'We will not boost our way out of this pandemic,' CDC director says as 70 million eligible Americans remain unvaccinated

'We will not boost our way out of this pandemic,' CDC director says as 70 million eligible Americans remain unvaccinated


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Since there's an incredible level of confusion on who can get a booster now, I'll summarize the [final decision](https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2021/p0924-booster-recommendations-.html) that is now in effect; People who've received their 2nd shot of the Pfizer vaccine at least 6 months ago, who are: 65+ or residents of a long-term care facility: Recommended to get a booster 50-64 with underlying health conditions: Recommended to get a booster 18-49 with underlying health conditions: May get a booster based on individual risk assessment (their own, no doctors note or proof needed) 18-64 with high exposure to covid due to an occupational or institutional setting: May get a booster based on individual risk assessment And [underlying health conditions](https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/need-extra-precautions/people-with-medical-conditions.html) are extraordinarily broad, and include both overweight and obese BMI which is 74% of adults by itself, and also high blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues, asthma, substance use... Jobs that are high exposure include healthcare workers, teachers, grocery store workers... Anyone around a lot of people really.


Just seems like the requirements are unnecessary convoluted when the end result essentially allows anyone that had their 2nd dose 6mo+ to be able to get a shot, as long as they are willing to provide a work or health reason, that isn’t even verified. Why not just open it to everyone? Especially since it’s not like there’s a shortage of supply anymore.


I think they’re trying to appease the board of the FDA that almost unanimously voted against boosters for people under 65 that aren’t high risk. This wording of the requirements let’s people judge their own risk as “high”.


Why did they vote against it?


Unknown risk vs. uncertain benefits: https://apnews.com/article/fda-panel-rejects-widespread-pfizer-booster-shots-1cd1cf6a5c5c02b63f8a7324807a59f1 >In a surprising turn, the advisory panel rejected, 16-2, boosters for almost everyone. Members cited a lack of safety data on extra doses and also raised doubts about the value of mass boosters, rather than ones targeted to specific groups


Nice thanks


So if they voted against it, did the cdc override the ruling and basically say "screw the fda. Everyone is allowed to get a booster."?


This is opening it to everyone who wants one while clearly showing it is OK not to get one also.


Oh I'm glad they're sending the message that it's optional I'm sure that won't backfire


The CDC needs a new communication director because somehow they have the latest data while providing the least effective directives to the public.


They really do, like if I was in charge of the CDC I'd be like * Does the booster help protect against COVDI9? * Is the booster safe? Yes? Great * Do we have the supply? Yes? Great Allow everyone to get the booster


I think the main concern would be that, if you imply that the 2-shot vaccine "isn't effective", you'll never convince the current unvaccinated to even bother with the first set of vaccine shots.


As long as me and mine are protected, I've stopped caring if someone wants to commit suicide by COVID. I'll look for their HCA post.


Which makes no sense to me. They should be making a cost/benefit analysis even if imperfect. If the groups they have announced are the groups where the cost benefit analysis seemed to make sense. They should have simply announced the availability to everyone and then included a recommendation for these groups with a caviot that they are using x and y data to try to make a best effort guess. Unenforceable restrictions are just a recipe for disaster if quarantine rules taught us anything. Either actually enforce the rules or appeal to people to do the right thing with a recommendation for what that right thing is. But don't make a rule and then not enforce it.


as someone with pcos who teeters on prediabetic pretty much constantly courtesy of the insulin resistance that comes with this disorder, you better believe i will be marching my happy ass to the pharmacy for a booster once i hit the 6 month mark despite not fitting any of the specific criteria. Ive seen what covid does to folks with insulin/blood sugar related issues and i am not going to roll the dice and hope the FDA pulls their head out of their asses and acknowledges people like me exist. i cant rely on others to give a shit about protecting the health of anyone else.


At the PCOS Symposium today the doctors there said that anyone with PCOS should get the booster when it becomes available to those with T2 diabetes (so basically now). Obviously you have to wait the 6 months but you’re right to be lining up for it.


This. If you think you need it, go for it.


Well it looks like it *is* open to everyone 18+. I imagine that the 'requirements' exist so that every vaccinated adult doesn't go off and get a booster when they 'may not need it'.


Who cares though? We have the supply. What's the harm?


The only harm is what it does to global supply. *We* (the US) have the supply, but there's a lot of places that don't have it. I follow people in Australia and some other countries who are very much on the side of science, and they only just got shots within the past month or so. Poorer countries still aren't vaccinated. There isn't much risk to the individual though. Probably the same as the first time they got vaccinated.


