Kenyon Martin: “I think Steph Curry can play in any era. He plays the game the right way…” Gilbert Arenas: “People talk about translating, it's always the physical part. They take away the skill. One older guy was like, 'We'll just put him on his ass.' That ain't stopping him.”

Kenyon Martin: “I think Steph Curry can play in any era. He plays the game the right way…” Gilbert Arenas: “People talk about translating, it's always the physical part. They take away the skill. One older guy was like, 'We'll just put him on his ass.' That ain't stopping him.”


As if pistol pete was this hardc0re buff dude.


Right?? Here's a hot take, every NBA player from this era can play in any era and vice versa. Humans adapt.


Seriously. Great players are innovative and creative. Put them in any era and they still maintain those attributes. The excel at adapting and competing. That's what they do.


Ben Simmons can't even play in this era


Also lmuggsy bogues played a couple years in the "tough" 80s too. They let a 5'3 guy run rampant. But tell me again how smaller players wouldn't be effective in the league because of "toughness".


I get what you're going for but Muggsy Bogues was probably the most jacked 5'3 dude of all time lol Exaggerating of course but [look at this guy, he's huge. look at those legs! He looks like he's about to ride the Tour de France](https://hoopshype.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/92/2019/01/muggsybogues_hornets5.jpg?w=1000&h=600&crop=1)




Huh? When did muggsy compete in the dunk comp? You thinking about spud Webb, who actually won the comp at 5'7"


Oh shit you're right lol


that boi moisturizes


lmaooo mark price lookin like an above average height substitute teacher just cookin fools back then


> One older guy was like, 'We'll just put him on his ass.’ Yes, because giving Steph more free throws at a 90% clip is gonna stop him


Didn't you hear? There were no free throws called for fouls back then, so if someone brought a knife and assaulted Curry it wouldn't even be a foul Yes that's how physical it was back then, real men played


Thats fucking basketball right there!


Thats fucking basketball right there. None of that pansy ass dick tugging smile for the camera bullshit. Men puke, men show bare ass, men deliver their new born baby on the side lines. Fucking hard core dick in the ass butterball Naismith fuck it chuck it game time shit.


Read this in Rick-breaking-the-4th-wall voice, accurate AF


Upon witnessing the violence in the inner city streets of Detroit in the 80s, somebody had the brilliant idea to turn it into a sports league: the NBA. The only change was to replace the guns with a leather ball.


True facts. Also, before the name of the game was shortened to "basketball," its full title was "Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball"


Didn’t you know Jordan was killed by the Detroit pistons and had to be revived by Scottie gathering the dragon balls


a little known fact is that there were more free throws in the past, no less like most people think


I grew up in NYC during the 90s. The sheer HATRED my dad had for Jordan rivaled what guys thought of Harden and Trae today. My dad would always rant about how Jordan paid refs off because you couldn't touch him without free throws or how Stern won't allow his most prized possession to look bad.


Okay but your dad is right.


Could you imagine if Jordan made a conscious effort to get to the line though? Might’ve averaged 40 a game over a decade lmao.


Real men? You mean mailmen?


Yes Malone would sexually assault Steph if he touched the ball


Are you saying Steph looks like a little girl??




There's a hentai out there and all I can say is that yes, if drawn in a specific anime style with little facial hair and a lot of blushing


Jesus man you waaaaay outta line, but take this upvote 😂😂😂😂😂


That's actually the origin of the phrase "Hack-a-Shaq." Teams would give their centers a little hatchet so they could better defend the paint from Shaq


Seriously, about 25-30% of Jordan's career points are from the ft line.


Jordan once got tied down with rope and ran over with a Mac truck on a drive to the basket against the pistons, and the ref swallowed his whistle. Ah, the good ol days, unlike this cupcake era


How many free throws you see them shoot in Space Jam? Checkmate libruls


The threat wasn't the free throws. The threat was the PAIN.


Steph broke his own ass and got better.


