Nevada issues emergency order requiring masks for all – vaccinated or not – starting Friday

Nevada issues emergency order requiring masks for all – vaccinated or not – starting Friday


It’s hard to imagine a more efficient place than Vegas to spread a virus. People fly in from all over the country, hang out together indoors huddled together over tables, then fly back home.


What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas in this case.


Same with herpes. That shit comes back with ya.


This person herpes.


Or watched The Hangover.


A large portion of the cases we have in Hawaii right now are from exactly this - locals going on holiday to Vegas, catching it and coming back home and spreading it. So much so that our Lt. Governor issued an advisement to not travel there specifically. Which I'm sure is promptly being ignored because people from Hawaii *love* Vegas because it's one of the few destinations that is reasonably cheap to travel to.


Also from Hawaii, I have to say it's crazy seeing the number of infections going higher and higher everyday while at the same time the vaccine is available in most drug stores without an appointment. It's like people are actively choosing to get themselves infected.


Our vaccination rate is actually pretty good, among adults anyway. The NYTimes has a table that says 84% of those ages 18+ have had at least one dose. But we are middle of the pack overall, so parents don't seem to be taking in their teens to get vaccinated for some reason.


Couldn't they enjoy a Hawaiian vacation? People dream of Hawaiian vacations!


Lol well I guess when you can go to the beach every day, eventually you want to see something different. And we don't have legal gambling here, which probably has something to do with it. Personally I don't see the draw of Vegas, but I definitely always dream of vacationing somewhere cold like Alaska.


You guys are right next to each other on the map. Just climb over that little black line.


I've been to Vegas several times and I don't gamble. The strip is so fun to explore, plus there's Hoover Dam nearby, and in just 2 hours you can be in Zion National Park. Great food, great shopping, and you don't have to drop a nickel in any machine to enjoy.


You sound like my mom… “No, we’re not going on vacation! You live on vacation… go outside… people save their entire lives to come here” Sometimes it’s nice to break up the monotony of day to day… plus it’s often cheaper and more enjoyable to leave island than it is to stay here and do a staycation since the mainland has restaurants we don’t, cheaper everything, and being away means you can truly let go of your home life responsibilities, out of sight, out of mind.


*The world. They fly in from all over the world. Ive met people from damn near every country during all my vegas adventures over the years.


Well not now it’s not from all over the world


It hasn't been for a little while, still people all over the United States though, all last year I kept seeing cars from all the way on the other side of the states at my local interstate gas station. People ignored travel guidelines then, they'll do it now, I'm sure plenty of people are going to go regardless, and start drama over masks again.


>start drama over masks again. As if that drama ever ended


Ya, we are still riding the first wave of drama with no end in sight.


I think the mask drama is going to be way way worse this time. This time you’re gonna get the normal anti mask guys plus about half of the vax guys that won’t do it now


I’m a bartender on the Strip in a pretty crowded area. I can tell you that while the numbers have dropped a little, I’m definitely getting PLENTY of international tourists still.


Y'all should offer vaccines with cocktail specials at this point.


I wouldn't be surprised if there was quite a lot of vaccine tourism happening. Fly to the US for three weeks, get a vaccine on your first and last days, go home. Get vaxxed and a vacation.


I work with several folks based in Latin America (Mexico and Colombia primarily) that have done this over the last few months... they were on wait lists for vaccine until October-November in some cases...


There's about to be a massive jewelry trade show at the end of August, and people will be coming in from all over the world. Thus is the first major trade show for the jewelry industry since March 2020, and people are desperate for new merchandise.


Don’t we have travel restrictions?


Pffff, you don't even seem to know the first rule of Vegas


Both of my cousins just got over it from their roommates visit to Vegas.


My sister is a performer in some Vegas shows. I talked to her a few hours ago and she said it's basically a giant petri dish right now. People from everywhere, all unmasked, all crammed next to each other, mostly unvaccinated. It's a nightmare for the workers that live there.


I mean yeah. The city itself is a testament to the fact that people just aren’t very good at risk assessment.


And we've been holding HUGE concerts and stuff.