If you quantify that, you see how silly it all is. Pfizer says they're on track to meet their 2021 production goal; that means, based on what they've already shipped in the first half, their current production output has to be north of 300m per month. If *everyone* eligible got a booster, that's 2 weeks of output. Given how logistical issues exist too, foregoing boosters would have little to no impact on our massive donation program. Certainly not enough to justify not letting people avoid all the potential problems "mild" covid can cause.


heard people (relatives of fellow tenants) from the caribbean coming here (canada) with a work excuse, quarantining themselves and then show up for the pop up vax clinics. Then we've people that refuse to take it.


Shit, the number of people that want boosters in this country is gonna be less than a month's production. Fuck it.


What if you got the single dose vaccine? Does that still apply?


You would have to wait for j&j second shot. The boosters only apply to Pfizer received vaccinations at this time. They don’t like to mix and match in the US.


Fwiw, the dose in the Moderna shot was 3x higher than Pfizer so I’m curious if the efficacy has waned nearly as quickly


It hasn't. I read a report that say Moderna has over 90% efficacy past 6 months. Not sure how much longer it lasts though.


My doctor told me that they were exploring mixing and matching. I’ve also seen articles that indicate mixing is actually stronger. You can probably mix if you ask your doc


It seems like they might as well just say anyone that wants a booster can get one. Leaving like 10% or less of the population out seems like a waste of pharmacist time to even make them self-diagnose some reason to get it.


Yeah, my wife and I are teachers and are scheduling are boosters the first minute we can. Students are getting sick even with a mask mandate, teachers aren’t showing up, quitting on a Tuesday night with no notice, and the remaining teachers are all subbing during their prep periods, sometimes multiple classes. I had over 70 kids by myself last Friday. It’s nuts. Boost me the heck up, baby! Edit: Ha! I used “are” instead of “our,” but I’m leaving it. I try to acknowledge my mistakes in the classroom because we all make them, even teachers. That’s how we learn.


I’m retired but I want to thank you and your wife for continuing to teach during this time. You are overworked, under appreciated, under payed and brave. I can only imagine all of the controversy and turmoil involved in education now and that’s even before you walk into class. I know it isn’t enough but thanks.


I’m pregnant and my 6 months are up the first week of October. I’m definitely getting my booster. Give my baby those antibodies before they’re born


Talk to your Ob-Gyn about timing. With the TDaP booster during pregnancy, it is most effective if given about 2-3 weeks before birth. Since the day of birth is unpredictable, the recommendation is around 32 weeks. I would assume that it’s similar with a Covid booster.


I just got my TDaP on Monday at 30 weeks. I do plan on talking to my doctor about the booster when I go back in in 2 weeks, which I’ll be eligible for the booster by then and I’ll be 33 weeks :)


I went to visit my mother in the hospital today (not Covid) and I was struck by how tired and just “over it” most of the hospital staff seemed.


We are tired of taking care of people unwilling to take care of themselves. Everyone is affected, even if they're not working on a covid unit. We pull staff from everywhere in the hospital in order to staff covid units. This, in turn, leaves the entire system stretched thin and impacts everyone's morale. I work in a large medical center and every shift is short dozens of nurses day after day after day. We are hiring just about anyone licensed and willing, but lose staff just as quickly because working short is so unbelievably stressful. We don't feel like we can provide adequate care to our patients and feel like we are failing to do our jobs.


Cool - but if the vaccines are going unused and I'm at higher risk now than I was two months ago, I still want that booster. The CDC keeps coming back to this "boosters aren't going to stop the spread" thing as though it's relevant. Whether or not we give out boosters doesn't change the fact that anyone who is unvaccinated at this point *does not want to be vaccinated*. If we had supply limitations I would agree, but we don't. Anyone can walk into any clinic and their first shots basically today.


>Anyone can walk into any clinic and their first shots basically today. Not even a clinic. This is America. You can do your grocery shopping, get an overpriced cup of coffee desert, pick up your birth control pills, and get vaccinated all in the same building!


Welcome to Costco, I love you


They said *overpriced* coffee.


If you guys ever get vaccination clinics in Starbucks, we should have them in our Tim Horton's also eh.


Targets have Starbucks and pharmacies providing the vaccine all in the same building, so pretty close.


We've got a Target plus pharmacy with a Starbucks in there too.


Carl’s JR! “Fuck you, I’m eating”


And get your oil changed, hair cut, eyebrows threaded, new tv, and subway.


For any Europeans thinking this is a joke Walmart literally does all of these things. On top of also having optometrists to get new glasses!


Unions are the only thing you won't find at Walmart.


And anyone with a BMI under 25. ;)


One near my house also has a bank in it.


The new Oldsmobiles are in early this year.


Pier One Imports! This place has everything!


Baby clothes!


I miss Oldsmobile.


* Birth Control Pills offer is not valid in all states and territories. See below for details.


I, for one, am going to sue u/novacham for $10k because he suggested birth control pills.


And get your law degree.


