MTA: Do a better job with homeless and bunny dudes just lying down, sleeping dedicating/peeing and wrecking the subway cars and maybe try to offer some incentive to police to catch the criminals and then get some employees to actually mop the trains and hose down the platforms and you will have won a lot of people over.


A service that never operates on time and half assed measures isn’t having the same ridership as before? WFH exist but I’m sure the elitists will blame fare evaders cuz that’s what their masters tell them


Well said. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Adams will do another word vomit monologue about his plans to crack down ob villainous fare evaders.


The MTA doesn't even *try* at the very least to minimize their near-absolute dependence on the farebox by calling for dedicated revenue streams from the state and implementing the congestion pricing they promised. They'd rather pump fear and fare evasion narratives via the local news media into the electorate in order to get exactly what they want!


Maybe they need to spend their money in a more efficient and economical way?


This will be their excuse a year after congestion pricing is launched.


Congestion pricing is supposed to produce bond revenue for the capital program, not the operating budget.


MTA never truthfully reports earnings. To hear them tell it, no one rides the subway and those who do fare evade. Right. Sure.


They need to economize their expenses ASAP for the long term. Run DOO (driver only operation) trains, decrease labor costs, definitely examine those pension and benefit costs... Unfortunately the labor unions will rather the city suicides itself than consider meaningful reform and efficiency of the taxpayer funding. They're gonna be emboldened by the strike action we're seeing in the UK over the same issues. Some in power want to keep their heads in the sand and pretend we can go on with the same antiquated practices as we've had for decades and keep nothing from changing. The end result will be service cuts which will lead to a new year of hell for riders.


Yeah the labor costs are extremely high. I get that ppl appreciate the chance to have a job like that with benefits and pension. Everything comes at a cost though.


They will spend 110% of whatever money they’re given and riders will get an appalling return on their investment. These are the same people that refuse to automate our trains as part of a job creation program and have been exposed countless times paying multiple employees for a job that should require one person. Demand that the union begin to allow some of the unnecessary, redundant positions to be automated or outsourced. Absolutely zero additional funding without a commitment they will permit the city to automate where it makes sense. Force layoffs if necessary. I rely on the subway and I would prefer the train frequency be cut in half as opposed to giving the MTA yet another $5 Billion to steal. This organization has been holding the city hostage for forty years.


Yeah you make some good points.


Just raise the fare to $20 a ride it’ll be fine


I’ve been saying this but ppl always cry and moan. $2.75 is CHEAP for a ride-l is cheap if you work the trips right. Drivers have to pay foe their reluctance to implement a zone based fare. CP will be subsidizing the $2.75 flat fare.


MTA is a financial black hole. They need to get their house in order before being given more money.


There is ZERO oversight. They just want a blank check.


A good start would be to actually punish people who hop the turnstiles or get on the bus without paying.


You must be the guy from that recent viral subway video


And what good will it do to spend thousands of dollars to punish the theft of $2.75? How is that cost effective? Punitive punishment doesn't reduce crime. This has been studied again and again. If MTA wants to stop fare evasion, build physical infrastructure to do so.


> And what good will it do to spent thousands of dollars to punish the theft of $2.75? How is that cost effective? 1) increases safety. people who commit one crime more likely to commit another. 2) increases fare compliance. more punishment has a deterrent effect. 3) fairness. everyone pays the fare.


That's called Broken Windows political theory and it has been thoroughly disproved in practice.


>increases safety ...jumping a turnstyle is somehow the gateway drug to violent subway crime? Get a grip, omg.


They hid their racism in point 1. And in point 3 they showed their blindness to the realities of class. Everyone does not pay the same fare. $2.75 for someone who makes $35k is not the same for a person making $50k, or $75k, etc. Not only that, but pigs and other jobs are allowed to ride for free, not to mention students, etc etc the list goes on. Point is: that person is talking out their ass.


Besides, its not like the DAs will prosecute.


Why would a DA prosecute fare-jumpers? You’re suggesting fare-jumpers be arrested and jailed over $2.75?


Violators should still be ticketed. It’s about incentives. You want to disincentivize people from doing it. (Like a tax on sugary soft drinks or cigarettes). Otherwise, there is an incentive to fare evade because of the perception of zero consequences. Not defending the MTA per se but let’s remember that 30-40% of operating costs are covered by fare revenue. It adds up. I’m not saying to allocate an insane amount of resources to “catch” fare evaders but if cops who are already in the station notice it they should take the 10-15 minutes to write up a ticket if possible instead of just ignoring it.


Who tf cares? Let everyone that wants to jump, jump. You and all the other scouts can keep paying. We pay enough money in taxes; the subway should be free.


Why would we waste time and money prosecuting theft of $2.75 for a public amenity? Theft of a pack of gum from a bodega is a more serious offense.


Kind of ruins the point of Public Transportation.


They always end up finding a way to keep things running or simply kick the can down the road. They understand that implementing the worst case option of drastic fare increases and service cuts would be a death sentence for the city's economy. I'm still not convinced work from home is something that is going to become a permanent fixture for most white collar workers. If it does, then NYC is going to have much bigger economic problems to worry about than keeping the subways running.


Subway service is so awful post pandemic I’m actively saving up for a car now. I never bought anything from a subway kiosk and I doubt I’d have the inclination to if I’m driving through the city over waiting 20 or 30 minutes at best for a train to wait another 20 or so to transfer to another train after midnight. I can’t trust the MTA at night so if they want more people around buying useless shit on the subway they should give more of inclination to use the subway over just about any other method of transportation. I’ll walk or skate 30 or 40 blocks to get where I’m going because with the subway as is I won’t have lost much time getting there by foot than with the subway at certain hours


I really need to leave america, everyone here is dumb especially the politicians dumb people elect. The mass corruption that everyone just ignores is mind blowing but omg tax the rich.


Roads don't pay for themselves any more than the MTA does: [https://usa.streetsblog.org/2011/01/04/actually-highway-builders-roads-don%E2%80%99t-pay-for-themselves/](https://usa.streetsblog.org/2011/01/04/actually-highway-builders-roads-don%E2%80%99t-pay-for-themselves/) And yet MTA haters (and public transit haters in general in the US) impose a double standard. "Let me see your balance sheet, why did you spend money on XYZ?" "Why can't MTA / public transit raise fares to pay for itself?" Do you ask those questions of the highway system? Do we go wish 10x tolls on everyone so the roads will "pay for themselves"? The US has been spending 4**x on highways what it spends on public transit since the 1980s** ([https://www.washingtonpost.com/transportation/2021/07/23/transit-highways-infrastructure-deal/](https://www.washingtonpost.com/transportation/2021/07/23/transit-highways-infrastructure-deal/)). It's no surprise the MTA and other public transit across the country is in terrible shape. Let's try spending the same on roads and public transit for a few decades and then have another discussion.