Texas doctor who provided abortion in violation of new law: 'I had a duty of care'

Texas doctor who provided abortion in violation of new law: 'I had a duty of care'


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Since he reported himself, doesn't he get the bounty?


Lol. *The secret ingredient is crime*


And once he collects for that instance, no one else can collect the bounty. Hmmm...


Rinse repeat. All the counts will be charged in the same trial. One lawyer one trial to pay for. Might even get some big wig womens rights lawyer pro bono. Fuck he's onto something.


That law is so badly written, I'll bet this actually works.


And making utterly fucking useless oh yeah it's all coming together


> Standing is... whatever we want it to be. Dr. Leo Spaceman, Esq.


I mean, it was written by Texas lawmakers, can’t expect much there. They have a pretty strong track record of electing some of the stupidest people alive, or at least ones that pretend to be.


Yeah, over the last decade or so, the Republicans who feigned stupidity have been systematically replaced by the genuinely stupid. If you think red states are bad now, just wait.


Those idiots just found a solid way through RvW. Don’t underestimate them.


They paid a team of lawyers to come up with a solid way through RvW.


Actually it’s the work of one lawyer who has had this loophole in mind for awhile. He’s written papers in it and whatnot.


They didn’t. National strategists who helped stack the supreme court found a way against Row v Wade. These chuckle fucks are just the first state level idiots to write a law to test just how stacked the courts are. And they did it very poorly


It’s written poorly for 2 reasons. 1) It’s worth more to make it look like you’re restricting a false flag then correcting the situation with sensible legislature. You’re buying votes with feelings not honestly working to get the job done. 2) Weak legislation will fail so you can always circle back and start over playing a fuck around game against and get another cycle out of the chuckle fuck voters.


In their defense, most of them went to school in Texas.


Gloria AllRightPayUp.


well shit. we did it boys. the gang solved the abortion crisis.


Now I'm imagining an episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" with the title "The Gang Solves the Abortion Crisis"


They are still filming


The bounty comes from him though not the state of Texas.


Yep. The defendant's liability is capped _per abortion_. So once one person extracts their $10k, no one else can. I don't recall how the cap affects attorney's fees though.


Misogynist Republicans hate this one weird trick!


That is really interesting actually--can only one person file a lawsuit for this? Or does the law let every citizen sue the doctor for 10k? Maybe a way around this law is just to self report? EDIT: Yup, the answer is to have a friend sue you, don't fight it, and then get a judgement against yourself and pay your friend the 10k and they just pay it back. Obviously, there are bad tax implications for doing that though . . . *(c)Notwithstanding Subsection (b), a court may not award* *relief under this section in response to a violation of Subsection* *(a)(1) or (2) if the defendant demonstrates that the defendant* *previously paid the full amount of statutory damages under* *Subsection (b)(2) in a previous action for that particular abortion* *performed or induced in violation of this chapter, or for the* *particular conduct that aided or abetted an abortion performed or* *induced in violation of this chapter.*


So if every abortion doctor to file claims against each other in a kind of Mexican standoff no one will ever be able to file claims against them.


Texas problems call for Mexican solutions.


This is probably not what they meant by remember the Alamo


¡Aye díos mío!


Mexico finally legalized abortion, so Mexican options are genuine solutions.


I'm just picturing a bunch of doctors pointing at each other like the spider man meme


I'm picturing the ol Beavis and Butthead [Candy Sale](https://youtu.be/XT05BBvZmg8)


Have the friend get the judgment for $10k against the doctor. Then, the friend just never takes any steps to collect on the judgment. You could also enter into a settlement agreement with the friend regarding the judgment for just $10 and call it a day.


The 'limit one per customer' clause requires that it be paid in full.


Yeah but if no one complains the law isn’t going to do shit


I'd have to imagine that doctors continuing to perform abortions will get sued many times over. They'd presumably need to prove that they've already paid out a prior lawsuit (for each abortion) in order to get the suits dismissed.


See? A Silver Lining right there! This creates a whole new employment category: Prover of "I Already Paid the Fucking Thing!" Sort of like a process server.


No, it only requires the judgement to be for 10k, the actual payment doesn't need to take place for the limit to be reached. Otherwise the court could award 20 people the bounty at once since you can't pay it instantly.