I'm enrolled for TV/VCR repair


If you tell your school to ship your degree to walgreens, you *can* get your law degree from walgreens


>pick up your birth control pills, and get vaccinated all in the same building! Shhhhh don't tell them that. The GOP will start banning pharmacies!


Hey, whoa, pump the brakes bud, let's not spread misinformation. The stuff in there, it's problematic as all get-out, and you gotta be careful what you're putting in your body! That *overpriced coffee desert* has next to no coffee in it. As a former green apron, let me assure you that the instant, preground dark roast nonsense they try to pass off as actual coffee is anything but. Let's rein it in and remind people to do the right thing - if you're out for coffee, do yourself the favor and get the good stuff. Go local - oh, and get fucking vaccinated.


I read this as a business charging people to purchase *the absence of coffee* (desert). Given what people spend money on, I bet someone could do it.


This is America > overpriced cup of coffee desert Don't catch you sippin' now > birth control pills Don't catch you skippin' now > do your grocery shopping Look what I'm whippin' up


which is why its even more infuriating. Especially when its members of your own family so you can visualize them at the store walking right past the vax station.


A lot of people on the panel were thoroughly convinced boosters would make unvaxxed less likely to get one. The evidence they based that statement on was virtually nothing compared to what they then demanded as proof to allow boosters. Apparently a small fraction in a poll said that, and it became unassailable truth like polls are 100% accurate and antivaxxers are being 100% honest about their excuses.


There's two logical explanations for that supposed answer, too: Someone who's told they need a booster is against the idea of needing this vaccine every year; and someone who is using the booster as an excuse to confirm their preconceived notion that the vaccine isn't effective. Both of those lines of thinking aren't going to help us stop the spread, and bending over backwards to cater to them is so fucking dumb.


At this point 18 months is all the evidence points to immunity from vaccination will last decades. A lot of people think, and the press is encouraging it, that you have immunity due to antibodies. You don't. You have immunity due to long lived cells in your immune system. There is an interesting paper from 2008. About 20 years ago they managed to recover enough fragments to reconstruct the 1918 flu pandemic virus. They used proteins from that to challenge people in their late 90's who had survived the 1918 pandemic and most of them produced a robust immune response 90 years later.


There's some major caveats to this post. Primarily, we're observing a real-world correlation between antibodies and protection. Immunologists believe this is best explained because SARS-CoV2, in particular the delta variant, replicate very rapidly, and have such high viral loads that you're already in trouble in the week+ it takes your memory-based immunity to recognize the disease and ramp up antibody production. So while protection against death is likely to last very long based on memory, protection against severe disease is falling a little, and protection against mild and moderate illness is falling a lot more, and that is absolutely because of circulating antibody levels. Having a high antibody level already is able to neutralize the infection much faster, preventing you from getting to viral loads so high you're in trouble before the memory system mounts a response. And even with vaccines, long covid is a risk (though halved), and extensive damage is still possible. That on top of spreading it, boosters to keep antibody levels high while case numbers are high is important.


My take is that most don't need the booster for protection but it gets antibodies back in motion. This helps people's body to fight it off quicker, helping to slow the spread. Wouldn't be important if we weren't still having crazy numbers.


Right. The fact that immunity to mild disease seems to wane wouldn't matter much if enough people were vaccinated because the vast majority of cases would be mild due to vaccination. But we're at a point where there's still enough unvaccinated that those mild cases are still causing a lot of havock. So if it's unlikely that we'll get more of the population vaccinated then trying to decrease the potential for vaccinated people to be a vector seems to be the best we can do.


Exactly. At this point, fuck em. If you don't want to get vaxxed then don't. But don't have your kid post some sob ass story on Facebook when you're laying face down in a medically induced coma.


Nobody cares about the dipshits refusing to get vaccinated. The problem is those same dipshits are the ones taking up all the hospital beds and medical care from those who need it outside of covid-19.


I am so tired of the world revolving around what right wing wackjobs might think.


I had someone on Twitter tell me that the vaccine “mandate” is worse than the American internment of Japanese Americans.


Are they suggesting internment camps for unvaccinated would be a better solution?


I read the other day that some anti-vaxxers were suggesting establishing "sanctuary cities" for unvaccinated people to go to die. I mean to go to live with their precious bodily essences uncontaminated by modern medicine. Anyway, at last anti-vaxxers have come up with an idea I can get behind.


Please please please. I want them to all congregate in 3 or 4 states and rational thought can take back control of the federal government.


Amen. Build a big beautiful wall around those cities, too. And truck in all the guns and bacon and bibles and MAGA hats and DVDs of Tucker Carlson's greatest rants that they desire, and let them just go hog-wild. Open 'er back up in a couple of years, and the survivors may have learned something.


So, leper colonies.


I suspect they haven’t thought that far ahead. More of a white car selfie victim hood complex person


the way they're acting that idea might start getting some traction in the polls after a few months


"We can't do this thing that would make life better for everyone because this absolute moron with the intelligence and empathy of a cactus might get upset."


