Niantic is REMOVING increased PokeStop and Gym interaction distance. Let them know how removing one of the best features they have ever added is a massive mistake.

Niantic is REMOVING increased PokeStop and Gym interaction distance. Let them know how removing one of the best features they have ever added is a massive mistake.


Horrible idea. Made play so much better in so many areas and doesn’t stop people from accomplishing the goals they stated. Definitely caused less cars driving on to the grass at parks around my area. The people who won’t get out of their cars never would before.


Yeah I started playing after the increased distance was in effect, and it seems just right as it is. I like not having to cross a busy street to spin a stop. I'm not sure how I would get to 2 or 3 stops without trespassing.


Someone please tell Niantic that increased safety is not an "event bonus". They should have made increased radiuses permanent long before covid, at the same time as getting rid of the foostep tracker.


What was wrong with footstep tracking?


Rumour was they got rid of the tracker because it meant people were walking around with their heads down looking at their phones too much, not paying attention to surroundings. I remember I used to have my head down a lot too with the reduced gym distance (walking around trying to get in range as I drifted). Basically, more eyes on phone = less safety.


Really? I thought it was because at times it would break the game


I followed a one foot lapras for 3 miles once. Never found it.


Oh dang! That sucks, but I respect the hustle! Then, yeah, it was broken and I heard it put a ton of stress on servers that were god awful back then.


Oh yeah it was definitely brutal. I remember reopening the app over and over until getting in twenty + minutes later.... Then because it was so brutal on the batteries my phone was dead an hour later. We've come a long way.


Constantly crashing, situations like that where people couldn’t find a Pokémon. I still think footsteps were way better than the current system, but that game was effectively broken when it was released


"at times"


They got rid of the tracker because it made the servers not work


I do remember hearing stupid stories like this one when the game first came out. https://www.cnn.com/2016/07/15/health/pokemon-go-players-fall-down-cliff/index.html


And people who might be in a wheelchair or have another difficulty may not want to get out of their car cause it takes them 10 minutes just to get out.


They really don't consider people with disabilities in this game at all :(


I agree. Its actually pretty sad. :( I love this game , but it feels like Niantic is making it harder and harder for ppl with disabilities. I barely can walk, nor do anything alone.


C'mon man! You don't wanna walk super close to the pokes tops that your practically touching the place only to get 8 poke balls?!


Im not walking up to a playground wearing my ratty running clothes and pointing a phone at the playground, no thanks.


You guys are getting 8 pokeballs?


You guys are getting pokeballs?


You guys have pokestops?


8 pokeballs? More like 2, with 3 revives and 3 regular potions on a gold gym.


Hold on so there was a point where you couldn't even reach across a street??


Well I don't know about the past, but there are a few broad streets where I live and right now I can spin the stop if I am directly across from them. If the distance shortens then yeah, I think I'll need to cross.


I can spin a pokestop from my bed. I would like to continue being able to.


Am I crazy or I thought I read a while back they said this was going to stay even after the bonuses ended? Am I misremembering or is this a backtrack?


I remember that too so I think this is a backtrack.


They did, then a couple of months after that they backtracked.


They claimed it was a “typo”


Man I hate it when I typo a whole sentence I never meant to write. /s


It makes me really sad because while I know this game is designed to get up and get moving, my husband and I are disabled so we got a lot more game play when the pandemic hit. I actually started during training pandemic to try and bond with my husband over something. Ya I’m a poke addict now and that’s okay Lol 😆 but we aren’t able to walk and walk we have to drive around obviously slowly and one of us I’d doing the most playing to be safe but still it’s so much more difficult when you literally “can’t” be more mobile. Shoot I’m lucky if I get to leave my house more than 1-2 a week. I know I know that’s not the point of the game but still I wish they would also keep it mind people like us too


I have Stops and Gyms around me that I still can't reach even with increased range, and I'm also physically disabled. I rarely got out for weeks at a time during the before times, and since the pandemic, I haven't been out at all except for doctor appointments. I get my groceries delivered. PoGo has been a godsend for boredom and fun (getting those Remote Raid passes was the best thing they ever did, as me and my fiance could finally play together despite living in different countries) but now I kind of feel shunted off to the side. Everything Niantic did during the pandemic was a smart business move, and taking it away now seems really stupid. The game was already tough for people with mobility problems, and now they're making it worse after having a small bit of improvement. It's not a good look, but I doubt they care about optics. Here's hoping enough people speaking out does something.


