This guy just loves not going into rooms he’s supposed to be in.


He thought the door was locked!


I thought the sponge was supposed to be dry


#Literally running away from his responsibilities.


And without the two radios that would have slowed him down, the response would have been 90 minutes later if he had lugged those radios He's a tough guy, great cop, but c'mon, radios are heavy


This dude is the poster child for incompetence.


And cowardice!


Own your mistakes. Let him sit in discomfort instead of running off to “rest”


This is too big of a mistake to "cop" to. There's no saving face, children are dead. Nothing he can say or do will help. Fuck this guy, the damage is already done. It's time to quit the job and let someone hopefully more competent take the role.


Honest question: what could life possibly even be like for Arredondo after something like this? Sure, people's memories will fade at some point to the extent where he can go to the store and shit like that without being actively hated, but I think that's going to take a while. I'm not sure what I would do if I was directly responsible for something like this... I probably would seriously consider plastic surgery and moving to another country if I didn't have the decency to just kill myself. Though, I definitely can't imagine what he will do because I can't even imagine doing what he did in the first place.


Well, his time on the city council will likely be limited. If he comes to the meetings, it will be full of angry citizens that rightfully hate him. If he misses the meetings, he will be thrown off. The only thing a rational, decent person could do would be to resign and admit their political career is over... But this piece of human garbage has no morals or integrity, so all they can do is make his time on the council as miserable as possible.


>But this piece of human garbage has no morals or integrity So... a perfect soldier for the thin blue line!


Honestly he'd do everyone a favor if he resigned and set up a stocks for himself downtown so people could throw their rotten produce at him


I've got a wheelbarrow full of cinder blocks that are past their "best before" date.


should I be rotating my cinder blocks?


Not if they’re holding up something.


As others have pointed out elsewhere in the thread, the most likely thing is that he ends up resigning from the police force, waits six months, moves to another town and immediately gets a job on their police force. He is also likely to qualify for lifetime disability payments for emotional suffering due to an on the job incident. This guy won't have a problem in the world once this is out of the headlines.


He's a cop. He'll always be able to find a position in another town.


Kim Hammond, a woman who lives 2 doors down from the school, is the citizen who explained to the city council that all they had to do was deny the leave of absence to either force Arredondo to attend the next meeting or be voted off the council. Arredondo has already missed 2 meetings without a leave of absence. If he misses 1 more, he can be voted out. The city council was planning to vote to give him a short leave of absence until Kim Hammond told them, "You can do something right now. Deny his leave of absence." She's amazing.


So frustrating that politicians don't even know their own rules. She had to propose this on a silver platter to show the other council members, they could save their own necks and not play ball with Arredondo.


*Why* doesn’t he quit or go into hiding or something? He’s not talking to anyone or going to work or participating so what’s the point? Dear American Journalists- PLEASE find out where the Chief Coward who let a psycho slaughter kids while he quaked behind a ballistic shield on the other side of an unlocked door IS and ask why he hasn’t relinquished his responsibilities to his community when he repeatedly demonstrates that he is unable or unwilling to fulfill them?


Can we just replace him with Kim Hammond? She seems to be on top of things.


>A motion was unanimously denied to grant a leave of absence to the newly elected council member, who was not present Tuesday night. Per city council rules, there is a $2 fine for missing council meetings, and after three missed meetings, the other council members can vote to have a member removed from their post. Good, force him to show his face and be ridiculed by the public or else fire him. I like both options


I love that it’s $2 if you miss a meeting. When was this rule written? 1850?


Knowing Texas you're probably not far off.




"We'd tie onions to our belts, which was the fashion at the time."


“In those days nickels had pictures of bumblebees on them, gimme 5 bees for a quarter they’d say”


Now where were we... oh yeah. The important thing was that I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn't have any white onions, because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones...


Well done guys. I will always read this seen in its entirety. And then watch the scene on YouTube.


These people have no idea how fucking happy they've made me today


What are these quotes from?


“I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was. Now what I’m with isn’t it, and what is it seems weird and scary to me. It’ll happen to you…”


FYI, Grampa was 100% correct.


“Take your hat off, boy! That’s a dollar bill!”


What is this from? I recognize that quote but I can’t place it.


