Trump skipped anesthesia for a previously unreported surgery at Walter Reed to avoid giving Pence temporary power, according to new book

Trump skipped anesthesia for a previously unreported surgery at Walter Reed to avoid giving Pence temporary power, according to new book


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> Her memoir "I'll Take Your Questions Now" Press Sec who never held a press conference.


Maybe that's the joke. *Now* she'll take questions (provided they are about the book).


Only rampart questions.


Ok woody


Woody! I'm going to steal your girlfriend!


Did we ever figure out if Harrelson really Impregnated that girl from prom?


Enough about that. Let’s talk about Rampart.


Did the actor in Rampart impregnate that girl?


*Who* is the actor in Rampart and *what* did he do?


From these other comments, I'm gonna guess he had unprotected sex with some girl.


> Her memoir "I'll Take Your Questions Now" Out of touch Australian here - I had to google this. Found an [article](https://www.wonkette.com/stephanie-grishams-shocking-memoir-reveals-melania-trump-is-rancid-tire-fire-in-heels) >*"Do you want to tweet that peaceful protests are the right of every American, but there is no place for lawlessness and violence?"* **Grisham asked the first lady.** >**A minute later, Melania replied with a one-word answer:** *"No."* >**Because Melania Trump is a garbage human, who even Disney villains would find distasteful.**


>**who even Disney villains would find distasteful.** and unfashionable


Always has been. I mean, she married Trump.


“I really don’t care. Do u?” Jacket.


And her birther bullshit when Obama was president.


The part where she herself was in the US illegally and got her parents in via chain migration, but is complicit in shitting on other immigrants - legal or otherwise.


And the theft of Michelle's speeches


Not just speeches. Everything. Michelle had an anti bullying campaign called Be Better. Melania had an anti bullying campaign called Be Best, which sputtered out quickly, because being married to a guy getting in internationally public Twitter fights with teenage girls she clearly didnt actually care (do u?).


Like someone so concerned with fashion would forget thats what the jacket said- as fox vilifies dems for calling it inappropriate. It was cold and calculated and it expressed the cold dead heart of Tumps chosen mate. I guess she’s just like him “disgusting! The floor is ruined” when an old man hits his head passing out and bleeds


The amazing thing about her is that she treated Trump worse than any of his detractors. Between staying in NYC for six months at the start, to the [Green Screen dress](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCs6S7uWn2k) she made no secret of her contempt and hatred.


None of these people have a single person in their life to love or be loved by. I feel so fucking bad for Barron. He is 15 now. There is no escape. A life of disconnected, solitary existence. I’m sure he’ll end up as twisted and broken as everyone else in the family, but it wouldn’t have been that way if he wasn’t in that nightmare family.


He would still have her as a mother and she seems like just as selfish and cruel as the rest of them. Poor kid.


recent study said narcissists prefer to marry narcissists. *no shit!*


I, for one, can't wait for "Melania", a biopic by director Craig Gillespie (director of "I, Tonya" and "Cruella", if you were wondering).


"I'll Take Your Questions *Now"*


This isn’t a joke? Omg. I thought this was a very clever joke. I can’t believe it’s serious. I should have learned by now.


My guess is that it's intentional. I doubt it was her call not to have press conferences, so she's saying *now* she'll take the questions (answering them in her book).


Monetizing their hypocrisy, late stage capitalist fascism


The takeaway here: Trump refused to give Pence temporary power because he was addicted to the power and was afraid he might never get it back if he did.


Because that’s what Trump would probably do if it were him in Pence’s position.




Most of the people he surrounded himself with didn’t exactly do a whole lot to disabuse him of that notion.


That's at least partially because anyone with a shred of ethics around him will eventually object, on ethical grounds, to something he wants to do; thus incurring Trump's wrath.


Yep. Remember when he assembled a well educated, influential group for his initial cabinet and within months they’d all been fired or quit? Even Elon Musk was originally trying to work with him


He had cosmetic requirements too. No ugly people cause they weren't part of "central casting."


