One of the flights out of Kabul.

One of the flights out of Kabul.


For anyone curious, the current world record for most passengers on a single plane is [El Al Boeing 747](https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/most-passengers-on-an-aircraft/?fb_comment_id=615636465231366_786751524786525) in 1991 with 1088. They were refugees being evacuated from Ethiopia to Israel. The number includes 2 births that took place midflight. Not sure if any of these flights broke or will break that record, but it wouldn't surprise me it if did.


Damn can you imagine giving birth while people packed all around you like sardines.


What citizenship does the kid get?


The short version is it depends on the airspace, some countries are applying the right of blood, others the right of the soil.


Jus soli and jus sanguinis! That international law class is finally paying off. Thanks, Dr. Dondelinger!


I'll have jus one sanguini, thank you


A jus d‘orange for me, please.


Normal flights are considered part of the country you left until you get through the customs of the arrival location. If you’re going to France but haven’t gone through their customs yet, you are still in the previous countries jurisdiction.


Pretty sure these aren't normal flights. In either case, they'll go through a long and arduous path to citizenship for another country.


Fairly certain if the parents are claiming asylum, the government they are asking will consider the child as part of the “I’m scared my country will kill my family” deal.




Skyborn Citizenship Chart Boeing - Seattleite Airbus - Hamburger Bombardier - Montréalais(e)


Israel gave them all citizenship


Mile High


Can you imagine being the second person to go into labor while all the medical personnel is taking care of person 1? I cannot.


Labour can take a long time so it’s possible both were already in labour before getting on the plane… Medical personnel aren’t much help until the last few minutes anyhow (and/or if they bring useful pain relief.)


Not to be insensitive to the poor women giving birth on an airplane, but can you imagine being the people crammed in right NEXT TO the women giving birth? It doesn’t seem like a very tidy process.


gina juice and blood all over my favourite trousers 😩


Don’t forget the poo.


They're using C-17's so not likely, but if they were using C-5's they could easily pack 1000 people in there


Ya these can allegedly only handle 85 tons though in sure there's a 25-50% safety fudge factor in there so I think they could actually handle at least 100 tons if absolutely necessary... However, going off 85 tons and if everyone weighed 150lbs, they can manage a touch over 1100 people, if the square footage allows it. I'd be surprised if they could manage that many people but I have no firsthand knowledge of these planes


With USAF cargo planes theres always a "safe operating weight" and a increased "wartime weight" for cargo aircraft. I was only familiar with the C-130


Operation Solomon. 35 covert flights of over 14,000 people in 36 hours. An incredible operational and humanitarian story.


Imagine dropping everything you have and getting on a plane to a foreign country with nothing but clothes that you have on. Insane


I can’t imagine the feeling of managing to get into that plane and it finally taking flight. Lightest and heaviest all at once.


Exactly, I can't believe how people can deny refugees because they have literally lost everything to escape. I live in Pakistan and we have refugees pouring in because of the afghan war and despite not having the resources to integrate them were still taking in the refugees because it's their last hope. I really wish the crisis come to a good end and the Talibans are defeated because I still remember being traumatized by the bombings and attacks the Taliban did in our country so I can only imagine how much worse the situation is in Afghanistan


I'm almost 50. My great grandfather was my age when they fled Latvia as the Soviets closed in on the Germans in 1941. I can't imagine picking up a suitcase, filling it with my most prized possessions and a change of clothes, and fleeing to another country. But that's what they did. Some of these refugees only have the clothes on their backs. I truly hope these people see a better life like my family did after this ordeal.


It’s crazy how many people in this thread have family with stories like this. I’d hope they have empathy for the thousands of people across the world attempting this every day.


I hope you have some photos or family heirlooms from that time. Every future generation in your family deserves to know this story and remember that the incredible spirit to survive of that one man changed your family tree forever.


I had to switch countries a couple of times and each time it was really hard. Getting adjusted to the new language and culture and leaving so so much behind. I can't even begin to imagine not even being able to bring any possessions and not even know if I'd ever be able to return. Really puts things in perspective.


I hope these fellow humans find some peace.


Ugh imagine being on that plane as the door closing … the emotion your mind goes through!


Imagine being the pilots, flying essentially an aerodynamic building through the stratosphere, responsible for the lives of 640+ people.


