I have never seen a more Neoliberal Graph.

I have never seen a more Neoliberal Graph.


The only livability index that matters.


The true HDI


It's self reported, so I'd say it doesn't mean much. My anecdote is after moving to Pittsburgh from Houston, I'm confident either the Texans are severely under scoring themselves or the Pennsylvanians are way too confident.


Who the fuck is ranking Phoenix and LA transit about a 5? Lmao absolutely delusional


LA is overrating its transit and underrating its tacos, and SF is doing the opposite


Agreed! Having lived in both (and New York for comparison) the Bart and Caltrain are solid options. The tacos are also solid, and Indian fusion tacos are solider


> the Bart and Caltrain are solid options R Bayarea enters the chat: 😡


Hahahahaha it is time honored tradition for residents to shit on their transit, I would not have it any other way


But their problem is literally shit, _on_ the transit. 😛


There's a big difference between SF and the Bay overall. I can't get to any of the places I regularly go by public transit. If I do want to take public transit, I have to drive there. Like tf


LA tacos absolutely shit all over SF tacos though Edit: and regarding SF transit, San Franciscans take the Muni bus network for granted. It's slow, but the geographic comprehensiveness of high-frequency bus lines in the city is peerless outside of New York. Every single resident lives within a ten-minute walk of a ten-minute-wait-or-less bus line.


For sure, Chicago tacos definitely do not though! But now I’m curious to go try tacos and transit in Phoenix 🤔


Chicago has better tacos than San Francisco. That surprises a lot of people until they remember Chicago has the 2nd largest Mexican American population after Los Angeles


Chicago is an underrated food mecca in general.


Fair, though San Jose (in fairness I recognize different cities but they’re basically contiguous) has one of the highest per capita numbers.


You'd be surprised at the strength of Chicago's taco game. We're a very very Mexican city.


But Phoenix tacos are bomb though.


LA transit isn’t great, but not nearly as bad as the stereotype implies. The average LA Resident has a shorter commute than the average NYC resident.


My ranking of 2 years in LA would be about a 2 or 3. Unless you intentionally live and work near a specific line, then it's basically rubbish.


> The average LA Resident has a shorter commute than the average NYC resident. Do you have a source for that?


[There’s a table on page 7](https://www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/library/publications/2021/acs/acs-47.pdf). Intra-suburban commute times are generally lower than a trip to a central business district, and LA has a far less concentrated CBD.


But this study also very clearly says that modes of public transit are SLOWER than driving alone in your car (on average). As a nearly lifetime resident of so-cal. I can say the transit sucks, simply because there are no alternatives. Commute times only paint part of the story, simply because its suicide to work more than 15 miles away from your home. So at least to me, Transit Time != Transit Quality


Also lmao at portlanders being so full of their city. Its a little scrub town burb and they think its the shit.


The negative relationship between these is the most frustrating aspect of living in North America (edit: US/Canada).


>North America Mexico City: am I a joke to you?


I am embarrassed by my Anglo-centric response and will repent by visiting my nearest taco truck.


Taco truck! The solution to good tacos in a poor public transit area! We need taco drones.


How's the public transport there?


More robust than most of the US. Lots of buses and trains. Not perfect but good Edit: big issue is there’s been a ton of migration into these fringe developments that are more or less suburbs of the poor. Few or no rail connections out there. But in typical innovative fashion, you basically have all these micro transit services in the form of small private vans and buses that get folks around.




I guess he meant \*northern America\* which specifically just includes Canada and the US.


11 for both tacos and transport.


I mean from this chart alone, it's not much of a strong relationship


Yeah, I’m mostly joking. The real problem is the lack of US city with both good weather and good transit.


agreed, for the most part. nyc is the only reasonable exception. they're underrating both their transit and their tacos relative to other cities on here




Build like one outer loop rail line and it'll be perfect


Yes. My biggest gripe with the L is the hub and spoke layout. It’s great for getting to and from the Loop. Not so great for going from one non-Loop neighborhood to another.


But then the *you know who’s* would be able to get from the west side to the north side. Bad jokes aside. I want this too. But I feel like busses do pretty well as it stands. Not to mention. The difficulty they had getting the red line expanded.


