Opinion : The nation faces financial calamity. Republicans will be to blame.

Opinion : The nation faces financial calamity. Republicans will be to blame.


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I think their strategy is to fuck everything up and then blame the Democrats, it seems to work with their base.


That is literally always their strategy. Then, once in power, cut taxes, reduce regulations, and boost lobbying for their buddies. How anyone except the most selfish elite would vote for such obvious bullshit is just beyond me, but I guess that’s why the GOP is so against well-funded schools and critical thinking among their base…


>How anyone except the most selfish elite would vote for such obvious bullshit is just beyond me, Because they tell their base "I might make your life shit, but I'll make [group they don't like]'so life even worse." And they are so full of hate they go for it. They'd happily live in a box under a bridge if the neighbor they hate doesn't have a box.


This is literally literally their strategy. The word literally has been watered down a bit to mean “very”, but here it’s a non ironic exact identification of what they’re doing. Democrats *may* have started it, but they have perfected it. And there’s really no stopping it. I listened to the Daily on gerrymandering in NY. The dems fought to end gerrymandering and now want to go back on their own commitment. We need to go back on it because it’s not a fair fight. We can’t wait until we all realize it’s important. It’s also like taxes. Trump is absolutely right to not pay taxes. He’s working within the system, maybe with a little personal risk which is his choice. People shouldn’t be calculating their own taxes. We relied on norms *when it was convenient* Trump did the same. He just didn’t give a f about preserving the system so it was always convenient to ignore norms. How do you operate in an unfair system? How do you make a fair system? How do you make people trust a fair system? These are our problems. Nobody trusts the government but the government is us.


>Trump is absolutely right to not pay taxes. He’s working within the system, maybe with a little personal risk which is his choice. I disagree with this. It is not right for him to pay taxes especially since he probably didn't work within the system. His organization is being charged with cheating on taxes. He probably did on his personal taxes as well. https://www.npr.org/2021/07/02/1012458898/whats-next-for-the-trump-organization-after-tax-crimes-charge


He has the freedom to take personal risk and skirt the law. The real problem is that the law isn’t enforced, and that tax code for real estate is garbage from what I’ve been seeing over the past few years. And that he’s in charge of calculating his taxes. That’s the craziest system if you think about it.


>He has the freedom to take personal risk and skirt the law. So, he has the freedom to break the law? It should be enforced, but that doesn't make it right to cheat on your taxes. I think you are confusing not being caught with morally right.


He shouldn’t be the one calculating his tax bill first of all, that should be done by the government. Freedom means the freedom to do good or evil. Morality is how you make those decisions. Our system of government is how those rules are enforced. Yeah he should do it and he should be hammered when he does. It’s crazy that we don’t treat people who cause millions in damage as seriously as we treat violent crime. That level of loss is impactful much like violence.


>He shouldn’t be the one calculating his tax bill first of all, that should be done by the government. Should, but it's not so he should do it without breaking the law. ​ >Freedom means the freedom to do good or evil. Morality is how you make those decisions. Our system of government is how those rules are enforced. Does that mean I am free to murder and rape? I think freedom is the wrong choice of words. The third definition of freedom is: the state of not being subject to or affected by (a particular undesirable thing). Trump is subject and affected by the law. You are using the fourth definition of freedom which I think is inappropriate here since it implies what he is doing is not really wrong. ​ >Yeah he should do it and he should be hammered when he does. I don't think he should be doing it in the first place.


Lawyers, money and guns.


> How do you make a fair system? How do you make people trust a fair system? These are our problems. Nobody trusts the government but the government is us. This is the problem. Democrats believe a fair system is one based on social equality. Republicans believe a fair system is one based on the social norms their great-grandparents lived under.


Some might say that republicans believe in a meritocracy. Edit: I think equity is challenging, and I think that a concern that has been poorly articulated by the right. Undoing systemic racism sounds great until you realize that it means wildly different things to different people and the implementation is impossible. But setting that huge thing aside for a minute, there’s problems with the right. The slight bias / tendency toward authoritarianism (and it begins as slight) spoils the whole party. It just pulls it further and further to the right and appeals to so many. Then there’s also the problem that everyone is a self interested unsustainable hypocrite. We are supposedly for equity while we buy diamonds, iPads, and coffee that are made with economics that are essentially slave based. Why are factory farms ok for cows but puppy mills are bad? Because dogs are cuter. That’s it end of story. We live in a world that was designed in California but built in China and which is sustained by a foreign policy built on one sided self interest and a complete disregard for individual suffering. Republicans are worse but both sides are like children looking for which grownup will give them more candy and let them stay up later and nobody has realized that they need to become the grownup and that we need to do what’s right.


