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That’s fierce and a half. Slipped past two nasty looking tackles, outran some grabbers, then picture perfect shot past the G. I love this.


I started dating a girl who loves soccer. She's a keeper.


Hope she doesn't charge a FIFA her services


No one can stop her momentum!


Dealing with Floppers all day, im sure shes experienced with complainers.


Women’s soccer don’t flop.


That's good nobody likes girls who are faking it.


Seems like their relationship started off on the right foot.


It's the only one they had. The other foot had left.


They do, just not as much. It is why I like watching women's soccer over men's soccer.


If I had an award I would give it to you for this 🥇


You don’t want to get on her offside


Haha, nice. I'll give UEFA effort!


I started dating a girl who loves soccer. She is into scat and regularly shits on me, she is also very manipulative and emotionally abusive, she is also an alcoholic and racist


You good man?


One man's scat is another man's pat






One mans fucked up life is another mans big hearty laugh


For real I feel like we should give this guy a backbone lol


I started dating a girl who loves soccer. She's a heavily tattooed Russian ultra who travels around Europe getting into huge knife fights pre-arranged on hooligan forums.


the keyword here is "Russian" rest is pretty much self explanatory


Could have stopped at Russian


So the Slavic Pam Poovey.


Well, it's only downhill from here.


I don't get this pun.


Quit dating my wife bro.


Been spending some time with a girl who loves rugby, She's a hooker.




Are you the goal that she is keeping?




Get out


i bet she's all hands


I bet she’ll let you go


Sounds like an average girl's walk through New York.


Courtney slips between two molesters, stiff arms a nice guy and carries 2 awkward conversations past the goal line. Touchdown! That’s incredible I can’t believe she made it down a single street in that fashion. The drive to keep going is absurd


... touchdown?


Switched sports because like creeps football games are more physical


My favourite part was when she was tripped as she neared the goal she didn’t roll around on the ground pretending to be hurt. Showed a great warrior spirit and exemplified being a true athlete.


This is the main reason why I watch female soccer teams with more interest their male counterpart teams.


You don't watch very much women's football then.


I'd say they do it less but it's definitely wayy to present. And just like a men they have their smug faces when they get back up. They should just add a rule that if you're on the ground for more than X seconds they need to get out for 1 minute, you know for their well-being. Safety first right?


That and the fact that the game becomes 10v11 because of a single foul is what bewilders me that this sport is so popular. There’s just no justification for either.


Such a ridiculous lazy stereotype about football that needs to die. Firstly, going down easy is common in both the men’s and women’s game and is a *tactical decision that has nothing to do with being ‘brave’ or ‘tough’*. Football is a low-scoring game so set-pieces and penalties are important opportunities for goals and, unfortunately, referees have demonstrated over *decades* that they’re more likely to give fouls that result in a player falling down than they are fouls that allow the player to stay on their feet, so therefore players are told to go down the second they realise they’ve been fouled. The exception are situations like the above clip where the player has been fouled but is clear through on goal, but also outside the box so without a chance for a penalty, so the attacker plays on with advantage. If this same passage of play had an extra defender covering the space between the attacker and goal she almost definitely would’ve stayed down to win the free kick, which would have been the right thing to do in that situation.


We understand why it's strategically advantageous to do this. It's still gross and makes the sport look petty. Kind of like the super-rich who dodge taxes. Makes sense why they do it, and it doesn't technically break any rules in many cases. Gross nonetheless.


Besides, the point is, if the rules and the way it's refereed lead to diving being a viable strategy, then *the rules and the way it's refereed are obviously broken*. And should be fixed. Have a video umpire play it back, and check. If the dive looks fake, penalise them. Free kick? Penalty kick? Red card? Yellow card? Blue card? Whatever makes it too risky to ever dive. Do this in every big competition until diving stops being a thing. Done.


This is literally what is done already. This is what a lot of people seemingly are failing to understand. Nine times out of ten, ninety nine times out of a hundred, the diver is caught and given a card for simulation. That isn’t the conversation we’re having, diving is not a viable strategy it’s a desperate tactic that cheats use when they’re losing. As I’ve pointed out in other comments, if you look at the numbers the amount of no foul/no contact ‘dives’ in a season is in single digits. What a lot of people are calling ‘diving’ is just going down when you’ve been fouled, because often referees don’t notice fouls unless the player goes down. This is obviously a legitimate problem, but the fact is a foul is a foul is a foul. The fact that players have to go down to get legitimate fouls given against them (a lot of people seem to think that fouls should only count if someone is ‘hurt’ in the challenge, and this kind of attitude probably doesn’t help) is obviously a problem but actual, genuine simulation is nowhere near as widespread as lots of people who have never watched a game of football are pretending it is in this thread.


