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This whole fucking thing is littered with evidence. Theres so much proof there are a dozen smoking guns and people are wringing their hands asking "yeah, but is it enough to charge Donnie Jon with a crime"? Jfc....


What about the tape recording where he tells the governor of Georgia to “find” the exact number of votes he needed to win the state. The whole dialogue was an utter abuse of power and it ended in incitement to defraud the election. I’m sorry, in ANY other modern democracy that would lead to criminal charges.


The DOJ will probably leave that to the Fulton County investigation to handle most of the work. They are way ahead, with Fani Willis expecting a charging decision around September. The Raffensperger call / GA pressure campaigns is a much more slam-dunk case than what the DOJ is working with - which is just an avalanche of different events tied together.


Definitely want that a state charge. No fears of a pardon from the President. Pardons from the state officials is possible, but let's hope Abrams crosses the finish line first. Edit: Georgia uses a board and committee for pardons. Abrams is still a worthy Governor, though.


Fun fact: Georgia is one of a few states where the governor has no clemency power. It's in the state constitution, and takes a 2/3rds vote in the GA general assembly to override. Pardons fall to the Board of Pardons and Paroles, and are only retroactive - they don't operate the same way Presidential/gubernatorial pardons might. In other words, Trump has no way to get out of a GA state conviction.


Literally just read about this. Thank you. *The more you knowwww*


[Knowing is half the battle!](https://youtu.be/c71nqMqmiaw)


What would the punishment for a GA state conviction be? I would hope it would bar him from the ballot there and/or put him in jail, but I'm guessing it wouldn't do either.


Yes because it would be a felony


Hard labor on a peach farm!


GA wants you in the system. They want you in the for-profit system. You can't get kickbacks or free labor if the system stops. It's been in place since the 60's.


Abrams is within striking distance. Just going to be if Democrats in Georgia turn out like they did in 2020. EDIT: I will also add that Abrams is doing a hell of a lot better than Beto O'Rouke who is down by like 20 points


I don’t think he’s down by that much after the shit show response by abbot to uvalde but yeah Abrams has a much better shot than Beto


First post Uvalde poll I saw had Beto down by 20 points BUT RCP showing a much tighter race. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2022/governor/tx/texas-governor-abbott-vs-orourke-7376.html#polls If Beto can stop with his woke ass crap and focus on kitchen table issues that would be great. Looks like he is


I don't think Kemp is going to do Trump any favors either


>The Raffensperger call / GA pressure campaigns is a much more slam-dunk case.. True. Thing is... this is a federal crime too. Just as much a slam dunk for Garland as it is for Willis. What ever else the DOJ has going on they can still indite Trump for this in a timely mannor. Personally I think the call is damning enough all by itself that a cop could arrest Trump as quickly as when a cop sees a black man holding up a convicence store clerk. ( I know POTUS and all makes it more scary, and they need all their ducks in a row. Damn though, it would be nice to see justice applied evenly just once.)


I might be a slam dunk for the doj to prove but it has to go to a jury to prove guilty


That tape is the most slam dunkingest evidence in the entire history of legal slam dunks. Absolutely no further investigation was necessary once that tape came out. He should have been arrested literally the next day. Then the trial should have been this: > Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please listen to this tape. The prosecution rests. > *Conviction returned 0.00001 seconds later*


The jury reports that it cannot come to a decision because Juror number 9 is an asshat that managed to sneak his way in here on false pretenses and refuses to convict for ANY REASON. This is literally what happened when SC tried a police officer for Murder. It was CLEARLY murder. No questions. Not "Lawful but awful". Not a hint of anything to hide behind. One juror basically lied his ass off to get on the jury and after the trial was over said he wouldn't convict a police officer for any reason. Ever. Federal picked it up and handled it.


This is my biggest fear. Jury, or juror, nullification for Trump


I think that would basically be bound to happen. Even if the person wasn't necessarily a trump supporter they can easily be swayed just because he was president and they didn't want the country to look bad or something like that. Obviously I would disagree with such a hypothetical person and would think the country would look even worse if certain people seem to be above the law, but I could easily see somebody thinking like that. I find it very difficult to imagine him getting convicted unanimously in a Southern state like that, but what do I know anyways. Also, I imagine that Trump's defense would just say that they never told the person to lie or make up votes. They believed that there were legitimate missing votes and they were just asking the guy to find them. I mean, it's totally clear that Trump wanted the guy to just make up the votes, but could he get away with it saying something like that.


Seems like it would take an entire year to select a jury. Also the amount of backlash that they would get convicting their messiah.