> Republicans are worse but both sides are like children looking for which grownup will give them more candy and let them stay up later and nobody has realized that they need to become the grownup and that we need to do what’s right. You're equating the idea of social equality with the idea that everyone has the exact same life, which is a ridiculous strawman. I can't even begin to unpack the rest of your gish gallop of half-truths and misinformation, but I hope we can agree on at least a few things: 1) Gerrymandering is bad. 2) We need to repeal the Reapportionment act of 1929. 3) We should make it easy for everyone to vote. 4) Everyone should vote. 5) People who downvote a comment just because they disagree with it on a subjective level are a problem.


Gerrymandering is horrible, but it’s a big part of how elections work in the US. If it’s not federally controlled then why subject yourself to one sided fairness? It really is (although not literally) like taking a knife to a gun fight. Why impose rules on yourself that don’t apply to others? You might do it, or pretend to do it online, but when it’s not the norm most people won’t do it and I understand why. I hate it when people say “I can’t unpack everything” then pick what they want to use to argue, as if it invalidates everything I said. I never said gerrymandering is good. You pretended I said that so that you could be right. That’s why I downvoted your comment.


> Gerrymandering is horrible, but it’s a big part of how elections work in the US. Great. So we both agree it's bad, and there should be a bipartisan effort to end it. [There are mathematical models that can create districts in a non-partisan manner](https://blogs.sjsu.edu/engineering/2020/04/08/new-study-presents-mathematical-models-to-pre-empt-gerrymandering/), so we can both agree that they should be adopted, right? > I hate it when people say “I can’t unpack everything” then pick what they want to use to argue, as if it invalidates everything I said. Because, like I said, most of what you said was fallacious or misleading. Do I really need to explain why statements like _"We are supposedly for equity while we buy diamonds, iPads, and coffee that are made with economics that are essentially slave based."_ are ridiculous in a rational conversation? We both know that there are options for all of those things that are not "slave based", like fair trade coffee, or manufactured diamonds.


Hey the upshot just ran a story on Texas and their redistricting, guess what? They didn’t follow New York’s honorable example or use the mathematical models you presented. So New York is getting redder and Texas is as well despite a changing demographic. Luckily we’ve clenched the moral high ground again by following rules that we wished others followed. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/10/03/us/politics/texas-redistricting-map-2022.html


In my opinion not everyone should vote. You should either have to pass a test to do so or have served in the military. There are too many idiots.


Some might claim Republicans believe in a meritocracy …but they’re either wholly uninformed or simply lying.


Would you say that the left believes in a meritocracy?


Younger folks don't remember Leona Helmsley. "Only the little people pay taxes." She was talking about the Middle Class, the 3rd and 4th quintiles, who, in fact, bear most of the burden.


That’s definitely the system. Nobody runs on funding the IRS, which would be a good step to going after the wealthy. Edit: Also Pepperidge Farm remembers (and I remember)


Don’t forget gutting “entitlements”


Works with enough voters for them to win back power too


Does it though? The last few times the GOP did this and tried to blame the Democrats, voters saw right through them and it hit them in the ass. I don’t know if this time will be any different.


Their base, and the general voting public sadly.


Worst part is even the independents will believe them over Dems as Dems as always have had poor messaging whether it comes to campaigning or such dreaded scenarios. This’ll be a significant issue for midterms. I’ve heard better messaging from Redditors (like one of the fellow Redditors asked to strike where it hurts that it’ll tank 401Ks and will crater their retirement bonds etc) here than any of their platforms. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/06/us/politics/democrats-2020-election.html


They want Democrats to put the debt ceiling raise in their infrastructure bill which isn't finished and won't be for weeks. They want to put pressure on Democrats to rush the bill that Republicans were never going to vote for anyway. During that time, Republicans will blame Democrats for the shutdown by saying they could reopen at any time by Democrats are playing politics. When the bill is finished and the shutdown ends, that will give them the facts that support their narrative. Coincidentally, a shutdown also gums up the multiple investigations that are going on as we speak.


