'Long Past Time to Fire DeJoy': Postmaster General's Ex-Company Gets $120 Million Contract | One congressman said that his "14-month run as postmaster general has been a masterclass in cronyism and deception."

'Long Past Time to Fire DeJoy': Postmaster General's Ex-Company Gets $120 Million Contract | One congressman said that his "14-month run as postmaster general has been a masterclass in cronyism and deception."


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["Experts Agree DeJoy’s Conflicts of Interest Should Have Disqualified Him from Consideration for Postmaster General"](https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/experts-agree-dejoy-s-conflicts-of-interest-should-have-disqualified-him-from) `https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/experts-agree-dejoy-s-conflicts-of-interest-should-have-disqualified-him-from`


WTF? He was a Trump donor? Well Trump did put all of his big money donors in government positions. I'm not sure how that was even allowed. Seems like there should be a rule against that.


He drained the swamp and removed pay for play by replacing everyone with whoever paid him the most. DeVoss was the least qualified human on earth to do their job. DeJoy is at least qualified but his desire to destroy the post office because he and his friends would make billions off the private companies that would replace it should have easily disqualified him.


Republicans and DeJoy want to dismantle the USPS because of four reasons: 1. They want to give the profitable parts to their rich donors like FedEx chairman Fred Smith - who pays his distribution center workers $13 an hour instead of a middle class wage postal workers get. 2. They want to crush the Postal Workers Union 3. They want to let their Wall Street banker friends raid the multi-billions in the pension fund 4. No postal service - no mail in ballots.


Don't forget about the fact that USPS has prime real estate and historic buildings in every single city and town in America. If you can get em in the red and force a sale of property, private business can snatch up all the good stuff.


Exactly this. The USPS sits on billions of dollars of land and they want to snatch it up for pennies on the dollar.




Well, we don’t want union people having kids, now do we? They’ll grow up with funny ideas.




So...their plan seems to be going swimmingly then.


It’s a mess and sad that even though trump was obvious in his cronyism, so many Americans were dazzled. Also, I was able to provide a decent childhood for my children as a Union Carpenter but even Unions have fallen prey to greed of the wealthy. USPS has struggled since (Reagan era I think) government regulations forced them to finance employee retirement 75 years in advance. I keep hoping Biden will surprise me and be the FDR of our time. IMO Democrats settle too much when in an age where republicans still practice the slash and burn politics that newt gingrich brought on. Maybe it’s all about keeping us from focusing on actually not being screwed by the owners


> DeVoss was the least qualified human on earth to do their job. Yup “I have decided to stop taking offense at the suggestion that we are buying influence. Now I simply concede the point. They are right. We do expect some things in return.”


Further to the mail in ballots thing, the USPS has a legal obligation to deliver the mail which fed-ex & ups do not. So privatizing the post office could effectively disenfranchise thousands of people like those in rural areas and military personnel serving overseas.


FedEx starts at $22 an hour now in the stations just as an fyi.


He replaced the swamp with a burning dumpster


From swamp to Flynt Michigan's sewer system


Flint, Michigan’s *drinking water* system.


DeVoss was put in place for exactly these reasons too. Hamstring public education in order to make billions via private education (with the bonus of creating another generation of educationally compromised drones).


EXACTLY, privatizing schools and approving vouchers was her way of helping her companies and friends. All cloaked in fake religious convictions.


DeVos DeJoy DeSantis






Oh DeVoss was terrible. She's gone now, right?


She had the nerve to resign in the closing days of the trump admin. Crocodile tears about how children were watching the 6th.


What a fing coward. She got what she wanted.


One could say DeVoss and DeJoy aren't cut out for de jobs they were given


I don’t think there was ever an official rule because everyone assumed no one would be this corrupt and public outcry would be swift and loud, but forgot to take into the account what if 35% of the population was completely brainwashed and another 10% doesn’t care as long as they’re side is winning


That is really depressing. I just can't stand it when horrible people get away with shit like that. Trump is just the worst kind of person.


