I got project first, switched to Sand Wraith with purple chroma after, I can tell you the animations in SW are so smooth that it's not just pleasing to look at, but can help you land skill shots. Also enemy ADCs shit their pants when they see a chroma sand wraith Pyke.


holy moly, people do like sand wraith


You get a throne recall. Need I say more?




I dont like it but it sick with chromas and it have the best animations


i wont buy cromas, because im a no croma enjoyer


Until you buy a chroma


i have cromas, i just dont use them because i prefer no cromas but i see ill think twice about the sand wraith ones


White sand wraith is my fav


it's not that we "love" it (although it's very cool and nice) it's that no one likes the project one. costs 1850, yet is a basically epic skin. like what are those animation? blood moon and psyops have better and cool shit.


I actually don’t care much for the project skin. I find it too glowey and harsh for what the character does


Id say Project just to annoy people, its criminally underrated and his voice lines are sweet


I got it from a reroll and still choose it sometimes over Ashen Knight


The guitar solo dance is what does it for me.


True true, also snakes for everyone


Yes, the Oprah of snakes.


bro, ima get project fuck it


Hell yeah, brother! Rock on!


im gonna make pyke get a pentakill skin because ill rock so much after a pentakill


Jigachad move!


the guitar and the details of the skin won me


i love project the voicelines are so badass and his ult sounds scary , imagine a robot thats invisible chasing you down then a creepy X with a screeching sound is below you


Madness lurks below


Idk why people hate project so much, i think its neat


it doesn't offer anything new for a legendary skin except the new voicelines, and they are kinda meh too


I think the voice lines are super dope. They’re gnarly and add a lot of lore for project world.


"Man to machine, machine into God"


I love my Project skin. And not just because when I dance in ARAM my blood moon umbra also has a guitar.


Dont say more. I gotcha Buddy. Sand Wraith is love


sand wraith best skin, all the other are just a psycho killer guy in different flavors


Yea and sand wraith is psycho killer but sand that's kinda his character, still very cool tho


I like the skin sand wraith, a while ago in a video of curiosities of Pyke I heard that this was one of the original sketches of the character, that he was a shurima assassin, he ended up being the one we all love, and the black chroma and pink ones are very cool for me. equally both skin are fine. And they are aesthetically very different. all pyke skins are good


I’m not normally one of those players that have a weird boner for the champion release skin, but sand wraith is fucking amazing.


Project pyke... Great concept, great model and execution... in a vaccum. For actual gameplay purposes, the scifi neon light effects is just too distracting, worst offender of them all within the project skinline and the animations makes it a little clunky to play.


As a PROJECT Pyke user the skin is meh IMO, ashen knight and sand wraith are tied on 1st spot Edit : forgot to mention classic Pyke is underrated btw


bro absolutely, but after 300 games without skin i guess all of them wouldnt hurt, ykw?


I definitely understand the feeling, tbh most of Pyke’s skins look amazing and thats a rare thing for a champ to have all skins be playable


I like all pyke skins but out of those two i'd definitly say PROJECT.


You mean PROJECT don't you ?


Yes, thanks for correcting.


No Problem :D


Why did u leave the best two last?


because when i got the 3 other skins (blood moon, sentinel and psyops) i had brain damage and didnt get sand wraith, also i had no money for project but now i can also PROJECT is pretty underrated ngl


Sand wraith chromas, very worth it if you chose to buy it.


i wont buy any cromas, the rest of the money ill use to chest so i can stop having +10 keys and no chests


i think that project is that unlikes befause of the flop, i saw that its more because of the dissappointment than the skin, because its a very good skin that has awesome voice lines but comparing to the other project legendary skins it does do less, but nonetheless its good and should be at least a little bit more praised for what it did instead of put aside for what it didnt, but thats just my opinion formed by reading most comments, lemme know yours about project and why sand wraith is better, i wanna know


Buttery smooth with sand


Sand wraith pyke has a cohesive design and is a beautiful re-imagining of pykes kit while not overdoing design elements. Imo although project pyke has satisfying and noticeable animations and sound design it seems to belie a more is better model of design (a somewhat soulless cash grab for sci-fi loving pyke players) and on its own tells no real story beyond what you are told through the wiki or via voice lines. Like seriously why is project pyke a semi-invisible robot fish sometimes?? Why does he summon robot sharks?? Why does he like snakes?? These are just vestigial traits from his original design fanagled in the most convenient way into this new concept. The only major redeeming factor to the project skin beyond its sound design would be its re-imagining of pykes insanity. As opposed to being caused by the voices of the swimming city (a collection of many vengeful souls at the bottom of the seas near bilgewater) he hears the voices belonging to the many components of his jury-rigged recovered body and becomes the bearer of their memories after he was scrapped from the Project project.


I use Project a lot more but I gotta go with sand wraith. That skin is so clean