Starve the Beast tactics


Two Santas


>**Fact**: The nation faces financial calamity. Republicans **are** to blame. FTFY


Ikr? What is this "will be"?


No pay wall https://archive.is/lJSdr#selection-349.27-349.35


They're always to blame for financial calamity. The GOP is like a 10yo with a credit card. They spend on their toys, but force everyone else to eat 23¢ ramen.


Nah. People will still blame Democrats because Americans are idiots.


Republicans will blame Democrats because their constituents are dumb enough to parrot everything they say.


And the media will happily play along.


I've progressed from thinking Republicans are "just dumb". As long as people keep characterizing them as 'dumb' they will always be treated like children rather than threats.


What I don’t understand is why when you have a base that vehemently disagrees with everything except what they hear from Fox and NewsMax, why they don’t vote for non-calamity and then say they didn’t. Or say it’s still awful. Or say whatever the hell they want. They have a base that’s totally detached from any reality or truth; just tell them you didn’t do what you did, and that things are horrible instead of better. Or that space lasers forced you to vote a certain way. Or that it’s some subversion of the democrats’ agenda somehow. It won’t matter. Like here, they could vote to increase the debt ceiling and then just say they didn’t. Or that they did because voting against it would have been just what democrats wanted. And if the economy improves after, just say “no it didn’t.”


Nailed it.


Democrat's literally can raise it themselves, they just don't want to.


No they can’t.


They can through reconciliation. Multiple news outlets have said this


Which has limited uses and would require them to sacrifice the spending recon bill they are currently trying to pass which is the only bill so far with any kind of climate change prevention(mitigation spending and a lot of other important democratic legislative goals which is why republicans are willing to risk this calamity thinking that either dems will do the responsible thing and loose voters over it or they will hold fast and then the repubs will blame them anyway.


Fortunately that's not how it's worked in the past at least. Every time Republicans have pulled this stunt in the past 30 years their ratings went down and Democrats went up.


I think it's pretty clear at this point that Republicans really don't give a s*** what happens to this country as long as they're getting theirs


Republicans are to blame for basically every major crisis we are currently facing, from poverty and guns to the environment, yet still they manage to compete with democrats. I don’t know if it’s messaging, racism, tribalism, idiocy, etc., but doing bad things doesn’t seem to lead to bad outcomes, at least not in the world of American politics, especially when it comes to the Republican Party.


FOX News


Fox News tribalism. Republicans (Americans) think that Liberals (Americans) are an evil threat to America. It’s embarrassingly disgusting rhetoric.


"If you say it enough and keep saying it, they'll start to believe you." - Donald Trump


>Republicans are to blame for basically every major crisis we are currently facing Can't tell if you're being serious, as this is a good example of blaming the other side for everything and not taking even a drop of responsibility.


Unless there is already an empaneled grand jury reviewing the anti-democratic activities of FOX news, their viewers will have no grasp of how Republicans caused any of this. Half of America will remain brainwashed.


The republican party wants to destroy this country and replace it with a theocratic dictatorship. Causing a massive collapse is part of their plan. They're doing this on purpose. They are committing treason and the Attorney General does nothing.




How the fuck is Bannon going to be involved in choosing the next pope?


The same way Trump is going to be a transformational leader. I.e. in the prescription painkiller equivalent of a crack dream


I don't think you understand that even though they want to create a theocracy, the leaders of that theocracy don't actually believe in any of the religious bullshit they peddle to control the masses. It's just a means to obtain and keep power, which leads to more money.


Republicans don’t take responsibility. They have to be subject to the rule of law.


The gop are a national security issue for the rest of us


Everyone will blame the Democrats because they always do. This is simple. The GOP spends all the money without a way to pay for it and then the Democrats come in an try to pay for what the GOP spent and then spend their own money on their projects and never get to because people are stupid.


The lies they repeated about their opposition (like democrats aren't fiscally conservative) are now "common sense" and treated as accepted assumptions. Showing someone evidence to the contrary, like deficit data or Reagan literally admitting to treason on TV, doesn't matter. They are real patriots who's hard work (democrats don't work hard, another lie) is what makes America great.




