How will your Monotype Team be like if you were a 1st Gym Leader/4th Gym Leader/8th Gym Leader/Elite Four

How will your Monotype Team be like if you were a 1st Gym Leader/4th Gym Leader/8th Gym Leader/Elite Four


Type: Ghost. 1st gym: Gastly, Honedge 4th gym: Haunter, Doublade, Dreepy 8th gym: Gengar, Aegislash, Drakloak, Spiritomb Elite Four: Mega-Gengar, Aegislash, Dragapult, Spiritomb, Dusknoir, Chandelure.


Just saying, this Elite Four Team is gonna be so sick might actually be one of the hardest to beat


I wanted good type coverage with the secondary types. Plus I think they're kinda cool Ghost types.


Type: Dark 1st Gym: Sandile, Pawniard 4th Gym, Krookorok, Pawniard, Nuzleaf 8th Gym: Krookodile, Bisharp, Shiftry, Drapion Elite Four: Krookodile, Bisharp, Shiftry, Drapion, Pangoro, Grimmsnarl


Hey there fellow dark type lover lol


You didnt chose Umbreon.... treason!


1st gym -Grubin -Dwebble 4th gym -Crustle -Chargabug -Scizor 8th gym(TM X-Scissor) -Crustle -Vikavolt -Centiscorch -Scizor Elite Four -Crustle -Vikavolt -Centiscorch -Frosmoth if not Mega Scizor -Golisopod -Orbeetle I don’t know how practical my teams are but these are some of my favorites and I love bug types.


Bug types for life!


That’s a solid bug lineup! Shout-out to Dwebble/Crustle, Golisopod, and Vikavolt!


Flying: 1st: Tailow, Tailow, Noibat 4th: Tailow, Noibat, Murkrow, Skarmory 8th: Swellow, Noivern, Honchkrow, Skarmory, Gliscor Elite Four: Swellow, Honchkrow, Drifblim, Corviknight, Gliscor, Salamence Lets go. Time to butcher some regional availability.


Poison - 1st * Zubat * Skorupi 4th * Croagunk * Alolan Grimer * Crobat 8th * Drapion * Toxapex * Gengar * Crobat E4 * Drapion * Toxapex * Gengar * Salazzle * Roserade * Crobat


Finally another poison type enjoyer. Was personally thinking i would have a ghastly in my first gym leader team just to mess up the abundance of normal type moves often seen in early game. Also love the E4 team. I think a strategy involving trying to set up poison spikes and maybe stalling a little (not to extreme to keep it fun for the player) would work pretty well for a later game team.


I was scrolling through waiting for poison haha


I was between poison and dark! Love this setup


Ground-type 1st Gym: * Geodude * Phanpy 4th Gym: * Nidoking * Donphan * Excadrill 8th Gym: * Runerigus * Hippowdon * Rhydon * Gliscor Elite Four: * Mega Garchomp * Palossand * Torterra * Rhyperior * Gastrodon


I would have done ground too. 4th gym looks like a pain in the ass.


Type - Dark 1st gym Poochyena lv 7 Abi - Quick feet Bite Howl Yawn Poison fang Pawniard lv 9 Abi - Defiant Metal claw Assurance Leer Fury cutter 4th gym Pawniard lv 27 Abi - Defiant Faint attack Metal claw Swords dance Aerial ace Krokorok lv 28 Abi - intimidate Crunch Dig Thunder punch Stealth rock Houndoom lv 30 Abi - Early bird Flamethrower Roar Snarl Flame charge 8th gym Mightyena lv 47 Abi - intimidate Thunder fang Fire fang Ice fang Crunch Krookodile lv 49 Abi - intimidate Stealth rock Crunch Earthquake Thunder fang Houndoom lv 50 Abi - early bird Roar Flame charge Flamethrower Dark pulse Bisharp lv 52 Abi - Defiant Night slash Iron head Swords dance Aerial ace Elite four Drapion lv55 Abi - sniper Toxic spikes Cross poison Night slash Aqua tail Krookodile lv55 Abi - intimidate Stealth rock Dragon tail Earthquake Crunch Houndoom lv55 Abi - early bird Fire blast Dark pulse Roar Sludge bomb Tyranitar lv55 Abi - sand stream Stone edge Dragon tail Earthquake Crunch Bisharp lv57 Abi - defiant Night slash Iron head Swords dance Aerial ace


Type- Ice 1st Gym * Sneasel * Alolan Vulpix 4th Gym * Sneasel * Alolan Nintales * Amaura 8th Gym (TM Ice Beam) * Aurorus * Alolan Nintales * Weavile * Glaceon Elite Four * Aurorus * Alolan Nintales * Glaceon * Froslass * Weavile * M-Abomasnow


Type: fire 1st gym: - Houndour - Magmar (ace) 4th gym: - Magmar (ace) - Houndoom - Torkoal 8th gym: - Magmortar (ace) - Houndoom - Camerupt - Typhlosion Elite Four: - Mega Houndoom (ace) - Magmortar - Camerupt - Typhlosion - Arcanine


Magmar is quite the powerhouse early game. That'll be a challenging first gym. But I'm always down for a challenge.


It could be like later in the game like Sw/Sh was.


True. Honestly the entire first half of Sw/Sh is a blur. I should replay them, sometime


This does seem like a pretty buff 1st gym. Single evos (don't @me about Magmortar) tend to have strong early stats, but this definitely seems doable, in the right circumstances. I've always wanted a good game that gives you a Rod almost immediately for access to some extra water types.


Maybe for the first gym swap out Magmar for it's pre-evolution Magby? Little more doable for the first gym 😁


Type: Fairy 1st: Ralts, Flabebe, Snubbull 4th: Kirlia, Mimikyu, Granbull 8th: Gardevoir, Mawile, Mimikyu, Granbull Elite Four: Mimikyu, Mawile, Azumarill, Togekiss, Granbull, Mega Gardevoir


Who's your Ace? For my Fairy gym is the Togekiss line.


Granbull is my ace for the first gyms then my e4 ace would me mega gard


Since I have thought about this topic for a while, I will even add attacks Type: Normal 1st gym: \- Starly (Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Double Team), Porygon (Psybeam, Thunder Shock, Conversion 2, Tackle) 4th gym: Staraptor (Aerial Ace, Facade, U-Turn, Steel Wing), Kecleon (Feint Attack, Ancient Power, Shadow Sneak, Slash), Porygon2 (Psybeam, Discharge, Icy Wind, Thunder Wave/Recover) 8th gym: Staraptor (Brave Bird, Double-Edge, U-Turn, Close Combat), Oranguru (Psychic, Calm Mind, Foul Play, Bulldoze), Bewear (Facade, Brick Break, Rock Slide, Shadow Claw), Lickilicky (Power Whip, Flamethrower, Surf, Thief), Porygon-Z (Psychic, Thunderbolt, Icebeam, Tri Attack) Elite 4: Staraptor (Brave Bird, Return, U-Turn, Close Combat), Oranguru (Psychic, Calm Mind, Energy Ball, Focus Blast), Bewear (Earthquake, Return, Hammer Arm, Rock Slide), Porygon-Z (Thunderbolt, Icebeam, Shadow Ball, Psychic), Zoroark (Hisuaian form) + Mega Lopunny (Fake Out, High Jump Kick, Fire Punch, Ice Punch) in rematch


Ice 1st Snom Delibird 4th Alolan Vulpix Swinub Spheal Jynx 8th Glaceon Alolan Ninetails Cloyster Weavile Lapras Elite Arctovish Galatian Darmanitan Mammoswine Weavile Froslass Lapras


First comment I see that isn't overly crazy for Mega evolutions. Love it :) I just wish Ice Types were resistant to water.


It was hard to not be like mega! G Max! Z move!


Choice scarf or Band on the Darmanitan-G?