I couldn’t agree more! The remote raids are literally like life for us Lol! Praying they also “see” us and so many others ❤️


I'm in a similar situation - chronic health issues, can only go out once to twice a week, and I have to minimise walking when I do go out. There wouldn't be much left for me to play if I couldn't access the stops nearby from our apartment.


Bless you ❤️ I obviously get it and I know it can be a hard life. Know you’re not alone! Ours are also chronic conditions. We are old Lol! But still not for being disabled I am 43 and my hubs 50. Were a pair I tell ya Lol!


Oh don't say that, you are not old, really My mother is 45 and she and my stepdad do more fun stuff during the summer than I. Ya'll are playing a game together, which is just amazing, I wouldn't ever consider you old


Since you're now a fellow Poke addict (welcome to the community!) and you have limitations on movement, I would suggest playing their core games. I think you'll enjoy them. I started my 5th Pokemon White playthrough the other day. I strongly recommend Heart Gold & Soul Silver. That's a beautifully written game imo.


My wife and I are in a similar spot; we play for something to do together, and mostly from our car. Getting out of the house with something fun to do together has been a lifesaver during pandemic isolation. I drive, and only play when we're parked. My wife has pretty limited mobility - running around to spin stops would be a non-starter.


I'm just gonna delete the app if they do it. That's the metric they really care about.


Well, in fairness, since when has Niantic implemented good ideas? From making the game slower to play… Causing the flashing/seizure risk to increase… Catering to spoofers but punishing those who follow the ToS…


This is absolutely a terrible idea. It removes a lot of flexibility in terms of avoiding crowds, unsafe areas, bothering people, etc. it’s harmless to keep in.


Lest we forget, the original distance was selected because the game was originally just a re-skinned ingress. 40m was never the right fit for the pokemon go gameplay or community. It was awful. How have they still not realised we are not playing Ingress???


Honestly 40 is kind of annoying in Ingress too.


I knew this was coming as soon as the virus was declared at least mostly over. I've been dreading this day ever since it was implemented. Mostly because I know there's nothing we can do to stop it. I won't be able to get the pokestop that's on the other side of the next store at work anymore. And I won't be able to do that rare GPS drift snatch from home either unless I get extremely lucky. It happens more rarely than finding shinies. My ball stock will dwindle down now, even with a full friend's list. In other words, I'll basically go back to ignoring this game until I move somewhere that has stops out the ass, like nyc or something lol.


I live in the back arse countryside there's two stops relatively near my house and anything else is a good drive away. Stopped playing the game a long time ago because of it then a buddy convinced me to try again during Quarantine and it's been fun. Am i fuck playing this game again when they remove all this though, can't get fuck all Pokemon or balls playing where I live so what'll be the point. This fucks everybody over but really hits the country players.


Yeah, there's 5 stops and 2 gyms at my work but I couldn't hit any of them before pandemic without walking to the parking lot or the far corners of the building. Now I can hit 4 stops and 1 gym from my office and it's been really nice. My work just announced they're rolling back some of the nice changes they made as well so this announcement really sucks. Why can't we just keep our nice things?


I also see this a predatory practice on their own customers. They take these things away now, we complaining now but not forever. They will distract us with some other temporary bonuses and energetic events. Let time do the amnesiac magic. Then BOOM a subscription service where you have to pay to get these exact things they taking away now


I can't see a downside. I'm sure they have seen a huge surge in app opening since the pandemic for obvious reasons. I doubt they want people to stop opening the app, that is how people spend money. Remote raid passes at least have probably been a HUGE increase in player spending.


