Claire is not like the other moms, she’s a cool mom

Claire is not like the other moms, she’s a cool mom


I don’t know what I was expecting her first name to be but it absolutely was not Claire


Claire Boucher


Isn't that the lady from Evil?


I think it was kristen Bouchard


A couple fun ones i feel like don't really fit: Grimes = Claire Kid Cudi = Scott 6ix9ine = Daniel DaBaby = Jonathan Drake = Aubrey Travis Scott = Jacques Bermon Webster The 2nd


Ok Travis Scott should have kept his birth name cause that is REGAL


Whoopi Goldberg = Caryn Johnson




😂 nope! In fact, she's technically a Karen!


My favorite stage name vs birth name will always be Aloe Blacc = Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III I know he has a son and I don’t know his name but I really hope it’s Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins IV


Olivia Wilde = Olivia Cockburn (pronounced Co-burn) Vin Diesel = Mark Sinclair Portia de Rossi = Amanda Lee Rogers Meg Ryan = Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra Natalie Portman = Neta Lee Hershlag Reese Witherspoon = Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon Meghan Markle = Rachel Meghan Markle Brad Pitt = William Bradley Pitt


John Wayne = Marion


Being obscenely rich but a dunce at the same time.


Idk, it did sound to me like something a Claire would say




She did


Her parents are art collectors living in the most expensive neighborhood in Vancouver, seems like the name they'd pick


“claire i threw up”


Pardon me Claire, I seem to have shat myself.


claire i had a horrible dream, may i sleep on your’s and elon’s bed?


No claire, I absolutely refuse to join you and Elon on one of your escapades. I will remain at home instead and regard Dora on her grand adventure with the jackanape.


claire, excuse my tardiness but when will supper commence?


this is absolutely how that child of hers is going to talk one day 💀💀


Alright Stevie, calm down now you




I say they call her momma grimes


Lmao I completely forgot about that video, oh my god


Babies will learn to call you what you tell them to call you. Lmao it's not like they inherently know to call someone "mother" as though its the same as learning to walk. Hate to break it to you, Claire, but your kid calls you by your name because that is how you refer to yourself.


It sounds like a *her* problem that she's just projecting onto her 1 year old child. Kid could practically have a childhood that we all dreamed of and is still gunna need therapy because of his loser parents.


Mama and the like are very common in a languages because that's the thing babies can learn the earliest the easiest.


Yes, babies naturally say things like "mamama" and "dadadada" but they aren't assigning people titles they've never been taught. It's just language development.


Seen it with my own eyes.


Grimes - mama! Baby - *looks at her* Grimes - mama! Baby - mama! Grimes - *gets offended*


>Babies will learn to call you what you tell them to call you. I am a US-born, native English speaker. I did not emerge from the womb knowing the words maman, papa, and mémé, I learned them because that’s what my native-French speaking mother taught me. It’s also super anglocentric to assume that the entire world uses the same words as you.


Exactly. I've actually met multiple people who believe mama and daddy are just natural words that babies know. My husband is hispanic and my daughter will call him papi. She is learning sounds and often will say "dadada" sounds. I have a friend who keeps saying that my daughter is trying to say "daddy". No she's not. Edited for clarity


And now, the rest of the story…. My parents were both immigrants who came here after WWII, traumatized and grateful for the US. They spoke five languages between them but my father decided that “we were Americans, and we speak English here!” My French has not evolved past infanthood lol. Funny thing, I never stopped using ‘mémé’ and ‘papa’ but started using ‘mom’ as soon as I realized that’s what all my friends used because I wanted to fit in.


This has the same energy as when that one Teen Mom cast member said that it's good for her 4 year old daughter to "have a break" from her because "she has her own life and is doing her own thing." Uh, no, ma'am. Your child needs you. Stop being weird and selfish.


Farrah Abraham. I'm sorry to tell you but it all went downhill from there.


Still rolling right on downhill


Hahah I thought the same thing. “Micheal!”


Isn't that a pornstar?


That was after teen mom


I mean?? Break as in a weekend with grandparents or break as in neglect??


