Sikh Canadian political leader perfectly handles Islamophobic heckler freaking out about “Sharia Law”

Sikh Canadian political leader perfectly handles Islamophobic heckler freaking out about “Sharia Law”

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Sikhism is a religion, they’re not all warriors. Bit better analogy would be its like asking a Buddhist about sharia


Is that the religion where everyone carries a knife with them at all times? Sound like legendary warriors to me.


Pretty sure they're not supposed to use it as a weapon. However. I worked on a digital archive, recording interviews with veterans. Since I’m Canadian, many of our WWII vets had been posted around the British Empire. One guy told me about recruiting paratroopers in India. He explained the idea, you jump out of an airplane, and then kick some Nazi ass. Speaking to about 100 Sikhs he was surprised when only a little over half of them volunteered. He had also been given to believe Sikhs were a fairly badass warrior culture, so he was surprised. His sergant (not sure of the ranks, but whoever was his assistant on the recruiting tour) whispered in his ear: “Tell them about the parachutes.” Almost all of them volunteered. Fifty-something of them had signed up to jump out of a plane and hope for the best. That is incredibly badass. Edit: It's been pointed out that this is actually a story about Gurkhas. In my defense, I was 22 and was just charmed by an old guy telling great stories. I want to believe he told it wrong, but it's equally possible I remembered it wrong. In either case, it's a widely known story so hopefully true because that would be awesome.


With minor edits this could be a norm Macdonald joke




The day he died, before it was announced, I was talking to my brother and we were saying we hoped he would have another season of his talk show. A couple of hours later I read the news. :(




That\`s all true but remember back in 2014 when they fought over who was going to make a peace speech because of the temple massacre with their swords? That had me in stiches, because of the irony. Mad respect though, but it seemed like something surreal. [https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/sikhs-clash-extraordinary-sword-fight-3652773](https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/sikhs-clash-extraordinary-sword-fight-3652773) Funny how Indira Gandhi still brings out the worst in people.


Sikhs are regular people, just fyi.


With a higher percentage of decency than average, but yes.




You mean in the country where our religion isn’t even recognized as real? Yeah sure okay buddy.


If you're talking about India, you are grossly misinformed. Sikhs are very much part of Indian community and an officially recognised religion. The last prime minister of our country was Sikh. Further, Sikhs have been a prominent part of society in most fields.


Dude, haryana and Himachal Pradesh was created solely to make punjab a Sikh majority religion state, there is special sikh commission in government, political parties like akali dal exists and yet here you are saying Sikhism isn't considered "real". You do you buddy but I am sure you'll change your mind when you start reading idk books?


I've heard the same story being told about Gurkhas


pretty sure this is who he is confusing them with. Gurkhas are legendary warriors, Sikhs are the super chill folk that feed everyone regardless of creed for free. - Edit I have been informed that Sikhs also have a proud warrior culture as well as being super chill and generous folk. Seems like a people a lot of us could learn something from.


We Sikhs also have a warrior culture, though most are just regular people today. It’s a huge point of our religion to fight for the oppressed, for example one of our Gurus (think something along the lines of the Pope, but more important) literally brought us to war against the Mughal empire because they were oppressing the Hindus (Edit: want to be clear that it wasn't close to solely for the common good, we went to war also because we ourselves were also in danger). We carry a Karpan around (basically a dagger for most, usually just symbolic for Sikhs in western countries so not sharpened) for that reason. Many Khalsa Schools (our equivalent of Sunday school) also teach traditional sword ~~dances~~ forms that are generally used for show nowadays. Those sword forms have an interesting and practical history so it's definitely better to not call it a dance. Edit: u/SillySingh (awesome name btw) below corrected me on a number of counts, I edited my comment for clarity.


Thanks. I have updated my knowledge base!


We’re all out to learn and spreading that knowledge is important, I’m happy to have helped :)


Yes I’ve heard it attributed to Ghurkas as well


Aw dammit. I fell for the charming old guy's story. I hope the Devil's Brigade guy was legit.


The blade is part of their religion as well as a promise to defend those who can not. It’s a fascinating group and I’m glad they are in the world. We need more people who are sheepdogs. Edit, perhaps I shouldn’t say religion but core beliefs. Second edit from a post I made below specifically in the blade: Found this on Wikipedia: The tenth and final guru, Guru Gobind Singh formally included the kirpan as a mandatory article of faith for all baptised Sikhs, making it a duty for Sikhs to be able to defend the needy, suppressed ones, to defend righteousness and the freedom of expression.


