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Lucy is bad for always pulling the football away, but sooner or later we need to wonder why Charlie Brown keeps falling for it.


Charlie Brown still hasn't noticed they've removed the goalpost.


This comment is amazing. It reminds me of the [Malcolm X speech](https://youtu.be/cReCQE8B5nY) about progress where he says that getting stabbed with a 9” knife and pulling it out 6” is *not* progress. But then he says, “they won’t even admit the knife is there.” Chillingly accurate.


The fact of the matter is that if Charlie Brown really cared about kicking the ball he'd just kick it. It's not Lucy's fault the ball wasn't where Charlie Brown's foot ended up, Charlie Brown should have known Lucy was going to move it and kicked it there instead. Yes Lucy has the football, yes I expect Charlie Brown to kick it, yes I'm tired of Charlie Brown trying to kick the football when he knows he's going to fail, and yes I'm tired of Charlie Brown failing to kick the ball, what's so hard to understand about this? Charlie Brown needs to be held accountable for his failures, it's that simple.


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


Yeah, Biden should just stop trying.


….. and start doing! FTFY


Made this exact same comparison earlier this week on another threat. Mitch is Lucy and Biden is Charlie Brown.... Trusting her to hold it right until the moment of impact before Lucy/Mitch pulls the ball away. I get the idea... But reaching across the aisle nowadays gets your arm chopped off.


It's getting so common that I think their positions just reversed. Bipartisaship isn't like Lucy and the football. Lucy and the football is like bipartisanship.


> Lucy is bad for always pulling the football away, but sooner or later we need to wonder why Charlie Brown keeps falling for it. I can explain that! Okay, so, as everyone remembers Bill Clinton won a super majority in 1992, meaning Democrats had complete control of the football. Then in 1994 Democratic voters didn't go to the polls and Republicans took the football for themselves, Republicans had control of the football in the House from 1994 through 2006 and control of the football in the Senate from 1994 until 2008. In 2008 the Democratic party had a super majority for about 24 voting days between the time Teddy Kennedy's interim replacement was seated in September 2009 and the time his state's voters filled his seat with a Republican in February 2010. After the end of those 24 days Republicans once again had a football in the form of a filibuster. In 2010 Democratic voters didn't go to the polls and Tea Party Republicans won control of the football in the House of Representatives from 2010 until 2018; in 2014 voters let Republicans upgrade from being forced to abuse the filibuster as the minority party in the Senate to give them full majority powers to choose what legislation and actions to vote. When it came time for Obama to appoint a Supreme Court Justice in 2016 the Republicans had full control of the House of Representatives and full control in the Senate. Mitch McConnell was in charge of choosing what was brought to the floor for a vote, and the only power the Democrats had in the minority was the filibuster, so they couldn't force a vote since voters had given McConnell the football two years earlier. In 2020 Democratic voters showed back up and took back control of the federal government by winning in the House and the White House, and achieving a 50/50 tie with Republicans in the Senate along with 48 votes in favor of filibuster reform. It was the first time Democrats had any chance to touch the football since 2010. Unfortunately two Democratic Senators decided on behalf of the other 269 Democrats in the federal government (and the tens of millions of people who elected them) that all legislation must be passed with bipartisan support in the Senate and ownership of the football must be shared. Democratic voters don't go to midterm elections when there's a Democratic President in the White House, so if past is prologue McConnell will have the ball entirely back in his control by January, 2023. TL;DR: * Democrats had full control of the football for two years after 1992 before voters gave it back to the Republicans for fourteen years. * Democrats had full control of the football for 24 days in 2009 before voters gave it back to the Republicans for ten years. * Democrats have shared control of the football in 2022 before voters give it (TBD). The reason that "Charlie Brown keeps falling for it" is twofold: 1. Voters keep giving the football to the Republicans. 2. If you don't try to kick you can't possibly score. Kyrsten Sinema isn't up for reelection in Arizona until 2024, Joe Manchin's job approval rating is going up in West Virginia, and Democrats only have 48 out of the 50 votes necessary to pass the kind of inspirational and motivational legislation that will solve our country's problems in time to earn Americans' votes before the midterm elections, meaning Joe Biden has to do what he can with what he has. If Democrats voted in congressional elections when a Democratic President was in the White House this wouldn't be as much of an issue, but I've never known that to happen. Biden can try to kick with the almost certain knowledge that Mitch McConnell will yank the ball away, or he can not even try. This time next year the only thing Democrats will be able to do in the Senate is filibuster, Biden needs to strike while the iron is cold but at least within his reach.


Democrat apologists like you are exactly why they’re so impotent. You can rattle off their excuses as to why they’ve done nothing but fundraise and exploit social issues for decades without producing any tangible results, and don’t expect anything from them until they have total authority over every facet of the American government. Biden has the ability to use executive orders to at least begin fulfilling some of his campaign promises and supposed ideals, yet he has done nothing. He has blatantly betrayed his promises regarding drilling and climate change related issues. The situation isn’t bad guys vs good guys where you get points just for supporting the good guys. It’s bad guys vs grifters vs the middle and lower class, if you vote for candidates based solely on party allegiance you’re part of the problem too. All democrats want is too make sure that any real progressive is neutered by a more broadly appealing center-left elitist. Just look at what they did when it became clear Bernie was gaining traction, the entire party came together to prevent him from making it past the primary. They keep us from becoming radical by giving people like you a way to think they’re making a change or helping, because then you don’t actually have to do anything. The two parties are clearly working together behind the scenes to exploit the American people as much as possible, and pretending the democrats are on our side is what got us into this mess.


