Bride-to-be spent planned wedding day on ventilator before dying of COVID-19

Bride-to-be spent planned wedding day on ventilator before dying of COVID-19


A surgical tech getting her medical info from social media? Of course


"Who should I get my medical information from: the doctors I work with every single day who spent years in school studying the subject so they could continue to dedicate their lives to the field, or Karen on FB who's sticking a spoon to her arm? Damn, they're just so equally qualified." EDIT: So I did the unimaginable and read the article, and it made me sadder. Turns out she'd scheduled the appointment for her first shot before contracting COVID... at a goddamn bachelorette party.


Scheduled?? How long ago? Currently you can literally walk into drug stores and get the vax.


In June I went to walgreens to get a snack and saw they had the pfizer shot. went to the pharmacist and asked, they gave me a form to fill out and had given me the shot in less than 5 minutes, I didn't even have ID on me. They told me to stay for 20 minutes, but said it would be fine to shop. When I got through the check out I figured it had been long enough and left. So an extra 3 or 4 minutes in my run to get a bag of Cape Cod potato chips and I had my vaccine. Repeated this same process 3 weeks later and was fully vaxxed with less than 10 minutes taken out of my normal schedule


Had basically the same experience at a designated vaccination place in my county. I printed and filled out the paperwork before hand, walked in, handed it to them, the lady pointed me to a chair, I sat down, and was jabbed. Didn't even take 5 minutes from getting out of my car to getting the jab. The second shot took a little longer, because they needed to put the sticker on my card but, it was basically the same. In and out within 22min and 15 of it was waiting after the jab.


You basically can’t walk 100 feet in the United States without someone trying to vaccinate you. For free. Conveniently. Anybody that was about to get one because of the appointment or whatever it’s just stalling


And yet people will pay with *actual money - and their lives! -* to go the alternate route which involves untested and wild treatments.


It's worse than that. People from overseas will spend thousands to come to the US because it's much easier to get shots here. We kept getting the run around in Japan, we got nervous, so we booked a flight to come to the US. We were still jet lagged when we got our first shot. By the time we got our second shot, some of our friends had told us they finally had appointments to get their first shot. We're about to head back to Japan, we've been fully vaccinated for two months and some of our friends just barely got their second shot. If we had delayed it, who knows? Maybe one of us would've caught COVID before summer was over. People in the US take it for granted how easy it is. People in Canada had to wait almost three months to get their second shot. They'd pay money to get the second shot earlier.


Yup buddy just flew in from nicaragua to get the shots. They're still only letting people 30+ get it and according to official reports they only have enough for about 30-40% of the population and the areas to get it look like a college football stadium packed to the brim with people. To say we're lucky and fortunate to get our shots as easily as we can get beer or pretzels is insane when compared to countries that are basically at our doorstep. Hell as it is amongst my friends across the globe i was the first one to get it despite being the last one in my family to get it.


I got the shot in a Walgreens, was given the usual "wait 15 minutes" spiel and went to just walk around until that time was up. I didn't get but two aisles away before I started to feel *really* weird- slightly nauseous, dizzy, just wholly *off,* and hot-footed it back to the pharmacy. They gave me a chair and a bottle of OJ to drink and the head pharmacist himself constantly checked on me. About 10 minutes of sitting down later, it was all gone and I felt fine. 10/10 would get vaccinated again


Nice free OJ.


He’s been free.


she also scheduled it days before her wedding. she wouldn’t have been fully vaccinated if she had gotten it before the bachelorette party either


Wow. The more I learn about this, the more tragedy is sadly outweighed by the level of overwhelming stupidity of this person


It’s a pandemic in itself. It’s called the pride virus. It tells you that you can beat this and if you get it you will only get sick for a few days because… well your immune system is strong… just like your will to live. You can do anything! Uh no you’re dead and now rotting in a pine box for a ceremony you didn’t plan on that has nothing to do with a wedding.


> Damn, they're just so equally qualified. Kind of the reverse of "both sides are just as bad" political nihilism.


And the funny thing is, I'm not a huge fan of the Democrats: they have their own issues that seriously need addressing and are far from perfect. But goddamn, the GOP... Democrats have valid criticisms, but at least they're not a neo-fascist death cult.


"out of the 11 women who attended the bachelorette party, she was the only one to get infected." I would be interested in hearing how many of them were vaccinated


>She came back Sunday, symptoms started late Monday, Monday night, and then progressed through there Odds are she was already infected before and spread it during her party. I wonder how many people she exposed... Selfish. Edit: and the fiance is no better than she is: >Eskew said that while he is not one to preach about whether or not to get the COVID-19 vaccine, he doesn’t see a reason for putting it off if someone is "on the fence" about getting it.  Except that's exactly what he also did, until covid had a chance of affecting him personally. Hopefully someone will learn this lesson. Both of them were selfish asshats.


