I love that skincolor


Thank you! That means a lot 💖I’m usually told I look sick, especially when the sunlight hits and I’m glowing haha


These are other opinions on you but I just love it not only naked but also with clothes the contrast etc lovely


Pale is the new tan.


Pale is beautiful! It was once a mark of beauty and wealth as the wealthy did not have to work outside. The anxiety comes from you not accepting that you are pale AND beautiful. We are all anxious about being judged on what we don’t like about ourselves. Learn to love you for who you are. Because you are perfect and the people that love you the way you are are the ones you want to be around. Not the ones that wish you were different.


Direct challenge! I'm super anxious person but I exploded sometimes and it always worked. I once told a teacher who repeatedly mentioned that he thinks that I look sick, "ok lissen this is my skin color and that I'm healthy and I don't wanna hear it anymore." and he was very ashamed and said sorry. My ex boss also left annoying comments about me looking colorless/tired so I told him that **these comments make me even more tired** and he was like 'ooops, won't say that again'. Another guy at work felt like it was funny to give me the nickname "Emo" so I told him to seriously stfu or we're not bros anymore and he got it. Ohh and another guy, that was back in my teen years, bullied me and called me corpse, zombie, emo, ..., all the time but he actually had acne so somewhen I drew his face with his acne and handed him the painting just so he can reflect and he shut up from then on. That one was childlike but I was around 14 yo. You can also just say nothing wrong with pale skin or just "wow" and an eyeroll. Or simply "seriously you wanna comment on my skin color?". Or tell them that it's as fucked up to mock light skin as it is with dark skin. (**Also people could stare at you for different reasons, it's probably positive ones!** A therapist told me that somewhen.) Also pale is beautiful, just google pics of extraordinarily pale models for instance to confirm that it is seen as something beautiful and aesthetic too. Helped me see the beauty in it more.


I always thought pale girls were the most gorgeous and always so smooth to the touch. "Glowing" under sunlight is a big plus, like real life angels. Breaking up with my ex hurt the most because i missed her touch hahahaha. You're beautiful, people saying those mean things are jealous, you can bet on that.