You say that. But I would've said the same thing about the Zelinksy call and his first impeachment. Yet... he wasn't ~~impeached~~ convicted by the Senate on the impeachment charges.


Because the 'jury' in that case were a bunch of idiot loyalist Republicans who wouldn't have voted to convict if Trump had raped and murdered their entire family. A real jury in a criminal trial wouldn't be made up people who stand to directly win or lose based on how they vote.




This is such an insane stat. Trump, in one term, was impeached as many times as all previous US presidents combined. He’s such a scumbag that this fact just sort of gets rolled into the general Trumpiness of the man.


It is leading to a Criminal charge. There's been a Grand Jury out on it for a couple of weeks now. https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/georgia-attorney-general-chris-carr-testifies-before-donald-trump-grand-jury


I disagree. You are going up against the former POTUS. The front runnder to challenge the sitting POTUS in 24. He comands an army of cult followers who will literally kill for him. This is the literal definition to if you come for the King you best not miss. Would you want him to get off on a technicality? Hell no, they need to have an absolute, iron clad case that can stand up to scrutiny for the rest of time. Pile the charges up like an ice flow we can eventually set him on and push him out to sea. The 1/6 committee is doing an amazing job of telling the American people in as bi-partisan a way as is possible why this fucker needs to go down. The DOJ will always be seen as the President Biden's attack dog, even if it's not true. So this way at the very least, when the DOJ rolls up the sidewalks Trump gets his teflon ass scraped clean and locked in jail.


This is the same shit people have been saying since the Mueller investigation. There's more than enough evidence out in the public to imprison him for the rest of his life. All that's missing is the will to do it.


And it will take just long enough to finish compiling all the evidence that he'll die in his 80's before seeing a single day in a jail cell. Like, he's got many rape and sexual assault allegations; meanwhile he openly jokes about grabbing women by the genitals. You don't even need to imprison him for attempting a coup; the guy should have been in jail before he was even made President. Should worry about compiling all the crimes after he's been put away to stop him from doing damage to society. Every day he walks free is another day people lose faith in the system.


They got Omar in the end, and they'll get this fucker too.


It's really infuriating. This prick should have been in prison long ago, yet he may never be charged. Our country is screwed.


There was full audio of a phone call where the President of the United States called the President of another country and attempted to shake down that other President by talking about not sending weapons(approved legally by Congress to be sent) unless that President launched an criminal investigation into his rival and rival's son. Evidence doesn't matter. Reality doesn't matter. We're living in bonkers land.




>unless that President launched an criminal investigation into his rival and rival's son. It wasn't even that. The Walking DSM-V Compendium just wanted Ukraine to announce an investigation, not actually investigate. It's the perception he wants, not the reality. And, because his cult is so intellectually vulnerable, they mop those lies up. It's quite similar to "just say [the election] was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen".


That was the first time Zelensky was thrust onto the world stage.


Yes, Trump tried to use this MO before - “just launch an investigation into corruption, it doesn’t have to have merit, the American people can so easily be manipulated.” The Republican party did this against Hillary Clinton with an allegation of “something” with Benghazi. Kevin McCarthy famously admitted that the smear wasn’t credible, but nevertheless it worked against her reputation. Again, they used it against her trustworthiness with her private server, despite that being a practice recommended by a previous Sec. of State, Colin Powell, in those days. Of course both Jared and Ivanka flagrantly used their private phones for US business while in the White House, and Trump had multiple private calls with Putin, but, hey, the Trump’s are above the law. Always!


They used it against the Clintons way back in the 90s. They figured out all you have to do to smear your opponent is publicize that there is an investigation for corruption (or murder, or whatever). There doesn't even have to actually *be* a real investigation. The weapon isn't the actual investigation (which will turn up nothing), the weapon is the repetition of the news that there's an investigation. Vince Foster, Whitewater, etc.


Yea, she got associated with it even though it was just Obama's people being really stupid in press conferences. When it came down to it, it was an Uvalde situation where some people were being held back when they shouldn't have been. Some administration people got stupid, said some dumb things and confused the entire situation. They earned every bit of that hit and it should be in Political Science classes on "How to fuck up crisis management".


There was that piano routine too.


Michael Cohen went to jail for crimes Trump directed him to do(that are also crimes for Trump). Its already been tried and they haven't done anything.


or that public broadcast video where the world saw the President of the United States begging, sorry "promising them great reward" if Russia could "find the emails" he's always begging *other people* to "find the evidence"...


Specifically because of one political party.


Those Whigs are up to no good!