I’m actually not smart enough to be competitive… I just tried to have coverage types so it’s not a complete OHKO fest


Type Bug - 1st gym - Venipede, Joltik 4th gym - Cutiefly, Whirlipede, Galvantula 8th gym - Ribombee, Araquanid, Scolipede, Galvantula Elite four - Ribombee, Araquanid, Scolipede, Vespiquen, Centiskortch, Galvantula


Type: Psychic 1st gym * Natu * Galarian Slowpoke 4th gym * Duosion * Xatu * Galarian Slowbro 8th gym * Reuniclus * Xatu * Galarian Slowbro * Gallade Elite Four * Reuniclus * Xatu * Galarian Slowbro * Girafarig * Alolan Raichu * Mega Gallade (Alolan Raichu > normal Raichu change my mind)


1st Gym: Psyduck, Staryu, Psyduck 4th Gym; Starmie, Wailmer, Wartortle, Frillish 8th Gym; Jellicent, Starmie, Wailord Elite Four Wailord, Starmie, Swampert (Mega), Jellicent, Floatzel, Ludicolo


Grass 1st Gym - Budew - Turtwig 4th Gym - Deerling - Roselia - Grotle 8th Gym (TM Giga Drain) - Roserade - Sawsbuck - Trevenant - Torterra Elite 4 - Roserade - Sawsbuck - Trevenant - Abomasnow - Dragalge (Looks like a grass type) - Torterra


Ground 1: Sandile, Gligar 4: Krokorok,Steelix, Gliscor 8: (TM Earthquake) Krookadile, Steelix, Gliscor, Runereigus, Flygon Elite 4: Krookadile, (Mega) Steelix, Gliscor, Runereigus, Flygon, Gastrodon


mine would be 1st: Gligar, Baltoy, Gible 4th: Claydol, Gliscor, Gabite 8th: Claydol, Gastrodon, Gliscor, Steelix, Garchomp Elite four: Claydol, Gastrodon, Steelix, Gliscor, Torterra, Garchomp


Ghost Gym 1: Gastly and Misdreavous Gym 4: Haunter, Lampent, and Mismagius Gym 8: Gengar, Chandelure, Aegislash, Dusknoir, Mismagius Elite 4: Mega Gengar, Chandelure, Aegislash, Dusknoir, Mismagius, Dragapult


I would take Steel type. 1st Gym Ferroseed Klink 4th Gym Magneton Lairon Bastiodon Klang 8th Gym Magnezone Aggron Bastiodon Ferrothorn Escavalier Klinklang Elite four would be the same as Gym 8.


Type: Fighting 1st Gym: Riolu and Croagunk 4th Gym: Lucario, Toxicroak, and Scrafty 8th Gym: Lucario, Toxicroak, Scrafty, Infernape, and Poliwrath Elite Four: Mega Lucario, Toxicroak, Scrafty, Infernape, Poliwrath, and Crabominable


Normal : 1st Gym - Jigglytuff - Herdier 4th Gym - Girafarig - Vigoroth - Stoutland 8th Gym (TM 49 Tri Attack) - Tauros - Exploud - Dodrio - Stoutland Elite Four - Stoutland - Exploud - Dodrio - Zoroark (Hisuian) - Mega-Lopunny (- Tauros for the rematch)


Type: Water 1st Gym: Wingull -no item- Rain Dish; Water Gun, Wing Attack, Super Sonic, Rain Dance Lombre - Oran berry - Swift Swim, Rain Dance, Water Gun, Absorb ​ 4th Gym: Pelipper - no item- Drizzle; Air Slash, Water Pulse, Super Sonic, Mist Ludicolo - no item- Swift Swim; Giga Drain, Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Nature Power Seismitoad -Rindo Berry- Swift Swim; Water Pulse, Mud Shot, Rain Dance, Hyper Voice ​ 8th Gym: Pelipper -Wacan Berry- Drizzle; Hurricane, Scald, U-Turn, Roost Lanturn -no item- Volt Absorb; Thunder, Surf, Volt Switch, Confuse Ray Ludicolo - no item- Swift Swim; Giga Drain, Surf, Ice Beam, Rain Dance Seismitoad -Rindo Berry- Swift Swim; Earthquake, Hydro Pump, Sludge Wave, Knock off ​ Elite 4/Champ Pelipper -Damp Rock- Drizzle; Hurricane, Scald, U-Turn, Roost Lanturn -Choice Specs- Volt Absorb; Thunder, Surf, Ice Beam, Volt Switch Ludicolo -Life Orb- Swift Swim; Energy Ball, Surf, Ice Beam, Rain Dance Kingdra -White Herb- Swift Swim; Surf, Draco Meteor, Ice Beam, Rain Dance Kabutops -Focus Sash- Swift Swim; Liquidation, Stone Edge, Super Power, Swords Dance Seismitoad -Wise Glasses- Swift Swim; Earth Power, Sludge Wave, Weather Ball, Knock Off// As Champ instead of Seismitoad: Swampert (Mega) -Swampertite- Swift Swim, Earthquake, Waterfall, Ice Punch, Super Power (or, if availabe Flip Turn)


Type: Dragon (Cause I'm a nerd) 1st Gym: * Noibat * Gible (Ace) 4th Gym: * Noibat * Goomy * Gabite (Ace) 8th Gym: * Noivern * Sliggoo * Duraludon * Garchomp (Ace) Elite Four: * Noivern * Goodra * Duraludon * Kingdra * Dragalge * Garchomp (Ace) (Mega depending on the generation) ​ This was really difficult since dragon types don't get to there final forms till quite a bit later, since this is the case even the 8th gym has a Pokémon not at it's final form. Let me know what you think and what could be improved, I tried to cover weaknesses as best a possible but for most dragon types it's not easy to get around the ice, dragon, and fairy weakness.


Gym #1: Azurill, Jigglypuff Gym #4: Marill, Togepi, Wigglytuff Gym #8: Audino, Togepi, Azumarill, Wigglytuff Elite Four: Audino (mega form), Togekiss, Sylveon, Weezing (Galarian), Azumarill, Wigglytuff


Fighting: 1st Gym • Riolu • Heracross 4th Gym • Heracross • Hitmonchan • Lucario 8th Gym • Heracross • Hitmonchan • Machoke • Lucario TM-Power-up Punch or Drain punch Elite 4: • Heracross • Hitmonchan • Infernape • Machamp • Mega Lucario • Keldeo


Love to see Heracross get some love. He's be a beast of an early game gym Ace. Gonna have to grind a bit to get passed him.


It would make the early game bird a handy pick


1st Gym * Arrokuda Lv10 * Chinchou Lv10 * Froakie Lv12 4th Gym (would do four mons but I think this team is fine for a 4th gym) * Frogadier Lv30 * Lanturn Lv30 * Barreskewda Lv32 8th Gym * Lanturn Lv53 * Politoed Lv53 * Barreskewda Lv54 * Tentacruel Lv54 * Greninja Lv55 Elite Four * Lanturn Lv64 * Politoed Lv64 * Barreskewda Lv64 * Tentacruel Lv65 * Greninja Lv65 * Mega Sharpedo Lv66


Dark type: First gym: Inkay, Alolan Grimer. Fourth Gym: Absol, Morgrem, Sableye Eigth Gym: Absol, Grimsnarl, Sableye, Alolan Muk, Sharpedo Elite Four: Absol, Grimsnarl, Alolan Muk, Obstagoon, Hydreigon, Honchcrow. Yes, Absol is my Ace 😂


Steel First gym: Togedemaru and shiny Mawile. Fourth Gym: Honedge, Togedemaru, and shiny Mawile. Eighth Gym: Empoleon, Escavalier, Aegislash, Togedemaru, and shiny Mawile. Elite Four: Steelix, Empoleon, Escavalier, Aegislash, Togedemaru, and shiny Mega Mawile. Togedemaru and Mawile are my two aces since they're two of my favorite Pokémon. And Mawile is shiny since I own a shiny Mawile.


Flying 1st Gym: Starly, Zubat 4th Gym: Staravia, Golbat, Gyarados 8th Gym: Aerodactyl, Staraptor, Crobat, Gyarados Elite Four: Aerodactyl, Corviknight, Crobat, Gyarados, Staraptor (or Zapdos), Salamence/Mega


Type: Dark 1st: Scraggy, Sneasel 4th: mightyena, Krokorok, Scrafty 8th: mightyena,Scrafty, Absol,Krookodile Elite 4:Scrafty, Weavile, Honchkrow, Tyranitar,Zoroark, Obstagoon.