I spend about $10/month for remote raid passes. Between work and kids i don't have the time to go out and play. I have the one stop that i can reach from my house and a gym that i can reach from my yard because of increased radius. Without those so wouldn't be playing.


Sponsors. Someone in our discord pointed out that “our stops/gyms brings people 20m to your store front” looks way better than “… 40m….” We think it’s sponsors based.


Oh no...


Not saying it’s a good reason. Certainly not a customer reason (like ensuring you actually check out the waystop, which the distance doesn’t change). It’s a money situation.


In my country, Im not expected to get my first dose in before october and likely wont get the second before january. Reducing the range will force me to unnistall, and I can barely raid already because of the ever fewer ranged passes drops


JEEZE I didn't even think about globally, WTF Niantic, you totally should be thinking about these people!!


They don't even think nationally. If you don't live in San Francisco (or a similarly dense city) you may as well not exist to Niantic.


Not to mention that there is still in fact a pandemic going on and many places throughout the world are actually seeing spikes due to the Delta variant.


I dont get it and I'm losing interest. Soon remote raiders do less damage no doubt too.


That's actually one of the bonuses set to be taken away. I'm surprised it wasn't in the article.


They just keep taking away all the good things in the game. Admittedly, I'm in a pogo rut, I do my daily catch and research task but otherwise I'm mostly uninspired to play. Taking away another great feature is not going to help that. **Edit** thanks for the award!


This. Since the season of discovery started the spawns have been awful. I really don't want to see 10 Pidgey every damn day. I'm not even into Regigigas like many others are. Couple that with the fact that they've seemed to somehow alter the amount of shinies I was getting (I know people will say RNG but there's been a steady decline for me) and I really will just stop playing. I'm really not even enjoying it anymore.


yep, we're back into a pattern of 3 day events and 4 days without one zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I can't tell if it's RNG because shinies come so rarely for me to begin with. Outside of community day or other boosted shiny rates events I can't recall getting shinies. I certainly have never ran into a shiny raid target.


What about accessibility? It helps us all reach Pokéstops and gyms with a little more ease, but more than anyone else, it helps those with mobility issues. By reducing the distance, you're not just negatively impacting the current state of the game for able-bodied users, but you're also making it impossible for those with a wheelchair, or a walking stick, or other mobility impacting disorders to spin stops and gyms, and generally interact with the game in the way it was meant to be played. Something *could* be said for having a small interaction radius in pre-covid times, to encourage people to actually go to, and gather at Pokéstops and gyms, but this always negatively impacted those with mobility issues. And nowadays, it's just no good for anyone to gather in to a small and crowded space.


I didn’t even think about this. Thanks for bringing this to my attention


We might inform one or more if the influential gaming sites. They've been a help forcing Niantic to address other issues, maybe this case is even more important as it will prevent / discriminate whole groups of people to participate


As a bus driver for a day care center for adults with multiple disabilities I can say this is ridiculous


Idk according to my rejected pokestop submissions you’re supposed to walk up to the pokestop in real life and hug it I guess. Can’t possibly see the location from across the street !




I have reviewed 3,000 stops and submitted 200. Almost all of the legitimately eligible stops in my neighborhood (information boards and signs unless that has changed in the past month), clearly labeled with no possible way to block emergency access vehicle and either directly on the walking path or reachable within arms length or literally one step off of the side walk and universally they are rejected for “no pedestrian access”. These aren’t neighborhood signs that are no longer eligible, it’s literally community information boards for the neighborhood, with the express purpose of community communication and gathering, each unique in design, and have been active since 1985. Stops can do and are absolutely rejected for “no pedestrian access” if the object isn’t placed literally on the sidewalk (a foot away on to the grass is a rejection, every time)


It also helps with trespassing to get to certain stops.