I think this was in reference to her being asked about how her daughter responds to her being gone for so long when she was traveling/partying/making public appearances. There was also that time she posted a tiktok of her hitting her daughter in the face with an unopened box containing a dildo. So, yeah.


She did what now


What a terrible mother.. someone mentioned in the comments that she no longer has custody.. hopefully that’s true


Well teen mom probably means there's a chain of neglect in the family, so why not both?


Her mom was.. a peach for sure.


If I recall, the daughter was with her her dad’s family for some time? Her dad’s parents sued for visitation at some point after their son died. I may be misremembering, though.


I checked out of watching that dumpster fire around 2013 bc it was too hard to watch Farrah treat her daughter like that. So I’m very, very glad to hear that the dads family sued for custody and that the daughter (hopefully) spent some time in a healthy environment & has a safe place to go if things with Farrah get rough again. The majority of the teen mom cast are messes but Farrah as an extra level of awful


They got soo much money reality doesn't matter


The kid probably calls her by her name because it thinks the nanny is the mother.


"Who's this weirdo that rides around the house on a Segway with her sword?? I gotta get back to Mi Madre."


Take my free award, that made me LOL


I do not identify with mother either which is why I am called mom.


even stranger is the mother naming her son X


That's not the full name tho right? It's like X AE II - 12 or something


I could be wrong but I think I saw an article about how their request for that name got denied. It’s actually not possible to legally name your child something dumb, like pickles, or X Æ || - 12..


I'm pretty sure pickles would be alright as a name in america. It's mainly the numbers and dashes that is a problem.


I think the point was that you could pronounce it as “Kyle”, so his real name is supposed to be Kyle. Or something.


I love how you say this as though it makes it better.


i didnt say that it's better, just stating facts.


What makes me the most upset is that they have access to all the resources in the world. They could give this kid the most amazing childhood, but all the money in the world and the kid will probably need therapy.


so so so much therapy


Why are you assuming they are bad parents?


Because they named their son X Æ A-12


Assuming whatever those celebrity papers say is true, I'm not sure it's a proof of love to not only give your child such a weird and difficult name, but then also deciding you don't identify with the concept of "mother" despite choosing to keep that child, carry it for 8 months and then birth it, and that it cannot call you mother but just by your first name, putting an emotional distance between you and him... if that's all true, that kid will grow up with issues.


I think it’s more about how Grimes isn’t strictly female idenitifing rather than them not being a “mother” in that sense.


I didn't know that when I commented but I've indeed seen it afterwards, although the comment section doesn't seem sure about what's their perception of their own gender identity. For me, calling my parents by their first name feels like putting an emotional distance between them and me, but indeed it's a learned thing, and gender identity wasn't much of a topic when I was born and as I grew up.


Yeah I mean they definitely aren’t doing things by the book but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, she just calls her kid X and I imagine that’s what their friends will one day call them. Doubt they will get bullied either for it, if I saw that name when I was little I’d be interested and think it’s cool rather than the opposite. But also if you grow up calling your mum by their name. You also wouldn’t think it’s weird, you’d think it’s normal. But she’s also not telling him to not call her mum. If you see the video and see the sentence in context it’s a lot softer than the article makes it out to be, like she’s just making conversation and expressing how all this new shit in her life is wild and she’s not use to it


Her son is fucking 1. He cannot 'sense your distaste' for any words because he cannot comprehend them you pretentious fuckhead.


I propose a campaign to strictly refer to Grimes as “mother” to further confuse alien baby X


Grimes is nonbinary and therefore probably doesn't like the term "mother". I'm assuming you didn't know.


Not trying to step on toes but isnt claire a pretty female presenting name? Idk how being called “mother” is going to be more dysphoric than “claire” especially if that was their name during parts of life where they were forced to present as female. Mainly ask because my sibling is non binary and completely changed their name to something with less female connotations.


Last I heard, she actually goes by 'C' in private life, not Claire


Yeah, that’s what surprised me about this — she’s on record as disliking her first name. I think she just says whatever seems interesting in that moment.


