‘Rudy is really hurt’: Giuliani reportedly banned from Fox News

‘Rudy is really hurt’: Giuliani reportedly banned from Fox News


How long before trump says he doesn't know rudy?


"I've heard the name but I don't know him."


"I think he got me covefe once"




"I wish him well."


Poor guy. If you read the article, he's having a huge run of bad luck. Banned from his favorite news channel, law licenses suspended, sued for billions... Jeez. I wonder what he did to deserve all of this? ..Oh, right, yeah.


They'll just blame camel culture or something. Edit: I'm not fixing the typo


I honestly thought that must be their new racist term for Islam


One hump or two?


Just one, but it's leaking.


He should’ve taken the Christi cue and jumped off the crazy train before it wrecked.


In many ways Rudy *was* the crazy train.


Driving’ that Rudy, high on cocaine…


Weird. In the 80's people would call lines of coke a Rudy.


Christie was forced off the train because he sent Jared kushners father to prison years earlier. To his credit he didn’t crawl back. At least not publicly. Edit: he got back on and got Covid-19 from the return trip. See below follow up.


Chris Christie was the POS that 'coached' Trump prior to his debate with Biden. The strategy was to constantly interrupt Biden to elicit his stutter. That fuck got down in the mud and crawled back to orange daddy.


That was also the debate where biden told him "Would you just shut up man." Called him out on his bullshit tactic.


That line won him the presidency. Just saying "shut up" to his face, because NO ONE had the balls to for four years.


Thats what drove me nuts about the repub debates. All those "pOwErFuL mEn" on stage, being publicly dissed and bullied by a guy with a 13-yr-old's vocabulary, and *not one* had the self-esteem to defend themselves. They either looked down hoping the camera wouldn't pan on them too long after being called out, or looked straight at it with a shit-eating grin.


That was when they thought the behavior alone would backfire on him and cost him the run. Narrator: “They found out too late that it didn’t.”


Forgot about that. But he did get covid during these coaching sessions. Edit: Listen to Chris Christie in this podcast episode starting at 45:46: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/736/the-herd where he tries to convince other Republicans who are resistant to getting the vaccine. The rest of the podcast is worth a listen too.


I think that Covid was his turning point monoclonals were the only thing that kept him off the ventilator and both him and Ben Carson became pretty darn humble and faded back into the background once they had their brush with death. Crazy is crazy but when you’re facing a ventilator and you realize Trump doesn’t give an F people will take care of themselves


>But he did get covid during these coaching sessions. Karma is a bitch.


You’ll never convince me he didn’t attempt to get Biden sick at that debate. He looked like shit and was hospitalized shortly after.


He absolutely knew he had covid before he got on stage.


He showed up late and missed the test they were supposed to take


He was trying to murder Biden by screaming germs at him.


Maybe the Orange man was patient zero.


100% if Christie was thrown a small bone and path to notoriety in trumpworld, he'd be back to personally fetching dry cleaning. And probably shutting down traffic across New Jersey to get it done. He's still a parasitic throne sniffer, and an unsuccessful one at that.


That kinda goes for basically all of Trump's fallguys, really. "I know he backstabbed literally every other person who ever trusted him, but I'm pretty sure I'll be different!" Someone find that picture of the rotating white house staff on a conveyor belt shaking Trump's hand and then immediately getting stabbed in the back.


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.


I re-watched the Sopranos recently and at one point Carmella brags about how Rudy Giuliani was a shining example for law abiding Italian-Americans. Funny how much things can change.


I am sure Guiliani will just have a few more drinks to forget about it. Trump aides that Guiliani seemed like he was drunk a good bit of the time. Maybe that would explain a lot of things.


I'm sure Trump and Kushner and all their cronies will ride to his rescue.


Lol, as if they wouldn't throw him or anyone else under the bus the second he is no longer useful


They already have. Trump refused to pay him for the work he did trying to overturn election results. Donnie has a long history of stiffing lawyers.


