This is what you can find in a local gun store from Texas

This is what you can find in a local gun store from Texas


# "Why is 'Spanish Flu' or 'Ebola' okay, but 'China Virus' is not?" In short, the Spanish Flu was named in 1918. Ebola was named in 1976. In more recent times, it was noted that the use of names such as "swine flu" and "Middle East Respiratory Syndrome" had unintended negative impacts by stigmatizing certain communities or economic sectors. It seems trivial to some, but disease names really do matter to the people who are directly affected. We've seen certain disease names provoke a backlash against members of particular religious or ethnic communities, create unjustified barriers to travel, commerce and trade, and trigger needless slaughtering of food animals. **In 2015, the World Health Organization changed their practice of naming disease** after locations/animals because of these issues, and state that a disease name should consist of generic descriptive terms, based on the symptoms that the disease causes (e.g. respiratory disease, neurologic syndrome, watery diarrhea) and more specific descriptive terms when robust information is available on how the disease manifests, who it affects, its severity or seasonality (e.g. progressive, juvenile, severe, winter). If the pathogen that causes the disease is known, it should be part of the disease name (e.g. coronavirus, influenza virus, salmonella).


There’s one near me that says you can’t play Pokémon go on the premises.


There's a pokestop in the parking lot of a gun shop off the highway. It's one of the only one with in a few miles from my area. (way out in the country) They have a big sign saying Parking lot is only for customers. Then other signs inferring they have guns and will use them to their discretion.


Nothing like a threatening person playing a game on their cell phone. Must use my rights of gun ownership to commit a crime by shooting at them because I felt threatened by their presence and my failing business. Probably would have more customers if this person wasn’t just taking up spots to use this poke man stop! /s


And it's dumb, since the marketing opportunity is right there. "Stop by our parking lot for PokemonGo, and if you're after bigger game stop in to see our collection of hunting rifles."


"If your PokeBall doesn't work, drop in for an upgrade."


Man the curry in pokecamp tonight has extra protein!




Someone should tell them that they can email Niantic and have them disable all spawns and remove all stops on any property they can prove they legally own.


That would involve them using a computer and filling out paperwork, which (based on my interactions with the public as a civil servant) is far more stressful and complicated for older men than just yelling at some kids.


Get off my lawn!


It the hight of masking last year I made a stop at a local gun shop that had a mask usage requirement. They did however require you to remove your mask and face their security camera. After you "smiled for the camera" you were required to mask back up before they let you continue shopping. Edit: Jesus fucking christ reddit.... I never thought my anecdote about my experience would have gotten this much traction on a post that already had 500+ comments. Looking back on it and the majority of the replies I suppose its just vague enough that you've all been able to interpret it however you like. Thanks to the OGs who let me know I'm a fucking idiot for a typo! Yall what I expect from the internet. Mask up and get vaccinated.


Airports do this too


How about a packed air plane and then the come thru with pretzels and drinks and everyone removes their mask at the same time. It’s kind of amazing


I had just boarded my return flight last week on my birthday of all days. I had been keeping an eye on a guy at the gate that hadn't been wearing a mask the entire time. Just before they were going to close the plane doors they confronted the guy 3 times over about 10 minutes. The third time he refused again and they motioned for two federal officers to come escort him off the plane, all the while he's shouting to everyone to take their masks off. Banned from Sun Country for life.


What did he think was going to happen!?


Getting put on a no fly list to own the libs...


>Banned from Sun Country for life. Honestly did the man a favor.


Not if you live in Minnesota


And want to fly to a casino that isn't in Vegas


Just flew Alaska airlines last week. While waiting to board the gate attendant stated over the intercom “masks are required at all times while on the flight and at the gate. If you refuse to wear a mask at the gate we will assume you will refuse to wear a mask on the flight and you will not be allowed to board” - I like that approach.