As are his followers. Trump is a terrorist equal to Osama bin laden


Hes done way more damage to our country than bin laden ever could have.


Arguably, Bin Laden was the one who kicked the US off the cliff of radicalism. The Patriot Act was hugely reactionary and detrimental, and the political divide caused by the fallout of the war on terror has driven us to where we are. Trump was just the latest culmination of that reactionary behavior.


I'd say Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh was the grease fire that started the rapid decline in out political discourse. Both spearheaded the radicalization process on the conservative end. It's been downhill since the 90s.


I mean, Nixon and Reagan laid the groundwork by rebranding racism as "the war on drugs". A bias that was pervasive throughout the country's history was slowly becoming unacceptable, so they gave conservatives new, more socially acceptable rhetoric to target minority communities.


I don't know. The Red Scare happened before the 90s, and given the frothing rage it drove people to (which rich people exploited to label unions and worker's rights as the hated "communism"), I'd say there's always been a group of right-wing crazy people primed for radicalization. Also, I'd pin the blame more on Murdoch and Fox News - it was explicitly created so that the next time a Nixon came around, a scandal like Watergate wouldn't end them.


Oh, there were definitely elements in place that were radicalizing the right already when Bin Laden came around, but I think 9/11 is like the proverbial match in a room filled with gas. The gas was slowly fed in over 2 decades and then Bin Laden ignited it into full blown crazy.


Full blown crazy, Exhibit A: Freedom Fries


Definitely those two but it also goes back even further. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Untold_History_of_the_United_States is an excellent Oliver Stone documentary. It’s not quite about hyper partisanship but it is eye opening that America isn’t as great as we wish to believe. Regardless of who has been President we’ve fed the military industrial complex and continued to expand imperialism, not all at the expense of our personal freedoms like the Patriot Act took away, but a lot of death and destruction and corruption and power hunger.


Don't forget Rupert Murdoch!


Less. Republicans as a whole make up closer to 30% than 40% of the country. That’s the power of Gerrymandering.


Reminds me of the minority fascist Party that came to rule in the 1920s-1930s Germany, using EXACTLY the same tactics we see from the republo-fascist party, today. I guess they didn't teach that history in certain parts of our country.


Bevin happened in my state of Kentucky. The voting stats showed the year he campaigned , only 20% of all registered voters in my hometown showed up to vote. 80% of those registered didn’t vote and he won. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil...” In my book, the people too “cool” “apolitical” or “apathetic” to vote are right up there in accountability with the MAGA crazies.


And this is precisely what the GOP is hoping for with all their voter suppression laws going into effect around the country. They would kill for only 20% of the electorate to show up to vote!


Its almost too easy in the information age to brainwash people. I've started to think that Democracy and the internet are mutually exclusive.


The internet is both the best and worst thing to happen to democracy in the history of the planet.


Did Trump employ anyone that either wasn’t 1) a relative, 2) a donor, or 3) a huge kissass? This is not fucking difficult. Biden should have told the board 6 months ago to either fire DeJoy’s ass or he’d replace the lot of them.


> Biden should have told the board Biden should have fired the entire board. Replaced them on his 2nd day in office.


Did Trump employ anyone that either wasn’t 1) a relative, 2) a donor, or 3) a huge kissass? Yes. But not for long. See Mattis, General James.


That’s fair. But he was also at the beginning of the administration where Trump had a few competent people. By the end they were all sycophants or donors with massive conflicts of interest.


Not "just" a trump donor... He actively pressured his employees to donate the personal maximum, and compensated them quietly after to skirt the law. The guy needs to go down in flames.


Well yeah that was the entire problem when he was put in place to then slow mail in votes


I mean that's how it works... The education hag that everyone wants to die even quoted something like "yes I want something for my money" someone else can look up the exact quote


“Members and witnesses were alarmed that the Board of Governors failed to perform a sufficient background check that would have turned up economic and political conflicts of interest that could damage the reputation of the most beloved of federal government agencies, the Postal Service.” REALLY??? YALL DIDNT KNOW HE WAS CORRUPT TO START?? WE ALL KNEW HAD HAD HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, and after 15 weeks these bastards have the audacity to say they’re ALARMED, that a thorough background check wasn’t performed??? WHAT???? WeE FUCKING KNEW ABOUT THESE CONFLICTS BEFORE HE WAS EVEN PUT INTO POWER. This world is a sewer and I fucking give up


Preach brother


Thank you for posting that link.


