Steve Bannon silenced on his podcast after being held in criminal contempt

Steve Bannon silenced on his podcast after being held in criminal contempt


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>The issued cropped up later in the podcast during a conversation with GOP strategist Boris Epshteyn, who also condemned Democrats and defended Bannon, whom he called an "American hero." Just prior to that exchange, Bannon hinted that he was unable to talk about the case, "don't make me get the lawyers involved here," adding he was "sworn to silence." The headline implies Bannon's podcast was shut down but he just avoided discussing the specifics of the legal case against him. As a side note the article's rundown of his podcast sounds like the show is a rat's nest of crazy. Not sure why anyone would find enjoyment listening to that drivel.


>Not sure why anyone would find enjoyment listening to that drivel. It is an opportunity for the audience to have their own drivel repeated back at them.


With a podcast you don't have to shower or shave.


Rudy Giuliani: "Unless you're having lunch at an airport restaurant."


Thankfully, no one can smell the gin oozing from his pores either.


He always seemed like a box wine guy, to me.


Conservative Talk radio just in a podcast form




I am sorry for you friend. Have hug 🤗 because you are not alone. My own parents live around a whole bunch of right wingers here in Georgia and I have had to stop visiting them. It was uncomfortable when Trump was in office, but since the pandemic it has gotten much worse. This past Summer I was over there walking their dog. I had a mask on because there are a lot of elderly people in the neighborhood and I wanted to be considerate. Five minutes into the walk I had some octogenarian come out of his house yelling at me about my mask. Got up right in my face screaming incomprehensible obscenities and threatening to punch me if I didn't remove it. What makes this even more insane is, I am not a small or meek looking person. I have been jokingly described as looking like if a football player and a Hells Angel had a baby. And this frail old man full of rage marched up on me, scaring my dog, threatening to punch me because I was wearing a mask. I have no clue what is wrong with these people... I mean if he had swung I could seriously injured him by accident, just by blocking the punch. Therefore I have decided it is best to avoid the possible confrontations and am staying away for now.




The content of the drivel matters




>!hmmm not quite!<


Yeah, that headline is shit. You can't "silence" a podcast like that, unless it was forced by a court order or something. Podcasts can be self-hosted, so it's not like a certain ranty Twitter account that was shut down, etc.


It's a terrible article by Newsweek, which has really gone downhill. Most of the article is just inane stuff Marjorie Taylor Greene said on a podcast. They are lying, Newsweek posts their lies without fact-checking them. Newsweek used to be a very respectable magazine. I subscribed to it for about 30 years. No more. They are a sectarian shit rag.


I don’t even click Newsweek, unreadable on mobile with all the ads.


It was never respectable. It was dumbed down news written at a 7th grade level. It was no Economist, New Yorker, Harpers, Atlantic; hell, it was no Time. Better than US New and World Report at least.


That's the average reading level. That's how you get an educated electorate. If you want to be elitist and talk over peoples heads because it makes you feel good, you have to accept Trump. Because that's how we got Trump.


> That's the average reading level That’s too depressing to accept, but you’re probably right. It should be the average reading level of a student finishing 7th grade.


It doesn't need to be depressing. Not everybody is capable or even needs college level reading ability. Doctor: definitely. Ditchdigger: maybe not. But they are both entitled to the same level of engagement in the process. They are both entitled to the same level of dignity.


I like you.


They've always been shit, it's just that now people have more options. I still remember them putting out a shit article by a conservative economist bashing Obamacare with very false numbers. When Newsweek was called out they shrugged and said it wasn't their responsibility to fact check anything.


Then I won’t subscribe then lol. Couldn’t read the article anyway cuz I have to pay them money


Why is it that's he's okay with breaking any number of other laws including insurrection, but breaking a gag order is just a line too far?


I don't understand how anyone thought "Boris Epshteyn" was a clever disguise for Jeffrey. He should fire whoever made that decision.


16.4 million Americans think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. There are *a lot* of astonishingly stupid motherfuckers out there just waiting to be exploited and manipulated by the Steve Bannons of the world.


Bannon is a legendary coke head i bet it's batshit.


Thanks for clarifying this. Couldn’t read the article.


I love how they always equate the country demanding cops stop shooting people with them trying to overthrow the government.




Nothing like being arrested for resisting arrest.


This is the best comment here. You read my mind.


Good. Time for this traitor to be shut the fuck up!


>Greene, an ally of Trump who has repeatedly condemned the January 6 probe, described her anger at "a House resolution to hold an innocent American in contempt, which is you Steve." Ah, so if I understand this correctly I can ignore subpoenas if I think I'm innocent, right? Or is that just for Republicans?