Alaska Airlines does not put up with anti-maskers and their bullshit. https://www.ktoo.org/2021/09/09/alaska-airlines-flight-diverted-to-juneau-after-passenger-makes-threats-and-group-violates-mask-protocol-officials-say/ https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/alaska-lawmaker-banned-airline-says-she-can-t-reach-capital-n1278947


Just flew this past week, from what I've seen most people around me just lowered their masks to eat, then put them back up. Flight attendants were good at asking people to re-mask. I was surprised. This was to and from Florida as well.


On my planes everyone just kept them on mostly


People do get confused about this, its not about 100% removal of covid. Its about mitigation. Is it better to wear a mask for x amount of time compared to not wearing one at all? Maybe an inconvenience either way but it reduces the risk.


This is how many large casinos work. Some will have you take pictures with your mask on and off so they can identify you either way.


The casinos in Atlantic City are only making you pull your mask down and look up at the camera when redeeming winnings for cash at the teller windows.


If you visit a dispensary here in CO they will ask you to remove your mask so that they can compare your ID photo to your face, before entering. edit: Many are saying they haven't experienced this in CO. I've always been asked to remove it for ID.


I went into one with a mask, sunglasses, and a hat on. They ID'd me as soon as I walked in, but they only asked me to take my hat off for a second. That seemed silly.


Hahaha, wtf. "I'm sorry sir, but the receding hairline in your picture doesn't match your head. This picture has WAY more hair."


Fair and accurate in my case


And that makes sense for both security and liability


I was gonna comment, "who would ever be dumb enough to rob a gun store", and then I remembered everything about the past few years and snapped back to reality. (Obligatory: oh, there goes gravity)


That's banks in my area


Actually, that's pretty reasonable.


Yep. Totally cool had to do the same thing. I love my guns but I love safety and security above that. If you can't stand having your picture taken in a safe environment because you choose to own deadly weapons, you probably shouldn't own deadly weapons.


After a long day at the rope factory I just want to unwind at the range. WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA


A string walks into a bar with a few friends and orders a beer. The bartender says, "I'm sorry, but we don't serve strings here." The string walks away a little upset and sits down with his friends. A few minutes later he goes back to the bar and orders a beer. The bartender, looking a little exasperated, says, "I'm sorry, we don't serve strings here." So the string goes back to his table. Then he gets an idea. He ties himself in a loop and messes up the top of his hair. Then he walks back up to the bar and orders a beer. The bartender squints at him and says, "Hey, aren't you a string?" And the string says, "Nope, I'm a frayed knot."


A priest and a rabbit walk into a blood bank. The rabbit says "I think I'm a type o"




you fuck.




My all time fav joke to tell. I have clocked in At least 100 tellings of it and every groan makes my heart sing.


Ugh, after that restaurant here in Texas kicked out a family for refusing to REMOVE their masks, I can now see other places doing the same.


Even better -- their infant (who was back home with someone watching them) is immunocomprompised. Even betterer -- the bar/grill waited until they had already ordered/ate before they kicked them out. Even bettererer -- they have no posted signs about any of this. The owner makes his wait staff tell people with masks after they've come in. EDIT: [https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10007909/New-parents-wearing-masks-protect-immunocompromised-son-kicked-Texas-restaurant.html](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10007909/New-parents-wearing-masks-protect-immunocompromised-son-kicked-Texas-restaurant.html)


Bigger question, why did they pay? I’d have told that waitress to tell the owner to fuck right off and left the food on the table.


Yeah it's not like they are ever coming back. Sure you can kick me out, but I'll just leave.


Seems like it'd be fun to come back in a few weeks (after the restaurant forgot what I look like) and order a bunch of super expensive stuff so I can leave without paying after getting kicked out.


What a pos owner


POS owner who is gonna get sued into the ground. Dude is gonna lose his business and livelihood because of this.


You’d think so but if you check their reviews they are going strong. Keep in mind this is in Texas. (Google Reviews, they’re getting destroyed on Yelp though)


They really fucked it up on Yelp. Went straight to 1-star overnight.




hold up, they have an immunocompromised family member, and they're going to a restaurant?


Not a great decision -- but an understandable one. From the article, they haven't gotten out in a very long time -- and were having a rare dinner with friends. I don't know that I'd be choosing to eat indoors at a public resteraunt if my kid had cystic fibrosis -- but I get it.


