Jackie Chan finally getting his award after 56 years

Jackie Chan finally getting his award after 56 years

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I love that stallone is filming it!


For what film did he win this?


It was an honorary award.


He deserves it! Jackie Chan is the Chinese version of Steve Irwin


In what sense?


I think they mean like kindness and caring in a pretty egregious industry. Kind of along the lines of Keanu Reeves Edit: but apparently he has done some things I don't exactly agree with.


If so that couldn’t be farthest from the truth. He has a child out of wedlock that he refuses to recognize because she was the result of an affair and is a propagandist for the CCP. Edit: u/KillerTuxedo brings up additional points about how distasteful of a human he is in his off-screen life. The man is a brilliant actor and has unparalleled work ethic. But the problem with idolizing people is you’re never open to any criticism of them whatsoever, even if that criticism is wholly warranted and accurate and true. Edit 2: I don’t believe for one second that Jackie Chan - who has been a multi-millionaire A-list Hollywood actor since the 1980s - is **forced** to obey the CCP. He and his entire family could’ve safely defected to the US or Europe and been untouchable by the CCP for the rest of their lives. He hasn’t done that because he doesn’t want to, not because the Chinese government is stopping him from doing it. If that were the case, how come Chow Yun-Fat and his entire family aren’t dead??? Edit 3: [Jackie Chan wants to be part of the CCP. ](https://variety.com/2021/film/news/jackie-chan-join-communist-party-1235019781/) > “Abroad they often say, ‘proud to be Chinese.’ I’m very lucky to be a Chinese person, but I also am very jealous that you all are Party members. I just think the Chinese Communist Party is really so magnificent,” he said, according to video footage from official broadcaster CCTV. “What the Party says, what it promises, it doesn’t need 100 years to accomplish — it will definitely accomplish it in just a few decades. I want to be a Party member!” He’s not afraid of them. Stop it. Edit 3: Jack Ma could’ve left before he “disappeared” too. But he didn’t for the same reason Jackie hasn’t. Money. All of these counterpoints are the same and they’re all easily defeated.


If you were living in china you would too be a propagandist or else your ass would be jailed.


Damn, I hope someday he can make enough money to move. Maybe he'll make it to America one of these days


I think you’re being sarcastic, but even for Chinese people in the US, they can’t really just up and become anti CCP. Sure, they may never plan to go back to China, but they almost always still have family there. Someone as famous as Jacky, I’d bet you a lot of money they hold some nasty leverage over him, and he can’t really do anything about it. All it takes is one off comment and someone he loves has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Now idk if he’s being paid by the government there, or if some other nefarious shit is going on, but my point is that even if he is anti CCP, he really can’t voice it without some kind of repercussion. It’s utterly tragic, but that’s how it is.


Plenty of Chinese celebrities just keep their mouth's shut. He actively supports the CCP. China doesn't dissapear you for shutting the fuck up.


It's also a stupid argument anyway. Plenty of rich Chinese just leave China if they have an issue with th government. Chan could get his whole family and everyone he cares about our of there. But he doesn't care to because he genuinely supports it.


Chow Yun Fat lives in Hong Kong and have openly supported the protests there.


When questioned on being blacklisted in China for supporting HK protests, he said, ["I'll just make less, then."](https://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/2khdm1/chow_yunfat_reportedly_blacklisted_from_working/) Badass on and off screen.


Nah - Jackie has stepped up for CCP. Hong Kong doesn't like him too much any more. Doesn't mean I don't love his films though.


oh yeah does that explain why he is known in Hong Kong as their version of Harvey Weinstein? Does the CCP make him be a rapist too?




Not to mention being seen on a date with a young girl literally while his wife was giving birth, disowning his son for being caught with marijuana, drunk driving, admitted to hitting his kid, etc. I am a huge fan of Jackie Chan's work, and the dude certainly has the capacity to be a sweet guy, but he's also def not some wholesome fatherly type like Steve Irwin. He can be a pretty colossal dick.


Yeah I had forgotten all the rest. Thanks for adding to the list. I didn’t care to look it up.


He admitted to throwing his infant child across the room and into a wall! Wrote about it in his autobiography.


Well if he doesn't bend to the CCP, he could actually maybe have the chance of him, his family, and his illegitimate daughter would all be axed out.


Not true, Chow Yun-fat stood up for the Hong Kong protests in 2020 and got banned from working in mainland China. It's about money not physical threats.


Easy for you to call him a propagandist from you keyboard. Try being a Chinese National with international fame. Good luck speaking out against the CCP.


I think you need to be brave to stand up to the CCP - but I think they're also quite happy with silence from you. Especially if you're Jackie Chan (the world's favourite chinese actor).