To each person it's different, Claire might connect things with the name that we don't know about (for example being named after someone special, etc) that outweigh the possible negative associations with the name :)


Ah, i see. Not very informed with all the nuances of the trans/enby community but always trying to learn!


ohhh for real? that makes this make much more sense, thank you


I get not wanting to be called “mother” or “mommy” if you’re non-binary, but I would think you’d find some kind of affectionate alternative? Calling your parent by their first name just seems so cold to me. Especially at such a young age!


I know there is a set of common nonbinary parent names but I can't for the life of me remember what they are. So, yes, it is a thing nonbinary parents do


I didn't know this but the OP gave me enbie vibes big time. Enbies really aren't like other girls :D


Yeah cuz we arent (exclusively) girls 😂 Me as a kid: im not like other girls Me realizing I'm enby: im not a girl:0


Fr, story of my life too xD


All the more reasons to call her "mother"


I know she’s rich and famous so no one gives a fuck but maybe let’s not do that or it becomes okay to disrespect non-binary ppl


Nah, let's


This isn’t about grimes. This is about non-binary people.


I know


So ur just transphobic?


Sorry bro, not everyone follows your religion


Tis not a religion but okay


Yay, transphobia, so quirky 🤪


I don’t see anything online where she has referenced herself as non-binary.


She's fuckin awful and so is Elon.


Elaborate? I am legit asking. I genuinely don't know and I'm curious to find out. Calm down.


She’s just kind of weird and dumb, she seems like a very lost and sad person to me. I still think she sucks lol


You said it


Tbh she looks ND, not weird and dumb. She's probably autistic or ADHD or something like that, she's stimming in videos, has an autistic husband, and her eating habits she talked about in an interview are also pretty sus, but she is confirmed neurodivergent for sure. You are just not over this ableis (maybe also xenophobia) BS. Demanding people behave in certain ways deemed acceptable by your culture and label them dumb etc. if they don't is pretty bad (but, she does suck, even though I like some of her works)




She is literally diagnosed just not disclosing the dx label so I guess yell at her doctor not me. I know we don't claim the Elon, but we can't just strip people of their dx because they are AHs and let/support people judge them for ND behaviors because we don't like them. Judge them for being AHs.


She's super into counter culture shit and that upsets a lot of people. I mean they named their kid 'X Æ A-XII' so its not totally unfounded.


There was a clip a while ago of Elon being confused when someone asked him about the baby and called the baby that. So I like to think that they didn’t actually name the baby that they just wanted to fuck with people and give the kid some privacy, but also I wouldn’t put it last Elon to be that bad of a parent.


Yeah same with me. She gets so much hate and I don’t know why. Crazy you’re downvoted for even asking


FOR REAL. I'm just asking a question lol.


She’s not awful. She has literally done nothing wrong. She has been an accomplished musician for years now.


she did take a musical grant one time that should have gone to another musician. she is married to a literal billionaire. i get that she wanted her music to be seperate from his wealth, but cmon. there were a lot of musicians who needed that so much worse than she did


I thought they weren't married. I remember reading an article where she talks about not using his money for her career and how so many people think she does. That she wants to further her career on her own and have her own success. How true is that, i dunno, just remember reading it in the article a while back.




I wonder how her son will feel about it, growing up and not being able to call his mom "Mom".


hes just a baby what's he supposed to think lol


I said, "Feels", and I meant more in a general sense. I am curious what it would be like, growing up and being told you're not allowed to address your mother as a mother, because she doesn't "identify" as one. It's just a sad situation.


He's literally a baby and also why would he care?


I know he's a baby. That wasn't my point. I mean more in the general sense, growing up and being told you're not allowed to address your mom as your mom.


Keep up that energy *Claire* , soon you'll have an out of control brat who'd start making "billionaire's son" videos on YouTube while kicking you to the curb.


Sounds like she isn't use to the thought of being a mother so she doesn't want the label?


yeah i saw the vogue video that this article is talking about and she’s not comparing herself to other mothers, she’s just speaking on her current feelings…


I just read this article. I'm not throwing any hate on the name they gave their son, but why on earth would you do that???


How does this kid already talk? Wasn't he born just the other day?


She is ✨unstable✨


I don't even know about that but Grimes has struck me for a while as just trying wayyyy too hard to be quirky.


i thought her real name was grimes


Each generation of nepotists feel the need to “out do” the previous gen.