From my understanding, these types of fees are somewhat for show, but mostly for documentation. The amount itself is arbitrary, but the act of payment/lack of payment is not. Failing to pay fees (especially if they're only $2) is a bit more damning in that aspect, as it's more of a direct affront to the nature of the fee, as opposed to being unable to pay.


Bingo. The price doesn’t matter, the action of paying it up does.


Also if they really want to go after him, sending any unpaid fee to collections will destroy his credit. My score was ruined for 7 years over a library book in college edit: public library while I was college aged.


Whoa, that’s terrible! Apologies from this college librarian.


no apologies necessary. I did it to myself. I was a shelver at the library near me for 5 years. I lost a book, but I kept just renewing and overriding the renew limit for the entire time I was there (somehow never got caught). Then when I quit the library, it couldn't be renewed and the system immediately flagged it as "5 years overdue" so it went to collections. The funny thing is that I found the book like 2 weeks later.


Why the hell does he even want to still remain on the council? What does he possibly have to gain by having a small amount of power in a small town where pretty much everyone wants to see him hanged or worse? There's no way it pays that much, and any shady deals he had running are probably going away now that he's under a microscope.


He wants the power to control how information about the shooting comes out, but he doesn't want the responsibility of dealing with reporters and angry parents. Typical cop thinking, "with great power comes no responsibility."


This!. He is the big fish in a little pond and all the little fishes want him out, and if he goes out, all his dirty business and incompetence will come out to the light and no matter where in the US he is at, he will always be ridiculed (at best) or even threaten with physical harm (at worst)




It's the old Palpatine strategy. Join the council, become the council


The ole “tuck tail and run until it all blows over” tactic…Classic.


Yeah, I bet they are simply hoping that the national media gets distracted by some new important event and they all leave Uvalde and thus the police can get back to normal with stealing 40% of the town's income for cosplay SWAT equipment they never use and can get back to dictating how the town is run by bullying everyone that doesn't shut up and put up with how the police run the town


I think arrendondo is going to end up thrown under the bus. The Texas DPS head very clearly singled him out. Which arrendondo deserves. But I think "I was just following orders" standing in a hallway with shields, guns, body armor and tactical gear doesn't make you a dedicated and brave officer.


All the officers there should be fired. Won't save kids but will restrain parents all due to orders? Fuck orders at that point.


There were police officers who wanted to go in and do their job but they were restrained and removed by the other police


There was a story recently one of the cops was the husband of the female teacher shot, called her husband and told her about gunman and that she was dying.... Cops stopped him from going in, and took away his gun...to let her die. [Here is the story](https://www.today.com/news/news/eva-mireles-slain-uvalde-teacher-officer-husband-gun-taken-detained-rcna34666)


Took his gun and removed him from school grounds while his wife lay dying. Imagine being that guy and having to work with those scumbags ever again? It sure couldn’t be me, not with a gun on my hip.


I'd work one final day with them.


They all mysteriously fell on their bullets.


It would not surprise me to see that the guy snapped and went on a rampage aimed at all of his fellow officers that stopped him from entering.


go full dorner


The only issue I see with this is it definitely puts cops lives in danger. Moving forward, if I know my kid / wife is in danger and the police are just gonna stand around and do fuck all. The cop that tries to stop me is getting met with *resistance* Obviously we don't want cowboys running around doing whatever in an active shooter situation but I think that's the end result, "if the cops aren't gonna do anything *I* will" kinda situation. I'm not trying to sound badass on the internet, but my wife just had our first born and if it came out police stopped me and then did nothing, and he died... I could see some vindictive shit happening.


I think if you gave a random group of people ballistic shields, semi-auto rifles, a breaching tool, and the body armor that they had, most random groups of people would have reacted more aggressively than the police. This is the quintessence of Blue Lives Matter. You're not worth as much as a cop. Your kid certainly isn't.


Yeah, this is the scary thing that I see. The whole point in an effective, trained, accountable law enforcement and justice system is to allow people to achieve justice nonviolently. Because we decided long ago that we don't want untrained armed vigilantes out enforcing whatever they want. If the police are not effective and also not accountable within the justice system (qualified immunity, absolute immunity) then people are unable to get justice in that way. And when somebody does decide to give up their life to fight for their justice (even if they're horribly misguided) it's super ugly - like Chris Dorner. Basically, I worry that we're going to get an epidemic of that. Unless we can more reliably get accountability from our police and justice system.