My friend worked with a guy who was anti-mask and anti-vaccine who recently came into work sick and had to be sent home. You'll notice I used past tense when referring to him because he's now dead and last I heard his wife was on a ventilator. It's bad enough to refuse to get the vaccine or wear a mask, but coming into work so visibly sick during a pandemic that you have to be sent home should be considered a serious crime.




His coworker belongs in prison for a significant amount of time.


I've never hit anyone in my adult life but if that happened to my dad I would legitimately consider showing up to beat that guy with whatever I could get my hands on.


You remember the stories of the people that went to jail for spitting on produce when this all kicked off? Yeah I'd use that as grounds to sue the living shit out of the guy. Ask him if hurting others also wasn't that bad.


The Covid brain fog is no joke and people should be more aware of it. Some people are not recovering from the brain fog and it is very sad to see.


Recently got over covid (am vaccinated) and went into work today. I work on the 2nd floor of the building and it took me 4 tries to figure out how to get there from the parking garage.


I had Covid in April 2020 before vaccination was available, and for a months afterwards, I had the hardest time remembering things, and reaching for basic concepts when discussing subjects. My ability to control my asthma was destroyed - walking across parking lots would leave me breathless and feeling faint. Even now, we went on a trip recently and I had the hardest time packing and organizing - I just couldn't seem to concentrate to put everything together, and I kept misplacing things. I was literally crying because I just couldn't DO it. Then during the trip, I had a hard time navigating simple stuff like remembering what floor our room was on. I'd get confused much more easily, and my partner had to keep correcting me. I have ADHD and I'm normally a little absent-minded, but when they describe it as a "fog", they're not joking. Sometimes it feels like I'm thinking through molasses.


> coming into work so visibly sick during a pandemic that you have to be sent home should be considered a serious crime If that upsets you then you should be delighted to know that at my district parents send their covid positive students to school because they don't want them at home :)


I know someone whose daughter came home sick from school. They both got high fevers. Someone in her office had covid a week prior, so it seemed very likely they had it. Didn’t send her daughter back to school right away, but in between them first getting sick and getting covid test results, they visited friends, had a sleepover, went to restaurants, etc. All while having symptoms. Unbelievable


The disconnect in some folks is astounding. Meanwhile I'm over here, vaccinated, and breaking plans last minute because I don't know if my year-long seasonal allergies are acting up or if I'm lousy with 'rona


So I got a bit sick a couple months ago, it wasn't horrible but I was definetly sick. I call in to work saying I am sick and they pretty much said come in or you are fired. Fucking stupid there is a pandemic going on. Turned out to just be a cold but if it was covid that would have been horrible. I quit that job a few weeks ago, partly because of how they handled me being sick.


Pre-vaccination, I was exposed to Covid-- a coworker I worked with for 8 hrs came down with it. This was a hospital coffee shop, I worked there because if I have to do essential work I'd rather serve doctors, and they had screening questions, one of which was "Have you been exposed to Covid?" When they told me and I asked about those screening questions they said they only meant if a household member had Covid and was told to just say I had not been exposed. I was told to keep an eye on symptoms. So a few days later I woke up coughing. I was scheduled to open and called my manager. She was PISSED. Made me call around to find a replacement, of course I couldn't, we open at 5:30 AM. She wanted me to come in anyway and I pointed out the screeners would catch my cough. I wouldn't go into work until I tested negative (thank God I was the level of paranoid that I was gloved the fuck up and had two masks on at the time). But they were looking for excuses to fire me, I told a customer to wear a mask in a frustrated tone (because this is A HOSPITAL, have some fucking respect for the frontline workers), she complained and I got fired. The pressure to work sick is INSANE in food service. When the pandemic started I convinced my roommate not to order delivery because I know they don't take the precautions they should.


Probably in a city like mine, Nashville. We locked down so tourism like bachelorette parties could fill up our hospitals with local service workers.


IIRC from another article I read, she actually did have her bachelorette party in Nashville.


Most do. It's huge for that


Nashville has quietly become the bachelorette party center of the world, and i REALLY want to know the story of how that happened


I'm a flight attendant and got in to downtown Nashville the other night. So went searching for food since my hotel bar was already closed. Broadway was just a wall of people without masks. It was, by far, the most people I've seen in one place in any city. I can't imagine how many infections that one street is responsible for.


>Eskew said that the reason they had not gotten vaccinated earlier was the deluge of misinformation circulating about the shots. While he said he was not completely certain where Wendell may have seen it, Eskew said his fiancé became hesitant after seeing false claims about the COVID-19 vaccine making women lose their fertility.  This was optional. If you have specific health concerns regarding vaccination or treatment you should talk to your doctor. If you still doubt them, feel free to see another doctor for a 2nd opinion just to double check. You shouldn't follow advice from random anonymous strangers from the internet.


