This is just sad...

This is just sad...


Linked in is just inspirational quotes from people who overuse the word ‘coaching’ & ‘culture’


The LinkedIn culture makes me want to vomit.


This! Me too man!


Join ShlinkedIn instead, guarantee you'll have a better time!


LinkedIn is a sales platform and not a job board.


Any job board you'll recommend ?


So true


Job seeker’s fallacy.


haha, when you are so beaten down you have to turn negatives into positives using mind-magic to avoid completely breaking down.


New pragmatic theory just dropped


The variation of gambler's fallacy. Not gonna lie, I played this game in my head sometimes


I think it's a joke?


He is a mobile dev, its for sure a joke. They don’t look for jobs, jobs look for them


lol really? Software development looks \*mad\* saturated these days. I know developers who are struggling to find jobs. Experienced people


That is diametrically opposite of my experience with recruiters on linkedin. I have one or two a day approach me. And my colleagues. And my company is hiring 20 java devs now and cant find them. But again, we don’t get US salaries. Maybe thats the reason


0-1 years experience is a blood bath - 200 or 300 applications might get you a job 3+ years your inbox is literally going off by the hour


Honestly this is why all the people promoting self-taught CS are being slightly deceptive. Like it for sure would be enough to get you a job 5 years ago, but the connections/help with finding a first internship/job from universities and bootcamps is hella useful.


I feel like 90% of bootcamps (even universities) are grifting these days throwing around promises of big salaries within 3 months of graduation. In 2013 it was possible- nowadays you need to be on top of your game to land yourself an entry level CS job with no experience. New grads are steadily trickling in with 3 and 4 consecutive internships, the standard when I graduated like 2 mins ago was 1 internship lol


Depends on where your career takes you. If your network is dry as a bone and you've been working 5+ years on basic WordPress sites, essentially you're repeating your first year 5 times over and trying to break into more substantial software work can be brutal.


I’ve also moved into the team management side of things, that also helps. Something to think about as well. Variation of skill within the field.


Early in my career I turned down a promotion as a junior developer to become PM. But it was mainly because I was really inexperienced with programming, and I knew PM schedules to be crazy at that company, setting up team meetings with offshore people at wee hours of the night. That was many years ago. Now, I may consider it more but depends really on the company and how the developer culture is.


That's a fair statement. PM is a different skill set and there's some companies that will not teach you the finer points or doing meetings with offshore folks (I do not have this issue). I'm more of team management more than PM. I have a dedicated PM to take stuff to as well, mine is focused on keeping team happy, keeping communication there and delivering. More of the longer scheduling is handled by the PM. I do run meetings and resolve small conflicts however, sometimes a bit bigger ones within the project.


To be honest i dislike working with people who have no idea of what asymmetric encryption, formal languages and hash tables are and work.


I'm okay with those peeps, as long as they're competent and willing to learn. Nobody is born with knowledge.


Ah of course. But I got lectured about cryptography by someone who didn't know the basic concept of "private/public key". I'm not even talking the math behind, just the generic concept.


Oof, yeah, that's just awful.


yeah thats something you learn first semester of university in the easiest CS degree. Source: Learnt it in the first semester in an easy CS degree.


I had a different experience, but i do recognize it may be a lot worse off for many people. After I started applying to SWE roles as a new grad, I got about 1 interview every 6 applications. I’m not even a CS/related student too, although I do have experience programming in research/internship and went to a very good engineering school. Tbh if ur willing to not work at the most prestigious companies, it’s not hard to get an offer as lots of companies send out an OA to everyone and you can at least get an interview if you ace it.


I get recruiters writing to me daily…


I think it might be sarcasm. Without a '/s', one can never tell these days.


Whatever gets you through the day, I guess.


I have a technique. I staunchly believe that every employer that rejects me is simply a shit place to work, and has no concept of an individual's worth to their company. Makes life a lot easier, for sure.


This looks like a suicide note.


Stockholm syndrome.


i thought theres a huge job market for react native developers?


I was the same way. Oh sweet naïve November 2019 Jake


November 2019 was basically the start of my hell. You too?


Yep we’re twins :(


Feel for ya man.


Lol, totally feels that way. Sadly, I've been there before! It's the moment when you've stopped caring that you ultimately break through.