Bernie couldn’t even win the California primary. Bernie also never mentioned SCOTUS throughout the 2016 election. Hillary’s voters understood the dangers, but Bernie didn’t want his followers to realize what was at stake, because his argument that the parties were the same would have flattened like a stuck balloon.


You think the Democrats would have set new rules of the Senate, removing the filibuster with a majority vote, but no. They love being impotent, whining all the time that we need to donate more and vote harder. I'm tired of it.


> You think the Democrats would have set new rules of the Senate, removing the filibuster with a majority vote, but no. They love being impotent, whining all the time that we need to donate more and vote harder. I'm tired of it. I know, right? Right now Democrats' excuse for not stopping Republicans is that they only have 48 of their Senators on the record voting in favor of filibuster reform. If we *did* kill the filibuster though then when Democrats lose the Senate in 2022 they'll just use the absence of the filibuster as an excuse for not stopping Republicans again. Democrats will always have an excuse, always. Even if Democrats *did* use their 48 votes in favor of filibuster reform to get rid of it right now we'd *still* have to listen to them make excuses after they lose the 2022 midterms like "We can't stop Republican legislation in the Senate because we're the minority party and we eliminated the filibuster, which was the only power the minority party even has!" Democrats love being impotent, you're right, if they actually cared about the American people they'd use their 48 votes in favor of filibuster reform to kill the filibuster in the Senate and pass the kind of inspirational and motivational legislation they need to solve our nation's problems and win our votes before the midterms, the fact that they're not doing that is all the proof you need that they don't care and they love being powerless. We need to hold Democrats accountable this November for not using their 48 votes in favor of filibuster reform to fix the filibuster. Unfortunately Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema aren't on the ticket this year, but lots of other Democrats are. In 1994 and 2010 Democratic voters sent the party a message that if they don't make progress, we won't vote for progress, it's time to make the hard choice and do that again in 2022. /s


maximumeffort433 explained it in more detail, but in short, Manchin and Sinema are the two reasons why the filibuster is still around. Unfortunately our only path forward is to get a larger majority in the Senate, and that only happens by voting.


Hmm but why can’t democrats just “fight” whatever that means. I guess the whole point is to fix this we should……not vote? Yea, that’ll punish them. Obligatory /s


>Hmm but why can’t democrats just “fight” whatever that means. I guess the whole point is to fix this we should……not vote? Yea, that’ll punish them. If Democrats wanted me to vote against fascism this November they would have earned by vote by now. If they don't care enough to save America why should I? We need to show the Democrat party that we won't tolerate their inaction anymore by staying home in the midterm elections. /s Yeah, a lot of people care a hell of a lot more about holding Democrats responsible for not solving our nation's problems than they do about helping Democrats win the ability to respond to our nation's problems in the midterms. Funny that, isn't it? Y'know if "Democratic voters" spent as much time trying to hold Republicans accountable as they do for the Democrats, Democrats might have a better chance at winning in November. It's okay, I'm sure there are Republicans on Republican subreddits insisting their officials be held accountable, too.


You really had me going, that may have been the most I've ever needed an /s. You're absolutely right. I'm so tired of the complaints that Democrats aren't progressive enough. Get to the polls and support more progressive candidates then! We have the squad, Fetterman is running for Senate in PA. It's annoying that when you have exactly 50 senators people expect the Senate to somehow be more liberal than the most conservative Democrat. And before you blame the Democratic party because they supported an anti-abortion candidate in the Texas primary look at the GOP and how more and more insane candidates are getting elected. The GOP sure as hell didn't want to lose control of their party, but here we are with a party of crazy. So how about we stop holding the entire party responsible Manchin and Sinema and instead make it so we don't need every Democrat vote to pass legislation?


>Voters keep giving the football to the Republicans. [Young voters simply aren't showing up to vote:](https://www.census.gov/newsroom/press-releases/2021/2020-presidential-election-voting-and-registration-tables-now-available.html) >Voter turnout was highest among those ages 65 to 74 at 76.0%, while the percentage was lowest among those ages 18 to 24 at 51.4%. I'm dismayed at how many people don't understand the basic math of how both elections and government works. >Biden needs to strike while the iron is slightly less cold. I'm also dismayed at how few people seem to understand how politics itself works, from the notion of needing to compromise and reach solutions with multiple stakeholders to the importance of having a Rolodex and bank of favors like Nancy Pelosi.


Without elections on a Sunday or a national holiday, it can be quite hard for young voters to show up to vote, especially in areas where polling stations are few and far in between, so lines are really long.