> You shouldn't follow advice from random anonymous strangers from the internet. My step-sister will follow the advice of anyone in her church group but fuck if she'll listen to a doctor. A girl in her church group, who is a nurse, is telling everyone in the church the vaccines are made from aborted fetus stem cells. Based on what my mom said that church is gonna have a smaller congregation soon.


Its always the nurse that turns out to be the idiot.


Nursing is the most bizarre profession for this. I've known nurses who were incredibly intelligent, rational, and thoughtful. They could have chosen any profession and thrived. Then I've known nurses who are dumber than a box of rocks. It's so weird.


My wife is a nurse at a pretty big hospital. The deadline is sept. 27th for all staff to be vaccinated, everyone who isn’t will be terminated. Her manager and many of her coworkers are preparing to resign on the 27th because they refuse the vaccine. It’s completely mind-boggling.


Congratulations on your wife's September 28th promotion!


Too bad it's the worst kind of of promotion where she'll be doing the job of 4 people for the same pay, most likely.


At least she won't be promoted to patient I guess.


The resignations on the 29th will be even higher...


Good now we’ll only have nurses at work who actually understand what they’re dealing with.


The resignation is awesome... won't even qualify for unemployment that way. Appreciate them not being a bigger burden than they already are!


It's not really that weird when you realize that not all nursing educations are equal in terms of quality. On one end you can be a nurse with an associates and barely a year and a half of education; On the other you can go to an accredited university with a bachelors in nursing. There really is a range. My wife is a nurse and she does constant re-educations and brushing up on her knowledge outside of work. I would say she knows more than the average (good) nurse.


On top of that, you also have some hospitals staff these days claiming they are nurses when they are not nurses.


"I'm a nurse. I didn't say I was a _Registered Nurse_, geez!"


I know a lady like that. She tells everyone she's a nurse and always wears scrubs, especially scrub tops. And not just to work. Like out and about. It's her look. She works in the billing department of the county health clinic.


There are people who aren't even hospital staff claiming to be nurses. I encountered a woman on reddit who was talking about how all the vents in her hospital were occupied with vaxxed patients... a quick stroll through her post history revealed she was a bartender just a few months before. Oddly, she never responded to my question about when she made the move from being a bartender to being a nurse.


You can check the status of any nurses license, at least in FL. I’ve used this to call out fakes when I’ve found them.


Can in Indiana as well. Known a couple crazy people that claimed to be nurses...checked IPLA site and what do you know? One was a CNA and the other lost her license for failing a drug test (weed & speed iirc) and lying about it to the board (do NOT do this!)


It's because people don't know there is a difference between nurses and nurses assistance. My 20000 hometown has 3 nurses per floor of the hospital. Everyone else is a "nurse assistant" who makes 9 dollars an hour. This is a problem people don't know about.


I know that there are different kinds of nurses. I've even seen RNs with bachelor's degrees who were incredibly dim.


I think its because nursing has become to women what the military became for men. Not to discount the military. There are a lot of bright people there. But there are also people that parents told them I need to do something and get out of our house..... It seems from my perspective I see a bunch of women kind of just be like ummmmmm welll....they get paid decently, and they are always in demand and the schooling is affordable and a couple years. I guess I'll do that. I notice a LOT of single moms doing this. I imagine raising a child by yourself is expensive and working at McDonalds just isn't cutting it. So they take what is in demand and pays decently better.


I agree. I think that's a lot of it. I've know several women who weren't smart nor academically inclined who went back to school after having kids to be a nurse. I still think it's odd that nothing they learned about medical science actually sunk in.


depending on what kind of nurse they are (and if they're actually a nurse rather than a nursing assistant), they may have had little to literally no science or scientific literacy training.


Yep. Some are little more than technicians.


I think the term Nurse gets painted with a broad brush. Becoming an actual RN is very challenging and the NCLEX is not an easy test. Not to down play other nursing jobs but there is a huge difference between CNA and RN.


Nursing school teaches you the bare minimum to be a generalist. It's teaching you to ride a bike with training wheels. This is why new grads are in 12 week to 1 year orientation classes after being hired by a hospital. They then specialize, and have a LOT of knowledge about only what they do. As an example, I carry numerous critical care certifications. I can recover an open heart patient without stress. But when my partner fell and hurt her knee, I had no idea how to assess whether it was a bruise, strain, or tear. I don't do Ortho. It's easy for us to have very little training in a field. The key is that most of us know where the limit of our knowledge is. Unfortunately, the dumb ones often lack such self-awareness.


Honestly, this. I’ve had a couple of coworkers start their “well my wife is a nurse and she says” spiel. I’m not going to entertain this shit for a second. Your wife is not an epidemiologist.