How do they just get away with this in front of everyone’s face. Yet everyday citizens are persecuted to no ends and they will go out of their way to find evidence on you. But these guys, just let them fuck shit up and be blind to it smh.


Is anyone surprised after that first hearing where he was laughing off questions? He looks like the kind of asshole to eat the food off his child’s plate and say “what? I paid for it and I’m hungry!”


He doesn't use a plate, he has his snout in the trough.




And when your hand is on your heart You're nearly a good laugh, almost a joker


You're nearly a laugh, but you're really a cry.




Animals still holding up 40 years later. Love it.




He looks like the kind of asshole to say "Get used to me." Wait, he did say that. It pissed me off mightily too.


I too was irrationally angry about that. What a dick.


I really hate an asshole who's smug about it.


No that's pretty rational.


Laughing off questions he's being asked... Like did this mother fucker forget he works for us?


He was never working for Us. He was in a” scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours “, relationship with Trump and the RNC.


Oh of course he was. I just meant we sign his paychecks in the form of taxes


He's paid by us. He is working for big corp.


His salary is chump change compared to the political favors and compensation he’s likely receiving on the back end.


He doesn’t work for us. He knows it, you know it, everyone knows it. Yet here we are.


> did this mother fucker forget he works for us Considering WE don't get a say in firing him, he is mugging the tax payers while the politicians watch.


Oh yeah, exactly my point. I'm just tired of us letting it slide. My self included. Although I won't ignore the fact that it's extremely difficult to do something about it, as it would take mass effort to fix, because honestly we'd have to circumvent the democratic process... But honestly, it won't get done otherwise. Not with gerrymandering and laws that are clearly rife with favoritism towards Republicans


We need some process to hold these people responsible for their crimes. They should be tried and jailed. There isn't even a case brought against him by the Department of Justice afaik.


< Considering WE don't get a say in firing him, he is mugging the tax payers while the politicians watch > We didn't even get a say in hiring him.


He doesn’t care.


We need to nail one of these mfers to the wall so they start to care.


Examples must be made, or they'll *keep* laughing.


We need to nail them all to the wall. And hurry before the Cheeto in charge kacks off


Can we START with him, please? Asking nicely...for now.


Seriously and literally. They're straight up not afraid and think they're above us. THEY. WORK. FOR. US. and it looks like they need that reminder


>THEY. WORK. FOR. US. and it looks like they need that reminder No they absolutely do not work for us and they've been compensated handsomely to keep it that way unless by 'us' you mean foreign and domestic individuals and institutions and governments with hundreds of millions up to billions and trillions of dollars?


My son never finishes his food at restaurants. So I was just thinking of all the times I have verbatim said those words to my wife. I guess I should get a box for him and sometimes I do. The thing is I order seafood at restaurants all the time knowing it will not be enough food so I can eat my sons leftovers. I know I am terrible but one day he will finish his food and I will be forced to order an appetizer to go before the check comes. I dread that day.


That’s why I hit a drive thru on the way to dinner. “What? It’s cheaper than fried pickles at the restaurant! …do you want anything?”


Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.


This guy was literally hired to help Trump steal an election and privatize the USPS. Conservatives love being put in positions they don’t think should exist in the first place.


I can't believe DeJoy isn't in prison. Like I cannot fathom doing half the shit he did and still not be in prison for the rest of his life. Rulees for thee, not for me. Fuck Republicans.


>I can't believe DeJoy isn't in prison. > I can. You can plan an insurrection and as long as you're white and conservative, you might as well be invisible to law enforcement. Being white and Republican while you shatter the USPS is small potatoes compared to that.


