Ben Simmons contract if he was a FA

Ben Simmons contract if he was a FA


If we had the money, I would give him the same contract he is on now. Jeff Teague and Taj Gibson are the biggest free agents we have landed in the last 10 years. Might as well pay whatever it takes to land a player of his quality.


NBA contracts are grossly inflated. If Mike Conley is making over 25 million a year, Ben Simmons will easily get 30+ million a year.


It’s inflated because that’s how small market teams try to compete. They have to overpay athletes or they won’t get any stars.


He put up 14/7/7 on 58% TS last year, with a net rating of +8. And he was 2nd in DPOY voting. Even with that playoff performance last year, he'd get close to a max.


He wouldn’t get close he’d literally get a max


I think he'd still get maxed. That said, it's different because teams wouldn't be giving up their future to pay him that much. For example, I'd bet that Chicago would have paid him instead of Demar, just based on having a younger/more defensive roster. The Raps could have cleared up near-max space and built a roster around him Fred, Siakam, GTJ, OG, Barnes. It's just another thing to pay him the max while giving up good players and draft picks.


max and it's not close


Especially the 25% rookie max, probably even the 30% one depending on the market


Max and it's close. He'd be one of those guys you have to max or another team would, depending on the cap situation around the rest of the league.


Some team is going to give up multiple players AND multiple first-rounders AND pay him his max contract. Just a max is a no-brainer.


What he'll get traded for is a different story than what contract would be offered in free agency. I mean, he really shit the bed last playoffs. No one sees that and says "this guy is a max player, and we should offer the extension ASAP". I'd at least make him submit offer sheets from other teams and just match.


If he wasn't worth a max contract in FA, teams wouldn't give up assets to acquire him on a max contract. Instead of the offers we've seen leaked, you'd see things like Philly attaching picks or assets of their own to move him for filler.


If he wasn't worth his paycheck, the sixers would have to attach picks to him to trade him into OKC's space.


There's a wide margin between overpaid and negative asset.


If he's overpaid, he's a negative asset. Value < Contract


So if he's paid what's he's worth he's a neutral asset, and only if he's underpaid he's a positive asset?


Yes. Should be noted, if he's overpaid he can still be traded for other overpaid players or a massively overpaid player and positive assets. Stuff like that. I personally think he's still a positive value but not like Tatum or something. Like anything there's degrees to it. Wall is a huge negative. Hayward is less so.


I don’t think so.


Yeah I think after reading the replies I am moved to agree. I don’t think Philly gives him the max but Minnesota would throw him a parade and send him a max offer in a heartbeat.


Yes. He is a DPOY caliber player who is 6'10" and plays Point guard. Maybe he can't shoot, but there are tons of teams that would love him, and a few that could specifically build a team to perfectly surround him. This Simmons is a bum chatter needs to go. Worse players are getting offered ridiculous amounts of money


In an open market Ben would absolutely get the max. Not only that, he would have multiple suitors. I mean shit, what's the best free agent a non-LA/MIA/NY team has gotten in the last ten years? Not a re-sign either like PG, straight up a free agent that went to that team of their own free will. I know people like to shit on Ben, but look at some of these rosters and tell me these coaches wouldn't love to get him in their gym and see if they can unlock his full potential.


He would still get a max tbh


A rookie max extension is probably a fair contract. Not a value contract.


A max obviously


Current 30% max extension is 4yrs 145. It’s a lot but he get that or very close to that like gobert was to the supermax. Hayward got 4yrs 120 last offseason(granted considered an overpay) and Simmons is still worth more


Still a max contract. I mean yeah he hasn't really developed into a superstar talent but he's still a very good player and being a very good player generates a max contract in the NBA.


I would guess there are teams that will give him a max off potential alone


He will get maxed in an instant




There are 40-60 players in the league at any given moment who deserve the max. Simmons is one of them.


I'd give him around 25-27 mill and pray he gets better.


He would easily get the 25% max


He’s not worth his current contract 5 years 172 million




Jrue Holiday is on a max extension


He can come here for like 2 Millie and play small 5 with Kyrie, Harden, Harris and KD in that particular lineup


i think there are 3 categories of max players: 1 - players who'll get max contract from any team. Examples include lebron, doncic, jokic, harden, giannis, durant, AD etc 2 - players who'll get max contracts from some teams but not all. Simmons is one of them, not all teams will give him a max but there will be at least one team that will give him max. 3 - players who might get max from some teams, perhaps from small market teams.


$18-22 mil


That’s role player money lmao not 24 year old all star and 2nd in DPOY money


He is a roleplayer


Bruh no he’s not


Probably 20-25M assuming no offensive improvement


I don't think he will get the max as other people alluded to, especially after his playoff performance. The closest comparison is Draymond Green and he is getting \~25M a year, and Draymond Green shoots 3s and a better FT than Simmons. I would say he will be getting $25-$27M/year if he was free agent this offseason and it won't be any contender. It will be like the Wolves and Kings offering that amount.


He’d get maybe 2/3 of what he makes now, but he’d get it fast from a team that probably shouldn’t sign him.


Anything north of 20 million per year would be a monumental error


Oh brother


Mfers really think Ben Simmons is worth less than Lonzo


Jeeeeez didn’t even think of it like that haha


He would get max and what we small market team decided to over pay will just be pissed at all that cap tied up.


You could just sign simmons to a max and then instantly trade him for draft picks and expiring/quality contracts.