and instead of providing her with support, she is allowed to act out with little to no consequences. The other kids in Lilo's life know of her situation and bully her as a result. This leaves Lilo alone and feeling unhappy and sad. Lilo and Stitch is a very touching story of how care experienced people are viewed by the world, of how they are treated and how there is little to no support for them. There are lower expectations from the adults in their lives which in turn means children in care will hold themselves to those lower standards and not achieve as much as their non care experienced peers. It is incredibly sad. All we need is a little extra support. We're dealing with incredibly traumatic situations, intense emotions, loss of parental figures and little to no support. And yes, I was in care. I was in kinship care predominantly. It sucks the way some people view us as different.


I just want to point out too that Bubbles (the social worker) is clearly pretty torn about the situation, but he has to follow the law, which is another nice realistic touch.


Honestly, he just wants a stable home for Lilo. There are so many stories of a family that can’t provide for their children and refuse to do something about it. Nani is also in a heartbreaking situation because of well everything.


Yes it's all a very very realistic movie and it's so relatable to young people, not just those of us who have been in care but those who have family struggles at home, bullying issues, literally covers everything. I remember being bundled up in a car straight out of school by two social workers and it just feels so relatable to me.


Wow, great comment. Gonna have to give the movie a rewatch


It's not something I realised as a kid but since watching with my young niece and nephew I picked up on all of it immediately. Wonderful way to introduce tough subjects to children and be inclusive of different life experiences!!


Tourism in Hawaii also has damaging consequences for the natives as most are in or hovering above poverty, and they removed the "ignorant tourist" scene which I would've liked to see in the final cut.


Thank you I just looked it up. As far as I’m concerned, that scene is canon. It is *so canon*.


It's such a great scene, I can't believe they cut it. It establishes Lilo's struggles go beyond just her poor social life in school and the grief at home due her parents dying, but she's effectively surrounded by wealthy tourist that treat her impoverished home town like it was Disneyland. It also allows her and Stitch to connect more on their mutual outsider status and how they react to it.


"Hey, speak English? Which way to da *beach?*" I love how she points in random directions for both tourists, since the beach is pretty much everywhere. The last line hits differently. "If you lived here, you'd understand." It's funny, but also sad.


Got a link? Edit: never mind; [I found it](https://youtu.be/taPoeIQaOiQ). And holy shit, that's awesome!


Yes, very much agree. Two very different experiences with Frozen involving a royal family and all the resources available, while Lilo and Stitch is low SES with little to no resources. Being a male, I am able to enjoy and relate to Lilo and Stitch infinitely more because I could relate. Not so much to the child welfare side, but being a latch key kid, struggling with jiggling the responsibility of being a parent without help...all that hits closer to home than the fantasy of being royalty ever will.


“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”.


"This is my family, it's little, and broken. But still good... yeah still good."


"This is my family. I found it... all by myself."


“Can stitch say goodbye?”


One fucking sentence and I'm crying. Thanks.


^(“My friends need to be punished.”)


"If I gave Pudge tuna, I'd be an ABOMINATION!"


So I had to go to the store, and buy peanut butter, cause all we have is STINKING TUNA


Thus far you have been adrift in the sheltered harbor of my patience, but I cannot tolerate you being jobless.


This thread has summoned Dom Toretto 😅


when you say family 3 times in a mirror with the lights off Dom shows up, gives you a Corona with lime and a hug. Keepin it wholesome.


Oh man, I'd do that every evening.


But he only quotes lines from the movie.


"aww good hug...but my name's not Brian. Stop aggressively calling me Brian."


And when he’s not quoting lines, he’s making car noises with his mouth like a 6yo


"Bro...I just wanted a hug...but I'm brushing my teeth and you're making me laugh." I love it, this is better than saying Biggie Smalls three times.


If they make a live action lilo and stitch movie they have to get dom toretto in their some where even if it’s just a quick cameo


He looks a bit like Cobra Bubbles, the ex-CIA agent turned social worker.


100%, if Lilo and Stitch live action happens, Cobra Bubbles HAS to be him. It’s just too perfect.


Sadly Michael Duncan Clark isn't around for the role, so Vin will have to suffice


Naw it has to be ving rhymes the voice of cobbra bubbles. He kinda looks like him


I cry every time at this line.


For me it's when he's in the forest, looks up and says "Lost... I'm lost" expecting his parents to show up...


Every line in this movie hits me in the feels. Stitch is my little autistic buddy. I felt an intense kinship with him long before my diagnosis.


I'm crying just reading it.


*sobs uncontrollably*


The "yeah, still good" is permanently etched in my brain, rent free.


This is the one


And I start sobbing


Even reading this brings a tear to my eye....


"Is little. And broken. But.. still good. Yes. Still good!" Not sure if I got that exactly right but it's definitely my favorite animated movie of all-time.