That’s Jagmeet Singh. He does wear a Korean. It’s been visible in some interviews. Edit: leaving Korean. Funny to think he has a small Korean man strapped to his back. But it’s a Kirpan.


Korean... LMAO... It must by a typo but leave it there.. it's funny as hell.. it's a Kirpan


Motherfuckin iPhone autocorrect


Ducking auto ferret


Korean, so that's what he's hiding in his turban.


Not everyone no


(The following is incorrect) Historically they are exclusively part of the warrior caste in India, but yes Edit: important to note Sikhs themselves don’t have or follow a caste system, but as far as I’m aware we’re simply placed there by others Edit2: okay guys I’m wrong pls downvote


Sikhs don't believe in the caste system. It is an abomination on humanity. We're all equal. Sikhs are saint/soldiers so warriors at heart but ideally never fighting.


Sikhism does not believe in caste system. Sikhs do. Ramdasias and Ravidasias are still not allowed in Gurudwaras in many places in Punjab.


Sure, just like Norse religion was not completely about fighting with honor. Yes, you have completely proved you cannot understand the major from the minor. Sikhs have long and honored tradition of battle.


Okay, this is going over the line. Sihiks are not all “living legendary warriors.” There Doctors, janitors, scientists, most of who live ordinary lives just like you and me, who have never seen a battle in there lives. I know you mean well, but Reddit’s endless praise and borderline fetishization of Sikhs feels fucking gross to me, and honestly gives of similar vibes as the “noble savage” trope. The stereotype of the warrior Sihik was used by the British in order to help colonize India. There not all some Nobel warrior race, there just people.


Redditors are so cringy when it comes to Sikhs. Every nation and culture in the world has some history of fierce warriors. The one in this video is literally a lawyer/politician in Canada.


The various minorities within Canada who served in our military in WWII were generally treated like shit and we feel bad about it so we talk about how awesome they were during the war. Same in the US I imagine with some people. That said, imo Jaghmeet is a pretty cool dude who is very, very savvy when it comes to presentation and doesn't seem quite as transparently bad as the big two candidates were.


> living legendary warriors Alright let's calm down a little bit


Fucking reddit


Tell me you've never actually met any sikhs without telling me you've never met any sikhs 😂


He actually addressed that in a comment he made on the video after came out. I'm going to paraphrase but basically he said "no I'm not actually a Muslim, but that doesn't make her behavior right so I'm still going to stand up for the Muslims that she thought she was attacking"


You might be thinking of Gurkhas.


Not all Sikhs are warriors and Sikhism has a history of Hinduism and Islam.


Sikh are not Sharia. They arent even Muslim. Nobody dumber than Trump supporters.


This is Canada. Not US.




Maybe they support a candidate similar to Trump in their own country. Just like Boris in the UK


In Canada his name is Maxime Bernier and the fucking loser couldn’t even win his own seat in parliament on Monday.


4th place.


0 seats, what an impact


800k votes nationwide though. Small but shows we do have a real stupid problem.


It certainly does. But keep in mind they’re spread out over the entire country. 338 ridings. They’re going to need a lot more than that, or they’ll all have to move to the same town. We can call it ‘Stupitopia’ or something more clever.


What's the difference between the ppc and a toilet? A toilet has a seat


Wasn't that some fantastic schadenfreude?


Indeed it was. He deserves it.


Nah, we unfortunately have a ton of Trump supporters here too. I have had to cut off contact with a few family members in the Toronto and Windsor areas who drank that cool-aid.


I live in Kelowna. TONS of trump stickers on trucks here.


Ugh. You should see Alberta. This accursed place is known as "North Texas" for a reason. I miss living in BC. :(




As someone from the US, granted I already don't get why someone here would have a Trump sticker but other countries? It'd be like me going for a Trudeau or Johnson sticker on the back of my car.


Trump gave permission to people to be the worst versions of themselves. It’s not just Americans who want to be total assholes/garbage people. People across the world want to the right to take the rights away from other people, so they love someone as shitty as Trump.


I know people in Canada who support Trump. They don't get why I find it funny. They have bumper stickers and everything. Wrong country, dude


Trump has fans globally. White supremacists all around the world admire Trump.


There’s literally trump supporters in Australia. Idiots have no borders.


True, they probably do lol, but I’d still bet whatever little money I have that this lady would give Trump a thumbs up lol


100%. Maxime Bernier supporter. No doubt


I can personally vouch for the fact that we have Trump supporters here in Australia. Not just people that support someone like Trump. People who un-ironically wear Trump supporter gear here in Australia. Yes people are that stupid.


