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What does he have to hide? No, really--- *What* does he have to hide?


The truth. That Donald Trump extorted / blackmailed him into making that phone call to Raffensperger. If he has to answer that question truthfully then it's game over and Lindsey's the rat


Yeah. In general I often think there's too much focus on the fact that he is an elderly closeted effeminate gay conservative, because that really does detract from the fact that he is an accomplice and a co-conspirator and just an overall horrible person. There is undoubtedly a lot of substance there with what went on between Trump himself, the Trump camp, Georgia election officials, and the Senator from South Carolina.


His involvement is certainly strange. He paid his fair share of lip service to Trump however at no point did I envision him as someone deeply embedded in the cult. I think there may have been some more sinister plan to use his position as chair of the Judiciary Committee to help amplify / legitimize the election fraud claims. What he was promised in return is still a mystery


> someone deeply embedded in the cult Graham is the shining example of the spineless capitulation and shameless opportunism of the Republican party. Many many Republicans hated Trump, but loved their power more than they hated him and just accepted him because of the power and opportunities he provided them.. some because they had to (dirt vs. dirt), some because they did not want to lose power, some because they thought they would use *him*. Graham was all of that.


Wouldn't it be wild if it turned out he was having an affair with Ivanka? Hahaha, or Jared. I mean, stranger things *have* happened in this timeline, which were once completely unthinkable.


In an era of insane developments Lindsey Graham having casual sex with Ivanka Trump would rank top 3


For how many minutes until it was supplanted as a news story?


Eric is the best he could get.


What he was promised with or what he was threatened with


He played a round of golf with orange early on and after that he was singing a different tune. Trump has something on him.


It's no mystery. They have proof of his predilections and use them to bend him to their will.


>What he was promised in return is still a mystery Is it though? Seems like him being gay is Washington's worst kept secret.


Bet he’s more Catholic Church or Epstein’s island type of person when it comes to his sexual interests and that’s why he’s fine with people speculating about him being gay. Being gay is perfectly alright, but being a gay pedophile will never be alright.


Blackmail was the only thing that made sense to me.


Ironically I wouldn’t put it past Trump to threaten Lindsey to out him and likely get him voted out as a result of it


Can you imagine the layers of self loathing that must exist inside his head?






When the tables are turned you know Graham would be screaming like a five year old having a fit, “testify! What do you have to hide?!” And here’s he is the big hypocrite…I’m so sick of these two-faced, lying leeches.


Remember when he tweeted that if we elect Trump that’ll be our own demise? Lmao sucks to suck


Demise still pending, but we're on the way.


Graham is fighting the subpoena arguing that it "would erode the constitutional balance of power and the ability of a Member of Congress to do their job." I would argue that the trump led insurrection and his attempted coup, in which Graham participated, harms the Constitution significantly more.


Exactly. Erode the constitutional balance of power???? WTF. If a member of congress can just ignore subpoenas then that is the erosion of constitutional power. Congress critters are NOT above the law as much as you would like Lindsey. You aren’t aristocracy there Ladybug. By Dog I hope the judge issues an arrest warrant for his dumb, arrogant ass.


>You aren't allowed to ask me about my work...while I'm under oath. ...this would be a powerful talking point if Democrats were interested in playing the same game that the GOP is.


We have a Republican Party that willfully attempted to stop the peaceful transfer of power between elected leaders. First they spread lies. Then they abused the courts. Then they pressured election officials. And when that didn’t work, they attacked the Capitol during an official proceeding. The attack was specifically aimed at Pence, placing him and other congressional membership at risk. People died. And yet, none of the ring leaders has been held accountable. Disgusting.


When did subpoenas become worthless?


> When did subpoenas become worthless? They've always been worthless when you're trying to subpoena people with money and connections. They work remarkably well on everyone else.


I mean seriously though....this is a DA investigation....not a congressional subpoena....


It makes perfect sense for Graham to challenge this subpoena. He's a slimy guy, and he definitely did something illegal here. Of course, he hires a team of lawyers to try and keep his head above water. Whether or not it works is the question. I hope (but am not holding my breath) that these charges are sufficiently serious that it doesn't.


Anyone can appeal a subpoena with legal representation. But he's almost certainly going to get it denied - it's just a stall technique.


I mean, the worst that can happen is that he gets a warrant for Fulton county, right? It must sort of solely be to protect Trump, they’ve already got all of that material recorded. what’s distressing to me is that with this one they are trying to pull rank as a senator from another state? that doesn’t make a lick of sense.


They \*might\* try to get him extradited from SC.


He can file a motion to quash, which will be met with a motion to compel but none of this will delay when he has to show up. If he doesn’t show up on Tuesday he will have committed a crime at which point the judge can issue a bench warrant and he will be extraditable.


Thinking why? Isn’t he keen to get up and tell all those he hates how in the right he and Trump were and how they did nothing wrong? Not going to go digging for any historical records, but he strikes me as they type who would sprout the shit that “if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about”so would lead me to think he should be super excited to get his subpoena to set the record straight against all those he’s claiming of lying.