Not to mention they get drunk and make bad decisions.


Waitress on Vegas strip here. It's disgusting right now. Covid is making It's way through my job and casino for the second time currently. 1000s of a new people a day. It's just gross :(


Just like the Olympics


But are they robot zombies or just zombies?


You have to watch the anime


A little Column A, a little Column B.


Yes. Featuring extraterrestrials




>it makes me a picture perfect carrier This is not to say that you shouldn't take any of the precautions that you feel are necessary - especially when it comes to avoiding infection for yourself. But as I understand the current science, if you're vaccinated and test positive with a breakthrough infection, you're still going to have an extremely low chance of transmitting the virus to others unless you have a compromised immune system. It's technically possible, but if you have a healthy immune system you aren't going to be a significant risk to be a vector. Edit: Well, shit. Looks like I'm already behind. See comments below, there is strong evidence that this is no longer true when it comes to the delta variant.


I would have agreed wholeheartedly last month, but at least in my experience, I know someone who was vaccinated who transmitted covid to another vaccinated person. The second person was symptomatic, though the first was asymptomatic. (The second person works from home and only has contact with the first person, which is how we know that the first person gave it to them.) Both are young and without any comorbidities or health complications. With viral mutations, it's possible that it's starting to spread a little even though vaccinated people :(


I lived in Vegas for 20 years. It’s insane how badly they’ve been affected by this pandemic. My wife and I had to move to California to get work.


> It’s hard to imagine a more efficient place than Vegas to spread a virus. Imagine if you will, an event where people come from every country to compete in sport, and it's hosted in a country with a low rate of vaccination.


"But what about second Covid?"


"I don't think he knows about second Covid, Pipin"


"But what about polio? Tetanus? Hep A & B? He knows about those, right?!?"


No, Pip. He thinks the only vaccine for the brave and true comes from the green dragon.


orange dragon


Laying on a gigantic pile of ~~gold~~ *big macs.*


Vegas knows Hep


"Hey, I've seen this one, I've seen this one. It's a classic!"


It'll be interesting to see how it affects the infection and death rates in comparison to others.


Clearly, since this whole thing started, the people that dont care about the mask are the problem even if they should be masking they dont.


That's why you kind of have to do a blanket policy, vaccinated or not, because the honor system doesn't work. Because there are a lot of selfish assholes who have no issue with lying to get what they want.


the issue in california atm the moment is that a lot of police seem to be in the anti mask group so nothing is being enforced anywhere. I went into Whole foods of all places today and more than half the customers did not have a mask, including 2 police officers who were grabbing lunch (not eating but grabbing to go). Since Los Angeles County enacted the all masks inside it's like 50/50 whether people actually wear it. In many non food places I'm not even seeing employees wearing the masks over their mouth/nose but rather just below their chin as if that counts.


I live in the CA Central Valley, and our sheriffs defied the orders from day one. What sucks is that not only do we have conservatives and wannabe militia type anti-maskers, but we also have normal everyday apathy from people who just don’t give a shit. And strangely, there are also smaller groups of alternative types, such as young hipsters, fitness types, and followers of natural lifestyles that are anti-mask/vax. The Mennonites and similar religious communities here are very anti-vax, and believe that their faith in God will protect them from Covid. I am part Mexican, and know that a lot of people in minority communities do not trust the government or medical system enough to get it. That’s how my parents were, but they finally came around and got vaccinated. I think my county’s public heath messaging and outreach has been rather poor. We barely have 30 percent fully vaccinated, and my daughter is starting back up at high school in a few weeks with only 16 percent fully vaccinated for her age group. Everything here has been fucking weird and disheartening.


30%? Shit that’s low.


Another problem is that depending on how the mandate is put in place the police have no jurisdiction to enforce it. In my area the burden was put on the health department. The police had no ground to enforce it, as it was a health department issue. But the health department does not have any law enforcement capacity, and they were busy with contact tracing and managing the pandemic so they couldn’t enforce anything if they wanted to.


Hell, in Huntington Beach some stupid ass restaurant posted signs saying masked prohibited.


I'm sure this will go well.