Yeah. The idea that all opinions and beliefs deserve some level of respect is absolute bullshit. There is only objective reality. If they don't want to believe in objective reality then let them all wallow in their death cult.


A lot of antivaxxers i know of (theres still a couple of outliers) don't really care about the booster. If they weren't going to get the Pfizer/Moderna shot, they weren't going to think about the booster for either anyways. Seems like barking at the same lamppost. Although a lot of antivaxxers seem to be turning a more positive eye towards Novvax's shot. I know a pretty sizable handful that'd get the Novavax shot in a heartbeat. So i dunno. Maybe the secret to breaking antivaxxers was just to wait until more options came along. because antivaxxers seem more and more willing to get the jab as certain options pop up.


Remember when the CDC discouraged mask use out of fear there would be a mask shortage? Undermined their own credibility. The CDC exists as a big picture agency. They've said they're worried about vaccine supplies, and this is why they're not advising boosters although the majority of the adult population has "comorbidities". Bullshit. Get the booster.


Yeah I don't like these agencies thinking too far beyond bare facts. Leave conjecture and what might happens to others. Just do the science thing. I thought they were hoping to shift focus to immunizing other countries to stem variant emergence.


I agree. Now we can't know know for certain if they are telling the truth, or the version of the truth they think will get the best results.


>Remember when the CDC discouraged mask use out of fear there would be a mask shortage? Undermined their own credibility and this here is what people use as basis to bray "Fauci Fraud! Fauci Fraud!" while out the other side of their mouths, they scream about masks being anything from inaffective to a form of tyranny


But to be fair, it would have been better to have just been honest about masks instead of, oh I don’t know, further eroding trust in our institutions.


No matter what you believe in… this is a true statement


Everyone or virtually everyone who desires to be vaxxed probably is. Waiting even longer for the unvaxxed to either make up their mind or die is pointless to me. Getting further protection for my family and myself is by far the more important concern.


Exactly! Fuck this shit, give me my booster and if 1/3rd of the country has a death wish that’s their problem


The problem is they are making it everyone's problem, what with the taking hospital beds and other resources.


Yes, but letting vaccines sit around in refrigerators doing nothing isn't helping anyone.


Give them to countries that aren't as stupid as us.


Do *anything* with them, give them as boosters, donate them to Haiti, but don't let them expire while we wait for the bottom end of the bell curve to come around.


Yeah, somewhat. But also, fuck the responsible people who went and did get the shot? Eventually we'll probably need boosters vs varieties of the spike protein if this goes on long enough anyways. Might as well normalize it ahead of time, maybe there will be less idiot death cults then.


Ban their asses from the icu. They don’t want to be part of society? They can make their own ICUs at home.


Apparently there is a growing trend to stay out of hospitals because hospitals won't use ivermectin. Take it with a grain of salt, like any "trend" reporting though.


So if patients stay out of the hospital it isn't an issue. If a patient does not want to be transported by EMS to the hospital, they can refuse medical care, however, if they are too hypoxic or not making good decisions, they cannot refuse transport (at least where I am). And then they show up in the ED and per EMTALA, we must evaluate them and treat them accordingly. I see a lot of these guys come in and their O2 sats are 60-80 on RA and they are obviously in respiratory distress. Then we get them admitted because they cannot go home and are too hypoxic or eventually intubated so unable to leave AMA. Then we admit them to the appropriate floor, and they eventually work their way up to the ICU. Their families get pissed that we won't let them in because they too are unvaccinated and refuse to get a test. Then they call us murderers because we won't use ivermectin, hydroxychloriquine (still), or whatever other stupid shit they want us to use. It's been loads of fun. -a very tired emergency medicine resident who got her third Pfizer shot today


>Their families get pissed that we won't let them in because they too are unvaccinated and refuse to get a test. Then they call us murderers because we won't use ivermectin, hydroxychloriquine (still), or whatever other stupid shit they want us to use. i'm starting to see why travel nurses cost more than the vice president's salary now


As an overworked and exhausted RT that has spent the last 8 weeks in the Covid ICU, running 10-12 vents, most prone, paralyzed and unvaccinated, I can relate. I’ve seen that very scenario play out more times than I’d like to admit. I also received my third Pfizer shot this morning, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice…


Thank you


I’m so sorry you are going through this.


And then they start GoFundMe’s asking others to pay for the ICU and funeral costs. Which I find so fucking ironic.


Having the gubment pay for helthcare 'stead a beggin frends and famly is soshulizum ya nazi freak. Pray on it and gib it to Gawd, commie librul. (This post is total sarcasm. I had an idiot recently argue that I was obviously a genocide loving nazi because I said "good, fuck them plague rats" when it turned out a local arena won't let the unvaccinated or untested into games and shows.)