Honestly I could see some vindictive shit getting encouraged. I'd never encourage it, that'd be against reddit rules, but I could see people encouraging it


There are going to be parent school militias come from this, and it will result in a parent or cop shooting one another at the next one.


That floored me - so a police officer wants to go in and protect lives and he is held back by other officers?????


Some should be in jail, period. There is one unsubstantiated rumor that I am hesitant to even bring up, but at this point their gross negligence almost seems deliberate.


To be completely fair, until they allow full transparency and fully cooperate releasing details of their actions in full, any rumor and speculation is allowed. They are making us have to guess so it’s only fair we would assume the worst.


I'm almost certain that they're covering up some heinous shit. I imagine some of the bullets that are found in the victims came out of police guns. That's the worst case I can think of and it's what I'm going to believe until they stop hindering the investigation and allow real transparency


Since they love military equipment so much I still say we give them the UCMJ too. Capital charges of Cowardice in the Face of the Enemy to every officer


"I didn't know i was in charge"


"I also didn't have a radio"


"Just following orders" didn't fly after Mai Lai, it shouldn't fly here either. You're not a fucking robot. They made a choice and not one of them should be wearing a badge after showing that they aren't willing to do what it represents A real cop who cared wouldnt give a fuck what he was hearing over the raidio when there's gunshots happening in the next room


Obviously, I wasn't there but I would like to think I would have said "fuck that" and entered the classrooms since I was at least better equipped than the defenseless victims. "Protect and serve" needs to be added to their job descriptions again, with possible criminal charges being filed for failures to act, like we are seeing in all those videos.


Fun fact, it is illegal to reduce Uvalde police funding under Texas law. Tried to outlaw defunding the police, made the **perfect** case for it instead.


Do you have a link to the law?


Should be HB1900. https://gov.texas.gov/news/post/governor-abbott-signs-back-the-blue-legislation https://www.billtrack50.com/billdetail/1342087


Lol, Texas is such an ass fucking backwards hellhole. Thank god I left.


Thanks! The law only applies to cities with populations over 250,000 so Uvalde is exempt (population ~15,200 according to Wikipedia).


Still a ridiculous law. Cities should be able to reduce or increase funding as they see fit. “Leave it to the states” should have “leave it to the cities” as a natural extension but no, it’s not about more or less centralisation, just about whatever level of government happens to agree with the person saying it. Usually on the right.


Blue Lives Scatter


You’d make a good headline writer for the New York Post


It worked during the incident..


The shooting. Don't downplay it, call it what it is. Downplaying it makes it easier, and these things don't need to be easy to deal with. Making them harder to deal with puts pressure on those that can enforce change.


Call it a massacre or a slaughter


The slaughter of school children and teachers with the police being fucking cowards massacre?


They were not cowards, did you see how bravely they tazed the hell out of parents trying to save the children while they were jerking each other off?


How could I forget, cops are powerless against people who wield weapons that could kill them but are all powerful against mothers trying to protect their kid without weapons and minorities.


*Ted Cruz has entered the chat*


I think you mean "fled the chat".


He will still take off. He’s about to show to Uvalde city council how much respect the police have for the community. Give it a day or two and the headline will drop about him disappearing.


Council has already decided they'll kick him off if he misses 3 consecutive meetings.


Yea, hopefully they actually do. This situation down there is so fucking sick. How much power the police have over this community is appalling. We need to end qualified immunity ASAP in this country.


With the current makeup of the SCOTUS? We are fucked. I also say that very soon now all these cops who stood in a parking lot while kids were slaughtered will file for full disability due to the stress of the situation and will get full pay for doing nothing and never going back to work.


It's worse there a bunch of them stood outside the door to the room while the kids were killed. They could hear children being murdered and did nothing when they were a few meters away.


And with new info we now know the door wasn't locked


But they didn't know the door wasn't locked. They didn't even try the door. Police hid behind ignorance.