My dad told me he pulls the “well, my kid’s an epidemiologist and says I should wear a mask/be vaxxed/social distance/etc.” all the time. He was shook to find out most people in his small town don’t even know what an epidemiologist is.


I'd trust a nurse with my life any day after living a life so far that's been filled with hospitalizations. I would not trust "nurse" as one's research credentials ever in my life. Never, ever, ever, would I take nursing as a valid background to present research outside of the scope of nursing responsibilities. My mother and auntie are nurses, and they believe the most bizarre shit. Still stellar at their actual jobs, though!


Don’t forget the chiropractor “doctor.”


My stepmom claims she has talked to nurses who say that the numbers are inflated to make the hospitals more money. At least she's not an anti vaccer but it certainly doesn't help to make her take the pandemic more seriously. "luckily" she had a neighbor who died from it so I think that is what has kept her a little more grounded despite loving tucker carlson and apparently talking to nurses spreading false info (though she believes the nurses she at least also believes in the vaccine and has already gotten it).


My folks refused the vaccine spouting facebook nonsense. We gave them an ultimatum when our first child was born. They chose to remain distant and do video calls. They only got vax'd after their childhood friend died alone in an ICU due to covid leaving behind her two children and 7 grand children.


It unfortunate seeing grandbaby wasn’t enough motivation. It’s like why does someone need to pass away from covid in order for people to take it seriously?


Ask her if she is accusing hospitals of committing fraud by forging medical records, which is a felony. Tell her she should call the police and the state medical board and report it. That usually shuts them up.


>My stepmom claims she has talked to nurses who say that the numbers are inflated to make the hospitals more money. Your stepmom doesn't know how hospitals make money. It's not on the ICU and COVID cases. Fuck, they'll be *lucky* if the Feds backstop some of the bills -- because if you're sick enough from COVID to end up in the hospital, it's unlikely you're going to be able to cover your fucking bills anytime soon. Hospitals make their money on "elective" surgeries (which aren't all actually elective, so much as they aren't time critical. new hip or knee, or a ligament repair -- anything that can be put off a few weeks or even months is considered 'elective' in this case.). Those are the procedures COVID is forcing them to cancel. COVID-19 is *killing* hospitals financially, and massively fucking over their ability to staff well to boot.


Yes 100% this. My hospital system lost $20 million in one month last year when they canceled elective surgical procedures. COVID is terrible for hospitals. (edit because I did not read my post first like a dummy)


Tell her that Canadian hospitals are saying the same thing and our system isn’t for profit. Maybe that will help?


Whenever I hear someone say that about hospitals I ask how they think the hospitals are going to hide that large a scale of fraud? If random Joe Blow on the internet knows about it then everyone at the hospital would certainly know, and if everyone at the hospitals know, then the government and insurance company liaisons that work with the hospitals all know. So how come the 10000s of people (including Qberts) know this but no one is proving documented proof?


My mom was a surgical nurse for the better part of 30 years. She told me she wasn't surprised in the slightest that it's all the nurses who are coming out of the woodworks to be morons


Doctor? Pfft. I think the word you’re looking for is *facebook*.


Why pay for a doctor when Dr. Zuck is free?


I’m currently pregnant, not only pregnant but pregnant off either a)pre cum or b) a plan B failure. One of my co workers asked me once she found out I was pregnant if I was vaccinated. I said yes and please go get your vaccine because this whole ‘it takes away your fertility’ is utter nonsense. Get. Your. Fucking. Vaccine.


Hey! I also got pregnant by a freak accident after getting vaccinated!! I bet the vaccine did it...... (/s)


I had surgery last december and the pre-surgery nurse was talking about how the covid vaccine affects fertility and a lot of nurses dont want to take it. This was before the vaccine even came out. I was in physical therapy to recover from the surgery and the therapists wife worked at a hospital and he said a lot of nurses there said the same thing. He and his wife were vaxxed as soon as it came available to health care workers. How the hell do nurses believe this bullshit? They work with DOCTORS who can tell them the truth.


Being dead also affects fertility.


My wife's fucking doctor was skeptical about it and told her not to take it. People can be dumb/ignorant/obstinate across all spectrums of class and intelligence.


Similar thing here. Know a Physician's Assistant who was all in on hydroxychloraquin or whatever it was. Know a nurse who is hesitant to see what the "long-term effects" are.




I don’t even click anymore. I pretty much assume they are all unvaccinated.


But if you skip the click, you'll miss that the family started a GoFundMe campaign to defray her funeral and medical costs.


Don't need a click to know that either.


It's expected at this point.


The US medical system, where people would rather have people in need of medical care reduced to beggars, rather than pass legislation to catch us up with the rest of the developed world.