> “Regardless of reasoning, I think this was another demonstration of Fox’s cowering to the far left.” I can't believe that any person that's rational enough to complete a simple task, like tying their own shoes, could believe this. And they're not even banning him for lying, they're banning him because he's mentally and physically falling to pieces in front of the cameras and is starting to scare viewers.


I think it's more likely because he's become a serious legal liability.


This is definitely the reason. His statements could be used as evidence against Fox




Yeah because the network that called Mr. Rogers “an evil, evil man” had no evidence of being malicious.


Wait…they seriously called Mr Rogers “an evil, evil man?” *googles* Yup. They did. As a 90s child who grew up watching him, that is literally the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard


Something tells me if you keep digging, you'll fill out a good amount of your top ten.


I wish I could find the “news” segment from Fox News that had this young kid who was around three years old. He was really good at sinking basketballs into one of those kiddy basketball nets. Well, the idiot host threw the ball at the kid, who couldn’t catch yet, and the poor kid took the mini ball to the face, and started crying, and the segment quickly ended.


They keep Tucker on the air. That qualifies as malice in my book


Tucker Carlson's lawyers would like to inform you that he is obviously putting on a persona to get people worked up and tuning in. Any reasonable person can see that his show is not meant to be taken as actual news, but more like reality TV.


Someone had better tell Murdoch - they keep presenting him seriously. If I didn't know any better, I'd be beginning to think Fox's integrity is a little shaky.


What? It can't be.


I think you mean 2024/2028 GOP presidential candidate Tucker Carlson


That and he's probably been told repeatedly that he can't go on air intoxicated. We don't know what's been happening behind the scenes. It's possible he's been slated for appearances but was yanked because he was drunk and unpredictable.


Given how drunk and unpredictable he already was on their segments he must have been barely able to stand up or stay awake.


Yeah I thought "drunk & unpredictable"was just his brand. And after watching Tucker and Pirro, I thought that was Fox's brand too


>possible he's been slated for appearances but was yanked because he was drunk and unpredictable. "Welcome to Wildcard with Rudy, only on Fox THE FAIR AND BALANCED™ news* network! I'm your host, Rudy Guilliani, and I love hookers and popcorn. Also, here is my nipple." *Fox execs clamoring to shut off the feed* "God dammit Rudy, not again you sick bastard"


Yeah the Dominion lawsuits are not a joke to FoxNews' lawyers, they know this guy represents a huge risk to them.


100% this. They told him to stop with the stuff that people are being sued over or GTFO.


"Hey Rude, you're really making us look bad out there." \-Fox News - Generator of fictitious filth, hate, and classism since the 1980s.


> Regardless of reasoning I laughed that his opening is to immediately dismiss the reasons.


The very definition of feels over logic, which is all these snowflake fucks have at this point. Zero leg to stand on from any reasonable standpoint, it's just all emotion and arguing cuz they don't like feeling stupid


He didn't dismiss the reasons, he dismissed reasoning in general. This man has turned his back on rational thought.


Top 0 Reasons Worth Regarding About My Fox News Ban. #0 Will Blow Your Mind!




It was more brown, really.


It might have been actual shit, come to think of it


From having his head jammed up some orange ape's ass.


If he had ever watched Frasier he could have learned from Martin’s mistake on the hair dye.


>falling to pieces in front of the cameras and is starting to scare viewers. It wasn't that long ago that the crypt keeper was melting on camera.


Someone posted a few months ago that Rudy Giuliani could of rode his 9-11 fame and probably never had to buy a beer again yet he decided to bet it all on Trump.


He could've ridden his 9-11 fame to the presidency if he wasn't such a fuckin kook.


He tried and he was ridiculed for it. Every other sentence he put out publicly either had "9/11" or "September 11th". As much fame as he got for it, it wasn't enough to get anywhere with a presidential run.