"It's not our fault millions got spent on the insane ego-trip of our incumbent Presidential candidate. This is because the Democrats didn't quash the filibuster as they should've" - Mitch McConnell


Read the Opinion page of the Wall Street Journal: They *want* the economy to crash now that Biden is President. Daily, they are banging the drum, about how inflation is resurgent, it's just like the stagflation of the 1970s, Wokeism is destroying America...everything is *terrible*, now, and It's All Biden's Fault...


Yeah, and they’ll blame the Dems the whole way down.


Well the Dem’s aren’t letting them have their way ! ! It may as well come down to this. Blame away I guess. Should I add ‘ /s ‘ to my first sentence ?


For me, anyone who take money from corporations should get the boot. That America has legalized bribes is insane. Thank god for Justice Democrats. America as a whole is crazy progressive. But you’d never know it from watching news.


that's obvious point when the GOP chooses partisan hostage tactics instead of compromise.


They’ll be to blame but they’ll blame the Dems because they have a slight majority. The minority rules because we let them and have saboteurs in the majority. It’s clear the GOP is out to ruin this country and blame others. Corporations and people with money in politics need to go too. The one thing in common: they’re all looking out for themselves and not the general population.


The optimism is cute but I'm getting real sick of seeing "Republicans will be/are to blame for this catastrophe"! We all know goddamn well the Republicans are to blame. But is their base going to blame Republicans? No. They never have. In the face of insurmountable evidence and blatant obvious and completely unhidden hypocrisy, the Republican base has never ever blamed the Republican party for the crimes we all watch them commit. I literally watched on live CSPAN, Mitch McConnell blocked a resolution to keep soldiers paid during a government shutdown. Then the VERY next morning, blamed democrats. And the base ate it the fuck up. Then I watched this several more times in the following years. This will play out exactly the same. At this point it's dangerously stupid to hold out hope that the Republican voters will ever "see the light" and admit to themselves that the party they're backing is evil


Blamed? Yes Held accountable for their actions? I’m not so sure.


So. They did this shit in 2011, 2013 and they successfully convinced the gullible American public that Democrats were to blame and won all three branches of government in 2020.


This (un)ironically sounds like a play right out of the GOP handbook; blame your opposition ahead of time.


Opinion : The nation faces financial calamity. Republicans will be to blame…and they don’t really give a shit at all.


I really wish news was more news and less persuasive writing. A man can dream.


I'd like to see a clear delineation that's hard to mistake. FOX News skirts the issue by dressing up opinion as news. Most reputable newspapers make a distinction, but often it's hard to notice, and this sub should have something more strict, like a bright red badge/flair on each opinion piece.


Sorry, did you not recognize that this was an opinion piece? I mean, it's literally in the title.


That’s kinda what I’m getting at. That’s all there seems to be are opinion pieces. And being opinion, that allows for some devious to flat out lies used to support such opinion. I wish news was news. That’s all.


AP, Reuters, Janes intelligence. Steer clear of the opinion if you don't want to be persuaded


It’s not me I’m worried about being influenced.


I'm not too worried about you being influenced either. That said, you're in politics subreddit. News is a different genre altogether.


Politics and news go hand in hand. It bothers me, because the people rule and do so by proxy. More facts leads to more sound decisions on who your proxy should be and what they should be doing. The vast majority of information people are fed is shaded. It leads not to a sound decision, but more of an us vs them where one side is villainous, and therefore I must be represented by the other letter. To circle back to this opinion, I haven’t read all the comments, but has anyone asked why they won’t use reconciliation? Edit: just to fully round out my last thought. As stated, I have not read the all the comments. That said, I am willing to bet that there is a lot of demonization of political parties, and the people that belong to them. There is little to no discussion on the problem stated in the article and what steps need to be taken to avoid this global financial collapse that is forewarned.


The biggest problem with this is that our nation was designed to be cooperative rather than combative and the political structure has been abused by those who would rather divide and conquer than unite and prosper. I agree with you that there is far too much opinion and not enough conciliation but this is just a byproduct of our fragile human Egos, our desire to be right, and our preference to see the other as an enemy rather than a fellow


I couldn’t agree more. I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding. It is not a politicians job to make the policy, it is their job to make the policy that the people tell them to make. The power does not belong in the hands of the representative of the people. It belongs to the people. The people’s power is diminished by division. We are in charge, and it should be we in fellowship, like you say. It is so far from that now, and it’s disheartening.