>Yup, the answer is to have a friend sue you, don't fight it, and then get a judgement against yourself and pay your friend the 10k and they just pay it back. >Obviously, there are bad tax implications for doing that though . . . Don’t ever pay it back and there might not be any associated tax. Just take turns suing each other with another abortion provider. You’ll stay even.


[spiderman pointing at spiderman]


It’s judgments all the way down.


Does arbitration count? They can have a certified arbitrator right in the abortion clinic just doing this all day long.


Pretty much, like all the other attempts to ban abortion it'll probably end up just being a lot of pointless extra paperwork.


isn't 10K the untaxed gift limit?


$15k per individual, $30k per married couple


Those are the amounts you report for tax purposes. Gifts aren't taxed until you hit 11.7 million per individual (over a lifetime, this why you report anything above 15k)


The law creates a civil cause of action for any random person against a person who aided. assisted, enabled, etc. an abortion. They don't get $10,000 from the state. The law allows them to sue that person for $10,000.


>yep, so everyone in the US should report Gregg Abott and also sue him for 10k. He is aiding and abedding abortioners or wanna be abortioners and also he is a failed abortion himself. clear as fucking day.


>aiding and abedding Abetting.


He might be a' beddin' one or two as well, I suppose


Or better yet, because he reported himself does it cut off other people suing him for damages.


If he sues himself, he can win 10k from himself.


Dr. Lawyer is a very lucrative job.


Oh shit brother you broke the code


Playing 4D chess?


Is the bounty a one time thing? Like if I report him, can I also get $10k? If it is a one time thing, isnt the solution to just always report yourself so you only owe yourself 10k?


So long as yo pay the 10k, someone else cannot sue you for that same abortion.


As the other poster said, it's not a bounty paid by the state. Rather, each person has a right to sue the doctor. It sort of is a "one-time" thing, in that once someone has paid out the maximum in statutory damages, they will not have to pay out again in future lawsuits. From the (horrific) text of SB8: > (c) Notwithstanding Subsection (b), a court may not award relief under this section in response to a violation of Subsection (a)(1) or **(2) if the defendant demonstrates that the defendant https://legiscan.com/TX/text/SB8/id/2395961 previously paid the full amount of statutory damages under Subsection (b)(2)**


So two doctors can take turn to sue each other?


I really think it would be interesting to have two organizations. One that provides abortion services, and another sister organization (that is a totally separate legal entity) that immediately sues the abortion service provider, wins the $10k, and then immediately gives it back to the provider.


Yes! The drawback to allowing anyone to sue rather than just the aggrieved party! Brilliant!


Who would the aggrieved party be in this case?


Just need to roll the filing fees into the cost of the abortion, it's brilliant!


> It sort of is a "one-time" thing, in that once someone has paid out the maximum in statutory damages, they will not have to pay out again in future lawsuits. So, at worst, each abortion doctor has to pay $10K and then they can continue performing abortions in perpetuity? They could have a friend sue and then donate the $10K to the doctor's clinic.


I think the $10,000 is per abortion that they provide. So they would have to pay out a maximum of $10k per abortion.


It was only a matter of time before someone like this doc was gonna test this unconscionable law. Kudos to Dr. Braid for his courageous dedication.


The worst thing is that it was anticipated so it will never get challenged until someone gets sued and decides to fights back. Even then anyone that helps the defendant could also be liable later. Because it is a citizen suing another, there is no direct governing body to challenge on the merits of the law until someone voluntarily steps up and fights back. The incredible thing with this is that it is a doctor which is risking his own livelihood because if the court awards the plaintiff the Texas doctors association might be forced to disallow them to continue to practice medicine in texas. And on top of this, this law was brought to the federal supreme court judges, who did a shadow vote to not hear arguments because there have not yet been a case tried. This has so much fuckery, it's like a horrible law tv show plot but in actual real life.


So what your saying is sue him myself so someone with malicious intent can't? I am seeking $.01 in compensation for this unthinkable crime.


I believe this is what the OP's article says the doctor is doing. The good news is that if he wins against himself, he will make his defending self pay his lawyer fees plus get a cool $10k. On the other hand, if he lose against himself he will have to pay his own lawyer fees but at least he wont have the risk the chances of him counter suing himself. It's almost as if the plaintiff has nothing to loose and everything to gain, even against yourself


That cool 10k comes from his own pocket though. So he's out lawyers fees... But you know, you don't need a good lawyer to lose against yourself, specially if you confess to the 'crime'.