["Rudy Giuliani - there's only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun, a verb, and 9/11!"](https://youtu.be/mPOAKXBi9Pw?t=11) *Joe Biden, in the 2007 Democratic primary debates*


Rudy is the reason 344* of my brothers died and hundreds more are dying from illness. He didn’t let the fire department get new radios that could have worked in the towers and with police. In fact they put the fuckin radio tower on top of the twin towers even though everyone knew twin towers had alright been attacked by terrorists. So without those radios firefighters never heard the orders to evacuate but the police heard it loud and clear. Then afterwards he told firefighters working at Ground Zero that the air was fine and they didn’t need masks because he didn’t want to pay for them. Fuck Rudy. *I’m counting Fire Patrolman Keith Roma because he deserves to be recognized as a firefighter. Fuck anyone else that doesn’t think he was a real firefighter. Edit: That’s for the awards guys but don’t spend your money on me please donate to your local volunteer fire department or if you don’t live in an area covered by a volunteer department donate to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.


So, I'm sorry if this brings up some bad shit but this is literally the first I have ever heard of him. How is he different? Because he was patrol and not FDNY?


Yes. The Fire Patrol worked hand and hand with the FDNY for many decades before it was disbanded. They were in charge of what we called overhaul and salvage. Despite them braving the same smoke and dangers as us they were never viewed with the same prestige as the FDNY despite 31 Fire Patrolmen dying in the line of duty over many years. I don’t know if it was arrogance or petty politics that caused the City of New York to only recognize the 343 FDNY firefighters that died in the Line of Duty on 9/11 as heroes but the family and friends of Keith Roma say it hurts to hear that 343 firefighters died that day. There is photos and videos of Keith and his fellow fire patrolmen escorting dozens of people from the Towers. I don’t know why they choose to forget his sacrifice but I won’t let anyone forget that he was as brave as any FDNY firefighter and I won’t let his memory disappear either. Edit: Thanks for the awards guys but don’t spend your money on me please donate to or even join your local volunteer fire department or if you don’t live in an area covered by a volunteer department donate to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.


Thanks for sharing Keith Roma’s story. I’ll never forget what you shared. Respect.


That’s powerful shit, man. Thanks for sharing.


Hey thanks for posting this, and also for being a firefighter. The day a person really dies is the last time someone says their name… Keith lives on.


I just read about it the other day: https://www.firerescue1.com/9-11/articles/the-firefighter-everyone-forgot-about-on-911-142cs6WyLmn2FDib/ Definitely worth a read


What an absolute fucking ghoul.


He was never “America’s Mayor,” he was always a scumbag.


> he told firefighters working at Ground Zero that the air was fine How does an untrained politician get to dictate health and safety practice?


Idk. Ask Trump


Growing up one of my neighbors was a Battalion Chief in FDNY during 9/11 and was injured and forced to retire, and I have never once heard him speak well about Giuliana despite being a staunch republican.


In the words of Bill Maher: "Giuliani, who happened to be mayor on 9/11 so that made him America's mayor. A hero, who's great act of heroism was that nothing fell on his head. To paraphrase Donald Trump, 'I like mayors who don't let towers collapse.'" Fuck Rudy. He's always been a POS and will remain a POS.


Well, you’re not supposed to make your tragedy profiteering obvious. He could have kept quieter about 9/11 instead of constantly bragging about it, and plenty of people would have still given him credit without quite as many viewing him as a leech.


oh he could haev mentioned it now and then but when people say "america is falling behind in math and sciences, what as president, would you do to change this around" and his answer, "well as mayor during 911, you had to have a deep understanding of math and science. Did i mention i was down there helping clean up in the wake of all that mess?" Ok not a literal quote but it was a lot like that. Im surprised he didnt try to sell it as a game.. like 6 degrees from kevin bacon, something like 'twist absolute any subject into relating to 911" also, you know the four seasons fuck up, wasnt drunk rudy, or getting old rudy, Nah that's the Rudy we all remember. Despite being "America's mayor", he was actually deeply unpopular in NYC and was about to lose his next election, bigly. Because he was kinda an idiot. and when he actually gets a chance to talk, he definitely leaves people with no doubt that he is an idiot. There was a lot of history rewriting due to our emotions over 911 that we allowed to happen. People didnt feel it was important to point out that "no he was actually quite the loser who actually made 911 worse because in all the years since the first attack he did absolutely nothing recommended to help the next attack."(a big one was the cluster fuck of a lack of communication between the various emergency services). we kinda felt that would be crass and so we let him and the right paint him as some sort of super hero. but he was also always a massive idiot.