Air crew decided to "just go for it" according to one source I read. They knew they were over capacity but made the choice to not kick any of these people off the plane and took off with everyone on board. I hope history remembers them as some of the good ones


I read they were 5 fold the number of passengers allowed, but well within the weight capacity of the plane. Danger would be hitting bad turbulence, but pretty sure none of them would mind that compared to staying.


Yeah that plane can fly perfectly fine when fully loaded up with tanks. I’m sure they weren’t worried about weight, and I’m sure everyone in there wouldn’t mind braking a bone or something if there were really bad turbulence.


Imagine being outside as the doors shut and watching it leave without you


Just saw a disturbing video of a person falling off the plane at sever hundred feet.


Yes. These people are us, just somewhere else. I feel bad when I see stuff like this because I know I did nothing to earn my place here, just won life’s lottery…


Thanks for this.


This is something all of us should realize and think about. Unfortunately, most will just take things for granted and claim they deserve more for simply being born at a specific place.


Leaving their home never to return with only the clothes on their backs


And they're the lucky ones.


Blows my mind how in 2021 people are still trapped likes it's the 1900s ... There are just fellow humans ...


Civilization is just a few missed meals away from devolving into the same situation.




My favorite part was when all of those assholes weren't allowed to sell back their toilet paper and water crates. Fuck them. Also, the bullet hoarders can get fucked to. Stupid assholes....


Back in 2008, a dude at my range bought a *pallet* of 5.56mm. On credit. His plan was to wait until after Obama banned ammunition and then sell it for a huge markup. 100,000 rounds, $34,000. My question always was, how can someone so goddamn stupid manage to have a credit card with that high of a limit? He ended up selling most of it to people at the range for a discount just to pay the credit card bills.


What a dumb shit....


Now if he had done it in 2019...


He probably wouldn't be on an ATFE list


I had to shower after taking a dump on a number of occasions.


I invested in a bidet before they got hoarded too


Dude same. I worked retail during that and that was pure hell to deal with. We just put pallets of toilet paper on the store floor out there and watched people become sharks like there was a drop of blood in the water. I now view humans a lot lower


> like it’s the 1900s *[The Taliban] spokesman explained:* *”The Sharia does not allow politics or political parties. That is why we give no salaries to officials or soldiers, just food, clothes, shoes, and weapons. We want to live a life like the Prophet lived 1400 years ago, and jihad is our right. We want to recreate the time of the Prophet, and we are only carrying out what the Afghan people have wanted for the past years.”*


So they giving up their phones and will never access the internet from this day forward? Will they destroy their guns and resort to stones and sticks and arrows and swords? Will they get rid of all the cars and use horses and camels? They’re full of shit.


You didn’t know the the Prophet rolled around In a Chevy with all his AK’s in the back with an M15 in his off hand while driving? Your lack of religious knowledge astounds me. *You need to study their culture more to understand*


You're getting to the roots of religious fundamentalism, regardless of religion: oppression for thee, but not for me as an insider.


The state of the world, 2021. Not just religion, everything.


I didn't know that the prophet had fully automated weapons 1400 years ago.


Killing in the name of


Unfortunately, it never stopped, it's been happening continuously since ancient times.


I had a friend in college whose family fled the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1978 a similar way (rather than a plane, by night, over the mountains, just the clothes on their backs). She had never gone back. She said that she didn't appreciate as a little girl how many times they came close to dying on that trip.


> She said that she didn't appreciate as a little girl how many times they came close to dying on that trip. I know this is intended as 'didn't understand how many times they came close to dying' but I prefer to think of a little girl making indignant, snarky "WELL THAT WASN'T NECESSARY WAS IT?" comments each time they had a brush with death.


I would guess it was more like, "We were hiding in the back of a truck but thankfully the guard at the checkpoint didn't think to look behind the boxes," or "We left this one village a couple of hours before the army got there and killed everyone." As opposed to literal dodging bullets and hanging onto the side of a cliff with your bare hands type stuff.