>I don't know that I'd be choosing to eat indoors at a public resteraunt if my kid had cystic fibrosis In Covid infested Texas of all places.


Pandemic fatigue is real. It seems pretty obvious at this point that Covid is going to be endemic, and have regular flare ups for the forseeable future. The vaccine lowers individual risk, but it hasn't been a silver bullet that stops community spread. What's more, there are places in the world where covid is present and the vaccine is unavailable. The WHO estimates we need ~10 billion doses to vaccinate the world. We are doing 1.5 billion a year, and I don't count on us keeping our attention on it. Maybe in a decades time, we will start to work towards erradicating Covid, but it's likely just going to become like the Flu (in that it's an endemic disease that routinely kills people but fighting it is too difficult/expensive, so we rely on mitigation efforts), except Covid is significantly more deadly. There will be more effort put into mitigating it's effects, but it's not going to stop killing people any time soon. As a person living in these times, you eventually just shift your acceptable risk profile. There will be no point in the next decade where there won't be community spread of Covid in Texas. So you get your vaccine, and you figure out how you can live some version of the life you want, while mitigating the risk. For this family, that meant occasional trips to restaurants, where they would be as diligent as was reasonable with mask wearing.


Texan here. I'm vaxxed, live alone, and go nowhere except work because I can't social distance at work (we do wear masks). I know so many people who have gotten COVID in the past few weeks and they were mostly unvaxxed people (who decided to get vaxxed *after* getting COVID.)


Pro Tip: Get vaxxed *before* COVID


I know someone with cf who's mother and sister are antivax antimask trumpers. They have the audacity to guilt trip her for never seeing them or letting them see her kids.


Not seeing your grandchildren to own the libs.


That's where my parents are! My son is five months old and is premature. We made it a requirement to see him that people have their flu / COVID shots. Both my parents refused, and now take every opportunity to try to guilt trip me about not being able to see him.


Never let up. They are choosing a political stance over seeing their own grandchild. Next time they try to guilt trip you ask them how they think you feel? They care so little about your child, they would rather nit see them than get a free vaccine.


Man who claims government is abusing authority, follows suit by abusing his own authority…fucking hypocrite


The best part is that these businesses giving orders to remove masks are the people who cry the loudest that nobody can tell them what to do.


Why can't the family wear a mask if they want to? If youre an advocate for people choosing not to wear a mask then surely you would also be in favor of people being allowed to choose if they want to ear one.


Because they want to be assholes.


Name the restaurant


Hang Time Sports Grill and Bar


It's always a fucking sports bar being run by morons


It is the lowest bar for a restaurant since you don't need to actually make good food for it to survive. Just fry some shit up, put on ESPN and Sportscenter and sell alcohol at WTF prices.


A sports bar is a bar with sports on several TVs, yes?


Which is now like 80% of all bars in America including barcades, bowling alleys and speakeasy type secret bars and anything else that should have a better gimmick than "waiting room with alcohol and ESPN playing in the background." Say what you will about the toilet-dirty dives you could go to a decade ago but I'd take putting on a pulpy horror or action DVD over a muted version of Sports Center any day.




Sounds like a place I would've avoided even in the before times


Here near Phoenix some guy pulled his gun out on people for not leaving his store after refusing to unmask. Similar setup to the asshole in the story.


You can’t force me to read!! This is a free country, you fucking Commie!!


That red ribbon is aids awareness lmao


And part of that is to raise funds for researching a vaccine :P


Which, by the way: A Moderna AIDS vaccine is in trials right now. Based partially on the same tech as the COVID one. https://www.economist.com/science-and-technology/a-new-aids-vaccine-heads-to-clinical-trials/21804378


Talking about being based on the same techbology which brought us covid vaccines, I've read somewhere that there has been some cancer treatment and prevention breakthroughs from it too. It may seem that the extra funding and focus on medicine by the world may have had multi-beneficial effects!


mRNA vaccine technology was actually being developed for use in cancer treatment before COVID-19 came along. Moderna was founded specifically to pursue that sort of thing a few years ago.


m*ode*RNA. It's in the name.