Obviously there are things the “parties” are working together on. For instance manufacturing consent for the “Green Revolution” (paid for by the fossil fuel industry through guys like Steve Westly). To the Manipulators; Yes we noticed that the API chose the Vice President. Stop trying to hide it.


Biden was chosen and elected to be the moderate choice. He's basically republican light. He's from freaking Delaware isn't that where lots of big corporations have their headquarters because of their favorable taxes and corporate legal protections?


> Delaware isn't that where lots of big corporations have their headquarters because of their favorable taxes and corporate legal protections? To some extent, but largely because state law is what ends up applying in a lot of situations and the legal environment in Delaware is very predictable. So it's not so much protection as lack of uncertainty. > Delaware's strength is its wealth of published judicial decisions applying its corporate law to real world factual situations. Even the clearest statute is of limited use to a practitioner, as the real world is infinitely more varied than any statute. It's only by applying a statute to the real world over time that the statute takes on a life, assumes certain habits, develops a personality and, in a word, becomes predictable. https://www.professorbainbridge.com/professorbainbridgecom/2003/10/is-delaware-corporate-law-predictable-or-indeterminate-corp-law-blog-votes-for-predictability.html


In a sane society the Bidens, Clinton's and Obama's would actually be republicans. Pro business and pro corporate but not necessarily evil. Democrats would be like AOC and Sanders. The goals would be the same (help people and not be evil) but with vastly different approaches on how to do it. But we don't live in a sane society so we have reprehensible evil and center right with everything else vilified.


Not sure I agree he’s Republican light but he definitely isn’t a leftist by any stretch. Although it is hilarious to hear republicans call him a socialist and communist. Just more big words they don’t know how to use. And shows how little they’re willing to compromise. Anyone not alt-right is far left.


It's like they had a script ready for Sanders, and when he didn't win they just kept it in




Government doesn’t work. Elect me and I’ll prove it. -Republicans


This guy has destroyed the post office. First class Mail is now going to be slower to save money. I used priority Mail for years because it was affordable and on time 90% of the time. Now the rates are about 20% higher and my packages arrive several days late. I know of other businesses that have quit the postal service because of the reasons I’ve stated. I’ve called my representative and both senators and complained about this crook. I advise you all do the same.


Realistically, they're slowing the mail to make it less appealing to use USPS and *more* appealing to use private carriers, because it is very difficult for private carriers to compete with the USPS when it comes to prices. Thus, if you make the cheaper option slower and less reliable, people will be more willing to use the private option, even if it costs more. You're witnessing the USPS higher-ups attempting to push the notion that government-run organizations "are never as efficient as private organizations" into reality.


This is somewhat true but misses a few key aspects for private carriers that most people who don't work in the industry wouldn't know. Long story short, we are all interconnected to some degree. For example, FedEx international shipping piggybacks on Existing USPS deals with foreign carriers for that delivery, and USPS is forced to use FedEx planes for shipping due to laws prohibiting the USPS from utilizing planes. UPS relies heavily on USPS for rural delivery similar to Amazon. It's an open secret, but slowing delivery by USPS would probably slow delivery across the board.


So, why hasn’t Biden requested the FBI to conduct criminal investigations into this obvious corruption? Why has nothing been done about ANY of the criminals who have engaged in open corruption? If I didn’t know any better, I’d assume they were beholden to the same corrupt donors…


Our justice department is also behind those same doors. There is barely accountability anywhere. They just want to distract us with Red vs Blue gameshow, while they *all* line their own pockets.


I think folks gloss over how much the mail actually does. It delivers medecine to people. It delivers government forms about benefits and applications. And all of that was also slowed down and made inefficient during a time of pandemic. Stealing the election was a main pillar of DeJoy's position but undermining the government response to the pandemic is a large 2nd. As a social worker all I heard for months was "i got this form weeks after its due date wth". Thats slowing down foodstamps and medicaid, pandemic assistance and housing programs.


He needs to be held accountable for corruption. Even if he does get fired, that shouldn't be enough for society - he needs to pay back the debts and damage he has wrought.