EDIT: *Stop it with the* "Thank you for your service" *bit. It's such an utterly toxic and hollow thing to say. It absolutely* **DOES NOT HELP** *at all.* >As opposed to literal dodging bullets and hanging onto the side of a cliff with your bare hands type stuff. With the videos of people falling from the plane shortly after take off, this is especially haunting to read. I can't even begin to imagine how desperate those people could have felt. Just over 4 years of my life spent in Iraq, and I remember the horror of watching ISIS sweep through. Mosul and Tikrit are two of the cities I spent a lot of time in, and I was in good terms with some of the locals. Years later, as ISIS took over I couldn't help but wonder what happened to them and their families. One guy in particular, I always brought peanut M&Ms for his daughters because they absolutely loved them. I actually started drinking again because I could not stop thinking about them. Now it's happening all over again, but in Afghanistan. Never served there, but I know there's good people there scared senseless and wondering what will happen to them. The same fear is there, just for people I don't even know.


Hey. Don’t let the pain we saw there bring you back to some dark spaces. Call the VA crisis help line. Call a friend. I feel your pain, brother. Don’t go it alone.


I know it's not very meaningful coming from me, but thanks for sharing.


Sorry, man. If you ever need an anonymous ear to talk about it, drop me a line.


I know the feeling, man. I was stationed at TQ, Iraq '06-'07. We had two Iraqi interpreters that were like brothers to us. Our command wanted to sponsor their US citizenship. I know one of them accepted but the other was on the fence. I sometimes wonder if the other made it to the US with his family or not. Another family crosses my mind from time to time. I was part of the security platoon for an engineering battalion, and we were doing some missions out of COP Riviera. We were doing some repairs to a ramp for bridge. One of the locals came out and asked if we could help his sick daughter. Our Corpsman gave her some anti-biotics and she got better. As a thank you, the father let us put Marines on top of his house for overwatch. One day, I was walking with our interpreter and VC. The Iraqi guy offered us to come inside and eat. Man....I have to tell you, that was one of the best meals I ever had. We sat and talked for a while. Out of all the bad that happened there, this is the one memory I try to hold onto. We had exchanged emails and I tried to message him a couple times. never got a reply. It makes my heart sink to think that they didn't make it through. I really hope they're ok.


My grandmother was deported by the Soviets from Poland in 1940... same thing. She was kicked out of her home with nothing more than the clothes they had on their backs and maybe a bag if they were lucky, never to return home. She would die before I was born in the late 80's in the US, and never got to see her home again. Same went for my grandfather, a Polish officer who was sent to a German POW camp until 1945. From there, he joined the Polish II Corps and went to the UK before immigrating to the US. Died in the mid-nineties when I was a little kid, never saw his home again. Both left Poland in 1940, and both died never seeing their homes again. My mom talked at great length about how miserable they both were that they could never go home, to see their families, etc. It's the same shit, century after century. I feel for the people on this plane - they're the lucky ones, but it's impossible to fathom the pain of leaving your home never to return ever again like this.


I'm just happy to see women and children, the exterior runway shot from earlier didn't reflect that at all


Really puts the sheer size of that plane into perspective.


I've emergency airlifted people in the c-17 (pictured here) and we typically only go up to 188 passengers (been 10 years since I've been a loadmaster) with sidewall and pallet seating, so this is an impressively dangerous load. There likely isn't much in the way of a load plan for this because of the criticality of the exit. They are all floor seated and don't even appear to have straps for restraint. Usually we have centralized seats or pallets full of seats to airlift people. The last time I remember us floor loading was Haiti I believe.


So if this plane, with unstrapped passengers, does a steep enough climb, dive, or bank, they can all fall to one side or into the tail section, and totally unbalance the plane which could cause it to crash?


Yes to the first part, but it won't crash.


Your are correct about Hati from what I read elsewhere.


Nice, was there, and pretty much every big mission/engagement from 2005 until 2011, so I was kind of going off memory. Most of this stuff is a rehash or departure from the big days of conflict. We attempted to avoid anything like this as it's very dangerous and we can move thousands of passengers in a day with pallet seating (which we have tons of). One tactical decent for either munitions or a failed refueling (as another stated they might be doing in flight refuels) results in a break away, and everyone in the cargo compartments is going to the ceiling and slamming back down on top of each other.