Ignorance is too kind. It's just cowardice. They're literally trained to be pants-shitting cowards and told it's more important they get to live and go home over *anything* else in the job. They not only have no legal duty to protect anyone, they've built an entire culture around viewing anyone who isn't a cop as their enemies. A lot of them live in just a constant state of fear and paranoia. Yet they holler like a hit dog if you dare suggest they're anything but brave, true warriors who are the last final defense against chaos or whatever copium they huff while cowering in their second-hand APCs.


Take my upvote. I was a cop and that description contains too much truth. I hated that macho chest thumping bullshit. I got a lot of crap one time for saying I’d rather hesitate to shoot and make sure it’s a gun the guy is holding, not a cellphone, and risk getting shot at over risking killing an unarmed person. People telling me they hoped I wasn’t the one backing them up on a call etc. I kept my mouth shut after that.


There were even windows into the classroom.


sorry, but why does anyone even care about the god damn door being locked. It's not like cops care if a door is locked when they go no-knock-raiding and killing sleeping civilians. The doors are fucking irrelevant. Like, I'm not criticizing you btw. I just don't see how this is even a thing we should be talking about when these guys have the equipment to take over a military base nowadays.


It shouldn't be, but it gives the cops and all the bootlickers a rationale for why the police didn't do anything during the incident to stop it.


Yeah and that they had the tools to get through it in under a minute even if it was locked (halligan bars)


The way they're acting, they likely shot a kid or teacher themselves and are trying to cover it up.


I don't know but they are certainly trying to cover something up. First they didn't have shields (later we found out they did) or rifles, or breaching equipment (had at least 3 halligan bars), the door was locked (it wasn't not that it mattered if they had halligan bars they could be through that door in under a minute). Even if they didn't shoot a child or teacher themselves they certainly let them die through their inaction. They know they stood there and let children die. I hope that it torments them every minute for the rest of their hopefully very long lives (just so they can suffer more)


All of that is bad enough even if they didn’t shoot any of the victims. All of that is pretty damn bad.


Yeah it is. They had everything they needed to save some lives and yet they stood there and did nothing. But nothing will happen to them as the Supreme Court says they don't have to do anything to save lives.




They felt the need to clarify everyone who died was shot by the active shooter like the day after. Why do that if you're not trying to create smoke?


Remember when they said he was "barricaded" in the room to try to support their narrative.


In any advanced country but the US there would be no conversation about equipment. Police are expected to demonstrate bravery and put themselves on the line outside America. There would be no defense of inaction due to personal risk. This is truly shameful. Why are American cops such relentless pussies. Moms ram into that building and other decent people tried. It’s just cops. Cops fucking suck.


I suspect it's the inaction even more than an accidental death. Innocents get caught in the crossfire all the time, so it wouldn't be unusual to find the police had killed a couple themselves. But that's so frequent they wouldn't even really have to work hard to cover that up. I think the real issue is it's becoming painfully clear that there was no justifiable reason for the delay. None of the stories relating to the delay have panned out. If they had to wait for gear, if they had to wait for reinforcements, hell if the door had been locked, you could at least run cover for the delays - say it was a communication issue or whatever. But now that we know they were locked, loaded, and ready to go almost right away, every bit of training would've told them to rush in NOW, and yet they waited and ignored the proper protocol. That's the real heart of the matter here, I think - the decision to ignore training and protocol which said that even if this was a hostage situation, you rush in as soon as you hear gunfire. And there's not really much room for misunderstanding there, either.


They had even had active shooter drills at that very school a few months prior to this event. They had no excuse for not knowing the layout, how the doors worked and locked. No excuses what so ever to account for their inaction.


Active shooter training should be the **primary function** of a police department tasked with *protecting schools*. They should have been drilling over and over again so that every school's layout and idiosyncrasies were indelibly stamped on their brains. Stopping an active shooter was their entire reason to exist. They should have acted accordingly. But they probably thought this was a cushy easy job where they could scam overtime and relax while busting teenagers with pot.


I mean the police would actually have to fire for someone to get hit. I don't know if I've seen anything proving they shot at all before that group went in an hour later.


>They know they stood there and let children die. I hope that it torments them every minute for the rest of their hopefully very long lives I've watched cops laugh about breaking a senior citizens arm. I'm not confident they're all the type of people who even would feel regret/remorse/shame over something like this.


i made a comment about this yesterday. shortly after the massacre, a video came out where you hear a kid say “i got shot?” and a BP agent says “they shot a kid?” and then police realized BP could hear their line and immediately switched. eta: https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2022/05/31/radio-call-video-child-says-i-got-shot-valencia-newsroom-vpx.cnn


What is a BP agent?


