GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn's Unhinged Parenting Advice Panned As 'Dangerous’ | The extremist first-term lawmaker was accused of promoting toxic masculinity with his "raise them to be a monster" speech.

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn's Unhinged Parenting Advice Panned As 'Dangerous’ | The extremist first-term lawmaker was accused of promoting toxic masculinity with his "raise them to be a monster" speech.


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I will continue to post this list I created in every thread I see about this predatory racist bag of shit: **stolen valor** he lied about becoming a Marine, he lied about being admitted to the naval academy, and he admitted to this lie under oath during a lawsuit implicating his insurance company. Source: https://politicalwire.com/2020/08/11/gop-candidate-was-rejected-from-naval-academy/ **sexual assault** in the one semester he spent in college (at one of the most ultra conservative college in America) before dropping out due to having straight Ds (his own admission), he was accused of sexual assault by a dozen women, in a letter signed by over 150 former classmates who corroborated the victim’s accounts, which represents almost 50% of the entire student body of Patrick Henry College. It was so bad and brazen that RAs and staff would warn female students to never be alone with him, and never get in his car. Source: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/addybaird/madison-cawthorn-sexual-misconduct-allegations-patrick **white supremacy** he accused a political opponent of “leaving his career in Boston to go work for non-whites”. Like, he wrote that, on his website, as an insult. As a way to discredit someone. He later said the words were “taken out of context” and it was a “syntax error”. The name of his shell company is “SPQR Holdings”, and SPQR, although a historical acronym with Roman roots, has been appropriated by white supremacist groups in recent years. sources: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/republican-house-candidate-s-website-attacks-critic-going-work-non-n1244531 http://pages.vassar.edu/pharos/2018/06/15/spqr-and-white-nationalism/ **neo-nazi support** he celebrated his visit to the Eagle’s Nest, on social media, saying it was a dream and a bucket list item to visit this place. Source: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/north-carolina-gop-candidate-deletes-photos-hitler-retreat_n_5f32f340c5b6960c066d6972?ri18n=true **lying about Paralympics training** he lied about training for the olympics by pretending he was actually on the verge of cracking the track and field Paralympic team. He posted all these insane videos where he talks about being obsessed with breaking the 100m world record, like he actually has a chance of breaking it. I could post videos online telling the world I’m obsessed with running a sub 2 hour marathon, doesn’t mean it’s a real thing... Source: https://www.towleroad.com/2021/01/madison-cawthorn-paralympics/ **lying about his career** he has never held a job in his adult life (he worked at a Chick-Fil-A as a teen). He used the insurance payout from his car accident to buy a $20K foreclosed property in Georgia, registered an LLC with 0 employees and $0 top line revenue, and calls himself a “real estate investor”. Source (I know it’s the same as above, they cover both topics): https://www.towleroad.com/2021/01/madison-cawthorn-paralympics/ **lying about Harvard and Princeton** "Cawthorn said in an earlier deposition he was accepted to Princeton and an online program at Harvard, along with other universities. He later revised his statements to say that he had not been admitted to Princeton and Harvard and that some of his statements about college admissions were “not accurate.”’ source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/02/27/making-madison-cawthorn-how-falsehoods-helped-propel-career-new-pro-trump-star-far-right/?tid=a_classic-iphone&no_nav=true **Lying about his car accident** He lied in interviews and said he heroically crawled out of a fiery crash and that friend in the car with him left him for dead when in fact his friend dragged him out while he was unconscious. The friend in question has since done many interviews sharing his side of the story. Source: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/madison-crowther-lies-wheelchair_n_603c5e83c5b6d7794ae01026 **He has the signature of a 7 year old** Not the most relevant point to expose his predatory behaviour and his racism, but this shit bag misspells his own name, twice, in his signature... https://www.dailydot.com/debug/madison-cawthorn-signature/ ​ Here are the facts. He is a sexual predator. He is dumb (at a literal level). He is shameless. He is racist. He is the future of the GQP.


Thank you. Newt Gingrich has a similar list, including getting oral from a campaign worker while his young children waited outside the car.


Is that before or after his wife died of cancer?


Which one?


During, knowing old Newtie.


Enjoy the gold my friend. Take care. Cheers


Well thank you. Spread the message!


