By telling the truth , be kind and tell her that kind of feel uncomfortable with her trying too hard ,it reminds you of past trauma . Explain that you appreciate and love what she is doing for you but you need an equal and a friend , you want to deal with it on your own but would love to have fun with her to forget about your old troubles . Try to be respectful because she is trying very very hard(i know...) but just say that and tell her that you want to talk about things far from your problems so you can recover. She will be off of your back in no time and will appreciate your honesty and how nice you were when you told her.


i just wanna say nobody knows whats best for you except yourself, she can only give you advice, keep in mind if you personally think she is a careing person and lives the same lifestyle as you do, you might give her advice more value. Try to understand what she is trying to tell you, in the end it's always your decision don't follow her advice because it's an advice she said. understand it and act on it.


Tell her you have this problem...you have this friend...a bit older, that's a new friend that keeps trying to solve all your problems, describe her to herself. Then see how she solves the problem. 😆🤣😂


Looool thats a good idea 😂😂😂