Remember Jack Ma?


Rip dada Ma


Yeah for as wholesome as people say he is, he is shit to his SO and kids, and supports Chinese propaganda and has damned anyone outside of it many times.


Except he’s secretly a douche bag…. He’s a CCP puppet, serial philanderer and a crap father. I mean he has made a lot of good movies and I won’t say he doesn’t deserve the Oscar but I wouldn’t say he has a reputation for being kind or caring….


He has a reputation for playing kind and caring characters when he’s acting lol






Jackie is a piece of shit. I used to be a huge fan too :(


He's notorious for sexually abusing the women on his movies too. Jackie was something of a hero to me as a young teen, it was a difficult pill to swallow when I learned of his real character.


He doesn't. Jackie Chan is a piece of shit human being. I grew up as a huge fan of his but my friend from Hong Kong opened my eyes.


Nice try Chris Tucker


What kinda of comparison is that.. Jackie Chan is not the Chinese version of anyone.. Jackie Chan is in a class of his own


He deserves the award for his work, but don’t ever compare a human piece of garbage like Jackie Chan to Steve Irwin. Just take one look at how Chan treats his children and the city that gave him his career, he threw away all morals to ensure the CCP doesn’t interfere with his paychecks.


Wait until you hear all the shit he has done to his kids and in favor of kowtow to the CCP


No he isn’t. He’s an asshole to his family. He’s also a huge CCP supporter.


Steve Irwin? Wtf? I never saw JChan catch a gator


Jackie Chan actually has a reputation of being a very terrible person in many ways unfortunately.


Steve Irwin wouldn't disown a child based on who they love. Jackie Chan did. Fuck that guy.


Dude, read up on Jackie Chan. The guy's a massive piece of shit.


Not really, Jackie Chan is kinda shitty dude. Very pro China, anti hong Kong etc. Please don't compare to Irwin.


Jackie Chan is a huge piece of shit


they should call it something else. like a lifetime award or something because honorary make it seem like he doesn't deserve it or something.


At that point we're just arguing semantics. Point is this dude revolutionized comedy action. His film credits are among the most extensive in the industry, and given how physically intensive and frankly dangerous his roles always are, he's one of the most revered in the industry. There isn't a single stunt-person that doesn't idolize Jackie. Anyone arguing anything less would struggle to convince me. I don't care if he gets an Emmy or a lifetime achievement ceremony, as long as he gets recognition for all his hard work.


pretty much what i mean. its really cool that he got an award and he definitively deserve it. you just know that some people read honorary and think participation or something.


To be honest, Jackie probably doesn't care if people think that way or not.


Honorary to me says they are honoring him. Seems better than just winning for a single movie.


Yeah, he is special for winning it *not* associated with a movie.




It should be called 'oops, I guess you've deserved all this time' award Kubrick, Chaplin, Hitchcock all deserved oscars for direction, got this 'honorary' award instead


…and well deserved too.


Shrek 5.


There are these small things that make me feel like he's a good dude, I don't know anything about him and if there's bad, please don't tell me. But things like this and the fact that he still has his turtles from the Rocky movie make me feel like he's a nice dude.


Dude. He sold his dog butkus because he was less than broke, just before he pitched the Rocky script. Broke his heart. He then finished the script, sold it, and with the fist paycheck he bought back the dog for like 4x the price. That's his dog butkus that stars in the movie rocky. The man is a superstar.


Also turned down offers if they didn't want to cast him in it. That's balls while broke.


Oh, then I suggest you don't read the comments in this thread. Edit: I thought you were talking about Jackie Chan


Hes talking about stalone


Everyone has flaws, but he’s generally a good dude.


He's filming it like a proud dad at his kid's performance.


Sylvester Stallone is like sitting there recording on his phone like the proudest mother


Just want yall to know he somehow supports CCP.


There is so much for him to lose if he didn't support the CCP. Don't pretend that you wouldn't do the same if you were him.


Right? Like, I get it, CCP is terrible, but it's really easy to say that when you have no skin in the game.


Whatever he does it's his own choice we can't do anything about that, but one thing for sure the amount of his contribution in a world of film industry is really awesome! imagine after 56 years he got his award. What a F**cking Legend !!


If you are going to censor the word, why use it at all? 🤔


"What a Fucking Legend !!" See, it isn't that hard. I don't understand why people censor it. either write the whole thing or don't write it at all


Or instead of that, we could just not concern ourselves with something so petty.


finally the reasonable response


But muh feeling of superiority


This is not the Reddit way....