As someone who lives in a rural area, the same people who refuse masks are the same that refuse vaccines. And they are the same people thinking we need a “revolution”.


In my area they're the same people who never wore masks and they won't start now.


I stopped for lunch at International Cafe in Austin NV late last summer during a camping trip, a rural town if there ever was one. There was actually a sign on the door saying no masks and something about covid being a hoax. There were Trump flags here and there too. It was pretty eye-opening seeing this kind of bullshit firsthand. As much as I like "rural," I was glad I didn't live in a place like that.


There's a reason why all of the famous conservative taking heads live in liberal cities in liberal states... Could you imagine the economic boom if Fox News got high on their on supply and started a conservative media mecca in, say, Mississippi? But that would mean living in Mississippi, so it'll never ever happen.


Rural is straight up ruined for me. The most beautiful lands in America inhabited by the most ass backwards and inbred populace.


Fucking here we go again.


The first time it was kind of unexpected, kind of unpreventable given the situation. This time it's just embarrassing, it's not even an extensive lock-down, just 30 minutes into any local clinic.


Yep we could be done with covid in one month. Yet the people out in the streets protesting lockdowns and government tyranny are the only people keeping covid going. I can't think of any other example where the people causing the problem have a free/easy solution to solve the problem yet refuse and protest the reaction to the problem they caused. It hurts my brain.


All this, plus the astronomical entitlement of foregoing a vaccine that most of the world's population is literally dying to get.


Neo : The problem is choice.


the quote i like for this "first world" situation is from blade: some m-----f------s are always trying to ice-skate uphill.


We'll never be done with Covid. 50 million people in the US still can't take the vaccine. Other countries don't have enough vaccine. The virus is here to stay.


Self entitlement and compete lack of care for anyone but yourself. And having an ass hat that was the epitome of those two things being president for 4 years. Very powerful combo.


And I’m pissed about it this time. I’m vaccinated, but now I have to wear a mask to protect the people who are too selfish and/or stupid to protect themselves.


Same here. Las Vegas resident and I'm pissed that we have to do this to protect the covidiots. Forcing vaccinated people like you and me to mask up won't do a damn thing to stop the spread. I made a comment about it on Facebook and some anti-vaxxer said something along the lines of "shame on you for pressuring us to compromise on our [anti-vaxx] beliefs." Fuck these people.


I like to think of it as not so much protecting them because fuck them. As it is trying to make sure there is a hospital bed in case I’m in a car accident.


Just for 2 weeks to flatten the curve


Dark humor, I like it.


Dark humor is like the COVID vaccine. Some people just don't get it. sigh...


Everyone have their toilet paper ready?


I have a sudden urge to go buy some toilet paper...


Treat yourself to a bidet man. 30$ and you won’t be freaking out when the TP disappears!


$30 won't buy the model I want. It will buy a cold water thai style bum gun tho.


I was afraid of the cold water so I put it off. Got the opportunity to try one and bought one immediately after. The cold doesn't ~~really~~ bother me at ~~all~~ anyways.


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Article could use a description of how bad things are in Nevada


13.5% positivity rate. We were at less than 5% a few months ago when the CDC said that vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks


And it's mostly true that vaccinated people don't need to wear masks. The problem is that people are liars.


Yes we went on the honor system and I facepalmed when I heard it because my idiot coworkers are antimask and antivax and I knew they were going to just not wear a mask. A lot on Facebook were talking about how they identify as vaccinated and talking about getting fake vaccination cards


>identifying as vaccinated Holy shit, this is going to be their newest anti-LGBTQ+, racism, general bigotry shit.


People are going to shit on the CDC, they're going to shit on them no matter what but frankly I am happy that the CDC offered scientifically-sound guidelines based on the information they had. It's not their job to make policy, that's up to the politicians. It's their job to give us health guidelines based on the available science... as they have, to my knowledge, always done. Including their initial guidelines for masks. *An individual* can choose to follow those health guidelines or not, but we'd be in a whole lot of trouble if the CDC were so blatantly modifying their recommendations *of the science* to effect public policy. If you want to get mad at somebody, get mad at the politicians who dropped the mask mandates too early based on the honor system. The CDC didn't tell the politicians to drop mask mandates, they said it was fine for unvaccinated people to go unmasked in most situations, and afaik that was correct. e: I assume your comment was directed at the CDC since that's what started this thread. If not, then just consider this some general food for thought I guess.