I would imagine the pilot would have needed to be very careful about his initial rate of ascent to avoid the mass of unrestrained bodies sliding back and taking the centre of mass with it...there was a video of a cargo plane lifting off from Baghram years ago where the load shifted and it stalled and crashed. If there is 1000 people in this hold and each weighs and average of 70kg, that is pretty close to its maximum payload already...


C-17 is a squat boy, doesn't typically get affected like that. Edit* fixed my spelling. Stupid engrish


Cool. Interesting to know. Thank you!


I think in the video you're referring to it was a couple of tanks that wasn't secured properly and shifted toward the back of the cargo area, resulting in the plane going nose up and crashing.


Somewhere there is a team of logistics officers who haven't slept in days... and won't for awhile.


As a former logistics Marine you are so right. No one cares about us until suddenly they need lots of stuff or people to go somewhere ASAP.


You're basically the friend with the truck.


I would say Motor T is the friend with the truck. I'm just the guy that knows how to load the truck so it doesn't crash, explode, sink, or fall out of the sky.


Flying trucks, you Americans really got the top tech.


Wait until you see our guns that shoot out other, slightly smaller, guns!


Don't forget the nuclear missiles that fire smaller nuclear missiles in a carpet bomb fashion.


The friend with the C-10.


"Heeeey, long time no see! Hey, got any plans for the weekend?"


Got any planes for the weekend?


The only Vet I ever met with a thousand yard stare was an logistics officer. Super nice guy. Just... shaken. To the core. The only time he went into what was going on in his head was when we were discussing data science. Apparently when he was in, he was responsible for building some logistical algorithms to prioritize deployment of supplies across multiple types of theaters (war zones, disasters, humanitarian missions) based on a bunch of factors (risk, consequences if not supplied, distance, inventory). Then they can route supplies as needed. The thing is that it basically commoditized a lot of things down to single metrics like "lives". But the reality is every one of those lives is someone's son or daughter, with hopes, dreams, and a life. And when he got reports where there were real tangible losses of people without supplies because of his algos, it broke him. Like, hundreds, thousands of people. But thousands and thousands of people more *did* get supplies. But he just couldn't focus on that, just the people he felt he failed. He didn't make it. It's such a shame, he was an awesome engineer. It gave me such a deep respect for logistics folks. Logistics is literally life and death.




Please don't delete it. Those of us who are completely on the outside can only see what we are shown and this is no rose-colored view. It needs to be seen, felt, and remembered. Let us do those things with you.


"Amateurs talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics" - General Omar Bradley.


I have never been in the armed services, but I care about you. The planners always get all the blame for what goes wrong and no credit for what goes right. Thank you for what you do and did.


Serious question, what all does the logistic teams do in these situations?


All the people with kids, makes me want to cry. Imagine being so relieved that you are getting out and getting your children to safety but also having litterally no idea where you are going or how you are going to live and probably never seeing your home ever again.


I’m thinking about pets and grandparents and favorite blankets - and the relatives left behind. Just heartbreaking and infuriating that we didn’t plan for this. I support leaving - but not like THIS.


I hadn’t even thought of all the poor animals. I feel so sick.


If it's any consolation, pets are not very common in the Middle east, their culture doesn't encourage pet ownership the way ours does.


I’ll never forget the time I had some Muslim women in my shop and a person entered with a dog on a leash. Pets were welcome as long as they were leashed and well behaved. The women were horrified. I think the dog sniffed or somehow touched the hem of their garment and it was all over. I felt bad and I think I gave them a 50% discount on their stuff that day but damn… Short answer is yes, they don’t consider most domesticated animals pets. And dogs are considered especially dirty. Just damn. Lesson learned, but I still like dogs to come into the shop. I have also spent some time in India and I understand the concept of street dogs. They breed like crazy, no one “owns” them, they are aggressive and scary. They live off street scraps and trash. Not uncommon for that part of the world. At the same time, we in the US tend to take stupid good care of our pets. We love dogs, we couldn’t imagine the idea of street dogs fending for themselves but that’s how it is a half a world away.


Where is the flight going?


Probably an airforce base in an adjacent country


Poor people. Hope they find help


US Air Force base Qatar


It flew to the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.


That's a crazy amount of people. I also read somewhere they were taking in about 800 souls on some flights, seems about right for this picture.