For some reason the asterisks don't bother me, but sh!t drives me up the wall. Like, it's the same damn word with the 'i' upside down. It's not even censored! It's madness and we should all take a stand against it.


Tbh none of the partially censored cusses are actually at all censored. * Fucking * F*cking * F*****g All effectively the exact same thing. If you're not censoring the *entire* word, you're just typing it with one hand while clutching your pearls at yourself with the other.


Let people do what they want man


Plus I didn’t know “fuucking” had two U’s lol


Chow Yun-Fat supported the Hong Kong protests in 2020 and got banned from working in mainland China. Jackie Chan supports the CCP because he gets to keep his money and prestige.


Chow yun-fat is a legend


a F**cking Legend


He was a multimillionaire in America, he chased CCP money. No need to.


Like, no? I'm an Asian American immigrant and I have relatives in China. Chow-Yun Fat is a celebrity who exercised his moral conscience, so why exactly can't Jackie? Excusing the behavior of people who submit to and enable oppression, including Jackie Chan--who was born a citizen of Hong Kong--is not only logically wrong, it washes over and devalues every person who actually expressed dissent. And what's even more ironic is Jackie's own movies are largely about people choosing doing the right thing and standing up against strongmen villains.


The CCP still confiscated his house in China (or was it Hong Kong) and some of his assets. Even after Jackie talked all kinds of shit about America being bad because freedom in the hands of people is bad. He really brown nosed the communist party above and beyond.


All the more reason to stay in their good graces. People in America have no idea how good we have it. Sure, there are major issues that we still need to resolve, this country is broken and needs a lot of work, but... If all these people complaining about Jackie lived in China, Afghanistan, Russia (homophobic as fuck), I think they'd shut their mouths. It's easy for us to sit at home, on our $1000 phones and complain about other people and countries. Try living in real strife for most of your life and then tell me how evil Jackie is. People need some real perspective.


but jackie can live in America.


He also basically disowned his daughter I think. I dunno the specifics, but saw somewhere she was homeless cause he disowned her cause she's a lesbian.


This story is so twisted. He cheated on his wife and got a daughter. He's never had a relationship with her. The daughter ran away from her mom because her mom didn't agree with her lifestyle. She's now married to her wife. When asked Jackie didn't have a issue with her being a lesbian.


So he’s not a homophobe he’s just a shitty father.


He’s a true believer dude. He’s not just doing it to protect himself


Ikr. There are so many celebrities in China with tonnes of money to lose and he's still one of the ones that stand out. Like, he has such a reputation for being a sycophant domestically why is it hard to acknowledge that.


I think even more bizarre is Redditors refusal to accept that anyone that’s Chinese supports their government. Let’s ignore the fact that China isn’t disappearing celebrities — is it really hard to believe someone who spent their first twenty years in China likes their government? Think about how many Americans think we’re the freest people in the world despite that being obviously untrue.


Or how people defend or ignore the atrocities comitted by their own country.


People had a lot to lose if they didn't support the Nazis, too.


Yeah, and those people were still nazis, just as Chan is a propagandist for China. He could just shut up about it, but he really seems to like the CCP.


Somewhere else in the world, in a country where America has murdered countless children with drone strikes or sanctioned into poverty, a clip of an American celeb talking about their family gets posted. And people respond "Remember guys, he somehow supports the American government". As though some random celebrity is responsible for the actions of their government. Or as though supporting your country means support of every horrible thing it's done and is doing.


You're under arrest for having more than half an ounce of nuanced perspective in a public forum — please unhand all of your sanity and assimilate to the population of people who just spout things off without considering their wider/deeper implications.






That celeb has more likely criticized the US gov. Though there are ultranationalist jingoists in the US film industry, the complaints towards American celebs seem to be from the opposite direction, that they're not patriotic enough. To speak to this specific issue, Jackie Chan doesn't get criticism for just being like, "I like China." He makes rather silly and specific political comments that get pushback not just from the international community but by other Chinese citizens because even within the restricted platforms in China he doesn't have to go as hard as he does. https://www.vice.com/en/article/wxqkn5/heres-why-jackie-chan-is-really-unpopular-in-hong-kong If an American celeb endorses drone strikes or "backs the blue" yeah people are right to point out they're assholes who endorse terrible positions. And there are many examples of American celebs getting that treatment, from Kanye to Chris Pratt.


This so much. Completely different comparison.


To be fair, we don't like people who brown nose the American government either. You pretend people here are worshiping people like Ted Nugent when in reality a lot of us think he's a gross person.


I just have to look at the cult like worship of Trump to understand all I need to know about Americans brown nosing their government.


This is a great point. It made me think a lot about it


Fucking THANK YOU ! Felt like I was going insane with these idiots everywhere not understand humans aren't black and white ffs.