Definitely. There's a good amount of stops in my area that cannot be reached if you are in a wheelchair or with other mobility issues. I went to one that was off the road on a hiking trail, while I had a post OP boot on. That... was an ordeal. Almost didn't make it in time, I was ablw to catch the Kyogre though, so there's that at least. My foot was swollen for a good week, but Kyogre has been carrying me through a lot of other raid battles.


Yeah, even *with* the increased radius, there've been times I have to remind myself that my health is more important than a Pokemon. I can still play it like 80% okay - I don't get to do raids or leave guys in gyms often, & struggle to do objectives based around raids or walking with buddies - but I still get lots of enjoyment. If I can no longer reach stops from my house, though, there'll be very little left that I can do.


Disabled here. I guess my time on Pokémon go is soon coming to an end. I did have fun playing. (Only started playing in February).


Judging by the awards, comments…do we think it’s fair that this reversion unfairly disadvantages against disabled and people with mobility issues? I think so, and I think that takes this to a different level than just a bad idea. I want PoGo to be as accessible as possible for disabled players.


I'm chronically ill and can't get out much, so if I can't reach the stops from my apartment, I might as well not play at all.


This update that they added last year made it easier to access stops and help people replenish resources at a better rate. If Niantic thinks removing this bonus so they can start selling pokeballs again then it's just sad if that was the case.


I don't really see how they'd sell more balls with this change. Even with the greater radius, you still had to get *kinda* close to the stops/gyms. It's not like I'm gonna buy pokeballs because I have to walk 20 extra yards to get to a stop/gym.


I can reach a stop from my house since they increased the radius. If they take it away, I have to leave my house, walk down the street and then cross the street to be able to spin it. I have chronic pain and nerve damage in my back, leg, and ankle. Being able to spin that one stop a day makes a huge difference for me and I'm sure many others.


The gym at my house is the main reason I even turn the game on still. I'm not sure if it will still be reachable, but I like popping it on when I wake up and give the gym a spin.


If they decrease the radius I will stop playing and I'm sure many other disabled players will also stop playing. I know it's a business but does every aspect of the game need to be about money?


Answer : yes...unfortunately.


Same. Theres two stops just a few feet further than the front and back walls of my apartment without the boost. I'm out, not climbing up and down the stairs just to spin stops.


My house is *just* on the edge of a PokeStop. Before the change, I couldn't hit the stop from my backyard, so I had to go around the (not very small) block to spin the stop. After the change, I can hit it multiple times/day from anywhere in my house. Changing it back will likely make it more of a "once per day" task, rather than whenever I launch the game.


My wife has m.s. and doesn't walk too well. This will definitely stop us from playing. Way to kill your disabled fan base Niantic.


I have MS too. My mobility is real bad. This will definitely stop me from being able to play.


same here. Currently disabled and no longer able to reach my closest stop.


I have chronic health issues too. I feel you, man. Sending out some distance moral support for your wife.


This may be a bold statement, but this might be one of the worst decisions they’ve made (this week at least).


This is definitely one of the worst decisions they've ever made because the increase in range was one of the greatest decisions they ever made. This hurts everyone, increases risk of people needing to cross a street, and shuts out disabled from being able to reach many areas. Nobody wants this


Also, what is the downside? Seems like increasing the items* you get from stops only encourages bag space purchases. The game is so much more fun with the changes they made. I still get 35-50 km a week, I'm not not "going". *not a complete list but seems like the main things I rely on stops for are: 1. balls (purchasable) 2. berries (not purchasable) 3. potions (not purchasable) 4. gifts (not purchasable)


Purchasing pokeballs is a complete waste of coins. I wouldn't buy them even if they only cost 10 coins for 20. I'd rather spend the coins on harder to get items.


Agreed 100%, I have never once bought pokeballs, added because it is an option.