>Without elections on a Sunday or a national holiday, it can be quite hard for young voters to show up to vote, especially in areas where polling stations are few and far in between, so lines are really long. I know, right? The proof can be found in California: They mailed every single voter in their state a mail-in primary ballot and nearly one out of three of their citizens voted in the election, only 67% of the California electorate threw their free, automatic mail-in primary ballot in the trash. If the rest of the United States wants high turnout elections like California's 33% primary turnout, they should do more to make it easier to vote the way California did. Young people don't vote when it's hard, it's that simple, and action is always going to be harder than inaction.




> The democrats fucked up for decades, because they were never legitimately interested in countering the Republicans' increasingly right-wing actions and talking points. Exactly, I don't know why they didn't use their minority powers between 1994 and 2009, and then from 2010 until 2021 to counter the increasingly right-wing actions of the people voters kept electing. If Democrats actually cared they'd have passed the kind of legislation Democratic voters needed to feel inspired to go to the polls and give them the party enough power to pass legislation, but they didn't, they didn't even try because they were never legitimately interested. /s


TIL Charlie Brown is a Democrat


Worse still, McConnell benefits *even if Biden doesn’t appoint the anti abortion conservative judge to a lifetime appointment* because all democrats find out and now a large portion of the party is pissed and infighting gets revved up. McConnell may have fucking leaked this himself; either he gets a lifetime appointment or a major distraction that puts democrats in disarray after what should be a series of epic wins for the Dems - the first federal and bipartisan gun reform legislation passed in decades, Jan 6 bombshells, the galvanization of democratic voters due to the overturning of roe and everything else scotus has done lately (killed state gun restrictions in over a dozen states, killed federal climate change projects and limited environmental restrictions necessary to mitigate catastrophic climate disasters, removed a any separation of church and state when it comes to public education, taken on voting restriction cases sure to further limit peoples ability to participate in democracy and the choosing of their elected officials, etc) McConnell knew he’d either get a lifetime appointment when he should get nothing, or he’d get the democrats falling apart due to infighting when they should be glued together in solidarity due to the utter fuckery going on on the right.


It's because Charlie Brown wants to kick a football and his choice is to play with Lucy or play basketball.


If Democrats *actually* wanted to kick the football they'd just do it regardless of the position of the ball.


I was really referring to people voting and nominees, and the problem with the 2 party system. Democrats keep wanting to make changes (kick the football) but Lucy (the establishment) keeps showing us the football but then pulling it away (showing that it'll be different this time and we can elect representation that will make those changes). Yet we keep trying to kick the football (electing democrats that will make those changes) because the alternative is to play basketball (vote Republican). Hindsight after some sleep, I see that was kind of a stretch metaphor.


> Democrats keep wanting to make changes (kick the football) but Lucy (the establishment) keeps showing us the football but then pulling it away (showing that it'll be different this time and we can elect representation that will make those changes). Exactly, voters gave Joe Biden and the Democrats 48 out of the 50 votes necessary to kill the Republican filibuster and take the football for themselves, but Democrats use those 48 votes in the Senate to steal the football? No, of course not. And will voters show up to give Democrats those two more votes? No, of course not. The Democratic establishment is a complete failure, which is why about 65% of people aren't casting a ballot in their primary this year. If the Democratic party won't change, the primary voters won't change it either. /s


Biden is not the leader this country needs. He’s a man out of time, blinded by his nostalgia to the truth of our current situation. He was nominated and elected purely by virtue of not being the Celebrity Apprentice guy.


I think this is overly broad. We spent 4 years waking up to daily outbursts and outright insanity coming from the white White House. We chose the quiet guy in the primaries, because frankly, most of us needed a damn break from the political violence we were experiencing. Now, a couple of years later, we are "rested." We got our chance to take a couple of deep breaths, and now we are ready to step in and knock some damn heads. We didn't want to replace one angry old guy with another like Sanders. Biden is the guy we needed in 2020. He gave us a period of relative calm, that we, as a country, absolutely needed. And in 2024, the person we need will be campaiging on something that sounds a lot like Trump in 2016, yelling "lock them up." My 2024 vote will go to someone credibly saying they want to overhaul SCOTUS, hammer corporations for things like buying single family homes and jacking up rates, and profiteering, and pushing to slash the defense budget to pre-9/11 rates, (adjusted to inflation).


And McConnell is already screwing Biden. [https://www.businessinsider.com/mcconnell-says-hell-kill-bipartisan-china-bill-to-block-democratic-agenda-2022-6](https://www.businessinsider.com/mcconnell-says-hell-kill-bipartisan-china-bill-to-block-democratic-agenda-2022-6)


As is tradition.


Imagine taking McConnell for his word


The options are to nominate a judge that everyone in his party hates or to stop following an antiquated gentlemen's agreement that the Republicans have already stopped following. So dumb. Biden is just a crotchety old man who likes his archaic Senate rules and wants you to get off of his lawn.


