Anyone know what's happening? It only happens I'm I'm on 144Hz.

Anyone know what's happening? It only happens I'm I'm on 144Hz.

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It happens, just power cycle a few times.


Turn the monitor off and back on. I have a Dell that does the same.


Same here


Same. Weird shit.


Same I've called Dell so many times they won't do anything


Just let it go to deep sleep mode rather than turning it off manually. Works consistently for me


I never turn my monitor off. Only when it does this. It's only once a week maybe but still irritating.


Yeah its taking a line of pixels from the center and moving them to the edge for whatever reason. A power cycle has always instantly fixed this for me


Exactly that. It’s weird but easily fixed, luckily.


I have a Acer predator that does that. Hit the standby/power button a couple of times and should reset it. Edit: ASUS to Acer (never post pre-caffeine fix)


Hey Op, don’t. Just go to video settings and change the resolution to whatever and press cancel when given the prompt. It’ll go back to normal


Same problem on a Dell 27", same fix.


This is what I do and it takes care of the problem


Quicker solution is to ctrl+windows+shift+b Sometimes that doesn't work for me tho, so I keep a shortcut to restart64.exe on my desktop (downloads with CRU).


I also have an Asus predator with the same issue. Pulling the power cord fixes it everytime. Although I just had to RMA it due to some weird screen melting kinda issue.


Hey dad, I have a acer predator xb2 it does that sometimes on 240hz I just turn the monitor off and on and it fixes it


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Do you mean like a weird liquid looking melty drip spot at the top of the monitor? Mines been doing that and it's a nightmare to google lol


Yep. Exactly that. It looks like its slowly dripping down in a wave pattern. I sent mine a few days ago for RMA.


Looks like this, not my picture but the exact same thing. https://i.imgur.com/cYVE5OK.png


I also have the same issue with my predator, the middle row of pixels swaps with the right edge pixels. Turn it on and off and all is well.


Yeah pretty sure it's a firmware bug with Acer predator monitors


Same thing here with an Asus. Afaik its an g-sync bug. I think at some point nvidia gpu drivers improved it though because it happens really rarely to me nowadays.


I have a Dell, does the same thing, a quick power cycle fixes it.


Hey dad, same here I have a acer predator xb2 it does that sometimes on 240hz I just turn the monitor off and on and it fixes it any way to fix it or is this a flaw


U mean Acer?


Thanks, I was exhausted when I responded. Acer 100% I'm going to fix that.


Yeah my Asus Predator does this too and turning it off/on fixes it. Happens every few days or so


Same here. Just turn the monitor off and back on and it fixes it.


I have the same problem and I found out exactly what is causing it - when it enters power saving mode after x minutes of inactivity or sometimes when pc goes to sleep. I also have another big issue with this monitor, I watch a lot of youtube but not in full screen and youtube window, subscribe and other side buttons and thumbnails got baked into the screen, so when I'm on desktop which has gray background I can see semitransparent youtube window.


It's the g sync module. I have acer predator That does this. Power off and on to fix.


Turn the monitor off and on? I have this issue sometimes (rare) and this fixes it.


Try Win+Ctrl+Shift+B it resets graphics driver screen will go blank for a sec so dont panic


I researched this for my monitor and I think it's a bug in the Gsync firmware for monitors produced over a certain period of time, but cycling power on the monitor will fix it.


My monitor likes to do this when I open a full screen application. Try resetting the graphics driver by pressing CTL+ALT+WINDOWS+B.


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I restarted my pc because of an update and it has gone away, if it comes back I'll be sure to try you guys' suggestions.


Cycle the power for sure. Mine does that when i shut it off manually and then turn it back on. After one cycle after the issue, it’s fixed. If I just let the monitor go into sleep mode without touching it after putting the computer to sleep, the issue never happens.


Same. Windows + P is also another fix


Have similar issue on an Alienware monitor happens rarely but restarting it fixes it.


Same with my Alienware.


I had a dell gsync monitor that did that, and when it was replaced for an unrelated warranty issue it never happened again (makes me think it was a hardware issue with the first monitor). as others have said when I had it happen I turned the monitor off and back on and it was gone for that instance.


Just turn off and on monitor


Best solution for me is CTRL + SHIFT + WINDOWS + B I have a HP Omen 144Hz sabe happens every once in a while


Same happens to my OMEN monitor. I literally turn it off and back on and it’s fine.


My dell does it in the middle every now and then. Turn monitor off and back on.


This has been happening to me for such a long time and the only way I found to fix it is to reset the graphics drivers or to restart the computer. I have a 1440p 144 HZ monitor with two 1080p monitors to the left and right side of it.


As others said try to power cycle. However this reminds me of how the Mega Drive (Genesis) had some palette swap dots on the bottom of the screen, and it looked similar to this.


My Asus pg258q does this sometimes. Just power cycle the monitor and it should fix.