I keep seeing this but I'm not sure there is a way he can't be charged at this point. It seems obvious to me that this is what the committee is ramping up to. They are doing a masterful job of telling the story and linking Trump and hit intent throughout the whole story. They are basically giving the DOJ a layup and while they are doing that the FBI is raiding the houses of the players just below trump. Seems to me like the next few months are going to be really bad for the MAGA insurrectionists who aren't part of the 900+ already charged.


I’m really hoping that this is all to put this stuff in the public eye so that after it concludes the DOJ can then say, “We never want to get involved in politics, but the evidence is so great we have to do something, and then they charge Trump and all his conspirators.” If they don’t, we’re so fucked. We’re probably already fucked, but it’d be vastly accelerated. I really think Trump in and orange jumpsuit would destroy him, here’s hoping they can get him in jail without bail while awaiting trial. He’s not gonna be able to keep up a stoic demeanor for the cameras and he’ll probably sing like a canary if they can get him locked up.


I understand your frustration, but by spreading this defeatist message you are actually helping the wrong side win. What you should be saying is that he **must** be and **will** be convicted, until the entire country is saying it.




Yes and no. I think they are saying that if they are going to charge an ex president, it has to be a slam dunk case. Because the republicans are not reasonable, so the standard must be beyond “beyond a reasonable doubt”.


Which makes no sense, because we now know there is no amount of evidence that will convince Republicans to accept and acknowledge Trump's crimes.


I honestly think that even if the documentarians who were following him around have Trump on tape saying, "These fucking idiots will believe anything, and they're willing to kill Mike Pence if I ask them to." He'd still have a die-hard group of about 25-30% of the American people who would still support him. Even if he calls them idiots to their face. You'll have the Q anon message boards light up and say this is actually code for, "we are the chosen people and must kill Mike Pence." I guess the big question is how big that percentage is. And the scary thing is we're going to find out in the next few months.


Jordan Klepper of the Daily Show just did a piece where he showed Trump supporters at a Trump rally footage of Bill Barr saying the claims of voer fraud was bullshit. The response was that Barr had turned on Trump. Then he shows them Ivanka saying that she accepted what Barr said. One guy suggested it wasn't her but a clone of her.


Supporters that deny everything they don't like and only accept what you believe to be true. An Autocrat's dream.


It's terrible. This reminds me of the many videos on Youtube of "sovereign citizens" who believe they are exempt from the laws of the US. In those videos, they discover that the legal system still applies to them. Unfortunately here, we're dealing with people who are just as delusional but their delusion is being treated like something that entitles them to special treatment. There should be no special treatment. Enforce the laws as they already exist. That's what they're for.


Those people are fucking idiots. "I don't have to follow the rules of your land because I say so"


Yeah, at this point, I couldn't care less when someone says something like this. We've all seen it. We all know. If they don't do something about it, then it doesn't matter if Trump actually did shoot someone on 5th Avenue, because he'd get away with that, too.


Exactly, the guy is literally on a recorded phone call asking the Georgia Secretary of state to commit a felony.


Not asking. Demanding and threatening.


Trump has been very successful in his career giving himself plausible deniability though. This specific case may be different, which would be great, but Trump usually suggests and doesn’t direct. It’s why it is so easy for him to throw people under the bus. He can say that he never ordered or directed anything. The people who commit any crimes do so believing that it was what Trump wanted without him ever making them do anything. He has made some mistakes though. This could be a mistake. The call to Brad Raffensperger could also be a mistake and Georgia may have the strongest case against him prior to the Jan 6 hearings.


I mean... “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen.” Is about as close as a criminal gets to saying they did it, before they know saying "I did it" is better than lying.


It's plenty to charge him with a crime. Conviction is a whole other universe in a case like this. So much of the evidence relies on verbal commands, spoken testimony, etc.. that it sets this incredibly high bar for criminal intent. Just think of the mental gymnastic Trump supporters go through to defend anything and everything he says. Prosecutors have to convince 12 people that Trump knew his claims were wrong, that he was unequivocally and sincerely acting in certain ways, that he was acting independently and not just at the requests of his advisers/lawyers.. etc.. So when you get a statement like "Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and R. Congressmen." that ticks a lot of those boxes.


When the president does it, it's not a crime. Unless they're a Democrat


Smoking guns? Please. The entire armory is smoking!


*"I'm a crimesman doing crimes."* - Donald J. Trump


It’s like the overabundance of evidence is causing the goalposts on what is “enough” to move.


Trump sent a riot to the capital to stop the transfer of power. On video. The whole thing was live on tv. This is bullshit.


We still have the recording of his call with Georgia asking the guy to find him the exact number of votes.


I mean Casey Anthony had googled "foolproof suffocation" and "how to make chloroform" and still got off. Really have to nail the bastard or he'll just wriggle away.