I fell like New Yorkers knew all about Rudy, just like they knew all about trump\*\* & no one else in this fucked up country listened to them. I'm a Californian & I'd trust the general opinion of New York City on these dregs of society way more than any other single source.


Well, yeah. Once he started [lying his ass off about 9/11, nobody in this town took his dumb ass seriously](https://time.com/4528425/clinton-giuliani-september-11-photo/).


[If Joe Biden hadn't killed him on live TV](https://youtu.be/DteDRD6cbbM?t=33s).


Holy shit how did we elect a murderer as president 😂


Is being a kook *really* a barrier anymore?


No. But being a, "fuckin kook" still does. At least for now.


And keep in mind that unzipping his pants in front of who he thought was a 15-year old ON FILM wasn’t enough for Fox to ban him. Fox is solely worried about liability if their hosts repeat Rudy’s defamatory lies. That’s why he’s banned. The election fraud defamation lawsuits against Fox are a real threat because Fox knows the election was fair and Biden won.


And the whole thing of everything Trump touches turns into shit also applies to people apparently.


Businesses, countries, absolutely everything. He's kinda like Kind Midas except everything he touches turns to shit.


King Mierdas


Nah it was painfully obviously once he got to the National stage he knew nothing. As Biden said, all he says is “a noun, a verb, and 9/11”


Even if Biden did like literally nothing else good or right from this point forward, I'd still owe him a share of gratitude for straight ethering Rudy like that.


He tried to... and got called out for it. A big, if not the biggest reason Rudy hates Joe Biden is because Joe said "There's only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun, a verb and 9/11." ... and it stuck.


Yeah Joe Biden put a fucking knife in that right quick during the 08 debates


For some reason, I always remembered Rudy's speech at the '08 GOP Convention. I was like, wow this guy's a real prick. My opinion's only gone downhill from there.


I would say he once he got destroyed by Biden during the debates (The infamous 9/11 quote), he sort of lost all his fame. He could had quietly retired/work in a ok lawfirm until retirement, but Trump represent hiss best chance to become nationally...something I guess.


What was the infamous 9/11 quote? The noun, verb, 9/11 one?


Yup. That destroyed his national ambitions. Then he destroyed his own legal career at that semi-famous lawfirms by claim payoffs to pornstars/mistresses are routine.


> claim payoffs to pornstars/mistresses are routine. I think they are but you can't really go around and tell the public that. You don't want to be the lawfirm that specializes in "NDAs for Mistresses, Boytoys, illegetimate children." You want to be known for dealing with "small problems" with the Au Pair, pool boys and strange underage Cuban boy you adpoted but kept quiet.


Noun. Verb. 9/11: a taunting characterization of his presidential campaign.


Right? And make good money on speaking engagements and books.


>could of You're thinking of "could've," short for "could have."


> to scare viewers. I thought that was pretty much Fox's plan since day one.


They are banning him because Dominion is suing them, and if they have him on, it’s going to hurt their defense. It is all about cash, money, and how Rudy could actually cost them a hell of a lot more than he would bring them


> I can't believe that any person that's rational enough to complete a simple task, like tying their own shoes, could believe this. This is why a lot of them wear socks-and-Crocs and other Velcro-type shoes as their main form of footwear.


It's a non-sense sentence anyway. "Regardless of reasoning" (no matter the reason), the reason is the left.