I am just sitting here imagining him as the plaintiff and the defendant running back and forth. It probably wouldn't be allowed, but what if he hired the same lawyer for both sides. Better yet, what if he was a lawyer and tried to do the plaintiff, the defendant, and both lawyers. What would that bank statement even look like


Like that Pixar skit with the old guy playing chess!


I think he intentionally planned to be a martyr for this cause. The article reports he has been a doctor for 50 years, so he is likely well into retirement age. It’s a good hill to die on.


Yep, since SCOTUS has ignored their responsibility, the only road to getting this law declared unconstitutional had to go through this route.


What is this route though? Doesn't it ends in SCOTUS? This is a nightmare.


Legal eagle did a great episode on this. https://youtu.be/PnO7pL-QWyc


SCOTUS refused to hear it because it had no impact on anyone then, now, there is.


SCOTUS hasn't ruled on it's constitutionality, just that there wasn't anyone to bring suit against last time. Now there will be if anyone tries to collect the bounty.


I'm glad people are just like nope not going to be obey law that is 1) flagrantly unconstitutional and 2) Goes against Roe v Wade AND Planned Parenthood v Casey.


Yeah this is where we see that for how much conservatives cry about “liberals hating the constitution”, they flagrantly disregard constitutionally recognized rights. The GQP is the party of lies and hypocrisy


In my opinion that is the point. The supreme court cant just be like "cool today we're changing this and this and this and this." They have to have cases brought to them that let them make rulings on things. So now if someone sues Texas over this and it goes to the supreme court they can then gut roe v wade. Is that correct, that's just what I've gleaned from Reddit?


That was legal eagle's take as well. Taking this to the current Supreme Court is not going to end up with the abortion ban abolished. It's gonna end up with Roe VS Wade overturned. So, you know, careful what you wish for.


It's also important to remember republicans are losing ground in Texas so this is also being done to motivate their single voter dumbass idiots to keep voting republican. I loved Legal Eagles video on it. It's sad because Roe is effectively dead and it will impact the rest of the country. Fucking Christian nationalism is destroying society.


This is a genius loophole. I believe that the bill says there can only be one plaintiff. If you report yourself, nobody else can. Since you can't sue yourself, the clinics could have a member on staff to report every procedure before anybody else can.


You can only *pay out the full amount of statutory damages* once. So the staff member would have to successfully sue the doctor for every procedure receiving 10k. And I guess the judge would have to ignore or support the silly shenanigans


That’s awesome. I understood it to be multiple suits could be filed. If it’s a once and done that’s a game changer.


You can only sue each person once per abortion, but you can sue multiple people connected to each abortion. So whoever this woman is, in addition to the doctor you could also sue the nurse that helped check her in, whoever drove her to the clinic, any friends she talked to that agreed she should get the abortion, etc. (all of the above to my understanding, I'm not a lawyer)


And you can expand that list to almost all of society. Think of the thousands, or hundreds of thousands, or millions of people who played some role in that abortion being performed.


Yup. Just looking at the clinic where it happened: their UPS guy that drops off supplies (+ the mechanics that maintain the guy's truck? the whole company? the CEO? their shareholders?), or maybe the company that makes the supplies (the prodcution line workers? their designers? their CEO?) or what about the clinic's landlord or the company that supplies their electricity to power the equipment used in the abortion? The list goes on and on and on.


The water company, the place she lives for providing her shelter…..


Parents, teachers, daycare workers, babysitters, coaches, friends, enemies… all these people influenced her life such that she came to this point to get the abortion.


You can't sue the guy who actually got her pregnant, though. That would be taking this too far. /s


Of course not. We have values.


Pay for the abortion with welfare dollars, sue the government for helping you get an abortion.


sue every person who paid taxes that contributed in any way to welfare... lmao this law is just so stupid.


Problem is the law includes ANY one that acts in a supporting role. So from what I understand the staff can also be sued as well as even the taxi driver the might have brought them.