Chicago Taco Authority


Love the CTA Love Tacos Love neoliberalism Simple as


So someone pointed out that New York has better mass transit than Chicago and I agree with that. I think something to consider, though, is that the north-east corridor has pretty good transit overall so New York doesn’t stand out as quite so unique in that way to the people who live there. Then look at the Midwest. Chicago has very good mass transit (not quite as good as New York’s but still good) and then what other cities are in the region? Milwaukee, Detroit, Indianapolis, St Louis, Cleveland. Do any of these cities have mass transit networks that are even approaching respectable? No, they do not. This is why in Chicago we value what we have so highly.


Exactly. Boston’s is underrated too. It’s definitely better than a 6/10 on an American scale considering it’s arguably second best in the country after NYC.


At least our subway goes to the airports.


Name most definitely checks out!


Tacos in Seattle are a market failure. They are both eh and not cheap. I believe that the govt must intervene to set it in order.


Also, public transit in Seattle is shit.


Ho. Lee. Fuk. Seattle has got to be higher than giraffe pussy to think they have good tacos.


I don’t think they’ve ever had great tacos


+1. People here a bit delusional about the food quality but public transit is top tier


You can -find- great tacos in Seattle. But the average taco is shit compared with California, Chicago, Southern and Southwest States.


Exactly. Seattle has a handful of really good taco trucks, and some surprisingly good Oaxacan representation. But the median taco quality is far inferior even to places like Yakima and Eugene, which have the benefit of a large number of Mexican agricultural workers, some of whom it turns out really know how to cook. To say nothing of the certainty that you can find mind-blowing Mexican food in any random strip mall in LA, Phoenix, or Fresno.


Taco Time is like you described Taco Bell to aliens who then decided to cheap out on opening a fast food chain. And I haven’t found a place out here, even a small place, that’s even close to decent. Once light rail is working more fully, yes on transport but a hard NO on Seattle tacos


You can pry my crisp beef burrito from my cold dead hands


... if you are doing a chain of restaurants to represent tacos in seattle, why are you doing Taco Time over something like Taco Chukis?


Taco Time NW is the world's best fast food chain and yes that is ranch dressing on your taco


Possible credit to Seattle for asian tacos. I'm generally highly suspicious of any Mexican food outside of the SW/Cali. Very suspicious of Detroit, Chicago, and Atlanta's taco score.


I mean most major American cities can meet the 6/10 standard for tacos in 2021 so I don't think it's crazy.


Live in Chicago. Can confirm. Lots of multifamily housing too!




The crime stats are nonsense. Not even top 20 if you look at cities with at least 50k inhabitants. Gary Indiana is like 4x as violent per capita


You’re right of course; Nashville is more dangerous per capita…..but the REPUTATION is cool!!


Nashville is also a Chicago suburb 😡


All of America is just a suburb of Chicago.




Chicago also makes a convenient proxy for bashing black Democrats


> black Democrats So... you mean black people.


[People think black folks are a monolith.](https://c.tenor.com/dka0yJT_gGEAAAAC/black-republican-key-and-peele.gif)


Gary Indiana is actually a part of that one swamp with the dead bodies in the water within Mordor.


Dagorlad actually lies just outside of Mordor. You'll recall that Frodo and Sam cross the mountains *after* they make their way through the Dead Marshes.


>Gary Indiana is actually a part of that one swamp with the dead bodies in the water *directly outside Mordor, better know as the Dead Marshes. fixed, thanks


Must be all the criminals coming in from Chicago 😲


Maybe if the infrastructure wasn't so good they wouldn't!


Does chicago really not have that bad gang violence? Sorry if that's a bad stereotype but I thought that was actually the case for a while, I could be misinformed


Like most cities, it's very localized. People are lying if they say you don't have to worry about it and there are some really rough neighborhoods but most of the growing neighborhoods aren't so different from average city stats.


Can't speak directly to your question, but just a personal experience, I've traveled to 35-40 states, and the most sketched out I ever felt was in South Chicago. Just driving through it was wild, a couple miles south of Midway. It was actually interesting because I had visited downtown Chicago a few years prior and thought it was beautiful, not crowded, and looked like a safe place. South Chicago and Downtown looked like two completely different worlds.