Perhaps the rules should be changed to avoid this stupid looking tactic (IMO they should let play continue and then call the ~~fowl~~ **foul** afterwards).


That is exactly what does happen in football and it even happens in the clip you’re commenting on lmao. It’s called advantage, if a player is fouled whilst in possession but doesn’t lose the ball and “stopping play at that time would cause greater harm to the team that was fouled” then the referee plays advantage for about three seconds, if no advantage presents itself after that time the original foul can be taken as a free kick. After the trip before the goal the referee is playing advantage to allow the attack to continue and the goal to be scored.


Which fowl? Chicken, turkey, duck, eagle?


All that might be true, it’s still just not good sportsmanship.


I guess you’ve never heard of Messi


She was like “This is my fucking goal.” Boss level.


The last girl intentionally going after her feet and not the ball and tripping her up... fuck that girl. Glad skill prevailed.


Then she raises her arms, like, "I didn't do it!". How pathetic!


More like, "come on I tripped her, throw the yellow card and stop play!"


Yeah that’s definitely a penalty if not tempting a yellow card.


It's not in the box, can't be a penalty. It's a definite yellow and free kick if possession was lost after the foul verging on a red as a clear attempt to foul to stop a goal. Depends on whether there were other played between her and the goal though as we can't see the rest of the pitch.


Yellow for sure, there was no real attempt at the ball and at minimum the defender needs to be strongly warned away from attempting such a foolish, risky tackle. If that tackle were more dangerous or inside the box I would've gone for a red.


Red card, through on goal and with a goal scoring opportunity, she was cynically tackled with no attempt at the ball, should be a red


I’m from Orlando. Nani would have gone to ground after the first missed tackle and stayed there waving his pitiful arms until the other team got the ball and scored.


2 cheap tackles and she still managed to score. Amazing.


First tackle was fine Second was not at all


number 8 trying to grab her by the shoulders was pretty cheap


and literally her only contribution to the entire play lol


number 20 out here trying to cleat her knees, then gives the "my hands are up I didn't do anything!" guilty pose


She didn't try to cleat her knees, her one foot only comes up after the tackle due to how much follow-through she's putting into tripping her at the feet/ankles lol. She's lucky she didn't make contact with her spikes though because that'd make this really stupid yellow a straight red.


Yeah. Every time I see this clip I wonder if the ref came back and carded number 20. That’s definitely a yellow.


Number 8's a yellow too. An obvious double armed shoulder grab. They must grease her up in butter at the start of the game.


It’s actually could be a red. Committing a yellow card foul to stop a clear goal scoring opportunity is a red card. I’m not positive whether that changes if the goal is still scored or not. Source: was a ref. Second source: I have gotten this red card for tugging a jersey.


DOGSO, denial of a goal scoring opportunity — doesn’t apply if a goal is scored bc then no goal would have been denied! Doesn’t mean she couldn’t have been cautioned for unsporting behavior though.


This should be a red regardless. Last defender on a direct goal scoring opportunity sliding from behind? If it's not a clean tackle, it doesn't matter what happens after. That's not to mention her lifting her cleats at the end. Tough to tell if she makes contact, but there's an argument to give that tackle a red anywhere on the field. Professionals know how to slide tackle safely, this is not that. At best it's sloppy desperation; if I felt it was malicious at all I would give a red regardless of the scoring opportunity. Edit: I was wrong about what happens after not mattering. Because the goal was scored during advantage


*Laughs in Chiellini*


“Cries in Saka”


Second one is lucky that she got up and the play continued. that was probably a red card if it stopped the play, it was a direct scoring opportunity.


No but she raised her hands, which means she didn’t do anything.


I think she was calling for a foul on the girl with the ball, pretty typical of soccer players in my experience.


No, that was the “my bad didn’t mean to” gesture.


Nah, that was an "Oh shit I didn't do that" gesture.


Pretty sure the ref can still red card you after letting play continue on advantage. Good of the ref to see the play wasn't dead and let it go.


If I was the ref I 100% let the play continue and gift #20 her well deserved red card after Edit: I was wrong. Because the goal was scored, it would be reduced to yellow. I guess I was taught incorrectly or with outdated rules


Yeah this was a good use of an advantage call.


Really? I thought the second was fine too - you can tell because the lady threw her hands up in the air after tripping her. Pretty sure that means 'that was totally a legit play, I didn't do anything wrong, and you should not penalize me.'