Garland is waiting for the committee hearings to conclude before he makes any moves. The hearings will go into late July, Garland will formally charge Trump and his co-conspirators in August, and the trial will begin September/October, just in time to be dominating the headlines for the midterms in November. Hopefully people are paying attention and Trump voters feel real stupid about getting grifted as hard as they have been. If played right, this could usher in another blue-wave. The GOP will be torn between turning completely criminal and backing Trump or throwing him and his goons under the bus, which alienates a huge percentage of republicans. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. The insurrection and attempted coup is no longer opinion. There is solid, airtight proof of Trump and a ton of the GOP actively committing crimes to subvert the democratic process, and they all know they're fucked. The FBI is going to be flipping people for deals left and right. There's no honor amongst fascists. And if Garland DOESN'T charge Trump (which I find highly unlikely at this point), it will actually legitimately be the downfall of Democracy as we know it. And I, along with hopefully a million other Americans, will be marching in DC.


Both /r/Conservative and /r/Conspiracy haven’t touched this. There’s no mention of the hearings anywhere on their subs, instead it’s either posts about Biden being old and needed cue cards , posts about how vaccines are evil or just stupid memes like “the Empire votes to take away Skywalker’s lightsaber”. and these people call themselves “patriots”.


The right-wing brain runs on delusion. Religion, lying, obfuscation, doublethink, projection- all are necessary to keep their fragile egos from dealing with reality.


Really it runs on fear (literally, they've done studies lol). The delusions are a symptom of that fear-based view of life.


Honestly yes. Religion is just plain debilitating fear.


Can you link the study


Sure, here's one, and it has links to several other studies with similar findings: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5793824/


keep em scared, keep them angry, provide a “boogeyman” to blame. GQP playbook


Yeah FOX News is a live study of idiocracy and you can look at it right now actually. According to them, minorities are scary and so are human rights. Public programs that benefit all working class communities (which are the spine of our society) are also frightening. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/30/us/tucker-carlson-gop-republican-party.html That’s just one article detailing facts about one small part of the conservative fear regurgitation machine — Tucker Carlson. He has a show in FOX entirely dedicated towards opinions that discriminate against immigrants and women. His number one tactic is riling up his audience and making them fear changes to society. Not because they are bad changes, but because those changes don’t benefit the conservatives perspective.


Don't forget those terrible scary communist unions! /s


Its fascism draped in religion as camouflage. True christianity does not sow hatred and divisiveness, at least not the christianity i grew up in. The GOP gathered all the fringe groups of americans that are anti-government, anti-immigrants, anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion, pro-gun and more, under the same tent and tell them what they want to hear. Its greed and corruption at work in American politics. The GOP have no shame in gaslighting their base. Lies are just a political tool to be used, no matter what the consequences.


It isn't Christianity as depicted in most Bibles. Which is why there is a rising Odinism faction among the further right. They can't bear the tenets of true Christianity.


And celebrating the end of roe v wade like the soulless scum they are. Freedom


Which is doubly hilarious when they scream and cry about their “rights” but are cheering in the streets because of the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. Oh wait did I say hilarious? I meant hypocritical and dystopian.


Well the Texas GOP is chock full of the most patriotic men ever to walk the earth, it's all American flags, guns and free speech down there and they are willing to die (but really kill) for these things. And these same patriots want to vote so they can secede and break up the country. In other words they're not patriots, in fact there should be a word for people that pretend to be but ultimately are enemies of the country.


Don't forget repealing the voting rights act! Very patriotic position.










“Speaches”. I’m dying laughing thinking about how MTG no longer gives speeches, rather she gives speaches!


I bet she cooks them up in her Speach-Tree Dish


"teaches of speaches"




There's a post about the Roe v Wade being overturned and a lot of the top comments are jokes about how riots are going to break out in inner cities.


They’ll continue living in a fake propaganda world and ignoring all real journalism and science


Trump didn’t use queue cards because he couldn’t read


The Subreddits need to respond to this by locking up, Reddit absolutely needs to do something about misinformation during this crucial time.


“Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen.”


Sounds like a conspiracy to commit fraud to me.


This whole thing is so f’d up. Can you imagine the democrats did something like this??? Republicans would be frothing at the mouth and throwing everyone in jail - there would be wall-to-wall coverage. Instead …. Right wing media is “not covering it”….. bananas land indeed


Not only that but I *think* most of the Democrat party would support an investigation if some D’s were pulling this shit


Agreed they would because holding people accountable is how it’s fucking supposed to be. It’s crazy that Kinzinger and Cheney are considered “heroes” in all of this because *they’re doing what all of them should be doing anyway* but since justice is so rare against one’s own party if you are republican it is considered heroism. If Biden does any of the illegal shit Trump did in office I’ll be the first to recommend a trial, impeachment and jail time but that’s because I don’t worship him. I pay him to steer the country in the right direction and if he can’t do that well he can go and we will vote someone else in.