Border patrol


i bet you 10000 bucks they did and are actively covering it up.


SCOTUS has already said that it's up to Congress to change qualified immunity. The courts invented it, but it requires a law to change it, apparently.


Perhaps we should get rid of both qualified immune it and absolute immunity that judges and prosecutors enjoy


Their way of creating a partisan issue that will never get overturned due to the state of our political system.


That or congress passes the law and they declare it unconstitutional on shakey grounds.


Save the citizens the time and hassle of a recall effort.


This means nothing. He's removed from council, not from his position as chief


So have city council have a total of 2 more meetings to cover the shooting, Pete misses both and then that’s it- no more meetings on this tragedy… because Uvalde must move on. Problem solved. That’s how heroes act.


He'd better not, the consequences are dire > Per city council rules, there is a $2 fine for missing council meetings


That's not the real one: after 3 missed meetings the council may remove a member who is not on an approved leave of absence. They are angling to remove him (or make him face the public and parents as they have had to).


Well let me tell you in 1886 that was a big deal


He already changed his outbound voicemail message to "Vacation" by the Go Go's


Next up is "Permanent Vacation" by Aerosmith.


TBH, that’s a more tasteful replacement than what it was last month: Pumped Up Kicks.


1. Leave Uvalde. 2. Wait 6 months. 3. Apply to work as a cop in the county next door.


2a. File for lifetime disability payments due to stress.


100% thats coming. He isnt going to try and get another job as a cop. He will have PTSD from the stress of all this, and fear for his safety in the community. He will get some paid move to another city and get 100% of his disability pay.


This makes me irrationally angry. Not just at him, but for the system being setup to allow him to do this.


Don't think that your anger over shit like this is irrational. It's fucking maddening.


Agreed, their anger is actually perfectly placed


The ol' [Mitch Brailsford maneuver.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Daniel_Shaver#Bankruptcy_and_pension) $2,500 a month -- tax free -- for the rest of his life for murdering Daniel Shaver.


That is such a chilling video and makes my stomach turn just thinking bout it. It's shocking he not only got away with it but now is living off the taxpayers dime for doing sweet FA.


How does he fucking live with himself?!?


With $2500 a month


Be sure to grow a mustache and wear glasses.


Don’t even need to do this.


*Bobby Valentine has entered the chat*


Classic cop move Arredondo - Is there any way that I could not come into work but still be paid while an 'investigation' is done? It'll probably only take six months or so.


I mean, that's a standard benefit in the police force.


Hey if you just need some PTO, shoot a random black kid and ignore screams for help whenever, free vacation! If you're really lucky you can even claim trauma from and get a bonus paycheck for life!


Doesn’t even need to be a black kid. Philip Brailsford, the police officer who murdered Daniel Shaver, now gets a pension because he apparently has PTSD.


Someone needs to bring a “no one wants to work anymore” sign with his face on it to all the meetings


With the picture of all the cops in the hallway


Run and hide, seems that instinct runs deep in him.


I know a lot of people don't read the article but everyone should read this quote > "Having Pete still employed, knowing he is incapable of decision-making that saves lives is terrifying," Brett Cross, the uncle of student Uziyah Garcia, who died in the shooting, said. "Innocence doesn't hide, innocence doesn't change its story, but innocence did die on May 24."


Watch the twitter video of Kim Hammond at the community meeting. She is a resident of Uvalde living next to the school. It was her pushing for denying Arredondo’s leave of absence and forced the hand of Uvalde politicians. They were ready to grant it to Arredondo and claimed that no other options existed to remove him. Kim Hammond reviewed the bylaws and found an alternate option. Kim Hammond is the hero looking out for that community. The government there is not getting any answers


enough is enugh. start arresting cops. kids are dead.


The problem is, cops aren't required to risk their lives. There's nothing to charge them with. Fire them and hire new ones in hopes they'll have some balls. Refuse to work with the union until a "coward" clause for firing is permitted. EDIT: People are mentioning the possibility of Aiding and abetting. That would be a really interesting angle that I would like to see tried.