>Politico quoted its source as saying Giuliani was hurt “because he did a big favour for Rupert \[Murdoch\]. He was instrumental \[in 1996\] in getting Fox on Time Warner so it could be watched in New York City.” Ah, there it is. He's not actually hurt emotionally, he's just upset that his quid-pro-quo didn't work out in the long run and he failed to realize a liability is a liability, no matter what they did in the past.


Is this mofo really tryna call in favors from 25 years ago?


People like him and Trump are purely transactional, everything they do is calibrated to benefit themselves.


I totally get that, but even with that being the case, that quid pro quo is *way* past it's expiration date.


You can’t be wiping boogers all over your face on camera and then be invited back on camera. Cmon Rudy.


I mean, he straight up shit his head on national television. That's the kind of bad look that smears off onto the people that get too close.


I…. Uh…. I guess he did shit his head.




Imagine being told you are too crazy to be on Fox News, lol.


Haven't you heard, Fox has gone traitor and is MSM left wing news now! New hotness is Newsmax, OANN, Epoch Times etc


I remember getting a YouTube ad for Epoch Times or something at one point. I dunno how anybody can watch a commercial that is so fucking stupid while talking about bullshit like "patriotism and tradition" without wanting to puke. No, there are people that order that fucking rag.


What really gets me is fuckin raging about wanting to go back to old traditional ways of living, meanwhile the suburbanization they built directly kills that. Hardly any room for small business, encouraging us to live off huge corporations and work for said corporations (I swear, even indirectly! So many jobs these days just orient around keeping large businesses functioning!), it’s hard to be independent from parents right off the bat without accumulating thousands of dollars of debt in the process, it’s harder to buy a house than ever before, and it’s becoming rarer and rarer to see households where an adult can stay out of the workforce and primarily run the home- something that was one very necessary to keep everything running smoothly and keep the chores off the person working so more time could be spend on recreation. What about this way of life seems *traditional*? Nothing y’all are voting for as the *traditionalists* are going to get us back to the point y’all want……. Unless…… you just mean fucking enabling racism and limiting peoples rights. That’s the only fucking thing they focus on. Tradition, my ass. Edit to add more thoughts on the subject: for people that swear everything is about procreation and our children, you do a shitty job of showing it with medical bills alone for pregnancy being enough to justify getting an abortion just to save fucking money. Y’all ain’t pro life if the people who want to keep a baby might get severely in debt just by carrying the fucking child! Fuck your traditions if you have no realistic way to financially accommodate your ideals


It’s been clear for at least a couple decades that all the Republican principles like family values, small government, federalism, free market values , national security etc are all a ruse for the only thing they care about: lower taxes.


Lower taxes that the majority of them will not benefit from whatsoever


What's crazy is they started out as an exiled Chinese religious dissident group, and early publication were almost exclusively focused on anti Chinese government material, yet somehow they successfully pivoted into a multimedia right wing American "news" organization that spends as much time railing against China as they do promoting Q conspiracy.


If your views and comments are so radioactive that even Fox bans you then you've gone completely off the edge.


It’s not that he’s too crazy for Fox, it’s that he’s too blatant and embarrassing.


I'm sure he is. Chronic alcoholism is incredibly physically painful.


Even though he had already set the bar high, my favorite idiocy of his was his recent response to a question about alcohol and spends 15 secs trying to start a sentence around the word 'functioning'. It's 4 seasons levels of comedy, real raw talent right there.


Honestly I’m seriously disappointed that there isn’t a “4 Seasons Total Landscaping” mixed drink named in his honor already. Presumably it’s garnished with a dildo or something


I'm loving my "Make America Rake Again" shirt from them.


So Bourbon from the base of a Manhattan, Vodka for Russian mob ties, orange juice for Trump and Tequila for a complete disaster?




Oh I Wana see


Here it is. It sounds like he almost slipped up and said functioning alcoholic but stumbles into the very believable "functioning more effectively than 90% of the population." https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/rudy-giuliani-denies-having-an-alcohol-problem-in-bizarre-tv-interview/ar-AANOkle


I love when these shitty websites play the ad instantly in HD and then spin forever, unable to load the video I want to watch


Which, being in the top 10% is really not a very high bar for someone who has the social position that he does.