He wants his friends at the ny times to write favorable stories praising "bipartisanship"


If I wanted bipartisanship I would have elected a bipartisan congress. The fact that there's a majority in any house is a pretty explicit request and consent for that house to govern as they see fit. We could elect 90% Democrat and there'd still be idiots thinking they have to be bipartisan, even after the electorate basically told them they don't need to be bipartisan. I appreciate that people WANT to be bipartisan, and in some cases I can see the benefits, but outside of those few cases (almost always dealing with criminality), it's just a wasted effort and give the minority even MORE power


48 Dems, 2 Independents, and 50 Republicans. We have a bipartisan senate.


Yeah, and that's why the Dem-majority house gets almost noting done. I get it's virtually impossible to consider either house as a completely separate entity, but what power they DO have in the House shouldn't be discounted just because of how they suspect the Senate will stall.


The dem majority house has passed a ton of major bills that just sat and did nothing because Schumer didn’t bring them to a senate vote since he knew they’d fail.


Or maybe--and hear me out here--just maybe he wants bipartisanship.


Maybe, but he can want in one hand and shit in the other and see which gets full first. Every effort of bipartisanship will only be to the pure benefit of only Republicans.


Bipartisanship is when you clap after.


I agree with you he does. His intentions are good. He wants the Republican fever to break and for something resembling normalcy to return to politics. I think the argument against this is ... It's a lost cause. GOP are just using his good intentions against him.


Believe me, as a progressive, I'm more than tired of hoping the Republicans will come around or even see Democrat peace gestures as anything more than weakness.


50 Republicans, 2 Independent (who seem more Progressive than Dems) and 48 Democrats in the Senate. Everything must be "bipartisan" or at least okay with Sinemanchin.


Bipartisan ≠ Bipartisanship


Then we all need to go stand on his lawn.


Republicans are pure evil. But goddamn the Democratic response has been pathetic


As a progressive, it’s infuriating. I vote for the establishment Dems bc I recognize what the alternative would be. But god damn, it feels like I might as well be voting for these asshole republicans judging by Biden’s (and others’) willingness to bend over backwards to sociopaths like McConnell.


If you look at the original slate article [1] it states that the judge being replaced made their move contingent on this new judge being the successor. I want a more progressive judge too but honestly this feels like that position NEVER had an option for a non conservative judge and McConnell is using this story to turn people against each other. If Biden refused we’d still have a conservative judge there, it’s unclear what the win scenario was, which is probably why McConnell leaked the story. What’s unclear is why we carry so much water for McConnell here and why media sources didn’t connect the dots for the readers. I mean.. I know why they didn’t, it draws clicks… but it’s unclear how keeping that selective misinformation helps progressives in any shape or form. [1] https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2022/07/biden-mcconnell-chad-meredith-abortion-kentucky-judge.html


So random judges can pick their own lifetime replacement positions? This usurping the power of the presidency to select said judges?


I don’t like it any better than you do but judges DO get to decide when they retire. You wouldn’t WANT a president to be able to force them too or else Trump would have gotten rid of all of the progressive judges.


Sure has fucking weak! As! Fuck!


Sort of starting to look like Lucy and Charlie both have money on losing the game and are all too happy to keep up the charade.


So much this, but good luck getting anyone on reddit to accept it. 'Both Sides' is hated here with a passion. How anyone can't see that this is all working as intended is baffling. Wake up people, it's all a show. If our gov was a Shakespeare play, then saying "So and so candidate can bring change! They're different!'' is just like saying they would cast someone as a marvel character for the second act. If a candidate of any position were capable of bringing any real positive change without their (gov, corporate) net gain in it somewhere or at some point, they would never have been allowed in to begin with. You don't get in unless your already playing ball. This is how bipartisan Trojan Horses slip into bills while we bicker over far more trivial nonsense. Those in our government are all far more on each other's side than they are their constituents, and the more we pick sides instead of blaming ALL of them the more we all lose.


The fact that one party is actively trying to strip the rights from women and LGBTQ while the other isn't runs counter to your claims. Economically you can espout your shitty "both sides" argument and it actually holds some water, but on social issues the two parties could not be more diametrically opposed.


Biden has got to go. The left needs someone strong who is willing to fight against the fascists not parlay with them


we need a fighter. get hilary in there. i best she wants to fuck a whole lot of them for whst theuve done to her sand her family for decades. once she gets in there and runs justice department its going to be all out war...


Not a bad suggestion honestly. At least she has shown she’s willing to take them on, even when she was First Lady. No idea who else, seem all old and spineless mostly.


Michele Obama would be my choice


Corey Booker?


I'm from NJ and can say Booker is not one for confrontation and wouldn't be assertive in dealing with the conservatives. He speaks in platitudes and regurgitates good ideas, but he wouldn't have the aggressiveness needed to deal with these Republicans. Too much of a "nice guy" image.


I really don’t follow him and quickly read a few Wikipedia pages on him before I posted as I remember a few times where I though ‘I kinda like the guy’. I really miss the enthusiasm and hope we had when Obama announced and ran. I get zero feelings like that with any high profile Dem with the exception of Sanders (I know he and Independent). Do you have any strong feelings for any candidates I could look into?