Guy didn't know he needed contacts lol


Right, because putting guys on their asses helped those "more physical" eras stop smaller players like 5'9" 165 lb Calvin Murphy, 5'3" 136 lb Muggsy Bogues, 5'6" 133 lb Spud Webb, or 6'1" 150 lb Tiny Archibald. (Curry is *listed at* 6'3" 185 lb btw) Also worth noting Curry cooks all but the best defenders 1 on 1 with handles/footwork/range, is one of the best guard finishers at the basket, and has a great free throw percentage. And he already puts up with an absurd amount of abuse from defenders trying to keep up with him.


Honestly curry is probably closer to 205 now than 185. Dude bulked considerably. As far as "normal" pgs go, he's 2nd largest after Westbrook


Last thing you want to do is give the greatest shooter ever practice shots to get into rhythm


Dropping 2016 Steph into like 1996 for a game would be so much fun. Guys wouldn’t understand what would be happening. They might just let him shoot the entire game because they wouldn’t believe a guy can be that efficient from deep.


"How did we get down 30 in the first half, he's too scared to come into the paint?


“What a selfish ball player jacking up 8 threes in the first half. He’ll stop eventually.”


Between him and Klay that ball ain’t finna see the paint unless it’s from the top of the key for a 4pt play


“He just got hot, it won’t last in the second half.” Third Quarter Steph: “Say less.”


"I don't care what anybody says, \[those are **all**\] bad shots"


PG?! How you travel back in time with Steph


Skit a player like PG would go nuts as well


Yeah but then they hold Steph to 0 in the 4th quarter. Granted it's because he's sitting on the bench with a 40 point lead.


I feel like if you put Steph back in any of those old era's and let him do his thing, it would be like Wilt all over again. Steph would basically become a mythical figure.


Imagine if he was in the season of the shortened line lmfaoooo


Beyond Wilt at that point. Sports fans would genuinely think he was Jesus reborn.


Mans nicknamed Threezus for a reason


36 PPG on 50/55/90 splits


Hasn't there been a lot of discussion about how a longer line would help Steph? He can consistently hit those further shots at a volume/clip that no one else can touch. Sure he'd get a lot more points with the shorter line, but so would everyone else. That being said, he'd fucking RACK UP points, it's just I doubt the net impact is as dramatic as one would think at first glance.


If you put him back before the 3 point line he'd still be a great guard like Jerry West, but not 'mythical.' Rebounding, fast breaks, and paint defense were the name of the game. Shooting from deep just wasn't the best way to play even at Curry's efficiency, and it would go pretty unrecognized by the general public.


He would be mythical with his athleticism back then. He would just run circles around them the whole game, putting up 40+ while having the best dribbling by far


bro, this is just homerism + milkmaning. We know what running around all game putting up 40+ in the 60s looks like and it isn't 6'3. To say he'd have the best athleticism and dribbles by far just says you have no perspective on what players of that era were able to accomplish. The average nba player might be better now, but the top of the top athletic talents don't change that much over the course of hundreds of years, let alone 50.


Humans don't evolve in 50 years, but human knowledge does. The top athletes today have exponentially better training regimens, diets, supplements, scheduling. Steph is light-years ahead of 1950s athletes


Lmao based on what? I guarantee you literally no one in the nba in the 50’s would come close to the conditioning Steph has. Look at how world records fall over time. Training becomes more focused, diets have improved etc. Youre totally ignorant if you think they could have kept up with him back then


There was this guy called Wilt who could play every minute of every game, I heard he was pretty good. Plus what's to imply Curry would have those improvements if he played back then, or that the past athletes wouldn't benefit from the same?


How did something so reasonable and levelheaded get so many downvotes.


Steph stans. You kinda have to expect it in this thread.


Because it’s wrong? You have no idea about a current NBA level athlete if you think there’s any comparison to a 1950s level athlete.


I think he might be on his way to mythical status even in this era.


Literally. They’d be in awe


To be fair, we all were anyway lol


Watched hundreds of Steph games, seen him in person 6 times, it's still magic to me.