Obama means family


Thanks Obama


Well, he was born in Hawaii, so, slightly more appropriate than it might otherwise be


You're a real brOhana for pointing that out!




Isn’t that already a thing, not dim toretto in L&S but lilo and stitch 2


This is what I love about Moana. No inkling of romance whatsoever. And also, Moana is destined to be the next chief and they don't feel any need to address that a female is becoming chief. It's just completely normal and irrelevant


While Moana isn't my favorite movie, I was so glad they didn't go down the, Village: "you can't be the chief, you're a girl!" Moana: "now I must go on an adventure to prove myself as a woman!" No, instead it's, "I have to go against the grain because I believe I can save my village and my family," and I really appreciate it.


She also demonstrates leadership and takes an active role in government. Ridiculously rare amongst the Disney princesses.


Many Pacific Islander cultures are matriarchal.


i think frozen just emphasizes the romance more while lilo and stitch, at least from what i remember, was never about any romance and lilo is a child so there's no expectation of it.


My guy forgetting about David


David was so chill though. He genuinely cared about them and tried to help Lilo and Nani in their time of need. He was a good friend.


David didn’t feel entitled to Nani’s affections either. David told her how he felt, she rejected him, and he didn’t complain, or demand or pester. Instead, he stayed around as a friend and respected Nani’s wishes.


David was a cool guy who basically acted like a father in the family because he loved them. It’s a movie about bringing out the best in people, even the little blue alien made for hatred.


> even the little blue alien made for hatred. To be fair, Stitch was never designed to hate. Just to destroy. It wasn't until he met Lilo that he learned the love to create (music). And *that* was only able to happen because Stitch's programming to destroy could never activate because he landed on an island "with no large cities" to be drawn to to destroy.


And steal everyone's left shoe.


That was honestly my favorite part of his programming.


Wasn't part of his programming to steal everyones left shoe, *and use them to clog up the sewer systems?*


I believe the line was "clog up sewers, reverse street signs, and steal everyone's left shoe" or something to that effect.


It's worth pointing out that the one line that some people call out as questionable when they're running off for her to apply for that job, still isn't pushy in a bad way. > > >Aw, David, I owe you one. > >That's okay. You can just date me, and we'll call it even. It is well established at that point that they have mutual interest and really the only thing stopping Nani from pursuing him is her shitty situation. This isn't tit-for-tat, it's more like, "Hey, if things are better, maybe we can finally give it a chance." All of her rejections were not, "I don't want you." but "I can't have a relationship right now."


I think they do get together in the second movie tho


Because it wasn’t that she didn’t like him she was busy being a young parent who never asked for that responsibility and didn’t have the same respect as a parent. She was putting her life on hold for her sister which makes it even more relevant.


Yeah she never actually rejected him. He was just asking at the worst possible times, when she was looking for a job and about to lose custody


Exactly it was clear she cared for him but was being a good person by prioritizing her sister and stability before her own wants. I mean she’s writing about the dude in her diary Lilo points that out.


She did think his hair was cute and she likes his butt.


I remember him trying more than once but it still wasn’t in a pestering way. Might be misremembering tho, it’s been a while.


He asks her twice if I'm remembering correctly in the first film. Once at the luau where she basically says she has too much on her plate with Lilo and the social worker situation, and later when he tells her he found a job for her. We don't hear an answer to that one, they run off and the scene changes.


Yeah this was it, it’s implied that Nani would give him a chance but she had to basically become a full time mom to a difficult kid so she has no time for dating. After she rejects him once, Lilo tells David something like “Don’t worry I read her diary, she thinks your hair is cute”


"She likes your butt and your fancy hair." "She thinks it's fancy?"


Man knew his ass was a beacon, but was pleasantly surprised Nani found his hair fancy


He has Capt Rogers’ Star-Spangled Glutes workout vhs tape


"and she likes your butt"


Likes his butt and fancy hair


>We don't hear an answer to that one, they run off and the scene changes. I need closure


In the end we see a lot of pictures with them together, so it's not 100% clear they get together, but it's highly probable.


Wasn’t there a whole sequel television series?


Yes, and three movies. He was her boyfriend in all of them.


You need Nami/David slashfics? Let me see what I can find.


I think through the movie we see him try twice, yhe luau and then at the end when he tells her instead of a favor to just date him while they are running to the job he found her. With the conversation they have at the luau we know it's been brought up before, but it's more a rejection with circumstances then not being attracted to him. I don't see David as being pushy and although he does indeed want to date Nani, he is a genuine nice enough guy to be a helpful friend even if they didn't end up dating.


>but it's more a rejection with circumstances then not being attracted to him. We do know that Nani likes his butt and fancy hair


She thinks its fancy?


To be fair too after the first time he asks Lilo let's him know Nani is interested so it's not like the feelings are at least a little bit reciprocated.