Well then he should have canceled himself from his own casting.


We're all the star of our life's movie. Maybe his is some fucked up version of Shrek?


That would explain why he never drained the swamp


So he must have never peered into a mirror to get a gander at the handsome mug of the guy who had to purchase sex his entire life, and even those purchases made with money earned by not repaying loans he took for businesses he ran into the ground.


You say even Elon Musk, when that is completely in character for something he would have done anyway, even towards the end


They all thought maybe we can get this guy to see reason. They all failed.


Charming attractive Person has a ton of horrible relationships. Person 2 thinks ‘I can change them! If only they were with me, it’d turn out well.’ Person 2 gets into relationship. It ends poorly.


The only issue with your scenario is the "Charming person" is now the president of the United States. Someone who wields massive power, which means they can do terrible things. Now if you're morally challenged you see this as a chance to make something for yourself. If you're moral you see that damage they can do and will try to mitigate it. Most of Trump's cronies were likely in camp A with a couple in Camp B or even if they were in Camp A a few could have had moment of epiphany and leaned towards camp B. But yes generally anyone who hoped they could change Trump or mitigate him was severely delusional.


His original cabinet was full of pure assholes. It only got worse from there on out.


The only decent Trump appointee was mattis and of course Trump fired and insulted him


I think Mattis was only hired because Trump heard the nickname Mad Dog Mattis and obviously loved it.


Imagine being Matti's and the only person in the room not wanting to strike.


Around the era of Bannon pretty much everyone in the white house agreed Trump would just go along with the latest idea suggested to him, so all of his advisors were vying to be the last person he talked to before he went out to give press conferences and the like. He was a sock puppet and everyone was competing to be the arm up his ass.


Guess that explains why he didn't bother with anesthesia for his colonoscopy.


By then it was just a wind sock with an AN-225 landing strip in it


i'd say that's pretty much the story of the republicans as a social movement. It's why they elect easily corruptible morons and declare government is useless. Snake, meet tail, tonights dinner.


>“I played with him once,” says Bryan Marsal, longtime Winged Foot member and chair of the 2020 Men’s U.S. Open. “It was a Saturday morning game. We go to the first tee and he couldn’t have been nicer. But then he said, ‘*You see those two guys? They cheat. See me? I cheat. And I expect you to cheat because we’re going to beat those two guys today.*’… So, yes, it’s true, he’s going to cheat you. But I think Donald, in his heart of hearts, believes that you’re gonna cheat him, too. So if it’s the same, if everybody’s cheating, he doesn’t see it as really cheating.” Source: [Extract from Commander in Cheat How Golf Explains Donald Trump, by Rick Relly. Reprinted at Golf.com](https://golf.com/lifestyle/celebrities/how-why-president-trump-cheats-golf-playing-tiger-woods/) "...if everybody's cheating he doesn't see it as really cheating." Except everybody's **not** cheating. This also explains why Trump was so adamant the Democrats cheated in the election, not just afterwards but even *before* the election there were allusions to voter fraud . Trump believes the Democrats cheated because in his twisted view of the world *everyone* cheats, **he** cheated *and lost*, and so the Democrats must have cheated *even more* than he did. He cannot accept the reality that the Democrats beat him without cheating.


And yes he did cheat. He abused his office to try to undermine the post office while turning his voters against mail in voting… effectively trying to isolate votes to suppress for his opposition.


I am not really a good person. I try, but I'm pretty flawed. But at my absolute worst, most crazy, nastiest, most mean spirited, etc I am still a far better human being than Trump at his best. I'm kind of sick of talking about it, it feels like he's gonna come back. How this total scumbag became the POTUS is beyond me. I still get flashbacks to that morning in November in 2016. . . HOW IN THE FUCK DID WE GET HERE???