Holy shit. I never noticed that. And after looking it up, that's exactly the source of the name too.


Jesus jumping christ the stupidity knows no limits


Not in Texas, apparently


mRNA HIV vaccine just went to trials. Remember when people were like "Poor Jon Stewart. What will be ridiculous now that W is leaving office..."


In school we had “Red Ribbon Week,” and I think it had something to do with drugs. I might be remembering it wrong because drugs are fun.


You're not remembering wrong; "Red Ribbon Week" was associated with the D.A.R.E. program and I had it every school year beginning in 4th grade and ending in my 8th grade year. ETA: It was a week where they made us wear red ribbons pinned to our shirts and we'd have police officers come in to show us videos of drunk drivers and people high on drugs, then they would lecture us about the dangers of drugs & alcohol. There were various presentations and activities they made us participate in, and on the last day we would have a "Say No to Drugs" walk-a-thon, and all of the kids in my elementary/middle school would walk a course that went through our entire small town (one redlight small) and loop back around to the schools. The funniest part is a good portion of the 7th & 8th graders would break off from everyone else and go smoke weed at one of their houses in town. I even did it myself during my 8th grade year, lol.


What I learned from the DARE program in 4th grade is that ALL drugs are bad, all the time, and there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO positive benefit to taking any of these things. And if you smoke weed even once you’ll be found forced by a drug dealer to begin injecting heroin into your dick veins. What I wasn’t told about is that Drugs Are ~~Very~~ Really Expensive. If they had mentioned that I’d probably have listened.


That campaign is D.A.V.E. Drugs Are Very Expensive


DAVE’s not here, man.


No, man, it’s me, D.A.V.E. Open the door, man.


No man, Dave's not here.


They should also mention a REAL danger with drugs, which is that Bad Dealers Sell Bad Drugs. Remember hearing someone talking about how cocaine in my area was around 50% laundry detergent.


Still might be cheaper than tide. I blow my nose after with my dirty white t-shirts as to not waste anything.


The real con they clearly should be teaching at DARE is that Cocaine Is Just Another Tide Pod Challenge


Don't forget that you'll also join a gang. Yes all gangs are desperate to take your white suburban just tried weed ass.


We had a cartoon of a guy hitting his grandma with her umbrella and steeling 20$. Then lying in a gutter strung out. On weed.


I saw a cop on tiktok live the other day saying that his area has a “real problem with people ODing on ‘kush.’” That’s a direct quote from a police officer everyone.


Well I advocate for a harm reduction policy of having all cops carry an unholy amount of pizza on them at all times to administer to users in distress.


Idk if you know this, but most US police are fucking idiots who barely got their GED. 8 weeks of training, 6 hours of conflict resolution, here's your gun.


I was told I would be offered free drugs on a regular basis and that I’d have to be telling people ‘no!’ All the time. I’m highly disappointed.


The deflated woman in a couch was my favorite. I think Dave Chappelle made the joke like “that only makes me want to smoke more. Where can I find the weed she’s smoking?”


It has happened quite a bit as an adult. I don't think a firm no is required though. It is more of a pro forma offer. "You want some " "No thank you." "You sure? There is plenty?" "No, I'm good." Sigh of relief.


Are you highly disappointed or disappointedly high?




Giving out drugs in my Halloween candy... What the purpose of that would have been, no one was ever clear about.


The best part of those classes was when they broke out the case with all of the different things people used to make to do their drug of choice. We get home as fast as we could to practice our new stoner engineering taught to us by our local police department.


>Drugs Are Very Expensive They should have led with this, the acronym is better D.A.V.E. I can't let you do that Dave.


I learned about drugs through the dare program. LMAO had they not sat me down in a gym and said this is crack cocaine.. I probably wouldn’t have had any idea on what crack cocaine was at the age of 7.


Why not Drugs Are Really Expensive...


When I was in high school all the stoners (myself included) loved to get high in D.A.R.E shirts before the assembly, stupid I know, but we thought it was hilarious.