The gas station attendant that sold her gas to get to the clinic? The programmer that developed the Map app that gave her directions to the clinic? The Engineer that designed the roads that got her there? Where does the madness end?


Step 1: Get abortion Step 2: Sue the state for the roads that helped you get there. Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit!


Take a public bus, now it's the city's problem


Sue her parents for giving birth to her


So they all sit in a circle and sue the person to their right.


So use lyft they are prepared


If the law works this way not only is the health care provider inoculated against further damages, but it clogs up the courts at the same time. Cases take time, space, and money to process. Judges are not free and their time is limited. Courtrooms are limited as well. Granted, clogging the courts would cause damage to the public by preventing other necessary work from going forward. However, it may significantly reduce the damage this bill can cause and it could cause people to rethink the bill.


I believe the best way to beat this law Is to clog the courts, bring the system to a grinding halt. Also get at least the vast majority of OBGYNS to agree to ignore the law. Whats Texas going do if say 75% of OBGYNs shrug their shoulders and ignore the law? Lock everyone up?


Also this is very likely an intentional play to get a case to the supreme court, hopefully the doctor has the ACLU or something backing them


Oh the ACLU is surely waiting for the first good case to take and start swinging.


Procedural ratfuckery was how TX planned on dodging the law. The SCOTUS leaned into it [(which opens the way for unparalleled lawlessness)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnO7pL-QWyc). Looks like it goes both ways as far as abusing procedure goes. Let 'em have it, sane minority of Texas!


Please. Give them a medal and a shit tonne of money for legal expenses.


100%. Fuck you GOP! The GOP has devolved into a corrupt criminal organization. A cult of racists and grifters, that holdback America from progressing in freedoms. Fuck you GOP!


Funny story. That is literally what conservatism means: to stay the course, prevent change and cling to the past. It's a fundamental concept: they would be happy to go back to the "good Ole days" and care nothing for progress.


There’s a great book called “the good old days. They were terrible.” I believe it was written in the 70s. And it goes through how gnarly the old days were. From disease to child labor. Zero regulations clogging up rivers with sludgy pollution. An absolute Republican wet dream.


Yep, all the republicans who whine that we can't do anything about climate change forget that we fixed acid rain, the ozone hole, and how polluted london air used to be.


They complain because it's a lot harder to sell anyone's health or safety to the highest bidder now a days.


Except the abortion law has been on the books since '73, I'm pretty sure this is regressing not staying the course. Edit: Corrected year of Roe v Wade.


Well it's baby murder to them 🤷‍♀️ and the "good ole days" are in the 50s... Personally, I call them regressives. But you know...


Yes, the 1850s.




I fear for the heroic Dr's- I think about Dr George Tiller who was murdered by an individual who was radicalized by the forced birthers. His clinic was firebombed in 1986, He was shot in both arms in 1993, and finally in 2009 he was shot in the head. This law will be a justification for these terrorists and Dr's, Nurses and care providers will be killed.


I swam against one of his kids in high school and some idiots booed them when they won race, shortly after his dad was murdered. It was super fucked up.


Shot in the head while at church. And after months of Bill O'Reilly riling up the crazies with his "Tiller Tiller Baby Killer" bullshit. But of course, Bill claimed that he had nothing to do with it and it was the "Fox News haters" who were the real villains.


Holy shit. How were they not sued for this?


Stochastic terrorism is tough to pin down.


MSNBC aired a documentary on Tiller not too long ago, right after the clinic where I was working had been attacked and one of our abortion providers was (still is) being harassed by a man who sat outside of his house and writes threatening letters to all of his neighbors. I was a kid in the late 80's and totally oblivious to the anti-abortion violence happening (and I was raised Baptist - so I didn't even know what an abortion *was* until I saw Dirty Dancing at a friend's house as a teenager). But I cried through that whole documentary. I never thought doing my job was brave - even as I checked for shooters every day on my way out the door - but Tiller was *brave.* And watching it, I just kept thinking - I don't want Dr. S or Dr. J or Dr. C or any of our nurse practitioners to die for doing their job. I'm so worried about the clinics in Texas. The clinics everywhere, really.


Imagine being "pro-life" and then using it as a justification to murder someone.


You completely get it. Congratulations, You are now the moderator of r/conservative!