They know he bugs us which is exactly why they are all for him running again in 2024. Similar to all of a sudden being anti vaccine. They only take this position because the majority of democrats recommend it. The jokes on them in that situation


The entire conservative/GOP mindset boils down to 'how can we fuck over liberals'


That's true. Christ, I really wish I could leave the US.


Come to the UK, where the conservative Tories are deliberately dismantling social care and destroying the middle class. Or go to Australia, where the conservative Liberal party are doing their best to destroy the world.


Sorry to hear, we have news about fuel and food shortages in the UK brought about by terrible mismanagement of Brexit during the pandemic. I remember March 2020 when Aust supply chains very nearly broke completely so I can imagine it. Our Aust conservative govt are too busy trying to spin the message and add layers of govt secrecy to solve the right problems with the right priority in the right way.


The Republican base has been getting dumber and dumber. They are easily manipulated by television and Facebook. Trump is a celebrity and became a hero to them because he attacked Obama regularly and “wasn’t a Washington politician.” These idiots really believed he would fix things as a businessman. I bet none of them can list any accomplishments trump has as president( not that he has any).


Oh, they can list them. They don’t know what they mean, or what the implication of what that action is, or anything relevant to what they’re claiming, but they got a list from a patriot on Facebook who posted it with a “got dem lib , share if you support our*real* President”. Their ignorance of what they’re stating only serves to entrench them further when confronted with facts like “tax breaks for a fifth yacht won’t help you pay your bills”.


This was a long-con effort by Russia and Trump. He has owed them money since the 80's.


Well hats off to Putin. He's done a great job at destabilizing the US.


To him the Cold War never ended. It his quite literally from that era...




Go back to the 50 and walk up to a guy. Tell him "In the 2010s, the United States is going to elect a man puppeted by the Kremlin, education, housing, and medicine are going to become so expensive that it drives people into deep debt, there's a major problem with school shootings, People willingly give out their information to companies and governments but refuse to get vaccinated for a deadly fast spreading virus, and that the climate is utterly fucked." Then perform the herculean task of explaining to him that no, the Communists didn't win.


In 1991 many members of the GOP said that the end of the USSR was a ploy to allow Russia to finally win the Cold War. We thought they exhibited paranoia at the time.


That’s most conservatives to be fair. That’s why they project so much. They swear the leftists are going to do all this crazy shit because it’s what they tried to do and want to do.


Because he was afraid Pence might invoke the 25th Amendment while he was unconscious. One of the reasons Trump ended up with a bunch of 'acting' cabinet members.


“Would you backstab me? I’d backstab me.” Jeez I wonder what Trump would have been like as VP.


The only #2 he ever wants to be is a piece of shit.


I thought maybe it was because they were “acting” like they weren’t a bunch of crooks.


Reminds me of Alberto Gonzales and some other loser (Andrew Card) going trying get AG Ashcroft to sign something when he was still groggy from surgical anesthesia. So, there is actually precident for Republicans doing such things. I remember a movie where some mid level crime boss has a rival poisoned. Afterwards, he couldn't stop thinking about how someone else could do it to him and so he loses his mind. Haha.


And good old Newt showing up at the hospital to get his cancer ridden wife to sign the divorce papers. Classy


> And good old Newt showing up at the hospital to get his cancer ridden wife to sign the divorce papers. TWICE! Seriously, he divorced his first wife while she was still groggy from cancer surgery, to marry his mistress who he later cheated on and abandoned when SHE got sick. And the rethuglican cult sees that as a role model!


Family values ^^TM


They just never say WHOSE family. 🙄


"This FAMILY VALUES money and power over personal relationships"


Which wife was that?


E: Fixed, hard to keep them all straight Wife #1, who he left for #2 that he married inside of a year, who he later left for young staffer #3 after a several-years-long affair. Newt is pure scum who had a big role in creating the Congressional culture of hyperpartisanship.


If you are a female republican staffer, don't you go in expecting to be sexually harassed? And if you start schtoinking the boss, Representative/Congressman Hasn't-seen-his-own-penis-in-years, shouldn't they expect to be tossed aside inside 4 years(or 2.5 cycles)


He also divorced his second wife after she was diagnosed with MS!


