Hospitalizations are still about 60% of what they were in January, thank god for the vaccines or we'd be fucked.


probs all the tourists that I have been seeing without masks :)


Risk of outdoor transmission is super low anyway. The concern would be not wearing them inside.


A result of Cuomo deciding that he's no longer going to follow the science


Yeah where is everyone who complained about him moving the goalposts now?


Probably out enjoying themselves like they wanted to all along.


most have given up.. and just wear a mask and call it a day


How is he not following the science?


To the moon, whoops wrong sub. Here's why, everything is open, no one is wearing masks. That simple. Last summer you walk around NYC and you'd see 85% mask usage. Now, maybe 35-40%.


Damn what part of nyc you in? Still really good mask coverage in flatiron


same on the uws. i can't remember the last time i saw someone without a mask


There's good mask wearing among educated whites and Asians. So yeah, if you're on the UWS near Columbia or in Park Slope or wherever, people wear masks. Everywhere else, not so much. I live in Astoria, and believe me - even when hundreds of people a day were dying, half the people here couldn't be bothered. Half the supermarket workers have never properly worn masks this whole time, just walking around the store with masks hanging below their chin or whatever.


In Brooklyn and Staten Island today. Also Manhattan yesterday less than before but not as bad.


I'm in flatbush, can confirm, lots of people walking around without masks especially the last week or so.


I was on the train from Astoria to Midtown East and I saw 100% mask usage. Upwards of 90% in Midtown East. I think this is heavily dependent on neighborhoods.


It’s not even the reopening. I see people being careful. It’s the same people who never gave a crap, are now not getting vaccines, still not giving a crap. The rest of us stayed indoors for the better part of a year, got vaccines when possible, and are still being safe, but being screwed by the people who just don’t care.


We have to move on. Hospitalizations and deaths keep dropping and it's what matters.


"Move on?" Not yet as there's different levels of this, from asymptomatic to sick for a month, to long haul, even without hospitalization. Mask up sunshine, gonna be a bit.


The fuck outta here with your doom and gloom.


500k dead ain’t flowers and sunshine, fool.


You're counting deaths before we had the vaccines. That's not fair. Have you seen how deaths and hospitalizations keep plummeting?


So today's deaths aren't important because there are fewer? Tell it to someone who has lost a relative recently.


This is confusing to me as it does not line up with the information we're getting in NYC, specifically Cuomo's nightly NYS Coronavirus Update newsletter. There is no warning of a 64% surge out there for us daily. Why are we not getting this info daily to be more aware? (or am I living under a rock?)


It’s only cause we are testing. Florida and Texas are not testing or reporting numbers.


I think that still doesn’t discount the 64% surge. We were testing before that too.


Also...why are we holding ourselves to the standard of two of the most incompetently run states? Don't we want to be better than that?


Totally agree. I always cringe at "whataboutism" when comparing to states/countries that are absolutely shitting the bed. We are NY. We can and should hold ourselves to a higher standard.


I don’t think comparing us to another state, especially Florida that has a comparable population is a wild move. Also if there’s a higher standard we failed.


Do you actually think we’ve done better than Florida or Texas? Look at the three month rolling numbers. Data doesn’t lie, NY/NJ have done abysmally throughout the pandemic and have had the worse economic outcomes




There was a large data dump on 3/24. It included a shitload of old tests. This is why looking at a single week is great for headlines but isn't indicative of the whole situation. Additionally, if we're getting the vaccination rollout right, we should be seeing infections clump in younger and younger groups of people while hospitalizations and deaths continue a steady decline thanks to younger people generally not being hospitalized or dying due to the virus.


The data dump is a big part of it, but even excluding that the case are still going up.


Great. Does it line up with with what I said in my second paragraph? Are hospitalizations and deaths going up, or are infections clumping in younger people while older, more vulnerable people aren't getting infected because they're vaccinated? Remember - two weeks after your first dose of any of the available vaccines and you're basically good from a hospitalization/death standpoint, so even if the older population isn't fully vaccinated they're still afforded some damn good protection two weeks after their first dose. I will also add that if there are vulnerable people not going and getting vaccinated they can fuck right off. I'm getting back to my life after I'm fully vaccinated whether they get it or not.


