Computer gamers complain too much it's become a hobby

Computer gamers complain too much it's become a hobby




Problem is people like you compare it to the 3090, saying "it's a 3090 but cheaper for gaming". Problem is, the 3080 exists and that already was essentially a 3090 for gaming since there already was such small difference in gaming. When the 2080 released it was $800 and the 2080 Ti was $1200. So for 50% more price you got extra VRAM and what was about 25% performance increase. Now they release the 3080 Ti which is 70% higher in price for 10% performance. STOP USING THE 3090 AS A COMPARISON! It sets bad precedent for future releases. The 3090 never was a gaming card, it was a Titan they released with a different name because AMD had 16gb VRAM and Nvidia needed something higher. Next time when they release a 4080 Ti for $1200 with 15% uplift over a $700 RTX4080, everyone will hail the 4080Ti as amazing because of this shit. Honestly the only good thing going forward is that Ethereum mining will end in 2022 so there will be a flood of used GPUs in like 12-18 months and Intel will be joining the GPU market so there will be competition to keep Nvidia and AMD honest.


I'm personally still happy with my 2080 super.