>Reminds me of Alberto Gonzales and some other loser (Andrew Card) going trying get AG Ashcroft to sign something when he was still groggy from surgical anesthesia. So, there is actually precident for Republicans doing such things. He's popular to hate on around here these days, but James Comey was the hero of the day at that time. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/07/what-the-ashcroft-hospital-showdown-on-nsa-spying-was-all-about/


And also he, Muller, and Ascroft threatening to resign over that internet spying program even before the hospital incident. Republicans with principles -- almost makes me nostalgic for the Bush years. I saw Gonzales in an interview and he wasn't even embarrassed.


Just like a Sith.


It's treason, then.


Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Trump the Unwise? It's not a story the GOP would tell you.


He knew so little of the truth he could lie, even to himself


Darth Drumpf.


Darth covfefe


Probably not that, but the fact that the transfer of power would have to be publicly disclosed and explained. Under section 3 of the 25th amendment the president controls when he signs over power and when he takes it back by written declaration.


Is this one of those rules that, like so many others, could have easily been ignored though?


Congressional leaders have to be notified for the transfer of power to have effect, also the chain of command doesn’t work if who is in command is secret.


>The takeaway here: Trump is so tough he doesn't need anesthesia. Or pain relievers. Trump didn't even need to have the surgery he just told his organs to get in line. /Newsmax


Anesthesia and pain reflief are separate. There is no way he went without the pain relief.


"my precious!"


His narcissism knows no bounds!


My take on this is that he was bleeding and they rushed him to Walter Reed and did a quick peek to see what was bleeding. Saw a bloody polyp and snipped it off or burned it or whatever they do to them, sent it to pathology and he went back to the office. His recent comment about a third run for the Presidency being dependent on not getting a bad call from a Doctor suggests to me that he is genuinely worried about cancer. That doesn't mean he has it. But he is very phobic about his health.


For a man "phobic about his health" he has a funny way of showing it through his diet


Trump: “I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.” (Proceeds to drink Diet Coke)


He's almost on to something with that statement, but I promise you he took the wrong message from that observation.


Pfft. I was severely anorexic in high school and college. I and every other kid on the eating disorder ward drank diet coke like it was the nectar of the gods. Keeps your stomach full and gives you the illusion of energy as your body slowly consumes itself.




While I loathe comparing myself to Trump in any manner, I am something of a hypochondriac but also could do way better taking care of myself. Going hard for that self fulfilling prophecy.


Have no fear, fellow redditor! Trump’s health philosophy has nothing to do with fear of his human condition. His philosophy was handed down from his father, who believed people are born with a finite amount of energy. For this reason, neither one exercised ever because it would drain the life force. Due to this, he also believes dieting is pointless and he’s plenty healthy. I wish I was kidding. https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/08/politics/donald-trump-exercise-health-physical/index.html


It’s reported he is terrified at the sight of blood. His mother was also chronically ill and his father treated her like a slave when she was extremely weak and poorly and basically was mad at her for being sick. A very twisted sick family.


Yeah. There was reporting that Walter Reed wasn't expecting it. I was the designated driver to take and pick up my father after his colonoscopy and he talked about the light fiber diet for the few days before and drinking the stuff that clears you all out back there the day before. They are not spur of the moment procedures unless there is something wrong.


Some things to consider here: 1. Trump had to go to a staffer and inform them that he was bleeding out of his butthole. 2. Upon getting him to the hospital some doc had to see Trump’s dumpy naked ass. 3. Same doc has to come to terms with his role in history as the doctor who probed the president’s disgusting butthole.


The poor theatre staff - surgeon, nurses, etc. It's not like they haven't seen it all before, and IME they're dedicated professionals, determined to do the best job they can. Most people are at least sedated (I enjoyed a brief trip to sleepy-time land thanks to alfentanyl and propofol), but imagine it..... Trump can't keep his trap shut at the best of times, why would he stop during a colonoscopy? Those poor people.