Oh hey look, a guy actually following the oath he took when he started his job. Unlike these fuckers who pledged to defend the constitution. It's a sad day when a doctor performs a common procedure and is a *hero* because rabid reactionaries hate women. The doc is a hero, of course, but...I mean Jesus, he shouldn't have to be.


Set up a go fund me


That doctor must have big, beautiful brass balls. I applaud his courage and convictions.


If only we had a national standard for healthcare so states like texas couldn't do shit like this. Maybe it would also help providers from gouging prices whenever it was economically feasible for them to do so. We could even make it so ambulances don't bankrupt the people they 'save'.


This doctor probably has a gun, he should keep it loaded and on him at all times.


I worked in an abortion clinic. We had bulletproof glass inside, and armed security outside. No one left alone and I was followed by protestors to my home where they shoved pamphlets under my door. Not a southern state. And I was just the front desk person.


Dad worked at Planned Parenthood when I was growing up. We weren't allowed to get the mail because doctors and clinicians were being bombed. He used to wear a bulletproof vest to/from work every day. And we were basically never allowed to visit his office.


And yet we just spent 20 years and trillions of dollars training a paper army and [funneling half of it to defense contractors](https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/study-says-nearly-half-of-defense-spending-for-9-11-wars-went-to-private-contractors), while never addressing our own domestic terrorism problems. In fact, our terrorists have been groomed each and every day from the highest offices in the land, "Government is the problem," "LIBERATE MICHIGAN," "Today is the day 'American Patriots^(TM)' start taking down names and kicking ass" ...and on Fox News and conservative radio for some 4+ decades.


I had a specialist visit in a building right next to a Planned Parenthood location. The parking situation there sucked. Since both the specialists' office and the Planned Parenthood office lots were full I had to park in the street. Since that also had several cars, I ended up parking closer to Planned Parenthood. Standing outside of the clinic were the usual middle-aged types holding up billboards of supposedly aborted fetuses, signs about murder, god etc. They see me pull up and make a B-line for my car. I'm a middle aged guy. They started screaming and shouting until they realized I was going to the neurology clinic, not Planned Parenthood. I had a bad migraine so didn't engage, but with all of the frustration of my completely unrelated condition I wanted to lay into them so badly. I get up to the neurologists' office and tell the person at the desk that the picketers are harassing people trying to get into the clinic. The lady does a really slow exhale and closes her eyes. She apologizes a lot stating that they've called the police many times and since the "protesters" aren't on private property and not violent that there's nothing they can do about it. "Free speech" doesn't mean "legal right to harass anyone walking by." This was in a tiny progressive pocket in Michigan. We have them here, too.


So sad. I go to my local PP for birth control. We have double locked doors with security and a metal scanner. Neither door can be opened (even if you’re exiting) without security pressing a button. Cameras everywhere. I wish that wasn’t needed but boy do I feel safe there. Only ever seen a single protestor a couple times. Crazy old guy with signs near the street and far from the entrance. Makes my blood boil but I’m generally proud I took the high road and did not try to engage.


They're an abortion provider, so they're definitely already packing. Christian terrorists have a habit of murdering doctors.


They murder doctors because they're pro life!


"the doctor chose death" is a pretty common refrain from people who don't disavow the terrorists.


>"the doctor chose death" Sooo... They are pro-choice?


In their mind, the doctor is a literal mass-murderer who is getting away with it otherwise. Gotchas like that aren't gonna do much against a sense of moral impunity.


Does every person involved risk a lawsuit? Nurses, receptionist, bookkeeper, etc.?


Yes absolutely everyone including the driver, anyone who provided even a single dollar, and anyone who suggested she do it. The only one who can’t be sued is the woman.


What about if it's out of state? It would be much cheaper for a non profit to fly the patient to another state. Than paying all of those lawsuits.


I don’t think it covers out of state abortions but you can confirm that: https://legiscan.com/TX/text/SB8/id/2395961 Since the intent is to pass this in most surrounding states New Mexico better build some huge abortion clinics.


A hero right there. A hero who stood up against bigotry. Good on that doctor


Good for the doctor. Don't just back down, you have to challenge the law so it can be tested in court and moved through the system. I predict the law will be overturned by many judges for unconstitutionality.