Is he even in the US? How would the govt apprehend him? The fact that he makes a joke of the whole thing is pretty infuriating.


they could wait till he's chillin on a [chinese billionaire's yacht again.](https://robbreport.com/motors/marine/steve-bannon-arrest-superyacht-chinese-billionaire-2945635/)


He is in the US and the DOJ could send the FBI to arrest him but they won't do it because Garland is a corrupt Attorney General.


>corrupt Attorney General That’s a big leap. Support it with a source or two or five.


Is Trump in prison yet? No. There's your evidence.


Bad answer. We have due process here, we don't ascribe to "take your [insert civil right here] first, due process later." Because who the fuckity fuck-o-tron does that remind you of?


No we don't have due process here. Rich people are above the law. They get to do whatever they want while regular people get executed by the cops on the street without a trial. Trump hasn't even been CHARGED with anything yet. They haven't even STARTED the process of holding him accountable.


You don't understand how investigations work. If you think corruption is bad now, just give the government permission to round people up without sufficient proof. You're skiing on black diamond slippery slopes without giving a single fuck. You are unserious.




And unless you live inside Garland's desk drawer, you can't possibly have the first clue what's currently being done with that evidence. Very rarely does the DoJ release statements or comments. Just because you don't know about it, doesn't mean nothing is happening.


I know that when a bunch of people witness a crime, the criminal is usually taken off the scene in cuffs.


Sure. Explain Kyle Rittenhouse. He's literal trailerpark refuse in a human suit. He is out free as fucking bird because white nationalists crowdfunded his legal bills. We have rule of law for a reason. Yes, corruption is a giant issue and Trump is proof of that writ large. But people like Bannon are baiting the fuck out of you. He wants you to feel like he should be arrested in a fit of rage so he can use that aggression as a ploy for sympathy and it will WORK. So no, I don't support rushing anything.


They can't just charge him without creating a rock solid case against him or he'll get the charges dropped. This shit doesn't work like Law and Order. It takes time. This is unprecedented. You've been watching too much TV if you really believe the things you're saying.


The rock solid case was televised live.


You may think that, but that's not how a court of law operates. What was televised just shows chaos. There's no case against Bannon with what we saw on TV. We never saw him plotting anything live on TV. Shit, I don't know if he even gave a speech like the other wackos. That's precisely why they have to have an investigation. How is this such a difficult concept to understand?


It only takes time when the criminals are rich and powerful. If one of us tried to overthrow Congress, we would have been executed on the spot.


Lil Reese got arrested for murder and could've been out on bail if Chief Keef and Lil Durk gave him just 10k for his bail. He could've been out on bail for up to three years, and he was charged with murder. Now, Keef and Durk didn't cough up the dough, but still. 10k to get out on a 3 year bail period for murder, while being just another young gang member from Chicago, kind of disproves this. Dude wasn't rich or powerful, and his buddies almost got the 10k for his bail just from working the streets. And yes it takes a lot more time when people have competent lawyers to prolong shit. That's how our justice system works. If you've got a problem with it, then work to change it instead of dooming on Reddit.


*All Steve Bannon needs to do is give up the info on Donald Trump. Donald Trump will not protect Steve Bannon. Because Donald Trump J6th group is still in jail going on eleven months now & he has forsaken them.*




Newsweek is such shit. Don't know why it's allowed on this sub.


The headline doesn't say anything about his podcast being taken of the air. It literally says he was silenced while on his podcast. Y'all need to learn how to read.


Bannon looks like he washes his face with whiskey. He looks like he smells like poo.


Satan’s little helper will face the music eventually. Hopefully


I have my hopes, but I've learned over the past five years to only believe it when I see it. So with that said. Probably nothing will happen. Guess we'll see though.


Nah, Garland is protecting him and the entire Trump terrorist organization.


I have no hope that this will happen. At this point if I were to bet, I would say that in 2022 we get rid of the dem majority and then in 2024 the newly elected Republican majority ratifies the big lie of a Trump loss that suddenly becomes a win at the hands of congress. Once the coup is complete they make him president for life and he adds his kids as successors and we get the United States of Trump for the next 50 years. Or we get a real, all out civil war. Either way the precedents of the last few years are not encouraging.


CUT NEWSWEEK articles.


>"Here they are celebrating voting to hold an **innocent** American in contempt **because you didn't answer the subpoena** and show up to their fake committee." "You're so innocent because [lists thing everyone agrees he did, that was illegal]." It's like saying "why are they unjustly charging you with murder! All you did was murder that guy!"


I’ll have MGT helped organise the insurrection for $1000 thanks.


He’s probably fleeing to Russia or Saudi Arabia.


Why isn’t he in jail yet?




I censor conservative voices by putting the parental lock on fox news stations.


Technically that's not censoring conservative voices - it's protecting the mentally weak from disinformation.


He’s got that “still drunk from two days ago” look going on


Oh no… anyways