News sources need to put things together on our representatives and broadcast them live. He doesn’t even have a platform to run on except “Be mad about everything” and as such should have never been allowed to run let alone people elect him. Idiots like this need to be seriously vetted by journalists, committees and voters. What a waste of skin.


Why is it that you know this, I know this, some journalists know this. But America ? Nope. Am I naive or is America?


Conservatives don’t care. They love the hatred, the vulgarity and the divisiveness. Most centrists and liberals don’t want to bring attention to it, because they don’t want to fight dirty. But fuck it, the gloves have to come off at some point and people need to get called out. But the GQP (which has fully taken over from the GOP) loves this type of person. The more inflammatory, the better. The dumber, the better. They want angry little puppets.


Extremely frustrating. When I talk about this irl people have no idea what I’m saying & I sound like the crazy one. This guy though, this guy is in love with hitler and touching women but he’s sane.


Don’t stop fighting. Don’t stop telling people about him. The country is on the very edge of losing democracy forever.


Oh trust me, I know.


And again I ask. Has anyone tried to beat the shit out of this guy?! I mean how hard could it be ?!


Have you seen him punch a rotten tree? I think even Francis Ngannou would stay away from him


Never stop posting this. We need a bot to accumulate these kinds of factoids and auto-post it whenever his name comes up.


Nothing says masculine like videoing yourself punching a rotting tree. He somehow makes himself out to be more of an idiot every time he speaks.


And carrying a knife into school board meetings. Repeatedly.


I thought it was a gun


That was at the airport. He keeps a knife under the back of his chair and brings it to school board meetings.


Well school board meeting have become a lot more dangerous recently...


>Well school board meeting have become a lot more dangerous recently... Right? People keep bringing knives and shit...




Thank you


That chair better be electric if he’s gonna bring a knife to a fight


I mean, he sure as fuck couldn't kick it.


He'll bit your ankles


human version of a chihuahua


It is strange that a politician that apes Nazi talking points and subscribes to the might makes right POV is wheelchair bound. He benefits from progressive politics every single time he can use a wheelchair ramp or park in a convenient spot. In the not so distant past he would be shunned by his party and voting base simply for having a handicap and it took “political correctness” to change the culture so that persons with disabilities can have careers with dignity. I don’t know if it’s ignorance, self-hatred, nihilism or something else, but he’s intentionally or unintentionally advocating against himself if all his rhetoric is to be taken to its logical conclusion.


Also, the nazis weren’t so keen on the handicapped. Useless Eaters and all that…


-looks at Greg Abbot- Probably got brain damage in that accident if he was unconscious.


Kinda like he uses the term demasculate to suggest emasculation as something that’s been done to young boys. IOW they are victims and somehow ironically their parents are in the audience cheering. Well who did it then?


"Culture" did it.


This is all I think of when I read his name. https://twitter.com/patriottakes/status/1351994326172110850?s=21


Isn't that Madison Cauthon's signature? Don't worry, it's a simple mistake to confuse them


He doesn't have little hearts above the i in Madison. Might not be him?


And it's misspelled?


Listen..... He's only had that name his whole life. Wouldn't you forget how to spell it?


Not just once, but twice. His "w" is actually a "u" and he's missing an "r". That or it's so shitty his "r" is indistinguishable from the "n".


Omg 😆


Is he 12?


Just mentally.


And with cursive.


I can just see it now, his tongue is piercing through his lips, moving side-to-side as he tries his "bestest" to get his kindergarten signature to look nice.


All this guy has left is toxic masculinity. He is a severely bitter and broken individual that buried all the pain under this thin "Brooks Brothers Riot" identity. Lucky for us, the highway to Hell is paved.


I see what you did there, goddam lmao


Wonder if we will see a version of the Sixties youth rebellion in about ten years time? We could use a contemporary version of "Mad Magazine" to educate the importance of questioning authority to kids facing rabidly rightwing parents.


Rabid right-wing parents? This guy is 26. Plenty of the current rabid right-wing are young and a massive disappointment to their parents. Rabid right-wingery is not restricted to any age group. One of the most powerful right-wing nutjobs, Stephen Miller, is only 36. He was barely 30 when he started as advisor to the most powerful right-wing nutjob.


I love how he talks about low testosterone levels yet has a very high-pitched, nasally voice.


Shame on NC-11. They elected this angry, bitter, crippled, short-necked, half-a-semester college dropout, hillbilly proto-fascist. They passed on a retired full bird Air Force colonel with a Juris Doctor. NC-11 sullied our Congress. Shame on NC-11.