Was at the hilarious shitshow that was Game 82 Steph's rookie season. Was Steph's first 40+ game and the Warriors fouled too many players so the game actually stopped for 5-10 minutes while the refs and coaches figured out the rules for that scenario. Probably the only time I've left a Blazers game without caring we lost. Meaningless game, witnessed what we've see many times in the future from Steph, and got to see once in a lifetime shenanigans.


Steph really has that Jordan/Kobesque ability to captivate an entire arena for a game We talk about *quiet* scorers all the time. Steph is a LOUD scorer. When he's on, every NBA fan in the country knows


I'm a soccerhead but the guy literally made me follow and actively watch NBA (even I have to stay up until 3AM). It's weird, his way of playing and how good he is just makes me feel interested in the game.


He has the ability to do both which I think makes him so special. He has THOSE games where he just goes off, but there’s definitely times where we’re entering the 4th and I say to my self, “man Steph is quiet tonight” and he’s already got 24 on 5-9 from deep.


Yeah guys like KD and PG drop like 40 and I'm sitting here like "When did he do that?". Both those guys rarely ever get hot, they're just a consistent and neverending 6-8 points a quarter lol. When Steph goes off, I'll sit at the end of the game like "He ONLY finished with 35?" and I'd have to go through quarter by quarter and realize he dropped like 25 of that in the third and sat the entire fourth because that third quarter run had them up by 30.


They'd be in denial lmao


I think dropping 2020 Steph would be even better. Only a marginal loss in quickness, but he's way stronger now than he was in 2016.


Depends how he starts the game. If he missed 3 or 4 attempts in a row from 3, I'd bet the coach yanks him. I'm not sure his coach at that time would be able to utilize him in the manner he is with the GSW today.


Let's assume his coach is Don Nelson. He'd give him more leeway than most other guys during that era.


Yeah I posted below in 1996 Don Nelson was the coach of the Knicks (later replaced that season by JVG). He was 34-25 when they fired him. He suggested the Knicks trade Ewing to go after Shaq.


His short time in New York gave Anthony Mason's career a new lease on life after he turned him into a point forward.


I’m assuming a typical Steph night in 2016, so like 9/16 on 5/9 from 3 or some shit


Or 1/9 on 3s in the first half but like 8/10 in the 2nd lol


Kobe got benched one play into his regular rookie rotation in a game for shooting a three and barely missing.


Yall gotta remember tho that coaches see you in practice first. If Steph is pulling those 3s at that kind of clip in scrimmage games, coach is licking his fucking CHOPS to try it out in a throwaway game against the Kings, just to test it out. Which I'm pretty sure is exactly what happened.


So in 1996 the Knicks started off the season with Don Nelson as coach, later replaced by Jeff Van Gundy. Don Nelson would had been turned on. Not knowing why yet, just really excited. Van Gundy? Prob bench him after the 2nd logo 3, especially if it was within the 1st 8 seconds of the shot clock. Mason, Ewing an Oakley would prob check if he (Curry) were ok too.


Steph: Coach I'm 5/7 and we're up 12 in the first 6 minutes, why are you benching me? SVG: You're not playing the game the right way. Also we're punting on 4th an inches from the 50 yard line because that's how we've always done it.


Don’t swing on 3-0 when you have a comfortable lead Steph


Imagine Run TMC with Steph replacing Tim Hardaway.


Just think: Steph *with the illegal defense rule in place*.


Ya I have no idea why people think Steph can’t play in the 90s. Dell Curry averaged 14 points in 94. You don’t think improved and better Dell Curry 2.0 couldn’t easily average 28?


Steph averaged over 30 imo. Think of the bigs in that era. Aside from a few mobile guys, Steph is gonna *cook* everyone.


He would average 46 a game


It's like that game he had 54 at MSG all those years ago. Dudes were not up on him like they are now.