I remember after all of the doom and gloom about the dangers and costs of drugs, the cop at the front of the class asked something like, "Now that you kids know all the dangers, will you try drugs if given the opportunity?" I stuck my hand up and said something like, "Well, yeah, that all sounds pretty fun and exciting." Took me a while to live that one down.


At least you were honest. Studies have proven that DARE actually makes kids more interested in drugs that up until then they had never heard of.


It was dumb because I knew people who smoked weed. I had a basic understanding of what it was and how it worked. Then I heard a bunch of bs from DARE about what would happen if I smoked even once. Made me not trust anything they said.


Or they're in cahoots with Dr. Gero and his Red Ribbon army.


If I could read, I'd be very upset.


Texas: We are SUPER libertarian. Must suck to live in authoritarian hell holes like California or Yurop! Also Texas: NO You can NOT buy booze on Sundays! That's BAD! Is that weed I smell?!! POLICE!!!


Don't forget all the abortion restrictions. For a state that wants "smaller government". Except when it comes to a pregnant woman, then they want as much government as possible. For reasons that violate the Establishment Clause.


"I'll kill for my country but I won't wear a mask for it"


The killing part is not for their country, it just satisfies a hero/rebel against a tyrant/mad max fantasy they have


Sure. But do you think they're introspective enough to realize that?


Katy Gun Gear in Katy TX for anyone interested


Katy TX. If you love mayonnaise, you'll love McKinney tx. If you like expensive mayonnaise for some reason, you'll love Katy, tx.


At first I was on track for mayonnaise to be a metaphor.


Purely condiment pricing commentary. I can see where it could accidentally be taken as a metaphor for white boring things.


Woah woah woah.... mayo is NOT boring! #mayodefenseleague


Katy is known for being expensive now?


No. Just the mayonnaise is expensive.


I’m a High School baseball player and runner. The biggest and nicest fields i’ve visited were all in Katy. Because of how recently built it is and how many young people are living there there’s a lot of money in the district. Also don’t forget the $70 MILLION HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL STADIUM!


Katy, Texas: “Guns, God, High School Football, Fuck You.”


"Let's put the giant high school football stadium next to the other giant high school football stadium. This makes sense." - Katy ISD school board, probably


“We don’t have the funding for our ESL programs because we spent it all on a second 75 million dollar stadium for all of our shitty teams to play in for no crowd.”


My wife is from Katy. Everytime we've gone to visit, she's always amazed at how the town exploded in the past couple decades. ​ Your quote does seem accurate though.


Might explain why these guys are so worked up. Can't afford the damn mayo.


Don’t smoke weed, because it calms you down. It also makes you hungry. Now you have no bad temper and no mayonnaise. Now what do you do?


Own the libs.


Can you provide some context? My wife is from McKinney and she couldn't explain this reference.


I don’t think there is a reference, I think it’s just calling the cities white?


For bitching about snowflakes people like this sure get offended easily.


Isnt Katy the school district where the superintendent got called out for being a bully, gaslit a bunch of people, then was given a huge severance package for his inconvenience? Edit: Also plagiarizing his doctoral thesis, nice.


That’s the one! Same one with the $65+ million high school football stadium. Ahhhhh good times. I live/work around Katy and there’s definitely people that take COVID seriously and such, but there’s tons of these gun type guys that are just fucking morons. Usually have jacked up trucks that have never seen mud with trucknuts hanging off the back and bumper stickers that are all about 2nd amendment/don’t tread on me/Trump is the second coming bullshit.


Been here before, it's a pretty shit gun store too.


To be honest there are more shit gun stores than good ones.


Hell, these days you can score better deals through online retailers.


Still gotta walk in to some fudd cave to get it transfered though.


Wow, the way the owner writes back to people who leave bad reviews on google is really appalling. What a bunch of right wing nut jobs. I’m not surprised. It’s all in regards to making people take off their masks, too. He’s like SO OFFENDED by people wearing masks.


If you like that, then you’ll LOVE the *batshit insane* owner of [Guardian Training Center in Pennsylvania.](https://old.reddit.com/r/gundeals/comments/ppn70n/update_guardian_training_center_owner_escalates/?ref=share&ref_source=link)


Holy shit!