I can’t talk with any authority, but I would be the most unsympathetic, sarcastic asshole to these fucking people. I’d love to come volunteer to do your job and fuck with all the antivax QAnon assholes that you have to put up with Stay strong!!


Wrong. They all want regeneron. Same dumb fucks who won’t take the safest vaccine ever developed are clamoring for a highly experimental monoclonal antibody cocktails…


The funny thing is Regeneron is being used for COVID-19 patients with high-risk factors who are yet to display severe symptoms. If you are already having severe symptoms and hospitalized, you don't get the Regeneron.


And if you live in fl or tx Biden already ahead of you by rationing to states that aren’t filled with morons


The treatment that's *less* approved than the vaccine, and less tested even when the vaccine wasn't approved? Not to say it's not effective, but it was basically just as rushed. Double standards, yay!


I live in Jacksonville, FL, and they closed down the local main library branch to have a regeneron clinic there instead. I’m fucking livid.


I'm just waiting for someone to tell them that fecal transplants will give them wizard resistance to the virus. They won't trust doctors anymore then than they do now, so they'll all go out and purchase Nutribullets to make their daily shit smoothies. Of course this will put them in the hospital for different reasons but... What are you going to do?


Fecal transplants are a thing though. Not for covid. [link](https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/gastroenterology_hepatology/clinical_services/advanced_endoscopy/fecal_transplantation.html)


Oh, I know. But like you said, not for covid. And I'm saying that these sad people are gullible and desperate enough to literally eat shit, just to avoid taking something that is KNOWN to work and almost completely safe.


True. I mean if they'll go to tractor supply to get ivermecrin then I wouldn't put manually swapping shit with someone else by hand past them.


Yes! This 100%!! I’ll be at a relative’s funeral (cancer death, not COVID) in about a week. Should be a good opportunity to see if I can get any of my redneck relatives to bite on this “rumor”.


Also try to sell them on colloidal silver. It actually does have some minor antiviral effect, but more importantly, it does [this](https://www.wired.com/story/does-colloidal-silver-work/). Turn the red states blue!


That man is a smurf. A real life smurf. You'll never convince me otherwise.


Too late, I already had someone tell me they aren't worried about COVID because they are taking colloidal silver. So that particular "one weird trick" is already out there.


The best lies have a grain of truth to them.


>Take it with a grain of salt, can I take it with this tube of apple-flavored paste with a horse on the front?


My mindset exactly. Done with being worried about other people. I can admit I've devolved to "Fuck you, got mine." And I have to say, even in all the bs I'm much more relaxed.


I don't think it counts as "Fuck you, got mine" if they can literally get theirs whenever they want. It's not like we all got vaccinated and pulled up the metaphorical ladder behind us. If anything, we've been throwing more and more ladders down, literally begging them to please climb up on out of that pit they insist on sitting in, with their response being to keep on digging themselves a deeper hole in the hope that maybe, if they get deep enough, they'll be able to come out the other side. The only thing stopping them from getting out right now is the inability to admit that they were wrong.


>I've devolved to "Fuck you, got mine." you haven't devolved, they did and you're not letting yourself get left behind


*edit - boosters are available, poster below provided a great link on the guidelines. Bottom line - focus is on those most at risk but adults *may receive one, talk to your doctor. Many observers think they'll be rolling boosters out in stages, now is the elderly, those at high risk or immune compromised. That's a lot of people. The next will be those in public jobs (if not in the high risk group which some consider them) and older adults and then younger adults/teens etc Approval for kids is coming soon and I think the focus is on them instead of boosters temporarily. Expanding that vaccinated group will help tremendously stop the spread.


CVS' signup form lets anyone eligible sign up, no staging. Public jobs are eligible *now*.


California's MyTurn site basically just asks if you are high risk. One yes or no question and you have an appointment. Half of my office has been out sick in the past month and we also had former employee (very recently changed jobs) pass away three weeks ago. Hooray for public facing jobs where nearly no one coming in wears masks. It has been just over six months since my second shot. Damn right I'm getting a booster. Half my county won't get vaxed. Time to fortify myself for when I do get it the way things are going.


Can confirm. I signed up for a booster through them for this Friday; there is no staging like there was at the beginning of this year. We have so much vaccine that everyone who wants a shot can get a shot.


I got a booster two weeks ago and it was being staged as it initially was… granted those were the only ones approved yet so not sure if that will change. (Plus it will somewhat fall that way naturally with needing6-8 months from the initial ones)


I think we'll see a small bump in the next couple months as military and large company vaccination deadlines hit but yeah it's going to be tough to break through the stupid beyond where we are now


The next 2-4 months are going to be huge as mandates go in to effect and a lot of anti-Vaxxers are going to have some real tangible decisions to make. I’m anticipating a lot of wild shit is going to go down.