I'd imagine teams would figure out pretty quickly the dude is a flamethrower and stick a guy on him full time. Box and one without the box, just going over every screen. Dude would still go off (60 points i'd bet but he wouldn't be taking open looks at the 3pt line.


Box and 1 was against the rules back then.


That's why I said without the box


Steph in particular is dumb to call soft because that guy gets smacked around every game. Just watch him when he tries to go around screens. He gets manhandled.


This. I don't think people realize how much Steph gets battered. Outside of that, he has some of the best ball handling ability around and is not only great off the dribble, his off ball play is incredible. With his fluid shot and fast release, he'd get his in any era and if anything would potentially be a catalyst to moving to the 'spacing era' faster.


They ain't staying with him, when he does or doesn't have they ball. He's slippery even in today's game and everyone knows the speed is wayyy more of a factor in this era. They just wanna believe old ball players were tougher and played rougher, how rough can you be to a body that you can't even keep up with?


Yeah. You would have to catch him to rough him up.


Not to mention if we accept that the game was rougher, then his teammates would also be rougher on screens. Try catching him when you're copping an elbow or shoulder from his bigs as he runs around them


Ain't no way


I think he'd be even better in the 90s. It took years for the league to figure out how to guard him. If he played in the 80s/90s teams would have absolutely **no idea** what to do with him.


Mf’s still ain’t figure out how to guard him 13 years in


[You throw a Box and 1 to Curry. Box on Curry and 1 to zone the other 4.](https://www.nbcsports.com/sites/rsnunited/files/styles/metatags_opengraph/public/article/hero/CURRY%204%20DEFENDERS%20v2.jpg)


Sometimes he finishes games bleeding. That scar on his upper arm is from a particularly nasty gouge he got from someone's fingernails in-game. Doesn't stop him.


right, just look at this [pic](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BBlKGQhCIAA8Jn6.png) and [this pic](https://i.redd.it/49m9mp8ye2001.jpg). he gets mauled out there


Who in the fuck got talons like that ???


Yeah I was a bit of a Steph skeptic until they played the Rockets in the conference finals in their first title run. Dwight would crush him on screens and Curry would just bounce off and keep right on going. The dude is tough as hell.


Also his conditioning and endurance is incredible.


He’s also sneaky strong as fuck. His body control in the air/off balance, his screening, and (seriously) his post defense. He committed to strengthening his base after his ankle issues, one of my favorite Steph tidbits is that he held the warriors deadlift record over guys like Ezeli and Bogut. Strong mfer and one of the best conditioned athletes in the world.


He is very strong. Has some of the highest/heaviest lifts amongst the warriors roster


what are we talking here #'s wise?


400 pounds deadlift


He’s called soft because he’s lightskin Can’t ignore that elephant in the room


It’s probably a combination of being light skin, primarily being a shooter and growing up rich


I never see anyone talk about players growing up rich other than Steph. Tim Hardaway made about 2.5x more than Dell Curry in his NBA career and I've never heard one person mention Tim Jr growing up wealthy.


TBF, how often does Tim Hardaway JR get mentioned at all?


Yeah the point is Curry is good so people try to minimize it like it was overdetermined because he grew up with money. If he was average nobody would mention it


Wym, it’s in his name lol Imagine someone saying Lebron James Jr grew up rich, you’d get hit with a “duh”


That and because he's got a pretty slender frame and plays a very finesse game.


Idk if the slender frame thing is even true anymore. Steph has added a lot of muscle over the years. People also forget he’s 6’3”, he’s not short for a PG by any means.


He's been looking ripped to all hell for the last few years lol


That Shakeweight thingee seems to really work!


It was that 17'-18' season where he got a shit ton of mass IIRC. I remember putting on a Warriors game in like November or December and just being confused because he looked massive compared to the previous season.