It is the universal "NOTHING TO SEE HERE" gesture so I think you're right


What’s the difference as someone who doesn’t watch the sport?


You're supposed to aim for the ball, but if you see #20's scissor kicks... that's not aiming for the ball, it was to trip her. Usually a tell tale sign is the defender throwing up their hands and plea innocent. However, if the offense has no confidence on making the shot, they'll go into their Oscar winning actor ground roll in pain. She on the other hand, went into beast mode and killed it.


She went cleats-up too which is big boy no-no


2 hm hm cough cough.. I suppose you’ve never seen beast mode Marshawn Lynch?


#HOLD MA CLIIIITTT Sorry, I’ll see myself out. ([Relevant link if you have no idea what I’m talking about)](https://youtu.be/gd_Vd43Vxa0)


Cheap? They were all just sloppy and incompetent. Would lose against some 15 year old boys in a playground kick around.


Bet that felt good


that's what she said


After making the goal, of course.


You mean, after scoring




I cant/won't downplay what she's done, that was an awesome run. But doesn't her teammate commit a fault around 0:04? Is it legal to block an opponent like that, when neither you nor them have the ball? It's not OK in most other games


Looks legit to me. She's not holding the opponents shirt too much. More like blocking her path to the ball which is fine as long as she's standing mostly still. And she's with her back against the opponent. You could make the case that she's positioning herself to get the ball which isn't completely out of the way. If she on the other hand had the front against the opponent only looking at her and not focusing on the ball it's definitely a foul.


Standing still to block someone is fine and valid. Running/walking into someone to block them while both being off the ball is not. The player there is actually walking into the opposition player (she’s walking backwards into her) which should be a foul. Actually running into someone and stopping at the last moment so the opposition player runs into you while you’re standing still is valid but hard to pull off. A player who’s good at doing this is ex-United CB Daley Blind who does it during set pieces regularly.


Her teammate is entitled to the space she's already occupying. She's jockeying for position in case girl on the ball wanted to pass to her, girl on ball just decided to run past. Only fouls committed here were by #8 and #20 in blue and white stripes.


This is the correct take. Facing the ball, awaiting a pass, being jockeyed hard by a defender. All this is fine. The defender has her hands on the teal player's hips for godssake.


She has her back to the other player with her eyes on the ball. I doubt any ref would feel comfortable making that call. The blue player on the other hand is blocking her from backing up to give beast mode clearance to move and to be able to position herself for a pass. I would argue blue player is committing the fault since she can clearly see the player that's allegedly blocking her and could just go around but instead uses her as a screen to try to get a cheeky tackle in.


You aren't required to get out of anyone's way - there's no foul there. Source: I watch a lot of football 🤣


There's a difference between getting out of someone's way, and blocking them from the ball. But as someone else already replied, a point can be made that she's actually looking at the ball, and is placing herself to get a pass (that let's be honest, no one would do)


I disagree, you see little dump off passes like that all the time, it's a good pressure valve for if you are making an attacking move and recognize the defence has countered you: they often dump it off and run past, then accept an immediate return.


Disagree with the last bit. I’ve seen that pass 100 times. A well executed 1-2 pass there would probably be even more effective as it would give the attacker an extra step against the defender. All depends on your style of play though.


Blocking isn't illegal in soccer. You can't _hold_ someone back or just straight up run into them, but you can stand in their way all you like. Impeding is only a foul when you're nowhere near the ball.


It’s just a screening block type thing it’s pretty normal in soccer


That pass happens often.


As long as you don’t grab them, blocking the like that is perfectly fine in soccer.


Obstruction, if you would deem it that in this case, is rarely applied in professional football. In fact using your body to block is used commonly.


not illegal


Reminded me of a pick and roll in basketball but without the roll part.


Female soccer players do less fake crying over any chance of getting a foul ?


she's free for the goal, nobody would do a fake cry at that point


*Neymar rolling on the floor intensifies*


Nope, Neymar wouldn’t roll either in this position. You instantly know when someone doesn’t watch the sport because the ONLY comment they have is « roll on the floor haha ? »


Bro even for people that do watch this sport, me somewhat and my dad all the time, people rolling on the floor and being dramatic is a big part of it. Soccer deserves the reputation it gets cause the players give themselves it. Don’t be so butt hurt Edit: Jeez didn’t know I was gonna trigger so many soccer fans. I’m not saying soccer isn’t a great sport, I’m just saying that the reputation it gets is deserved cause some of the top athletes do use dramatics as a strategy. And no I’m not saying that it would make sense for a soccer player to roll here, but someone joking abt it isn’t out of line with the dramatics players will go to in soccer


I don't think you got the point they were making: signaling to the ref that a foul was committed by the enemy team is a strategic action which doesn't matter if you are close to scoring a goal and the foul didn't happen in penalty range. No one in the strikers situation would have faked a foul in this situation because that is only done as a way to get a scoring opportunity. Her run was a way higher quality scoring opportunity then a free kick would have been, so there was no need to fake a foul.