My partner of now 10 years rejected me twice initially. She just had a lot going on in life and was still getting over a long term relationship. Was always respectful and kept chatting as friends. 3rd times the charm, baby But context definitely matters. There's a big difference between being rejected because someone straight up doesn't want a relationship with you, and being rejected because the timing is poor and/or they just aren't looking for any relationship atm


David is the best bf in all the Disney movies. Gave Nani a cell phone before they dated, and homie actually cared.


Man, I had such a crush on David. Dude was fine as fuck *and* a good person.


It's the fancy hair


Honestly a model as to how to handle romantic rejection from someone you care about in your friend circle. Lots of good messaging in this movie.


Nani told David to back off because she couldn’t fit a boyfriend into her life just right then. And he did. David was the realest.


She likes his butt and fancy hair.


She thinks it's fancy?


Doesnt everyone lol. "You're from space? I hear the waves there are choice." Who did you hear that from, David?


David smells like a lawnmower because he spends all day smokin that kush.


Hey Nani, howzit!


On top of this, while Lilo and Nani are sisters, they have much more of a typical parent-child relationship due to their age difference and the lack of other parental figures. As much as that is a true-to-life dynamic, I imagine far more young girls were able to see themselves within Frozen’s portrayal of sisterhood.


> On top of this, while Lilo and Nani are sisters, they have much more of a typical parent-child relationship due to their age difference and the lack of other parental figures. This. They may be literal sisters, but the dynamic is clearly that of a parent and child. I think Nani even does parent-teacher conferences at Lilo's school.


More like that the parent/child dynamic is what Nani is trying to create. Their parents are gone and CPS is gonna take Lilo, Nani's only remaining family, away from her if she can't become a proper caretaker. The sister dynamic bubbles up at times like when Lilo locks Nani out of the house, and it effectively puts her on thin ice with the CPS agent, so she works harder to be the more mature and nurturing person that Lilo needs that the government is demanding of her.


I loved this movie, my 3rd daughter took to this movie when she was a toddler. All my kids had a movie they were glued to for a while as toddlers. My son had Cars, my oldest daughter had Frozen, my third had Lilo and Stitch and our youngest had the newest version of the Grinch with Benedict Cumberbatch, (I remember being in Florida in early June for vacation and she was watching the Grinch in between beach time in the condo.) Lilo and Stitch is cute as hell. She reminds me of my Maddie so it made sense she was drawn to the characters. We just watched it a week or so ago because sometimes I just like to cycle through older Disney movies to pass the time. I’ll never forget Maddie’s little giggles filling the room when Stitch was being goofy or rambunctious.


In fairness to Frozen, Lio and Stitch had almost nothing to do with romance. It was a great coming-of-age story that focused on both Nani growing as an adult (and provider for the family) and Lilo coming out of her shell. I love ya, David, but you weren't as pivotal to the story as Kristoff was for Frozen. You were more like a laid-back big brother.


I think David's role was less about a romance plot and more about showing how hard it was for Nani to have the normal life someone her age should have and how much she was sacrificing for Lilo


Which is absolutely the case. Plus it helps that the dude is likeable to begin with.


My man shoots his shot, is rejected because of her familial responsibilities, doesn’t whine, complain or stop being her friend, and even continues to help her whenever she needs it, without expecting anything in return. David is the type of guy every man should look to for how to act when a girl says no. Absolute Chad.


You also get the impression they were pretty good friends even before Lilo leaked the encouraging diary info about his hair and butt.


“She thinks it’s fancy?”


Indeed. The world would be a much better place if more people were like David.


I also think he was an important role model / lesson to boys as to how to handle rejection from someone you care about. This type of interaction / relationship is rare in media, compared to the "keeps trying no matter what" trope.


The real romance in Frozen was between Kristoff and the fucking moose.




Moosen are better than people


I would say Mulan even had more to do with family and honor over romance than Frozen. The "romance" didn't even become part of the story until the end. Mulan did what she did to protect her father's life, along the way she made brothers in arms and found a purpose in defending her homeland and emperor, and then at the end after all the plot was completed... grandma says "yo, homeboy cute."


I never saw it as sisterhood. Nani straight up becomes the mom.


Most things are not nearly as new as most people think they are.


Simpsons did it already.


Arcane has been praised by just about everyone, and while many of the tropes are pretty established people are talking about how it broke the curse of video game adaptations and really brought something new to the scene. I loved it, but then I watched Metropolis and realied how Arcane is extremely similar to a movie from 1927.


Lilo & Stitch is very well written


And does a great job of displaying Hawaii, the lifestyle, and culture!


Nothing trumps lilo and stitch imo


Emperors New Groove and this are tied as my #1's


Oh *riiiight* the poison, the poison for Kuzco, the poison chosen to kill Kuzco, Kuzco's poison... that poison? YES THAT POISON Some great casting in that film all round but Patrick Warburton as Kronk never gets old


The "UGHHH" Kronk does upon seeing Yzma's masked face in the tent makes me cry laughing every time. Also, Tom freaking Jones as the theme song guy is unmatched.


