One More Voting Rights Filibuster Will Soon Cause A Final Showdown In The Senate | Senate Democrats are calling for a return to original principles as the push to change the filibuster approaches its climax.

One More Voting Rights Filibuster Will Soon Cause A Final Showdown In The Senate | Senate Democrats are calling for a return to original principles as the push to change the filibuster approaches its climax.


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If… HUGE GIGANTIC IF… they get the infrastructure bill AND the reconciliation bill AND carve out a filibuster exception for voting rights… that would be something.


The infrastructure bill and the reconciliation bill will pass, though the reconciliation bill will see some editing to cut costs. Voting rights would be a huge victory. Ending gerrymandering would be a landmark accomplishment for the US!


Voting rights would make it easier to get saner senators, in turn making it easier to have saner reconciliation bills. As much as I hate things staying so shitty now, if voting actually got better I can at least see a method to the madness


Having saner senators is unfair to conservatives!


Maybe we can start with a Governor that doesn’t vote for dead people.


RoNaLD ReAGaN iS ImMorTaL!


I 100% think voting rights is the most important issue and needs to be enacted…however a word of caution on what our expectations should be for the quality of our elected officials if it were to pass: Brazil has mandatory voting. In other words, everyone MUST vote, by law. And yet…they elected Bolsanaro. By popular vote. So, yeah we should absolutely not have the shenanigans we have going on here, but I’m not confident it will give us saner elected officials. Maybe in the house. The senate is elected regardless of districts, so Ted Cruz and his ilk were elected by fair popular vote, unfortunately.


Voting Rights act should be cost of negotiating other bills. Pass it first or we won't negotiate


They will get the private business give away bill, the gutted and more or less worthless reconciliation bill, and nothing voting rights wise. We aren't getting voting rights bill and the Dems will deserve their ass kicking in the mid terms because they are pathetic. Tired of voting Blue every election only to see them not use the power they are given and maintain the status quo which only benefits the wealthy interests who are really in charge.


You may ask yourself why Democrats actually do this, every cycle.


Because voters consistently choose the worst the democratic party has to offer. Older democrat voters have to break with this mentality that we still live in a world where third way centrist democrats can actually produce bipartisan legislation that passes. The third way is dead, bipartisanship is dead. Its been dead for over a decade, it will likely be dead for decades to come. We need actual democrats willing to support and vote for democrat policies, not DINO's who keep insisting that we need to find common ground with Qanon.


That’s also true, but it’s not like the establishment Dems don’t set it up that way. Jim Clyburn’s last endorsement of a candidate was because someone hurt his feelings, and he basically said so.


I’m honestly hopeful that after Biden the democrats can wake up, even Obama was largely able to work with republicans to get enough votes for much of his agenda until it came to the SCOTUS nominee. That’s when it all started going down hill fast, then trump came in and fucked the entire system, people were hoping for a return to normalcy with a moderate democrat and hopeful that they could go back to working with each other to get at least some stuff done. This is not what happened, dems have been getting stonewalled at every turn and have had zero attempt at cooperation. Even Manchin after the recent filibuster of his own modified voting rights bill that he negotiated with republicans has largely lost faith in any working together on policy. I’m optimistic that people are same to see this and will give up on voting moderate presidents in the sake of being able to work with the republicans since they refuse to do so. If at a time I’m the future we have a sane 2nd party capable of negotiating and working in good faith we can maybe think of it mattering again. For the foreseeable future though it’s meaningless.


Because they keep their jobs as career politicians and if they are voted out, they go to the cushy corporate boards and lobbyist jobs that is the Congress to Corruption pipeline. Then the GOP cuts taxes and threatens entitlements. The Dems howl how they are all that's between the America and Autocracy. They get in and do nothing despite promising the moon. Lather, rinse, Repeat


Astute observation. Iow, bingo!


Ain’t that the truth.


The status quo is better than a dictatorship, which is what we’ll have if the Republicans take back Congress.


Ask a poor to middle class American how much different it will be if they take a chance on somebody who is perceived to have guts. When you get your views ignored and laughed at when you out people into power, any alternative starts looking better than the status quo that keeps beating you down and handing more power to the elites. All the Dems offer is that they aren't the Dictators that the right will be, but they serve their own master's and ignore the will of the people so there is little difference in most peoples minds.


It only feels like there isn’t a difference because they haven’t lived under a regime that doesn’t care about public opinion. You want to live in a country with no minimum wage and no right to public protest? Because that’s what is going to happen to America under a Republican dictatorship.


At least the democrats attempt to restore democracy, republicans just want to rip the country apart and privatize everything. I would rather have an ineffective left than a dictatorship right. At least one party pretends to care about people. Republicans are dead to me after the last 4 years


Both will end the same way.


America's two party system: Team red pisses you off, team blue lets you down.


It's the result of permitting politicians to claim a political party without supporting their party's policies.


It’s almost as of it’s by design.


Yes, by design of the opposing party. Infiltrate Democratic party with politicians who will actively oppose the party's platform.


The reconciliation although cut is definitely not more or less worthless. The main things cut are the taxes (mostly, hopeful for the billionaire tax to remain) and some but not all of the green energy. The part manchin opposes is the carbon tax penalties, which Biden has said he wants to take that money and instead provide a tax credit for companies and people who invest in green energy instead so the same amount of money would be getting directed at green energy and climate change, just being moved from tax penalties to a general tax credit that can be taken advantage of by anyone reducing their carbon footprint. Most of the remaining items on family and additional infrastructure are still there, with some items partially reduced. The thing I am disappointed about though is the removal of free community college. You’re tired of voting blue largely because of conservative propaganda and framing. Conservatives entire agenda is to make things as difficult as possible for the democrats to pass anything or for anything to get done at all under democrats so that people feel exactly like that then they can take control and do whatever they want. Their entire plan is to hope they can wait people out and tire them down so they don’t vote anymore.