> If you want to get mad at somebody, get mad at the politicians who dropped the mask mandates too early based on the honor system. I live in Texas and this exactly how I feel. Especially since our governor said he won't mandate it for school which starts in a few weeks.


> He won't mandate it for school It's not even that, really. There's a big difference between him saying he won't require masks and him saying it's illegal for schools to require masks. Unfortunately we live in a world in which the latter is true.


>they identify as vaccinated Puke: bold, underline. Tell me you have the maturity of a toddler without telling me you have the maturity of a toddler.


It’s much worse. These people understand many things and have way more complex reasoning abilities than my toddlers.


It's the conservative 'One Joke', but somehow even worse. Absolute madness.


I was at a funeral for my uncle and the pastor made a heartfelt request that anyone present who wasn't vaccinated please wear masks-- an abundance of masks were available at the door *as well as ushers walking around with baskets of them in case anyone needed one.* I sat there and watched my antivax relatives do fucking nothing. In a church full of elderly people. People are lying selfish coonts.


I don't know if that breaks my heart or infuriates me. But either way, I'm very sorry for your loss.


Just say cunts. Your attempt at not saying it just makes it closer to something worse.


...also it's not like anyone owes civility to the cunts who are endangering us all and are snubbing the people who put massive amounts of work into speeding the vax roll out.


Yeah. Basically the best joke made in May was that the "CDC issues guideline that makes it okay to lie about your vaccination status" when they repealed it for the vaccinated


*"The Honor system"* Yes, Fucking great idea.


I test all y’all’s nasal swabs (California, but we get shipments from other western states that have less capacity) and a few months ago we were at single digit positivity rates such that my department was getting shut down, and was slashed from about a dozen people to 2. Now there is a major spike similar to your 13.5%. Technically I can’t disclose the exact numbers, but it’s scary. See how bad the delta variant is with over half of the country vaccinated? Now imagine how catastrophic it would be if we didn’t have any vaccines. We would be forced into lockdowns and absolutely have more than our peak of 300,000 cases per day and 4500 deaths per day. You know it’s bad when even the republicans are telling their followers to get vaccinated.


After the last year anyone with any common sense would know that this would happen. It's not the vaccinated people spreading it. It those that have not had the vaccine and refuse to get it, but now can get away with not wearing a mask because we are working on the honor system. These imbeciles won't wear a mask because wearing one is letting "the communists" win somehow. This last year has shown both how well we can come together and meet a goal, the vaccine. As well as just how fucking stupid and gullible people are.


Yep and that’s why I continue to wear one even though I am vaccinated. I don’t trust people and I have a daughter to protect that can’t get vaccinated yet.


From 7/9 to 7/27 their number of cases per million in population went up by 4.21% as opposed to North Dakota which went up 0.4% or Tennessee which went up by 1.75%. Take that for what you will, but basically their number of new cases as percent of population have been going up much faster than most other states.


Do they have some sort of major tourist attraction or something?


They have the worlds largest solar farm!! Jk they scrapped that so ppl could ride their ATVs in that one particular spot.


You mean like, Las Vegas?


Might have something to do with it


What happens in Vegas, stays with you for the long haul.


I visited LV this past weekend and about 80% of people did not have masks anymore. The Strip and Fremont St were packed as hell. Cases will go up no doubt.


That's... Actually a pretty good point all around now that I think about it


Reno too.


I was in Reno a few weeks ago, and no one was wearing masks except for employees. The Peppermill had signs saying you should wear a mask if you're unvaccinated, and I doubt 99% of their guests were.


>Clark County, where the majority of new cases have been recorded, has a vaccination rate of 39 percent. Want to guess which county Las Vegas sits in?




There’s this pawn shop…


I mean Great Basin National Park and Valley of Fire state park are both amazing beautiful scenery. There’s quite a few other ones that are pretty swell too. But I don’t think that’s the reason.