This event is old… I wanna say before Jagmeet Singh became leader of the NDP in 2017. So sometime between 2011 and 2017. So it might even predate Trump’s term in office. But you’re right. Although not trumpism, Islamaphobia precedes Trump.


This is unfortunately true. A lot of people in my Canadian town were going crazy when Trump was voted out and it's unfortunately not unusual to see someone flying the confederate flag on the back of a truck. Crazy knows no borders.


Exactly. Australia just had a anti-vaxx/mask/lockdown protest last weekend with a group with Trump support banners, in a country with no president, almost a year after Trump was already voted out. Stupidity knows no bounds and will cling to whatever hate-enabling cult leader it can


Plenty of trumpers in Canada, you think an immoral conservative party is unique to America? Nah.


No nation holds a monopoly on ignorance, each one has them, they usually wrap themselves in a flag and call their hatred "patriotism" .


I live in Montreal. They have had a few large anti vaccine passport/anti mask protests that have gone by my work. Suprising amount of MAGA gear and Trump flags. Not a lot, mind you, but enough to notice. Q logos too.


Dude has the most Sikh reaction ever; love and kindness. Not sure why we don't have more Sikh leaders. They're all about service to the community, equality, peace....


We actually have quite a few Sikh elected officials in Canada I believe 17-18 at the federal level…although we had an election a couple days ago so it might have changed.


Who said she's a trump supporter?


Oh, we know. We just know.


Aren’t you making the *exact same* assumptions as this person you are calling “dumb”? It’s not even the right country lol


There are not only trumpers in Canada but qanon nutjobs too! We are so sorry, Canada.


Canada is also sorry, in general.


'Trump supporter' is a mindset. We have them in Australia, some in Parliament. We also get Trump supporters asking why we didn't vote for him and just not understanding we are a *separate country*


Nobody’s dumber than someone who’s actually dumb and thinks they’re smart.


The interesting thing is Sikhs originally came about to fight Muslim invaders. Though I completely agree with Jagmeet Singh (the he leader of the NDP in Canada) to show love, Sikhs we’re born out of a conflict with Muslim invaders in ancient India. This means that dumb racist lady is actually supporting the thing she hates, Islam. And yes from people I know in Canada I have learned there are trump supporters there that are as equally racist and uneducated.


I've never not ever met a Sikh that I've not gotten along with. Super good people. I'll back them every day all day


Trump supporter? It's Canada


People still fly the Trump flag at right wing protests/rallies.


Yeah... I love Alberta, except for all the Albertans.


Rent free.


Guys only want one thing and it’s fucking Sikh


Alright I laughed. Take my upvote.




Underrated comment


Via /u/pendragon31415 > Jagmeet Singh is the leader of the NDP (new democratic party), currently the fourth largest [edit: third largest by vote count, fourth largest by seat count] party in Canada. > The party is left of the Liberal party, who form the current government. He recieved indorsement from Bernie Sanders. > https://www.twitter.com/theJagmeetSingh > Even if he were Muslim, neither his party nor personal platforms are close to Sharia law. Mods if you want to take this down for political content, I understand. Just wanted to share.


Thank you for sharing this.


Its almost as if someone this ignorant wouldn't know there is a difference between Sikhs and Muslims.


Oh she definitely does not see a difference, she sees a head dress (Sikh head dress is a Dastar) and thinks “Muslim terrorist”


There are many stories of Sikh people getting killed because someone thought they were muslim.


It’s a sad world seeing people who were born and raised here in this country being told “go back to your own country” and being called “Muslim scum” or “terrorists”. People I grew up and went to school with dealt with this kind of hate. Makes me feel terrible being mainly white, growing up the exact same as them, and hearing about it happening to them


The most left wing party in Canada other than the literal communist party lol


The guy is also a martial artist. Met him last election and he was a very nice guy.


So I suppose that means he plans to install martial law, doesn't it!?


He legit seems like a genuine person. Last time I voted NDP was when Jack Layton was leader, but Jagmeet won my vote last week. I hope that he stays leader and continues to grow as a politician.


Isn’t the Green Party much, much further left than the NDP?


Nah. They're Tories on bikes.


The greens are for conservatives who like hiking.