> Thinking why? Isn’t he keen to get up and tell all those he hates how in the right he and Trump were and how they did nothing wrong? Meh. He's just a dollar store hypocrite like the rest of them. >Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., once claimed that he would not support such a move, but he quickly reversed himself following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. https://www.npr.org/sections/live-amy-coney-barrett-supreme-court-confirmation/2020/10/12/922980926/shameless-senators-still-sparring-over-timing-of-supreme-court-nomination


Kind of the point I was running with 😊


As innocent people are known to do.


I'm a Republican. Laws do not apply to me.


Once again put him in jail until he complies. That is what they would do to me and you, so why should he be different. I thought Lady Justice was blind.


He is scheduled to appear on Tuesday according to the subpoena so he hasn’t violated anything yet. If he doesn’t appear on Tuesday then they can issue a warrant.


I don't understand why Graham isn't jumping at the chance to set the record straight?


It’s the same thing we’d all do, right? Tell our team of $1,000 (each) per hour lawyers to fight it for us because we don’t want to appear.


I was under the impression that once a court subpoenas you, you don’t really get a choice.


Technically per the article there’s two courts involved, the first court in Georgia that already approved the subpoena and then they have to present that to a judge where Graham lives to get the local judge to sign off on it as well. So presumably that second judge is where Graham’s lawyers are hoping to make a case that he’s not a material witness or whatever (even though he obviously is.)


There are certain circumstances where a subpoena can be quashed. But the process to do so doesn’t delay the subpoena in any way because unless it has been quashed by the time it requires him to appear, he still has to show up or he’s breaking the law.


Kompromat in action.


Why the duck do senators need lawyers… such a shitshow. Fuck this guy and anyone who support him.


Someone correct me if I’m wrong—if it’s a subpoena to appear for a criminal case, can’t they issue an arrest warrant if he fails to show cause for not appearing?


Yes 100%


Rule of the Rich/white: if a brown skin requests a lawyer or pleads the fifth it means their guilty and have something to hide. If a white person requests a lawyer or pleads the fifth it means they know better then to trust the law


You'd think it would be easier to just answer their questions to prove your innocence than to use tax-payer money to fight the subpoena, right?


Why won't he just comply? What does he have to hide?


This is all for show. He'll be the fastest to squeal after being sworn in.


We all know how this will go. "I don't remember" "I didn't do it" " the 5th 100 times over the 5th" "The sun was in my eyes, my shoe was untied, it was already on fire when I got there"


In a criminal grand jury case when you’re testifying as a witness if you plead the fifth you have to tell your lawyer the grounds for doing so, who tells the judge, who decides if its a valid reason to do so. you cant just show up to a grand jury as a witness and plead the fifth on whatever you don't feel like answering.


This barfBag Republican fool idiot creep. 🤮🤮🤮


For a bunch of innocent people they sure do like to hide and avoid.


Asshole pure and simple


3-2-1 fund raiser / go on fox using trump name to defend his crime- please help me- deep state after me- the grift goes on..he needs to get some of that grifter cash war chest from donald


These people are like the criminals being chased down at the end of a 1980’s action movie, running through every restaurant kitchen, throwing all racks of dishes, glasses, trays of food…. In the way of the closely pursuing FBI agent who is going to inevitably catch that douchey criminal.


Yes! Such an apt description.


He will fight it. ​ He will lose. ​ He will plead the fifth. ​ As all innocent men do!


What is he hiding? If he did nothing wrong why would he refuse to testify?


Why fight it unless he has something to hide? You know something besides his sexuality.


Why doesn’t he just go down to Georgia and explain how innocent he is? Problem solved.




It's one of many male names that were used as girl names when women began fighting for voting rights.


Innocent people can take the stand.


US Senators don't have immunity from answering subpoenas do they? Like, that's never been a thing before.


There's no virtue like Lindsey virtue. He stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Why he doesn't wear a Superman costume all the time, I have no idea.


Delay, delay, delay.


This doesn’t delay the subpoena. If it isn’t quashed by when he has to show up as stated in the subpoena then he’s broken the law. You can’t delay a criminal grand jury subpoena.


All of these guys cumulatively are working to delay justice.


"Sphincter says what Lindsey?"


Trump is sweating over this lol, firing off “Truths” about it the last few hours


Nothing to say? Interesting. He never shuts up on TV…..ohhhh…. When he’s not under oath.


Ladybug Ladybug hide away home.


Graham you’re a public servant that betrayed your oath for the sake of an individual and your wallet. Fuck you and your sugar daddy, should be arrested already like anyone else.


You would think an innocent man would want to testify and expose the witch hunt for what it is.


Why? Does he have something to hide?


And what a limp-wristed slap-fest it will be.


The guilty always put up a fight.


I didn’t know you could fight a grand jury subpoena. Especially since a judge signed off on it. Lindsey should be held in contempt if he does not show up.


Hey Lindsey, why don’t you stick your head up my butt and fight for air?


Seems like the actions of an innocent person.


People who hold public office/elected officials shouldn’t be able to fight subpoenas in an official capacity.


The Republican way.


And so will his ladybugs!


Totally innocent /s


Offer him immunity - federal and state and watch him sing like a bird!!


So they’re saying he won’t bend over and take it - take it like a naughty boy- with a spanking? Hard to believe.


and he’ll prob never be held accountable