I wish I had any realistic recommendations. I really liked Warren during the primaries and I think her personal story of sacrifice with respect to motherhood, her education and her career was extremely relatable and showed that her positions on affordable education and childcare were coming from a sincere and empathetic place. And I liked Bernie until he disregarded racial disparities as exclusively a class issue (I don't think they're mutually exclusive and in fact, they feed into each other). I really like AOC but I don't think America is willing to give the government to the next generation. Other than that, I'm not sure the right person for the moment has presented themselves. But it sure as hell isn't Biden.


Don’t know him that well honestly but from snippets here and there he might be a choice. Not sure if he can build a backing up in 2 years though.


I’m trying so hard to not scream I told you so


Please scream it. Democrats need to hear some truth for a change.


What's the alternative, again?




I didn't vote for him in the primary, Clinton either. I don't give money to the party but do to more progressive candidates, until we have ranked choice voting or the half of America that doesn't vote starts voting for 3rd parties, there isn't that much to argue about.


Katie Porter 2024 Or, Stacy Abrams 2024


Joe Biden is going to run for President in 2024 regardless of polling. People will be afraid to primary him because they don’t want to spilt the voting base Maybe I’m just being a doomer (I really hope so)


Never be afraid to primary him. But if he wins, support him in the general. He's probably going to be better than the other guy.


Joe will run because he is entitled. Just like Hillary, and Pelosi, and Schumer…. I say primary them all. The liberal vote is already divided. That’s how we got four years of Donald.


John Fetterman anyone?


Fetter man has a lot of promise but he needs to win his PA senate bid and get some top level experience. But god damn I love that man


I don't even agree anymore. Biden's 100 years of experience has not helped us at all. Throw it all out and put up literally ANYONE who is going to do their best to fight for the good of American's, for once. Experience be damned. I'll take Katie Porter, John Fetterman, AOC, or whoever else. I just want someone who will actually fight for me, for you, and everyone else in this damn country instead of selling out to money.


Can't wait for the next hover hands fake scandal. I hope the party doesn't fall for it next time.


I think we can agree it wasn’t fake but also a weak reason to step down compared to other scandals. Hopefully Franken runs again and can win because he was a valuable voice


It was super fake. It was a lame gag and it got blown way out of proportion.




Not sure who you think needs to hear it - most of us were voting against Trump. I voted for Biden in the primary because it was already pretty much decided by the time my state voted and I thought (and still believe) a strong consensus on a nominee (which we got) would be better thing going into the general against Trump. I'll vote against Trump, or DeSantis, or likely anyone else the GOP puts up this year or in two years, again. And do whatever I can to weaken that party. Do my part to try and make it electorally suicide to be a republican. You want progressive policies? You can't do it until this republican party can be fully ignored.


I mean back a good long while. Democrats are too goddamn polite. The republicans are scumbags but I am going to say they long-game the shit out of politics and they are brutal and unforgiving. And now we’re in some untenable situation fighting for scraps. No one is willing to talk about how atrocious of a candidate Biden was. He’s establishment TO THE CORE. He was never going to change shit. We could of ran a damn donkey against trump and won. Now we’re in an absolute rock and hard place Sometimes you just gotta take the leap. That being said, I will still vote for him because I don’t want DeSantis to get in and start tossing poor people and minorities into a fucking meat grinder. This does not breed loyalty it breeds bullshit capitulation to bipartisanship


Tell Biden. White House has a web form.


I do! Everyone should, commoncause.org to find your representatives.


Call your senators and tell them to vote NO on Chad Meredith!


> I’m trying so hard to not scream I told you so It's true. Think about it, we all got up off our asses to vote for Biden and the Democratic party in 2020, they said "Vote harder!" and we did, and we gave Democrats the House of Representatives, the White House, a 50/50 tie with Republicans in the Senate, and 48 votes in favor of filibuster reform. It was the first time we'd given Democrats that much power at once since the 2008 election twelve years earlier. But did Democrats use their 48 votes in favor of filibuster reform to end Republican obstruction in the Senate and pass the kind of inspirational and motivational legislation *we told them we needed them to pass* if they wanted to earn our votes in 2022? No. They failed again, as predicted. All America got for their efforts was the largest middle class stimulus bill in American history, suspension of rent and student loan payments, halving of the child poverty rate with the childcare tax credit (The 48 Democrats in favor of filibuster reform refused to force the policy's renewal in the Senate, so the reduction in poverty was only temporary, thanks Democrats), a trillion dollars in infrastructure spending with billions of dollars in earmarks for green energy and a made in America mandate for all supplies and materials as well as a starting salary of $14.50/hr for federal contractors, more student loan debt forgiveness than in any two years in American history at $24 billion and climbing, and the first federal firearm regulation legislation in forty years. The worst part is that since Manchin and Sinema decided (on behalf of the other 269 Democrats we helped elect) that *all* legislation must be bipartisan it means that everything Democrats have accomplished in the past year is tainted by compromise with the Republicans, so *literally none of those achievements actually count!* To be frank I'm pretty disappointed in the Democrats, they're barely doing more than the Republicans, and just being better than the Republicans is a pretty fuckin' low bar to clear. I told people to stay home in 2020, but did they listen to me? No. "It'll be different this time, you'll see!" Well now Democrats are going to lose the government just like they did in 1994 and 2010. Good job, you played yourself. At least if Trump was still in office we'd have a chance at replacing him with someone ***good*** in 2024, instead we're stuck with sleepy Joe and his mountain of executive orders. /satire


this was probably McConnells plan all along, I'm sure he doesn't actually give 2 shits about getting the judge, what he wanted was this headline.