New hospitalizations are increasing too. People mistakenly assume the age stratification in death rates translates exactly to hospitalizations. It doesnt. Younger people get hospitalized by this thing, but they dont die as often and don't stay as long. You can see this in the state data on NYC where total hospitalizations are flat, but new hospitalizations are up.


[NYC’s Covid dashboard](https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/covid/covid-19-data.page) literally has “decreasing” in green font next to the hospitalization numbers at the very top of it. If you scroll down to the hospitalization graph you’ll also notice the trend line has been decreasing for a couple of weeks now. So you’re wrong about hospitalizations in NYC, and I wonder if you even looked at the city’s own dashboard. Additionally, [the actual Covid hospitalization rate is only 1% - 5%, with 70+ people making up the vast majority of hospitalizations.](https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/18/briefing/atlanta-shootings-kamala-harris-tax-deadline-2021.html)


You don't know how to read a graph. Recent dates are missing date and several days lagged already. You need to look here to get data that isn't a week old or adjusted down for backdating. https://forward.ny.gov/covid-19-regional-metrics-dashboard And no, the difference in hospitalizations is miniscule compared to death. So, unfortunately, you have no idea what you're talking about here either. A 35 year old is 25X+ less likely to die than a 65 year old, but only 3X less likely to get hospitalized. Young people are much less likely to die, but getting Covid bad enough to be hospitalized carries its own risk. See below: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/investigations-discovery/hospitalization-death-by-age.html


Apparently you don't know how to read a graph - if you go to "daily hospitalizations" and click on the NYC region on that link you just posted, the fucking graph has been declining for the last several weeks! Are you blind? Either that or you're looking at statewide hospitalizations in a subreddit focused on Covid in NYC. [The difference in hospitalizations is not miniscule.](https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/investigations-discovery/hospitalization-death-by-age.html) Being 7 to 10 times more likely than the reference group at the link to be hospitalized is literal orders of magnitude less likely to be hospitalized than the people in groups that are 25x+ more likely than the reference group to hospitalized. I get that fear-mongering over the risks of Covid is what this sub-reddit does, but holy fuck at least be accurate about what you're saying.


Wrong. The data on the NYC side in recent days is both lagged and adjusted down are for backdating. If you look at the NYS site, new hospitalizations started going up this week (the part thats openly noted as being innacurate on the NYC site). They have a fucking warning on the face of the graph and you can see ungreyed data only goes up to 3/20. Whats so hard to understand here? 35X reference group / 10X reference group = only 3.5X less likely than 65 year olds. Isn't 3.5 less than 10? How is that orders of magnitude? It's not even an order of magnitude. Do you even math?


Wait, so immediately after you've been vaccinated, no one else matters? Do you think everyone who hasn't been vaccinated by the time you have is refusing the vaccine?


Did I say that? Vulnerable people have been able to get the vaccine for at least a month now, in some cases even longer. If you’re not putting in the effort to get vaccinated at this point, then I don’t give a fuck about you. Additionally, there’s even more evidence today that fully vaccinated people don’t transmit the virus. Do you know what that means? It means fully vaccinated people aren’t going to get vulnerable non-vaccinated people sick, and fully vaccinated people can go about their lives without issue.


The vaccine stops transmission you fucking doomer.


A huge population of the city is getting vaccinated now- stuff has to open up. If you’re scared of getting it, stay home and if you refuse to be vaccinated you’re an idiot


How does this have upvotes? It's wrong. The data gap fell out of the average, and a data dump took it's place. It's a statistical anomoly. Cases are up slightly. Testing is actually down. This fails basic logic.


Get vaxed. Stop over blowing this now.


Death and hospitalizations are down, so that's all that matters. No need to fear monger, we just have to move on and live with this. Enough after a year. I suspect that everything will be opened by labor day. Schools and CUNY/SUNY will most definitely go back to in person classes.


those trail the surge, genius


reality decides when it's enough not how you're feeling


Proof that bad faith posters on here have no fucking clue what they're talking about and post the same bullshit ad Infinitum regardless of what's actually happening. There's no surge, it's a statistical anomoly due to a 3 day data gap falling out of the 7 day average and the dump last week. Cases are up slightly. But reality doesn't matter to you, does it?


I saw that deaths were up today, where they had been down before. I think those metrics are just delayed.


Just get vaccinated asap people