Trump files $100 million suit against niece, New York Times over bombshell tax story

Trump files $100 million suit against niece, New York Times over bombshell tax story


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Time to disbar a few more Trump lawyers, as is the tradition.


This is the way.


Have any actually been disbarred, though? Sad face.


[New York court suspends Rudy Giuliani’s law license](https://apnews.com/article/rudy-giuliani-new-york-law-license-suspended-c67f4504a22f8642d6096f29e3a5c51e) This is why he's now [selling pillows on twitter](https://twitter.com/RudyGiuliani/status/1440357717789397001) and $400 personal videos [on Cameo](https://www.cameo.com/rudygiuliani).


Not the same as actually getting disbarred, though.


It really makes me scratch my head to see various bar associations just unflinchingly watch their reputations go down the drain. They clearly don't give a fuck at all.




It’s the first step in disbarment. It’s also highly unusual for the license to be suspended while that process unfolds


Sidney Powell and crew have already been sanctioned and are currently up for possible disbarment


I’ll believe it when I see it.


Micheal Cohen went to jail and is a felon. Not sure if your still allowed practice law as a felon. Guess it depends on the state.


Florida, maybe? And Texas…surely Texas.


I'm very confused why the person who directed Cohen to commit those felonies isn't in prison for them too.


How does he keep finding lawyers?


> The lawsuit asserts that Mary Trump and three New York Times reporters — Susanne Craig, David Barstow, and Russell Buettner — were engaged in what the suit calls an “insidious plot” and an “extensive crusade” to obtain Trump’s taxes. Or to put it in terms that the not insane will understand - reporters investigated and reported on newsworthy stuff.


They investigated because Donald and his other siblings colluded to rob Mary and her brother of their inheritance by hiding assets and lying about the value of assets.


Wait, are they that stupid? If they wanted Mary Trump to have no inheritance, just leave her no inheritance. Why the convoluted nonsense?


It was Trump's Dad's fortune they robbed her of. Her Dad (Trump's brother) was supposed to get a cut, but they conspired to freeze his entire branch of the family out.


Trumps brother who he harassed and mocked up until the day he committed suicide, because he chose to become a successful pilot, rather than a failed businessman.


Just imagine Mary Trump winning a counter-suit and ending up the owner of Trump Tower...


I'd love it if she replaced the big huge Trump font with something small and flowy. Something like the live, laugh, love font would add the most insult to injury.


Maybe replace all the gold with some pastels.


Trump's 4D Chess. Stable genius. Sharpie.


The 2000 lawsuit was exactly because of the belief that Trump and his siblings had influenced Fred Sr. in his Alzheimer's-ridden state in order to cut them out of the will.


The money was left to them by Fred Trump, Donald's father. They were trying to screw Mary out of the inheritance that she was due.


Good thing insidious plots and extensive crusades aren't against any laws then. Next!


This popped out to me as well. It's basically trying to make emotive trump speak law. "*You... let me tell you, 👌 you really are a horrible... ✋ terrible family member. If I had my way...and I will I have my way as I always get my way, you know how it is....👇 you'll go straight to jail*".


Too coherent.


The taxes he said he would release? Hmm.


Better be careful making claims like this. Trump might sue you TOO!


Incoming *Trump sues the platform known as Reddit for slander and because he wasnt allowed to create an account which violated his first amendment rights*


Hm. I wonder what his comment karma would be if he did have a publicly-known account.


if it was an anonymous account it would probably be very similar to a karma whoring account. Lots of NSFW pictures and recycled funny gifs, and next to zero comment karma, because he probably wouldn't get a lot of upvotes.


Could you imagine how incomprehensible his account would be? He would only stay in R/conservative so he would have tons of karma for praising himself.


If I were a reporter getting sued by a guy like that would be like winning a Pulitzer.


Except Trump sues people as often as he eats a Big Mac. So it would be more like winning a free coke in McDonalds Monopoly.


Eh, free coke is nice, too.


Trump is the James Woods of petulant litigiousness.. Or is it vice versa? \-Allegedly. \-For entertainment purposes only. \-My opinion only.