Surprised he didn’t tweet during it.


Don’t forget #4 - Having to look up trump’s ass would have been bad enough, but that poor doctor had to send that camera up his ass without the usual pre-procedure colon-clean out. In a guy who lives on fast food. Yuck.


And that bloody polyps name? Don Jr.


You've got it backwards, I think that Cancer has Trump.


Trump is actually infected with cordyceps fungus. What we mistakenly identify as 'hair' is in fact the fruiting body of the mycelium which permeates his brain matter. Cordyceps drives insects to climb to high places. This was short-circuited in Trump and caused him to seek the 'highest office'.


Can the living embodiment of cancer be concerned with cancer?


Eating only mcdonald's for 50 some odd years probably leads to colon cancer, if I was guessing EDIT: It was an emergency visit for sure - I remember this now: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/18/us/politics/trump-health-emergency.html


*opens article * * reads colonoscopy * LMAO


Yeah, this headline seemed way too badass for Trump until seeing it was a colonoscopy.


It was actually a rescue operation. Ted Cruz was so far up Trump’s ass that it required state-of-the-art medical equipment to retrieve him.


He stayed awake for a colonoscopy. Maybe he likes having things shoved up his ass.


I've only had one yet, but I was awake for mine, watching on the screen. I was given something (I can't recall if it was a pill or a shot or what), but it just made me really relaxed. I had been *dreading* it, since I didn't know what to expect, but I was very calm and honestly it wasn't a big deal. I'm not afraid of my next one (honestly the 24-hour prep before the procedure was the worst part by far). Guys, if you're afraid of it, don't be.


Concur, the prep is THE worst part about the whole thing. But, I was more afraid of not finding out what was wrong than the test. (thankfully nothing was wrong)


I projectile vomited the second bottle of prep while the first was was having its way with me. Also nothing wrong with me.


I just had one and they found a 20cm (!!!!) polyp. Luckily not cancer but holy cow if you think you need one, get it. They're not that bad. Even though the prep was awful, the propofol more than made up for it. Best nap ever.


I’ve had a colonoscopy in college for whatever reason. I stayed awake for it and It was not fun at all. But it wasn’t something I ever expected to need to be knocked out for?


I had one. I also had an endoscopic biopsy of my esophagus at the same time. It was for a Graft-vs-Host diagnosis. Anyways, the doctors did both exams at the same time. They put me under. As I was going to sleepyland, I pointed at my mouth and said “Go in this way first…” the last thing I heard before passing out was laughter from the doctors who were performing the procedures.


Anesthesia is for wimps, And not the strongman that I am. And my dick no longer limps, When the doc sticks in his hand.


Putin has entered the chat. Disclaimer (edit): In the alternate universes, where Putin and Trump aren't politicians, are gay, and are in a relationship, I'm sure there are quite a few realities where they have a happy, healthy relationship with hot, steamy sex; where Trump is the drama queen hot mess and Putin is the quiet yet eloquent booky type and they balance each other out. I mean, they would have too while they raise their adopted son from Cuba and Putin's in vitro daughter, who was concieved by Melania, now a respected leader in Slovenia with progressive measures balanced by her conservative morales, after she donated her eggs when it was discovered her husband was infertile. Love is love, regardless of the spectrum you're on. But their's a difference between love and fucking someone/taking it up the ass for political gain. That's just plain old conflixt of interest at best...


Putin it all the way in.. while awake..


Still not convinced that making Trump/Putin jokes isn't homophobic.


I've had a colonoscopy before, I woke up in the middle of it because they didnt use enough anesthesia. Would not recommend.


I can honestly say the absolute last thing I wanted to read an article about was bunker baby getting something shoved up his ass


In order to give Trump a colonoscopy, they had to go in through his mouth.


Why would he need a colonoscopy? The docs could've just asked Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch what they see. EDIT: So looks like my most upvoted and awarded comment will be about Trump's ass. Fitting. ;-) Many thanks for the awards!