Chicago was historically segregated. Long story short most north side neighborhoods will be very safe per capita. I have seen more violent crime in 2 months in Seattle and 2 days in San Francisco than I saw in 3 years of Chicago.


Is still segregated*. I don’t go on the south side often, but when I do it’s wild how different of a city it is. Also, violent crime on the north side has gone way up over the past few years. Car jackings and armed robberies.


Yup, Chicago is like Manhattan smashed next to Detroit.


Chicago is a great city. What has kept it down has been the incredible level of corruption. Chicago was traditionally run by 6-8 families. The families provided jobs and the people in those jobs provided patronage. You know them - Madigan, Daley, Hines, Burke, etc. https://www.wbez.org/stories/bgit-19-the-bbc-examines-chicagos-culture-of-corruption/20872f35-9717-438e-be92-2b57dcb69952


I had the best tacos in my life in Chicago too. Somewhere downtown can't remember the name sorry.


I'm sorry, but La Pasadita is not downtown.


I'm sorry, but La Pasadita is overrated. Best tacos are in Hermosa or Little Village.


Okay but best burrito is in Summit, which is neither Chicago nor a taco.


You went to La Pasadita and didn't get a burrito?


Don't forget: access to multiple brands of excellent locally-made fresh corn tortillas. If you go to the right grocery stores (Cermak on North at California for example) they will often still be warm in the boxes. El Milagro is the best in my humble non-Hispanic opinion.


I deal with zoning as a key part of my profession. Needs work, but the recent move towards allowing "coach houses and granny flats" is an important step in the right direction. That said, transit is decent and the tacos are excellent. But.. I still have to walk 2 to 3 blocks in any given direction to get tacos. I was promised a taco truck on the corner. ¿Dónde está mi camión de tacos?


Never been more proud of where I came from




How is Phoenix a 5? Lol


Who ranked Austin that high on transportation 😂


Houston is significantly better than Austin on the Transit front


Hey by 2030 we'll have some trains! Lmao Austin is actually more centralized and compact that many of these other SW city tho, tbh. Altho it's sprawling fast.


San Diego tacos really do be that plus shit


All you need to know about Chicago's Mexican food delivery is the tamales come to you even before you thought you wanted them https://chicago.eater.com/2021/7/29/22600181/tamale-guy-claudio-velez-chicago-bar-food-vendor


Chicago most based city, but so many of you try to live with New York's inferior tacos or California's inferior transit.


Chicago is the Pareto optimal solution compared to both of those lesser cities


F that it’s a local maximum. We have not sufficiently optimized enough to know where the global max is. The solution for optimization: 1 billion americans


I can ride my bicycle to a picnic in January


And I can ride the L to a bunch of awesome taquerias for 12 months a year. Also Chicago is flat, during the nine months I bike it's way more fun than murdering my thighs in SF.


Flat bike rides are hella boring my dude you can't even bomb any hills


I am an old man of nearly forty years with knee tendinitis, bombing over train and highway viaducts is good enough for me.


But can you get six free shots of fireball on a train? I’m honestly curious if other trains go as hard as the Chicago Metra.


The weather though.


The weather here is fine…people from outside just can’t understand it. Chicagolans look like crazy people to you southerners, but that’s only because you’ve never seen a Minnesotan (who believe Chicago has it easy).


Oh you think Minnesota is bad? Well your winters are basically a cool breeze compared to where im from (Pluto)


I'm from Maine and now live in CA-- whenever it's cold here people say to me "You must not be cold-- you're from Maine!" Nope, still feel cold when it's cold actually.


>a Minnesotan (who believe Chicago has it easy) Can confirm.


Exactly, 3 months of cold, 6 months of perfect, and 3 months were its a bit hot on occasion. Plus no hurricanes, wildfires, or earthquakes.


I think you’re over exaggerating the “hurricane, wildfires and earthquakes” issue and under exaggerating the, “3 months of cold” issue.


Eh, dress in layers and you'll be fine. Its not Texas or anything we know how to handle the cold up here.


Every time I go to Chicago or NY during winter, I’ll wear a fatass coat while outside then have to immediately take it off and hold it once I’m inside a building cause it’ll be 200 degrees in there. I hate it.


Don’t wear a fatass coat. Wear layers.


Even Texas gets polar vorticies now, and they're way less prepared for it.