I'm a day one level 50 player. I'd be more than happy to turn off the game for a while in solidarity with others to protest against this. And I mean a long while. This is no longer about the pandemic. This is about vastly improved gameplay. Come on comrades! Let's organise!


We need a Twitter campaign calling them ableist. That might change their minds real quick.


Bold statement?! Absolutely not. This is a move on par with a psychopath. Fuck them and their exploitation of a dedicated fan base during a pandemic. Shove that billion dollars in your arse if this is how you are willing to treat your fan base Naintc.


awful idea, its the only 'bonus' that i actually cared about.


*Niantic*: Don't worry the pvp walking distance is still removed.


also, PVP is still broken, so LOL joke's on us


Do NOT give them ideas about reinstating that...


While I dislike the possible incense revert also a lot, imo they can take everything away if they keep the increased distance. The arguments to do so are dozens, while there isn't any argument for removing it. It's not like we don't have to go out because of the 80m instead of 40m to do effectively play the game. From waypoints being more SAFELY accessible, allowing more room for GPS drift and even enabling people to still keep a slight distance from each other even after covid. Less people on a single space also reduces noise and complaints following, as usually our raid group now splits up into up to three smaller groups still fighting all together but just from different positions.


Don't stop at the petition. Short of stop playing the game, bombard Niantic with email or spam their in game "Get Support" to get the extended range back.


Stop playing would be more effective to be frank. Niantic is a business who cares about money and driving user growth. Money and user growth. That’s where to hit them.


Yes money and growth is one thing however I feel Nintendo is where to hit them, nintendo hates anything that hurts any of their IP images and its the only way anyone is ever going to get niantic to stop being such a garbage company is to bug nintendo about it. Niantic has already proven they're amazing at ignoring their user base.


The Pokémon Company owns the IP.


A coordinated boycott for a day would probably get noticed


Making extended stop/gym radius an event feature is probably the dumbest idea I’ve heard and I play PokemonGo.


i started playing again recently, booted up my old account and did about as many quests in the day as i did my whole account, this puts me off opening it again and just removing it untill they bring it back


Are they trying to get people to stop playing the game?


Ingress and Wizards speak for themselves. Niantic has no clue how to run a game. No Pokemon = no success.


Ugh I had such high hopes for wizards- it had some good stuff going for it. It was so grindy and tedious I finally hung it up after about a year.


So many good points brought up here. I used the in-game customer support and have already sent them a message regarding the delta variant of COVID-19 which seems to be much more contagious. Message is posted below. >I saw today that there was an announcement about reverting pokestop and gym interaction distance back to normal, but I'd like to request Niantic to reconsider. The information available currently about the delta variant of COVID-19 seems to indicate that it is much more contagious than other strains and even fully vaccinated people may be susceptible. Transmission has occurred in even encounters that were extremely brief. Masks and, more importantly, distance still are very relevant in preventing transmission. I believe safety should still be paramount.


Copy pasted your reply and added my own opinion about how these changes will end my Pokémon go career that started back in July 2016. Not because I couldn't play the game, but I just can't bring myself to support them anymore if they go through with this. I will play up until go fest as I bought the ticket for it, but after that i don't know.


God how stupid and tone deaf is this company


beyond measure, if the past 5 years are to be taken into account. I still remember when it was announced niantic would be making the game, ingress players warned us that this is the worst company and they have done nothing but prove those people right. I stopped playing for years and just picked it back up in 18' and ive just steadily wanted to stop playing more and more. But its something to do while im out and about and ive made some cool friends along the way. Man they really make it hard to enjoy anything. Pretty much anything good they've done in the past 5 years was stuff they should have done from year 1. They suck at communicating with their user base, their customer service is garbage/non existant. its just suuuuuch a horrible company. Heres why....Niantic doesn't give a flying shit about pokemon, they care about the money they generate from it to use on their other AR projects. The game will never get any better and they won't ever listen to us or what we want. The only way anything will change is if nintendo thinks they're fucking up and to be honest nintendo isn't great at keeping them in line. If there is any hope for this game we all have to bug the shit out of nintendo to make niantic change their ways. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. Have a good evening.