Poison has been my latest type specialty. 1st Gym: Koffing, Grimer (Alola) 4th Gym: Tentacool, Koffing, Muk (Alola) 8th Gym: Tentacruel, Slowbro (Galar), Weezing (Galar), Muk (Alola) E4: Scolipede, Slowbro (Galar), Slowking (Galar), Toxapex, Weezing (Galar), Muk (Alola) With the gym/leader theme being a world traveling pirate, hence the exotic poison types


Ghost type: 1st gym: Shuppet, Misdreavus 4th gym: Banette, Misdreavus, Dreepy 8th gym: Banette, Mismagious, Drakloak, Duskclops Elite 4: Mega Banette, Decidueye, Mismagious, Dragapult, Dusknoir, Gengar. Tried to make a cool one with some of my favourites!


Ice 1st: Swinub, Sneasel 4th: Alolan Vulpix (with snow warning), Sneasel, Piloswine 8th: Alolan Ninetales (snow warning), Weavile, Piloswine, Cloyster E4: Alolan Ninetales (snow warning), Weavile, Piloswine (eviolite), Cloyster, Galarian Darmanitan (Gorilla Tactics, Choice Scarf), Arctozolt (Slush Rush)


Fire through and through: ​ **First Gym:** 1. Salandit 2. *Growlithe* ​ **Fourth Gym:** 1. Talonflame 2. Rapidash 3. *Arcanine* ​ **Eighth Gym:** 1. Rotom-H 2. Chandelure 3. Magmortar 4. *Arcanine* ​ **Elite Four:** 1. Rotom-H 2. Chandelure 3. Houndoom 4. Magmortar 5. Volcarona 6. *Arcanine* *\*Italicized indicates team ace*


1st gym Torkoal,darumaka, growlithe as my ace 4th gym Torkoal,darmanitan, rotum heat, arcanine 8th gym Torkoal, chandeleur, rotum heat, darmanitan, arcanine Champion/elite 4 Add in talonflame/emboar (if you let me port that in) all the mons have type coverage moves btw


Poison: 1st Gym: - Alolan Grimer - Golbat 4th Gym: - Alolan Grimer - Haunter - Crobat 8th Gym: - Alolan Muk - Gengar - Scolipede - Crobat: Elite Four: - Alolan Muk - Nidoking - Scolipede - Crobat - Mega Gengar


Let's go with Fairy 1st gym: Ralts, Marill 4th gym: Kirlia, Marill, Mawile 8th gym: Guardevoir, Azumarill, Mawile, Mimikyu Elite Four: Guardevoir, Azumarill, Mega-Mawile, Mimikyu, Togekiss, Whimsicott


Type: Fighting 1st gym: Mankey, Falinks 4th gym: Primeape, Falinks, Heracross 8th gym: Primeape, Heracross, Pangoro, Machamp Elite Four: Primeape, Poliwrath, Pangoro, Machamp, Infernape, Mega Lucario


Type: Ground ​ 1st Gym: I'd give out the Dust Badge and the TM for Sand Tomb Drilbur (lvl 16): Fury Swipes, Metal Claw, Sand Tomb Gligar (lvl 18): Poison Sting, Quick Attack, Knock Off Sand Tomb ​ 4th Gym: Sand Badge and TM for Dig Gastrodon E (lvl 35): Muddy Water, Recover, Ancient Power, Dig Donphan (35): Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Rollout, Magnitude Excadrill (lvl 35): Sandstorm, Dig, Crush Claw, Rock Slide Sandaconda (lvl 36): Wrap, Glare, Dig, Brutal Swing ​ 8th Gym: Power Badge and TM for Earthquake Gliscor (53): Dig, Sky Uppercut, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang Excadrill (53): Sandstorm, Dig, Rock Slide, Smart Strike Gastrodon W (54): Muddy Water, Earthquake, Recover, Sludge Bomb Rhyperior (54): Earthquake, Stone Edge, Heat Crash, Hammer Arm Flygon (55): Sandstorm, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Dragon Claw ​ E4: 4th battle Steelix (58): Sandstorm, Iron Head, Rock Slide, Explosion Golurk (58): Phantom Force, High Horsepower, Drain Punch, Darkest Lariat Claydol (59): Light Screen, Reflect, Zen Headbutt, Earth Power Rhyperior (59): Drill Run, Rock Wrecker, Hammer Arm, Rock Slide Flygon (60): Dragon Rush, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Flamethrower


Poison type! 1st- Tentacool, Skorupi 4th- Skorupi, Nidorina, Tentacruel 8th- Nidoqueen, Drapion, Venusaur, Tentacruel E4- Drapion, G-Slowbro, Venusaur, Tentacruel, Nidoqueen (Add Nidoking on second run)


Type ground 1st gym: sandile golem 4th gym: krocoroc Quagsire pupitar 8th gym: Krookodile Quagsire Golurk Tyrannitar Elite Four: Krookodile Quagsire Golurk Tyrannitar Rhyperrior


Type: Ground 1st gym - Sandile, Gligar 4th gym - Krokorok, Gabite, Gliscor 8th gym - Krookodile, Gastrodon, Garchomp, Gliscor Elite 4 - Krookodile, Gastrodon, Garchomp, Excadrill, Torterra, Gliscor


As GameFreak intended The appropriate number of Charizards for that gym/elite four. Regardless of if it's illegal. Level 13 Gym one Pokémon? Small Charizard it is.


Type: Electric. 1st gym. Pikachu, Electabuzz 4th gym: Voltorb, Flaffy, Alohan Raichu 8th gym: Magnezone, Electrovire, Luxray, Alohan Golem Elite Four: Magnezone, Electrovire, Alohan Raichu, Alohan Golem, Mega-Ampharos


1st Gym: Budew, Gastly 4th Gym: Golbat, Roselia, Haunter 8th Gym: Salazzle, Crobat, Roseade, Gengar Elite 4: Toxtricity, Salazzle, Crobat, Roserade, Drapion, Mega Gengar


Type: Ghost **1st Gym** * Gastly * Misdreavus **4th Gym** * Misdreavus * Haunter * Mimikyu **8th Gym** (TM: Shadow Ball or Hex) * Mismagius * Gengar * Froslass (HA) * Mimikyu **Elite Four** * Mismagius * Gengar * Froslass (HA) * Insomnia Gourgeist (XL) * Spiritomb * Mimikyu Bonus: **Champion** (which doubles as my main team, I have a thing for supernatural pokémon) * Mismagius or Gengar * Insomnia Gourgeist (XL) * Mimikyu * Spiritomb * Nihilego or Flash Fire Houndoom * (Mega) Intimidate Mawile or Super Luck Absol


1st Gym- swinub hippopotas 4th Gym- piloswine, gligar, Donphan 8th Gym- Piloswine, gliscor, hippowdon, Donphan Elite Four- Mamoswine, gliscor, hippowdon, Donphan, nidoqueen, torterra.


I pick either Steel, Rock, Psychic, or Fire If Steel: 1: Mawile, Aron, and Cufant 4: Scizor, Escavalier, and Lucario 8: Bisharp, Aegislash, Skarmory, and Lucario E4: Corviknight, Aegislash, Lucario, Bisharp, and Empoleon If Rock: Two unevolved fossils for the first Gym, three for the fourth, four evolved fossils for the eight, and five evolved fossils for the Elite Four (ace is Omanyte/Omastar) If Psychic: 1: Ralts, Kadabra 4: Girafarig, Oranguru, and Alakazam or Gallade 8: Orbeetle, Wobbuffet, Galarian Rapidash, and Alakazam or Gallade E4: Malamar, Galarian Slowbro, Hypno, Alakazam, and Gallade If Fire: 1: Growlithe, Pansear, and Raboot 4: Fletchinder, Alolan Marowak, and Raboot 8: Salazzle, Incineroar, Chandelure, and Cinderace E4: Delphox, Volcarona, Simisear, Arcanine, and Cinderace


1st *Slowpoke *Raltz 4th *Metang *Kirlia *Slowbro 8th *Espeon *Metagross *Slowbro *Gardevoir Elite 4 *Espeon *Slowbro *Metagross *Malamar *Delphox *Mega Gardevoir