It makes us who we are.


It builds resiliency, and keeps our housing costs low. Win-win.


How in the hell does: 1. Austin rate better on transit than Dallas 2. Houston rate better on tacos than San Antone


DART is the longest light rail system in America let’s not talk about how the stops aren’t near anything though, or about the trains that run like every 20 minutes if you’re fucking lucky


Based Chicago, good tacos and transit.


Problem -- do people in Columbus and Boston have the same standards for good tacos as those in San Diego and Houston? Ones perfect taco may be horrible for those not so inclined to that sort of taco. NOTE - I now live in an area where people think Taco Time (Taco Bell Lite) is the standard for Mexican food. They find MexiFries (tater tots w/ taco seasoning) to be "authentic".


With extreme northern cities like Boston and Minneapolis, the median taco is pretty bleh, but you can find 8/10 taco shops if you know where to look.




Full article can be found here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-12-14/best-u-s-cities-for-tacos-and-public-transportation?utm\_source=twitter&utm\_medium=social&utm\_campaign=socialflow-organic&utm\_content=citylab


Columbus has better tacos and worse transit than those surveyed seem to think. Hooray for being the largest US city with no trains at all!


The most abhorrent misrepresentation on here is definitely Portland somehow thinking it has better transit than San Francisco and D.C.


Given that San Diego has the highest ranked tacos, I find these data believable. SD tacos are da best.


What kind of political compass is this? :p


MTA is far superior than the CTA solely because CTA, like all of Chicago, is infested with big spiders and I am very scared of them. But Chicago definitely has better tacos (Paco's Tacos of South Archer 😍) than NYC. My partner's family is from there and mine is spread out, so its likely I'll eventually end up there, stuffing myself with tacos and other fatty midwestern foods to console myself as I get over arachnophobia. *Edit Why in the world do so many places skimp on the tortilla, the cheapest part of the taco? Tacos need double tortilla support not this single flimsy tortilla bullshit


You simply slap the spiders with a soaking wet Italian beef and continue about your business.




Maybe new Yorkers don't know how good they have it


There's that old New Yorker cover of like 98% of the US being NYC, and then the rest being the country, that's basically how most NYers, especially native NYers understand the US. Going out on Long Island or Upstate is basically like going on vacation here for real


New Yorker March 29, 1976 by Saul Steinberg https://fineartamerica.com/featured/new-yorker-march-29-1976-saul-steinberg.html?product=art-print&googleShopping=true&completeProductSku=artworkid%5B15834518%5D-productid%5Bprint%5D-imagewidth%5B15%5D-imageheight%5B20%5D-paperid%5Barchivalmattepaper%5D&gclid=CjwKCAjwhaaKBhBcEiwA8acsHMzeNzAouX13bcOIclLbCK5DqxTfBVfm6VilBMT_QU_PIW8GJX2EMxoCjrUQAvD_BwE And I do agree that going to the Catskills or Montauk is going on vacation!


As flood waters pour down the subway entrances ...... "Ughhh - maybe not so good?"


The rankings are based on the residents views so it appears that more Chicagoans are satisfied with their public transportation system than New Yorkers are with theirs.


Well I bet more Chicagoans would be satisfied with New York's public transportation than New Yorkers would be with Chicago's if they were to somehow switch


Yeah but you can take transit to tacos more efficiently so really it's a combo score


Having LA's transit system rated anything over a 2 shows this is a flawed study.


Because it's not an objective measure (like let's say the % of the population using public transit daily), but a very subjective one. If you've always been number 2 or number 3, chances are your 'local pride' might push you to over-rate some of your hometown's qualities in such a poll, to compensate.


Texas' criminal self-overrating it's tacos is just proof that most Texans have never left Texas.


This graph tells me that their transit just can't get them out of there!


Oh no! They're stuck! Better install high-speed rail between Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, then connect it to Los Angeles via Albuquerque and Tucson and DC via Atlanta and Charlotte!