I don’t think Jason Kidd or even Steve Nash was called soft much at all. If there’s a subconscious reason I think it’s just his baby face


Eh...yes and no. Go watch footage of Reggie Miller battling off ball in the 90s and it's a markedly different level of contact than what Steph goes through. I actually think it's a valid observation because the hand checking and mandatory man defense rules made that off ball style much much harder to pull off. The game was 100% more physical in terms of contact but it was also not nearly as fast as it is today. And I think guys like Gilbert and Kenyon really cannot speak to that from personal experience because they only really played in one era.


How much do you think Curry would average in that era?


Steph literally weighs the same as Reggie did despite being 6’3 instead of 6’7. If Reggie could put up 24.6 a game at his peak, Steph would be able to handle the level of physicality easily.


Funny thing is Josiah Johnson, the co host of this podcast, is one of the dudes who says that shit all the time. He might be the biggest Steph hater out there. Even bigger than Nick Wright


'We'll put him on his ass', like being that physical is somehow considered good defense, perception of good defense sure has changed over the years.


I mean... that's kinda how it was, though. Watch Reggie's 30 for 30 or the episode of The Last Dance where they talked about the Jordan Rules. Hell, my favorite play of all time was only made possible by giant-ass Patrick Ewing hip-checking little BJ Armstrong out of the way so Starks could dunk over the rest of the Bulls.


It's really not. The Jordan Rules etc. were the exceptions--that's why they're notable and remembered--and even then most of those hard fouls were still called fouls. I didn't grow up on it, but I've gone back and probably watched 50 or more games from the '80s and '90s; the old players drastically exaggerate that shit. One example I can remember is Jordan's 63-point game against the '86 Celtics--pretty sure the full game is still on YouTube. Nobody can watch that game and honestly say afterward that the game back then was as physical as these vets describe. Or that the defense was better at all. The big difference is that post play was so much more common, and of course those guys are going to be more physical in the post.


the jordan rules were from the pistons. there is a book called the Jordan Rules which was from the pistons era. Reggie was fighting Jordan 10 years later.


Curry would have utterly annihilated the 80s league. I think his presence alone would have catalyzed the 3PT revolution 30 years ahead of schedule.


Lmao if Steph played like he does now, but in the 80s, they’d literally have just gotten rid of the 3 point line because Steph would’ve broken basketball


I can *legit* see that happening tbh.


It woulda been looked at like when Wilt (or Kareem..?) could dunk from the FT line and they had to change the rules


The NCAA banned dunking cause of Kareem, I'm pretty sure, but I don't know about the NBA


Yeah I remember the college dunking rule with Kareem, I think it mighta been wilt who causes the FT rules to change


There's precedent for it. Wilt is personally responsible for god knows how many rules that are still in effect today.


The steph rules


Ignoring the 3pt line, he would do very well in the 80s imo with how transition focused it was. His endurance and speed alone would be great for whatever team he is on.


Put him on his ass? How. Man’s just gonna pull up from 25+


Can you imagine IT or Mark Jackson flagrantly hacking Steph before the logo multiple times while mean mugging proud of himself. Shit would be hilarious.


Would be interesting to see what the glove would do with him.


That's a matchup I'd love to see, for sure. I'm thinking that Payton would give Steph an unholy amount of trouble. I mean, he's still The Skyfucker, so he'd still be fucking the sky, but Gary wouldn't just let it happen.


Steph consistently has 2+ on him every night he still puts up 30 a game look at the last few games where they pushed for a playoff spot. You know he was getting the ball you know he’s going to shoot the ball. There was physically nothing any team could do even with a trap the only way he’s not scoring is if he’s injured or off. Not to mention stephs conditioning ain’t no fucking way they are gonna keep up mf would run 15 miles for a 3 if he could in game lol


Are there people that think Steph would be a worse player in the older eras? I don't think I have seen anyone make that argument before but it would def be a weird argument to make


You should look up Oscar Robertson’s take on the matter, if you’d like a good laugh.


Are there people that think Steph would be a worse player in the older eras? I don't think I have seen anyone make that argument before but it would def be a weird argument to make


Steph would be a pretty big point guard in the 90's, 80's, or 70's. He'd be fine in more physical eras.