In some ways yes, but others no. While their climate policy may be more progressive, they can be quite fiscally conservative, and appeal more to the upper class. The term enviro-capitalism is thrown around alot when talking about them, but to be entirely honest a lot of their ideas are somewhat unclear, and due to their lack of representation in parliament we can't exactly see where their priorities fall. The NDP is fundamentally a workers party, but has embraced many, if not most, of the progressive movements' issues, and has basically become the left-most non-fringe party in Canada. Because a lot of their base (especially in rural areas) comes from Union voters who might be otherwise conservative, they are far from true left, but also far more so than the Liberals.


As a Canadian I am happy to say I am proud of him and of his party. Also happy to say. Having just moved into his riding. I was proud to vote for him


I don't necessarily believe in his socialist left ideals but I really admire him. Of all the Canadian party leaders, he is easily the most intelligent and is quite a talented public speaker who has a way of gracefully engaging his audience. Btw his wife is the one in the white dress who bravely put herself between him and the nut. She is also pregnant. What a rock star.


Mental health issues don’t see borders my friends


Nope. Stop giving these chucklefucks the mental illness out. They're just genuinely shitty people.


Chucklefucks!!!! ![img](emote|t5_m0bnr|4017)


Exactly this isn't mental illness. This is somebody that strongly believes in her prejudices and got to the point where she snapped at someone she considers *other*. This is something she is perfectly capable of changing.




Alberta is our Texas, and Saskatchewan is Mississippi


You mean Floberta


Quebec is Florida.


Honestly, I don’t think Quebec has an equivalent. They simultaneously lean left AND right.


Hey now- Texas is truly one of the greatest states in the US. Their politicians have recent went off the edge, but it’s the citizens that make any state great- and Texans are some of the friendliest, funniest, and self efficient people to exist. As an Austinite I am bias.


This is from years ago but it still makes my blood boil. I despise those that get right up in other people’s faces and then say, “Don’t touch me!” Hypocrites


I’m the type of person who would get arrested dealing with someone like that.


Same. No love coming from my direction


Yeah that fella is better and stronger than all of us for showing such calmness and restraint.


Truly hats off to him and those ladies too. Would have definitely been poking her imaginary bubble.


And you know she secretly does wish they would put their hands on her and escort her out because then she could scream she's a victim whose voice is being silenced for "asking the questions they don't want to answer." That's why she repeatedly is like "DON'T TOUCH ME, THIS IS MY CIRCLE, DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!" while simultaneously putting her face so close to theirs they have to wipe the spit off. She's trying, consciously or not, to egg them into physically removing her from the building.


This is my personal space! _Takes a step forward..._ DON'T TOUCH ME THIS IS MY PERSONAL SPACE _Takes another step forward and her nose is 1mm from the other woman, waving her arms around_ I SAID BACK OFF


Ah yes, the rare personal space colonizer in her natural habitat.


I hear you. Jagmeet Singh has earned a lot of respect dealing with hateful people this way.


Also “I wanna hear what he has to say!” while continually yelling over him, right in his face, not letting him get a word in. Lucky he had that mic to talk over her.


A Muslim Sikh? What an ignorant (and racist) heckler.


She’s the type that calls people Fascist Commies


Goddam fascist commies trying to take away our medicare and implement some kind of socialised medicine - go back to Africa you dang Arabs! This is a democracy! God save the Queen!


Underrated comment


These days everybody is called fascist. When I hear someone call someone a fascist I just think they mean authoritarian. And yes you can definetly be an authoritarian communist.


yup just not a fascist one.


Sharia in Arabic translates to Law. Source, me, Arab and Muslim. Know a bunch of Sikh people and they’re such great human beings. Apart from all that, Sharia Law is literally saying “Law Law”. Sharia also means the teachings of Islam, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Every religion has teachings for the followers and every religion have those extremist pieces of shot who ruin the image of everyone else. Also if you’re already full of hate and you’re about to type some shit about Taliban, then you should know that any sane person (Muslim, Arab or anything else) despises and condemns these assholes, in short Taliban can suck my cock with their dumbass made up “Sharia”, it only serves them because they have nothing else, Jihad for them is kill and be killed, fuck all terrorist who represent other people and make the entire world hates them. As an Arab and a Muslim, I feel sad the world looks at us this way, full of misjudgment and stereotypes. I make sure to understand all cultures and religions and not to judge anyone by their beliefs except if they showed signs that they should be judged (antivaxxers, terrorists, etc. they’re all the same tbh). Idk anything about this man but the way he handled the situation is very elegant and rational, sad to see hate for one religion spreads into another because of misconceptions and illiteracy. I hope to one day wake up in a world with people who don’t fucking hate you because you look different or speak a different language or have different beliefs. As if Covid wasn’t enough to fuck the world up, and climate change, now xenophobia, racism, sexism, discrimination is spreading everywhere faster than the virus itself and people aren’t willing to take a pause and reevaluate why they even hate someone so much, they just hate and grow it inside them to fill the void. Wish you all well, the good humans out there.