The only people that will follow this is the people that are already vaccinated. At least in rural NV…


Round two, infected boogaloo


So we all have to put our masks back on...to preserve the morons who didn't want the free vaccination? Do they all work an economy-critical job or something?


This is about to get bad. Vaccinated people will be belligerent when they're forced to mask everywhere again because of unvaccinated dimwits. These two crowds are about to be one in the same. Walking around maskless and short-fused ready to blow up at anyone who tells them to mask.


I hate to say it, and I welcome someone to show me how wrong I am but: Mask mandates aren't going to work, and are only going to cause political harm to the governors who declare them. Like you said, people are going to be belligerent. Half the population will ignore it anyway, and there will be significant overlap between those and the unvaccinated. And they'll get sick and fill the hospitals making it harder for others who didn't just shoot themselves in the viral foot to get needed attention. Sadly, I have to wonder at this point if we are just fucked, and should let the virus burn through the dimwits and just hope that it doesn't allow further mutation which will hopefully be followed by another vaccine that only half the population will take.


I live in Vegas and work in the entertainment industry in multiple sectors, including dancing at a strip club , go-go dancing at concerts, and graphic design for venues and DJs. The entertainment industry is keeping the roof over my head right now. If we shut down again everything is going to implode. This is entirely unvaccinated peoples’ faults. I’m so angry. I wore a mask and got vaccinated as soon as I could. 96-99% of all hospitalizations are UNVACCINATED PEOPLE. Please get the vaccine so we don’t have to freaking shut down again.


It’s not going to stop at masks. This is setting people up to accept more lockdowns in the fall. People who live in blue states and follow the rules will be punished while people who live in red states will keep doing whatever they want. That’s the most insane thing about all this.


> People who live in blue states and follow the rules will be punished while people who live in red states will keep doing whatever they want America in a nutshell.


Just wait till climate change laws


Met someone yesterday that was complaining about car companies moving to all electric vehicles and the effect it will have on gas stations. "Think of the small businesses!" Was his argument for continuing the status quo. I'm like.. how many horse stables you see around town? Times change. Adapt.


TIL Americans are taught to think of oil companies as "small business."


That will be a red hot issue.






If they don’t take it serious now they never will, I don’t want them to die but apparently they do so I guess I can’t complain






Yep. I masked up and I'm vaccinated w/the Pfizer vaccine. Have been since December. Will continue to take the vaccine boosters and whatever changes they make. Use hand sanitizer and wear eye goggles, whatever. Masking sucks. I hate it and I'm sick of it. My skin breaks out horribly from the masks. I get rashes. I just want clear skin that doesn't hurt, god. But I'm just sick and tired of getting punished because of these assholes who don't do anything and never have. If they just got vaccinated, this would help significantly. So let them get sick and die. They know better at this point. But I'm not taking consequences for other people.


Accept more lockdowns in fall…. Right after tourism peters off a bit. That’s a huge factor, people coming to vacation hotspots (Reno, Tahoe, Vegas which are Washoe, Douglas, and Clark counties respectively) transmitting the virus to locals (who can’t usually afford to live nice and close to work) so they bring it home to their counties (Carson, Lyon, etc) I’m already vaccinated, I also have had COVID, they can fuck right off, though reading the article it looks like it’s only affecting goverment buildings, not private businesses, though it’s possible I misread the article.


Our governor (Sisolak) straight out said a one point during then pandemic, "residents should shelter in place, but tourists are welcome here!" Mayor Goodman (Las Vegas) wanted to just stay open and see what happens, like some sick experiment. Nevada is a beautiful state, but our elected officials are morons.


This is where I’m at right now with this thing. I’m missing two weeks of work because of an unvaccinated person. It’s honestly pretty hopeless, the thing is gonna keep mutating, and then a booster shot will come out, then these idiots won’t take it and around we go.


This will probably just be for two weeks so we can like flatten the curve and such.




Unbelievable. We had a vaccine. We *won*. I don't think I've ever seen or heard of a victory being squandered on a scale this before.