Can’t wait for 6mo-5y vaccines


My only worry about this thing now is that my kid is younger than 12, and I can't get the shot for her yet.


Took my mother this morning for her 3rd shot. Been a few hours, no side effects yet. She will be fine, and everyone who hasn't gotten your first 2, please do. If you're concerned about mRNA technology (which you shouldn't be but), there's still the J&J shot which uses traditional vaccine technology with a attenuated, inactive virus.


JJ vaccine is actually not a traditional vaccine either. It’s a viral vector vaccine, which basically does the same thing as an mRNA vaccine, but uses a virus to deliver the RNA to make the spike protein instead of a nanolipid capsule like the Moderna and Pfizer ones.


With fading vaccine efficacy, how close do we have to be to being unvaccinated again before we're allowed boosters? It sounds like breakthrough cases will just continue to increase, and denying boosters to folks ready to receive them will only make it worse.


My hospital's infectious disease board estimates we'll get boosters between 12-16 months from original series but of course that can change as the conditions vary


You can just get your booster, no one checks that you actually qualify in any way. You just sign a form saying you are immunocompromised but it’s not checked.


Or just say your fat. Which is true for most Americans anyway.


I got my booster yesterday. No questions asked, really. They just checked my vaccine card to make sure it's been at least 6 months.


This is what I plan on doing at my 6 month mark.


Places by me started sign-ups this morning, and others that have been ready to go for a while just have a "do you feel that you're at increased risk? y/n" on the sign up. Basically, they're just asking for self-identification of risk to allow for sign-ups. No hassle.


my PCP mentioned to me because of my auto-immunity. I’m considered eligible to get a booster


This. I made an appointment and got the 3rd shot. No questions asked and I am in South Carolina!


Seriously - this is just ridiculous to me. We know that vaccine efficacy wanes. We know that boosters restore protection. The fact that the CDC director _still_ thinks that those 70 million people are going to change their minds now is idiotic. Are boosters the best use of the current vaccine supply? No, definitely not. But option #1 is deprogramming millions of cult members, and that’s a lot more challenging than letting us non-cultists get boosted.


> We know that vaccine efficacy wanes. The science on this is a lot murkier than you may assume. Certainly it wanes *some*, but in certain populations -- young, otherwise healthy people most especially -- the waning is so small that it's difficult to measure given the available data. Be extremely careful with non-expert assesments of the data. It is EXTREMELY easy to twist such a complicated concept as vaccine efficacy into whatever you want.


The CDC also thought that when they asked the unvaccinated to continue wearing masks, and lifted the recommendation for others, that the anti-mask, anti-vaxxers would respect that and follow the "honor system" (insert eyeroll).


Of all the stupid things the CDC did throughout this, that was by far the dumbest.


I thought it was pretty dumb they said not to wear masks at the beginning... and didn't inform the public of how to make them out of any old clothing in the house when there was a shortage.


The bad thing was that a plan was in place to ship free masks to every living person in the USA. It would have turned the tide of the pandemic, but then Kushner decided to stop fighting the disease altogether because it appeared as though it was worse in Democrat run areas. He hoped it would kill a bunch of them off. To help in the upcoming election, you see.


Option one could be donating a ton more to India, Africa, etc to give willing people transitioned to being baseline vaccinated so as to reduce the likelihood of something worse than delta from developing for all our sakes. And saving lives in the process.


you can’t donate mrna vaccines to africa. cold chain storage simply doesn’t exist for most of the continent.


After further study to confirm it's safe, they changed the storage requirements such that both mRNA vaccines can be stored up to a month at household refrigerator temperatures. Even most of Africa can be covered given that (and covering all the parts that can be leaves the more temperature stable vaccines for the harder spots). But cold chain is far from the only issue.


General global income inequality coming back to kill us.


We're already doing that to the tune of 110m so far and more than half a billion coming. A lot of the remaining areas have logistical issues that make raw supply not the limiting factor. Denying boosters, which represent a mere 2-3 weeks of Pfizer's production output, doesn't provide a substantial enough benefit American's health should suffer for it when we're already doing so much and more than any other country (China has sold more but donated less).


True and good points all around.


Which [Biden](https://www.reuters.com/world/us/biden-pledges-new-vaccine-donations-bid-rally-global-pandemic-fight-2021-09-22/) just did. Still doesn’t change the fact that 70 MILLION Americans refuse to get the shot. That’s at least 20% of the country.


Good news is that few people who are threatening to quit over getting vaccinated are actually following through with it, with most just deciding to get the shot. Chances are as the mandates fully kick in we'll see that number shrink pretty decently.


Just go get one. They're throwing unused vaccines away. I'm stacking Moderna on top of the J&J I got last March. It's not like there's a line for vaccines here. Better it goes into my arm than the trash.


My Mom tried doing that at the pharmacy and doctor's office and they told her no.