It's like you didn't read the article. The spot that's being filled is being filled because that judge is moving to another spot. But they are only leaving if this specific judge gets put in their place. So it's VERY important to McConnell. Which is why it's surprising that Biden is giving up a lifetime appointment to get 2 temporary appointments in return.


If i was Biden i'd tell McConnell to get stuffed, and appoint the most liberal judge i could find in that position, cause fun fact is that i don't think Biden even needs the Senate for most judicial appointments.


I’m surprised Biden hasn’t negotiated it down to 0 temporary appointments his way and 2 lifetime for McConnell


Wait till Biden nominate first cause this is fishy.


Sometimes I wonder if people don’t realize it’s an administration that typically does this sort of stuff… staffed by young people too, not Biden personally. The pushing of this story seems sketchy primarily because the original slate article said that the existing judge made their retirement contingent on the supposed judge being their successor. > A lawyer with connections to the Kentucky governor’s office who is familiar with the agreement told Slate that Caldwell conditioned her move upon the confirmation a successor—specifically, the conservative Meredith [1] Meaning that if this wasn’t done we’d… still have a Republican judge there. People seem to be acting like Biden COULD have a democratic judge there if he wanted to which doesn’t seem to actually be the situation. Biden doesn’t appear to have ever had the opportunity to nominate someone there we would have wanted so the phrasing as if he does is questionable. [1] https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2022/07/biden-mcconnell-chad-meredith-abortion-kentucky-judge.html


Yea, 'pushing the story' is the sketchy part and not that Biden is nominating a forced-birther for a life-time judicial appointment. 🤦


Did you not read the story? He isn’t pushing anything. Either that particular judge is nominated or the Republican judge doesn’t retire. Either way a pro lifer is there. If I were a republican I’d be giggling with glee watching people tear each other to pieces over something we had no option for changing to begin with. Precisely the sort of rat fucking that has no chance of improvement for democrats to begin with and every chance of potential improvement for republicans. I don’t know why we keep on falling for these things. McConnell is specifically good at _precisely_ this sort of media manipulation and it cost us in 2016. Why fall for the same nonsense as before when the article points out that the leap to conclusion people are making isn’t true? That doesn’t help progressives!


The net quantity of right wing judges isn't my concern. My concern is that Biden is going to nominate a forced birther unless we make enough noise stop him from doing something so incredibly dumb.


… but Biden can’t do anything BUT place a judge we won’t like here. The seated judge said they just wouldn’t leave for anyone else. The only thing is getting angry could do at best is… keep that same ALSO pro life Republican judge seated. We’re getting angry at Biden and falling for a rat fuck in a situation that has no scenario where a progressive judge gets that seat. This discussion here is what McConnell wants. You’re doing the thing McConnell wants. I… honestly can’t figure out why a progressive person would want to do that. There is no path to a pro choice judge here. The only outcome is recognizing that and seeing how we’re getting played… or willfully letting McConnell play us. Why is the better choice in peoples mind to do what helps McConnell?!


He could say no and leave him in that fucking position. Why kowtow to an asshole making demands.


We don’t actually know that he won’t do that. That’s the point. All this is based on supposition where whatever happens we’ll not be happy and we’re not recognizing that this is playing us. I’m not happy about this but I don’t understand why we aren’t looking at the reality of what’s here rather than some fantasy where he can do something we’d be happy with.


> but Biden can’t do anything BUT place a judge we won’t like here. Wrong. Biden can simply do nothing and as you say the net effect is identical. Maybe this judge dies or retires anyway and Biden puts in a progressive or the next Democrat gets to? There is **no** **benefit** to Biden appointing this forced birther. And I honestly can't figure out why you are arguing so hard to change that reality.


Because people jump to believing things because they’ve already been trained by republicans to believe the worst of Biden, even when the logic to do so makes less than zero sense. It’s not just Biden making this decision, it’s his entire administration. To believe this we have to believe not only does one person trust McConnell against all reason, but like 10-15 people do. That strains credulity. I don’t like Biden, I wish we had better… but I’m also not going to start believing stuff that doesn’t make any sense JUST because I believe that. I need more logic behind decisions before I’m going to do that or else I’m going to assume there’s something about this I don’t understand. That’s a logical and rational perspective to have on this.. because it makes utterly no sense otherwise. Biden WANTS to trust McConnell? He’s already called him out multiple times by name. He WANTS to put in a pro life judge? He’s said multiple times he isn’t anti abortion. I can understand why republicans benefit from people being trained to gullibly believe stuff at face value that fundamentally doesn’t make any sense but I can’t fathom what progressives get from that. I DO see how it helped win republicans the election in 2016 though and don’t want to see a repeat of that.


No offense but I am not reading that WoT. Have a good day!