1st: \- Sentret \- Buneary 4th: \-Furret \-Lopunny \-Chansey 8th: \- Furret \- Lopunny \- Blissey \- Smeargle Elite four: \- Furret \- Lopunny (mega) \- Blissey \- Smeargle \- Pyroar \- Porygon Z


Ground: 1st Gym: Diglett Cubone 4th Gym: Donphan Graveler Excadrill Gastrodon 8th Gym: Excadrill Gastrodon Rhydon Gliscor Mamoswine Elite 4: Torterra Rhypherior Wiscash Garchomp Excadrill


Grass: 1st Gym: Shroomish Hoppip Roselia 4th Gym: Breloom Sunflora Vileploom Nuzleaf 8th Gym: Shiftry Breloom Tropius Abomasnow Leavanny Elite 4: Breloom Tropius Roserade Shiftry Ludicolo Mega Sceptile or Mega Venusaur or Torterra


Fire: 1st Gym: Vulpix Ponyta 4th Gym: Vulpix Torkoal Numel Lampert 8th Gym: Ninetales Chandelure Magcargo Camerupt E4: Ninetales Chandelure Rapidash Houndoom Torkoal Charizard (no mega)


Normal: 1st Gym: Zigzagoon Rattata Lillipup 4th Gym: Linoone Herdier Cincinno Miltank 8th: Tauros Linoone Stoutland Porygon-2 Lopunny E4: Lopunny Porygon-Z Tauros Miltank Zangoose Sawsbuck


Fossil! (Rock?) 1st: Kabuto Tyrunt 4. Lileep Tyrunt Kabutops 8. Kabutops Archeops Cradilly Tyrantrum E4. Kabutops Cradilly Rampardos Archeops Armaldo Tyrantrum


Type: Water Gym 1: Shellos, Buisel Gym 4: Floatzel, Shellos (Gastrodon is a 30 which is a bit too high, Quagsire Gym 8: Floatzel, Gastrodon, Quagsire, Lanturn (volt absorb specifically) Elite four: Floatzel, Gastrodon, Quagsire, Lanturn (Volt Absorb), Empoleon


Type: Normal **1st Gym** * Zigzagoon (Galarian) * Porygon **4th Gym** * Linoone (Galarian) * Drampa * Porygon2 **8th Gym** * Pyroar * Heliolisk * Obstagoon * Porygon-Z **Elite Four** * Pyroar * Heliolisk * Bewear * Obstagoon * Blissey * Porygon-Z Would love to put Hisuian Zoroark in here as well once he is released as the first Normal/Ghost type!!!


Dark 1st Gym: Poochyena Nickit 4th Gym Murkrow Impidimp Thievul 8th Gym Thievul Zoroak Honchcrow Grimmsnarl Elite Four Thievul Spiritomb Honchcrow Umbreon Houndoom The theme was I start as a first gym leader and work my way up to Elite Four. Nickit would be my starter and I'd keep some for a while and trade some out (like Ash's story)


I'd go for Electric 1st Gym: Yamper, Shinx 4th Gym: Electrike, Electabuzz, Luxio, Boltund 8th Gym: Toxtricity, Manectric, Electivire, Luxray, Boltund Elite Four: Toxtricity, Mega Manectric, Dracozolt, Electivire, Luxray, Boltund


Type: Ice ​ 1st Gym: Snorunt/Snover ​ 4th Gym: Snover/Vanillish/Froslass ​ 8th Gym: Abomasnow/Frosmoth/Froslass/Glaceon ​ Elite Four: Mega-Abomasnow/Vanilluxe/Froslass/Aurorus/Arctovish/Glaceon


Poison 1st Gym -skorupi -Golbat 4th Gym -skorupi -golbat -roserade 8th Gym -Roserade -crobat -tentacruel -drapion Elite Four -Tentacruel -crobat -venomoth -Roserade -Muk -drapion


Type: Steel. 1st gym: Beldum, Honedge. 4th gym: Doublade, Scizor, Metang. 8th gym: Aegislash, Steelix, Duraludon, Metagross. Elite 4: Corviknight, Aegislash, Steelix, Scizor, Duraludon, Metagross.


**Water** **First Gym**: Lotad, Chinchou **Fourth Gym**: Lombre, Lanturn, Vaporeon, Poliwhirl **Eighth Gym**: Ludicolo, Lanturn, Vaporeon, Politoed, Seadra **Elite Four**: Ludicolo, Lanturn, Vaporeon, Politoed, Kingdra, Primarina


Type: Ghost 1st gym: drifloon, sandygast. 4th gym, Drifblim, sandygast, Mismagius. 8th gym, Drifblim, Palossand, Mismagius, Trevenant. (Tm Hex/shadow ball) E4, Drifblim, Pallosand, Mismagius, trevenant, jellicent, Mega banette.


I would be a water gym. I’m not going to list different levels, I’ll just list what it would be for me if Pokémon were real. I would have: Kingdra Gyarados Lapras Vaporeon


Psychic would be my type and I won't allow TMs and TRs until E4, 1st gym, LVL 15 Drowzee wth Confusion/Psn Gas/Hypnosis/Disable, LVL 13 Espurr wth Fake Out/Confusion/Scratch/Disarming Voice, and my ace would be LVL 20 Exeggcute wth Confusion/Mega Drain/Leech Seed/Hypnosis. This would be like Sword and Shield where there is more events that you must do until you get your first badge than other generations. You would get the Read Badge and the "TM" for Confusion if one ever existed. 4th gym, LVL 26 Swoobat wth Assurance/Air Cutter/Confusion/Attract, LVL 28 Malamar wth Psycho Cut/Night Slash/Slash/Pluck, LVL 28 Xatu wth Confuse Ray/Air Slash/Night Shade/Tailwind, and my ace is LVL 30 Espeon wth Morning Sun/Double-Edge/Psybeam/Bite. You would get a Knowledge Badge and the "TM" for Psybeam. 8th gym, LVL 40 Slowking wth Psychic/Slack Off/Surf/Yawn, LVL 41 Bruxish wth Psychic Fangs/Aqua Jet/Aqua Tail/Crunch, LVL 44 Mr.Rime wth Freeze-Dry/Ice Shard/Dazzling Gleam/Psybeam, LVL 44 Reuniclus wth Recover/Hammer Arm/Psychic/Protect, my ace would be LVL 46 Starmie wth Surf/Power Gem/Psychic/Recover. You would get the Brain Badge and the TM for Psychic. E4, I'd be the Champion because of my levels, LVL 80 Alakazam wth Calm Mind/Psychic/Recover/Dazzling Gleam, LVL 82 Gallade wth Close Combat/Psycho Cut/Swords Dance/Ice Punch, LVL 82 Musharna wth Moonlight/Protect/Moonblast/Reflect, LVL 82 Gardevoir wth Moonblast/ Psychic/Mystical Fire/Hyper Beam, LVL 86 Metagross wth Bullet Punch/Meteor Mash/Shadow Ball/Earthquake, and finally, my ace for E4 is Ultra Necrozma at LVL 88 wth Power Gem/Prismatic Laser/Shadow Claw/Outrage.


I would go with Fighting 1st Gym (TM Low Kick) • Riolu • Combusken 4th Gym (TM Brick Break) • Hakamo-o • Lucario • Blaziken 8th Gym (TM Aura Sphere) • Mienshao • Lucario • Kommo-o • Blaziken (Mega) Elite Four • Mienshao • Gallade • Lucario • Kommo-o • Blaziken (Mega) • Urshifu (Rapid Strike, if allowed)


Type: Dark 1st Gym - Poochyena and Pawniard 4th Gym - Mightyena, Pawniard, Impidimp 8th Gym - Mightyena, Pawniard, Pangoro, Morgrem E4 - Mightyena, Bisharp, Inciniroar, Tyranitar, Grimsnarl, Pangoro


**Ground** gym 1st gym:(TM??-hone claws) Sandshrew Gligar (ace) 4th gym:(TM28-dig) Sandslash Gligar Vibrava (ace) 8th gym:(TM26-Earthquake) Whiscash Mudsdale Flygon Gliscor (ace) Elite 4 (I‘d be 3rd) Flygon (sandstorm setup) Camerupt (ice crasher) Gliscor (swords dance+batton pass) Krookodile (intimidate instead of moxie forcing switch) Swampert (ace - if he gets passed in waterfall/earhquake sweep)


My type would be Ground. 1st gym: Sandshrew, Trapinch 4th gym: Drillbur, Baltoy, Sandslash, Vibrava 8th: Excadrill, Claydol, Nidoking, Sandslash, Flygon Elite Four: same as my 8th gym team but with a Swampert, such a shame we never got a mega Flygon.