I totally agree with your statement. I also want to add that most of the people who support this system are the same who are anti-vax and vote to keep this system in place. Then when it happens to them they are required to beg for help and don’t understand why they’re in that predicament




Or in this case where the US medical system offered a way to protect against this free-of-charge, but many willingly and knowingly declined.


I’m exhausted over it. Back when the ACA was being hashed out so many people would argue with me that if people get sick and can’t afford treatment or insurance they should just rely on their church to handle their care. Mind boggling.


Did she spread anti-vax misinformation on social media before dying of Covid for the trifecta?


It's something like 99.5% of current COVID deaths in the US are unvaccinated. The .5% who still die tend to be either incredibly old and can no longer fight a mild illness or someone with a compromised immune system that would've made the vaccine less effective. And that's why herd immunity is important and why your choice *does* effect other people: as has literally always been the case with vaccines, there's always a small portion of the population that either can't receive the vaccine or their immune system just won't learn it's lesson from it. If it didn't take but enough other people are vaccinate, they'll live full lives blissfully unaware they're still vulnerable to measles. If enough people aren't vaccinated... congrats, you're getting innocent people killed due to your dumbass decision.


Nor to guess that at some point someone involved invoked "prayer warriors".


Are you at least curious if he returned the wedding gifts? Yeah, I'll save you a click and tell you that's not in there.


They *all* follow the same pattern: * Refuse to vaccinate * Post right wing memes * Hospitalised with Pneumonia * Spouse takes over social media * Requests for prayers * Death post * GoFundMe request * "Great human, came out of nowhere, shocked"


Don't forget the post about how "they'd still make the same choice cause the vaccine is experimental/unsafe/worse/etc". Glad to know they'd pick a horrible death in agony a 2nd time over a fucking needle and a shot if they had a do over. Fucking idiots.


“It should be a personal choice” - Actual quote from an actual video of a dude dying on a ventilator


***Insert: "You chose poorly meme here"***


Normally I’d agree in that scenario, but when your sickness is preventing others from getting hospitalized because you and your dumbass friends are taking up hospital beds, it’s no longer just your choice.


Yea, as regularly as the sun rises and sets, these idiots downplay covid - get covid - go to the hospital - call for the prayer warriors - choke and die - and then comes the go fund me. Regular like the tides.


Gofundme goes in. Gofundme goes out. You can't explain that!




And if they were vaccinated, they will throw it in our faces for months anyways, because this one person would suddenly become proof for all their beliefs


The vaccines keep you out of the ICU, plain and simple. I’ve had two fully vaccinated patients over the last year. 2 out of probably the 100s of cases we’ve seen. Right now every patient we have is unvaccinated. And yes, we are busy and full. We are boarding pts in the ER and transferring patients to medical floors on 10 liters of oxygen. This would have been unheard of at my hospital 3 years ago. Yesterday I took care of a proned, paralyzed patient (used to be a 1:1 assignment) and another Covid patient on the vent. Both critically ill but we are spread very thin. I’m tired.


I do not have the words to cure that fatigue, but do please know I thank you for your service.


I’ll make this comment again cause I think it’s what need to happen. All channels. Streaming services and you tube need to broadcast from all icus daily for 5 hours every night. Shove it in their faces that this is what they are doing to people. It’s abhorrent and I thank you so much for all your hard work. You deserve so much better


Oh! A reality show! Call it maybe Survivor.


We can even get a old reality tv host on it as well. I hear Trump isn't doing anything right now and would be popular with the target audience.


Thank you for your hard work.


I just wish we could beat this into their heads with the "Statistics for idiots" book. Vaccines greatly reduce the chances of catching & transmitting the disease. If you do catch it you're likely to have a much less severe case. The efficacy of vaccines, as a public health measure, relies on enough people receiving them that even if one person is infected it doesn't spread to anyone else.


Sounds like the conversations I've had recently. They're convinced that the vaccines do nothing. They keep saying, "the vaccinated are hospitalized too!". Yes, but the unvaccinated are \~20X more likely to be hospitalized. And of course they throw "you believe everything the MSM is telling you". "Frustrated" isn't where I'm at now. Done is more like it.


The vaccinated are hospitalised too - the elderly, the frail and the vulnerable, the ones who were at risk anyway. Antivaxxers who are hospitalised? Young, 30-50, previously healthy, no regular meds. I'm done too. My hospital is drowning, my nurses, doctors and colleagues are exhausted.


She was hesitant because she believed the vaccine affected fertility. Anyone who perpetuated that bullshit has a lot of blood on their hands.




Which just makes this sadder because she could've called up her doctor or OBGYN and found out the vaccine doesn't cause fertility issues.


Sure, but who are you gonna trust? Some highly qualified medical professional with years of experience and contextual knowledge? Or your childhood friend who read something online somewhere? Pfft! Easy choice.


real doctors are found on youtube and facebook now.............


Wonder if her friend who sent her that info feels shitty for getting her killed?