This change increased accessibility for all kinds of folks, decreased trespassing, and made the game more pleasant. Niantic is making mad cash off the remote raid passes, so if making money off pokeballs is their motivation here, it seems misplaced. Lack of access to resources will simply deter many players rather than make them spend money. Happy to sign!


I'm a 29 year old man. I don't want to be INSIDE public parks during summer. There's only one pokestop near me. It's a park. Lemme casually walk by it from a comfortable distance, get my crap, and leave.




They don’t care about petitions. People need to stop spending money for any positive change to happen.


I see this mentioned a lot to protest Niantic's dumb decisions however I fail to see concrete examples where this made a difference. In contrast, I do see vocal and vigorous online condemnation actually working- see them walking back the pvp stardust nerf as an example - In this case there wasn't a way to vote with your wallet and didn't guarantee Niantic more money either way. However, enough strong responses does seem to be enough to pressure Niantic.


I’ve noticed an increase in public attention to gamers with varying physical abilities. I see many discussions of that in this thread. Making them example 1A of a company that doesn’t GAF about that will be the kind of PR that reverses this foolishness.


This is the way. Anyone a PR pro?


Or a coordinated player strike. Half the active players would make them open up their eyes. Only take a week before it started to hurt, and Nintendo started asking some questions. In fact they might be the key, not Niantic.


Whales gonna whale no matter what. They won't care about the majority if their money comes from the minority


Yep. I saw someone leave a review on another game where they said they spent $200 on microtransactions, *the day they downloaded the game*. There's just some people with limitless cash to throw around or terrible self-control that provide more revenue than dozens or even hundreds of "average" players.


Honestly, I'll quit the game again if they revert this and incense changes. Stops near me were very hard to get to before the changes and I really don't want to walk around on community days to get the pokemon to spawn, especially in the hot and cold months. I signed the petition.


Whaaat?! What about the places where COVID is still a problem?


Nah... Covids over didn't you know. Says right there in the patch notes.


Which is like the the rest world aswell silly decision on their part


You know, like Japan.


Niantic: "Rural players be damned."




I became a fairly hardcore player this past year because of these covid improvements. They're going to mess that all up and im going have to quit along with the whole friend group I continuously drag into the game with me


Same here. I will likely not open the app anymore and eventually delete it. I've spent a good chunk of change on raid passes and incense in the last year. It's like they don't even want my money.


"Fuck the disabled" -Niantic


Niantic is such a garbage company.


As COVID begins to dwindle in much of the developed world, you'll see a lot of the "nice" things that happened due to the circumstances start to go away as well.


Too many of those things were actually improvements to quality of life in general :(


Yeah, man, just in general we gotta work to keep the positives that came out of all this.


Not surprised that they’re pulling this shit. They always find a way to sink lower than they have before


>what they once said would be a permanent addition. For what (little) it's worth, they already said soon after that initial statement that they had changed their minds and it would eventually be reverted. But yeah, still a terrible choice.


Stop giving them money instead


I've never given them any money.


Ill stop playing If they do. That was the biggest qol change that made me come back


Niantic really just said a big fuck-you to disabled players who can’t access some stops with smaller spin radiuses and women who don’t feel safe in certain public spaces and may end up putting themselves in danger.


Honestly people in general who feel in danger. There are definitely places I do not want to get too close to even as a guy. Give or take I get what you mean but yeah, there's far too many sketchy areas that I wouldn't wanna get too close to in general simply for some pokeballs and potions


And there goes my decision to buy an anniversary ticket. You'll get no money from me


Well, that's it for me then. Just uninstalled the game. Had been considering returning to it for the Go Fest next month but I'm done with them. Way to go to fuck over disabled players again by taking back a huge quality-of-life change for us.


I just came back a few months ago and continued playing because of this change. If they remove it, I'll stop playing.