No. What's crazy is that they then thanked Jeffrey Rosen and Richard Donoghue at the end of the hearing for being courageous and doing the right thing. Donoghue -- who was at the DOJ and wrote the note that Eric Holder is calling a smoking gun. And worse? The 1/6 committee didn't get in front of this FUCKING BIG PROBLEM. So Trump gets indicted. At trial, the #1 best play for the defense attorney is to say to Donoghue, well, "Trump said he wanted you to send the letter and let him and his congress friends take care of the rest?" "Yes." "And you say that was a crime?" "Yes." "Then why wasn't President Trump arrested immediately for the criminal act you just heard him and caught him red-handedly committing?" "Umm... ah... well, you see...." This is a problem, ultimately. And if the 1/6 committee had let them get the explanation out now before trial, we'd all be better off.


No one wants to be the person to make the call. Just like Uvalde. The people in power in this country, for the most part, are cowards. I’m not talking about people like Stacy Abrahms by the way.


They would. They self-police way better than the GOP. If you’re a democrat and an incriminating accusation comes out you’re discarded. If you’re a Republican it’s the “deep state” trying to silence you, etc. and you end up either fine or better off


This is Trump's thing. There's a long history of it so they could use historical context if they wanted to build a character/credibility case. Billy Bush's account on this after talking with Trump about his 'The Apprentice' ratings not being number one, as Trump had claimed on TV: > Bush told Real Time host Bill Maher Friday night that Trump has no qualms about misrepresenting the truth, especially when it comes to TV ratings. Bush recalled confronting Trump at one point about his numbers, USA Today reported. > > "He'd been saying it's No. 1 forever and finally, I'd had enough," Bush told Maher. "I told him, 'Wait a minute, you haven't been No. 1 for like five years — not in any category, not in any demo.' He goes, 'Did you see last Thursday? Last Thursday, 18-49, the last five minutes.' " > > Bush added that "Later, when the cameras were off, he said, ***'Billy, look, you just tell them and they believe it. That's it: you just tell them and they believe. They just do.'***" > > Maher sighed, "And that's where we are. He can do that to America now. It's what he does all the time: he just says it and they believe it." -[Source](https://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-said-about-lying-you-just-tell-them-and-they-believe-they-just-do-850363)


The best possible (only?) defence he could have had was that he's a narcissistic idiot and actually could never believe he'd lose a fair election. But the comment above undermines even that.


Ah yes the "Too stupid to commit the crime" defense.


Didn’t the mueller report have something in it about one of trumps kids being too stupid to know what was happening? I think it was in regard to a meeting with Russia.


Need we say more? Does *anyone* need to say more? Holy tapdancing Eye-sHotThESheRiff and I also shot the deputy and his whole posse of clowns!


Also, don't ever forget that the entire family had film Crew documenting everything that they were saying and doing. It's like they were trying to reboot Veep.


Can’t wait to see this in the hearing.


When I heard that quote yesterday during the hearing I was blown away by Trumps hubris. It’s like he has no concept of consequences at all. Breaking the law and destroying the country is just business as usual for Trump and his criminal gang as long as Trump gets what he wants.


And that’s not just because “trump is dumb”. I mean yeah, he is incompetent, but he’s become very comfortable dodging any real consequences and believes he untouchable. He has no concept of consequences because he’s never faced any. Let’s just hope that’s not true this time around.


Believes? He has been engaging in criminal felony and financial crimes since his 20's. They are not complex schemes at all. Lie on a loan application, have a shell company and create fake invoices to avoid inheritance tax. being the owner of 3,500 different interconnected companies while only directly employing under 100 people (no tax fraud with those companies). Hiring DA for no show jobs once they retire, send goons after the poor, abuse the legal system (why judges allow his lawyers shenanigans is beyond me). All you needed is a single DA and non corrupt judge to have him testify under oath. Explain your business taxes, explain what this PO box company does, what are its assets and income streams,.... ect. Wait five minutes and ask the same questions again. He will give new lies, and then threatened the DA and judge.


He isn't 'all round' dumb, he has a low fox cunning.


Yup. We had a mob boss in the Oval Office.




Why should he have a concept of consequences. He’s never seen one.


Ya I know where that mentality comes from: “My dad owns a real estate development company. He’s got so many lawyers. I can sue you to oblivion and you can’t do anything about it!” I hate how a sizeable chunk of working class Americans worship a daddy dollar dingus.