Not a chance in hell.


My wife and I were having trouble getting pregnant before the vaccine. After we got both doses of Pfizer, she got pregnant immediately. There you go, infallible proof that the vaccine makes you more fertile. You’re welcome internet.


>My wife and I were having trouble getting pregnant before the vaccine. After we got both doses of Pfizer, she got pregnant immediately. > >There you go, infallible proof that the vaccine makes you more fertile. You’re welcome internet. Shit. I better go get a second vasectomy just to be safe.


Yeah, but the baby isn't yours. It was implanted by Bill Gates.


unfortunately she did schedule an appointment for the vaccine but she got sick before that happened. she was worried about infertility issues- which remind me of the misinformation nicki minaj was spreading this past week. it's still very sad. she was 29 years old.


She was in the medical profession but somehow being successfully misled by idiots on facebook. I mean...


My grandfather is actively dying in the ICU with covid and my RN uncle, his son, is still telling everyone in the family the vaccine is poison. Just an edit. My grandfather died of covid complications this morning at 6:17 this morning in a Texas hospital. Please get vaccinated folks.


That’s literally crazy.


The craziest part is almost my entire family have had covid, most of which were bad cases. I've had multiple extended family members die of covid complications over the last year and a half and I'm still the only one vaccinated. I'm the one that gets called stupid and told I'm tempting fate because I got the "poisonous vaccine". I'm equal parts angry and sad over the whole mess, but overall I'm at the point where I've resigned myself to the fact that, well, you can't fix stupid.


At least they probably don't have worms.


Well hopefully with the upcoming mandate he will no longer be working as a nurse while spreading hysteria soon.


I have several nurse relatives, most of whom I would never trust with any kind of medical advice. For that, I have a doctor. My mom, a nurse, used to insist on getting antibiotics prescribed for me for every damn sniffle. Please don't do that.


96+% of physicians are vaccinated. Its much much lower among the medical support staff. As to why? Your guess is as good as mine.


I mentioned below but a girl in my step-sisters church group is a nurse, working mainly with COVID patients, and telling everyone in the church to not get the vaccine because it's made form aborted fetal stem cells. A lot of people in the medical field can be experts in their area while falling for misinformation because they feel that they are smart and couldn't be duped. Edit: To all those zeroing in on nurses because of the one I mentioned. A nurse CAN specialize and have a high degree of specialized knowledge (my cousin is a neo-natal nurse, runs the ward at her hospital, and is thinking of becoming a nurse practitioner since she has to deal with multiple scenarios a night without a doctor present). That said I said "f people in the medical field can be experts" so I'm wrapping up doctors and other medical personnel who are experts in their particular area in that blanket statement because I know more than a few doctors who are experts (and some are specialized) but are fucking morons too.


Pretty much every type of medicine these days has been tested on that same stem cell line. That includes their #1 favorite go to treatment when they eventually get infected– monoclonal antibodies.


I've seen posts in pregnancy subs where women have actually had nurses make rude/inappropriate comments to them about getting the vaccine while pregnant. Not their obgyns or midwives or anything, just the nurses administering the vaccine deciding to make comments like "wow I wouldn't do this if I were pregnant" And really I've seen lots of stories throughout reddit about how many nurses are against the vaccine...or quitting their jobs because their hospital required employees to get vaccinated....it's crazy


Sadly, I have nursing colleagues refusing to get vaccinated because they believe misinformation and you can’t tell them anything different. My hospital mandated vaccinations so get the vax or get the ax!


It's not misinformation on that one. Pfizer and Moderna do use fetal cell linings (from 1973) in their development and testing, and J&J (1985) in their production. But guess what? So do: acetaminophen, albuterol, aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, Tums, Lipitor, Senokot, Motrin, Maalox, Ex-Lax, Benadryl, Sudafed, Preparation H, Claritin, Prilosec, and Zoloft, MMR vaccine, azithromycin. Edit: made list more closely reflect https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine/news/20210918/some-medications-also-tied-to-religious-vaccine-exemption


> It's not misinformation on that one. that's only partly correct. It is part misinformation. Fetal stem lines are not "aborted stem cells". They are lab grown cells who originated many decades ago from those "aborted" stem cells. So the misinformation is that by saying "aborted stem cells" you're implying that these are coming from abortion clinics and then using them to make and/or test these vaccines. That's why we call it "misinformation" and not "lies"... it clouds the truth.


That's a lot of medicines that would be banned by these religious groups. You know, if they're serious about this fetal bullshit thing.


Even the pope said it was fine to take it despite the concern around fetal stem cells. TAKE THE SHOT! (Not you just in general)


There are a lot of people in that field who let their personal feelings trump their education. I know several nurses, but only one who is a staunch anti-lib person and she's also the only one who seems to be extremely good at her job, yet in her personal life she's a complete fucking moron. Shares and believes in misinformation easily and gets defensive when you point it out. Usually with a "So what?" Like don't you care about people, or are you a nurse because you have a morbid proclivity for the suffering of others? I don't understand how the two can be reconciled, but here we are.