I'd love for trump to sue me...the public defender I get assigned would have a major win under his belt, and my counter suit might even make me a few bucks.


Good luck getting him toupee... err... to pay.


Upvote for actual guffaw.


It is his actual hair. Remember when he raped his wife after the hair surgery?


You’re right. A toupee would actually look better than that monstrosity of self delusion.


I'll give him props for having the best and craziest comb over I've ever seen in my life. For those who think it's a toupee, if you look close enough you can tell his hair is growing very long on his left side and then pulled over, forward and back to hide all the baldness. And then sprayed. REALLY sprayed like glue to keep it all in place.


It’s as famous as Hitler’s mustache.


(exhales loudly through nose)


You don't get a public defender for civil lawsuits.


how does that work if you cant afford a lawyer? just fucked?


Generally if you can‘t afford a lawyer you don’t get sued as there is nothing for them to collect if you lose. It’s referred to as being judgement proof.


That doesn't follow for suits in bad faith, which are the only suits the former president files. He cheats a contractor, and then sues them and trashes their reputation to justify it and get them to back down. Someone could turn the tables on him and use the suit to generate headlines and flesh out his corruption and crimes, a lawyer handiling that case could springboard into politics making a name for themself.


well shit...finally got something going for me.


Being poor has that going for it, at least


But you might just get an aclu lawyer or other volunteer pro Bono assistance if you are really lucky and the case has upside for their career.




Alright, then expect a lawsuit by Easter. It will be bigly.


he's going to come for my 500$ credit card and my 05 mustang...shit...I hope I get to keep my PS5 tho.


That actually sounds pretty sweet. Don't do this, bro.


consequences be damned. if I play my cards right...with the money I get from a lawsuit vs Trump I could trade in my 06 mustang and get and 07!


Too bad Mary has all of the evidence. I guess this is a strategy to get the previous lawsuit materials in discovery?


Yeah, but insidious has four syllables. That means it’s worth 100M


Let's see . We have a test case in Texas that wants to get around the constitution by having civil courts and privet citizens enforce the law, Trump proposed changes to laws making it easer to sue the press. The wealthy, if allowed, have the means to shut down the first amendment rights through the civil courts. This is not the only case out there over the years slap suits have been used for a long time by the wealthy to try and inhibit free speech when it gets to loud.


He can publicly release his taxes to prove the story wrong then. Go on… we’re waiting. Edit: Apparently he’s mad that she released this information, thus confirming the reporting to be factual. Congrats, Trump, you played yourself.


this is a good point honestly...I would assume the first question a judge would ask would be "well okay, let's see those statements and we can all be out of here for brunch" fastest trial ever...trump walks in and his lawyer slams the papers down Infront of the judge and it's solid proof they lied. but for some reason he just won't do that.


I wouldn't be surprised if he brought some fake papers where it says that he overpaid his taxes for the past few decades. He's so brazen in his lies that it would be comical if it wasn't so terrifyingly scary.


It's a folder full of blank papers, except for the top one written in Sharpie: "I payed too much texas!"


I think this is exactly what his tax returns will show. He pays no taxes due to the fictitious losses he accrued in previous decades.


Actual losses. Best businessman ever bankrupted a casino and a bunch of other businesses like a scam school and his steaks


I think you'll find that's ***three*** casinos.


Because our system lets the rich abuse the system. Basically.


Microsoft had to supply sensitive documents and financial information in an Apple vs epic games lawsuit. I'm no fancy lawyer (I only studied bird law) but wouldn't Trump be expected to provide this information to prove the case? Otherwise he has no real proof of this claim.


I mean... He lies a lot, and so do his lawyers.