But you know Americans can and truly do love its country yet in the same breath shit on its government all day no matter the party in charge. Don't cockroaches have perennial higher approval rating than congress? The difference being here the Constitution allows for "shitters" to spout whatever they want without fear of government repercussion. Whereas in China from every dynasty to even now, an Emperor can interpret some obscure hidden criticism of him in some random work of art thus can have the artists' lineage executed without appeal. So the jarring difference really is American government is allowed to be ruthless towards everybody else, except its own citizens. At least not overtly. One thing's for sure, you won't see Jackie Chan pasting shit you see all the time on Reddit when it comes to China.


American actors who support deliberately killing children with drones should rightly be criticized. Jackie Chan is criticized for being a Hongkonger who supports China's National Security Law, not for supporting his government in general.


Yeah, I know, I hate CCP as well, but it's a movie award for a person who works with movies, and he's undeniably good at it. Stop trying to ostracize people for their political views, it only worsens the polarization that's been fucking our lives.


This is legit the problem with cancel culture. Context.


Did Jackie Chan get cancelled and I missed it? Or are you just calling all criticism “cancel culture” because it’s a fun scapegoat?


Yeah, don't judge people based on their actions and beliefs! So, should we start talking about how great Roman Polanski is, or maybe what great things Harvey Weinstein did for the industry, or how much we loved the Cosby show?


I'm guessing if you live in China you have to, just see what happened to jack ma after he spoke against CCP.


What happened to jack ma?


He disappeared for 3 months, I'm guessing CCP re-educated him mildly.




Ofc this is almost the top comment here. Fucking fuck off


So what. You’d probably support greater evils for less.


Just because you would doesnt mean everyone else will..


Everyone's a hypocrite so nobody can be criticized!


Lmao isn’t there only one party In China? Didn’t the ccp bring many Chinese from poverty. If you’re American and support democrats or republicans don’t you support the murder of thousands of Arabs, coups , and civilians? So tell me who supports the real murderers?


He doesn't just support CPP, he supports their oppressive and anti-democracy stance openly.


So does Disney and Reddit eats up Marvel movies like genocide was going out of style.


I say fuck Disney too and their bullshit pandering to China.


It’s almost like we can do two things at once! “Oh you don’t like the CCP? You live in America!!“ -yeah and our government is fucking shit too. At least I can say that without being sent to a concentration camp.


Yeaaaa I don’t care. I’m a big boy and can still like people even when we have different views and beliefs. You should try it!




And he is a piece of shit father.


Your country is in bed with the CCP fool. In case you don't know, individual people in power in almost all corporations and politicians have vested $$ interest. Must be nice to be so naive.


He's also a pretty shit father.


My dad always said "Son."


Mine always says that too.




tb200 is your son


My dad never did. Because we don't speak English at home.


"I am disappoint"


Yeah. Once. >Son, I'm going out to get cigarettes.


I'm not crying..You're crying. Okay, I know he's not the best person. That's already clear. But i grew up watching his movies with my dad. (It was our closest bond). So to see him get recognition like this after all these years, and him so humbly accepting feels good. Add to that, you know Stallone is damn proud of him too.


Wait, why is Jackie Chan not the best person? Can someone fill me in


He's a fervent supporter of the CCP after they jailed his son. Idk how they can blame him for that though. I'd support whoever you want in order to keep my family safe.


He was an ardent supporter before his sons fiasco. But be assured the ccp likely made it clear their expectations before his son was even a twinkle in his Jackie's eye


Like anyone can be based in China and not be a massive supporter. They will make sure you're a massive supporter, especially if you're as huge and Jackie. I wouldn't put it past the CCP to erase the entire place he came from and the people in it as retaliation if he began saying anything against them.


Supposedly he wasn't a good father/husband. He admits it. And although I don't feel he did well in those regards, there's definitely much shittier celebs out there. People always bring this up when Chan is brought up. https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2018/11/jackie-chan-memoir-sex-prostitutes-bad-father-husband/


Second, what did he do?


He doesn't want to piss off the CCP so he abandoned his kids and is leaving them nothing because of their views (and drugs) iirc That being said Chan was a terrible husband and fucked lots of prostitutes. Hypocrite and a coward.


Mm yes, he sounds less than perfect. BURN HIM


Panama Papers


How many people shown in this clip are in them there Panamanian papers?


Roughly all of them


Uh oh. Care to elaborate?