Type: Dark 1st Gym: Murkrow, Nuzleaf 4th Gym: Honchkrow, Shiftry, Houndour 8th Gym: Honchkrow, Shiftry, Houndoom, Umbreon, Deino Elite Four: Honchkrow, Shiftry, Houndoom, Umbreon, Hydreigon, M-Sharpedo


Type: Rock 1st Gym: Rolycoly, Aron 4th Gym: Carkoal, Lairon, Drednaw 8th Gym: Tyranitar, GMax Coalossal, Aggron, Drednaw Elite Four: Tyranitar, GMax Coalossal, Aggron, Drednaw, Alolan Golem, Mega Aerodactyl


I love ghost and psychic types so I'll do both! Type: Psychic 1st gym: Kirlia, Meowstic 4th gym: Meowstic, Espeon, Kirlia 8th gym: Meowstic, Gallade, Gardevoir, Espeon Elite Four: Gallade, Gardevoir, Espeon, Meowstic, Malamar, Renuiclus Type: Ghost 1st gym: Misdreavus, Rotom 4th Gym: Banette, Mimikyu, Rotom 8th gym: Gengar, Mismagius, Cofagrigus, Mimikyu Elite Four: Gengar, Mimikyu, Aegislash, Banette, Golurk, Spiritomb


1st Wooper Golett Gible 4th Gligar Piloswine Marshtomp Gabite 8th Quagsire Camerupt Mudsdale Garchomp Elite 4 Nidoking Swampert Torterra Camerupt Toxicitry Mega garchomp


first gym: beldum, lairon 4th gym: metang, lairon, pawniard, lucario 8th gym: doublade, metagross, agron, bisharp, lucario (mega) elite 4: mega lucario, scizor, aggron, metagross, bisharp, corviknight


Type : Grass 1st gym: Cottonee, Lileep 4th gym: Whimsicott, Jumpluff, Roserade 8th Gym: Cradily, Whimsicott, Gogoat, Flapple/Appletun(one or other) Elite 4: Cradily, Whimsicott, Ferrothorn, Ludicolo, Dhelmise and Meganium


Type: Electric 1st gym Mareep Electabuzz 4th gym Flaaffy Electabuzz Magneton Alolan Raichu 8th gym Ampharos Electivire Magnezone Alolan Raichu Galvantula Elite four Mega-Ampharos Electivire Magnezone Alolan Raichu Galvantula Rotom-Wash


**Ground** **Gym 1:** - Mudbray (ace) - Nidoran f - Wooper **Gym 4:** - Mudsdale (a) - Onix - Nidorina - Quagsire **Gym 8:** - HA Mamoswine (a) - Mudsdale - Gastrodon - Steelix **Elite 4:** - HA Mamoswine (a) - Mudsdale - Nidoqueen - Gastrodon - Steelix


are you nine years old?


Dragon: 1st Gym * Tyrunt * Axew 4th Gym * Tyrunt * Noibat * Fraxure 8th Gym * Tyrantrum * Noivern * Zweilous * Haxorus Elite Four * Tyrantrum * Noivern * Dragalge * Appletun * Hydreigon * Haxorus


1st gym Alolan sandshrew and aron 4th gym Sandslash magneton perrserker Lucario (ace) 8th gym Lucario (ace) Bisharp Bronzong ferret horn aegisslash Elite 4 ferrothorn aegislash duraludon Bronzong bisharp and depending on the version the ace is Gensect or mega Lucario. His ace claim will be.Now witness arceus most treasured Pokémon enchanted beyond the limit now you have challenged Beauty at it peak.


Rock Type (with a Fossil theme) 1st Gym - Cranidos - Tyrunt 4th Gym - Amaura - Tyrunt - Rampardos - Aerodactyl 8th Gym - Rampardos - Bastiodon - Aurorus - Tyrantrum - Aerodactyl Elite Four - Rampardos - Bastiodon - Aurorus - Tyrantrum - Relicanth - Mega Aerodactyl


Type Dark: 1st gym - Houndour and Murkrow 4th Gym - Honchkrow, Pangoro, Houndoom 8th - Honchkrow, Pangoro, Sableye, Houndoom. TM for Dark Pulse for winning. E4 - Honchkrow, Pangoro, Hydreigon, Greninja, Tyranitar and Houndoom. Either Houndoom or Tyranitar will be mega


Type: Flying 1st Gym Chatot Fletchinder 4th Gym Chatot Altaria Talonflame 8th Gym Chatot Altaria Talonflame Staraptor Elite Four Chatot Altaria Talonflame Staraptor Gyarados Mega Pigeot My vision is in each of these (except the 1st because of leveling) Boomburst Chatot would be my ace. Honestly I just pick pokémon that I like mostly. My gym would be hella aesthetic and my outfit would be incredible.


Type: Psychic 1st Gym: Solosis, Inkay 4th Gym: Duosion, Malamar, Hattrem 8th Gym: Reuniclus, Malamar, Hatterene, Jynx Elite 4: Reuniclus, Malamar, Mega Metagross, Hatterene, Alolan Raichu, Galarian Slowking


I would love to be the Eighth Gym Leader with Bug Types - Golisopod - Scizor - Vikavolt/Ninjask - Mega Heracross/Pinsir - Centiskorch -Volcarona I want a different ability for Golisopod, man's powerful without the nerf


Type: Ground 1st Gym: - Gligar, Swinub 4th Gym - Excadrill, Gliscor, Piloswine 8th Gym - Excadrill, Gliscor, Piloswine, Swampert, Torterra Elite Four - Excadrill, Gliscor, Piloswine, Mega-Swampert, Torterra, Flygon


Type: Fairy 1st Gym: Clefairy Togetic 4th Gym: Klefki Clefairy Togetic 8th Gym: Mimikyu Klefki Clefable Togekiss E4: Mimikyu Clefable Togekiss Klefki Primarina Gardevoir Mega/Hatterene Gmax


Bug types 1st gym -Sizzlipede -Whirlipede -Vivillon 4th gym -Dwebble -Heracross -Pinsir -Venomoth 8th gym -Crustle -Vespiquen -Mothim -Venomoth -Frosmoth Elite 4/Champion -Mothim -Crustle -Venomoth -Frosmoth -Scolipede -Volcarona/Mega Heracross


Grass. 1st gym: •Deerling •Whimsicott 4th gym: •Dartrix •Whimsicott •Leafeon •Sawsbuck 8th gym: •Whimsicott •Decidueye •Leafeon •Appletun •Sawsbuck Elite Four: •Whimsicott •Torterra •Leafeon •Decidueye •Appletun •Sawsbuck I really, really wish Sawsbuck was stronger so my battles would be more challenging. I’d make another Pokémon my ace, but honestly I’d just rather buff Sawsbuck if this was actually a game.