The cop that didn't run in to the Parkland shooting was charged. It can happen, it just doesn't happen often.


This piece of shit needs to live out the rest of his days in prison.


All of the cops involved should be. They knew there were kids in the classrooms. They knew they should've gone in. But they didn't.


Apparently one of the cops was the husband of one of the teachers who died. She called him and told him she was shot and bleeding to death. He tried to go in, was stopped, had his gun taken away and was removed from the scene. And the cops went back to standing around and did nothing! While knowing people were actually dying!


But why?? It's so fucked up! They could have let those willing to go, go, if they didn't want to. Why stop people


Because they are cowards, and allowing/seeing others go confront the shooter in that moment would have forced them to confront their own cowardice and dereliction of duty. Securing the scene for the perp (aka harassing and arresting anyone who dared to try to save their loved ones while they were doing nothing) allowed them to continue hiding behind the thin veneer of "protecting" people, helped them to justify/ignore their own inaction and gave them some semblance of power/control in a situation where they had none. All in all disgusting and I hope their actions and inaction haunts them for the rest of their life. They are a disgrace to the PD, and should never be allowed to wear a badge again.


This debacle raises the question of why we have police at all. We ask them to fill a role in society, we give then generous freedoms and powers in able to execute that role. Yet, time and time again they fail. Something is not right, yet doubling down on more force and more violence does not seem to diminish either the degree of criminal behavior or the violence involved with that criminal behavior. Instead all we have done is twist what may have been a noble profession of community service into an adversarial one where cops look out for themselves above all else. Something needs to change. Just what that is, I am not sure. Despite that, turning police into paramilitary forces is not it and will do nothing but lead to the deaths of more civilians and more law enforcement agents.


Something like "defunding" them?


Police: “if ya didn’t do nothing wrong you have nothing to hide why don’t you wanna talk to me” Guess they don’t like to follow their own advice or they got plenty to hide


This guy is a shoe in for this year’s Ted Cruz Award for Excellence in Complete Lack of Shame.


>Per city council rules, there is a $2 fine for missing council meetings... Oh gosh, don't hurt him in the pocketbook!


I think the point is if he misses 3 meetings they can legally replace him.


> "Surveillance footage showed officers waiting 77 minutes to enter the classroom that the gunman was in before fatally shooting him. **Arredondo has claimed he wasn't aware of the 911 calls coming through while officers waited**." You're the chief of police, it is your job to make sure that the police force is ran professionally and that officers in the field are properly informed at all times for the safety of the citizens in your precinct. This same shit happened here in Wichita when an innocent man, Andrew Finch, was gunned down on his porch by officer Justin Rapp when his house was "swatted." When he was shot, the supposed suspect that the police on the scene thought was standing in front of them on the porch of his one story house with his hands in the air, was *on the phone* with 911 dispatch telling them he was inside his two story house with a phone and a gun in his hands. That information would have made it immediately obvious that they were not being given legitimate information by the "swatter." In a day and age where I can accidentally facetime my mother with the device in my pocket, the police should be able to figure out a way to be in constant communication with one another and the 911 dispatchers. To not be is just another example of the failure of that department. "We didn't know what the dispatchers know" is not a good excuse, it's just a further indication of you being shit at your job.


Teachers can be and are fired for something as innocuous as posting a photo where they’re consuming alcohol or sharing their sexual abuse stories on social media, yet police can hardly be reprimanded for standing around for over and hour and refusing to attempt to save children 80 feet away in an unlocked room. Some standard we’ve got here…


Weird that he was sworn in as a council person at all amid all the controversy at the time. Should have been postponed, in my opinion.


I mean. For "democracy" you can't postpone swearing in ceremonies as laid out by the law. It opens the door for bad actors to be like "YOU CAN'T SWEAR IN OUR OPPONENT BECAUSE OF X REASON" He should have resigned. I like that the board is taking steps to get rid of him though.


Yeah, that's actually what the Mayor wants to preserve as well. He said he will not fire Arrendondo from the council because it will basically be undemocratic to do so, since people elected him.


They do need grounds. Them denying him leave might prompt it. He's trying to ride it out. But he needs permission to miss meetings. If he misses three, they can remove him from the council. Which is why he was trying to get an exemption and they denied it.