But he's right to think that way though. He has never faced consequences in his entire life, so naturally, he thinks he's immune, and he may be right. When he said he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. and get away with it he wasn't joking. He tried to overthrow the US government about a year and a half ago and still there are no charges against him. He keeps crossing red lines because nobody is stopping him, and he will continue to do so until he is stopped by force.


I wish I had coins to give you an award. Yes, he has no reason to think otherwise. That man has never been held accountable for anything his entire life.


I just wanna know how he hasn’t had a heart attack with all the constant stress and anger he puts on himself


I think he's running on spite and hatred for his enemies. That's what keeps him alive.


He, the Republican Party establishment, and American business have been getting away with it for decades. Why would any member have any doubts when they dont go to jail for the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, the Iraq War, lying about Tobaccos link to Cancer and running a PR campaign to deny what they knew to be true, Iran Contra, COINTELPRO, etc?


Not only do they break the law with impunity but it actually makes them MORE appealing to their base. They like when Republicans break the law and get away with it.


And that’s been the problem with Trump from the beginning. He has no regard for anyone but himself or his agenda. It’s all what he can get people aroused by and that’s how he gets off. He doesn’t care how he does it and he has no care if it is illegal or not…because in his mind, if it seems right to him, it is impossible to be illegal. It’s a serious mental condition (narcissist). My step dad is the same way. He’s obviously not a successful business man, but his tactics are exactly the same. It’s everyone else’s fault but his, and he alone is the one with the right mind to fix it.


Agreed. Trump is a malignant narcissist.


Well yeah, he's spent his life committing crimes and bribing and threatening his way out of the consequences. It's always worked for him, so he's never had any reason to believe it wouldn't work, no matter how high the stakes are.


It's the lot of them including his whole family. Trump Jr.'s comment "We control them all" was brazen as hell, and he's not even the entitled spoiled brat president. > Two days after the 2020 presidential election, as votes were still being tallied, Donald Trump's eldest son texted then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows that "we have operational control" to ensure his father would get a second term, with Republican majorities in the US Senate and swing state legislatures, CNN has learned. > > In the text, which has not been previously reported, Donald Trump Jr. lays out ideas for keeping his father in power by subverting the Electoral College process, according to the message reviewed by CNN. The text is among records obtained by the House select committee investigating January 6, 2021. > > **"It's very simple," Trump Jr. texted to Meadows on November 5, adding later in the same missive: "We have multiple paths We control them all."** -[Source](https://www.cnn.com/2022/04/08/politics/donald-trump-jr-meadows-text/index.html) Authoritarian.


>Holder in a tweet Thursday said the note is "the smoking gun" that could enable a prosecution. > >"Coupled with other testimony demonstrates both Trump's substantive involvement and corrupt intent, requisite state of mind," he said, using terms for legal thresholds that a hypothetical prosecution would need to reach.


Prince Humperdink: “Say MAN AND WIFE!”


“Man and wahfe”


We have more smocking guns with this whole Trump debacle than there were in the entire Civil War.


Proof of intent.


The hearings are laying it all out for the purpose of public opinion. If Trump and cronies are to be indicted it must first be layer out so the outrage from the base is blunted. So when the charges come down it’s not surprising. It’s that simple .


They. Do. Not. Care.


[Just watch this to see how little they care](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNIJH5gufaQ). Most aren't even watching. If you show them clips, they claim the person was either 1) paid off, 2) the clip is edited, or 3) the person in the video is a clone, not the actual person. The willful cognitive dissonance is real, and it's powerful. Trump saying he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave wasn't hyperbole. No matter what happens, 35% of this country will love and support him.


Yeah this whole situation reminds me of the muller report. A bunch of well meaning liberals hanging on every thread of the *idea* that muller will take down trump, when in the end it was just a big wet fart. It’s good some people can still stay positive but Jesus Christ looking around there isn’t much to be hopeful about anymore


I think it's important to remember *why* the Mueller report didn't land. It was a pretty damning report that did not exonerate anybody. Barr got his hands on it, redacted huge chunks of it, and then lied about the findings and controlled the narrative. Additionally, they left it up to Trump's DOJ to prosecute, which obviously was not going to happen. Context matters.


Yeah that report was pretty damning to any sane person. Unfortunately the people who handled it after Mueller were not sane.


It was a wet fart because of Barr and Trump's obstruction into the investigation. Trump doesn't control the DOJ anymore, it is a completely different situation.




If trump wins 2024 after not having any consequences then it will be a lot more like the rise of Nazi Germany under Hitler. Not saying he is Hitler, but he will have a deep vendetta against democrats AND he already has his established in-groups that will do the policing for him.