Bold of them to assume people will spend more because of this


Lets drop the 1 star bomb on playstore


Honestly this being in the game was just a nice quality of life thing, didn’t break the game but made it much more enjoyable to play. The pandemic is far from over so even more so I’m surprised they’re removing just yet.


The changes are only going to be in US and new Zealand we're going to be their little guinea pigs for how to do this to the rest of the world 😐


So it actually could make a difference if people stop playing in those areas?


In theory yes in actuality who knows it sounds like they are in a very fluid state right now with what will be happening. I for one have never seen such a decisive outpouring of the same opinion and there has to be community managers and niantic staff reading these threads how can they not so hopefully by the time go fest ends there will be a positive update to this.


I’m just thinking back to this one time in the winter where I wanted to raid a gym but there was a hundred meters of feet deep snow between us. The gym was at the edge of what was normally a parking lot.


Much of the world is still in lockdown! This was made to accommodate social distancing and to have more people access stops from inside there house. This is a greedy underhanded move that will severely hinder many players.


literally was the best thing for the game and would be the worst thing for the game if they removed it


Yay. I get to trespass again.....sigh


Thx for doing this. Signed it


Just got back into pogo a few weeks ago. What change was made? Like your range to be in to spin them was increased?


Think of the max distance you currently have right now to interact with gyms and stops. Now halve that and you get the pre-bonus distance that Niantic wants to revert back to. May not seem like much of a difference for some places, but for others this means having to cross busy streets, enter buildings, enter paid parking lots, go beyond wheelchair accessible areas, walk out and stand in the rain or snow without shelter (think if you wanted a rainy/snowy-weather-boosted raid boss), losing place in raid due to GPS drift putting you outside the small gym radius, etc.


I would definitely stop playing if this happens. which is sad because I use this game as a motivation to workout & spend money as a guilty pleasure… oh Niantic..


I will actually delete the app if they revert. Even after spending a couple hundred dollars on the game between my wife and myself.


this will make me play even less. what a bunch of idiots


This post has more upvotes than the petition. That means some of you all are upvoting but not signing


Share this to Silphroads


I tried to post several times, but was informed they do not allow petitions


Wow that's wack. I'll share along some in my discord groups


If anything, they need to completely get rid of it and make everything on screen interactable


Reminder that the distance required to spin pokestops in Southeast Asia equatorial countries has been fucked up since launch. Basically even when the pokestop disc opens, we still cant spin it and have to walk about 15 metres closer before it even works. This increased distance has actually made the game so much more playable.


they’ve never listened to any other gripes i’ve had. they’ll just see a reduction in play and interpret it however they’d like.


"Maybe we should put heatran back in raids. This will definitely please the masses!"


What made them decide it's a great idea to do?




They've made a LOT of mistakes, but this would easily be one of the worst. I really hope the community can get their attention and convince them not to make this change.


If this goes ahead, I will be refunding every purchase I have ever made from the point the distance was increased till when it goes away, and I will be extremely vocal to others about doing the same. ACL is hardcore in favour of customers when it comes to product change.


how about incense effectiveness when not walking?! that one is the worst nerf, so long CD from home i guess :(


Aw man, this is upsetting. There was a stop near my apartment I was able to spin to get items when I would run out :/


This will make some pokestops and gyms less popular again.


This proposed change is so baffling to me. Like, where is the benefit from reverting to the shorter range? It doesn’t help them make money short or long term. As is well shown here, it’s an incredibly unpopular decision with genuine accessibility problems arising for many players. And it’s not like it’s an unlimited range - players still must get within a fairly close proximity to the stop or gym to interact with it. If anything, I was more likely to go explore new areas because I could finally reach stops and gyms from a distance that I normally wasn’t able to reach. Of all of their poor decisions, this one undoubtedly has to be the worst.