I got the J&J at Walmart and the Moderna at CVS. No problem.


I tried at Kroger and they said no. Gonna give CVS a go. Thanks for the tip.


Some pharmacies take a day or two to catch up with the new CDC recommendations. CVS has implemented it as of today. Unless she's under 65 in that very narrow category with no underlying health issues or risky job (she's not even a pound overweight or *ever* smoked, no heart issues, and no public facing job?), she can get one as soon as pharmacies get the memo. Previously, or still if you don't somehow qualify, you did/do have to lie though, couldn't just ask for one without qualifying. Or did she get Moderna? In that case she'd have to say she's immunocompromised or getting a first shot again. The former is better because the latter is checked much more often.


Already been there. Between (yes, I know this is only my subjective opinion and no one should see it as anything more than that) the existing data I've read and the arbitrary criteria (how different is being 63 vs. 65?) for boosters in the US, I decided for me it was time.


I feel like they don't understand (or want to acknowledge) why people want boosters. We know giving boosters to the already vaccinated won't stop the cases creeping up by the unvaccinated, but they've had the chance to get them, so now I'm just worried about protecting myself best as possible. Same reason I still wore a mask even when they said vaccinated people didn't need to.


The widespread disagreement with the value of protecting against mild and moderate cases is almost certainly behind the qualifying list being so expansive as to cover probably 90% or more of adults.


But it looks like Modena doesn't need boosters at 6 months. No even publications about j&j


I heard a good point on a podcast the other day: It was a mistake to make doctors, and specifically Dr. Fauci, the face of the vaccine. Most adult Americans don't even have a GP/family doctor, much less a pleasant and familiar relationship with one. To most Americans the doctor is the guy you see every 3-4 years who scolds you for being fat, or you take a bad fall and wake up in a recovery ward (having never actually seen them) and now you owe them 12k. That's not their fault obviously, but denying the reality of the interaction isn't doing us any good either. It's just not a deep, trusting relationship like rich politicians seem to think. Hell, a lot of women have to get downright combative with their doctors just to have their problems taken seriously.


I never even considered the fact American's don't have regular GPs or family doctors. That seems absolutely mental. Do American's on the whole just avoid healthcare interventions until things are literally falling off? For example, would a bloke go to the doctor for a lump in his balls, or would it be left until it was clearly serious? I ask, as surely there are loads of avoidable deaths and long term illnesses if people were able to access a regular GP who knew them, their family and their health history.


>Do American's on the whole just avoid healthcare interventions until things are literally falling off? For example, would a bloke go to the doctor for a lump in his balls, or would it be left until it was clearly serious? Sadly, yes. It's not across the board, but below a certain income-level most Americans just won't see a doctor unless they're basically dragging a limb. Our system has turned preventative medicine into an upper middle-class & higher thing.


In my experience, it depends on the person’s financial stability. I am an American and grew up with regular checkups and stuff because my family could afford it. That’s definitely not the case for everyone though. Even with insurance, doctor visits get expensive very quickly. Some avoid going to the doctor for things like suspicious lumps because 1) the initial visit would be expensive and 2) if it turned out to be something like cancer, that would financially ruin many people. Sometimes it seems worth it to just stay oblivious and hope and pray it’s nothing.


> Do American's on the whole just avoid healthcare interventions until things are literally falling off? Yes. I'm not poor by any stretch, but as a woman I've had my issues ignored for years without any attempt at diagnosis or treatment. And every time I've gone in for something step one is "wait three weeks and set up another appointment if it doesn't go away on its own" (and this comes after waiting three weeks already just get that appointment. What's the point in spending money on a doctor's appointment when I won't be believed, taken seriously, get a diagnosis, or any sort of treatment? If I wait until something is "falling off" at least they can't gaslight me about there being nothing wrong or get away with not doing anything for it.


Best summary of the American health system in a while. Also leaves out that in the case that the fall is something worse that requires more than an overnight stay, you're out 6 figures instead of 5, which is enough to break most people as savings rates in this country are crazy bad. Median bank balance is something like $5k, which is as high as it's been in years, and some of that is likely due to the stimulus. It's also dragged way up because of the top heavy distribution--average is about 10 times that.


Nothing I do at any point anymore has anything to do with some delusion that I'm contributing to "ending the pandemic". I'm just going about my business, mitigating risk to myself and those around me. And in that regard, there's very little for me to do other than what I've already done. Even wearing a mask is little more than a courtesy for me at this point, as I'm almost never indoors anywhere with a significant amount of unvaxxed. Once kids can get vaxxed, I won't even bother with that anymore. I'll get a booster when it's my turn, but only because it's the sensible thing to do.


Ok, but I can boost my way out of being personally punished by the idiocy of those who won't get vaxxed. It's so ridiculous that CDC won't just open up boosters to anyone who wants one. People can already just lie that it's their first shot and get a booster, but that screws with reporting. And frankly it's ridiculous that one has to lie to get a booster when states are throwing away expiring doses every day.