That’s your choice and it’s fine. Your points are valid and I was trying to respectfully address them. But if you aren’t willing to read something shorter than the article on the issue itself how can you possibly consider yourself informed enough to have an opinion on it? At that point you’re just reacting uninformedly, which republicans are going to take advantage of.


I thought his was reported as not a thing?


He hasn’t nominated am this guy yet, right? And what is he getting in return? Do we know that yet?


Idk why he’s even still trying with them. It’s been clear since Obamas presidency that working across the aisle just won’t work - the other side doesn’t want to govern.


Up until this Roe v Wade shit, I honestly felt like “oh well at least Biden is mostly keeping the peace.” But he is actually becoming extremely harmful in his passiveness so I am out. He needs to go. (Still better than Trump tho cuz, oof, that guy)


Biden can withdraw the nomination. Just say new information has come to light. Sorry judge guy.


Biden is legitimately the best Republican President we've had since Nixon.


It’s almost like our pro cannabis criminalization, pro low minimum wages, pro student loan debt, pro unaffordable housing and anti separation of church and state President isn’t a liberal at all. Hmmm? But don’t point out the obvious if you enjoy being part of the liberal in-crowd. They will seek to destroy you if you have an original thought or opinion. BRING ON THE DOWN VOTES!!!


Nah, he’s definitely a liberal. We need some leftists in our government.


He’s conservative but not insane like the GOP. He does fuck all against abortion issue for example, so he’s not for personal freedom, like a liberal would be.


You're not wrong, it's just that saying it out loud is counter-intuitive. One of the obscure downsides with the Republican party being the way that they are is that the Democratic candidates do not have to evolve with their constituents. They simply have to show up and not be part of the Axis of Evil and they get to automatically be the least horrible choice. Complacency in the Democratic voters is literally the only way Republicans win most national elections. The "smarter" Republican politicians know this and play off our tendency to eat our own. We are at the point where holding our own people accountable is a detriment. I hate it. I never wanted to be the person who voted for a party instead of a candidates ideas and values but here we are. It's why the 2-party system and the electoral college suck, but the only way to change that is to keep checking the name next to the "D" on the ballot until candidates like Joe Biden are the most conservative names on there.


Change is possible if enough of us get involved in a meaningful way. I’m tired of being polite to apathetic liberals. I want to see better candidates. Biden-Harris checked a lot of boxes that don’t really matter in the end. I’m very happy to see I’m not the only one who feels this way. I just thought I received a lot of hate from conservatives in the comments on FoxNews. The liberal hatred I receive is much more vitriolic. We need to fix our own party before we can begin to fix our nation.


While simultaneously stopping the republican march towards christian-fascism.




Lmfao Tulsi fucking Gabbard the Russian asset? Of course you would have voted for her.


Tulsi Gabbard? [Russian apologist, Tulsi Gabbard?](https://www.salon.com/2022/03/22/experts-outline-exactly-what-tulsi-gabbard-gets-about-us-and-russian-press-freedom_partner/) Hell no.




When the GOP is in control they get everything they want. When Dems are in control they have to settle for half of what they want. Primary the DINOs.


The GOP repealed the ACA? When did that happen?


>Democratic candidates do not have to evolve with their constituents Which is why the left, if it ever wants anyone to pay attention to them, needs to get organized and start running in and winning primary challenges. The general election is for harm mitigation. The primaries are for changing the party.




So you'd prefer to vote for the Republicans you classified a trashy? That's you two basic choices. Well, that's not entirely true. You can vote for Mickey Mouse. And you can stay home. Both are votes to accept those trashy Republicans should they win.


I respectfully disagree. I despise Biden but I happily voted for him in the general. Liberals need to stop virtue signaling and start voting for real fighters like Katie Porter and Stacy Abrams. It’s time for Joe, Nancy and Chuck to retire.


I voted for Biden to get Trump out, and that was the right and moral decision at the time. That doesn't mean i don't despise Biden


It's like the story of the scorpion and the toad. McConnell is the scorpion...and the rest of the Republicans in congress are the pond water...and the scorpion can swim


This idea seems alien to so many here so I feel obligated to say it regardless of how obvious it should be: you can vote for a party and still feel they are spineless cowards incapable of wielding a Pom Pom, much less national legislative and executive power. Additionally, it is not, or should not be, surprising when people see said inability to wield a Pom Pom and surmise that they’d be just as ineffective at anything more serious and thus be highly disinclined in voting for them. The link in this chain of dissatisfaction is the Democrat leadership, who’s reaction to having two of their members effectively become republicans, to the Supreme Court striking down Roe v Wade, to an ex president still very much in the midst of his fascist coup, and to a country in a state of ever increasing inequality is “I don’t have a solution but if you just pay me more, I may come up with one”. Even when you lack votes, you have immense ability to enact change. You could revoke DNC support of Manchin and Sinema, you could issue executive orders to set up abortion services on federal land in the states, you could appoint a head of the justice department willing to do their job, you could harp on a narrative of corporate profits at the expense of the workers to build public support for change. These are just top of mind, there are many more. Democrats have the power, right now, to do all of this, but they refuse to. They will give a million microscopically-significant reasons why but ultimately it comes down to a fundamental inability to confront the challenges in front of them. Now don’t clutch your pearls just yet. I will be voting democrat this midterm because it is the right thing to do. But ethics often demands you make worthless sacrifices like that.