The worst part is Nicki only spread that BS to distract from her husband not registering as a sex offender cus he raped an underage girl. (Which her fanbase is full of). Nicki is a horrible person


Scheduled an appointment??? You can go down to any store with a pharmacy and get one no wait.


I was literally at the mall and they have 6 stations for any walk ins and they gave you some gift cards


Yeah, I hate that argument and I've seen it a lot lately. "He had an appointment!" ...It's September. Almost the end of September. I got my first shot in late March, and they were throwing them at people by the end of April. Anyone who gets COVID now but says they "had an appointment" is still playing fuck-around-and-find-out. I know someone who has had an "appointment" since June. She literally calls and reschedules the day before, every single time. I've asked her why and she says "well, I'll get it when I need it. I still haven't gotten COVID yet, so..." *You get the shot before you fucking need it.*


> she did schedule an appointment Haven't they been available to the general public for half a year or so now?


Exactly, and she went to a bachelorette party unvaccinated soooooo she didn't take it seriously anyway


Ya, but there was still a pretty huge window in which she could have gotten the vaccine. I honestly feel more frustrated than anything else when I read these stories because it’s impossible to convince these people to take the shot until something bad happens to them or a loved one.


The window was so big you could steer an aircraft carrier through it. If you waited 6 months to potentially save your life, you didn't really value your life all that much...


Well at least she won't get swollen testicles from that horrible vaccine.


“…Had scheduled appointments to get their vaccines ahead of their upcoming wedding on Aug. 21…” Why were they waiting? I was able to get my first shot in March.


It’s becoming a running theme in these articles about people who have died of Covid, to say they had scheduled the vaccine. It’s happened enough that at this point I don’t believe them anymore. It’s too implausible that every unvaxxed person who died was just about to get vaxxed but happened to get covid the day before. I see why they’d do that—too much criticism of not being vaxxed and they don’t have the emotional space to deal.


100% attempting to save face after the fact. “They didn’t die because they were *antivax*, they died because they were doing in-depth research into the vaccine and its side-effects. Unfortunately their data didn’t come back until the day *after* they caught covid... **Pity them!** *And then go donate to their GoFundMe…*”


> Unfortunately their data didn’t come back until the day after they caught covid The fact that *they* could get COVID *is* the data they were waiting on.


It’s a lie. There’s not enough time to be fully vaccinated in that time span anyway.


In the article, and another one I’ve read about this woman, she was hesitate because she read misinformation about the vaccine causing women infertility. Now when did she read this? Idk lol but I’m also not hearing the husband say he was vaccinated and trying to get his wife on board. So I’m inclined to believe they’re trying to save face. If she was worried about infertility she could have spoken to a doctor. However she sounds like my partner’s mother. Refuses to go to a doctor for anything “does their own research” all because they had one bad experience where a doctor lied and now they can never be trusted to do anything


[source](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/misinformation-killed-her-bride-be-who-hesitated-get-vaccinated-dies-n1279263) >So when the Covid-19 vaccines came out, and some of Wendell’s co-workers said the shots caused infertility — an unfounded claim that has gained ground despite top reproductive health groups refuting it — she “just kind of panicked,” Eskew, 29, said. She was a surgical tech, her coworkers would also have been health care professionals.


You don't even need to schedule in most places. You can just walk right in Walgreens or Rite Aid. She could have done it just running her normal errands with very little inconvenience. And for zero dollars


Yeah, that’ll happen when you choose not to get vaccinated for months and months.


>Wendell and Eskew had scheduled appointments to get COVID-19 vaccines ahead of their upcoming wedding on Aug. 21, but after Wendell became infected, their plans were derailed.  The lesson here for those who are unvaccinated is don't delay another day. It's not worth the risk.


I think that's a white lie on their part to perhaps save face. I literally walked into CVS and got a shot in less than 10 minutes, without an appointment. Many many people have done the exact same.


It’s complete bullshit. These people cannot get their narrative straight. “If the vaccine is so good, why are they paying people to get it?!?” “I would’ve gotten the vaccine but I couldn’t find anywhere to get it!” Okay! Which is it? Is everyone pushing you and paying you to get the vaccine? Or is it just unavailable to you?


> Okay! Which is it? Its literally "Whatever statement supports my position best at this exact moment with no regard to anything anyone has said before this or will say after." Every time, without fail.


This is it exactly. They don’t want to be seen as anti vaxx, but they are. So they tell this polite fiction.


she was a surgical tech. she wasn't delaying. She was denying.