I already play way less than inised to, guest its time to finally uninstall it. The old proximity was so bad, combined with network problems it could really be a pain


The fucking pandemic isn’t even over!!! Seriously, WTF??? And even if it was, why remove what’s actually IMPROVED the gameplay with safety and accessibility???


Niantic is just really set on eliminating players with disabilities from the game. First the nerfed damage from remote raids, then the seizure update, now this. And yeah, I know it sounds dramatic, but disabled people just have such a hard time already, and a lot of them were prevented from playing as much even with the increased distances. Not to mention that in some parts of the world there is an insane heat wave going on, Las Vegas might actually be melting, and they wanna encourage people to get out more so they can catch a heatstroke. So if a disabled player in the middle of a heat wave wants to play they’re pretty much up a creek, and I don’t mean that in a refreshing way. Honestly, I didn’t even realize until now how much harder this game is for other people. I’m a little upset they announced this AFTER a bunch of people bought GoFest tickets, I wouldn’t have purchased one if this was announced 7 days ago. Yes I know they’ve announced they might do this in the past but they flip flop worse than an emotionally abusive spouse


Oh heck no, I’m disabled, screw that, this should be against the ADA!


I would literally just stop playing because the only time I play Pokemon Go is at home before bed, spinning the 3 Pokestops I can reach from there and catching whatever Pokemon are spawned lmao


Sweet, looks like I’ll be deleting the app then.


The pandemic isn't even over, this isn't going to help anything. Plus yes, I'm also one of those disabled gamers, the increased distance was a blessing. If you think it's not fair that people don't have to get up close and personal to your business to spin the stop then that's too bad.


Everyone's missing the biggest thing... accessibility and ease is great and all, but increased distance kept people SAFE from physical harm. The fewer streets that needed to be crossed, the less traffic to go thru, THE LOWER CHANCE OF GETTING KILLED FOR A POKEMON.


July 2016 player here. I've had a very mostly off and on relationship with pokemon go over the years. Logged back on for the first time in quite a while recently, and among all the other things that I was pleased to see they added, one of the well the biggest things I was happy to see was the increased pokestop distance. It made my time playing the game much easier and I know just how much it help others and makes the game more accessible. For me, for example, the extended reach means I don't have to bike back and Forth across dangerous roads JUST for the stops on the other side. I don't know if it's a deal breaker for me but I certainly might end up taking another break.


I spent too much time and money on this game anyway, thanks for helping me quit Niantic(:


I honestly gave up after they removed the covid bonuses during the height of covid. It was so dumb and we were left without bonuses for months


I'm gonna copy and paste my response in another subreddit: Regardless of Niantic's reasons, reducing pokestop and gym radius will HUGELY impact a group I'm part of – wheelchair users. Before, it was common for gyms or stops to be inaccessible due to stairs or terrain. (This is despite my city being one of the most accessible in North America.) The increased radius almost instantly solved that problem. Since the pandemic started, the game has become super wheelchair accessible to me. I don't have to worry about the stairs, or grassy slope, or steep hill. I can participate as an equal and valued member of this game. Taking away the radius would be a huge step back. For those of us with mobility devices, it literally makes the difference between possible and impossible. I've long felt that Niantic ignores players with mobility devices like wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters. Now that feeling seems confirmed. This game is one of the few outlets we have to being more active and involved in our communities and a huge part of it is now being taken away. It feels like someone is ripping the enjoyment out of this game. It feels like Niantic is saying, "Once again, we don't give a damn about you."


Too much work. I'll just quit playing.


Make sure you tell them you're not spending any more money on the game if they decrease the distance. https://twitter.com/PokemonGoApp/status/1407098414287011848


Please stop making us loiter in tight groups, and making me hold my phone in a way that makes it look like I’m taking pictures of others (AR), sincerely, middle aged man


Niantic only cares if the pokestops they themselves use in san francisco are in range. Selfish assholes. Petitions wont do anything. You just have to accept being treated like cattle. Most american game developers treat their player base like that.