Normal Type (I know, basic) 1: Pidgey, Bidoof, Porygon 4: Pidgeotto, Bibarel, Rufflet, Kanghaskan 8: Pidgeot, Bibarel, Braviary, Kanghaskan, Porygon2 Elite 4: Pidgeot, Bibarel, Braviary, Porygon-Z, Mega Kanghaskan, Regigigas (if not allowed, then Obstagoon)


I think I’d be fairy tbh. 1st gym: Togetic Impdimp 4th Togekiss Mawile Morgrem 8th gym Togekiss Mawile Grimmsnarl Mimikyu E4 Slurpuff Slyveon Mimikyu Grimmsnarl Mega Mawile Togekiss As you can see Togekiss is my ace


Typing: Ghost 1st Gym Leader: Lead - Dreepy Main - Mimikyu 4th Gym Leader: Lead - Spiritomb - Polteageist Main - Mimikyu 8th Gym Leader: Lead - Drakloak - Cursola - Polteageist Main - Mimikyu Elite 4: Lead - Dragapult - Cursola - Aegislash - Polteageist Main - Mimikyu


steel gym 1: honedge buldum gym 4: doublade metang lucario gym 8: aigeslash metagross lucario corviknight elite 4: aigeslash metagross lucario corviknight scizor bisharp


dark type first gym: sneasel and sableye forth gym: sneasel, krokorok, sableye eighth gym: weavile, krookodile, zoroark, sableye elite four: weavile, krookodile, zoroark, mega sableye/gmax grimmsnarl, umbreon, bisharp


Poison. 1st gym: Trubbish, bulbasaur. 4th gym: Trubbish, tentacruel, Ivysaur. 8th gym: Garbodor, Tentacruel, Crobat, Venasaur. Elite 4: Garbodor, Tentacruel, Salazzle, Toxicitry, Crobat, Venasaur


Type: Ground, particularly since all my favorite animals are represented as ground types 1st Gym • Cubone • Onix 6th Gym • Marowak • Nidoking • Quagsire • Steelix 8th Gym • Rhyperior • Mamoswine • Hippowdon • Steelix • Krookodile • Marowak Elite Four • Garchomp • Flygon • Rhyperior • Mamoswine • Hippowdon • Steelix


This turned out to be way more high effort than i expected it'd be. ​ Type: Rock My character will hail from Alola, probably the one region where Rock-type trainers have the most infamy due to the incredibly powerful and respected (lore-wise anyways) Olivia, the first time any Rock-type trainer has been anything more than an early-game joke. This will also give me access to Alolan forms, and an Alolan ace, particularly Minior, which will be my ace in all fights. ​ 1st Gym (TM: Sandstorm) * Roggenrola (Sturdy) lv. 13 - Tackle | Stealth Rock | Mud-Slap | Sandstorm * Minior (Shields Down, Indigo Color) lv. 15 - Defense Curl | Rollout | Confuse Ray | Sandstorm Minior will be holding an Oran Berry. A good first gym will either teach or force to use basic mechanics of the game. Using multiple pokemon and switching out to remove volatile statuses will be a borderline requirement to get past this, as the debuffs will allow Minior to set up an absolutely devastating Rollout combo otherwise, especially if its shell is broken. Sandstorm is an extremely powerful tool for giving both of them more durability, as starters usually only have special STAB moves this early on. I also made sure to not pick any pokemon with 4x weaknesses for this team specifically. Want to leave an impression on the player, because 1st Rock gyms are too goddamn common. Let's do something \*good\* with this concept for once. Abysmal coverage is the weakness of this team. Minior doesn't even have Flying STAB yet, so getting a better team than me and using switches is what gets you the win. The Trainer School will teach you all of this if you go there, and you'll even be given advice by Nurse Joy to go there and read up on volatile statuses if you get beaten by me specifically. Oddly, this is probably the team design i'm the proudest of. ​ 4th Gym (TM: Rock Slide) * Boldore (Sturdy) lv. 31 - Stealth Rock | Rock Slide | Headbutt | Sandstorm * Graveler-A (Sturdy) lv. 30 - Thunder Punch | Rock Slide | Self-Destruct | Steamroller * Minior (Shields Down, Indigo Color) lv. 33 - Ancient Power | Take Down | Rock Slide | Acrobatics There will be no held items in this fight. Far less of a gimmick team, pokemon now have an, albeit fairly neutered, form of their usual fighting strategies. The use of Sturdy to keep giving the team turns even in overwhelming odds is used twice, both for Boldore to set up and for Alolan Graveler to take down a pokemon you're trying to sweep with with Self-Destruct and the strongest coverage in the team. In the context of the pokemon single-player campaign, Acrobatics is HORRIFYING. I remember I was playing a romhack that was otherwise fairly standard difficulty-wise, then i came across a Flying type gym leader that swept my team with it. And that's because, with no held item, it has **110 base power**. As such, with it, Minior remains a very powerful pokemon, and remains the team's ace. It's also the team's only counter to a Ground-Type threat. As such, the strategy of this team basically revolves around being fully aware that the fight can end in seconds - And destabilizing your team quickly to set up its own sweeper to take control. ​ 8th Gym (TM: Stone Edge) * Gigalith (Sand Stream) lv. 50 - Stealth Rock | Stone Edge | Body Press | Heavy Slam * Golem-A (Galvanize) lv. 51 - Return | Stone Edge | Explosion | Steamroller * Cradily (Storm Drain) lv. 50 - Stockpile | Giga Drain | Sandstorm | Sludge Bomb * Relicanth (Sturdy) lv. 50 - Aqua Tail | Stone Edge | Bounce | Flail * Minior (Shields Down, Indigo Color) lv. 53 - Shell Smash | Stone Edge | Earthquake | Acrobatics Minior is holding a White Herb. In short, this theme strengthens the theme of the previous one, and finds two pokemon for the niche the team was missing, that being genuine ground counters. Fundamentally, this team is now complete. Gigalith has Sand Stream, firmly setting its role as the setup master. Golem-A is a reckless killer, with the strongest Explosion in all of Pokemon ready to cripple your team for a follow-up, Cradily is a bulky setup set with heals from Giga Drain, Relicanth is one of the more gimmicky team members mostly set up to , and Minior went has a full on competitive moveset and held item to give a STRONG impression, even this late in the game. ​ Elite Four Sandstorm is PERMANENTLY FORCED in this fight, unless countered. Once other weather conditions end, Sandstorm will return as well. * Gigalith (Sand Force) lv. 59 - Stealth Rock | Stone Edge | Heavy Slam | Earthquake * Golem-A (Galvanize) lv. 59 - Double Edge | Stone Edge | Explosion | Steamroller * Cradily (Storm Drain) lv. 59 - Stockpile | Giga Drain | Meteor Beam | Sludge Wave * Relicanth (Sturdy) lv. 59 - Aqua Tail | Head Smash | Bounce | Earthquake * Crustle (Sturdy) lv. 59 - Shell Smash | X-Scissor | Stone Edge | Earthquake * Minior (Shields Down, Indigo Color) lv. 60 - Shell Smash | Stone Edge | Earthquake | Hidden Power (Grass) Gigalith is holding a Weakness Policy. Golem-A is holding an Air Balloon. Cradily is holding a Power Herb. Crustle is holding a White Herb. Relicanth is holding an Assault Vest. Minior is holding Rockium Z. The least changed in terms of moveset and team composition, mostly because the two are really close together. Despite me imposing quite a few limitations on 8th gym teams, such as not overdoing it on TM moves, most movesets were already extremely solid. The biggest differences are perma-sandstorm, which changed the movesets of a few diferent pokemon to fit that, and taking full use of held items. No holding back. Decided to keep Megas away from the team, mostly because I don't think any Rock-type megas really fit the team without completely overshadowing my ace. Instead, I went for a Z-move! Rockium Z is the other competitive set Minior uses, it's far more explosive and less stable, but still very strong, and still bound to leave enough of an impression to remain a worthy ace, even if it's possibly no longer the strongest pokemon of the team.