They could not be reached for comment because they were already up there


It's hard to see anything in there when it's so crowded. Make room for the endoscope, fellas.


Not necessary, Gaetz just finished up his Venmo payment and took pictures with his iPhone and sent them back to the doctor using Signal


Actually, unless Trump is eating teenage girls whole (can't rule it out, don't want to investigate), I'm not sure what Gaetz would be doing up there.


Girls? Gaetz had a live-in underage male rape slave.


Holy shit, everything about this is not only plausible, but is in fact likely.


I dunno, have you seen the caboose on him? I feel like there is plenty of room. They all just carpool to work.


I picture their communication being a string with a can on each end.


I misread that as "communion" and it is equally fitting. Now i am picturing some sort of Last Supper in Trumps bowels.


> Now i am picturing some sort of Last Supper in Trumps bowels. I miss 2 minutes ago when I hadn't read that sentence.


The colonoscopy was an unsuccessful search and rescue mission to save Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell from a mutant pathogen originating from a "fish delight" Trump found moldering at the bottom of his golf bag.


> The colonoscopy was an unsuccessful search and rescue mission to save Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnel Why would anyone _want_ to search and rescue them? Leave them up there and call it a day. "Oh well, we did everything we could"


Hell, they could have asked Trump himself. His head is so far up his own ass that it goes all the way through, comes out the other end, and wraps around to go back in a second time.


He would just lie about it. "I have the cleanest bowels. They say 'sir, your bowels are so clean that we have to wear shades because of the glare'"


Welp, thanks for a visual I'd never have imagined otherwise XD


I'm not even sure it's possible to imagine properly. Such a configuration would probably require four or more spatial dimensions.


Wow, another person in the Trump inner circle knew they all did reckless, dangerous, petty and _at best_ shady behavior but didn't do anything about it at the time and only later spoke about it when it could maker them money. Way to be brave.


Without doing a prep? All they would see is shit. And maybe a Russian flag.


Maybe they sucked that all out with a shop-vac first. *edit* I have yet to see any evidence that a shop-vac was NOT used to suck out shit from his colon and can only therefor assume that one was.


Not a chance...Trump is anti-vacs.


Non-angry upvote


For his followers. He has been vaccinated.


No anesthesia colonoscopies are horrible. This man is obsessed with power. What exactly did he think would happen?


Or more likely he told his staff he wouldn't get anesthesia so they didn't do the whole transfer of power thing, but then had it anyway. It's not like he's required to sign over power; it just skips a little red tape if an event requiring his attention happens while he's out.




His nightly tweetstorms had less supervision than if he'd been under anesthesia. Him being out of pocket long enough for 7 or 8 North Korean nuclear attacks in a row was not unusual.


When Reagan was shot and put under for surgery things very quickly became a shitshow of trying to figure out who was in control, where the nuclear football was, and where everyone was.


A president being shot and in life-saving surgery is a very different situation from a regular colonoscopy that's performed safely thousands of times per day.


Yeah, at that time they needed to figure it out ASAP because for all they knew this could have been the start of an internal attack. Of course that is a good example of why best practices should have the President sign over power when going under, but from Trumps standpoint, his image and personal comfort likely outweighs any risk to the country.


It wasn't out of control. Haig was overstating his position.


When you have cabinet members arguing on live TV about who's in control, that's out of control.


Reagan's doctor admitted that he made a mistake by not asking the president to hand over power before putting him under general anesthesia. Bush should have invoked the 25th amendment and temporarily assumed the presidency, but he was on a flight at the time and Reagan was out of surgery by the time he arrived in Washington.


Most colonoscopies are performed under moderate sedation, which is not at all the same as general anesthesia.


Pence would take control. Because thats what he would do.


The hardest part of the colonoscopy was getting all the GQP lips off his ass long enough to do it


It's easier to start the colonoscopy at McConnell's back door and just work your way forward.