This is the ~~800~~ person flight, most are not so large though ~~Recent reports have put the actual total at 640~~ Final Edit 4 days later, the count is 823 source: https://twitter.com/AirMobilityCmd/status/1428700131524845569


This totally reminds me of the flights full of Cambodian refugees during the reign of the Khmer Rouge, and I fully support getting as many Afghan refugees out of there as can be humanly accomplished. Fill commercial flights if necessary, but deliver them to safety with whole families intact.


Truly grateful and privileged to have the life I live. We take the small things for granted. Feel so bad for these people


Guy in the back giving off strong main character energy. Wish all these folks good fortune wherever they're going.


He wants to talk to the manager of the United States.


At first I was like, there's hundreds of people in this picture. How the hell am I supposed to know what guy in the back he's talking about? Then I saw him.


that's just Jesus


This is simultaneously a lot of people and not enough people


Guy in the back smart, but does anyone know where all these people are going to go? Who’s accepting them as refugees? I hope this flight reaches its destination safely, and wish the Taliban defeat.


Apparently we’ve waived the usual requirements for immigration papers for refugees from Afghanistan in Britain. This was a bit of a surprise because the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, wanted to export asylum seekers to a prison island.


> export asylum seekers to a prison island Australia 2.0?


Except now Australia has it's own prison island. Joyfully named Christmas island. It's like prison island-ception. Oh and also Nauru and Manus, but technically they're not ours.


I can't tell if this is a reference to Australia's own immigration policy or our history as a convict prison camp. Isn't that depressing.


Yeah it's at least Australia 3.0 as Straya' has its own prison island. It's Australias all the way down.


Defeat? It's over, there's noone trying to defeat them.


Canada is accepting a lot of refugees from Afghanistan


20 000 to be more specific.


I first saw all the pictures of people outside the planes, and all I could think was "how heartless!" However, seeing this, man, they were taking everyone that could possibly fit on those planes.


I know there was at least one of these C-17s that took off with an estimated 800 souls on board when they're not supposed to exceed 600. They luckily are probably just transporting these people to Al Udeid which is not too long of a flight, before they can be moved from there. I don't think we can thank these crews enough for doing what they could with the time and the resources they were given. The people that cause this situation though...


the pilot overestimated a bit, when they landed they counted 640. still, amazing.


My bro is there right now flying missions. This is the most stressed I have ever been.


From what I've seen and heard the Taliban are letting the US evacuate who they can so that they can just leave once and for all. I think the real danger in an event like this comes from the panic and anxiety of these large groups of people all trying to get out. Fingers crossed all goes well.


> From what I've seen and heard the Taliban are letting the US evacuate who they can so that they can just leave once and for all It would be the strategically smart decision, but who knows with these guys.


His hard work is directly responsible for saving thousands of lives. It's a scary time, for sure, but his part in this will be something to be proud of for a lifetime.


I’m sure he’ll be alright, I’m sorry you’re going through this. Thank him for his service for me, he’s a hero!


I’m hoping so! And hope he comes home soon! Other bro could possibly be leaving in the next day or so. Sighhh Edit: other bro is leaving tomorrow to assist with evac. I’ll just sit here and keep paying my taxes. Lol


There were even links to another perspective where the plane took off and you can see some people... losing grip on the plane to say the very least


Yeah that was horrible to watch. Ironically maybe it reminded me of the videos of people jumping from the upper floors of the world trade center on 9/11.


I thought the same thing. An Incredibly dark full circle


Anyone that somehow managed to hold onto the plane after take off is dead. Those planes fly high enough the people outside would lose conscious and fall off.


Where did you see these links?


[here's one](https://mobile.twitter.com/AsvakaNews/status/1427206845706379266?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1427206845706379266%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_c10&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-35818544692745733756.ampproject.net%2F2107302322001%2Fframe.html)


That's heartbreaking


Reminds me of the people who fell from the WTC on 9/11. And in some way, the same terrorists are partially responsible for both this and that.


people so desperate to get out, so little hope for another plane to take them. Damn that is heartbreaking.


I audibly gasped at this. Those poor people.