Imagine, he was second choice to be the Attorney General, Eric Holder’s replacement.


LMFAO. I hear the Four Seasons Landscaping Company parking lot is still open for use....


He's gonna sue, and the case will go to the Supreme Courtyard by Marriott


LOL.... it appears that FOX is taking the DOMINION lawsuit seriously.


A billion dollars is a helluva drug...


Even OANN and other far right networks are taking it seriously. Seeing clips of them shut down the My Pillow Guy is more fun than I had expected. Edit: The clip I was remembering was from NewsMax. https://youtu.be/HEhOtHE-Sv4 OAN seemed to back him at the time. Gross. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/opinion/oan-declares-war-on-newsmax-for-censoring-mypillow-guy/ar-BB1doEPS But since then they have been sued so who knows how that will continue to play out.


Good, he's a bitch and doesn't deserve empathy.


>Good, he's a bitch and doesn't deserve empathy. "Does he ***look*** like a **bitch**!?" "Um yeah. He do." "...oh"


This about sums it up.


It's kinda sad since appearing on faux is the only way he gets paid since his last employer consistently shafted his attorney fees.


Well, he destroyed his last good law job by saying Law Firms payoff pornstars all the time -_-;; I forgot which Law Firm it was, but I can imagine all its partners must have collectively O_O when they saw it.


Reports indicate he hasn’t left his coffin or fed on the blood of his victims in weeks.


He's spewing unidentifiable black liquid from his temples as we speak.


That’s just him dying inside *and* outside.


That’s fine, that’s a good and normal sign for Rudy


Hey drank the blood of some people, but the people were on drugs, and now he’s a wizard.


If Colin Robinson were devoid of charisma.


Poor guy. Someone stole the box of his native soil and his entire life went to shit.


>“Rudy is really hurt,” Politico quoted a source “close to Giuliani” as saying. Giuliani on this news: "somebody said they were close to me?"


Rudy needed to retire ten years ago.


I've said it a hundred times before, that guy had it made forever. All he had to do was maybe some consulting or speaking engagements and get cheered whenever he went to Yankees games and was shown on the big screen. Now he's so hated he can't even show his face anymore in NY.


Everything Dump touches dies.


Reverse Midas


Yup, and a speech every 9/11, and he would have gone down as America's Mayor.


Now he is America's mare...spewing horseshit with every step.


No one else was mayor of New York that day!


It’s truly amazing the amount of goodwill he and Bush got for years because they managed to look vaguely competent in the middle of a national tragedy


Elected officials tend to see a sharp rise in their approval ratings if a disaster occurs and they can *at least* manage to not fuck it up completely. People want leadership in a crisis, and they want to believe that their leaders will guide them when the SHTF.


You are completely correct. It's really quite sad.


Watching a drunk alcoholic talk incoherently gets less entertaining after a while.


Its fun to watch Giuliani, a decent Prosecutor who went after the mob, once known as "Americas Mayor", fall to these depths because of his thorough, unapologetic corruption and poor choices. He is a Jackass of a human.


> Giuliani, a decent Prosecutor who went after the mob He pushed the Italian mob out of the way to make room for the Russian mob, with whom he's been in bed ever since, including matchmaking them with their money launderer Trump.


>Politico quoted its source as saying Giuliani was hurt “because he did a big favour for Rupert [Murdoch]. He was instrumental [in 1996] in getting Fox on Time Warner so it could be watched in New York City.” Just how long does he think a favor is good for?


25 years apparently


It's because Dominion is going to sue the shit out of them and they're attempting triage.


I was in a restaurant today picking up takeout and they had both CNN and Fox on TV. Fox was Tucker Carlson talking about Hunter Biden and CNN was talking about budget bills in congress. My point? I don't know why they would ban Giuliani, it's not like they've gotten less crazy.