*GASP* My spinach puffs!


squeak squeaker squeak squeakin


*listens to the squirrel a moment then nods* squeakity


Why do we even have that lever?


"Well you got me. By all accounts this doesn't make sense." Is one of my favorite movie lines ever. Kronk is the best.


Lilo & Stitch, A Goofy Movie, and Treasure Planet are mine


Its the only disney soundtrack thats ever been on my music library, from my little cd player up to my phone today. Its the greatest and just seeing the title i started half singing from memory [He Mele No Lilo](https://youtu.be/kvznYJEFh1w). From actual Hawaiian songs (fucking Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride) to Elvis to just the ambient songs its just my favorite of all time. And of course stitch is amazing and the entire message of the movie and basically everything is as well. Honestly need to watch alot of “old” disney again. Revist my childhood.


Who puts the ‘glad’ in ‘gladiators’?? 💪🏼


Cobra Bubbles


"Did you ever kill anyone?"


We're getting off the subject.


Lilo and Stitch is being brought up often lately, it seems.


They announced a live action on its 20th anniversary


What a horrible 20th birthday gift.


The live-action was announced a few years ago.


The reason people talked about it with Frozen so much and not Lilo and Stitch is that the former is a Disney Princess movie which previously all had romance as central to the story and often as the way of solving the princess' dilemma. Lilo and Stitch wasn't subverting a well-established formula. Now whether Frozen was effective in any of this is a different story and you can discuss that all you want but I don't get why this is being treated as some massive double standard by some people.


I do like the new pivot to there's no "real" bad guy (Encanto, Turning Red, even in Luca the relationship drama outshadows the bully) but stories of people learning how to interact with each other. The lessons are way more applicable. ​ EDIT: As others have said also see Soul, Inside Out, and Moana!


Luca's villain was great. The context may have made it so that the conflict was larger than just the actions and plans of the villain, but I still think kid movies benefit from an actual villain character, not an amorphous natural force or generational trauma or whatever. And I disagree that movies without villain characters are better. The past decade of Disney and Pixar movies have suffered from not having concrete villains. As Luca (and Ratatouille and Toy Story and Monsters Inc. and Big Hero 6) showed, the central conflict can be an abstract emotional conflict about one's place in society or family, while the villain character acts as an antagonist whose harmful actions raise the stakes of a conflict that the antagonist might not actually understand. Often the best stories have a villain who wants something other than just harming the protagonist, but where the harm to the protagonist is the natural result or side effect of their evil ambition. Those are the types of stories I like best for family movies, because it adds layered complexity on a simpler framework, something for the adults and the adolescents and the kids.


Oh I'm not saying they are "better", it's just a refreshing change of pace.


Moana did that, as well.


'Lilo and Stitch' prioritised low flying aircraft in metropolitain spaces way before 9/11


They actually had to remove some parts of that flight sequence because of 9/11, also your dates are a bit off.


They redid it entirely to take it out of the city areas, the old version is on youtube


For real?


Yep, [here's a side by side.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2uJvwiSZAQ)


Damn this scene is cool as fuck. Sad that it got cut


The music in that video is killing me lmao


Yeah, it's pretty bad, here's the clip without the comparison or the unnecessary music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-s47rHdHYg


Interesting! It's sad some of the animations got cut but it seems like the alien ship makes more sense with the plot anyways.


My Neighbor Totoro did this still earlier, and Roger Ebert was observant enough to remark that Miyazaki’s choice to have two sisters together (not a brother and sister, etc) was a welcome departure from the norm.




Clearly no one ever watched any of the Olsen twin masterpieces.




"oh cool, I didn't realize it was a competition. "


And there were movies that did it before Lilo and Stitch, what's the point here?


Frozen got a lot of credit from critics and the general audience for being about sisters and not being the typical man/woman disney love story He's pointing out that they did it first, years ago, and with better execution. But nobody gave them a round of applause for doing it


But they did get applause for it, and it was also extremely critically acclaimed


> He's pointing out that they did it first, years ago, and with better execution. But nobody gave them a round of applause for doing it I think that's because Lilo and Stitch came out in a different time when not every creative decision was scrutinized by millions of eyes on Reddit and Twitter.


Before the dark times.


before *Empire* magazine


Before the Fire Nation attacked


>But nobody gave them a round of applause for doing it Yeah, but who cares? Lilo and Stitch is a widely beloved movie that spawned multiple spin-offs and made everyone try their terrible Stitch impressions at dinner parties that made everyone else uncomfortable with secondhand embarrassment.


> nobody gave them a round of applause for it Really? I've never heard anything but praise for Lilo&Stitch...