I mean, even the scenes at the airport, as sad as they were, seemed to be caused by the panic. It wasn’t the last plane out, and we and other countries were coming back for them. The fact that the Taliban were not firing rockets at the air strip, even though they clearly could was a good sign. That being said, the people falling off the plane will be burned into my mind like the people jumping from the towers.


Frankly, the Taliban doesn't want people who don't want to be there. They are all going to be troublemakers and dissenters. On top of that, provoking the US military now is completely counter to their goals. We've made commitments to protect the airport, and if they take action we are very likely to retaliate which is the last thing they want. Having this go smoothly and peacefully also gives them an air of legitimacy on the international stage which is another bonus for them. The question really is, how easy is it to get to the airport. And how long will the US military enforce the safe evacuation?


I feel like as long as the major criticism of the administration from this could be “we left allies behind” I think the US will enforce it as long as it takes to eliminate that talking point.


I'd be fine if they held the airport indefinitely for people who wanted to leave.


The unfortunate part is (if what I’ve read is correct, and I hope it’s not) the airport is surrounded by the Taliban and unless you are already in the airport you aren’t likely to leave. Again, I hope that’s not true but it’s not unlikely, as horrible as it is.


Imagine how heartbreaking it would be to be the last one to board, or the first one shut out from the plane. Ugh.


A photo from the inside of Reach 871, a U.S. Air Force C-17 flown from Kabul to Qatar yesterday with 640 Afghans on board


There were people literally clinging to the outside of the plane as it was taking off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrJxqEwIcxU


And a few fell to their deaths as the aircraft took off (I don’t suggest you watch the footage). I saw people jumping out the Towers when I was 7, now I get to see this 2 decades later.


Poor pilots too. Basically being ordered to take off through a crowd. That has to be rough on them. Everything about this situation just sucks.


That’s a hell of a parallel.


I remember when the documentary said ”People started hearing explosions, fearing that the terrorist had began opening fire near the towers but it was actually people who had jumped and landed on cars and concrete”. I just can’t fucking imagen having that noise permantently in your head


It's a noise that will haunt me the rest of my life.


That's whats in the link he posted. So heartbreaking.


I was thinking the same thing. Horrifying images, but at the same time very important to witness. In both cases, that those people chose the path they did speaks volumes of the horrors they were enduring or expected to endure. I just can’t. And I bet when it lands there will be some crushed or suffocated people in the wheel wells. What a goat fuck.


Holy shit


We are witnessing a humanitarian crisis unfolding. I don’t know how to solve it but it definitely breaks my heart. Especially for those women and children left behind.


I feel like my whole life I've done nothing but watch humanitarian crises unfold


Traditional college freshmen and sophmores have never lived in a time that we weren't at war in Afghanistan.


So many young people in Afghanistan have never known the tyranny of the Taliban rule.


I was just reading about the all-women robotics students and my heart just sinks knowing what awaits them if they can't get out of there.


Yeah I read that too so heart breaking. I read another report where teachers were sending girls back home.


If anyone else wants to read about them [here’s an article.](https://nypost.com/2021/08/16/afghanistans-all-girls-robotics-team-reportedly-desperate-to-flee-country/)


Holy crap it’s literally the handmaiden’s tale. Snatching up intellectual girls to force into breeding stock.


I really hope we take them in. The international press could make them big targets.


The median age in Afghanistan is 18. The majority of the country was born post US invasion


The population of Afghanistan was 21 million in 2001. Since then, the population has increased by *17 million*.


Yea. Child mortality plummeted and the average lifespan skyrocketed despite the couple hundred thousand civilian deaths. Wonder how long it takes for that you go right back.


Here seems a good place to put a timeline. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7TDSUqdN2c Afghani women used to be allowed to do fun stuff like drive, get an education...wait till they're grown to get married...war in the name of religion and ceaseless foreign invasion since the 70's has made it a hell hole.


The Taliban has held and contested a lot of territory for a long long time. Even if you were in Kabul, you were well aware of the shit that was happening several kilometers away.


Now that I think about that indeed it feels like that.


They happen all the time - always have throughout history, we just hear about them more now. And you're just one person so you really can't do much other than watch. So yeah, I'd say that feeling like you're always just watching these is (unfortunately) expected.