This. Probably why he wasn't fired yet. No reason to breach a castle's gate when you can tunnel underneath it.


Frankly, I doubt it. But hey, I have no faith in this country.


He can't be fired by Biden. Only the Board can, and it's full of Republicans. They first need to re appoint the board


And I've been hearing this response for months now with no news of headway.


That's because Biden, as with everything else this year, has zero desire to push for anything that can be considered in any way not a sure thing. There are two or three legal routes he could take that he hasn't because there would be whining from conservatives and that just wouldn't do.


Biden cannot replace members just because he doesn’t like them. He nominated three new members when three past members’ terms expired. He will be able to nominate another in December 2021. After that the board can vote to replace DeJoy.


“This is actually smart business” - rightists when they do a corruption


Destroy a public service or utility, replace it with a less reliable alternative, and charge exorbitant rates for said low quality service. "I'm negatively effected to a catastrophic extent but that's just good business thinking, watch me vote for it again." See: healthcare.


I should not have to have political opinions on the post office, yet here we are


Letter Carrier for USPS here. I see firsthand what my job does every day for people. During the pandemic, so many of the people on my route got their prescriptions mailed to them. They are all older, retired folk who were high risk so they were afraid to go anywhere. Being able to just walk out to your mailbox to get the prescriptions that are vital to your comfort and survival is so huge for these people. Not to mention all those who run businesses from home and rely on the Post Office to send and receive the stuff that earns them a living. It’s so frustrating that we’ve made USPS a political thing when it’s a *service* to the American people. It’s not supposed to be these big money making venture. If we break even every year then we’ve done our job. Because, again, USPS is a *service* to the people. Nothing more, nothing less.


I'm a carrier too. One of the worst parts, in my opinion, is all of my coworkers who seem to believe this guy is genuinely doing a good job. My postmaster actually said to me that DeJoy was going to "drain the postal swamp." So many people want to dismantle all of the unions and think that being totally private would somehow help them. And then they'll turn around and beg their steward for help to save their job when they fuck up or have an error in their paystub. It feels like my brain is leaking out of my ears sometimes


Tell your coworkers that if they want to work for a private post office, UPS is right over there. I bet they won't want to leave their publicly funded benefits so easily.


> Not to mention all those who run businesses from home and rely on the Post Office to send and receive the stuff that earns them a living. This. If the GOP gave any of the fucks the claim to about small businesses they would be supporting the USPS and not trying to destroy it.


Want to fuck something up? Put a republican in charge die any period of time. Sadly this was intentional in this case


Yes. It was intentional by Republicans. They took advantage of not confirming Obama's picks to the Postal Board, left the postal board with no Quorum to do business, waited for a Trump to get several picks, then slammed them all thru in a six month period. So the board had like four new picks by Trump then immediately appointed DeJoy... it was entirely manufactured for this outcome. so now Biden has to wait for his picks to do anything.


It’s time to go. His plans of destroying our USPS so another company privately owned to take over is obvious. Do you really want to trust a privately owned company with your voting ballots, medications and confidential mail?


It’s not deception when he’s not trying to hide anything and blatantly being corrupt in front of everyone’s faces. I continually see GOP officials doing outrageous things in the news that would mean immediate termination a few years ago, but it’s like the Trump era changed everything.


Pretty sure Dec is the soonest he can be fired since that is when the next Postal Board seats expire.


You mean the board seats held by people who unanimously backed his plan that demonstrably degraded service? I see no reason why you can't be fired for cause from the postal board for backing a bad 10 year plan by a flagrantly corrupt postmaster general that shows it is disrupting a constitutionally mandated federal service.


My frustration- Biden could (should) fire Ron Bloom, he has been serving a one-year holdover term on the board since last December and unlike the other Governors can be replaced at any given moment due to his “normal” term having already expired. As for Barger, his seat expires in Dec 8th and its likely a choice of picking battles to let him ride his term out (I get that). So and I am HOPING that Biden boots Bloom around the same time Barger leaves.