Yeah but MS didn't want to have any beef or lose anything. Trump wouldn't mind losing because he doesn't even pay his lawyers or his debts


There's actually a pretty good chance to reverse will happen. That is, I assume that the New York Times would not have published unless they had documents to back up what they stated. If there are documents, The New York Times lawyers will file a motion for summary judgment, attached affidavits and documents and assert that the Undisputed facts show that their allegations are true, or at the very minimum based in good faith and therefore summary judgment should be granted and the case would be dismissed. The way summary judgment Works, Trump has to come up with affirmative evidence is that the statements were not only false, but because Trump is a public figure, uttered in bad faith. That is there are receipts showing that the New York Times knew they were false and they published them anyway. Granted, the way the system typically works it will take between 4 months in a year to get there. The neices case may be a bit trickier because I'm going to assume there was some sort of bullshit family non-disclosure agreement.


> That is, I assume that the New York Times would not have published unless they had documents to back up what they stated. They clearly did. The key differences between the infotainment lies of Faux News and a real journalism outlet are the editors and the lawyers.


Dafuq kind of family has non-disclosure agreements? Families with a LOT of shit to hide.


He'll bring in reams of blank paper and hope judge doesn't notice. "Believe me, your honor. Just look at these big beautiful returns. Many people are saying they prove my case. Big, manly accountants approach me and start crying and saying 'Sir, these are the most tremendous returns we've ever seen.' You're a smart judge; you know my low-IQ niece is lying...'"


“Uh… Mr Trump, those 10 teams of paper are still in the manufacturers box. Those aren’t your tax returns.”


I still don’t get how republicans didn’t pick up on this one. It went from, I’ll release my taxes when I’m elected, to a whole legal shitshow of delaying it as long as possible. Innocent until proven guilty, but promising to release them, then doing everything in your power to hold onto them for the next 6 years doesn’t scream innocent to me.


Won’t they have to for discovery?


Not just that, imagine the high quality of legal representation he will have representating him.


Only the best. The BEST!


Time for another kraken!


The very best he won't actually pay for. Lol


Dewey, Cheatem & Howe


He's going to. In 2 weeks.


What's happening it two weeks?


He's releasing his tax returns. In 2 weeks.


Along with the health care plan


He's working very hard. VERY hard, on all of this. He doesn't even golf!


Everybody says they've never seen anyone work harder, believe me.


Unlike Obama! Who ate mustard with a bike helmet while wearing a tan suit!


Why are you trying to hide that it was **DIJON** mustard?


Pinnacle of a Communist leader. Not even American mustard.


You can tell because of all the binders with the blank paper... I mean paper.


And the receipt for the first payment from Mexico for the wall


And the alligator/snake/eel moat. That's most important.


And infrastructure week


And his perfect healthcare plan.


I hear it’s infrastructure week!


Trump already implemented his healthcare plan. It’s named after him, Don.T Care.


As soon as audit is over. Believe me.


Infrastructure Week.


Was waiting for this


aww i didn't see this. beat me to it lol.


It's always 2 weeks.


I heard 4. Friend of mine said Christmas Day. Cousin heard 2022 Presidents Day. One of my dogs said it was pushed back to New Years Day 2023.


Easter would be beautiful. Can we do Easter?


It would be fitting considering all the egg accumulating on his face.


The yolk color gives that immaculate vitality look.


*See how the egg just gleams on my face? Only my face could make egg look this good. And the shells that arent staying on the..the uh what I think is called a yolk I think...they represent all the ways I tried to come up with to show the election wad rigged. But, yes, this yolk just shines all over me. I heard its great for skin so not only could you rub it on your face but maybe uh inject it as well*


But those fucking low energy light bulbs make him look terrible. And don't even get me started on the necessary 18 flushes from California wasting all their water by not raking the forest...


That would be right after COVID is over too, right?


Exactly. Right after it goes away, like a miracle. Mark your calendar.


He’s revealing his health care plan lol the greatest and cheapest health care. Folks you will be saying wow so many medications


Wow! So many medications!


Get ready for a surprise!


Exciting! Is it an October surprise about somebody's emails server and adoptions?? Later in the summer??? I love it!


Wouldn’t the fact that he’s sued them open this up to discovery?