I hope you know that most of the world doesn't look at you this way. Most sane humans realize that there is good and bad in this world and it is not bounded by religion or race. No matter what your beliefs are, I and many others, will continue to judge you solely on your character and how you treat others, not by the color of your skin, how you dress, or who you pray to.


TIL that 'Sharia law' is like saying chai tea or naan bread.


Or ATM machine


PIN number Hot water heater


TIL that naan means bread


Ameen ❤


I don't know you, but from a Catholic to a Muslim, I like you.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but Sharia doesn’t just mean law, it means “the law as written in the holy books.” From [Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharia): “In Arabic, the term sharīʿah refers to God's immutable divine law and is contrasted with fiqh, which refers to its human scholarly interpretations.” So there does seem to be an element of religious fundamentalism about it, viz. taking the word of the holy book literally. In that way, the Christian fundamentalists who want to live by the Bible, or American gun nuts who want to interpret “what the founding fathers wanted” with the 2nd Amendment, are in their own way, implementing a form of Sharia. That’s my interpretation and I’m happy to be corrected by a native Arabic speaker, please and thank you.


That's Jagmeet Singh for those who don't know. He is the NDP leader.


This man is next level in so many ways. He does Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu and stuff like this: https://www.tiktok.com/@thejagmeetsingh/video/6880280831454088450?sender_device=mobile&sender_web_id=7010930160589850118&is_from_webapp=v1&is_copy_url=0


He also streams on Twitch pretty often! He's a great guy, he had my vote.




Wow man, this really hurts to watch as a brown person living in Canada. First of all, not all of us are Muslim. Jagmeet Singh is SIKH, that is an entirely different religion and it has nothing to do with Sharia Law. Also you don’t have to like the guy, but have you even seen his platform?? He’s advocating for climate action, taxing the super rich, forgiving student loan debt, increasing the federal minimum wage, improving accessibility for mental health care, and addressing systemic racism, etc.. Does this sound like somebody who wants to enforce “sharia law”?? He was even [endorsed by BERNIE SANDERS](https://www.blogto.com/city/2021/09/bernie-sanders-jagmeet-singh/). Even if he was Muslim, this man and his party are the farthest thing away from Sharia Law.


She strikes me as the type of person who only listens to Rebel “News” and only talks to people who also only listen to them.




I wanted the video to continue so I could hear his speech. The video ended too soon lol.


A few years ago in Australia some Sikhs were so concerned about being abused for being Muslim that they opened a stall at a local food festival and gave away free food and drinks to anyone that wanted it. They were super friendly. In Australia there are also Sikh groups famous for their extensive and generous charity work during natural disasters. They are so loved and appreciated in return. A few examples: https://www.sikhvolunteersaustralia.org/ (Turbans for Australia) https://www.t4a.org.au/ I can tell you from experience that if a Sikh community builds in your town, you are very lucky indeed.


It's not really out of being concerned . It's part of the religion and customary to open free food stalls and give free food to all break bread woth everyone who wishes its called LANGAR . IF you go to a sikh temple you can eat as much as you wish any one hungry rich poor is invited.to Share meals with the community all day 24/7


When I worked for the Red Cross, had a blood drive at a Sikh temple. I believe everything there was vegetarian if not vegan because so many potential issues with religions and what food is allowed. And let me tell you, if I could eat like that every day (I am a terrible cook) I would have ZERO PROBLEM going vegetarian. It was amazing. I was so disappointed in my coworkers who weren't interested in eating with them because "strange food."


Lol yeah it's all vegetarian, that strange food is the same they pay premium for at an indian restaurant. 🤣 to each their own right?


Sikhs offering free food is just a regular day for them. If you get anywhere near a Sikh temple, they will feed you til you couldn't possibly eat any more.


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjauC9ad8Wo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjauC9ad8Wo) Its just what they do, with no motives other than to help their community Its like "thoughts and prayers" but with... you know... actual action and tangible results


Sikhs are the coolest! They have this whole thing about not denying that they are Muslim, because that might imply that there's something wrong with Muslims. I'm not at all religious, but if I had to be, I would be a Sikh. As a ginger, I'm not sure I could pull off a turban and massive beard, though.