Eh, if you read the whole interview she’s struggled a lot with motherhood in general, and she did say she had respect for mothers. I Just don’t think she saw her life going this way, being a mom is possibly the least edgy, rebellious thing you could do.


Tell me me you need therapy without telling me me you need therapy


The kid definitely will


They both do


Isn't she non binary, this isn't that stupid if she's non binary or something


No official coming out, but mentioned not liking feminine labels and thinking of herself / wanting to be gender neutral. So it's not strange at all imo. Plus she's neurodivergent, so even if she's a girl she's literally not like other (neuro)typical girls. Getting a new label like mother can be really upsetting if you don't like change. The weird thing is the "kid senses my distaste" part imo


You’re still the kid’s mother.


The word mother is gendered




Now suddenly I hate my name.


Yea that child is gonna grow up so well adjusted


That's grimey


New patch dropped


This kid's future therapist better be taking notes


I don't like Grimes but I don't see how this is a big deal? Tbh, it just sounds like she's experiencing some dysphoria or PPD.


“Excuse me Claire, I seem to have shit myself. Can I have a change and some breast milk? And please put the charge on my Tesla company card”


Poor kid was born to the craziest people on this planet, given the craziest name, and is going to have the craziest upbringing. I feel for him, damn.


All of it will drive crazy costs of therapy


I feel like this doesn’t fit, but that’s just me. I don’t see why it would matter that she doesn’t want to be “mother” if it makes her uncomfortable.


X Æ A-Xii 🤖🍼: “Claire: Detected!🚨”


‘Listen Linda’


Claire, can you hear the lambs?


There’s no NLOG association with being called mother. And there’s nothing weird about calling your parents by their first names. I don’t do it, but would. I don’t think it’s weird, and don’t think it fits here?


I know loads of people who call their parents by their first name. This is very Gatekeepy of how to be a parent.


y'all never heard of non-binary parents and it shows




I hate grimes


All these comments shaming Grimes for not liking conventional motherhood have conservative/pickme energy. I thought this was an anti-pickme subreddit.


Not all of the comments tbh. We're just very confused, not pick me. I mean I get not liking the mother label considering she's non-binary. But there must be some other affectionate term perhaps? Don't you think it's weird that a 2 year old will shout CLAIRE, I HAVE POOP IN MY PANTS. Is she raising that kid as a kid or is she just feeding a fellow equal citizen? Kids don't sense any discomfort bruhh, they can pee right on your face for all they care. She's clearly making that part up in the article.


how is it "pick me energy" to let your own child use a term that's culturally been associated with emotional proximity with its female parent?


Please remove this post, this is in reference to Grimes' discomfort with constantly being gendered as female


"I vibe in a gender neutral space so I'm kinda impartial to pronouns for myself," Grimes tweeted back at the fan. "Don't have a [preference] so much but I wish I didn't have to be categorized as female constantly." That being said, it appears that since then, Grimes has identified as female and hasn't publicly asserted a they / them pronoun when being referred to as she / her. Still, her response in 2015 certainly makes it seem as though Grimes wouldn't mind a more neutral pronoun in reference to herself in the news and on social media. But she also hasn't spoken out about it much since then either.


I would just report it. This isn't /r/notliketheothergirls at all. Literally the first rule of this sub is that a gatekeep-y comparison has to be made, and Grimes isn't comparing to anyone else, just talking about their own life, totally independently of other people's lives.


You’re right, but I have noticed that people will shit on Grimes every chance they get. Someone’s defense for hating Grimes was because they are ‘just weird and dumb’. Like how can you even say that about a person you don’t actually know?


I feel like Grimes has a chaotic energy that you either love or hate. She's also just very unapologetic about her interests and will freely express her thoughts about any random thing in a way most celebrities won't. I find her really interesting and refreshing to listen to, but a lot of people dismiss her outright because she's weird, awkward and whatever else. I don't agree with putting her on this sub at all because she's not claiming to be superior to anyone, she's just doing her thing but it makes people uncomfortable because it's rare to reject mainstream ideas and be your own person to the degree that Grimes has. There have been some other posts here that don't really fit with the spirit of what this sub is meant to be. The existence of a girl choosing to do something that may go against the majority isn't by default some sort of 'I'm not like other girls' display, but I feel like people are just shitting on women and girls who dare to be themselves. I know it's not that deep but it's annoying when these terms start to be misused.