We have come a long way from in order to make a more perfect union. We have wandered off the path but not all who wander are lost and may the lights guide us back.


> I wish news was news. That’s all. News is news. Opinion pieces are opinion pieces. Learn the difference.


Name checks out. Edit: Downvoted for defending myself…will wonders never cease?


If you are trying to get NEWS from Reddit, then I got some bad news for you. Reddit is a cesspool of bad opinions, lies, and shitposting. Nothing more than a way for your average 12 year old to try to get some support or stir up some controversy at any given moment. If it weren’t for the selection of porn, I would have deleted it long ago. Even as I type this, I question why the fuck I thought looking at r/politics was a good idea.


> Opinion : The nation faces financial calamity. Republicans will be to blame. I guess when making bad economic policy, you blame the other side.


The Majority party that controls both houses and the POTUS has the ability too raise the debt limit thru reconciliation but this is still the minority parties fault?




To the cost of society, as WW3 will come from this


Isn’t that both sides strategy? Fuck it up and blame the other guy? Oh no, this is Reddit. Only Republicans can fuck stuff up.


We really need to wake up and admit that EVERY career politician is corrupt, and they are ALL to blame. They all take financial assistance from different lobbyists or industries. When new legislature comes up that supports their major donors more than the public, what do you think happens? We all see it… they will abstain or vote in favor of the donor. Okay, okay, so “vote them out.” Another one who also promises the public to “be the change we need” that just does whatever they want anyway once they win takes their place. A lot of times the public really has no clue about what laws are really being passed. Example, a law regarding carbon emissions could have multiple unrelated laws embedded in it; regarding anything from cryptocurrencies to sex trafficking. We need more transparency. And let’s be real….haven’t met a Democrat that hasn’t agreed that Biden was a concession. The machine wanted him and pushed him on us. Enough of this Dems VS GOP, fresh blood is needed on BOTH sides.


Honestly, I’d much prefer corrupt Republicans to “pure” ones. If I have to choose between Charles Koch and Steve Bannon pulling the strings, I’d much prefer Koch, because he at least has a financial incentive to oppose genocide.


Nope they won’t be.. Dem control house, senate and presidency


On paper only. Because of Machin and Sinema, Republicans de-facto have the senate. McConnel is more powerful than Schumer.


Then blame the people who voted for them.. if the Democrats have balls they will Kick them out of the party


freaking US does not know what financial calamity is


As is tradition


It won't do the average person any good to know who to blame; the republicans have been the problem since Nixon and nothing happens to curtail their anti-American, anti-democracy activities.


That’s the thing, republicans have to care in the first place for blame to matter. They. Do. Not.


ARE to blame. There. I fixed it.


Look up reconciliation.


They do this debt ceiling thing *every time* they aren't in power. They basically are criminals holding America hostage with a gun to our heads. "Do what we say or the economy gets it." Don't let the terrorists win.




Republicans dragged us over the cliff in the 8 years of W’s presidency, but the bubble burst when Dems were in power. The Dems lost meaningful power shortly thereafter. The exact same thing is going to happen here. The bubble is going to pop and Dems will lose the Congress in ‘22.


followed by democracy in 2024


Not sure what you mean, mate.


if Republicons get both house and senate, they can freely get through anti-democracy laws, and if Biden doesn't sign them into law, they have infinite ammo for the next pres election.....in 2024, to take the Resolute Desk, and get those laws signed.


Oh, yeah. That seems like what’s going to go down. The Dems only really have 48 votes in the Senate, because of Manchin and Sinema. They’re not going to get anything done before the next election and the Dems will lose ground rather than gain it.


Dems can kill the filibuster and do what they want.. they don’t need republicans.. Stop playing the blame game it’s getting old


Will be? As in, future tense? Check the record.


Bullish for stonks...mind you, EVERYTHING is bullish for stonks


again LOL. as consequence we will get ivanka trump as president?


Sure the Republicans may be, but the other party has to find its collective testicles and ovaries to stop them. If not, then they will be just as much on the hook in the history books.


America does not face financial calamity regardless of the debt ceiling, America is Constitutionally bound to not default on any of its debts. What will happen if the debt ceiling is not raised is the Treasury will cut spending on certain things and use incoming revenue to balance the budget. There will not be a default and politicians claiming such are being disingenuous and irresponsible.