[Trump isn't hitler, he's worse](https://www.benjaminlcorey.com/could-american-evangelicals-spot-the-antichrist-heres-the-biblical-predictions/) I post that *knowing* that there are half a dozen historical leaders that fulfill most, but not all of those prophecies.


He should have been indicted when he told the White House Counsel Don McGann to "let go" of the investigation into Mike Flynn, which was blatant obstruction of justice. But our system is not designed to robustly deal with corrupt actors, and I think Trump will never face justice outside of maybe being indicted by the state of Georgia for his meddling there.


This is a lay up, it was a recording of the commission of a crime for sure, but will Garland have the stones to really prosecute or will another criminal president get a free pass?


I mean the taped recording to the Georgia SOS should have been enough.


As it turns out it may very well be. There is a special grand jury seated in Fulton County Georgia and they are issuing many subpoenas including the governor of Georgia Brian Kemp. Its Trumps biggest exposure to criminal liability we know currently


And Georgia charges are important for a few reasons. Mainly if the republicans take back the WH, trump is 100 percent getting pardoned. If he’s convicted in Georgia, AND Stacey Abrams is elected governor, no chance he’s getting pardoned.


It gets better (I think?). Georgia is one of the few states where the Governor can’t pardon. Their State Board of Pardons & Paroles grants pardons.


Oh interesting. Didn’t know that


I didn't think about the pardon angle, thanks for that. That said the pardon is an admission of guilt, sadly that might be the only pale shelter we get,


Yeah I have the most hope for the potential GA prosecution. I suspect the feds are squeamish about it due to potential for conflict of interest. However, Trump hasn’t declared candidacy for 2024 yet has he? Either way, he’s a leader of the current admins oppo party so I would think they’d do a special counsel to maintain distance. I suspect the feds might just support GA and let them do it. Possibly.


That is still going on.


How is it possible that only one fucking man has the power to make the decision to bring this mother fucker to justice? Garland can just do nothing and Democracy dies.


Garland is the big cheese in the DOJ, that call would need to come from him for a federal crime. Garland does not hold the only cards, there are criminal investigations in Georgia, NY and Michigan.


I think Garland would have been a great SCOTUS judge, but I don’t think he’s the best option for AG. He’s just far too passive.


Either that or he plays the shit way to close to the vest. I understand the need for keeping it close but throw us a bone so know something is happening.


He did. He said months ago that investigations like this take time to prosecute and turn the low level conspirators and work their way up, and that [they will prosecute people "at every level" of the conspiracy](https://youtu.be/BVOW7ZbGAbU). I know it doesn't seem like much, but he didn't have to say anything at all.


Trump was such a grifter he didn't know when to stop.


The usual flaw in most criminal actions.


Spot on.he doesn't even know when he should lay low.


Add it to the ever growing mountain of evidence. Now we just need the DOJ to do their damn job.


The real question here is this: If all this shit the committee is presenting DOESN’T warrant criminal charges… what the fuck does? Seriously, what the fuck would qualify? Laws apply only to us poor fuckers scrambling around for the crumbs we get sprinkled to us. And then if you’re brown or black, you’re extra fucked…. Wait… this sounds like caste system right here in the Freedomlicious Good Ole US of A.


We all know what's going to happen if serious charges are pressed. The right will claim that the LEFT is attempting a coup. I'm calling it right here and now, that's exactly how they will frame it the moment anyone on the right is held accountable for their crimes. The people we keep electing on the left are terrified of this kind of projection, it's infuriatingly frustrating. The left doesn't want to assert the moral and ethical direction of this nation...they want us all to arrive there through consensus, and every time that offer for collaboration extended to the right, the right grabs the ball, calls foul, and asserts that dominance and control is the only way forward (littered with corruption and cruelty)


The only way Trump appears in person at anything related to this is by DOJ forcibly bringing him and the GOP would love to have images of that as "proof" of a democrat "coup"


America is being held hostage by 30% of the population.


This mf is so gdamn predictable with his crimes. It's the same every single fcking time. 'Hey Zeleinskky, you don't actually have to DO an investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden, just announce an investigation in front of some cameras.' That's what multiple instances of THE BIG LIE are built around, get Ruby Freeman to admit to fcking with a couple ballots- we'll bail her out later along with fringe benefits. 'We'll then take it from there.' Get Raffensberger to just infer something is amiss in Fulton Cty, 'we'll take it from there,' he said. Staging, it's all about the staging. Did you see him yesterday obsessing over his glass of water on a table pre interview? He's fcking dumb and insane, and it will say a lot abt who we are and how fast we're swirling down the drain if it is THIS sociopathic moron that ends America. To think all these years ppl thought it had to be an evil smart superspy doubleagent trained in espionage, a Manchurian slick candidate that is charming and brilliant -- and instead, a dried out pack of silly putty fcked us up.