One of their responses is literally Its a gun store…we usually shoot people in the face when they come in masked up..rule is for your safety…nothing political. Yeah sure . . . not political.. . .my ass.


There's some level of legitimate security concern, but it can be solved by requiring people to take their mask off, look at a camera, then put it back on again.


Or even just talking to people like an adult and explaining the situation instead of making a complete ass of yourself.


Looks like Google nuked their page because of that comment.


I live kind of in the country on the outskirts of Fort Worth Tx, there’s been multiple times just being in a gas station or grocery store wearing a mask and dudes come up to me and tell me to take off my mask and “quit being scared of a virus.” lol people are so fucking weird


Tell them you're more scared of the medical bill.


This is a great response to deescalate things, it's true, it's funny, and it doesn't insult them (regardless of how much they might deserve some insulting).


I'd much rather say "fuck you" but your version is way better.


Biology doesn’t give a fuck if you’re “brave” or “scared”, I wish these people would understand that.


If these people understood biology, they wouldn't be impregnating their own sisters.


East Texas here. I got called a liberal by a complete random for wearing a mask once. I told him to quit being such a sensitive little snowflake and mind his own business. It seemed to short circuit something, he was still processing when I walked away.


My friends dad literally died of covid 3 weeks ago. People who say not to be scared of it likely have a very unpleasant reality check ahead of them.


Oh man, my best friends family is anti mask/anti vax big republicans and her died just passed from COVID a few weeks ago. They still didn’t go get vaccinated after watching her dad suffocate on a ventilator.


I live close to you, been masked for a while. While I haven't heard any real hostility to it, people are really curious. About monthly a cashier will ask how I can breathe in that thing, or kinda shrink back and ask if I'm contagious. You'd think people who deal with hundreds of customers weekly would be used to it by now, but no.


Don't shoot the messenger, just throwing out a random fact. I personally don't care if anyone smokes weed or not. For what it is worth you can't legally buy a gun, in any state, if you use marijuana. Doesn't matter if legal in your state, you have a medical card, etc. Question 21e on form 4473 will prevent the transfer unless you lie on a federal document.


The sign also specifies hemp. I am curious how that works federally. I know it's the same plant but federally I don't think hemp is considered marijuana.


Hemp must meet certain statutory requirements to not be a controlled substance (eg. <0.3% by weight THC). You can’t tell if it’s legal or not by sight or smell alone.


Also to be slightly fair, the gun store by me requires you to remove your mask at the door, look up at the camera then continue in and put it back on.


Yes I have heard of this as well and I think it’s totally reasonable, I don’t think that’s the concern at all though given that people have found this gun store owner’s angry replies to reviews


That makes total sense. I'm not sure how banks are handling the masks but that sounds like a good plan. Used to be a time not long ago that wearing a mask into a bank would "sound the alarms."


You can just keep a mask on in a bank in the UK. When you get to the counter you use chip and pin to verify its you.


This is less verifying it's you and more identifying you in a police lineup.


\*Walks into bank with shotgun and multiple bags\* "Sorry, could you register over here please?" "Yeah, sure, sorry."


This reply from the owner on Google reviews isn't concerning at all^^/s: > It’s a freaking gun store..we shoot people in the face who come in masked up…its for your safety


Yesterday in Germany a 20 year old gas station clerk was killed by a shot to the head because he asked a customer to put his mask on. Not on the spot, the customer went home and came back two hours later, then shot the guy point blank in the head. Today, he turned himself in and said he did it because he hates any kind of corona restrictions and wanted to make a point. (German source, for anyone interested: https://news-trier.de/live-ticker-zur-pressekonferenz-toetungsdelikt-20-jaehriger-in-idar-oberstein-erschossen/) I really can't laugh about a statement like this anymore.