The Falcons would like a word…


All right, there's no need to respond to me with this kind of violence.


Damn, no sub is safe…


Every fucking thread


Several Atlanta sports teams are also on hold


How is it that the Falcons and 28-3 is also the first thing that popped into my head while reading OPs comment before I even got to yours? Lmaoooo


George bush standing in front of a "mission accomplished" 3 presidents early comes to mind. And even then... was it really accomplished?


Did the military industrial complex get paid a ton of money? They accomplished their mission.


It’s second and goal at the 1. What’s your play call? “I’ll pass.” There’s a free vaccine to protect you from the deadly virus. Would you like one? “I’ll pass.”


You need to put a trigger warning on that for our Seahawk brethren.


"Big pharma only wants to get my money with this free vaccine. Now give me those homeopathy pills for $100 each".




Anti-vaxxers are doing their part to keep COVID going. They must be very proud of themselves ... until they get it.


Not just keeping it going, keeping it mutating. the unvaxxed are variant factories.




Sadly they’ll use its ineffectiveness as a justification for not having got it even though it should be the exact opposite


People worked so hard to produce such effective vaccines in a miraculously short amount of time, and we thank them for giving us hope and a way out by shitting on everything and calling them traitors, murderers, liars, and bad at their fucking job. I don't like being forced to do anything, but for those who are able to be vaccinated, I say make two lines to stand in, asking "yes" or "no"; the "yes" people get vaccinated and go to an orgy in a month, and the "no" people go to a fire pit 1 mile wide and 1 mile deep. I've been more intolerant of this spreading idiocy lately.


> People worked so hard to produce such effective vaccines in a miraculously short amount of time, and we thank them for giving us hope and a way out by shitting on everything and calling them traitors, murderers, liars, and bad at their fucking job. This line is correct except for the usage of the pronoun "we". It's utterly aggravating for "we" that did the right thing as soon as possible in an effort to support everyone else around them only to be met with resistance from others that had to be incentivized, further "convinced" through their "own research" or in some cases forced in a variety of ways to do that same right thing, but it was all still undermined by the "they" portion of the country and now *everyone* is likely to have to suffer even more.


prune the variants for the sake of the multiverse


They just wanna have more protest parades, everyone loves a parade.


I imagine everyone will take this very well and be understanding. They completely comply with the order in order to help the others around them because they give a miniscule fuck about their fellow humans. Wait a second.....


So what happens for work, we are expected to sit with masks all day? Why even bother being forced back into office?


>So what happens for work, we are expected to sit with masks all day? If you work inside or around people, apparently.


“While masks aren't likely to crush community spread, experts say, they might ratchet up pressure on the unvaccinated and encourage businesses and schools to implement mask mandates.” Things like this are why people are cynical about government mandates to wear masks…


The CDC has clearly lost their minds. It will in fact do the opposite - to unvaccinated, anti-government people, this looks like an admittance the vaccines don’t work. Consider this headline from FOX news yesterday: White House calls masks 'extra' protection for vaccinated while reiterating 'the vaccines work'


Yeah conservative subs are now running with the talking points that the vaccines are useless because people are still catching and spreading covid, absolutely awful messaging from the CDC throughout this pandemic.


This happened in LA last week and most business / places don't enforce it. Bars are packed.


The time of masking is over, and people will not stand for another flip flop changing their lives again. This will be ignored, and there is not enough will to do anything about it.


It’s pretty fucking annoying as a responsible fully-vaccinated person to be told you have to go back to masking to protect the health of all the selfish belligerent assholes who refuse to get a free vaccine out of spite.