Dragon 1st Gym - Bagon - Axew 4th Gym - Shelgon - Fraxure - Gabite 8th Gym - Salamence - Haxorus - Garchomp - Kingdra - Tyrantrum Elite 4 - Mega Salamence - Dragonite - Tyrantrum - Dragapult - Garchomp - Gigantamax Duraludon


Gym 1: Anorith, Joltik, Beedrill Gym 4: Armaldo, Galvantula, Scyther, Beedrill Gym 8: Galvantula, Armaldo, Scizor, Ribombee, Mega Beedrill Elite Four: Galvantula, Araquanid, Armaldo, Scizor, Ribombee, Mega Beedrill


Type: Ground 1st Gym: - Sandshrew - Galarian Yamask 4th Gym: - Gligar - Diggersby - Claydol 8th Gym: - Runerigus - Gliscor - Mamoswine - Krookodile Elite Four: - Garchomp - Rhyperior - Swampert - Excadrill - Sandaconda - Mega Camerupt


Fire 1st Gym \- Houndour, Chimchar 4th Gym \-Houndoom, Monferno, Magmar 8th Gym \- Houndoom, Infernape, Magmortor, Talonflame Elite Four \- Mega Houndoom, Infernape, Magmortor, Talonflame, Coalossal, Chandelure


Type: Grass 1st Gym: The Yucca Badge Cacnea, Maractus 4th Gym: The Prairie Badge Cottonee, Sunflora, Sawsbuck 8th Gym: The Sequoia Badge, TM 86 Grass Knot Trevenant, Exeggutor, Shiftry, Decidueye Elite Four: Dhelmise, Ludicolo, Ferrothorn, Exeggutor (Alolan), Sudowoodo (Wait, something's funny about that tree...), Mega Venusaur


Type: Fighting 1st gym: Riolu Tyrogue 4th gym: 2x Machoke Breloom Poliwrath 8th gym: Hitmontrio Lucario E4: Scrafty Machamp Lucario Mega-Gallade Hawlucha Kommo-o


Flying 1st gym: Rokidee Rowlet 4th gym: Corvisquire Gyarados Dartrix 8th Gym: Gyarados Corviknight Decidueye Charizard Elite four: Gyarados Zapdos (emolga if no legendaries) Corviknight Togekiss Shaymin (decidueye if no mythicals) Charizard Y


**1st Gym** Sandile and Geodude **4th Gym** Krokorok, Graveller, and Diglet (Kantonian) **8th Gym** Krookodile, Golem, Dugtrio (Kantonian), and Steelix **Elite 4** Krookodile, Golem, Dugtrio (Kantonian), Steelix, Mamoswine, Mega Garchomp I do find it strange the 8th gym is only allowed 4 Pokémon. If I am allowed a fifth, it would be Garchomp. Edit - 4th gym Dugtrio to Diglet


1st gym \-Popplio -Feebas 4th gym \-Primarina -Milotic -Gorebyss 8th gym \-Primarina -Milotic - Gorebyss -Dewgong Elite Four \-Primarina -Milotic -Gorebyss -Dewgong -Jellicent - Toxapex Mostly went of favs but with my fav ever pokemon (primarina) I tried to mostly stick to elegant/feminine pokemon just because I generally like them (feebas in 1st gym team is the obvious exception but its just because it evolves to milotic)


Flying type gym 1st Gym: Corvisquire 4th Gym: Staravia, Fletchinder, Corviknight (Ace) 8th Gym: Staraptor, Talonflame, Tropius, Skarmory, Corviknight (Ace) Elite Four: Staraptor, Talonflame, Tropius, Archeops, Dragonite, Corviknight (Ace)


Doing a Dragon Gym, sooo... Gym 1 - Dratini, Gible (TM-Dragon Rage) Gym 4 - Dragonair, Gabite, Flygon (TM - Dragon Breath) Gym 8 - Dragonair, Kingdra, Duraludon, Dragalge, Garchomp [Double Battle] (TM - Scale Shot) Elite 4 - Dragonite, Hydreigon and/or Dragapult, Kingdra, Duraludon, Garchomp [Mega Chomp or DMax Chomp/ Gmax Duraludon]


Type: Fairy Gym 1: Mawile, Togetic. Gym 4: Mawile, Rapidash-G,Togekiss. Gym 8: Mawile, Rapidash-G, Primerina, Grimmsnarl, Togekiss. E4: Mawile-Mega, Rapidash-G, Primerina, Grimmsnarl-Dmax, Tapu-Koko, Togekiss.


Type: Electric 1st gym: - Chinchou - Pikachu 4th gym: - Pincurchin - Lanturn - Raichu 8th gym: - Pincurchin - Raichu - Vikavolt - Dracozolt Elite Four: (Double battle) - Tapu Koko - Alolan Raichu - Vikavolt - Dracozolt - Lanturn - Magnezone Replace Tapu Koko with Pincurchin if legendaries aren't allowed I guess. This is actually the team I use in Sword for most things.


Type: Ground 1st Gym: Sandile, Swinub 4th Gym, Krokorok, Piloswine, Hippopotas 8th Gym: Krookodile, Piloswine, Hippowdon, Gastrodon Elite Four: Krookodile, Mamoswine, Hippowdon, Gastrodon, Gliscor, Excadrill


Bertha found dead in a ditch for being dethroned by another ground user


Fighting 1st: Riolu, scraggy 4th: Lucario, scrafty, toxicroak 8th: Lucario, scrafty, toxicroak, medicham Elite 4: Lucario, scrafty, toxicroak, medicham, hawlucha, breloom Wanted infernape but he’s a starter, also wanted heracross but I don’t want too many 4x psychic weak pokemon, no poliwrath because I didn’t want 2 electric weak pokemon If we get a mega, lucario


Starters are fine I guess since Flint has an Infernape


Type: Psychic 1st Gym: Ralts, Smoochum, Slowpoke 4th Gym: Kadabra, Grumpig, Gardevoir 8th Gym: Slowbro,Starmie, Exeegutor, Alolan Raichu Elite 4/Champion: Alakazam, Espeon, Metagross, Reuniclus, Galarian Rapidash, Mega Gallade


This Elite Four is giving Lucian a run for his money


I want to be flying type but all the mons I want aren’t 1st gym eligible :(((((


Ok so my favorite Pokemon is Swampert, but I don't actually like the idea of a gym leader having a starter for an ace. So I'm going to pretend that the Mudkip line is available in the wild like any other Pokemon haha (thry should really do this sometime, just make starters available in the wild in a differemt region!) Type: Ground 1st gym: Trapinch, Marshtomp 4th gym: Vibrava, Piloswine, Swampert 8th gym: Flygon, Mamoswine, Camerupt, Swampert E4: Flygon, Mamoswine, Camerupt, Nidoking, Excadrill, Mega Swampert


Dark Type: 1. Gym: Houndour, Zorua 4. Gym: Houndoom, Zoruark, Absol 8. Gym: (TM Dark Pulse) Houndoom, Drapion, Zoruark, Absol Elite Four: Houndoom, Zoruark, Drapion, Hydreigon, Weavile, Mega Absol


1. Zubat, Alola Grimer 4. Golbat, Roselia, Alola muk 8. Crowbat, roserade, Alola muk, toxtricity, salazzle, toxicroak.


Type: Psychic 1st gym: Ralts, Espurr 4th gym: Kirlia, Kadabra, Meowstic 8th gym: Metang, Gallade, Alakazam, Meowstic Elite Four: Metagross, Gallade, Alakazam, Meowstic, Starmie, Espeon


Psychic: 1st Gym:- Ralts Galarian Ponyta 4th Gym: Medicham Galarian Mr. Mime Espeon Kirlia 8th Gym:- Bronzong Gardevoir Malamar Orbeetle Elite Four or Champion:- Gardevoir Mega Gallade Orbeetle Metagross Alakazam Malamar


Ghost: 1st Gym (Astonish \[ghost really lacks passable low power moves, even looking outside existing tms\]): * Duskull * Frillish/Phantump/Litwick (whichever is strong vs the starter a la the Striaton gym) 4th Gym (Shadow Claw): * Frillish/Phantump/Litwick * Drifblim * Dusclops 8th Gym (Hex): * Jellicent * Trevenant * Lampent * Drifblim * Dusclops E4: * Jellicent * Trevenant * Chandelure * Drifblim * Dusknoir * Runerigus


1st: Lillipup, Porygon 4th: Herdier, Porygon-2, Munchlax, Chansey 8th: Stoutland, Porygon-2, Swellow, Chansey, Kangaskhan, E4: Stoutland, Porygon-Z, Swellow, Blissey, Kangaskhan-M, Snorlax


Type: Flying 1st Gym: Pidgeotto, Fletchinder 4th gym: Pidgeotto, Staravia, Talonflame 8th gym: Pidgeot, Staraptor, Talonflame, Altaria, Aerodactyl. Elite Four: Gliscor, Staraptor, Talonflame, Altaria, Corviknight, Mega-Aerodactyl.