Didn’t even think of that, him being 6’3 is good size at that time. And IIRC isn’t he one of the strongest players on the team too after he reworked himself after his initial injuries?


The 60s and 70s were supposed to be the most physical eras, yet Jerry West was a dominant player and he is the same size as Curry.


Jerry West is 6'4-6'5 in today's league, more Wade/Kobe than Curry


The NBA stopped listing player height with shoes years ago. Curry is listed at 6'3" 185lbs. Jerry West was listed at 6'3" 175 lbs. Both heights are without shoes. The biggest difference was West had a 6'9" wingspan, Curry's is 6'4".


And it's not as if Steph doesn't get smacked around in today's game either. Dude gets fucking manhandled out there.


"Steph can only play in the 3-point era" Bitch Steph made the 3-point era


I wonder how older coaches, pre-analytics, would have dealt with Curry. Without the ability to compute points-per-possession and breakdown various shots and their value, would a coach be able to anecdotally see both the value of the shot + it's value in spreading out defenses and spacing the floor?


Don Nelson would have stolen Steph off whatever team he is on and told him to jack threes. That man was ahead of his time.


They wouldn't have to deal with him because his own coach wouldn't play him because of his playstyle, that's how dumb coaches and the NBA was in general It took them half a century to realize that 3>2 and go away from nostalgia and medieval thinking, you weren't a man if you shot 3s


It's a generational shift in general. Look at football and there's no longer the "we're gonna run it down your throat" mentality. In baseball you just swing for the fences and switch out pitchers to keep someone fresh in. In business it can still depend on the company, but the idea of making decisions purely on instinct as opposed to data driven choices is less common.


It's funny that people who play sports video games were ahead of the curve in terms of the widescale strategic shifts in those sports.


Sports video games are simulations of the real thing. We ran through more game theory than real coaches ever could.


yes exactly this. the biggest contribution steph has made to the game of basketball is change the definition of a "good shot"


They knew. The problem was the league averaged 30 percent. Anything above 40 was reserved for Steve Kerr to come off the bench and drop some 3s for a comeback. At 30 percent, the expected value is .9 is equal to a 45 percent 2 point shot. Now that everyone is above 35 percent, the three is a better shot than a midrange jumper.


They didn't know If they knew then they would have had the players who COULD hit ~40% valued higher and attempting more shots


Math wasn't invented in 2010, they knew about expected value


Definitely! You don't need computer stats and a statistical breakdown of shot patterns to evaluate Steph Curry, his game is straightforward on the eye. Would they be able to plot a successful scheme against Curry? Definitely not. But then again, they can't do it in 2021 with all these things available.


put his ass on the bench because he's not walking the ball up the court and feeding the post for a center that shoots 40 percent on jumphooks.


Steph pulls 400. Steph is good in any era.


*Rasheed Wallace wants to know Kenyon Martin’s location*


Lmao whats funny is both of them played in the same era with Lebron. I just dont get why they even compare him.


The way Sheed was talking about "his era" as if Baby Lebron wasn't giving his Pistons like a year or two removed from their finals runs.


Lmao. Even the ur ear before he took them to 7 WITH Ben Wallace.


Name a player who could play in your era, names LeBron, who was drafted 3 years after him and played 12/15 of the same years as him. Kinda a weird question unless there is missing context, considering Kenyon Martin played in the 2000s-2010s.


Ah yes, the old school "I am not actually good enough to stop you, so I am just going to physically hurt you" type of defense. And to think some of these older guys take pride in that.


The only thing that is stopping Steph is injuries. I think he benefited greatly from this generation just off of sport science alone. He had to rework his muscles memory to put less load on his ankles. With the increase of physicality and his injury proneness in other generations I feel like he would be one of the "what ifs".


One thing people seem to always forget is that Steph Curry is only small by today’s standards. He’s straight up bigger than guys like John Stockton and Isiah Thomas who were dominant point guards in their eras, and he’s the same size as Jerry West who spent half his time at the 2 guard spot.