The Canadian equivalent to Roe v Wade is a case called R v Morgentaler, in essence "the Government" v Dr. Morgentaler. He was an abortion doctor who would publicly announce he was going to begin to provide services in a jurisdiction where there was a law against it, and would end up in court over it. There's actually a ton of different cases titled R v Morgentaler because of how often he did it. Sounds like you guys need a Dr. Morgentaler.


This perfectly. SCOTUS didn’t rule because no one had been harmed by the new law. It has to move thru the process.


Chickenshit policy, by the way.


Especially because the people who asked SCOTUS for help showed immediate harm. They had to change their policies immediately and stop providing healthcare. Chilling your constitutional rights is a harm.


I have evidence that Alito, Thomas, Barrett, Kavanaugh, and Gorsuch each payed $3.50 to help with that abortion. It's in my laptop, which is in the mail. Go get em.


I saw it on the laptop screen. I'm a witness.


God damn locknesse monster I ain't givin you an abortion


Trump Is a living abortion, therefore God should be sued




There's a reason Texas doesn't want reality taught in schools.


Or the bible, apparently. The Book of Numbers outlines an official procedure to give abortifacient drugs to a women accused of cheating on her husband. These people don't give a shit about the actual bible or any of its actual principles, they just want to control others (or are slaves to the church whose only interests are to con them into tithing). Edit: Numbers 5:11-31 the ordeal of the bitter waters. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordeal_of_the_bitter_water


An interesting article on the history of abortion and when/how it became so politicized: > "In the 1970s, politicians’ views on abortion didn’t break down along neat party lines... That didn’t start to change until the ’70s. During his 1972 presidential campaign, Republican Richard Nixon began staking out anti-abortion positions as part of a strategy to appeal to Catholic voters and other social conservatives." https://www.vox.com/2019/4/10/18295513/abortion-2020-roe-joe-biden-democrats-republicans


Davey Crocket was a lie


I mean, he IS from Tennessee, not Texas.


He was a senator there and voted against the Indian Removal Act and his fierce opposition to it contributed to him losing his seat. Then he fucked off to die fighting for slavery in Texas. Historical figures are complicated.


I believe you’re commenting on an article about one.


We’re fucking trying to


What happens to texans saying fuck you to everyone and doing whatever they want and individual freedom.


I have said this, many times to friends and family. This is all an act. The Texan GOP knows they cannot withstand this law for long. It’s a political gain for votes, it’s a lightly covered veil to hide the fact he fumbled, hard, for the electrical blackouts last winter that killed at best 151 people, but estimated with this article to be around [702](https://www.forbes.com/sites/jemimamcevoy/2021/05/27/report-finds-hundreds-more-died-in-texas-winter-storm-than-state-says/?sh=4bc6275552cc). If any of this article is accurate, he has killed far more people in one month than this wretched bill is supposed to ‘save’.


Let's tack on the 56 kids that contracted Covid. All so they could keep them un-vax and un-mask. High price for freedom. And yes, the stupid fuckers doing it for votes. Makes me physically sick whenever I hear of this disgusting human.


Wait, is the law worded vaguely enough that a doctor could just claim they didn't detect cardiac activity? Because if so every abortion clinic in the state should start having issues with detecting cardio activity.


This law is written without regard to [science](https://www.livescience.com/65501-fetal-heartbeat-at-6-weeks-explained.html). I guess "fluttering electrical signals of differentiated cells that haven't yet formed a heart in the embryo" isn't as emotionally provoking as "fetal heartbeat."


They are running windows 95 - blue screen popped up…


Sometimes the volume on the Doppler isn't very high


The death penalty is legal in Texas, not sure why the pro-life crowd has an issue with this. If 12 random people and a judge have the ability to put people to death why can't women decide not to have a baby?


This man is a goddamn American hero.


Didn't the supreme court basically say they needed an actually case first? Well this is that case. I am curious if somebody actually sues him because that would allow the case to get to the first court case to start the process.


Oh someone definitely will. Not everyone who wants $10000 understands the legal implications of pursuing it.


It won't be an individual suing him it will be a pro-life pac.


It wont because there's already an injunction barring pro-life organizations from suing under this law. See the following: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/uploads/filer_public/6b/5b/6b5b7660-3ec0-458f-8fc2-433185e1dd86/20210902_temporary_restraining_order_granted.pdf


Noice! Thanks for clarifying


What if we all just admitted to providing abortions in Texas? I’ll go next. I performed an abortion in the state of Texas after Sept 1.