> As Time points out, martial arts action movie star Jackie Chan is the latest celebrity to be named in the papers. > According to the magazine, the documents reveal that Chan owns at least six companies that are managed by Mossack Fonseca, the Panama law firm from which the papers originate. However, just because Chan is mentioned in the documents, it does not mean or imply that he is guilty of any wrongdoing. In fact, the ICIJ specifically wrote in its report that “there is no evidence that Chan used his companies for improper purposes.” > There’s nothing illegal about owning an offshore company or bank account, and it’s actually the recommended option in some cases. If the companies or accounts are being used to hide money or evade taxes, that’s where the trouble begins. https://consequence.net/2016/04/jackie-chan-named-in-panama-papers-leak/


So redditors being redditors and not reading anything lol


Apparently they don’t care to


Huge leak revealing lots of really wealthy people dodge taxes in shady tax havens. Has anything been done about it? No, except a few mysterious journalist deaths. A google search will show you more details


He's the GOAT for action comedies


him and Sammo Hung.


always loved the movie where they played brothers


Free Hong-Kong


Redditors will say soy slogans and post Winnie the Pooh memes and think they did something to China lmao


I don't think it worked, try again


It's surprising to learn in the comments, that he is a bad IRL person … I only know him through his movies, which I grow up with and really enjoy.


Nah dont trust all of it, he have flaw and kind normal level of jerk but nowhere near to the devil they painted


what Devil did they paint? The most common two criticisms of him are that he's an asshole to his offspring and he's a ccp shill. it's not demonizing him but fair criticism. you can take it for what it is.


The ccp shill thing is true, but I would also fall in line to keep my family safe. Speaking out against the party will make you disappear.


Yeah, we all get it. The CCP is objectively bad. But what the hell is he supposed to do? Denounce the CCP and oops, be banned from China? Never see his family again? Lose his home(s)? People here are so stupid. He gains nothing from denouncing them but loses everything.


He gains respect from armchair activists. Who cares about safety, money, family or anything. All you need is for Twitter mobs to praise you with love while you rot in reeducation camps.




All of fucking Hollywood is a CCP shill, shit so is the NBA and shoe manufacturers


Redditors just love tearing people down. I think it makes them feel better about themselves.


I mean, we all are bad persons in the eye of others, he is human at the end, humans are not perfect. Has he killed anyone and acted as he never did? No. Then for me he is just another person with flaws of his own.


Bad for dodging taxes and pretending to agree with a government that will wipe you out if you don’t? Nah. Everyone in here would do the same. If that’s all he’s done then I wouldn’t call him anything close to bad.


Dude is so humble. Makes me even happier for him.


Lol it astounds me how different the west views him opposed to his home country. I don’t get how he maintains a saint image here while being viewed as a massive POS in China.


So humble he decided to cheat on his pregnant wife and defend his actions cause he wanted to keep his "options" open as well as disowning his daughter. Such a humble human being


Didn't he publicly humiliate his son as well because he smoked marijuana?




Hard to believe this wasn’t made up


If Jackie Chan didnt qualify for an award and needed an honorary award they need a new catagory for something I dont know like absolute badass or something or physical performance or going above and beyond in a role ; he is absolutley the most deserving person in that room


an honorary award is not lesser than a regular award


Agreed. I hate how the Oscars value dramatic films over every other genre. As if being funny makes you a lesser actor. Or silliness is low brow. It's just a different artistic expression. Comedy is fucking hard and the best at it, really work on their material.


I’m glad he’s happy but I have no idea what that prize is. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂


That's an Oscar.


It’s from a burrito eating contest


*sorts by controversial*


He deserves the award for this scene in Drunken Master alone https://youtu.be/74OBuMA2qEk


He really deserves it


That's not his. That's property of the chinese government.


People mad because he’s a “shill” for the Chinese government, you’d have to hate and despise half of the American population for being “proud Americans” America is a really fucked up place too, don’t pretend like it’s not. Tons and tons of celebrities have done far far worse things and nothing good. Jackie has done a ton of good things for the world.


My favorite part of this is "I break so many bones"


oh well i guess it's time to rewatch the Drunken Master and Armour Of God movies again.


How is this next level


Living Legend


Reminder that Jackie Chan dodged taxes and let his daughter out of wedlock be homeless because she's gay


A reminder that people are not inherently 100% good esp celebrities but its sometimes ok to appreciate someone's craft without digging too deep into their family matters. What skeletons do you have in your closet?


Unless you’re Keanu reeves level of celebrity perfection Reddit will drag you thru the mud.


Can you link a article where said he against his daughter being gay since all I can find is from her perspective


What movie did he win it for?


It’s an honorary Oscar. Like a lifetime achievement award. Not for a specific film.


Why is getting an award next level? The dude has done a lot of next level things but a video of him getting an award isn’t of them.