Gil is 1000% right here, and I think he touched on a point that often gets overlooked in these conversations: the size and athleticism. Not only could modern players play 80s basketball if you asked them to, they'd probably crush the average 80s player at it too. Modern players are just bigger, stronger, faster, and more skilled. I'm pretty sure if you threw, I dunno... anyone... Zubac, T Ross, or Brad Wanamaker into the 80s they'd make a splash.


shout out brad wanamaker lmfao


Steph DOES get put on his ass every game, and still puts 40 on the board


I wish Gilbert wasn't an idiot in other ways, because he can be really thoughtful sometimes.


Gilbert Arenas is either the most intelligent idiot or dumbest genius to ever lace em up. Dude's game was so far ahead of his time and when he talks about basketball he dont miss. Then you have the gun incident, throwing up finger guns after coming back, hurling nick Young's 5 year old kid's bicycle for no reason but to make him cry, and the wnba comments etc...


It's POSSIBLE that he's at least matured a little bit since then. The gun stuff was in his 20s, granted the Nick Young stuff was more recent, but that also seemed to be him "in character". Overall he's recently seemed a lot more focused on being productive (coaching youth basketball, the podcast). If nothing else, you can ignore everything else and just watch his podcast. It's all basketball analysis without any shenanigans, and he comes off as a reasonable and chill human being.


Curry would be dangerous in any era simply because of his shot, period.


Love seeing real players respect today's gamers. People need to stop with their get-off-my-porch angry grandpa approach. I always hear people say Lebron is so soft because he's flopping and therefore wouldn't do well during the 90s. That's so dumb, it's astounding. Lebron is flopping because it works. If it stopped working, he'd stop doing it. And of all people, Lebron would suffer from more contact? Dude is (and was!) a matchup problem for anyone. Imagine Lebron on defense handchecking you. If anything, this stuff plays to his advantage.


Gil is such a great basketball mind man. Shame that you can't put this man on TV though without essentially muzzling him.


Man if he never broke his leg, Kenyon Martin would have been a hall of famer


Kenyon lost a lot of weight. He looks like he could still hoop.


Steph has underated toughness.


kinda funny to ask this to kmart considering id say almost any player could play in his "era" considering he headlined the single worst draft class of all time


This is true for so many small guards these days. They didn’t make the league by being bitches. Regardless of bad perception, the truth is small dudes in the association are typically psychically tough, they’ve had people trying to body them their whole careers and still made it.


Everyone just misses the real issue with this all the time and then just fill threads with who’s right during that specific time


I mean I would question his durability under older eras but yeah of course Steph would still be Steph.


How has nobody mentioned that Kenyon Martin's era is this era? The dude retired in 2015. It's a terrible question by the interviewer.


With the conditioning, nutrition and all around better stamina that players have nowadays who would stop him in the second half? Players would just be gasping for air after running after him off-ball. Anyone have a link to the whole podcast? it looks interesting.


If Zeke and AI could survive the league, anybody from today should be able to play. Those guys were tiny. It's not like 80s defenses were hitting people in the face. If they actually did play like how nostalgia makes us think, players would walk around with black and blue eyes and no teeth. We see a few chippy games and think they played 82 games like that 😂 If we look at it as adults now I stead of childhood memories, we will see a lot of arms flailing and punches that never land. Storm troopers would be proud lol. We hype up some defenses from the 80s but if we actually watch enough game, we will see how bad they really were. Before you start bitching about physicality...ask yourself why players did not start to score more when the rules were changed. Many players played when things like handchecking was removed. They talk like they scored 16 more per game but they did jack shit when rules were changed.


There was a player just like Steph that played in an era before the 3p line, his name was Pistol Pete. The only reasons we are not talking about him as the greatest shooter of all time, or one of the top-2, were his health and some personal issues he faced. Truly a tragic story.


Steph is just one inch and less than 10 lbs lighter than Gary Payton was. Very likely stronger than Payton as well.