Disagree. I'm a Texan but have had tacos all over. Unless you've only had tacos in the burbs or Dallas, I'm not sure why you wouldn't rank then high.


i dare you to eat tacos from Fuel City in Dallas you silly silly goose


I’m an Angeleno but I’ll stand up for my Houston brothers - they’re right by the border and have a huge Hispanic population, so there’s a good and authentic tacos to be found. Plus they have a unique subculture with their migas tacos, which are delicious. I’ll take the variety and ubiquity of tacos in LA any day but their taco scene is nothing to laugh at. btw if you’re from Houston and reading this - Astros suck and your garbage trophy should be thrown in the ocean.


Houston is a low key top 5 food city.


Houston is very high key a top food city. it’s honestly probably the most neoliberal food city, all the American food is okay, but the ethnic food is some of the best I’ve had


And Dallas is a high-key mid-to-top tier food city. Texas' urban areas (even many of the s\*burbs) are insanely ethnically diverse -- I can get better Indian/Thai/Vietnamese/Chinese/Japanese food in DFW IMO than anywhere else in the US aside from maybe CA. And the only other place I've had better Middle Eastern food is Detroit. Tacos are just a given -- there's like 6 taquerias within walking distance of my apartment and they're all bomb af.


Houston used to be the fattest city in America. The food is amazing here. Unfortunately, there's nothing else exciting around.


Houston is a cool city with wonderful food, but on a taco by taco basis LA is clearly superior. Los Doyers!


Them’s fightin’ words


Yeah well you’re gonna have to drive 8 hours to leave TX and fight me


The most miserable drive of my life was El Paso to Fort Worth. Really pretty around El Paso, and you eventually get some rolling hills around Abilene, but in between was a flat barren wasteland commonly known as Midland / Odessa. Probably about 12 hours total with all the stops for food and gas and I reckon half of that was in west Texas. Never again.


The Permian Basin is absolutely boring


My grandparents used to drive back to Oklahoma every summer so I’ve heard quite a bit about how boring west Texas is haha


I stopped in oh jeez what's it called...Van Horn, TX on a trip to Austin. It had all these billboards building it up and...I couldn't even find a coffee place besides McDonalds at 10am on a Tuesday lol. No traffic tho...couldn't be with only 12 people living there.


My brother used to avoid Texas driving home from Florida to Colorado in college because it depressed him too. Said the extra hours the detour added were worth avoiding the hours of agony spent driving through the great nothingness.


I was a passenger, fortunately, in a trip through that stretch (from Dallas to El Paso and beyond). Big Spring was gorgeous, beautiful red hills dotted with bright green plants, quite something. But immediately after that, I pulled out my book and read because there was no sign of anything remotely interesting until Pecos.


All these cities are overrating both things. If they were being honest, someplace like Pittsburgh would be a 3 on both axes. And I say that as someone who loves Pittsburgh.




Is it like the best taco on a given city, or the average taco in a given city? In my mind, Houston does easily beat NYC and San Francisco on the average taco. Expensive cities seem to have an overall quality issue that drags down the average in my experience.


we're 40% hispanic - you think people don't know how to make tacos here or something?


San Diego tacos would be far left in Mexico!


Bostonians are underrating their transit. It’s definitely WAYYY better than San Fran.


For reasons that escape me, people in DC have it in their heads that the only good tacos are the style you find in Orange County, California, and they need to get over themselves. This city has a vibrant taco scene representing multiple regions of Mexico, from Puebla to Mexico City to Oaxaca and [loads of] hand-made tortillas ~~out the ass~~ (shit, Espita literally grinds their own corn and other grains to make their tortilla flour). About the only problem is we don’t have cheap tacos (25 pesos for five tacos in Mexico City is just *chef’s kiss*), but that’s reflective of a broader lack of cheap eats and street food here, not tacos themselves. So screw these people. Our tacos are pretty dang good, and people who think otherwise need to get out of their bubble both locally and in traveling through Mexico, because So-Cal is hardly the be all and end all of Mexican food. Edit: fixed the ass tortillas


Who thinks of Orange County for tacos? It’s bordered by SD and LA county, which are inarguably better


Okay I used to live in OC, I live in LA now. I won't argue that SD and LA have more and better Mexican food. But I maintain that OC is seriously underrated on this front. There are tons of shitty gringo places in OC sure. But there is a large Latino population, so the good places are bomb. Also, I don't know much about this, but it seems that people immigrate to LA, OC and SD from different regions, because you tend to find different dishes. For example, OC has loads of great Machaca which is hard to come by in LA. Oh, and this might just be me, but there's also a certain style of OC Mexican food that is in no way authentic, but really hits the spot. Wahoo's is a great example. Source: When I go visit my family in OC the Mexican food is pretty much the only food I can stand lol.