Make him show up and squirm until he gets the message and resigns. He wants to retain his power and influence but not be accountable or have to face the public. He can't do that in his line of work and should resign.


I agree. No reason he shouldn't face scrutiny. All this crap of him needing privacy is nonsense. That said, if he refuses, firing him in disgrace works too. Frankly he deserves worse, but I doubt its in the hands of the City council to do that.


If he had one iota of shame he should have willingly resigned but he was duly elected before the shooting, it’s not like they could have just denied him the position if he qualified for the ballot and won.


The statement writes itself. “I am deeply honored by the trust and faith the citizens of Uvalde have in me by electing me to City Council. However, due to the recent tragedy and ongoing investigation, I will be unable to fulfill my duties as a Councilman to the standard that this city deserves. Therefore, I hereby resign from my position as Uvalde City Councilman, effective immediately.”


It was discussed but apparently there was no mechanism in the town laws to delay a duly elected person from joining the council. I'm guessing they weighed their options and didn't want to add in another lawsuit by trying to invent one out of the ether.


Ted Cruz style leadership…..leave when it’s hot.


It’s the Texas way


He should be held criminally accountable for his lack of actions and should face jail time. He needs to be made an example of immediately.


It’s frustrating they can’t just kick him out now. It’s infuriating that he hasn’t resigned in shame already. But hopefully he misses two more meetings and they can get rid of him.


Why didn’t he immediately withdraw/resign after this? There’s no way he can be a council member for this town


I hear Cancun is nice


I believe many here have misunderstood what he is requesting a leave of absence from. He holds two positions. He is the Chief of Police of the school district, and he is also a City Councilor (he was elected just before the shooting and sworn in to office just after). He is asking for a LOA from his duties as City Councilor, he is not asking for time off from his duties as Chief. My opinion is that it was outrageously selfish for him to still accept the office and get sworn in, the piece of shit should RESIGN.




in America its Benedict Arnold but we get it tbh I thought you were talking about that british game show for a second


it would be easier if Uvalde rhymed with some synonym of coward, like Scot Peterson, the [coward of broward](https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/06/us/scot-peterson-parkland-shooting.html)


OnLy BlUe LiVeS mAtTeR For reals tho, it's odd to see someone doubling down on being a coward, but it's a police chief so not unexpected.


So Arredondo is both the chief of police of the school district and a city council member. And it seems the city council is doing everything possible to insure he misses three meetings so that they have the authority to remove him from the city council.


They need to make sure he can no longer draw a salary from the community he betrayed.


They're not really doing anything to *make* him miss the meetings, they're just not handing out six months of excused absences so he can cowardly duck the public in his very-public new role.




I'm almost positive he is hoping this will all blow over and he can go back to using the police force to intimidate the citizens of uvalde from speaking against him. That may work for him, but at this point, I kinda doubt it. It appears the state of Texas is going to throw him under the bus. The DPS head was pretty clear in putting blame squarely, solidly and exclusively on him.


If they can now prosecute nurses for being negligent (Google Redonda Vaught) then they should absolutely prosecute these POSs. They should suffer in prison the way those poor kids did. They had everything they needed and they stayed in that hallway hiding like little bitches


You meant The Coward Pete Arredondo who let kids die then lied about it? That Pete Arredondo?


Never forget: an 11-year-old smeared herself in the blood of a dead student so she could stay alive. Every person who did not act, should be forced to read her statements upon starting their days. Forever.


> Arredondo, who serves as the chief of police for the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District and was sworn in as a city council member at the end of May, wanted to be exempt from attending future city council meetings. Like he thought he was exempt from trying to save those children?


Probably assumes its supposed to work like his police job, you fuck up get time off with pay


I guess this is how they can hold his feet to the fire and hope that he misses enough meetings that they can remove him more easily. He needs to resign because he has no place being in that position any longer. He's a disgrace.


I keep saying this… We should start a mail campaign. Flood the Uvalde Police Department with plain white postcards. The address of the police department on the front of the postcard. Only the word **COWARDS** on the back. Imagine their garbage bin so full of reminders of what they are that it is impossible to ignore. Uvalde police dept 964 W Main St Uvalde, TX 78801