Will someone wake me up when the smoking gun hits its target.


The obviousness of Trump's guilt is pretty remarkable. That he still has defenders is even more remarkable. If he gets away with all of this and wins in 2024 (and I have little doubt he will run, he'd probably even run from prison) then it's all over. A President Trump in 2025 would be completely untethered from anything resembling the rule of law. The United States as we know it would be over. If this is an exaggeration, it's not much of one.


Life-long New Yorkers closing their eyes, sighing heavily, shaking their heads, and weeping at all the energy they spent trying to warn everyone in 2015-16.


We've all been listening to his horseshit since 2008. 14 years of an obvious Russian asset and child molester spreading lies.


sadly there are plenty of new yorkers who love him... ...mostly the ones who are deluded enough to think they can still make money off him like mooch.


Somebody please make a video of the Impeachment where it’s said, “just announce an investigation,” then Susan Collins “he learned his lesson”, followed by “just say the election was corrupt.” He did not learn his lesson, Susan.


If Trump is guilty of insurrection then all his supreme court choices should be null and void due to his corruption.


Aside from any legal considerations, this is a perfect example of how Trump operates. First, make an assertion that things are corrupt, with no evidence. In this cases. Trump knew there was no evidence. Call it a hoax, a witch-hunt, a fraud, etc. That creates enough FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) that people are left wondering what is real. That is Trump's specialty, creating a fake reality. In the business world this is a good sales strategy. First create a problem for the customer, whether real or not, and then sell them the solution. Once nobody knows what the real facts are, Trump steps in and says only he knows what the facts are, only he can say what is real. I think Trump's plan for Jan 6 was that the mob would kill Pence and Pelosi, leaving the succession in questio, and then declare martial law "until all this trouble goes away."


Trump has always been a con man but his supporters still don't understand that.


They are doing Roe v. Wade overturn during Jan 6th hearings to try to take steam from revelations like this, yes?


Yes, but when has that ever amounted to any repercussions for Trump?


The gun is still smoking? At this point the metal is glowing orange and all of the wood has turned to smoldering ash.


Dozens of felonies, the USA justice system is a joke and deserves to be demolished.. destroy the Supreme Court, the electoral college, remake the district maps again from an independent third party to end Gerrymandering, restructure the senate’s weight proportionally like the House of Representatives, end citizens United and get money out of politics, cut the defense budget in half, tax the rich… FUCK THE system, it’s just a pyramid scheme that the corporations own the majority of politicians who write the laws allowing for the corporations to financially and educationally rape us.. legally.


We knew that a year and half ago and yet no arrest. 99% of us regular people would have been arrested and tried by now. The US Justice system is designed to protect rich people with lawyers.


Whether it's a crime isn't really important. It's not unprecedented to run from prison, and it's almost certain that it's legal for prisoners to hold office. What we need is to collectively realize as a society that Republicans are fundamentally bad.


Yes, the intent was what was missing the whole time. We know it was there, now it’s been brought to light and confirmed.


Than bag this mother fucker already


Why is it that former officials are the only ones who push back on Trump’s crimes? After they are absolutely positive their opinions don’t matter.


Anyone else find it “coincidental” Roe v. Wade is overturned at about this same moment?? This is is likely a tactic to push this story to the bottom of the feeds, burying it We can’t let these facists get away with this, or they **will** take control again. And it’ll be far worse then


Fuck you, Donald.


I can’t wait for nothing to happen


Then do something about it.


🎶🎶Pardon me boys is that a Presidential pardon….give me a sign, or get I the committee online…🎶🎶


How many smoking guns do we need to lock this asshole up!?


Lol they tried to contact a Trump spokesperson for a statement 🙄 why even bother? All we get from their team is all the crazy far-right bullshit “liberal conspiracy big media non-story non-event witch hunt blah blah” I just don’t understand why we try anymore it’s exhausting. A trump spokesperson said yesterday that trump has “hardly” watched the Jan. 6 proceedings despite him literally live “truthing” the entire thing on his sham app.


I’d like to see ol Donny Trump wriggle his way out of this jam! *Trump wriggles out of the jam easily* Ah, well, nevertheless


Imagine listening to a criminal like Eric Holder


Its always “former” people saying its illegal. Where the fuck are the current acting people that can actually do something




Then charge him. I'm tired of this shit. If he did a crime charge him.