> Today, he turned himself in and said he did it because he hates any kind of corona restrictions and wanted to make a point. Aside from the fact this is a horrible act, this is one thing that I *hate* about these people. Like, we get it. You hate the mask mandates and restrictions. But blaming the retail workers and food service employees and fucking 20 year old gas station clerks for it and arguing with them like they have *anything* to do with making and setting such rules and laws, let alone fucking *murdering them*, is utterly beyond me. It’s the same people who go into, say, a Target and flip out on an employee because they don’t like the price of an item, as if the part-time minimum wage employee has any say in what things cost. I hate that they’re all around us.


>… he wanted to make a point Is the point he wanted to make that he’s a fucking psychopath?




nothing like crying about having your rights taken, all for you to have your actual rights taken


*liability had entered the chat*


If they ever actually did have to use their weapons in self defense this comment will 100000% be used against them. They need more common sense.


In their defense; the weed thing is actually a law that could trip them up. Knowingly selling a firearm to a person who uses illegal substances is a federal crime, marijuana is still federally illegal, federal laws govern gun stores... and the BATF enforces federal gun sale laws with sting/'test' tactics that border on the absurd. *"Your honor, Agent Smith ensured that Confidential Informant B was wearing dreadlocks and covered in oils that gave off a strong odor of marijuana, right before making his firearm purchase and filling out the 4473 where he clearly joked about his using illegal drugs, in spite of saying no on the form... and yet Defendant Stevens, the attendant behind the counter, knowingly sold him the firearm anyway... "* Thing is, the above sounds ridiculous to anyone who has never seen a BATF case against a FFL before- they're thinking "...there's no way it *ACTUALLY* happens like that..."- and yet, it does. That's precisely how they roll when virtue testing FFL dealers.


Yeah anybody who’s ever actually purchased a firearm knows there’s quite a bit of paperwork involved. Although some questions are basically on the honor system. “Are you currently addicted to drugs or alcohol? Mark yes or no” uhhhhh


Got my carry permit in PA. “Is your character and reputation such that you would be likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety” is the first question.


Uhm, can't you use the same argument they do? "You can't force me to wear a mask!" "You can't force me to take mine off" But I bet their argument is legit and yours is just propaganda 🙄 Edit: My point was to, sarcastically, point out the hypocrisy in their argument of being anti mask. Using the same argument for your excuse but calling others propaganda is the hypocrisy. The "just don't go in" is moot as that wasn't what my comment was about.


Mask removal permit I (insert name here) have approval from the President of the Health and Other Health Related Healths Guild to wear a mask at any time I choose. IT IS UNLAWFUL TO DEMAND I REMOVE MY MASK I have an underlying health condition that requires I not remove my mask.


Here is my 100% real card signed by two people confirming I have not been vaccinated.


> I have an underlying health condition that requires I not remove my mask. intelligence?


> intelligence I wanted to say it's common sense, but after looking at the ~~morons dumbasses fucking idiots~~ *people* that refuse to wear a mask I'll have to agree that the correct underlying health condition, if in fact, intelligence.




Who’s hot boxing their car then going gun shopping?


Wait wait wait this is in Katy right? [Check out the owner's mature and coherent responses to his reviews](https://i.imgur.com/AirwdXe.png).


lol. Sure. They checked out their security cameras, and *cross-referenced them with google reviews.* Makes total sense.


Must've been a slow day.


With signs like that, I bet they have more slow days with every passing week. "I ONLY WANT CUSTOMERS ESPECIALLY SUSCEPTIBLE TO THE PANDEMIC AND WHO WONT TAKE PRECAUTIONS"


There's some drama going on in one of the other gun subreddits right now with a gun store/range setting up a website to offer money on exchange for the info of redditors who left bad reviews.


Reviewer: "The sign seemed unnecessary.." Owner: "You are filled with so much RAGE and ANGER. We sell big boy guns for MEN buttercup, fuck off and suck my dick."


Jesus what a peewee-dicked little man (the shop owner). "I didn't like the sign in the window so I went somewhere else." "Oh you don't like the sign? So you personally hate me with your rage?!?!"


Lol they are down to a 2.9 now, it’s beautiful. Hundreds of new 1-star reviews


I don't think you can posses marijuana and be a legal gun owner. Shit needs to change.