The GOP really is just a human centipede at this point.


Trump would never skip anesthesia. He would lie and claim he did. Walter Reed docs would support the lies


Ah, this was the mystery trip to Walter Reed. Stuff like that scares the shit out of people, things can shift fast when the president is at risk and it really puts countries like China on edge. All he had to do to put people at ease was a press release saying he was undergoing a routine procedure, but no, Trump's ego won't let him do even that. So they shoved a camera up your ass and rooted around a bit, happens to us all. It's really not a big deal. How insane is this, though? Sure, he wasn't put under with anesthesia, but I'm sure he was given sedatives. He's not competent when on sedatives, you don't know or care WTF is happening in that state. Oh, but he technically didn't have to hand presidential powers to Pence, so that's so much better. Because of his ego and paranoia he potentially left he country in a tough spot should something go wrong.


Funny thing is I remember Reagan having the same procedure multiple times. It was on the evening news like it was routine. There wasn't any big deal. The President had a procedure and is resting after; will return to the Oval tomorrow.


> So they shoved a camera up your ass and rooted around a bit, Probably thought it would turn him gay


Maybe that's when he started listening to the Village People


The sedatives you normally receive for a colonoscopy don't really make you incompetent to make decisions. You're fully aware of exactly what is going on and in an emergency they could just pull out the thing, take out the cannula and walk away within pretty much a minute.


Leave the gun, take the cannula.


He's just so weird.


> he underwent the procedure without anesthesia, the book says, with Grisham adding that **Trump didn't want to be "the butt of a joke" of TV comedians** I'm not sure why people are speculating since it gives the reason. He tried to hide the fact that he had the procedure and couldn't do that if he's signed that paper. It would have become public record. It was just another *Trumple Thinskin* maneuver to avoid butt jokes.


When Reagan had a colonoscopy I pissed off a Republican relative by referring to it as a “brain scan.”


No fan of Reagan but I recall that when he had his colonoscopy, he said something like "it's normal to examine the presidency under a microscope, but a proctoscope is going too far!" That's how an actual president handles the embarrassment of a colonoscopy.


Is a colonoscopy really considered surgery?


I think is technically surgery. It's sometimes called a procedure


I believe it becomes surgery if polyps are removed.


Probably how Eric and Don Jr. came to be


Hospital admin here.. its actual classification is a minor surgical procedure providing that all they do is take a look and not cut anything out. But it is generally done with anesthesia.. however its also perfectly fine to do without and technically safer. Its the patients choice.. but a lot of times they dont realize they have the choice.


I have an older relative who had this done without anaesthesia. They said it was fine and quite interesting to see their own insides on the screen.


Yeah, before I stopped working for BCBS I learned that anesthesia is optional. And that once I reach the age for routine colonoscopies, I will be waiving anesthesia because that shit is *expensive.* And the anesthetist usually ends up being out-of-network somehow.


Trump and his doctor LIED about skipping anesthesia for a previously unreported surgery.....


I think that’s much more likely than him willingly enduring pain. He reportedly physically attacked his first wife because she recommended a doctor for his hair transplants and he was hurting later (it was her fault he was in pain).


What a petty piece of shit.


More confirmation of his psychopathy.


Personally I think moving forward, any surgical procedure he gets should be done without anesthesia.


Anesthesia is a liberal hoax!


..... yeah, but did he? trump doesn't seem like the kind of guy to take a bit of pain. He seems more like the kind of guy who would get an NDA from everyone nearby and then claim he never took anesthesia.


I love that pence was edged with the presidency for 4 years. You know that behind that fake smile, that miserable prick was hoping for trump to pop an artery and he could assume commander in chief status. Between the impeachments (plural), nonstop McDonald’s, trump getting covid, pence was seriously getting edged hard and now he’s got the world’s worst case of blue balls.


He probably still had anesthesia, just lied about it.


>colonoscopy I wonder if they found Trump's head, Lindsay Graham's nose, or Putin's hand.