I understand the reluctance a little but frankly since the day the 6 holdovers voted to back dejoys plan after the metrics were in on degraded service think that they should be fired. It's time we stopped putting up with crap out of fear of setting a bad precedent. Doing a bad job should be grounds for firing and that is that. Trump would fire them for looking at him sideways regardless of how restrained Biden is.


Should stop fearing setting precedents and start using them to set new standards.


Insulating chief executive positions within the Federal Government from being held directly accountable, including termination, by the President, in large part defeats the purpose of electing the chief executive officer of the Government. The President has three chief powers, 1) the administration of the civil laws of the United States of America, 2) the power to control the military, and 3) the power to represent the US as a corporate body to foreign states (the proper name of this power has slipped from my memory. It was either in Madison's Notes of the Federalist Papers, but I cannot seem to find it). These limitations on the the ability to administer the Federal Government, including a chief agency like the Post Office, is an absurd handicap on an elected executive that basically creates an unaccountable department of government, which is antithetical to democracy.


Finally, the information I was looking for. Thanks for posting this. This would explain a lot.


It's unbelievably fucked. He's not going to stop being a piece of shit, and things will get worse.


Masterclasss? There’s nothing masterful or skilled about this he’s just blatantly abusing his position and clearly has several conflict of interests regarding it. He’s not even trying to find his corruption how is that masterclass?


FUCK OATH'S TO OFFICE. They are meaningless and vacuous statements that lead to zero accountability. MAKE THEM SIGN CONTRACTS AND PROSECUTE THEM IF THEY BREAK THE CONTRACT IE PROFIT FROM THEIR OFFICE.


love how our own government lets this guy keep getting rich while screwing the american people over! great system :D


Didn't he decommission and trash 10s of millions of dollars of brand new machinery as the election approached?


I'm sorry, I know it's early and all but exactly why does this man still hold the position? Is it red-tape? Blue tape? What?


Orange tape.




The board consists of 9 members appointed by the President to a 9 year term. The intention being that one board member would be replaced per year, and no one President would replace the whole board, even in two terms. It was very smart to produce long term stability. Then that same 2006 bill that slapped USPS with huge retirement payments reduced the board member term to seven years. That created a bunch of extra chances to appoint members which the Republicans manipulated by not confirming Obama's picks.. then Trump stacked the board with all his picks in a short time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Board_of_Governors_of_the_United_States_Postal_Service


https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/02/biden-cannot-fire-usps-louis-dejoy.html The President can't fire the postmaster general. Only the USPS board can do that. Board members can only be fired for cause. Not enough time has passed for Biden to replace enough board members to have a majority. Ironically these rules were put in place to prevent political meddling in the USPS.




From your article: >So, while firing governors “for cause” may seem like a slam dunk to you or me, the legal community doesn’t expect the judiciary to agree, as the cause would have to be specific individual acts of obvious malfeasance. and >This Supreme Court would probably not invent some legal rationale to let Biden get away with firing DeJoy for any reason he pleases. >Biden seems unlikely, anyway, to take a measure as extreme as firing the directors in violation of years of norms, daring the courts to reverse him. (After all, if he did, some hypothetical future Republican president might take advantage of that precedent to, say, stack the board with loyalists and wreck the post office!) But there is one last way Biden can get rid of DeJoy, though it will take some time. There are three vacancies on the board. If Biden filled them all, there would be five Democratic governors and four Republican ones. Firing the entire board would be pointless because it would just get bogged down in the courts. It is faster, easier, and uses less political capital to just fill the board vacancies as they open up.


I’m astonished that DeJoy wasn’t awakened on January 7 by 1500 peasants storming his house with scythes and pitchforks. They just don’t make peasants the way they used to. Not on our side anyway . . .


Just give it more time as the world burns.


His tenure has been a master class in why All our politicians are corrupt and useless. Why is this POS still there after obviously sabotaging the USPS? Why is the company he has a connection with profiting from his tenure?