I am Spartacus!


Good for him. Hysterical Christians and women hating strangers and politicians have no business making healthcare or medical decisions for individuals.


My mom had me and my sister around 1972. Her best friend Carole doted over us. She is a lovely woman, stunningly beautiful to pubescent me in the 1980s, impeccably fashionable and with a semi-exotic Norwegian accent when my mom told us that we should never feel uncomfortable with how much Carole showed an interest in us. Carole’s man left her because he wanted kids. Carole could not have kids. She had experienced a vicious assault that left her pregnant at 17 and her parents threw her out, not believing her unwillingness to have become pregnant because she was “hot and flaunted it.” My mom and grandma took her in after a local church home threw her out for asking another girl about an abortion and she somehow wound up finding back alley services that landed her in hospital and sterile from a hysterectomy that my mom does not believe was medically necessary. My mom implied that the Catholic hospital did not think she should ever have children after trying to have her forced pregnancy terminated. These forced birth hypocrites are nothing but cruel, sanctimonious bullies overcompensating for their own mortal faults. This doctor is no hero; he’s just normal. He’s the standard. Following his training. I believe he IS an inspiration and that other decent humans will follow his lead. I hope that, following a strong mandate after increasing Senate and House control in 2022, this administration will emasculate the corrupt institution of the Supreme Court and begin to enshrine truly democratic electoral reform. For the dozens of women YOU EACH KNOW who have come perilously close to an unwanted pregnancy.


That’s the person I’d want as a doctor. Put their life’s work aside to protect someone’s rights? By following the Hippocratic oath they took? Fucking. Hero.


This man is a fucking hero.


> “I have spent the past 50 years treating and helping patients,” he continued. “I can’t just sit back and watch us return to 1972." Brother, the GOP wants to go a **HELL** of a lot further back than 1972, I can promise you that. I'm guessing they'd like to end up somewhere like 1840-1850.


What Republicans don't realize is that this law is clever in that it removes STATE responsibility from enforcing the law and places that on the citizens who bring the suits. This shields the state from the courts who would overturn this on constitutional grounds. Clever. Now let's imagine a BLUE state that enacts a total firearm ban, but allows citizens to sue other citizens if they know one possesses a now "illegal firearm" . The state is not enforcing this ban, the citizens are and therefor, like the Texas abortion law, are protected from judicial scrutiny. hmmm. Use your imagination if the Supreme Court doesn't take action on overturning this one. It will completely undermine the Supreme Courts authority! Will they allow this to happen? You tell me. Let's imagine a state that allows others to sue citizens who aren't vaccinated. Or sue others who don't attend church on Sunday. This is a pandora's box of a law.


Dr. Braid deserves the presidential medal of freedom.


Rather see this than the chiropractor in Florida writing exemptions for the mask mandate.


there's a reason chiropractors aren't real doctors lol


Good. Fuck Texas.


Isn't it something when alt rights are ok with rape and incest but not abortion, these people are just so fucked in the head.


This is super awesome for him. I also think that while the Dept of Justice is suing Texas for this law, they need to make a law that makes turning in doctors or patients a federal felony punishable by harsh financial fines and long jail sentences while this works though the courts.


Yeah I have a feeling this is how it will be, and well the occasional coat hanger. My favorite thing to ask anti abortionist is how many kids have you adopted?


0, plus support for murderers like Derek Chauvin and the guy who killed Heather Heyer. And a fair bit of Sieg Heil! It’s a victory when a Liberal or Black person dies for some of these folks.


If there's any good thing about this law, it's the amount of people standing up to it and breaking it. This is king shit.


That doctor has every legal right to do that. Those women are guaranteed the constitutional right to an abortion by Roe v. Wade no matter what Texas says.


To the Supreme Court he goes!


Can Biden sign an executive order that makes anyone who wins a lawsuit like that liable for 18 years of child support for a kid in the system with an additional 10k upfront?


I am an American Christian. I will gladly donate to any legal fund this doctor needs.


Momma always said, “Don’t do something so you become case law.” He did this for the purpose of being case law. Now, it would be great if no one filed a claim to prevent his wishes. The state has zero power and there is no criminal liability.