This is me. I’m fucking tired of being punished for doing everything right. I enthusiastically got both shots, and wore my mask until I was fully vaxxed. It doesn’t kill you (only 3 deaths out of 322m doses in one study, a .0000000009% death rate), it doesn’t make you infertile, it doesn’t fucking give you powers (I would know if I had powers), it doesn’t control your mind, and it doesn’t spy on you (the government can do that without putting any “chips” in vaccines thanks to the Patriot Act!). And for those with the “experimental vaccine” talk, motherfucker, every single other vaccine that has ever been made has been “experimental”, including the ones you had to take at a young age to attend school (unfortunately, that won’t happen anymore in Tennessee). My grandfather has been in medicine for 50 years. He has repeatedly been told by unvaccinated COVID PATIENTS that he is wrong, and that their 25 minutes of “research” is right. He told me the other day that these people “are beyond saving”. 25 minutes apparently > 50 years. Unfuckingbelievable. My grandfather has had to fire people who refused to take the vaccine, wear a mask, or get regularly tested that worked in the hospital under him because they were a potential threat to patients. This is fucking unacceptable, and shows off just how fucking stupid a certain percentage of the population is. Confirmation bias, and a hatred for specialists will destroy this nation, and this is a clear example. To the people who are antivax. Fuck all of you worthless cunts. You are the biggest problem in our nation right now.


> Confirmation bias, and a hatred for specialists will destroy this nation, and this is a clear example. The idea that their ignorance is superior to anyone else's expertise has become the core of their identity.


I suffered through lockdown, didn't travel, had a fucking Zoom Christmas with my family despite us all being in the same state, wore my mask for a year, and got both my shots. I'm done protecting dumbasses. If you haven't got the shot by now it is because you're an idiot who chose not to. That's not my fault, and it's not fair for everyone else to compromise their quality of life to protect you from your own stupidity. At this point it's get the shot or die. Your choice.


what i find most infuriating is that i same of those antivaxxers on twitter saying things like: "So they are going to change the plot and blame it on unvaccinated people, just watch"... ON WHO ELSE WOULD THEY BLAME IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!


The politicians? The experts? I don’t know man, I only trust scientists employed by tobacco companies.


*ON WHO ELSE WOULD THEY BLAME IT!!!!!!!!!!!!* I do agree with you 💯 tho.


nevada is not the type of state where this will be received well.


Work is going to be hell.


I'm hoping the boss man decides we need to work from home again, but I'm not holding my breath.


Problem is unvaccinated are the ones who weren’t wearing masks in the first place


Don’t worry, they’re *totally* going to follow it the second time around. I don’t have one single ounce of sympathy for these people, and I’m really struggling to find one single reason why we should bother to protect them.


What was that flattening the curve thing? Oh never mind. Btw, Nevada is more than Las Vegas.


We’ve come full circle Anti maskers hatin on anti maskers.


So...am I bad person for thinking that if the antivaxxers want to basically die then who am I to stop them? The vaccine is proving effective enough, even against the variants so why not just let them die?




I don't care at this point, let the unvaccinated deal with it. It's their choice, enough of this shit. Every variant has proven ineffective against vaccines


I guess COVID does not follow the golden rule of “what happens in Vegas…”


Why starting Friday? If it's an emergency order why wouldn't it start immediately?


Casinos need time to put up signs and get security ready to enforce this mandate.


I have seen throughout the pandemic that "emergency orders" and mandates have taken a few days to go into effect. Perhaps it is to give the issuing authorities time to organize their response to inevitable challenges. Or maybe to ensure that the order and its impact and meaning are communicated and opportunity given to clear up outstanding questions.


Mask mandates are just prolonging the problem. Its not going to nudge enough un-vaxxed to get vaxxed. It needs to burn through the unvaccinated as quickly as possible, instead of letting it hang around, mutating the entire time.


That really sucks, I just left Vegas a week ago. I can tell you it was crowded everywhere.. even the grand canyon.


And so we began the second lockdown. This will go well... /s




What has to be looked at is the death rate though. I mention this only because what we are seeing is the natural evolution of a virus. It’s gets more infection as the death rate decreases in order to propagate itself. The UK as well as Israel who saw the dealt variant well before us saw a dramatic increase in cases and hospitalization but only a .1 increase in mortality which would be expected with a dramatic increase in cases. Point being the dealt variant is highly contagious but far less deadly than its novel parent strain and this should have been expected but apparently we are all just learning about science for the first time in history.


I got downvoted on this sub three days ago for posting a page from Berkeley’s evolutionary biology that made this exact point in like 2007. Viruses tend to get more transmissible but less virulent.