🤷‍♂️ How is this legal? Isn’t he a government employee? Government employees are required to take annual ethics training. They aren’t allowed to accept any personal gifts greater than $50/year or something. This is complete bs politicians and this assclown can get away with this baloney.


Those ethics rules only apply to low level working stiffs. The two party political system is based on legal bribery and outright theft and corruption. This is BOTH parties lifeblood and the reason these billionaires can get away with paying no taxes.


Yeah, here's an example: - A worker at a post office getting a $25 gift card to Best Buy from an appreciative patron for Christmas. That is illegal. - A Republican-appointed Postmaster General funneling $100 million+ to his own private corporation. Totally legit. Both parties are not the same. Trump, a puppet of the Russian government, campaigned on draining the swamp, and literally filled the swamp with so much toxic waste that the EPA would have to declare it a natural disaster (but he gutted the EPA too so now they can't). I don't care what complaints you have about the Democratic party (and there are many you could legitimately have), the two parties are not the same. Call me when the Democratic party supports a fascist leader, put in place by a foreign enemy nation, who attempts to destroy our democratically-elected government by instituting a coup.


Please don't "both sides are bad" this situation. The destruction of the post office is an entirely republican project.


The phrase "all politicians" is not useful here at all. We're talking about Republican corruption. Tackle that. If you have a problem with Democrats, handle that next. Saying "All politicians" just makes people throw their hands up and quit.


Because r/Murica that's why.


Another headline where we all go “ yeah, no shit “, it’s going to take this administration a bit to clean up this hot mess.


Why is he still there? Why don't they remove him? I keep waiting for the Biden Admin to take the reins and deal with this but there doesn't seem to be any political will to remove DeJoy.


And anti-democratic strategies to disenfranchise the votes of millions


Literally 10,000 dollars would change my life and people like just out there making all kinds of money with no consequences for their actions on how they obtain it, just not fair man.


There is only one word needed to describe DeJoy and that word is CORRUPT!


Just fucking double the number of the board members and be *done with it!*


Since DeNotAnyJoy took over the USPS I get my mail only around 3 days/week, and often around 6pm-9pm. They've lost 7 of my packages since December (or maybe they were stolen). I have a different mail delivery person every day now as well. All the mailboxes in my entire area were removed. DeJoy, just like everyone else that Trump employs, are the least qualified I've ever seen in government (and I lived through Nixon, Reagan, and Bush I which were all terrible presidents).


The company I work for had to stop using USPS due to lost and constantly delayed packages. Flush this turd already.


I don't get it, why hasn't Biden fired DeJoy and the entire fucking Postal Board?!


USPS board of governors needs to. This is why this was one of the most damaging appointments by Trump. It's hard to get him back out. Free elections will suffer because of it.


He can’t.


Could you, or someone else explain? Biden is President. Presidents can fire Executive branch employees. Am I missing something?


The USPS is weird in that it’s not actually an Executive Branch agency. It’s more like a State-owned corporation. As others have said, POTUS might be able to fire the Board of Directors, but can’t directly fire the Postmaster General. It’s weird.


It’s Quasi-government agency… supported yet separate.


Here’s a [good article](https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/02/biden-cannot-fire-usps-louis-dejoy.html) I just found. It explains why Biden can’t fire him and the issue with the Board of Governors others have alluded to.


He can't. only the USPS board can fire him and the current ones won't so they have to be replaced. That's also something he can't directly do.


Ok fire the board then? Can Biden do that?


Board members can only be fired for cause. Biden can replace members as they retire, and he will have replaced a majority of the board when he makes his next appointment in December. The reason for this convoluted set up is that Nixon tried to weaponize the USPS during his presidency, so the law was changed to isolate the Postmaster General position to isolate it from direct presidential meddling. But McConnell refused to confirm Obama appointments to the Postal Board of Governors, so Trump was able to appoint the majority of the board. ​ The weaponization and privatization of the postal service isn't a Trump idea. It is a long term Republican plan that just happened to come to fruition when Trump was President. Just like Trump appointing so much of the judiciary. He was just doing what he was told. The Republican take over of the judiciary is a long term plan of the Federalist Society to take the US back to the [Lochner Era](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lochner_era), when the government was prohibited from interfering in business regulation. Not just federal government either. Federal judges prohibited state governments from regulating business too.