He isn't saying they're wrong, he's saying they shouldn't have investigated him because he should be immune to the consequences of his actions


his lawsuit isnt even saying they are lying just that they broke an NDA and conspired against him. Didnt say anything about libel


distract, distract, distract. This isn't the big story (Trump filing yet another dumb suit). The real story is that there is proof, presented in court due to pretrial discovery, proving he and his team knew the Big Lie was in fact a BIG LIE. ​ Don't be distracted.


AND the document outlining their coup attempt AND more proof of the campaign taking Russian money.


Yes, the Russia Thing was 100% true.


We already knew that. Most Republican leaders aren’t stupid. They’re evil. They just pander to the voters. Those are the stupid ones.


I think thats something a lot of us figured out the day it started. What we really want to know is sre they going to be punished the way they should be.


What??? No. Trump is going to march down to the capitol with the crowd, remember? He definitely won't just hide in his bunker watching CNN.


Only bunker he can run in to now is located on the golf course by his home.


Mulligan time. Am I right?? Nudge, nudge.


If he had a mulligan, he'd use it on Jan 6th in the hopes that they got to Pence.


Here comes another L for the guy that *never* loses.


Rachel Maddow was cracking up reading the article tonight on her show. And according to the Daily Beast article, Mary Trump didn't just call him a loser, but a fucking loser.


Fact check: yeah. He's a fucking loser.


He's the *biggest* fucking loser. Everyone says so.


This very strong military man walked up to me, with tears in his eyes. He said, "sir, Trump is the biggest fucking loser", and he was crying. And he was very powerful. Many people are saying so.


Shoulda seen this guy. Straight outta central casting.


Oh, I did see him. Because this totally actually happened. Believe me.


[Rolling Stone says so](https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/trump-taxes-lost-money-832667/): >Business Genius Trump Lost More Money Than Anyone in America Between 1985-1994




I've honestly never seen such a loser before. Very impressive.


Lots of people are saying it. The best people.


Like Generals? And his entire staff???


Because he is a fucking loser. The losingest loser in history. L here, L there, L everywhere. His biggest L should be that he's sitting in a cell right now for being complicit in a coup attempt that would have resulted in the death of his own VP.


Hold on, there might be a bigger loser. *[checks notes]* No. That's right. Carry on.


Rudy's just behind him (no pun intended).


No pun even needed! Rudy knows how great he is. Did you know his uncle was at MIT and with the nuclear? A very smart man, and it has something to do with windmills causing cancer. It's, frankly, just genetic!


Rudy is so fucked that the stuff running down his face at that press conference that everyone concluded was hair dye was actually covid rejecting his body as quickly as it could.


That just shows how immune he was, from taking all the hydroxychloroquine all day. Geez...


Mary is the shit


Well. At least she doesn't give a shit anymore. Which is interesting.


They guy that lost Georgia twice in one election


Dumb ass. His own lawyers gave her all his files when she sued him over inheritance. She's entitled to them and had them for years. She should counter sue him. She'll win. Get what you can before Dominion wants their billion.


She is already suing all the Trump siblings. That is why he is doing this.


His only skill…


He was pretty good at killing people. He was also skilled in being Putin's bit**


Come on. He tried to save us all with his genius ideas about the disinfectant and UV light inside the body. Don't be a hater.


Also that time he heroically changed the path of that hurricane using nothing but a black sharpie.


Im a proud patriot that supports anything that shows everyone that a person has no business being in the position he's in.


From Trump's [complaint](https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/21067065/9-21-21-donald-trump-v-mary-trump-new-york-times-complaint.pdf): > 67\. On October 2, 2018, The Times published an article, credited to Barstow, Craig and Buettner, entitled “Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches from His Father” (the “2018 Article”). > > 68\. The 2018 Article, which exceeds 40 pages and 13,000 words, was published as an eight-page feature of The Times newspaper and was also widely circulated through The Times’ website. > >   > … > > 72\. The 2018 Article received a record-breaking amount of attention, garnering more views than any previous article in The Times’ history. In the legal filing in which Trump sues the New York Times for reporting on the scheme in which he and his family committed tax fraud worth hundreds of millions of dollars he BRAGS ABOUT HOW POPULAR THE ARTICLE WAS [Link to article](https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/10/02/us/politics/donald-trump-tax-schemes-fred-trump.html)


man...his poor foot is full of so many bullets.