You probably don't even need an appointment anymore - here they've been setting up in random parking lots and stores so people can just walk up and get it. Just get the shot please.


Yup. You don't even need an appointment. Just walk in.


It claims they planned/scheduled to be vaccinated before their wedding in August but she got sick in late July so they couldn’t. This means they planned to be unvaccinated at their wedding as well.


She never intended to get vaccinated. It was a lie from the fiance to save face.


Plus there's no need to schedule vaccinations at this point, like it was in the spring. Literally walk into any pharmacy and they'll give you the shot right then and there.


Most don't even require ID or anything. Walk in, say you don't have insurance or an ID and chances are good you'll get one. It's a free vaccine for everyone in the states


Vaccination day always seems to be so far off for these people. It's as if they couldn't walk into a CVS and be done in a few minutes. They just want sympathy for being idiots.


Meanwhile I was counting the days until Ohio let people my age schedule appointments and then last April, 3 days before my scheduled appointment, someone told me a place 45 minutes away was offering them for anyone. I got in the car, and made the 90 minute round trip to get jabbed. Then 3 weeks later I did it it again. I couldn't get it done fast enough.


Same here! My grandmother from Mexico was baffled that some people weren't jumping at the opportunity to get vaccinated. We're so spoiled and people don't recognize it.


I genuinely don't fucking get it. I snuck out of work to get mine because we were desperate to get an appointment as early as humanly (and legally) possible. I teared up when I got it. We were actually going to *beat* this fucking thing. And then people just decided ... not to win the fight. I don't get it.


It’s just excuses so they don’t look as stupid. A couple that could’ve grown old together tragically torn apart over something preventable.


Yeah, they're just trying to not sound a dumb as they were. You can just walk in and get them. They had no intention


She was a surgical tech and she fell for the vaccine misinformation. I am beyond disappointed.


wtf, 29. Stop fucking around, get the shot.


She died because she believed the misinformation from Facebook. How many once normal people have been radicalized, and how many dead? I know a guy that hates Donald Trump and votes left but won't get vaccinated because he gets all his news from Facebook. I was scrolling through art on Instagram and stumbled on covid misinformation while scrolling through paintings. Why did an algorithm choose to show this disinformation while I never look at any kind of political propaganda on that app? What a scumbag that Mark Zuckerberg.


God I’m so glad my Boomer trump voting parents got vaxed way back in February. My mom called me yesterday to tell me a friend of hers died of Covid and she went on a rant about how stupid people are for not getting the vaccine and how everyone who doesn’t get it because “the government can’t tell me what to do” are being big babies. I almost cried tears of joy knowing that while they are Boomer Trumpers they care enough about themselves and me to get vaccinated


I wish my parents were that smart. My dad absolutely plans to take hydrochloroquine if he gets covid. I begged him to talk to his doctor instead, but I don't think he will. He thinks he knows everything. His "research" consists of conservative news websites that wear "we're considered untrustworthy by fact checkers" as a badge of honor. I looked over one of his articles once. They cited another website that recreated the VAERS database so they could make it say what they wanted...


My parents refuse to get it. My dad's fully bought into crazy right wing shit like PJW, so he won't get it and keeps telling me that "bad shits gonna happen" except now itll be Y month instead of X month. My mom won't get it because "well, I've got allergies and stuff and it might cause a bad reaction." Go talk to a doctor then, holy shit. You know what else might be a bad reaction? Fucking dying. I don't even know why my sister won't get it


I have conservative family members, they wanted that shit as soon as it was available. Goes to show anyone of any belief system can be an idiot.


Facebook research kills another. Delete Facebook.




>I don't know how people wake up in the morning and go to work there. Money, I presume.


Article says the couple delayed getting vaccinated due to misinformation about impacts on fertility. Death 100% impacts fertility.


But, did she do her own research? How could this happen!?


Headline should read: “unvaccinated bride to be.” Explains the whole story.


Misinformation continues to kill. The people spreading lies will never be held accountable for these losses.


I wonder how many people with other ailments had to forgo treatment because of these people.


Sad there wasn’t a vaccine or something that could have saved her


As a surgical tech, she was in a group that was first to be given the Covid vaccine, yet she didn't get it. As someone who works with doctors every day, she had all the info anyone could want and could get answers to her questions with no effort. The death of young people is always tragic. This one is pathetically tragic. I'm very sorry this woman died, but the reality is that her actions, or lack thereof, were irresponsible. Lapses in judgement of all sorts cause death. This one is particularly sad and, yeah I'm blaming the victim, completely her fault.


>While he said he was not completely certain where Wendell may have seen it, Eskew said his fiancé became hesitant after seeing false claims about the COVID-19 vaccine making women lose their fertility. Fuck every single one of you lying anti-vax Spread Neck assholes. I don't know why she listened to you, but I will never understand why you want this.