Big brain move! I love this law. Nothing makes more blue voters than government overreach.


If anyone is interested and can’t get through WaPo’s paywall, here’s the op-ed in its entirety: **Opinion: Why I violated Texas’s extreme abortion ban** ^Opinion ^by ^Alan ^Braid >Newly graduated from the University of Texas medical school, I began my obstetrics and gynecology residency at a San Antonio hospital on July 1, 1972. >At the time, abortion was effectively illegal in Texas — unless a psychiatrist certified a woman was suicidal. If the woman had money, we’d refer her to clinics in Colorado, California or New York. The rest were on their own. Some traveled across the border to Mexico. >At the hospital that year, I saw three teenagers die from illegal abortions. One I will never forget. When she came into the ER, her vaginal cavity was packed with rags. She died a few days later from massive organ failure, caused by a septic infection. >In medical school in Texas, we’d been taught that abortion was an integral part of women’s health care. When the Supreme Court issued its ruling in Roe v. Wade in 1973, recognizing abortion as a constitutional right, it enabled me to do the job I was trained to do. >For the next 45 years — not including the two years I was away in the Air Force — I was a practicing OB/GYN in Texas, conducting Pap smears, pelvic exams and pregnancy check-ups; delivering more than 10,000 babies; and providing abortion care at clinics I opened in Houston and San Antonio, and another in Oklahoma. >Then, this month, everything changed. A new Texas law, known as S.B. 8, virtually banned any abortion beyond about the sixth week of pregnancy. It shut down about 80 percent of the abortion services we provide. Anyone who suspects I have violated the new law can sue me for at least $10,000. They could also sue anybody who helps a person obtain an abortion past the new limit, including, apparently, the driver who brings a patient to my clinic. >For me, it is 1972 all over again. And that is why, on the morning of Sept. 6, I provided an abortion to a woman who, though still in her first trimester, was beyond the state’s new limit. I acted because I had a duty of care to this patient, as I do for all patients, and because she has a fundamental right to receive this care. >I fully understood that there could be legal consequences — but I wanted to make sure that Texas didn’t get away with its bid to prevent this blatantly unconstitutional law from being tested. >Though we never ask why someone has come to our clinic, they often tell us. They’re finishing school or they already have three children, they’re in an abusive relationship, or it’s just not time. A majority are mothers. Most are between 18 and 30. Many are struggling financially — more than half qualify for some form of financial aid from us. >Several times a month, a woman confides that she is having the abortion because she has been raped. Sometimes, she reports it to the police; more often, she doesn’t. >Texas’s new law makes no exceptions for rape or incest. >Even before S.B. 8, Texas had some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. That includes a 24-hour waiting period, meaning a woman has to make at least two visits to our clinic. Ultrasound imaging is mandatory. Parental consent is required for minors, unless they obtain court approval. >And yet, despite the restrictions, we were always able to continue providing compassionate care up to the legal limit of 22 weeks. It meant hiring more staff, everything took longer, but we managed. >Until Sept. 1. >Since then, most of our patients have been too far along in their pregnancies to qualify for abortion care. I tell them that we can offer services only if we cannot see the presence of cardiac activity on an ultrasound, which usually occurs at about six weeks, before most people know they are pregnant. The tension is unbearable as they lie there, waiting to hear their fate. If we detect cardiac activity, we have to refer them out of state. One of the women I talked with since the law took effect is 42. She has four kids, three under 12. I advised her that she could go to Oklahoma. That’s a nine-hour drive one way. I explained we could help with the funding. She told me she couldn’t go even if we flew her in a private jet. *“Who’s going to take care of my kids?”* she asked me. *“What about my job? I can’t miss work.”* >I understand that by providing an abortion beyond the new legal limit, I am taking a personal risk, but it’s something I believe in strongly. Represented by the Center for Reproductive Rights, my clinics are among the plaintiffs in an ongoing federal lawsuit to stop S.B. 8. >I have daughters, granddaughters and nieces. I believe abortion is an essential part of health care. I have spent the past 50 years treating and helping patients. I can’t just sit back and watch us return to 1972. ^(Note: I did a quick glance over and didn’t see it but, if someone else has posted it, I missed it.)