The day after trump called the governor of Georgia, the top story on fox was about whether or not walking dogs makes you happier or some shit like that


I sure do regret voting for Hunter Biden


Rudy could have retired and rested on his laurels as one of the heroes of 9/11 whether deserved or not but instead he threw his full support lying for Trump and is now is paying the price.


turns out hes actually banned from Fox Newsprint and Stationary


I live in New York and you can argue that he was at least a calming influence after 9/11. We could have done worse. Then he got weirder, and weirder, and weirder, and weirder. The Trump bandwagon is devouring itself. Remember what happened to Mussolini? He and his girlfriend's bodies were hung from a meat girder and beaten.


Big balls on Fox for banning him after the damage is done. Real American heroes over there on that network.


The Sith always betray one another.


Good riddance. Rudy is the reason 344* of my brothers died and hundreds more are dying from illness. He didn’t let the fire department get new radios that could have worked in the towers and with police. In fact they put the fuckin radio tower on top of the twin towers even though everyone knew twin towers had alright been attacked by terrorists. So without those radios firefighters never heard the orders to evacuate but the police heard it loud and clear. Then afterwards he told firefighters working at Ground Zero that the air was fine and they didn’t need masks because he didn’t want to pay for them. Fuck Rudy. *I’m counting Fire Patrolman Keith Roma because he deserves to be recognized as a firefighter. Fuck anyone else that doesn’t think he was a real firefighter.


They really should have kept him on. Teamed him up with Kayleigh McEnany. The misinformation commentary team! (Thinking of her tweet from this week https://www.businessinsider.com/kayleigh-mcenany-deletes-tweet-blaming-biden-for-2020-murder-spike-2021-9)


Imagine how much of an absolute nut job you have e to be to get banned by FoxNews.


"Lied for Donald Trump" should now be in his epitaph. He told us when he took the position that would not be the case...


“The Four Seasons Broadcasting Network will be setting up Rudy with his own show, to be broadcast between 3:30 and 4:00am, in the area where we usually store mulch.” — Four Seasons Total Landscaping For reference, the moment where the Rude G really left the cosmos of sanity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Seasons_Total_Landscaping_press_conference?wprov=sfti1 https://maps.apple.com/?ll=40.026200,-75.030100&q=Four%20Seasons%20Total%20Landscaping%20press%20conference&_ext=EiQpXAOzhVoDREAx7cGvKO3BUsA5XAOzhVoDREBB7cGvKO3BUsA%3D




>How you get a rude and a reckless? >Don't you be so crude and feckless >**You been drinking brew for breakfast** Seems pretty apt in this case, actually.


>Okay! Okay! >So where you want to go today? >Hey, boss man! >You're looking pretty smart >(Chicken skin suit) with your chicken skin suit >You think you're pretty hot I think the chicken skin suit fits.


The Specials "A Message to You, Rudy" might be a better fit Stop your fooling around Time you straighten right out Better think of your future Else you’ll wind up in jail


He feels hurt because he's running out of money mounting a legal defense for his slander against Dominion, and he desperately needs a paying gig so that he doesn't wind up living in a cardboard box in the city he used to be mayor in.


If spewing bullshit hurts the bottom line it doesn't matter how much power you think you have, companies will distance themselves.


Remember when Rudy brought that insane drunk woman to court to be his expert witness? Or his melting hair dye? Or the whole "Four Seasons Landscaping" thing? Or the Borat thing? Or the time he blew his nose and then wipe his sweaty face with the same tissue? Or audible fart in court? Those are all REAL things that happened.


Well Rudy, pull up your bootstraps and tuck in your shirt


There is no one in this thread defending him wow.


They couldn't even sober him up to do like a 9am segment or something?


Yeah, or tell him there's an underage girl waiting for him at the hotel if he shows up sober.


Fuck Rudy and Fox news.


huh, wonder why they might not \[ BILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT INTENSIFIES \] OH right. riiiiight.