Come now. The frequency and degree of diving in association football is WELL beyond other major sports. Neymar would probably go for it here, but if there had been a nearby defender he would absolutely have dived.


NBA is disgusting with its foul baiting and exaggeration. At least in football there's usually contact happening at full sprint.


Basketball is as bad as it


I would say not all basketball. Really just the NBA.


Not what I’m arguing at all. But ANY football post is cluttered with clowns who decided they’d shit on the diving aspect of the game like it’s the only thing happening in the sport. (Because that’s all they know about it but they still wanna chime in)


Pretty much lmao, its kinda funny to me that people just use this as an excuse to shit on men's football when the level of play is so much higher there


right....men's football is more like, imagine the video above but the defenders actually know how to play :P


I've seen Neymar get kicked in the middle of his back, cleats first, by someone racing in off the ball purely to foul him, and the ref didn't do _anything_. I honestly couldn't give a single shit if him or anyone else are rolling around being dramatic at this point, the absolute ass-tier refereeing needs to be fixed. Get rid of refs who are too scared/incompetent to hand out reds, and too easily swayed by theater, and the problems will 100% go away.


Exactly ! I can’t find it but I remember looking up a pic of Hazard’s ankles after a match and he was bleeding from both. Yes, he is a warrior for tanking those fouls and not flopping but I also really love to see Hazard play so I don’t want him exploding an ankle because defenders know he doesn’t dive.


Because this is extremely low level, and the defense against her is horrendous. This gif get posted everytime and you recognise people who don't know sport by this type of comment.


The defense was literally tripping over themselves, and what was #7 doing lol


Americans see soccer without complaining challenge impossible


yes big time. Soccer is my fav sport but faking injury is probably the lamest thing in any sport. I absolutely hate it. Even my coach was mad that I didnt dive in the box one time, fuck off coach.


don’t wanna be that guy cause everyone’s gonna hate this but the people she’s playing aren’t that good. They look like they’re barely even trying even the last girl (7) who attempts to “kick” the ball misses an easy kick. Number 20 after tripping her instead of hustling just celebrates way to early. Number 8 just gives up half way there and starts walking away. The goalie doesn’t even look like she knows what’s shes doing, she runs right up to her leaving the net exposed, but even at that her teammates screwed her by letting her get that close anyways. I do give credit to offense she at least got back up from that trip which I’m not sure if to many men’s players would lol.


You are right. It's easy to look as a god of football against people that are just plain bad.


Yah I was gonna comment that this team sucks. Even the girl who scores is just running in a straight line. The fact that the defensive line doesn’t come until the last second and the defense on the left of the goalie (her left) wasn’t close to the ball at that point shows how bad they are. They all tried either a slide tackle or just a random kick. Horrible. I played better than this in middle school. Also the goalie sallies forth but doesn’t go for the ball. The goalie moves forward then waits for the shot. That gives the goalie less space to react.


While they do suck, 20 was definitely not celebrating. She was trying to convey to the refs that the blatantly obvious slide tackle wasn't intended to sweep the chick onto the ground, potentially earning her a red card under some scenarios...


Keeper running up to the ball is the right move here. When it's a 1:1 faceoff between the attacker and the keeper with no defense, the move is to come up off the goal line and towards the incoming attacker and try to grab the ball before/during the shot. Otherwise you're basically screwed. At that point it's a last ditch effort because your defense has already messed up.


Yeah this whole analysis is trash. No 7 didn’t “miss” a kick; she got juked/lost a tackle. No 20 wasn’t celebrating; she was putting her hands up because she knew she should’ve just gotten a red card for that tackle. And the keeper did fine given this situation; she came out on the ball to close down the shooter’s angle. Jesus couldn’t have saved that shot in her position. Her only other play would’ve been to smother the ball after the shooter’s last dribble, but the keeper probably would’ve had to have been out of position (too far off the line) to have made that play.