Thank you for a fantastic and informational post!


So fire them because they all suck at their job. Is that cause enough? Just look at the metrics, say that the USPS is getting worse, and then fire the board.


Then it will go to the courts and they will overrule Biden because "the USPS getting worse" is not a legal argument for firing a member of the board.




>yes he CAN fire the entire board of US Postal Board. No, not really. >To oversee USPS’s activities, Congress established a nine-member board of governors who are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate. No more than five members of the board may belong to the same political party. Once confirmed to the board, governors can only be removed by the president “for cause”; that means their jobs are safe unless the president can show that they engaged in malfeasance or extreme neglect of duty. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/02/biden-cannot-fire-usps-louis-dejoy.html If Biden tried that if would be a huge mess, end up getting dragged out through the courts, and burn a ton of political capital. It is probably easier and faster to just wait until December when he can fill enough vacancies to have a majority on the board.


Federal law doesn’t allow him to fire the postmaster under any circumstance. Only the board can through bureaucratic nonsense and rn the board is Trump appointees


It's going to take a long time to fully drain the Trump swamp.


Between Dejoy, MM2 (Meadows/Judge Martin) the NC connections are a little close to home… Meadows will be fall guy. Martin’s legacy died on Mt Trump. He could possibly be censed/disbarred. No jail time likely. We are a true purple state with growing dynamic workforce…and a fun redistricting mandate ahead this year. Good times in NCGA. Lots of horse trading going on behind scenes rn. Dejoy will write books and speak to Republican groups for next 20 years.


Is it really “deception” if everyone knows you’re doing it?


Why is it so difficult to fire this dude? Or arrest him? Why do we have anti-corruption laws if they can't be enforced?


Fucking sick of this. God damn it Democrats, can you fucking get your shit together so that this fragile democracy isn’t flushed.


Turns out the Post Master General is the most untouchable position in the Federal Government. Who knew?


Jesus how does this duck still have a job!?


He dismantled the mail sorting machines in Portland to slow the mail in ballots before the election and then ordered the parts they removed & be scattered throughout the country side so they could never be repaired. The mail has slowed by 3 days ever since. And never planned to replace the sorting machines because Portland is one of trumps favorite places in the whole world!


It pretty much goes like this: Just assume Anyone appointed to a federal government position during the trump administration is a piece of shit human being. It’s a pretty safe bet.


That $120mil is to set up things once he gets fired.


Firing would be the bare minimum- if the US wants to have a reputation of lawfulness and justice he should do some time.


Fired? Fuck that; I want him jailed.


He's still got the job? Fuck that piece of shit


Another GOP mobster


So in US, they can openly do shit like this and walk off rich? Seems like China has better policies where people like DeJoy would be given capital punishment...


This menace need to be released back into the wild. I don’t mind the increased in postage. I get it and I love sending my cards/postcards. But the delays due to the destruction-he willfully caused is heinous. That alone I though he should get jail time for but alas I don’t think that’s on the table. These mail delays absolutely are not necessary. Get him out, get the machines rebuilt/replaced he had destroyed and let’s invest in our mail carriers. This institution should be restored.


This in infuriating that not only this guy is not sitting in prison, but he's still working from the inside to destroy the post office. I'm tired of hearing about "optics." Grow some balls Dems and start being the adults in the room. Enforce the damn law.


Honest question, is it not possible for Biden and/or congress to get rid of him?


No, it is not. Only the USPS board can do that. The board had multiple vacant seats until recently and could not do much because they did not have quorum.


This really needs to be the top comment in this thread. People just don't understand how little Biden controls this.


In this thread: People who think Biden can fire the Postmaster General.


Also in this thread: Every top level comment's main reply explaining why he can't. And yet these comments keep happening. It's maddening, honestly.