People always like blame the devil when bad things happen. No, we just have too many evil people out there


>If you are raising a young man, please raise them to be a monster JFC he actually said that.


Imagine taking parenting advice from a bitchy homunculus with a name like a minor Sherlock Holmes villain.


I disagree. His name would fit *right in* as the sneering, rapey villain handing out roofies and hiding behind Daddy's money in a trashy teen soap. "Chuck Bass goes to Washington".


The guy is exactly the type of douchebag that, if he were to park next to you at the bar, within 2 minutes you'd politely grab your beer and go somewhere else. The idea that people make an effort to listen to him speak is both hilarious and scary.


I was about to write something that woulda gotten me suspended from this sub. Suffice it to say this “man” is a fucking sad excuse for A TURD!


Just call him a turd man and be done with it.


He’s aspiring to be a turd.


They have a motivational poster with a turd on it in their garage.


His mom is beaming with pride, just like a true republican woman.




Your apology doesn't have a leg to stand on. You better get steppin'


That’s what I thought when I read that.


Cawthorn just wants to make sure the young men of America have a leg up on the rest of the world.


Isn't that what Hitler wanted too for the nazi youth? How did that work out?


You’re not clever


I'm more clever than someone whose homeschooling was so bad he got rejected from the Naval Academy and had to drop out of Bible college with a D average (and a reputation for being a sexual predator)


Well, you win this round


Be careful on the stairs. Oh…and the grass is wet and slippery.


Oh yay, my representative, again.


I don’t know how to raise monsters. Can Madison Cawthorn tell us how he was raised so parents can get some tips?


Someone needs to roll this asshole into traffic and break his fucking wheels.


Madison is a girl's name


His parents must be so proud.




Luckily no one in his party listens to him, they don't consider him a human being. He's just a token.


Party maybe but the folks out here in WNC love him. Hopefully the other GOP members will send him packing this time.


>“America is an exceptional nation precisely because we don’t raise monsters,” responded Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.). “Radical Republicans are dangerous.” Er, would be, if. But I like the term "radical Republicans." It's objective, but it'll get under their skins.


This is a guy who lied about being in the paralympics. He's a shitshow.


That’s why I teach my son if you see a person in a wheel chair you push their ass over. If that person wants to get up he will pull himself up by his boot straps otherwise he’s just ANTIFA


Does anyone have fuller text than the one line? Is there depth to what he meant by monster?


People need to stop writing stories about this moron as though he were important. He is a junior congressman with no legislative agenda and little juice in the House. His only thing is using the fact that he is technically in Congress to get his name in the twitterverse by talking crazy. Just ignore this twerp.


He's planting the seeds of revolution...


More like a ROLL-volution! Am I right?


Well played.


If a district elects people like this as a representative, it makes me wonder what the fuck is going on in that district.


I live in Virginia and North Carolina people are backwards starting with the way they talk


This guy is the perfect prototype republican, can't tell the truth and is truly stupid!


What’s the wheelchair equivalent to a goose step?


Reich roll?


He’s just bitter because his he has no legs


If it looks like a Nazi, and talks like a Nazi, it must be a Nazi.


This guy is like a new version of the nazis


Replace “accused of promoting” with “exemplifying” and it’d be perfect > The extremist first-term lawmaker was exemplifying toxic masculinity


In any “normal” country, he will be offered mandatory psychiatric care which he clearly need. Not to mention that he would never ever had a chance to become a lawmaker.


Someone needs to put a broom handle in his spokes.


I wish you folks would stop voting for people like this. It’s getting old fast.


There is going to be a stark divide between the children raised by urban, blue-state professionals and rural, red-state, blue-collar workers, and the ever-increasing economic chasm between the two is going to be gasoline on the dumpster fire that is class resentment in this country. Raising your son to be a ‘monster,’ a violent, working-class racist, is going to do nothing but severely limit their access to the economy and privileged class of the future, ensuring a life of struggle, anger, and resentment. I am not looking forward to the right-wing terrorism that rhetoric like this will instigate.


This guy is unbelievable. I mean that literally, you can see through the front; it’s so obvious this guy is a whiny coward. All this machismo is so flimsy. Raise them to be monsters? What a fucking simpleton.


future of our nation and and the gop