Turn it off and back on its a gsync bug that happens maybe once a month or once in a couple of months, if had this with 2 Acer panels, from what i know is if your panel can overclock you can completly avoid it on refresh rates that are overclocked, but standard refresh rates it happens.


Turn monitor off/on, works for me.


I have a ViewSonic XG2560 that sometimes does this or goes completely black. I either restart or unplug and plug in the power cable.


I had this problem previously with my old monitor. Just restarting my pc fixed it . Still happened once in awhile tho


Do you have an adjustment in your GPU software for *Overscan*?


Oh I’m not the only one who has this ! I usually either change resolution and revert or use ctrl alt win B shortcut


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My Asus screen done something similar. It was caused by being drunk wine ended up in it and cooked the panel. Then the whole screen got actual broken due me being a spudhead. It's fine just $850 to fix the panel. Needless to say I decided against the repair.


Try changing your resolution my guy it also happens to my tv Display settings>resolution options>use recommended resolution


HDMI cable, i had the same problem


I have the same issue, I believe it has to do with G-SYNC. Power cycling the monitor fixes the issue.


Single screen?


Haha sounds like a predator problem cause same. Can confirm swapping resolutions fixes it


I have had this happen to me a couple times and **Ctrl+Shift+Win+B** always fixes it for me. Also resetting resolution through Nvidia Control Panel not sure what AMD calls theirs.


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I had the same issue. Replugging the cable helped. I always had to replug the cable after pc was started


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Lol ye same thing happens on my dual monitor setup.


iirc it is a gsync bug which can happen sometimes. Change the resolution back and forth and it is fixed again.


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Same with a ViewSonic monitor with G-Sync module. Got it for ~3 years now and happens roughly once in a month. Turning it off and on again works for me. That bug seems to creep around for some time apparently.


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I have the same problem with asus pg258q, unplugging and plugging display port from gpu usually solves it.


It's because you have epic games installed.


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Sometimes happens with my dell monitor. I turn it off and on or unplug and replug the cable


I had an acer screen do that because I was actively converting a DVI signal from a display port or HDMI, I forget which. And it was causing this as one of the ports can’t support enough data transfer for 144Hz 1080p, drop it down to 120Hz and it should go away if you’re converting it as well


i have 2 Dell monitors, 2k 144hz. this happens everyone in a while.. i shut the monitor down and when its back its normal again


It will be the pg279q or a model with the same panel it uses. Gsync strip bug. You can't fix it afaik. just turn off and on when it happens to clear it.


You added some hz so you got more rgb too. Thats how it works. Add rgb to get fps


Changing your screen resolution and back should fix it as well.


Looks like you only got 139hz there. Short changed you.


I just change the screen resolution and then back to my original resolution and it fixes it. (its really fast to do)


Just turn it off and back on.


I get this exact thing on my AOC AGON AG241QG. It always happens on Displayport. If I press display button to switch to HDMI and back, it corrects itself.


I have a dell monitor that does that too. Usually I just unplug my dp cable from my gpu and plug it back in to fix it. Way faster than restarting your computer


Try to use their build in "auto correct/adjust" button/key.


Usually turn off n on fixes it


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Freesync o gsync on?


Alota great responses in here, alot people are saying reboots and what, one guy got wise on changing resolutions, I use the Nvidia control panel to toss that monitor into a Fullscreen or no ratio change and it fixes it. This only happens on my 27 dell.


My predator does this as well. Turn the monitor off and back on. It’s just a resolution glitch.


Had this happen on my crappy omen. I restarted the monitor and it fixed itself


Call the time and space dimension hotline I think that's the issue ur seeing wah u shouldn't is all


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The same thing happens to my Dell 27” 144 hrs monitor. When I change the refresh rate, it resets. So weird.


I had this before. If you go into the nvidia control panel and disable gsync and then re-enable it, it should go away.


Happen to my dell sd2716dg too, just turn your monitor on and of and it'll go away.


Iv had the same issue, Iv read.. and it’s helped me out that you should shut down your pc if you constantly leaving it on cause you stressing it out. But yeh I turned off and on and it was fine


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Horizontal Synchronization settings automatically set by GPU doesn't match with the ones monitor need. Restarting monitor usually helps, but only for current session (one use repair). To fix this issue constantly, in Nvidia control panel you can adjust the values (custom Resolution setting). USE PRE-CREATED TABLES FOR ANY RESOLUTION AND REFRESH RATE or your monitor can die because of wrong signal sent by gpu.


There's a video on YouTube where the guy is creating custom "world's worst" GPU. In this videos he's explaining all nuances of monitor timings adjustment


That’s a new feature of modern monitors.


My monitor does this I just go into nvidia control and change the refresh rate and then put it back


Think it's called overscan.


update bios and check ram sticks induvidually, that fixed it for me


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Pull the power cord to fix it. It'll come back after a week or so though, happens on my asus.


Common with asus monitors just RMA it, had the same issue with my old one. Asus is a joke.


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Easy fix, run a sharpie along the edges.