Type: Ghost 1st gym: - Ghastly - Duskull 4th gym: - Haunter - Sableye - Banette 8th gym: - Sableye - Trevenant - Lampent - Runegrigus Elite Four: - Mega Sableye - Mimikyu - Dragapult - Chandelure - Basculegion - Hisuian Zoroark


Type Normal: Gym Leader One (TM Return) • Buneary • Ace: Chansey Gym Leader 4 • Porygon 2 • Milktank • Chansey • Ace: Lopunny Gym Leader 8 • Porygon Z • Purugly • Blissey • Milktank • Ace: Lopunny Elite Four: • Snorlax • Porygon - Z • Slaking • Drampa (with focus sash) • Blissey • Ace: Mega Lopunny


Type: Dark 1st: Houndour, Murkrow 4th: Murkrow, Houndoom, Absol 8th: Murkrow, Houndoom, Absol, Tyranitar Elite 4: Murkrow, Umbreon, Absol, Houndoom, Tyranitar, Yveltal


Type: Steel 1st Gym: Magnemite (Magnet Pull; Tackle, Thunderwave, Thunder Shock, Lvl. 10) Skarmory (Sturdy; Peck, Sand attack, Metal Claw, Lvl. 12) 4th Gym: Lairon (Rock Head; Protect, Rock Slide, Iron Head, Lvl 32) Magneton (Magnet Pull; Electro Ball, Thunderwave, Gyro Ball, Supersonic, Lvl 28) Skarmory (Stury; Sand attack, Toxic, Roost, Lvl 30) Scizor (Technician; Bullet Punch, Fury Cutter, Double Team, Lvl 35) 8th Gym: Steelix (Sturdy; Double Edge, Dig, Rest, Screech, Lvl 50) Magneton (Magnet Pull; Flash Cannon, Discharge, Light screen, Thunderwave, Lvl 52) Skarmory (Sturdy; Sand attack, Toxic, Roost, Drill Peck, Lvl 50) Lairon (Rock Head; Protect, Rock slide, iron head, Lvl 45) Metang (Clear Body; Psychic, Take Down, Flash Cannon, Lvl 44) Scizor (Technician; Bullet Punch, Fury cutter, Double Team, Swords Dance, Lvl 55) E4: Steelix (Sturdy; Double Edge, Dig, Rest, Screech, Lvl 60) Magneton (Magnet Pull; Flash Cannon, Discharge, Metal Sound, Thunderwave, Lvl 60) Skarmory (Sturdy; Sand attack, Toxic, Roost, Drill Peck, Lvl 60) Aggron (Rock Head; Protect, Take Down, Earth Quake, Iron Tail, Lvl 65) Metagross (Clear Body; Psychic, Take Down, Meteor Mash, Swords Dance, Lvl 65) Mega-Scizor (Technician; Bullet Punch, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, U-Turn, Lvl 65)


Psychic 1st gym -Woobat -Dottler(ace) 4th gym -Kirlia -Swoobat -Dottler(ace) 8th gym -Gallade -Swoobat -Espeon -Orbeetle(ace) Elite four -Gallade -Swoobat -Hatterene -Espeon - G-max Orbeetle(ace) This is kinda based on a team that I am using in my Monotype Challenge.


Type:fire 1st gym : Litwick Torchic 4th gym: Litwick Fletchinder Combusken 8th gym:(tm flamethrower) Ninetails Lampent Talonflame Blaziken Elite four: Torkoal Rotom-heat Chandelure Talonflame Blaziken(mega)


Electrc type 1st Gym: •Electrike •Elekid (TM - Charge Beam) 4th Gym: •Emolga •Luxio •Electabuzz (TM - Volt Switch) 8th Gym: •Emolga •Heliolisk •Vikavolt •Electivire (TM - Thunderbolt) Challenger: •Galvantula (Sticky Web, Thunder, Bug Buzz, Energy Ball; Compound Eyes) •Alolan Golem (Stealth Rock, Double-Edge, Stone Edge, Earthquake; Galvanize) •Porygon-Z (Tri Attack, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Shadow Ball; Download) •Klinklang (Shift Gear, Gear Grind, Wild Charge, Magnet Rise; Clear Body) •Silvally-Electric (Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Surf, Ice Beam; RKS System) •Electivire (Wild Charge "Gigavolt Havoc", Cross Chop, Ice Punch, Earthquake; Motor Drive)


Type: Dragon 1st gym: Deino, Gible 4th gym: Gyarados, Dragonair, Gabite (tm dragon tail) 8th gym: Gyarados, Dragonair, Dragalge, Garchomp (tm dragon claw) Elite Four: Gyarados, Noivern, Dracozolt, Dragalge, Hydreigon, Garchomp


Type: Bug. First Gym: Surskit Anorith Forth Gym: Fortress Armaldo Galvantula Eight Gym: Fortress Armaldo Galvantula Heracross Elite four: Yanmega Mega Heracross Armaldo Galvantula Scizor Golisipod


type: water first gym: magikarp, goldeen fourth gym: slowking, cloyster, vaporeon, glosipod eight gym: gyarados, tentacruel, lapras, kingdra, milotic, elite four: tentacruel, gyrados, relicanth, jellicent, lapras, volcanion


I thought about this for awhile actually! Here we go. Normal type gym Gym 1: - Miltank, Lickitung Gym 4: - miltank, Lickilicky, indeedee Gym 8 -Miltank, Lickilicky, indeedee, lopunny Elite four: - Miltank, Lopunny (mega), Lickylicky, indeedee, stoutland, Pyroar


Flying: 1st gym - Gligar (ace), Murkrow, Fletchling 4th gym - Gliscor (ace), Honchkrow, Fletchinder 8th gym - Gliscor (ace), Honchkrow, Talonflame, Skarmory E4 - Gliscor (ace), Honchkrow, Talonflame, Skarmory, Noivern


Type: Dragon 1st Gym: * Deino * Dreepy 4th Gym: * Deino * Dreepy * Gabite 8th Gym: * Zweilous * Drakloak * Garchomp * Shelgon Elite Four: * Hydreigon * Dragapult * Garchomp * Mega-Salamence * Dracovish


Type- Ground 1st gym- Sandile(Ace) , tympole 4th gym- Krokorok(Ace),Palpitoad, piloswine 8 gym Krookodile(Ace),seismatoad, Mamoswine, Flygon Elite 4 Krookodile(Ace), Seismatoad, Mamoswine, Flygon, Excadrill, Torterra Note- Never really liked Garchomp and haven’t used it that much so I didn’t include it


Grass 1st: Oddish, Bellsprout 4th: Nuzleaf, Gloom, Weepinbell 8th: Shiftry, Vileplume, Victreebell, Meganium E4: Shiftry, Victreebell, Vileplume, Venusaur, Sceptile, Meganium


I would be dragon. 1st gym Goomy. Applin. 4th gym Sligoo. Appletun. Noibat. 8th gym Goodra. Appletun Noivern. Dragonite. Elite four: Goodra Appletun. Noivern. Dragonite. Kommo-o. Gigantamax duraludon.


Type: Grass 1st Gym: Fomantis and Oddish 4th Gym: Lurantis, Gloom, Lombre 8th Gym: Lurantis, Vileplume, Ludicolo, Breloom Elite Four: Lurantis, Vileplume, Ludicolo, Breloom, Tangrowth, and Cradily Grass may not be the best type but dang it, it’s my favorite type.


Can we do it with fangame Pokemon or only official mons? I got ideas for both


I have yet to see Dragon type 1st gym: Tyrunt and Turtonater. Stealth rock and dragon tail strategy. 4th gym: Dragon Dancers. Fraxure, Drakloak, Tyrantrum. 8th Gym: Dracozolt, Dracovish, Flapple, Turtonater, Haxorus. Dragon Claw and Max Wyrmwind. Elite Four: Salamence, Kingdra, Dragalgae, Duralodon, MegaZard X. Just a good mix that can counter ice and fairy types.


Dragon 1- Charmander, Dratini 4- Charmelon, Dratini, Dragonair 8- Charizard, Dragonair, Dragonite, Aerodactyl E4- Charizard, Aerodactyl, Dragonite, Dragonite, Dragonair Btw my name is Lance