Fact check: US embargo doesn't prevent Cuba from trading with other countries

Fact check: US embargo doesn't prevent Cuba from trading with other countries


Hell, the main source of Cuban food imports is... drumroll please... the US of A!


This is a very bad take from USA Today. It prevents most companies from most countries to ever touch Cuba, unless they know for sure they'll never going to touch US soil or are big companies that can afford lawyers (e.g. mining companies). The most problematic [law from '96](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helms%E2%80%93Burton_Act) isn't even mentioned here.. The fact that EU and Canada have literal retaliation laws and they believe the companies from their territory are targeted and trade with Cuba is hindered isn't even mentioned here. Extremely shitty take.. Here an old take but a better one, in my personal view: https://www.cato.org/trade-briefing-paper/missing-target-failure-helms-burton-act


Be honest…did you read the article? > In 1992, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S. passed the Cuban Democracy Act. The law barred vessels that had traded with Cuba in the past 180 days from docking at U.S. ports and prevented foreign subsidiaries of American companies from doing business in Cuba. Four years later, President Bill Clinton signed the Helms-Burton Act, which imposed sanctions on foreign companies that traded with Cuba. Linking a 20 year old CATO take is just hilarious.


I did, despite maybe not expressing myself in the best way. Thr 20 years CATO shows this is not a new problem. Despite no one caring.


But they didn't prevent any countries from trading with Cuba! Only harshly coerced them! /s The law can literally target the *families* of people who trade with Cuba. The US has no jurisdiction over foreign countries so they can't actually "prevent" other countries from trading with Cuba, but they sure tried their hardest with Helms-Burton. On a lighter note, Canada introduced (but did not pass) a law parodying the act. From Wikipedia: >The 1996 bill responded by calling for descendants of United Empire Loyalists who fled the American Revolution to be able to reclaim land and property that was confiscated by the American government. The bill would have also allowed the Canadian government to exclude corporate officers, or controlling shareholders of companies that possess property formerly owned by Loyalists, as well as the spouse and minor child of such persons from entering Canada. In total some three million Canadians are descendants of United Empire Loyalists, including Milliken and Godfrey. The current value of the land and property seized during the American Revolution is many billions of dollars.


Oof this is a bad take, and missing nuances of the embargo


Yes, but cutting off the primary trading partner, coupled with a large, diverse, wealthy market doesn't exactly help the economy. Why has this subreddit abandoned free trade over this issue? Remove both the dictatorship and the tariffs.


Ah yes, cutting someone's legs off doesn't stop them from moving. It's weird how this sub works some days. The embargo is designed to hurt the people of Cuba, thus causing unrest, and said unrest is meant to undermine the government. According to this sub, this is cool and good because we should overthrow the Cuban Administration. The second that you mention that Trump’s embargo enhancement (That is "interestingly" never mentioned in the article) is doing that by making the Cuban government unable to engage in trade, thus fucking over their economy and therefore their ability to provide basic necessities, this sub likes to play dumb about what the embargo is supposed to do. You can talk all you like about how food and medicine is exempt from the embargo, but you know damn well that if the embargo is punitive enough, ALL trade is disincentivised.


I fully support economic sanctions when they serve our purposes... But it's been half a century, and is clearly not serving its intended purpose.


Yup, the embargoes stated goal was to cause the population to suffer enough to support a regime change, and there's hundreds of pages of declassified documents describing it. If you spend enough time here, you'll learn that the majority of people here support intervention, period. Who, where, when, why - all just an afterthought. Cuba is bad because they hurt innocent people in Cuba, we want a new government in Cuba to help the innocent people, therefore anything the US does that hurts innocent people in Cuba is justified. It's equal parts infuriating and depressing.


"Silly free trade supporters, the embargo doesn't do anything at all but we have to keep it, it's very important for some reason which I can't explain because it's not doing anything" Like come on don't let your hate of Cuba's shitty government suddenly go against liberal principles




The link you posted is false. Actual reason here - https://old.reddit.com/r/neoliberal/comments/omlhqh/fact_check_us_embargo_doesnt_prevent_cuba_from/h5lto1c/