Yeah unfortunately everyone just hates grimes and wants to shit on them. The bigger issue here is obviously binary gender titles but no ones cares bc it’s grimes


I think it'd be cool if they came up with some terms for non binary parents that don't like mother or father. Something easy for kids, but that doesn't have the same gendered aspect/history as the others. I have no problem with them not using mother but do find the claim the child "sensed her distaste" so uses claire to be a bit pretentious or maybe like many articles quoted very out of context. The kid lively calls Grimes by Claire as it's the name they hear others use and maybe what Claire uses themselves when talking to the kid same way others would say stuff like "mummy loves you," or "get your shoes for mummy," I don't know enough to hate Grimes, I definitely have not great views on tiny bits I do know, like the poor kids name. But it does seem like there is a lot of weird hate for her? I get I might be out the loop and they could be some evil bigot with horrific views, but I've only seen a bit about grimes and hate comments that never seem to specify why the person thinks they suck.


People hate Claire by association for being married to Elon even though they don’t have the same views


People have already tried to do that, and it’s very stupid.


If she doesn't want to be identified as a mother, she can be identified as a weirdo instead


I really don't think Grimes would mind being called a weirdo


Yet she calls him x instead of his first name


X is his first name.


I thought the weird name they came up with they said read as 'Ash' ?


The Æ symbol in the name is called ash (æsc)


So she didn't want to be a mother and hates to be remembered she is one(?


It doesn’t matter if she’s nonbinary or neurodivergent or whatever. She has a child now. It’s not all about her now. She is responsible for bringing up another human being with love and teaching it how to live in this world, and she’s already handicapped it by giving it that name. She doesn’t seem to be able to relate to it parentally, only by how she feels and thinks about it. That child will love its nanny, not “Claire.”


I don't think it's weird. Where I grew up a lot of the Christians considered mom and dad to be disrespectful titles. Instead the children had to use Mrs/Mr [first name or surname] and the formal you for their parents. A lot of people here probably don't know how cringy the formal you feels, but it's especially cringy if you use it for your parents...


What do you mean by the formal you?


Probably a language other than English. For example in Spanish you say "usted" when referring to people above you like your teacher. The informal "tú" is for your friends and family. I knew some people called their family by usted and always thought it was weird.


Ah, right. I had forgotten my few years of elementary school French, with its “tu” and “vous”. Thank you for clarifying!


Very pick me girl energy or her nanny does most the mommy duties 😂😂😂


"She doesn't do mommy duties like a REAL mother haha" is peak pick me girl energy.


“I’m beyond the mother label and mother duties I’m too cool” lmao


She's fucking weird and a try hard.


Ok so I'm currently banned form technically the truth and i can't find a way to DM you so, I just wanted to say, Catholics, Presbyterian and Jews are all very different but have almost the same foundation worshiping Jehovah, his son(not for Jews), the spirit and mother Mary (for Catholics).


i want her to search up the word ‘transgender’


Thankfully that kid has rich parents, because that's going to cost a lot in therapy.




no. she’s claire


As they all do at that age. Normal progression.


This is the most Grimes shit ever.


Alien X?!?


I used to like Grimes and her music until she became this pseudo intellectual “being” and I say that because she probably doesn’t recognize herself as a “human”.


What’s her son name again?


Thank God that kid is going to be rich, psychiatry is expensive.


That kids gonna grow up to be a totally well adjusted person for sure.




I don’t think they’re married, I believe they’re just dating.


Good thing there is many other names that mean the same like mom, mama, mommy, ma, and thats just in English. Every kid tries calling their parents by their given name when they learn that ma and pa aren't their actual names and most correct them, but some don't.


I am betting she yelled and threw tantrum at her kids, when they dared call her mom


That’s Elon Musks wife


Id call her mommy grimes