Sadly, it's no different than the last 100 years. 1900 opened with the Spanish Flu, then had WW1 as opening act, Intermission with the Great Depression, Act 2 was WW2, then the Korea and Vietnam epilogues and the Cold War as a great cliffhanger to hook people into sticking around for Season 2. EDIT: got my events mixed up. WW1 started first, opening the show with a bang, then came Spanish flu.


It's been like this for as long as there have been humans. Just with less media coverage before there were media.


For sure and the information overload I think is horrible for people's psyche. Big difference between watching the 6 o'clock local news and beaming the world's atrocities and issues to your phone 247. Sometimes I really do think ignorance is bliss


Seriously though, if you actually feel like watching the news/coming onto Reddit is harming you mentally, shut them off. Horrible things are going to happen either way and you personally won't be able to solve the world's problems even if you know about them.


and the flood of ISIS-like videos hasn't even started yet. I guess that what little remains of archaelogical treasures in the country will be intentionally destroyed just like the Buddhas of Bamiyan


Oh yah the propaganda videos are yet to come. Posing next to abandoned military equipment


btw, if anyone asks why didnt they leave before. And Afghan passport is the worst passport in the world, you literally need a visa to go anywhere.


I cant believe things like this are happening in 21st century..I wish all the best for Afgans


I can feel the relief of making it on this photo


I can feel the anxiety of what's to come. Where will they go? Thank goodness they're out, but I hope they're not heading somewhere that will just send them back.


Yeah I don’t see a whole lot of relief in that photo. I see a lot of scared and anxious folks not knowing what the next day or rest of their lives will look like, where they’ll end up and if they’ll ever see their family again.


I’m sure it’s a huge pot of that *plus* relief that they made it mixed with heartbreak thinking about those that didn’t. An overwhelming potpourri of emotion.


I told a colleague this morning that when I had to go the US embassy in Germany to get my H1-B visa application processed, people were climbing the fence, screaming and crying when the two hour window closed for applications that day. I pushed people aside and got one of the forms that allowed me entry that day and get my application processed rather than do a return trip. Like many others, I had by then waited in line for 5 hours, had seen people turned away because of errors on the form (many had traveled several hours to get the embassy and now had to do a return trip). But when the guy came with the forms and I pretty much had to do mosh pit dive / bouncer arm shove to get the damn form and then saw people trying to climb the fence to force their way into the embassy without the form - I decided right then to get my Green card ASAP. When I came back to the US, I went right away to my department chair and told him that I wanted to apply for my green card and he agreed to write me a letter - his rate was 15:0 approvals - I made it 16:0 and never visited a US embassy again. To all those born in the US, keep these images from Kabul and many other places in the world in mind - appreciate that you have a citizenship that many people will die trying to get. And in my family’s case, it took four generations starting from my great grandfather to finally get the right to live and vote in this country.


This is horrible My heart aches for the Afghan people


I work with a woman who was on the last flight out of Saigon. She was one of the babies: her mom handed her over to a serviceman in hopes her baby would have a better life. She did. This woman has had what we would consider a totally normal American life: high school, prom, husband, house in the suburbs. She has adopted parents who she loves, but I know she wonders about her birth mom.


I’ve taken a tour of a C-17 Globemaster at a local air show. As massive as the cargo hold is, it still amazes me that they fit that many people inside of it. Nice job by the USAF!


God, those poor people.


No doubt, man. Sitting in America in my house and thinking I had it bad then I saw that picture. A real wake up call I needed.


I can't even imagine the collective relief these passengers feel.


I can’t and won’t pretend to speak for them, but relief may not be what they’re feeling. They haven’t made it yet: They still need to be officially granted asylum, new papers, get a new job and forever carry the trauma that implies being forced to flee and leave your friends, family, belongings and life behind.


True. But to make the plane in the first place seems like a miracle, judging by the airport photos. It’s crazy the amount of stress placed on all these people so suddenly.


SMH.... not sure how I would feel if I am one of them. Happy because I am leaving the shit hole and the Taliban killers behind to seek a new life in the US with nothing to my name except for the shirt on my back? Or sad because I will probably not see my country, my friends, and everything that I know my whole life ever again. And knowing all my countrymen left behind will have to deal with whatever shit they have to deal with? So tragic...


Executives from Spirit, RyanAir, and Frontier Airlines are studying these pics carefully….