The first two items are definitely reasonable to expect passage. Still some negotiation, of course. But the third? Don’t count on it. You’ll just be disappointed in the long run.


Why should anything stand in the way of securing Voting Rights? Why was this not the First Thing Congress took up? Roads are nice ,but Voting Rights are the most basic need of Democracy.


Roads benefit both sides. Voting Rights does not benefit both sides.


Says a lot doesn't it


Yes. Yes, it does.


Not really, infrastructure was not meant to be the headache it became (we know why) and voting rights requires gutting the filibuster which won't happen for the same reason


Infrastructure can be passed with reconciliation voting rights cant


Roads and stroads often divide neighborhoods, make places unsafe to walk or bike in, and with low overpasses can make them impossible to take a bus in, push more people into driving in, lead to more injuries and deaths, lead to more pollution, lead to more maintenance costs, and end up worsening congestion instead of relieving it.


At least make someone have to talk for 12 hours. It is too easy to filibuster and now it is common. Don't think anything will happen unless the Democrats can flip 1 or 2 more seats in 2022. They need to push hard to do this.


We really need to turn a few more seats and marginalize the S&M team.


2022 is so important because of this. It's a friendly Senate map for Dems, so they could pick up two seats. PA, WI, and NC are all very possible (but they also have to hold GA and a couple others). But they'll also need to hold the House despite increased gerrymandering from Republican states. If that happens, all of these issues can be revisited in 2023. There will be more reconciliation bills and filibuster reform can be revisited too. But I think the voting rights bill is the most important one because of this. It would keep Republicans from gerrymandering their way to a House victory, and then Dems would just need to get two more relatively progressive Senators elected.


They’d probably need more than just two, there’s likely a few problem senators who’re just staying quiet. But even forcing Blue Dogs to come clean still helps, the more open ones you have the more likely you are to find ones who can be bullied


How will this happen, with red states being able to gerrymander and fire elections officials, and put less precincts in poor precincts, and throw out ballots and require official IDs, while also not having public transit? Edited a word.


We need to abolish the Senate. Fuck state rights like the citizens united ruling. Both are tools for a minority to undermine true representative democracy of the people. The "original principles" did not include a Senate at all. The Senate was a compromised deal to allow the Union to form in the first place. I'm ready to renegotiate that deal in the pursuit of a more perfect Union. The Senate didn't stop the civil war from happening and Union won, 2 reasons it's obsolete. Since then it has accomplished little other then being a tool for big money and white supremacy.


They say the 4th one will trigger a decision...why? The first 3 votes didnt


Exactly. That’ll *really* make them actually take this seriously, for real this time.


There are FIVE Constitutional amendments that increase voting rights. A Senate tradition is nothing in comparison.


Change the filibuster into a dead filibuster.


Get rid of the filibuster and electoral college - bring back democracy.


Filibustering voting rights tells you every single thing you need to know about Republicans, and whether they represent the interests of the citizens.


It hurts everyone, but it hurts poor and brown/black people more, so the GOP electorate is happy.


Clowns renegotiated a voting rights bill to accommodate the whole concept of "bipartisanship" and get ZERO GOP votes anyway. If they were a group of kids, whoever was in charge of supervising and teaching them would just need to be fires for letting them act so stupid and oblivious of the actual situation around them and history behind it. Every damn time...


I'm past being angry with them over the consistent "well if I just blow you, will that be okay? No? Full on anal. Okay then 🤷" approach to anything the Dems take. It's pure apathy now.


The filibuster makes government impotent. It should be done away with. Nothing ever gets done because of the filibuster and when it does get things done it has made a lot of people a lot of money Down with filibuster


Yeah well-at last count joe manchin says fuck off, so I am not optimistic.


We should just ask President Manchin to write the bills since it doesn't matter what the 48 others want... Gotta bend over backwards for the corrupt POS anyway, just let him write all the bills. I believe this one he did write and still can't get a single GOP vote because he isn't really bipartisan but a corporate clown.


He did. It's literally his voting rights bill that is being filibustered. Which is one reason Biden has some leverage. Manchin fully supports this bill. And what's also great is that he wrote it specifically to address all the claims Republicans make about elections - putting in voter ID requirements and all. So there is literally no reason for anyone to oppose this bill other than opposing fair elections.


He will oppose his own bill I guarantee it.


And he claimed he was going to find 10 “good Republican Senators” to support his voting rights bill, thus proving the filibuster was no problem. I have no idea what came of his heroic efforts, other than 0 GOP Senators even willing to allow the chamber to debate the legislation. Apparently Manchin was too busy taking a shit on the Reconciliation bill and smearing it around to have secured those 10 bipartisan votes. I’m so tired of this corrupt, greedy man condemning humanity to a much darker path.


You'd think the party poised to lose control of the house and senate soon would be a little more cautious about giving republicans the power to ignore democrats when they're back in the majority.


At least something's reaching its climax.


Riiight. And, that fails by how many votes?? One? Two?


Probably just one. They have to meet with McConnell first to strategize which one of them should absorb the blame.


It's always someone else, though. Joe, AOC or anyone else but them.


Here’s hoping dems don’t drop the ball on this. Something tells me they will though.


Abolish that bullshit.


I think people in the government just like saying filibuster too much.


Shumer is another example of why there should be term limits in congress, has done absolutely nothing for anyone except his pockets


It will never happen. Biden is so worried about the Republicans having no filibuster and using it against the Democrats and potentially derailing the Democrats agenda and stopping approval of court justices and… oh you know the words. It’s an old tune.