Is he outraged because there is a deal or because he wants a better one?


The outrage is from the deal. The supposed deal is that McConnell will get a lifetime conservative Judge seated and in return Biden gets McConnell's word, something that is literally worth less than dirt, that he won't block certain Biden appointments.


It's a masterstroke by that fucking duplicitous turtle. He'll secure enough R votes to pass a piece of D legislation & in return, get Biden to agree to appoint a judge who's anti-choice & whose appointment will give Biden bad press.


And here's the thing, due to timing Biden will appoint the judge before the vote for legislation, at which point McConnell will conveniently forget he ever made that deal in the first place!


Well I’m sure trump will do a better job in 2 years 😭


Here’s my nihilistic prediction: Trump will actually get charged for Jan. 6th before the election and won’t be able to run. However, this is when DeSantis steps in as the unofficial heir of the MAGA throne and say “look how the democrats are sending our dear leader to jail just because they can’t win against him!” He will rally up the base, win the primary, and win the race, beating Biden, Harris, or whatever milquetoast candidate the democrats put up. And that will start the final reign of the GOP that will last past our lifetime.


Trump running against Biden is probably the best chance Biden has to be re-elected. So many more people will turn out to vote against Trump than any other GOP candidate and Biden’s approval rating is through the floor.


So this deal was before the Supreme Court took a hatchet to Roe vs. Wade?


He needs to call this off. This is absurd.


Jesus fucking Christ. He needs to lose the primary. His ways only let the GQP win


Isn’t Biden a Catholic?


wElL, wE'd bETtEr nOt vOtE fOr dEmOcRatS. tHeY sCrEW uS oVeR aT eVeRY tUrN!


If anyone even thinks either party cares about women, here you go, they don’t. It’s also why Biden will do fuck all but post stupid tweets how much he supposedly cares.


Joe Biden is a damned fool. Bipartisanship with fascists is no different than being a fascist.


This timeline blows.


Biden is a shit negotiator too. Fuck this idiot boomer and fuck both parties.


this country is not in the mood for bipartisanship. Horse trading is off the table.


THIS is why I'm an Independent. The Democrats are stunningly inept when it comes to getting things done. They don't want to rile or anger the GOP, meanwhile the GOP will stick a knife right through the Dems heart and smile while they slowly twist it. The GOP tells you who they are but the Dems refuse to believe them


And McConnell is already stabbing Biden in the back, again.


Biden has got to start working around these snakes or it's going to be too late for us.


Biden was never for us. He always was chummy with fascists and sociopaths, and he is one, also.




Maybe you should try reading the article? Also are you saying common dreams is right wing lol?


It's funny how a deal made between the two parties is so shocking to the left. They truly are entitled brats. This is how a functional government is supposed to work. You give some to get some. Some deals are better than others. Biden is obviously a dipshit to make this move right now with the abortion topic front and center, but it's not taboo to make a deal with the other side. It should be encouraged.


It isn't shocking to the left... what's shocking is that the right assumes that the left should comply whereas the right doesn't comply to deals, or standards they set themselves.


I'd say there are more moderate Republicans that often vote with the Dems than the other way around. Liz Cheney, adam kinzinger, Susan Collins, lisa murkowski, Mitt Romney buck their party often. Who on the left besides Manchin is ever flexible in the other direction?


Collins and Murkowski vote with dems when they know things will fail lol they only do what McConnell tells them


COVID relief package under Trump got loads of dem votes. COVID relief package under Biden got 0 repub votes.


Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger have essentially been ostracized from their party


A functional government doesn't work by negotiating with neoconfederate terrorists. It's not in the rights interest either to see the far right gain more power.


So a lifetime judgeship is equivalent to term limited AGs? Sorry, but no. And it should be encouraged? Why don't you tell the GQP that? Because they sure as hell aren't making deals; they are continuing to get exactly what they want. Biden is a milquetoast President. And if you consider this, him "reaching both sides of the aisle," you are part of the problem. This was a backroom deal that fu*ks over liberals, while giving exactly what McConnell wants. Biden is literally the worst deal maker outside of Trump (even though Trump always managed to get what he wanted without fighting for it.)


This should be outrageous to anyone who isn't a Fascist or a Theocrat. Thankfully most human beings are to the Left of Fascist and Theocrat. Moderate and Conservative Democrats are to the Left of that too and should also be outraged.


whats fascist about this exactly?


Making deals with McConnell? Who gloated about only having one goal and that was to make Obama a one term president? Are you high?


Wrong, you need to make a good deal not just "a deal". It's right-wingers with the bratty sense of entitlement. They literally believe the country was founded for them.


No one is shocked that a deal was made. They're shocked at what a bad fucking deal it is for Biden.


What did they expect? The guy can't even speak, what makes them think he can negotiate?


But it’s a stupid fucking deal. Biden is giving away a lifetime federal judge slot for two prosecutor slots that are gone in four years.


Amazing… even with the Presidency and majority in both houses, the Democrats are unable to govern.