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I’m a former member of a very prominent company that also has theme parks and I’ve seen some pretty shitty things when I’m my position there. I worked a couple different positions during my time, usually within the theme parks themselves. I’ve seen some horrifying things in them and it’s some of the most inhumane things sometimes. You have my sympathy for experiencing this especially in your first work place and while we know this situation isn’t the workplace itself it doesn’t make this any less disturbing. I hope you can find some sort of help within the company to talk about this or even on your own with a personal therapist because something like this is hard to deal with alone. Even though it doesn’t directly involve you it’s just a really disturbing thing to see and then hear about. Hope you’re doing okay


This shit makes my blood boil


They seemed to be more concerned with their reputation and had law enforcement come in away from where anyone who was visiting would see and know that something was going on. Not to mention that we all had to sign nearly a dozen documents stating that we’d not speak on what happened (i’m speaking through the loophole without saying company name/resort name)


I’m sorry you saw that, experienced it. And I’m glad you and your coworker took the training seriously and reported what you found.


But somehow we’re supposed to believe that everyone is basically good.


yeah...... somehow😒


That’s horrific! Honestly tho, hearing that, it sounds like your position can help save lives. How long would something like that gone on for if it wasn’t discovered by one of your peers?




I'm so confused. What kind of company is this?


I would imagine Disney world


Thats what I thought as well. But it sounds like a facility where they would be keeping kids. I'm not from the states. Just trying to understand the setting.


It’s a very famous theme park but I worked in one of the many resorts they had in housekeeping. I promise you know it. Doesn’t matter where you’re from.


I've never been to Disney land or any other resort so this makes sense now. Makes sense. Makes me wanna go Jason bourn and get a job at one so I can take down pedos ex us navy seal style


Yep. Made me question everyone around me. Made me realize how it’s not as uncommon as I initially thought. I realized how naive I was. Being a survivor myself, I’m not afraid to admit that this was my breaking point and I left my job and I really just wanted to go home and drink myself into oblivion and take a bunch of pills. I instead ended up writing to cope and hanging out with my niece and watching her run around and play all happy and safe (My fiancé and I are her caregivers) I hate to be the pile of mush that wants to save all the children and the puppies and fix the world but not being able to do much. It makes me feel helpless and angry at the world.


It's a sad world we live in.


So was the family member charged or anything? They won’t do anything if the boy doesn’t say it? That’s terrible.


They were charged. It just sucks that the company was more worried about their own reputation and seemed unbothered by what happened like it happened every other week. We were all given contracts and basically threatened if we talked about it to anyone and were made to just go on with our day like we didn’t just witness something horrific. Not to mention when my manager said, “Lucky her! (coworker who found the evidence) One less room to worry about!” and laughing and making other inappropriate jokes.