He has the thinnest skin in the history of mankind. Any thinner and you'd start seeing his insides.


And THAT is how the UV gets inside the body. Genius level shit by this guy. "Nobel Prize" incoming.


I'm no law-talking-person, but I'm pretty sure this is an indicator his current lawyer is worse than Guiliani. He just opened himself and, most likely, his eponymous organization both. Unless the judge is already paid off, this is the stupidest thing he has ever done.


I don't disagree..but can you explain? do you mean because they will have to disclose information to the judge in discovery?


That’s my read on it…defense can request documentation out the wazoo now and the plaintiff is required to provide it


I'm waiting for the day that someone hacks his personal computer and finds out he's been jerking off to Ivanka deep fake porn...but learning all the little secrets about his business will do.


Pretty sure the reality is quite sicker than just jerking off… God…need mind bleach now….thanks for that…


lol..sorry man, I just dream about him being humiliated in the worst possible way.


He's pretty much indicated that he doesn't know how to use a computer. I wouldn't be surprised if he had some VHS tapes of her from when she was a kid though. Their relationship seems weird.


One word. Discovery.


Throw his sorry, traitorous ass in jail.


Please let the Defense subpoena fucking everything. The Orange cock-suckle must go down


DJT is the scummiest human being imaginable. That a significant percentage of the country regards him as some sort of savior completely blows my mind.


I'm so amused by this. The tax story came and went without really too much impact. Just the usual story that played for a couple weeks and then people got bored and wandered off, nothing changed. Now he wants to Streisand Effect it? He really is totally incapable of ever making a smart move about anything.


This isn’t about the tax story. This is about silencing Mary Trump and others.


It also reeks of the same desperation he had about leaks coming from his camp. It plays like “Yeah I did those things, but you should never have found out about them!”


Genuine question. Who the hell would be willing to represent trump these days given whats happened to all of his past lawyers? He was already scrapping the bottom of the barrel with rudy.


Donald was bored. He never likes to go a single day without seeing his name in a headline.


The piece of shit Trump is fucked….,he’s going to grift his entire swirl down the toilet bowl.


How many flushes, though? That's what everyone cares about.


I think we’re past that now. Get the plunger.


For a dude that only hires the best, sure seems odd to pick a lawyer that went to a law school in the bottom 25%. But hey, his fixer went to one of the worst law schools in the country. Can't wait to see this is a contingency case b/c he cannot afford to pay.


Breaking: Trump to be represented by fictional lawyers, Dewey, Cheatem and Howe as no "for-reals" lawyers were willing to work for exposure.


PR to be managed by the Cambridge, MA based Heywood Jabuzoff.


Hey, can we not associate car talk and lard ass together?


Member when he had to prove his [father wasn’t an orangutan ](https://www.cnn.com/2013/02/06/showbiz/trump-bill-maher-suit/index.html) and sued Bill Maher? Feels like it was ages ago (8 years)


So he cheats her out of her inheritance and now he wants to sue her? Seriously, when will this blight on the ass of humanity pass this mortal coil?


Pretty bold of those lawyers to assume they'll get paid.


My god this man is an utter moron.


What's the harm? It was exposing a criminal, and multiple arms of the government are already moving to punish the crimes. BFD


So now his taxes are going to be part of discovery in yet another lawsuit?


What a sad, sad man.


Yawn. Just further proof of what a loser, and a charlatan Trump really is.


This is not a libel or defamation lawsuit. Hes only suing for the fact they got the documents and reported on it. So hes admitting the report was accurate. Great job!


NY has an anti-SLAPP law


I'm sure his niece prepared for this to happen after speaking out against him.


New York is and anti-SLAPP state. Have fun with that


I'm running out of money, I need to sue someone. My Niece that speaks the truth I choose you.


The records Mary Trump turned over to the NYT belonged to her, not her uncle. The Parasite is flailing and I couldn't be happier.


Will it work?