I’ve learned a big trick, in addition to not caring, is tell them you are interviewing elsewhere actively. Makes you look more attractive and makes them move fast.


That's cute but so painfully wrong.


Relatable, u write custom motivation letters to companies/recruiters, look around for hours as you wait for a reply and answer calls from recruiters offering you jobs of the complete different sector and it usually takes a week or 2 after submitting their recruiting forms to get a reply, only to get to hear someone better/more experienced than you got the job, if at all. Sure isn't easy to get a job as an application dev on starter level to get the experience needed for other jobs posted.


That is exactly it. We need to *customize* each resume and each Cover Letter. Like, are you fucking kidding me right now? Found the treasure below on LinkedIn today. From an interview with \*\*\* on Lensa's blog: "Well, number one is you don’t want the highly formatted resume. When I deconstruct a resume, I take it down to bare bones, just straight typing in Arial 12-point font. I do put black bullet points in, but that’s about it. There’s no nothing else. It’s pretty vanilla, so to speak. Also, you want to weave keywords in. You want to take the time to customize each of the resumes so that you’re not using one-resume-size-fits-all, so everybody should have a base pretty resume for human beings and a deconstructed resume for the bots. And then you would tweak each of those for each job that you apply for."


Fuck. After 2 years of bs, I'm not going to be redirected to ask individual employer's website when it pops up with a start from scratch format. Like, no, I'm not dedicating the next day off my life to making a new account and telling you my life story when I already did that for the job board you posted on.


Yeah i'm personally a fan of templates to safe time, but each job posting literally has different demands of what needs to be in it, making it hard to use templates. Also wtf why would i need to base it for humans and bots? That's even more painful than it already is.


Because now companies want to use bots to save time. Don’t you know, our ‘job’ is to make their lives easier. It’s like on top of whatever we learn in college, we also need to learn ‘catering to a bot’ so we can get the next job. See, I am glad they are sharing tips and all but am pissed when I see these ‘tips’ and being made out to be mandatory.


I never learned that shit here, then again i'm from the netherlands. All i had with these "tips" is that u should include a pic of urself on ur CV. I refused as your looks got nothing to do with your skills.


I really hadn’t heard about customizing CV for bots too, that was the first time I read that. Oh so true about the photograph! I have heard that too and a new way companies get around that is ask for your LinkedIn profile.


Yeah no, customizing CV from my experience is a must if u apply for a job hunting board where ppl can view ur profile page that scrapes everything from the CV you uploaded. It worked like crap when i discovered that after i handed mine and tbh i rather just fill it in manually due to how much i had to edit to correct stuff. And yeah linkedin is also something i often hear, ppl are absolutely obsessed with it. A few recruiters were like "oh yeah i'm also on linkedin, dunno if u checked me out there yet but if not feel free to!" Some even call it a must have if u look for work and it's starting to annoy me a lot, worse than tiktok and onlyfans users at times. And i only made a profile a week or 2 ago to make them stop try to convince me to also get an account, but only due to social pressure. The WORST thing of all btw! After i applied for these job hunting websites and linkedin i suddenly started getting malicious sms messages and weirdos calling me. Makes me wish i had a simcard to use for this which i can yeet away after.


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1) there is an applicable gary larson farside [https://i.pinimg.com/236x/17/f4/28/17f42849f045ff6e4dec8ca4df8b1307.jpg](https://i.pinimg.com/236x/17/f4/28/17f42849f045ff6e4dec8ca4df8b1307.jpg)


i saw this one too, i thought it was a joke at first but it's def not. rly sad


Its the best attitude "Fail. Fail fast. Fail often. Fail better"


This was honestly a serious job advice at one time, to help applicants feel better about their rejections.


Damn that's just sad


If their rejection was for a job that involves calculating probability, they're never getting hired


This is that crying wojak with the smiling mask.


Legendary optimism. Gotta respect that.




This system had to break down soon…you can’t have people’s minds be so badly affected by the hiring process


stockholm syndrome


Pffft. Just keep taking out student loans your debt means you are closing to being successful in college. Just keep working fast food, you are closer to getting a better job. Just keep waiting on the right person


Positivity so toxic I’m growing a second head


Stop making this /r/antiwork, that sub is bad enough


r/Sarcasm r/woooosh