Have fun with austerity as the USD loses it's status as reserve currency


Yeah, that’s not going to happen as again, there will be no default.


Except austerity is literally defined as spending cuts???


But their base lost last time around. They’ll lose more spectacularly next time.


It will be their fault, but their cult followers won't blame them.


Nope, just dick head hedge funds and the likes of Nancy Pelosi


Actually the both will be to blame....our spending is seriously out of control.....its time to give more state control and shrink the feds...


This is a no-win situation. If we raise the debt ceiling we have more debt and inflation... If we don't, the economy will falter. The debt is currently unsustainable... Something has to give. I can't do anything about it either way, so I watch and wait to see which calamity happens.


Democrats are equally to blame for refusing to use the fleeting power that they currently have to override the Republicans’ minority rule. Stack the fucking Supreme Court and overturn the fucking filibuster already.


Republicans will be the cause. They won't get remotely the amount of blame they deserve.


ThE pArTy Of FiScAl ReSpOnSiBiLiTy


Do the Dems like losing on purpose? Like they never do the same aggressive bs the other side does ☠️ It’s like being robbed and you’re just watching the robber steal your stuff. Then the robber goes on TV, calls you poor, pathetic, and while everyone clearly knows the robber is in the wrong; the only people we hear are the 30% who think the robber is cool


This publication is going to get down on its knees to fellate corporate interests, tho




McConnell has just forced the Democrats to abolish the Filibuster, then abolish the debt ceiling. Threatening to force the government into default is terrorism.


They are all to blame. They sold out our country to the highest bidder a long time ago.


Jesus Regannomics was in the 80s we know. My entire life all they have ever done is the wrong thing.


But voters will blame Democrats at the polls in 2022. We’ve seen this movie and we know what happens.


The Democrat party is what’s driving the debt up with all these free shit


As liberals are you guys ok with the new IRS bill allowing them to see any inflow/outflow transaction in your bank account over $600?


When making a claim you should post a link to see what you are talking about.


So joe spends trillions in first few months and blame GOP ? Typical


FY2021’s budget (the one that we are on) was voted and passed by the GOP and signed by Trump. So it literally is their fault. [Here’s Trumps budget.](https://www.govinfo.gov/app/collection/budget/2021) I just had to copy and paste this, from myself, because a whole lot of you don't know anything about economics.


You are correct. The only thing I know about economics is what effects me and my fam,


So none. I’m sure that’s never come back negativity.


Edit: I should have checked comment score. ~~Why are you lying?~~


They might blame them because they are haggling over spending 3.5 trillion right now. That’s not a number we got to in math class, but it’s a lot.


How about yall stop blaming one side or the other and realize that Dem and Repub are just two sides of the same coin! Both sides piss off our tax dollars quicker that a sailor on shore leave.


Fuck outta here with this both sides crap.


That's telling 'em...every side but ours, needs to be ridiculed...


Oh that's right this sub is only for bashing conservatives. Got it! My apologies.






Okay vote for Yang 2024..


Maybe, that's a long ways away though. At the rate we're going we may not make it that long.


Yea vote democrat or allow Republicans to win


Google false equivalency This is hardly a both sides are wrong situation , considering how many times the GOP has used this hostage tactic




Shows how little you umderstand my thinking. Instead projecting your naive assumptions on to me, why don't you ask me to elaborate. Otherwise keep you grade school.personal attacks to yourself.


Trillions of dollars in tax cuts for the uber wealthy != trillions of dollars for essential infrastructure and services. We need fresher leadership, but this bOtH SiDeS stuff is just patently misguided.


Yeah so let's add trillions of extra spending on top of that. That seems like a grand idea.


No...only blaming one side is immature.


Of course, because the $6T in bills the Dems push for really spell GOP


Says the people recklessly giving more and more free money out and crippling the job industry.


Most of this spending was done during the Trump administration and when Republicans controlled Congress. It seems to me that Republicans are the ones that want to spend and not pay.


Lmao. Debt ceiling crisis number 248? 249? Nothing ever happens. We just print more money and fuck the underclass


How is this even politics? U go and spit a 2 lines biased title and then what?


Not “the nation faces financial calamity. Who would have guess printing trillions of dollars and giving it away would do such a thing?


Says the Washington Post💀 Doing bezos bidding