I'd have to pass on any tortillas that come out of someone's ass but that's just me. You do poo, I mean you.




"Columbus, Ohio: We have great tacos, but good luck getting to them."


Wait Dallas and Houston have transit systems?


If you live in the Non-Suburban Parts, yes.


This has to be fake. People in Boston would never give their transit above a zero.


lmao what the heck. Dallas/Houston/San Antonio/Austin do not have good tacos. Insanely good texmex and BBQ but they are not even in the same realm as Los Angeles and San Diego. And FUCK Cleaveland. I went to a place and ordered a taco trio and got deep fried meat, in a taco shell that was THEN DEEP FRIED. Serves me right for getting tacos in cleaveland lol. This whole chart is pretty hilarious though. I dont know HOW SD and LA rate our transit as 3/5. Were solid 1-2s as all we know is car culture. Really this is just everybody overrating their city


I mean if LA transit with its subway and light rail is a 1 or 2 then what the hell does that make San Antonio?


Tell me you've only been to rich white enclaves in Texas without telling me you've only been to rich white enclaves in Texas


> Dallas/Houston/San Antonio/Austin do not have good tacos. Insanely good texmex and BBQ but they are not even in the same realm as Los Angeles and San Diego. Let me guess, flour tortillas aren’t real tacos?


I think the main thing this graph shows is there really isn't a such thing as a bad taco. No one rated the tacos below a 5.


I see it more as "people like tacos" but dont really know differences between them all that much. I bet you could get similar charts for almost every food.


Not everybody. Saint Louis knows exactly where we stand...


>I went to a place and ordered a taco trio and got deep fried meat, in a taco shell that was THEN DEEP FRIED Welcome to the Midwest sonny boy


LA transit is a 3.5/4, not a 1. There are areas that are very well served and the system operates on high frequency and long hours, with cheap fares. But the city is so sprawling and unwalkable that most Angelinos can't reap the benefits. S.F. is underrated here though. It should be toe-to-toe with Philly at least, and it absolutely shits all over Portland, no contest.


New York is wrong about tacos.


A lot of you need to watch the tacos Chronicles on Netflix and realize all tacos are tacos man. I have eaten tacos from a lot of regions of Mexico, America's own, my own black people tacos, they are all tacos. The only thing I'm a purist about is if you get more than 3 ingredients on a taco (maybe 5 if not a lot of the topping), just make a burrito, that's not a fucking taco anymore. The beans and rice are a side for like 90% of the taco types. If you've tasted it pure and want to still add the beans and rice, you do you. But I think you should try the taco as intended first to get the taste combo. And I don't get why the new "non Mexican part of the US" thing is to make a burrito so big and stuffed you can't eat it with your hands, and it falls apart. Gross.


!ping USA-NYC


I can only assume that chicagoans have low standards for both tacos and transit. 🧐


*Sad Detroit noises*


!ping USA-SDG


Albuquerque isn’t on here but I’ll take our tacos over any. Transportation needs some work but they’re making bus rides free soon so what up.


I think the tacos is right for San Antonio, but the Transit might still be too high.


How any individuals who live in Massachusetts could give anywhere in the state, particularly Boston, a positive rating on transit is beyond me. My Mom used to have to commute into the Boston area from central Mass and she eventually left her job there with the commute and the embarrassing quality of the train as major reasons. Also, Boston is notorious for terrible traffic and major congestion. I love Beantown, but still, surprised that residents think so highly of it's transit.


Noah Smith already told us that NY is America’s only city and he’s right


I want to live in Chicago, but COL is too high for teacher salaries and I’d be five hours from most of my family. 😔


Chicagoans love to brag


Some people in here really slandering the taco slinging of Houston, the *most diverse city in the US*. GTFO Also, neoliberal loves loose af zoning, so y'all should come live in the *ahem* tropical paradise that is H-town


The real lesson here is that the east coast massively overrates its tacos.


I’d rate Albuquerque at max taco rating and like an almost minimum transportation rating