Came here to comment how much respect I gained for Jagmeet when he didn’t play the “I’m not Muslim” card.


Do it. You’ll be the Golden Sikh


That’s who I proudly voted for.


Same. Everyone I know said to vote for blue if you don't want red or vote for red if you don't want blue. I don't vote to diminish someone, but to empower one


I like the way you put that. Proudly voted for the NDP as well


Seems to be a good man


He’s well liked. Although his party finished 4th in the election on Monday, in the polls he was considered the most trustworthy candidate for Prime minister


Most of my friends and family are either Liberals or CPC supporters yet they all think the best of Jagmeet Singh, and generally despise Trudeau (even the Liberals supporters - my parents always vote Liberal and hate Trudeau more than the Conservatives I know - the last two elections are the only ones they haven't had Liberal lawn signs).


Jagmeet is well liked and even more well spoken all the time. The NDP party sadly is always third place (4th this time). But they shake things up in parliment by siding with one of the big two or the other when voting on things.




Kinda goes against what he is saying, no?


Only a fool looks at the finger when one is pointing at the moon. In layman’s terms, you’re asking the wrong question.


It’s comments like this that right wing nuts use to play victim and justify the things they do and pretend that the ‘violent left’ are the real problem


It’s about the only option left, at this point we know these people can’t be reasoned with. At a certain point you can’t just try and appease evil people. You give a finger they want the hand.


That's the problem I find in these moments. The Left is obligated to take the high road, while the Right has no floor and they don't hold their own accountable.


Karen Karen...go home and try to fix your life before spraying your shit all over.


I like jagmeet, his party is a little to left for me but He’s not far off getting my vote.


The NDP might be a little far left for you and that’s okay because even if they win they won’t be able to be as far left as they want. As an Albertan over the years I have started to realize the left is more and more where we need to be.


How much hate do you have to have in your heart to continue shouting angrily while somebody is chanting “We love you” positively to you?


Honestly she's just constantly blabbering on trying to not let him get a word in (kid's tactic), she probably didn't even hear a word he said over herself.


My thought is that she’s trying to make him angry so she can use that as part of her “Muslims are violent/angry/evil” narrative that it seems she’s trying to push


Damn, Canadian elections just happened. Really wished that Jagmeet Singh here was the Prime Minister.


"Turban, bad! Educating myself before I speak, BAD!!"


He handled it well. I would have said something like, “bitch if I were in to sharia all deez hoes would be in burqas.” In my best snoop dog impression.


She made a video after that claiming that she was not racist... no joke


You can tell she has a great point by the way she demands an answer then never gives anyone even a single fucking second to try to answer the question she is repeatedly shouting.


Canadian Karen's are the worst.


They are. I had one have a temper tantrum on me because I asked her to wear her mask on her face in a medical facility. Lost her marbles.


That’s my man Jagmeet Singh


Just happy to see that America hasn't cornered the market on hateful idiots.


That’s my man Jagmeet! I just voted him him on Monday in the federal election


How embarrassing for her, she is the stupidest person in the room


Another win for Love


Sikhism is literally formed to counter Islamic invaders


Whilst Sikhism as a religion was not formed in response to Muslim rule, the warrior class or 'khalsa' was partly in response to generations of persecution at the hands of mughals who ruled a lot of India and now Pakistan at that time. A lot of the sikh martyrs died at the hands of the mughals for refusing to convert to Islam or choosing to defend other religions from the same. That's partly why the 10th guru formalised the military aspect of the religion as 'Khalsa' in an attempt to defend and protect the religion and to continue to protect others, and also to distinguishing Sikhs from other religions by introducing many of the visible articles of faith that you see today i.e. Turban, bracelet, uncut hair ect (please feel free to correct me if I've said anything incorrectly)


That man has amazing tolerance. I got worked up just watching. I wish I could be like him.


If you think you’re going to win any argument by continuing to scream incoherently then you’re stupid and have lost before you even began. People like this harpy might just be where the idea of Sharia law originated.


Sharia Law is what the taliban, ISIS and al-qaeda follow, fuck sharia


What does that have to do with a Sikh dude though


Asking a sikh about sharia law🤣🤣 its like learning how to fly from a fish


This guy will live rent free in her head for the rest of her life. Owned


Fuck this lady. Only people I trusted when I was deployed were the Sikhs that worked on base