Agree on the keeper and 20, but 7 fully wound up to clear a ball that she could’ve gotten too much quicker than the goal scorer. Any contact with the ball completely kills this breakaway. Obviously slide tackling in the box is risky but with her positioning she could have very easily had her whole body horizontal in front of the ball as well. All that to say, D+ for effort and F- for execution by 7.


It's not only to get to the ball before or during the shot, it's also basic math, the closer you are to the attacker the smaller the attacker's target gets.




Yes but the offensive player telegraphed her shot so early and obviously that the goalie should have been able to block it.


> she runs right up to her leaving the net exposed That is the opposite of how that works. The only thing worse than staying back would be moving sideways. Coming forward makes her a larger target relative to the background, cutting off angles for the shot, and forces the attacker to make a move.


I think it’s more of a question of effort and determination rather than skill level differences. Half the defenders in the clip give up on the play while the attacker can’t find quit in the dictionary.


Its tough because you don’t wanna come off as some incel or misogynist so you just join the reddit circle jerk


Bro this was horrendous defending, great that she scored but the challenges were pathetic


Keeper did everything right. There's a reason people score in this sport. She would have had no chance had she stayed on the goal line


That girl playing defense that trips her immediately loses focus and turns to the ref to defend her actions instead of keeping an eye on the ball. Play the fucking game until you hear the whistle dumbarse!


Shes far behind the ball by the time she gets back up, and raises her hands after knocking someone on their butt. That's it. She's still looking at the ball. Chill tf out lmao.


She was pretty much out of the play so I don't imagine it would have mattered, but I do agree the complaining to refs is obnoxious.


She is rightly scared that she will be penalised and possibly even red carded (which would be certain if this was in the premier league for example)


Why didn't the keeper come out her goal?


The same reason that number 7 just tried to boot the ball full power out of there instead of getting her body in the way and preventing forward motion. They suck.


Yeah that was such shit defense and i know next to nothing about football


Youre right, I played until college and that is absolutely not the way to do those kinds of challenges.


> They suck. Women's football in general sucks.


Prob bc she thought the defender could get there first. She comes out a bit after the defender whiffs haha


Thought the defender would get it, which to be honest is fair, not her fault her defense is shit


because its womens football lol




Enemy team? Lol.


That last defender need to be fucking fired. She has no business being out there. lol


Looks like shes scared to get hurt lol


Complete agree ha. What the utter fuck was she trying to do


This is as exciting as women's soccer.


Here is an actual beast mode, without lucking out on every tackle, against actual competition. https://youtu.be/qE774yQX6uQ


Here's Messi absolutely destroying the defense https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NtyIkfl_t-4


Which team is which?


It's FC Barcelona vs RCD Espanyol, both from Barcelona. Though it's not the biggest city derby in spanish football, it does tend to be intense.


Thanks! I was curious who was playing and Shirts v Blouses was a pretty unhelpful answer


Wait these are real teams? Holy shit the defense isn't trying. This looks like intramural.


Oh wow. Based on the skills in this clip of everyone other than the girl with the ball I thought this was some high school team or something.


The team that scored is FC Barcelona Femení, current European champions. The other team is RCD Espanyol. This footage is a few years old though.


Shirts vs Blouses




\*breast bump


Boob boop?


Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the top female soccer team in the world was beat by a team of underage schoolboys.


Talk about a fragile redditor


What does this have to do with the video?


God forbid anyone thinks a woman could be good at a sport!


Exactly. Like, it doesn't even matter. Obviously a male soccer team could beat a female soccer team due to the inherent biological differences. But that's not the sport we're watching. We're watching women vs. women, in which one of the players just made an amazing play against the opposing team, who are of equal strength and ability. So a woman does something cool, that's what people should get from this. It doesn't matter if a man could do it harder or faster or whatever, it's not about men vs. women. It's about a woman putting on an amazing showcase of skill within their own field of expertise.


Can you guys please stop posting this over and over again we have seen this at least a thousand times


I haven't


This shit gets posted here every 3 months. Horrifyingly terrible level.


Women’s professional football mode activated!


Very, very awesome! That was truly an incredible run; she should be very proud of that!!


Winning without peril is winning without glory. She is playing against extremely bad defenders.


This old ass clip




What a save!


She made that one girl trip her own teammate 😂




Whoooaa.. thats amazing


Was that a canned in-studio audience clap?


Quite impressive, but let’s see her try that against the local under-15 boys team. https://www.cbssports.com/soccer/news/a-dallas-fc-under-15-boys-squad-beat-the-u-s-womens-national-team-in-a-scrimmage/


She just had cheap opponents, here in France even 15 year-old male amateur 'from the neighborhood' team are waaay better, and I weigh my words