Are you *sure* you don't qualify? The 'high risk' list is [expansive](https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/need-extra-precautions/people-with-medical-conditions.html), covering 74% of the population on BMI alone before going on to high blood pressure, current/former smokers, substance users, diabetics... In any case, whether you're high risk, or your job is, is self-attestation. They will not be requiring a doctor's note or any proof of condition or job. Some individual pharmacists might be a dick but 99% won't, just like how 1.1m people got a second "1st shot" then "immunocompromised" was unverified too, me and my whole family got one already and none of us are.


Damn, having a BMI over 25 is on the list. Good to know.


The use of these qualifying conditions is dumb. If you want a shot you get a shot should be the motto. The country wasted 3 months waiting on first responders and healthcare professionals to all get vaccinated many of who didn’t want it and didn’t get it.


Any healthcare worker who is not vaccinated should not be a healthcare worker.


I dunno if wasted is the right word. When it opened for Healthcare to 65+ and education there was still a shortage of available shots (due to labor, supply, or something) that prevented me from getting my shot for a few weeks (qualified due to education). I do think it's ridiculous that the people who have the most access to information, general literacy on the subject, and direct line of sight to the consequences are still choosing not to act. It's embarrassing.


And a bunch of whom are now being fired for STILL not getting it. Glad we're not still waiting on those stupid fucks


As a smoker but otherwise healthy individual I want a booster. Also want to quit. I’ll ask my doctor what to do though.


Quit smoking. Get the booster shot. When they ask you "are you a smoker?" say "I was but I quit". Live up to it. Don't beat yourself up over a relapse here and there, any cigarette you skip is a victory.


Just say you work a high risk job. Or if you're overweight you already qualify. Boosters are approved for high risk and high risk jobs now after 6 months.


I got my first series in Jan/Feb, so my six month mark passed when they were still dicking around with booster approval. I just went to CVS last month and said I wanted a first shot. I probably would have had to lie anyways, as I originally got Pfizer and wanted a Moderna booster based on Israeli and Canadian procedures, which is still not an approved course and it would probably be hard to find a willing pharmacist. But either way, people who want to listen to American experts shouldn't have to lie to get a third shot of Pfizer for any reason considering we have more than enough data to show it is safe.


How did it go getting the Moderna booster after Pfizer? I was going to try to get the same.


Just did the first Moderna Thursday after the J&J last April. A bit tired and my arm is still sore but improving. Lied about being unvaccinated.


Frustrating af that lying is the easiest and quickest way to get something that data shows is perfectly safe, all while expiring doses go in the trash across the country.


It's that last bit that assuaged my conflict of lying. Also, it's not like that shot was going to be shipped to a country that doesn't have enough vaccines.


I got a Moderna booster after Pfizer for the first two as well. It was very similar to my 2nd shot of Pfizer (I felt nothing from the first, I think the nurse missed the muscle) except a little lower in peak intensity and the worst lasted 18h instead of 12h. I had an abnormally strong reaction to both (most people get a low grade fever, mine got very high, 104 with Moderna, 105.1 with Pfizer). I got it switched by signing up as immunocompromised/got Moderna originally, then saying I forgot my vaccine card and could I just have one with the booster and I'll keep them together.


> 'We will not boost our way out of this pandemic,' CDC director says Tonight on Fox news > CDC director admits that boosters won't help!


I thought the fda voted against it so cdc is saying don't listen to the fda?


Only 70million? Damn, we got way more done than I expected.


Eligible. Another 40 million waiting for approval.


And letting protection wane for those who want and would get it isn't going to get us out of this, either. At least let people continue to protect themselves from the assholes putting everyone in danger.


At this point I’m looking out for myself and my family. Don’t want to get the vaccine? Your choice. It’s a shitty choice that will inevitably lead to harming others /yourself because you make shitty decisions, but again it’s yours to make. I hate that Facebook mom groups have become a valid source of information to some… it’s really sad shit.


We won't, but I still want a booster.


At this point I'm less worried about *ending* the pandemic and more worried about *surviving* it.


Ok I'm gonna ask it, probably been asked a thousand times before but not by me so humor me because I'm genuinely interested. (And vaccinated) We've been doing restrictions and masks for about 2 years. Are we ever going to be able to travel, for example, without the mask? At what point do we acknowledge that COVID is here, it's not leaving, and return to something resembling the "before times"? I know this has affected my mental health and I'm by no means the only one. I want to do my part to keep everyone safe, but I also feel like it's taking a pretty big mental toll and I'm not sure how much longer we can do life the way we've been doing it before we have a legitimate mental health crisis on our hands. Perhaps we already do, I don't know the statistics. TLDR; do we have an ETA on living more freely and not going full hazmat to be in public??